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ISSUE #150

Matrix vs. Crouching Tiger


Robotech Defense Force vs. The Decepticons

ISSUE #127

Martial Mayhem - Round One!

ISSUE #106

Nightwing vs. Daredevil


Justice League vs. X-Men


Ken & Ryu vs. Scorpion & Sub-Zero

ISSUE #152

Yogi & Boo-Boo vs. Chip 'n' Dale


Blade vs. Buffy vs. Vampire Hunter D

ISSUE #153

Mum-Ra vs. Skeletor


Men in Black vs. Marvin the Martian

ISSUE #161

G.I. Joe vs. S.H.I.E.L.D


South Park vs. Peanuts


Taco Bell Chihuahua vs. Ren Hoek

ISSUE #132

The Punisher vs. France

ISSUE #169

Galactus vs. Galactus' Weight in Krypto the Super Dogs


Keebler Elves vs. Krispy Elves


Supergirl vs. A-ko vs. Ryoko

ISSUE #142

Spiderman vs. Wolverine

ISSUE #136

The Thing vs. Colossus


Thundarr vs. Conan vs. Beastmaster


Jawas vs. Ewoks


Cheetarah vs. Harley Quinn

ISSUE #115

Robin v. Robin v. Robin v. Robin


Parallax vs. Dark Phoenix

ISSUE #103

Cthulhu vs. Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate

ISSUE #171

Batman vs. Dr. Doom

ISSUE #158

Bond Girl Blowout

ISSUE #129

Martial Mayhem - Round Three!

CBUB Back Issues

Your trusted source for results of who thought who could kick whose butt in comics, fantasy and sci-fi.

There have been 189 fights resolved on CBUB. Your vote and opinions on the contest, as well as the play-by-play story of the battle are housed here.

Issue #189   Spidy-Villains vs. Bat-Villains
Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Issue #188   Anthony Stark vs. Bruce Wayne
Iron Man's alter ego vs. Batman's alter ego.

Issue #187   The Punisher vs. Boba Fett
An old fashioned game of... Peek-A-Boo! I kill you!

Issue #186   Ultron vs. Brainiac
They're Brilliant. They're Homicidal. They're Robots!

Issue #185   The Bride (Kill Bill) vs. Hero
Swordplay on Steroids when these two martial masters meet.

Issue #184   Kellogg Cereal Mascots vs. General Mills Cereal Mascots
Mad, Mad cereal action as the likes of Tony Tiger and Tucan Sam take on Count Chocula and Trix Rabbit

Issue #183   Beetle Baily vs. Gomer Pyle
The Army and Marine Corps send two of their... uh ... finest to compete in the Arena!

Issue #182   Venom vs. Lobo
It's a bar room brawl as these two tough guys fight it out!

Issue #181   Scarface vs. The Godfather
A tribute to two of Al Pacino's finest performances

Issue #180   Fantastic Four vs. The Incredibles
In a match for charity, Marvel's First Family takes on the newest superhero clan on the block!

Issue #179   Leatherface vs. Hannibal Lechter
Iron Chef! Psycho slasher cannibals go cooking

Issue #178   Michael Myers vs. Jason Vorhees
Halloween Battle One - Psycho slashers go postal

Issue #177   Master Yoda vs. Professor Xavier
Leader of the Jedi meets Leader of the Mutants in the Arena of Khazan fight pit

Issue #176   Daredevil vs. Snake Eyes
One is blind, one is mute and both kick serious amounts of hiney on a regular basis. Showdown in the Arena.

Issue #175   Luke Skywalker vs. Paul Atredis
Two saviors of the universe, both from desert planets go at it in martial combat.

Issue #174   Captain Kirk vs. Captain Harlock
Two amazing space captains put their ships and crew to the ultimate test.

Issue #173   Teen Titans vs. Naruto
The super kids from Teen Titans vs. the super kids from Naruto

Issue #172   Indiana Jones vs. Mordor
Can Indiana Jones get the One Ring to the fires of Mt. Doom?

Issue #171   Batman vs. Dr. Doom
We have challenged Dr. Doom to take over Gotham and Batman to defend it. Who wins? You be the judge.

Issue #170   Jason Voorhees vs. Ash Williams
Ash from Evil Dead tackles the Ultimate Zombie from Friday the 13th

Issue #169   Galactus vs. Galactus' Weight in Krypto the Super Dogs
Galactus drops by for a lite snack and Superman's Dog is the only defense

Issue #168   Shazam vs. Black Bolt
these two titans mix it up in the Arena of Khazan. Only one can win.

Issue #167   First Annual CBUB Ms. DC Show
Batgirl vs. Mary Marvel vs. Hawk Girl vs. Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl vs. Star Spangled Kid in this beauty pageant.

Issue #166   First Annual CBUB Ms. Marvel Show
Sue Storm vs. Rogue vs. Black Cat vs. Scarlet Witch vs. Wasp vs. Psylock in this beauty pageant.

Issue #165   Spaceman Spiff vs. Stupendous Man
Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) alter-egos clash

Issue #164   Callisto vs. Harley Quinn
The amazing Serge Retires Again issue.

Issue #162   Sephiroth vs. Magus
Do you see injured S.H.I.E.L.D. members going after Megatron using only a sword? Of course not. They ain't got the guts! The G.I. Joe guys only do crazy shit like that.

Issue #161   G.I. Joe vs. S.H.I.E.L.D
Do you see injured S.H.I.E.L.D. members going after Megatron using only a sword? Of course not. They ain't got the guts.

Issue #160   Wonder Woman vs. Thor
Thor: Verily! And why doest thou dress in hot pants and red hooker boots like a New York whore? Truly thou be a disciple of the promiscuous Aphrodite!
Wonder Woman: I'll shut that whale blubber eating hole of yours!

Issue #159   Send In the Clowns!
Beatlejuice vs. The Crow vs. The Joker vs. The Mask vs. Pennywise vs. Violator

Issue #158   Bond Girl Blowout
Mary Goodnight vs. Honey Ryder vs. Anya Amasova vs. Christmas Jones vs. Melina Havelock vs. Octopussy

Issue #157   Iceman vs. The Human Torch
be warned, the amount of temperature-related puns related in this match may well exceed normal human tolerance levels.

Issue #156   Superman vs. Goku
We've set these two down on their own uninhabited planet to do combat. (Yes, near a Yellow Sun for you superman gurus). We'll watch the battle from orbit and bring you all the play-by-play of this incredible match.

Issue #155   Godzilla vs. The Crocodile Hunter
Today's bout features an ultimate game of pin the tail on the donkey between -- The King of Monsters: Godzilla and that Mad Max meets Marlin Perkins naturalist: Steve The Crocodile Hunter Irwin

Issue #154   Xena vs. Buffy
Featuring the CBUB Ring of Shame: The first contestant to strip her opponet totally naked, while ice skating, wins.

Issue #153   Mum-Ra vs. Skeletor
Who are the most frightening supernatural villains of them all? The quiet and creeping monsters of the black & white era? The quip-spewing slasher kings of modern times? Here at CBUB, WE SAY THEE NAY!

Issue #152   Yogi & Boo-Boo vs. Chip 'n' Dale
Also featuring the rampage of the anally impaired bigfoot...

Issue #151   Cowboy BeBop vs. The Dirty Pair
Jabba the Hutt hired two sets of bounty hunters with one mission: Find Han Solo and give him the chance to make good. Enter today's contestants...

Issue #150   Matrix vs. Crouching Tiger
In a battle we had to call... Flow Like River, Crash Like Windows

Issue #149   Dr. Doom vs. Magneto
Featuring the Dr. Doom vs. Mgneto Dating Game write-up

Issue #148   Super Best Friends vs. Justice Friends
South Park vs. Dexters Lab super teams

Issue #147   Tenchi Girls vs. Ranma Girls
It's the Ladies of Tenchi Muyo! vs the Fem's of Ranma 1/2 in a match we had to call... Cheesecake for Dessert

Issue #146   Thanos vs. Darkseid
Their names strike fear in the hearts of the mightiest heroes. Their exploits are legend. Their powers are unfathomable. Their battle will shake the cosmos.

Issue #145   Planet of the Apes vs. Star Trek Away Team
They're apes, Jim, but not as we know them...

Issue #144   Kerrigan vs. Diablo
The Queen of Blades vs. the Lord of Terror in a clash of armies.

Issue #143   Gundam Wing vs. Neon Genesis Evangelion
We've set aside an entire five mile chunk of blasted urban city wasteland for the Mech war of Mech Wars. Brace yourself...

Issue #142   Spiderman vs. Wolverine
two enter the arena... one walks away. 'Nuff said.

Issue #141   Braveheart vs. Maximus
The Roman with a grudge takes on the Scottsman with a 'tude in this deathmatch challenge.

Issue #139   Lord of the Rings vs. Dragonlance vs. Lodoss
Fantasy Fellowships from different universes clash.

Issue #138   Wonder Woman vs. She-Hulk
Battle of the Uber Babes...

Issue #137   The Predator vs. The Road Runner
The most fearsome hunter in the universe matches wits with the bird that can not be caught...

Issue #136   The Thing vs. Colossus
Rock or Steel? Which breaks first?

Issue #135   Quark vs. Harry Mudd
Galactic con men from old and new Trek go head to head...

Issue #134   The Terminator vs. Blade Runner
Can the Blade Runner take down the Terminator when he comes looking for Sarah Conner in Los Angeles 2018? You be the judge...

Issue #133   Kira vs. Ivanova vs. Aeryn
Battle of the sci-fi law girls

Issue #132   The Punisher vs. France
Love your Gun

Issue #131   Kingpin vs. Penguin vs. Jabba the Hutt
Super Mobsters.. who takes Manhatten?

Issue #130   Martial Mayhem - Final Round!
The three finalists: Snake Eyes, Ranma and Ryu from our Martial Arts Tournament go for the gold...

Issue #129   Martial Mayhem - Round Three!
Martial Mayhem of the great video game fighters. When you throw these six in the ring only one can come out on top...

Issue #128   Martial Mayhem - Round Two!
Martial Tournament Round Two: Tamahome vs. Ranma Saotome vs. San vs. Joe Asakura vs. Jubei Kibagami vs. Utena Tenjou

Issue #127   Martial Mayhem - Round One!
Black Canary vs. Leonardo vs. Iron Fist vs. Shang-Chi vs. Lady Shiva vs. Snake Eyes

Issue #126   Q vs. Mr. Mxyzptkl
The imp from the 5th dimension vs. the baaadest Q in the Continuum...

Issue #125   Great Pumpkin vs. Jack Skellington
two groovy Halloween ghouls go head to head for final victory...

Issue #124   Lestat vs. Nick Knight vs. Frost vs. David
Lestat vs. Nick Knight vs. David vs. Deacon Frost

Issue #123   SwatKats vs. Road Rovers
Dogs vs. Cats ... with live ammo!

Issue #122   Storm Siblings vs. Maximoff Siblings vs. Beaubier Siblings
Northstar and Aurora take on the Invisible Woman and Human Torch take on the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in a team siblings free for all....

Issue #121   Thundercats vs. Silverhawks
Battle of the 80's cartoons when Thundercats take a swipe at the Silverhawks

Issue #120   Dread Pirate Roberts vs. Zorro vs. D'artagnian vs. Robin Hood
Super swashbuckling extravaganza at ye olde CBUB...

Issue #119   80s vs. 90s video game war
The legends of the 80s - Pac Man, Tron, etc. - take on the Legends of the 90s - Lara Croft, Duke Nukem, etc - in a fight to the finish...

Issue #118   Tarzan vs. Doc Savage
Two of the greatest pulp heroes of the 20th century go head to head...

Issue #117   Kraven vs. Pokemon Island
Kraven against Pokemon... gotta catch 'em all?

Issue #116   Animaniacs v. Power Puff Girls
Wild and wacky mayhem when the Warner Brothers and Sister Dot face off against the mighty PowerPuff Girls.

Issue #115   Robin v. Robin v. Robin v. Robin
Battle of the four Robins... the eternal sidekick to the Batman

Issue #114   Link vs. King Arthur
The Nintendo Hero vs. Britan's Uber King.

Issue #113   Star Wars Light Saber Super Brawl
Luke Skywalker vs. Young Ben vs.
Darth Maul vs. Darth Vader vs.
Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Old Ben

Issue #112   Man-Thing vs. Swamp-Thing
: Amuck in the muck as those super swampy super-things go head to head...

Issue #111   Justice League America vs. Avengers
Titanic battle as the Avengers take on the Justice League ...

Issue #110   And we bid you goodnight...
issue no. 110 - The final battle with hosts Pat and Jay.:

Issue #109   Black Canary and Huntress vs. Black Widow and Silver Sable
: Furious action as these two teams of hellcats go head to head...

Issue #108   Shadows vs. Species 8472
Evil aliens go head to head in this title bout of universal destruction. 'Huff Said!

Issue #107   Tom and Sylvester vs. Jerry and Tweety
The cats go after their eternal enemies... one last time

Issue #106   Nightwing vs. Daredevil
Two of the greatest fighting acrobats ever to appear in comics go head to head this issue...

Issue #105   Quincy and Mason vs. Fletcher and Matlock
What id Mason and Matlock had gone after OJ? You be the judge.

Issue #104   Merlin vs. Gandalf
Those old coots Merlin and Gandalf vie for the affections of a lass in this wizards brawl.

Issue #103   Cthulhu vs. Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate
What happens when Cthulhu shows up in Los Angeles? Bad, Bad craziness....

Issue #102   Disney Mud Wrestling Bonanza
The title says it all.

Issue #101   Young Justice vs. Generation X
Those young Superheroes get a baaad case of Teen Angst at the mall.

Issue #100   Trekkie vs. Xenite vs. X-Phile vs. Warsie
Blood at the convention when a Star Trek Fan, Star Wars Fan, X-File Fan and Xena Fan go postal...

Issue #99   Batman vs. Captain America
Considered one of the tightest matches ever to grace the CBUB. Big action. One winner.

Issue #98   Goku vs. Tetsuo
Anime Total Destruction.

Issue #97   Longshot vs. Domino
Whose luck runs out first when these two lucksters go head to head?

Issue #96   Connor vs. Duncan - Highlander Battle
The battle of the Highlanders. One gets a lightning bolt, one goes home a head shorter. Who? You be the judge...

Issue #95   Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye
Battling Bowmen... these fabled archers go head to head for ultimate glory

Issue #94   Iron Man vs. Steel
Yeah Verily, the armored armageddon has come to pass. Let the rivet-laden ragnarok begin. Alloy be praised!

Issue #93   The Mask vs. Freakazoid
Bring the kids and a flak jacket down to the arena as these two wacked contestants go head to head...

Issue #92   Leisure Suit Larry vs. Austin Powers
Swinger's Smash...

Issue #91   Q vs. MacGuyver
Gadjet Mayhem when MacGuyver takes on James Bond's Q in this arena death match...

Issue #90   Supergirl vs. A-ko vs. Ryoko
Three women of steel in a death match packing the punch of an atom bomb ...

Issue #89   Frosty vs. Rudolph
Obligatory Christmas match, here.

Issue #88   Parallax vs. Dark Phoenix
The former Green Lantern against the former Jean Grey in a clash of cosmic wills.

Issue #87   Buck Rogers vs. Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica vs. Buck Rogers

Issue #86   Deadpool vs. Scud vs. Golgo 13
Which assassin does the world a favor by taking out Leonardo DiCaprio? You be the judge...

Issue #85   Superman vs. Thor
Clash of the titans as the God of Thunder takes on the Earth's mightiest mortal...

Issue #84   Han Solo vs. Indy Jones vs. Jack Ryan
Which Harrison Ford character is the action king? You be the judsge...

Issue #83   Galactus vs. Unicron
big planet eater munch-a-thon...

Issue #82   Gambit vs. Catwoman vs. Black Cat
Thieves battle as these three top thieves go for the gold. Who is top klepto? You be the judge...

Issue #81   Ghost Rider vs. Violator
Clown Demon vs. the Spirit of Vengance

Issue #80   Scooby Doo Gang vs. Hellraiser
Can the Scooby gang outwit Pinhead and the cenobites from Hellraiser? Hard to say...

Issue #79   Frankenstein vs. The Mummy
Both big and reeeel slooow. Who takes the match?

Issue #78   Regan MacNeil vs. Carrie
Split-Pea Puke vs. a bucket of pigs blood.

Issue #77   Buzz Lightyear vs. Chip Hazard
toy wars. 'Nuff Said.

Issue #76   Snake Plisskin vs. John McClane vs. Martin Riggs
Die Hard, Lethal Weapon or Escape from L.A. - who is the Badass Muther here...

Issue #75   Blade vs. Buffy vs. Vampire Hunter D
Battle of the Vamp-Killers

Issue #74   The Joker vs. The Green Goblin
Battle of the major nut case villians. When these two sicko's tangle, the loser is anyone in their way...

Issue #73   Men in Black vs. Marvin the Martian
Can the MiB take down the Marvin and his schemes for world destruction? Probably not ...

Issue #72   Shaggy vs. Dagwood vs. Jughead
The ultimate food eating contest ...

Issue #71   Elvira vs. Vampirella
It's the Bi-Annual Queen of the Dammned beauty Pagent. Who strolls away with an armload of black roses? You be the judge...

Issue #70   Apocalypse vs. Darkseid
Who truly deserves the title Living Embodiment of Evil? You be the judge.

Issue #69   Admiral Thrawn vs. Commander Breetai
The fleet battle of the year as Robotechs Zendratei master tactician Breetai takes on the Empire's own Grand Admiral Thrawn ...

Issue #68   Wayne & Garth vs. Jay & Silent Bob
Snoochie Boochies vs. Schwing in a bust-out of the bust-ups ...

Issue #67   Deanna Troi vs. Lyta Alexander
The Trek empath vs. the B5 telepath ...

Issue #66   Robocop vs. Judge Dredd
Who is the Law? You make the call ...

Issue #65   Ken & Ryu vs. Scorpion & Sub-Zero
Battle of the video fight stars ...

Issue #64   Borg Cube vs. Death Star
This weeks fight zeros in on a debate which has gone on for far too long ...

Issue #63   Betty Cooper vs. Veronica lodge
Since 1944 Betty and Veronica have vied for the attentions of Archie. Stand back now for the cafeteria brawl for it all as both girls snap and go postal...

Issue #62   Thundarr vs. Conan vs. Beastmaster
The Barbarian brawl for it all...

Issue #61   Robotech Defense Force vs. The Decepticons
Battle of the transforming fighters as Decepticons match steel with Robotech...

Issue #60   Vincent & Jules vs. The Gecko Brothers
The Gecko Brothers take on Vincent and Jules in the fight we could only call: Weekend at Tarrentino's....

Issue #59   Hulk vs. Doomsday vs. Juggernaut
This weeks much anticipated match puts some of the strongest beings alive in a head to head match...

Issue #58   Angela vs. Artemis
Everyone's favorite Undead Amazaon Artemis takes on Angela, the Demon hunting warrior of Heaven from Spawn

Issue #57   Dr. Who v. Quantum Leap v. Back to the Future v. Bill & Ted
Battle of the Time Travelers... Dr. Who Vs. Back to the Future Vs. Quantum Leap Vs. Bill & Ted

Issue #56   Mobile Infantry vs. Colonial Marines
Who is the ultimate bug smasher. Aliens Colonial Marines or Starship Troopers Mobile Infantry...

Issue #55   Clooney vs. Kilmer vs. Keaton vs. West
Showdown between the actors who would claim the cowl of Batman ...

Issue #54   Shi vs. Aeon Flux
Night. Los Angeles. Shi vs. Aeon Flux. Who Lives? You be the judge...

Issue #53   South Park vs. Peanuts
Throwdown in the Playground... South Park kids take on the Peanuts Gang in battle ....

Issue #52   KITT vs. The General Lee
Two Cars leave the pole position... one crosses the finish line.

Issue #51   Lex Luthor vs. Dr. Doom
Doom V. Lex Luthor. Whose the baddest of bad guys ....

Issue #50   Taco Bell Chihuahua vs. Ren Hoek
Contest of wit and appetite as Ren Hoek, from Ren and Stimpy faces off against the Taco Bell doggie...

Issue #49   Bugs Bunny vs. Mickey Mouse
Turf War in ToonTown as Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse each vie for control of the pie.

Issue #48   Emperor Palpatine vs. Lord Raiden
Shokers! Lord Rayden from Mortal Kombat takes on the emperor from Star Wars...

Issue #47   Mario vs. Sonic
The Plumber takes on The Hedgehog in this knock down drag out for game superiority.

Issue #46   Aquaman vs. Prince Namor
Aquaman vs. Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner... the issue is decided and the winner is...

Issue #45   James Bond vs. The Saint
James Bond vs. The Saint. You came, you voted, and the winner is...

Issue #44   The Crow vs. Spawn
Dead man's Duel as The Crow seeks Justice from Spawn. Which Dead guy will live to tell the tale....

Issue #43   Defiant vs. White Star
B5 White Star vs. ST Defiant in final battle. Which one survives the fray? The...

Issue #42   Moses vs. Yoda
The wise men cometh as the Force meets Divine power in this battle of heavy philosophical hitters ...

Issue #41   Smurfs vs. Snorks
Battle of the mini-munchkins as the Smurfs take on the Snorks in full scale warfare...

Issue #40   Garfield vs. Felix
Colossal Cat fight as Garfield takes on Felix the cat for the Crafty Feline title...

Issue #39   Voltron vs. Power Ranger's Zord
Super Mech Showdown as the Voltron Team takes on the Power Rangers Zord in a battle to the Death...

Issue #38   Lara Croft vs. Indiana Jones
It's the Tomb Raider vs. the Raider of the Lost Ark. Two of the worlds greatest archeologist adventurers go head to head...

Issue #37   Scrooge vs. Grinch
It's the Grand Battle of Christmas Villainy as Ebenezer Scrooge takes on The Grinch...

Issue #36   Tigger vs. Hobbes
We have dropped both Tigger and Hobbes off in tiger country for a week. They will exist on the lay of the land, and without contact...

Issue #35   Chun-Li vs. Orchid vs. Sonya Blade
Battle of the femme fatale fighters in this three-way smash: Chun-Li, Sonya and Orchid. You voted for the winner and she is...

Issue #34   Justice League vs. X-Men
Current X-Men vs. Current JLA: nine on a side featuring some of the heaviest hitters in any Comic Universe. Who wins? You be the judge...

Issue #33   Mach 5 vs. Batmobile
Two of the most gadget laden autos ever made in a race of doom to see who is the best. Who crosses the finish line first? You voted and...

Issue #32   X-Files vs. Ghostbusters
The Ghostbusters take on the X-files to see who are the true masters of the paranormal. The final vote is in and...

Issue #31   The Blob vs. the Thing
Those Mutant Movie Monsters go psuedopod to psuedopod... er... head to head

Issue #30   Amityville House vs. Overlook Hotel
Overlook Hotel from The Shining or Amityville House? Which is the true horror and which could take out a family first?

Issue #29   Ripley vs. Janeway
Capt. Catherine Janeway vs. Lt. Ellen Ripley in an alien stomping contest. But what if the alien is Zorak?!

Issue #28   Boba Fett vs. Batman
The galaxy's most infamous and dangerous bounty hunter, Boba Fett took on the Batman in Gotham city. The vote for the winner of this match is in...

Issue #27   Jeannie vs. Genie
The issue of who is the better genie has been settled once and for all. Aladdin's Genie or I Dream of Jeannie...

Issue #26   Catwoman vs. Bat Girl
Could Batgirl take down Catwoman? The answer is in ...

Issue #25   Dexter vs. The Brain
The question: who's got the real brain power? Dexter and Didi or Pinkey and the Brain. The vote is in on this one...

Issue #24   Emma Peel vs. Agent 99
Battle of skill and wits! Agent 99 from Get Smart takes on Emma Peel from the Avengers. The winner...

Issue #23   Jawas vs. Ewoks
The two shortest races in the Star Wars Universe in a full scale war? Jawas vs. Ewoks? Sheesh.

Issue #22   Free Willy vs. Cap'n Ahab
Aye, Ol' Cap'n Ahab met his end runnin' down that rascal Moby Dick... but can he take down Free Willy? You be the judge.

Issue #21   Ash vs. Duke Nukem
Twin Engines of Destruction! Ash from the Evil Dead takes on Duke Nukem in a monster stomping contest. Stop yer grinnin and drop your linen!

Issue #20   She-Hulk vs. Fairchild
Lets get ready to ruuuumble! When the two strongest women in comics tangle- She-Hulk and Fairchild- run for cover!

Issue #19   Sailor Moon vs. Ranma 1/2
Sailor Moon takes on Ranma Saratome from the Anything Goes school of martial arts. Who takes the match? You be the judge.

Issue #18   Al Bundy vs. Homer Simpson
They got beer, pretzels a T.V. and only one remote! Al Bundy vs. Homer Simpson in the living room rumble of the century.

Issue #17   Teri Hatcher vs. Hudson Leick
Just some Cheesecake.

Issue #16   Keebler Elves vs. Krispy Elves
The question: if the tree elves from Keebler Cookies fought the Kelloggs Krispies elves, who would win? Well...

Issue #15   Ninja Turtles vs. 'Raptors
Yes, those 'raptors are some pretty mean dinosaurs... but as mean as the Ninja Turtles? You came, you voted, here's the final score.

Issue #14   Sabrina vs. Maeve
Spirit and Spellfire! Maeve the Sinbad Sorceress trades lightning bolts with Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Who wins? You be the judge.

Issue #13   Wolverine vs. Predator
Day of the Hunters... Predator vs. Wolverine: only one of them is comming home from this safari! You be the judge.

Issue #12   Robin Hood vs. Aladdin vs. Autolycus
Autolycus from ancient Greece. Aladdin from ancient Arabia. Robin Hood from mideval England. Let the best thief win!

Issue #11   The Borg vs. Aliens
What's to say? These are two intergalactic species that really deserve each other. The Borg vs. Aliens...who assimilates who?

Issue #10   Khan vs. Ares
The two Uber-War strategists go at it in a gripping game of Stratego.

Issue #9   Buffy vs. Dracula
Buffy the Vampire Slayer versus the big daddy of all bloodsuckers, Dracula. Who walks away? You be the judge.

Issue #8   Picard and Janeway vs. Kirk and Sisko
Janeway, Sisko, Picard and Kirk, running in a specific ship: Defiant, Voyager, Enterprise D in a fight to the death. The winner is...

Issue #7   The Tick vs. Hercules
Greco-Roman Wrestling Extravaganza!

Issue #6   Callisto vs. Xena
If Callisto and Xena finally played out a showdown, who would take it? That's the question you voted on, and the winner was...

Issue #5   Xena vs. Wonder Woman
Amazon Catfight! Wonder Woman vs. Xena: Warrior Princess. Who wins? You came, you voted and you decided...

Issue #4   Love Boat vs. Sinbad
Sail the high seas... is that love or blood in the water?

Issue #3   Joxer & Gabby Vs. The Wonder Twins
Wonder Twin Powers... Activate!

Issue #2   Cheetarah vs. Harley Quinn
Two differnt fighting styles here, folks. Harley Quinn from Batman vs. Cheetarah from the Thundercats.

Issue #1   He-Man vs. Callisto
The First CBUB match.


Superman vs. Thor

ISSUE #138

Wonder Woman vs. She-Hulk

ISSUE #154

Xena vs. Buffy


Cheetarah vs. Harley Quinn

ISSUE #169

Galactus vs. Galactus' Weight in Krypto the Super Dogs


Smurfs vs. Snorks

ISSUE #136

The Thing vs. Colossus

ISSUE #177

Master Yoda vs. Professor Xavier

ISSUE #109

Black Canary and Huntress vs. Black Widow and Silver Sable


Galactus vs. Unicron

ISSUE #117

Kraven vs. Pokemon Island


Blade vs. Buffy vs. Vampire Hunter D

ISSUE #129

Martial Mayhem - Round Three!


Elvira vs. Vampirella

ISSUE #137

The Predator vs. The Road Runner

ISSUE #170

Jason Voorhees vs. Ash Williams


Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye


Defiant vs. White Star


Parallax vs. Dark Phoenix

ISSUE #132

The Punisher vs. France


Batman vs. Captain America

ISSUE #150

Matrix vs. Crouching Tiger

ISSUE #152

Yogi & Boo-Boo vs. Chip 'n' Dale


Ken & Ryu vs. Scorpion & Sub-Zero


The Borg vs. Aliens


The Joker vs. The Green Goblin

ISSUE #175

Luke Skywalker vs. Paul Atredis

ISSUE #153

Mum-Ra vs. Skeletor