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Yogi & Boo-Boo vs. Chip 'n' Dale



Jellystone Park: home of the annual Martha Stewart Celebrity Pic-i-nic Cook-off. Held every spring, this amazing feed-fest is a vertible smorgasborg of yummy sandwiches, pies, cakes, fruit, vegitables and the the odd poached salmon lightly basted with lemon and sprinkled with pine nuts. It's a dream outing for big appetites, and two pairs of big thieves who want to scam on the goods... Enter this weeks contestants:

Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo: Raiding for food hither and yon this dynamic duo of delectible debauchery has evaded the authorities and taken home the goods time and time again. Emerging from their cave with a ferocious appetite and an eye anything edible this pair plans to steal the show and every pic-nic goody in site.

Chip 'n' Dale: Hardened veterans of the scavaging circut, this pair of feisty chipmunks has outwitted every opponet that has tried to keep them from getting their share of the pie. Scouting the fiesta from far above in their treehouse they've got big plans to take home every morsel from the menu of entrees below.

Join Us Now for chaos in motion as we filch from the feed in a battle we had to call...

Honey for nothin' (and your chips for free)




Callisto:   So... One Hundred and Fifty Two CBUB editions to date, Clown Girl. Can you believe it?

Harley Quinn:   Yeah... we've come a long way, huh? Lots'a memories, here. We've laughed... we've cried...

Callisto:   Don't get all mushy.

Quinn:   Yeah, to think it aaallll started with you inna ring fightin' that He-Man Character.

Callisto:   Ha! What a joke. And you in the very next Arena Fight up against Cheetarah from the Thundercats.

Quinn:   Oh, don't EVEN mention that one. I still hurt. Isn't it weird the way things come around. I mean, next week's fight involves Skeletor and Mumm-Ra.... a He-Man guy and a Thundercats guy. Pretty weird. You know, I remember when Pat an' Jay used ta' do the show. I'd tune in every week. What'cha do with those two, Cally?

Callisto:   Oh, they're, part of my entourage, now. Don't call me Cally.

Quinn:   Entourage?

Callisto:   Yes, every imortant person needs an Entourage, you know. People who follow you around and do what you say... that sort of thing.

Quinn:   Well, where are they now? I haven't seen them in ages.

Callisto:   They'd better be cleaning my wine cellar. They're on probabtion for trying to escape.

Quinn:   I see. So, you don't quite see eye ta' eye on this "Entourage" thing, then. Well bring 'em up here! I wanna see their happy shining faces.

Camera Man:   Callisto... Quinn - We go live in 10 seconds. Get ready.

Callisto:   No time, now, Clown Girl. Maybe next week... if they behave.

Quinn:   Yeah, alright.

Camera Man:   Action!

Callisto:   Hello and welcome all to another edition of the CBUB. Today we have quite a match-up as Yogi and BooBoo match wits and appetites with those two daring rodents Chip n Dale. I am Callisto, and with me is Clown Girl.

Quinn:   Thank's Cally. It's a beautiful day down in Jellystone park where the Annual Martha Stewart Celebrity Pic-Nic is in full swing. I imagine our contenders will be along soon to scope on all the goodies out there, but while we're waiting, let's see what you had to say about the battle...




Zog, the Secret Voice of the Monkey Underground writes:

Rrrrrgh... rabid hatred manifesting... hatred for squirrels transferring to their fellow rodents... GAH!! MUST KILL!!! SLAY THE RODENTS!!!

*pulls out a large club and a chainsaw*CRY HAVOC, AND LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR!!!

Warlord Ralts writes:

It's going to go to Chip and Dale for a few reasons.....

Number One: Boo Boo and Yogi could barely outwit a mentally deficient park ranger, much less 2 rodents who outwit Donald Duck (Master of RAGE) on a daily basis.

Number Two: The Dimwit Dou constantly goes after wicker baskets. Nobody uses those any more. A cooler would totally baffle these two. Chip and Dale would make off with the goodies while Yogi and Boo-boo are ripping off someone's wicker chair.

And finally: Hannah and Barbara are dead. Walt is cryogenically frozen. Freezer pop beats coffin goo for coolness and sequel ratings....

Ghost writes:

Sorry, Calisto. You know I luv ya, but I must go for the bears on this one. The Reason? Well, because I prefer an honourable thief like Yogi to two sadistic, demonic little hellspawns disguised as chipmunks! (And bad disguises at that; they forgot the tails!) If you study any cartoon the little critters are in, you'll notice that they are as good as always the ones who starts the fights with Donald or Pluto, and they always win! They seem to have made it their life-calling to harass other creatures who only want to be left alone and can do so freely since some universal law says that they have to win because they are small and cute! They are genuine Bad Guys and they always walk away without any form of punishment whatsoever! It's incredibly frustrating and I can't stand thinking about it!

Well, newsflash, small fries! This is Kazan, and normal laws of physics don't apply here! I can only hope that Yogi bring them the long Paw of Justice (tm) and splatter them all over the park, for they have deserved it many times over and over again! I want a Nature Trail to Hell (in 3D)! I want to see blood! Bloood!

Bibbity writes:

Ok, let's score this one:

Brains: let's face it, Chip 'n' Dale are nothing without their chipmunk babe to make gadgets for them, whereas Yogi is "smarter than the average bear". Bears have larger brains than chipmunks anyway, and if Yogi is smarter than one of them he's got to be a genius compared to the rodent twins. 1 for Yogi.

Brawn: Bear, chipmunk. Chipmunk, bear. Bear, smudge on ground. 1 more for Yogi.

Speed: The rodents have this one, they can fly around the world on a plane the size of a apple, so they've got to have super-speed. 2-1 to Yogi.

And now we come to the final category, RAGE TM! Nothing, and I mean nothing beats a couple of bears in this category. So the final score is 3-1 to Yogi and Boo-Boo.

The Joker writes:

No way those losers Yogi and BooBoo will win.Because:

A)They have poorer animation.Chip and Dale will move too fast for the bears to catch them.

B)Chip and Dale turn people NUTS.(Ha ha,nuts...I'm so funny...ack).Yogi and BooBoo are only minor annoyances.

C)Yogi stinks.Seriously,almost every Hanna Barbera toon,except for the original Flintstones,the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter,stinks.Disney dances tap above Hanna Barbera.

D)Do you remember that old show where Yogi,Huckleberry Hound,Quick Draw,and a huge amount of those other HB characters,even teaming up,always faced troubles just against Dastardly Dick and Mutley?Wimps.

E)If everything else fails,C&D can call the other Rescue Rangers for help.AND GADGET RULES!!

See ya...

Don King writes:

Despite their brief career as "Rescue Rangers" Chip 'n' Dale just don't have what it takes to go toe to toe with Yogi and Boo Boo in any competition where food is involved. Yogi is in his element here, he's been successfully snatching pic-a-nic baskets for decades, not to mention that he's smarter than the average bear. No one has ever made any similar claims in Chip 'n' Dale's favor. Plus, Yogi has years of competitive experience thanks to Laff-A-Lympics, Yogi's Space Race and Yogi's Treasure Hunt. Besides, Chip 'n' Dale are only interested in chestnuts and acorns and other chipmunk crap like that. They'll be glad Yogi's distracted by the picnic, because that'll mean more of those twigs and berries Yogi can't stand for them. Let him snatch all the human food he wants, they're all set.

Meltron the Invincible writes:

"Nyay hay hay Boo Boo, look at all them pic-a-nic baskets! We is gonna be eatin' well tonight!"

"Gosh, Yogi, I dunno. Those squirrels look they want some too."

*Yogi takes off towards the squirrels and they all disappear*


*Yogi returns*

"What squirrels?"

The moral of the story: Never vote against the meateaters, kids. You'll only get eaten.

Oh, hi Yogi. Uh... why are you looking at me like that? No, I actually DID vote for you... really... Yogi... stay back... Stay back! OH MY GOODNESS! WHERE'S RANGER SMITH WHEN YOU NEED HIM! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Peter writes:

As much as voting for Chip and Dale means vicarious voting for Accursed Disney (tm), damnit, there was flat-out nothin' those pesky chip munks couldn't do. Let's not kid ourselves here, Yogi kept getting outsmarted by that Ranger dude (well, in all honesty, a fence post would be able to outsmart Yogi Bear. Don't get me wrong, I loved him as much as the next kid, but far from being smarter than the average bear, he wasn't exactly a mental giant), while Chip and Dale outsmart entire scientific and security organisations on a routine basis. They're Rescue *Rangers*, for pete's sake. Never underestimate anyone with 'Ranger' in their name.


Atomic Horror writes:

Awright. Why would Chip and Dale win? Let's run down our reasons, hmm?

1. Chip and Dale exist in what is known as "full animation" as opposed to Team Yogi's more limited animation. This gives them much greater freedom of movement.

2. Teamwork. Sure, Yogi and BooBoo work as a team, but BooBoo sometimes has doubts as to Yogi's schemes ["The Ranger's not gonna like this, Yogi..] Chip and Dale always have the same mind.

3. Foes. The ranger may have fits of temper, but that's nothing compare to the 'munks primary foe. Donald Duck doesn't just get mad-he gets psychotic. Donald has been known to sprout fangs and devil horns when he really looses it, and he really looses it often. Chip and Dale have more experience. Plus, Chip and Dale also have experience with Pluto and Pete, so they're adaptable.

5. Chip and Dale can be really vicious when they put their minds to it. In the past, they have been willing to toss their foes off cliffs or blow them up with dynamite if need be. Another edge to the 'munks.

6. I like Chip and Dale. I don't like Yogi and BooBoo.

Anime Andy writes:

Yes, Chip and Dale are Disney, and therefore evil. We've heard it all before. Seriously, though, this contest is all about stealth. Even with Yogi's "smarter-than-average" bear cunning, two bears walking on all fours and wearing bowties are still about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the forehead. Two apparently ordinary chipmunks, on the other hand, are more likely to go unnoticed, at least, until it's too late and they've already absconded with all the goodies their can carry. Chip and Dale in a walk, or maybe a frantic chase scene, since this is a classic cartoon situation.

Starphoenix writes:

The great pantless duo from Hanna Babara shall smite the Devil Rodents from Disney... who are also missing the required pants. You know, it's times like this that I like to quote my uncle... wait a moment... no it isn't... Okay... so the point of the matter is, "Those without pants are among the most dangerous in the world." Okay, maybe not... but... well, Yogi is properly attired with that styling hat and tie, while BooBoo has that bow tie. The Chipmunks? They're stark raving Naked! Naked for crying out loud! Someone do something for the decency of it all! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to my Hentai... errr... Bishoujo Game... Yeah... that's the ticket...

Dark Queen writes:

You know, if all the people at the picnic were women then chip-n-dale would have it in the bag! Shake your money maker boys!

Oh wait, wrong Chip-n-Dale. *blushes*

In any case, Chip-n-Dale will definitly bring home the big one. Face it, they're small so they can easily get by undetected. What is Yogi going to do? The old hide-behind-a-bush routine? Puhlease! That is sooooo old! Besides, Yogi gets caught 8 times out of 10 from the Ranger. He can't be that creative.

Lets face it, the apple fell very, very far from the tree as far as Yogi is concerned. That guy is a dip. And what kind of a sidekick name is Boo-Boo? Just because Robin is taken doesn't mean that you got to go cry all about it. (And yes, that was a very bad joke.)

Besides, what is wrong with rodents? I find rats and mice to be very cute. They probably would get all the freakin' food. I would give them food.

If worse comes to worse, Chip-n- Dale could always bite 'em. They say that many rodents carry some sort of disease. I can see it now, Attack of the Disney Cartoons.

*sigh* This is going no where. Chip-n-Dale are going to win. 'Nuff said.


Eddie Filth writes:

I had to think of several areas of advantages which considered the out come. This means the point system.

Resources:Chip and Dale work for Disney and Yogi and Boo work for Time Warner. So both are even on corprate back up.

Y&B:1 C&D:1

Carrying Capacity:an obvious one right here.

Y&B:2 C&D:1

Stealth and Tactics:This a big factor at who's better. While Yogi has pulled some crafty moves, Chip and Dale are the masters. Their size and brilliant thinking have left their victims robbed without even knowing it.

Y&B:2 C&D:2

Teamwork:One of the very imprtant aspects of being a park theif. Chip and Dale have their differnces but always work together.However, Boo is always relcutant to go stealing with Yogi.

Y&B:2 C&D:3

There you have it, Chip and Dale getting the most picnic food.

Team Work:

vondoom2099 writes:

Interesting matchup... initial assessment provides a slight edge to Chip & Dale over Yogi & Boo Boo. Evaluation of assessment - Yogi is the leader, Boo Boo is the follower. Yogi's planning is responsive and oft times lacks follow-through. In fact, Yogi & Boo Boo primarily are foiled in their attempts. Chip & Dale react mostly utilizing instinct, although certainly the leader-follower relationship is at play. Yet, in evaluating the results of their actions, they are almost always fully successful (reference the oft ill-fated Donald Duck for substantiation if necessary) while some patsy is foiled in their chase of them. This is clearly Old School, and Chip & Dale edge out their competition.

Phantom Dennis writes:

Yogi's got it better than a millionaire, that's because he's smarter than the average bear.

They're on Yogi's Home turf. Yogi's an experience pilferer of pic'a'nic baskets.

Chip & Dale are used to advesaries like Donald Duck who's own explosive temper gets the best of them. Ranger Smith is a good deal more patient than Donald Duck and won't be throwing tantrums every few minutes or burning down his house to catch them.

Yogi & Boo Boo will have eaten most of the food by the time Chip and Dale get their nibbles, now if they had Monterey Jack with them.

The Mad Hatter writes:

Are you kidding me? Chip 'n' Dale will straight up make fools outta those damn picnic basket stealing, sonuvabitch, bear wanna bes.

I mean seriously, what do Yogi and Boo Boo do that is even close to cool? Oh wow, they can steal a picnic basket and then get confronted by that Park Ranger guy that is such a wuss, he can't figure out to throw those damn bears out of Jellystone with the first picnic basket stealing offense.

And are they even sneaky when they are stealing baskets? No. They just use the old fashioned "let's wait 'til they're not looking" approach. Gee, how original. They could at least use a pulley, or hell, maybe even lure them behind a tree and knock them out instead of just taking it when they're not looking. If you're whole purpose of being alive is to steal picnic baskets, then you should at least do it with some style and cunningness.

But enough about those damn cubs, let's talk about Chip 'n' Dale. Now here are some real badasses. The most resourceful mischief makers ever. Two guys that actually do chipmunk things. Two guys that have time and time again kicked Donald Duck's ass. Donald freaking Duck! A sailing duck with a short fuse; A loose cannon even. And for two little chipmunks to constantly smack him around says something. These aren't your average chipmunks here. They have no weapons and no means of physical attack, and yet they still make fools out of everyone that dusturbs their tree and/or acorns. They kicked the sh*t out of a gun-toting western bandit for crying out loud. And anyone that's ever seen the Rescue Rangers knows that these guys are fifty times as dangerous when they have weapons.

So I see the fight going like this. Yogi and Boo Boo run out of picnic baskets to steal. Desperate for food and not knowing how to fish like real bears, they find a tree and start taking it's acorns out. Unfortunately for the bears, this tree belongs to Chip 'n' Dale. So once the chipmunks realize what's going on, they move into chipmunk berzerker mode. And by using the environment to their advantage, they easily whoop Yogi and Boo Boo by......oh, let's say dropping a tree branch on their heads. And no matter what Yogi and Boo Boo try, the 'munks are just too damn elusive and smart for the bears to ever get a hold of them.

I say the Chipmunks by a landslide.

Will writes:

Gotta go with the Rescue Rangers here.

Y'see, back when I was eight, I had a teeny-tiny 'thing' for Gadget.

You never forget your first crush.

Leo Tokarski writes:

This is Yogi and Boo-Boo all the way. The bears just have more experience with this than the rodents. Besides, with Rescue Rangers involved, Chip 'N' Dale are just plain out of practice. And as for "Yogi the Space Pirate" and "Yogi the Wacky Racer", he was still stealing pic-a-nic baskets between raids and races.

Besides, the rodent picture is disturbingly homoerotic.

'Da Watcher writes:

This fight is in Chip and Dale's favor.

First off, these are some voracious chipmunks. NOBODY messes with them.

Even before Rescue Rangers they were facing off against pirates, scoundrels, armed robbers and STILL came out on top.

And when push comes to shove, Chip and Dale's adversaries are a whole hell of a lot tougher than Ranger Smith, who quite frankly is a pansy since he can't stand up to a friggin lazy bear and his young acomplice.

Plus, they routinely go up against Donald Duck and win. And when you win time after time against a perpetually pissed off sailor, that means something.

Besides, I've never liked 'Yogi' and 'Boo-boo' or generally any Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

Bitch-slap the bears, Chip and Dale!!!

Joe Klemm writes:

The match easily goes to Chip 'n Dale. Face it, these two chipmunks have always been able to steal food and outwit their opponents (usually Donald Duck and Pluto). However, Yogi and Boo Boo's plans to steal pic-a-nic baskets are sometimes stalled by Ranger Smith, who will very likely be on the grounds watching for those two.

Besides, the chipmunks have a powerful weapon with them: The Disney Legal Team.

Sonic Duck 85 writes:

Yogi and Booboo have outsmarted Ranger Smith. That's it. Now while the ranger may be a cool vuy and all, he's not the brightest bulb in the box.

You may say that Chip 'n' Dale haven't beaten anyone special, but you'd be wrong. Okay, so it's not that hard to outsmart Pluto, I'll give you that. But in their golden years, they not only defeated Donald Duck, they humiliated him. Donald Duck is the most psycotic cartoon character of them all. This is a duck who, in a blaze of flame, turned into SATAN and chased his own nephews holding a pitchfork with the intention of STABBING THEM TO DEATH!

Yogi and Booboo cannot compete with that. Rescue Rangers win.

The Comic Master writes:

Chip and Dale have this one in the bag. First off Boo Boo doesn't like stealing which means that his heart isn't in the battle. Second both Chip and Dale have anoyed a lot of disney characters in their old school days yet Yogi and Boo Boo have truely only annoyed the park rangers. Third while it's true that Yogi has come up with some great plans on pilfering Chip and Dale most times go unnoticed at least for a little while. While Yogi may have the home court advantege it's not much considering that Chip and Dale have made their home in any tree they can find.

TRUTENOR writes:

Oh come on, Yogi and Boo Boo? Ranger Smith always catches them in the end. Chip and Dale have dealt with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Pete. There's nothing that these two chipmunks can't handle. Chip and Dale are a lot more clever than Yogi and Boo Boo and will figure out a way to get the goods from two bears. I see the fight going like this:

1)Yogi and Boo Boo steal a picnic basket while the owner complains to Ranger Smith.

2)Chip and Dale use a rope to trip Yogi and Boo Boo.

3)Chip and Dale take the picnic basket and substitute it for a basket filled with rocks.

4)Yogi gets busted and gets shipped off to the zoo.

Come on, Chip and Dale are rescue rangers! There's no case that these two wouldn't solve! They would hurt Yogi Bear like the police on Rodney King!

Jeff "T-Rex" Hayes writes:

I'm not a big Disney fan but Chip And Dale are RODENTS.They are much cutier than any bear. Plus they have Gadget to assist them. She could cook up some device to shoot Boo Boo and Yogi over the horizon as if they were Team Rocket. Then Chip and Dale would have all the food to them selves. Yogi and Boo Boo will be about as wellcome in this match as Bill Clinton at a meeting of The Rush Limbaugh Fan Club. Nuff Said (been awhile since I said that)

Whyteknight writes:

I think this will be a tough competition, with the bears eventually coming out on top. However, the two are in for a surprise...

When Yogi and Boo-Boo return home, arms full of pic-in-ic baskets, they will sample some of the food, then go to sleep, as they have gotten far more food today than even Yogi is capable of eating. While they sleep, a small shadow, cloaked in darkness, will creep into the cave. Picking up a ham, Jerry will snicker, marveling at how these bears have played right into his little paws.

The bears awaken to find all of their food gone, stolen by the most brilliant cartoon thief of all time.

El Kabong writes:

Chip and Dale. They have the better chemistry. Boo-Boo is always telling Yogi not to swipe the picnic baskets. The reason they never get got is because only the forest ranger is after them. Now, they have serious competition. And Boo-Boo will slow down Yogi. Meanwhile, Chip and Dale will be totally focused. They argue a lot, but only when Gadget is around. And since she will not be around, nothing is going to impede their teamwork. That's why they take the bigger share.

Chaotic Nightmare writes:

I think one option is missing here..

We're talking Martha FREAKING Steward here! You think she'll allow a couple of rodents and bears to get her food?

Not a chance.

We are talking about the one who KO'ed Kathie Lee in the Grudge Match...

You'll bet that she'll come up with some fandangled trap for these wild animals out of household materials. And once they are trapped, they are now props for Martha's next show involving the use of dead animals in a dining room setting...

PS. I wanted Martha to win, but I voted for the group that isn't associated with Disney... because Disney sucks...

NoLimit_Jay writes:

As with most battles, the victor can be determined with name association.

Chip and Dale: male strippers who have countless women who desire them and give them money

Yogi: Yogi Berra, who played for the damn yankess and is very much dead

Boo Boo: How a kid describes a cut or bruise

Come on...who would you rather be?

The Animator writes:

You've gotta be kidding me. Yogi and BooBoo vs Chip 'n' Dale? Wacky Races vs Rescue Rangers? Wacky Races vs Power Rangers, mabye. But vs Rescue Rangers?

Lets look at this seriously for a moment. Way back in 'the day,' Yogi and BooBoo had thier own show, which was a success in its own right. But then they got shuffled over to Wacky Races--a show with a premice so weak it took every character in the Hanna-Barbarra univers to draw an audience. Even after Wacky races, Yogi and BooBoo haven't appeared anywhere without an enterage of other Hanna-Barbarra chars.

Chip 'n' Dale, on the other hand, started out as bit players in Disney shorts. Minor characters who were played off of established stars like Donald Duck and Pluto. Then, after decades of innactivity, they were dusted off and place in Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers. Not only did they headline thier own show, witohut any other Disney stars in sight, but they had a whole new continuum built around them!

Yogi and BooBoo are third string stars. Alone, they couldn't attract anyone to a show. Not only are Chip 'n' Dale full-fledged stars themselves, but they've created stars in thier wake. (Really now, who would NOT watch a Gadget Hackwrench show?) This one's a no brainer. Chipmunks in a route.

Mr. Silverback writes:

Has anyone mentioned yet that all North American bears include small rodents in their diet? That's why you never see Pixie, Dixie or Jerry sitting with Yogi and Boo-Boo in the Cartoon Network Lunchroom. Why tempt fate? If Chip and Dale let the bears win, there's no chance they'll become a snack, so look for an easy victory for America's favorite ursine welfare Queens, Yogi and Boo-Boo. We now return you to a match I just had to call

Well, SCREW the Ranger, Boo-Boo!

Solomon the Wise writes:

First, physical skills. Chipmunks are faster, smaller, less obvious, and harder to catch. Bears are slower, bigger, easy to spot(they wear ties!), and easy to catch unawares. But you could probaly discount obviousness if the chipmunks are wearing Rescue Ranger clothing.

Second, mentality. The chipmunks have outsmarted every foe and solved every problem they have ever had. Yogi and Boo-Boo tend to get caught, despite the fact that they think out their schemes.

Third, sheer luck. You see that second paragraph? Same thing for luck.

Fourth, fanfare. Okay, I admit Yogi and Boo-Boo win in this category. (You try forgetting that voice.)

However, in games of chance(and CBUB), a triple al ways beats one.

Mad Skyro G-88 writes:

Yogi and Booboo can't loose!!! can Chip or Dale actually pick up a picknick basket by themself? I didn't think so. Maybe together, but by that time, the bears will have growled the crap out of everyone, and hoarded as many basket as there grubby paws can carry. really, this fight isn't fair. Chip & Dale are two stupid rescue (not sealing) chipmunks, and Yogi And Booboo are 6 foot tall grizzly bear pros. the only way I could see the rambling rodents win is if the ranger steps in. he won't notice two chipmunks, but he will try to stop the bear pair, leaving the rescue 'munks to steal as much as the want. Then, when the ranger sees that the baskets are gone he'll pin it on Yogi & Booboo. but due to the unlikelieness of that situation, I gotta give this one to Yogi and Booboo

Devin writes:

Today, children, our topic is home-field advantage. Can YOU say "home-field advantage?" I KNEW you could!

KC writes:

The chipmunks are the most sadistic bastards ever to hunt for nuts. They'll win and take home Yogi's and Booboo's most personal nuts as keepsakes. :) KC

Hasukawa writes:

Wow. The two original American poster-couples for sam-sex marriages, squaring off with every gay man's heroine, Martha Stewart. All I can say is, BooBoo and his bitch Yogi are going down... pun intended.

Justy Hakubi writes:

I normally loathe Disney but this time around I have to vote for Big D. Chip & Dale will harness their evil potential to utterly eviscerate Yogi and Booboo. They'll drink the blood of the Guardian Lepus of the cave of Caerbannog and grow drunk with power. Yogi and Booboo should never have left their safe haven of Jellystone.

Chip: I spy 2 more victims to offer up to Lord Walt.

Dale: His cryogenic preserved brain demands sacrifice.

Chip: Shall we proceed to our glorious victory.

Dale: We shall.

*Maniacal high pitched squeaky laughter!!*

Happy Halloween Everyone ^^

Elf writes:

Ok take away the rescue rangers shtick but chip an dale still take this one, why? lets go old school then, yogi frequently outsmarts what, a ranger, lets not forget that these guys are outwitted by every kid alive and cant even stop raccons knocking over waste bins. Chip an dale layeth the smacketh down regularly on donald duck, pluto the dog and MICKEY MOUSE and guys thats just not normal, I rest my case.

I am that is. writes:

I'd give it over to the rodents. Reason: I read Discworld Novels. Therefore, I take into account the conservation of size rules. If Chip and Dale will steal 2-3 baskets, proportionately, as compared to two large bears, they are stealing around 20. If they manage to steal over four, there won't even be enough picnic baskets left for Yogi and BooBoo to compete. Also, considering that people will be giving a lot more attention to two bears than two chipmunks, makes Chip and Dale's thefts considerably easier, and the bears much harder.

Now, throw in Wee Mad Arthur, and victory goes to the bears.




Callisto:   And, here come out contestants! Yes, I see Chip n Dale scouting out the festivities below from high in an acorn tree.

Harley Quinn:   Oh! And there's Yogi and BooBoo behind a bush. They're positively drooling over all the goodies out there.

Callisto:   Yes, the Martha Stewart Celebrity Pic-Nic is not a fete to be taken likely. It's a vast smorgasborg of tasty yummies. Table after table laden with heaping trays of pic-nic vittles. Fire pits roasting everything from Ka-bobs to whole chickens. Cooks everywhere preparing for a vertible orgy of face-stuffing overindulgence. What a spectacle.

Quinn:   Right you are, and all accompanied by every Has-Been celebrity to ever sell their scribbled name and sob story for another 20 minutes of exposure on the Lifetime channel. Look Cally - there's Gary Coleman from "Different Strokes"!

Callisto:   Oh, right... standing next to that guy who played the "Incredible Hulk" - Lou Ferigno! Ha! And look! It's the guy who played "Scotty" on Star Trek!

Quinn:   Oh, I like him.

Callisto:   You would. Well, it looks like Yogi and BooBoo are getting ready to make their move...

Quinn:   And Chip n Dale too! The two vermin are scampering down the tree at break-neck speed heading for the food!

Callisto:   Yogi and BooBoo have opted for the classic fishing line ploy as their first gambit. Using a fishing rod, they cast out, try to hook something...

Quinn:   Good toss! Yogi has hooked a heaping veggie and dip tray at the edge of the festival clearing. He begins to reel it in...

Callisto:   But wait! Chip n Dale make a bee-line for the tray! Chip removes the hook and runs with the line! Dale grabs the tray and scampers towards the tree!

Quinn:   Yogi is fightin' the line now, like he's gotta' biiig fish! He's still tryin' to reel in the veggie tray, thinkin' he's got it! Hidin' behind the bush, he didn't see the switch!

Callisto:   Chip fights the pull and attaches the hook to.... Ranger Smith! Chip hooked Ranger Smith's pant leg! Oh, this can't be good.

Quinn:   Ker-Splat! With a Mighty Tug Yogi pulls Ranger Smith right off his feet and begins reeling him in...

Callisto:   Ha! Ha! As Dale runs right past Yogi carrying the Veggi Tray! Yogi looks dumbfounded as he absently continues to reel in what's gotta be one pissed off Ranger Smith.

Quinn:   Yogi peeks over the hedge ta' see what he's reelin' in... he sees the Ranger. The Ranger sees him...

Callisto:   And Yogi drops the pole like a hot potato! Him and BooBoo run for it!

Ranger Smith:   Yogi Bear, you get back here!!!

Quinn:   While Dale stashes the goodies, Chip scout's the edge of the festivities for more tasty morsels... but wait! Yogi and BooBoo have snuck around the edge of the clearing...

Callisto:   With blinding speed rarely seen outside of cartoons, Yogi has swooped out and grabbed Chip! Ha!

Yogi Bear:   Say-hey-hey... what's the big idea you stealing our tray, chipmunk?

Quinn:   Chip looks frightened... what's this? It's Dale up inna tree! He sees his buddy is in danger! Dale casts about for a way to help... spies something... what is that?

Callisto:   Something lurking in the forest... can we get a close-up? My Goddess! It's a Bigfoot! A Sasquatch!

Quinn:   Drawn by the smell of food a massive forest Yeti is skulking about down there. Dale races towards it!

Yogi Bear:   Now I don't want youse getting in my way again, little chipmunk... OOOOOWWWW!

Callisto:   Whoa! Chip's so freaked he took a bite out of Yogi's hand!

Quinn:   Reflexively, Yogi tosses the varmit! Chip sails out... lands right into a broiling pit!

Callisto:   The chipmunk goes up in flames! Oh the humanity! Wait! LOOK!!


Quinn:   'Da bigfoot suddenly comes cargin' outta the trees! It looks like it's inna berzerker rage! It takes a swipe at BooBoo!

Callisto:   Yogi pulls his little buddy out of the way right in the nick of time! The two go running for their lives right into the middle of this Star Studded Pic-Nic event!

Quinn:   People are screamin'! Two bears chased by a berzerk legendary Bigfoot come racing into their midst! As Yogi passes through, a blackened and singed Chip jumps on him!

Callisto:   Oh, that Chip is fired-up, no pun intended. He's all kinds of mad, now! Latching onto Yogi's leg, he start's taking chipmunk sized bites out of the bear!

Quinn:   Say, where's Dale?

Callisto:   ... Yogi stops to deal with the pest... The Bigfoot is going crazy lashing out at pick-nic people!

Quinn:   Oh! My! God! It's Dale! Look!

Callisto:   Oh, that's messed up.

Quinn:   Dale the chipmunk has felched himself into 'da Bigfoot! He's got himself all wedged inna Bigfoots bunghole, drivin' the forest creature berzerk!

Callisto:   Oh, that's just so messed up.

Quinn:   Blood sprays inna beautiful technicolor dream as the analy impaired Yeti gets postal on this Star Studded special event.

Callisto:   I can't believe you just said that.

Quinn:   As Yogi dislodges Chip and runs for his life once more, the scandalous sasquatch of the searing spincter bounces after the bolting bears...

Callisto:   I'm ringing the bell on this one, folks.




'Nuff Said!


Chip n Dale: 547

Yogi and BooBoo: 523




Quinn:   Berserk and blinded by burning bunghole blockage...

Callisto:   CUT!


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