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Ryoko VS. Supergirl VS. A-ko
With Special Guest Hosts Justicar and Mad Fox


The Grand Mall of Khazan has always been a Mecca for the thrifty, the socially delinquent and the plastic impaired. Now that the saber rattling of holiday shopping is over, time has begun for that instinctual drive to find those post-holiday mark-downs. Feel that aggressive / savage demeanor washing over you already, well thousands of shoppers have also. Can you think of a better place to find a battle of epic proportions? We thought not. We have it, straight from the mall cops, "Crap like this happens every year". Truer words have yet to be said, for as fate would have it, Alex Evenings, has announced an "outrageous liquidation sale". Roughly 10,000 women of all shapes and sizes stampeded upon the store. Three shapely figures emerged exactly at the same time and exactly at the same piece of evening apparel: Kara Zor-El, The Space Pirate Ryoko and A-ko Magami.

In a spirited effort to save millions of dollars in property damage, the Mall management, Khazan City officials and the Arena authorities have decided let the last one standing have the dress. The venue will be an abandoned city block which happens to be set for demolition. All the proceeds from the ticket sales will pay for the dress then go to charity. A 10 count KO or a 3 count pin is sufficient for elimination.

Ryoko:   Daughter / Creation of that ultimate weird science maven Washu. Ryoko is a nimble and fast flier, although she probably does not have the pure speed of Kara. Her strength and endurance are definitely unearthly. Her true advantages lie with her matter controlling powers: fuse with matter, phase through matter, blink and split herself into two selves. She does has very powerful energy blasts and can create an energy sword. Her energy is magical in nature because of its source. She also has the ability to summon and control evil spirits. She does have some exploitable weaknesses. She is not the brightest bulb on the tree and can be tricked. Her main power source is her gems, if she loses them she is considerably weaker. (Note to Ryoko fans. I am using the OAV version with 3 gems.) Ryoko info : Ryoko's Realm

Supergirl:   Kara Zor-El, cousin to Superman, she is the last survivor of Argo City. Argo City was blasted off the surface when Krypton went *BOOM*. Kara has powers similar to Supes, but less mental discipline. She is the speediest flier of the three. She has an excellent mix of strength, endurance and power. Her main weaknesses are: Kryptonite radiation poisoning, magic and mind games. (Note to Supergirl fans, I'm not using the Matrix Supergirl. That whole damn angel thing is too confusing. For those of you who know of Supergirl through the new TV series, Kara Im-Ze is essentially Kara Zor-El with a few minor changes.) Supergirl info: Earth Angel: The Legend of Supergirl

A-ko:   Eiko Magami hails from Graviton City and is the love child of Superman and Wonder Woman. Her lineage endows her with "pretty-damn-freakin-tossin-tanks-around" strength. Her agility is godlike. Her battlefield awareness is also a major factor. On the ground she is most likely the fastest and strongest. She has no flying ability, but she has improvised quite well in the past and can leap tall buildings in a single bound (though running straight through them is often more convenient). Her main weakness are: no flying and apparently no heat vision beams, she also doesn't posses the invulnerability of the others (though she can take lots of punishment). (Special note to A-ko fans she will NOT be fighting with her gauntlets on, ie. she will be fighting at max power). A-ko info: Graviton City: The Project A-ko Website

Join us now for a cat fight we had to call...

When Babes Attack!!


JUSTICAR:   Welcome all to the Lower West Side of Khazan. The fans lucky enough to win those special ringside bunker boxes have just wrapped up their tailgate parties and are filing in. The battle is almost ready to begin. Hello and I am Justicar.

MAD FOX:   Yes, everyone is getting safely tucked in. Yup, nice and cozy, a bug in a rug, all dressed up and no where to go, always a bridesmaid and never a bride... OW!! Don't kick me! Oh, yeah right, and I'm MadFox.

JUSTICAR:   Yes! Our lady combatants are moving out of their respective locker rooms and are walking onto the dias area. We'll now switch feeds to bring you Special Guest Side-Commentator...umm...Autolycus? Auto? What is Call-girl thinking? I don't know. I'm just the hired help.

MAD FOX:   Huh, Call-girl... oh Callisto. Clever, very dangerous, but clever. Yeah Callisto sure knows how to acquire that special work-release help. Wasn't he in for taking that prize from Aladdin a few fights back.

AUTOLYCUS:   Thanks guys, really. You sure know how to make a guy feel wanted. OK now... I just talk to people and get payed. What was I thinking all these years.... So Supergirl, your a good girl and I've been a bad boy. How about you take me back to your place where you can show me the advantages of a contrite life?

SUPERGIRL:   How about I just bend you over my knee and spank you right here... maybe later. Gotta fly...

AUTOLYCUS:   OK, next... A-ko. You're a red-head and not bashful, but a bit young. Here's my card, call me in a few years...

A-KO:   Ecchi!... whatever, Hentai. I'm leaving.

AUTOLYCUS:   Well... well... well... Miss Ryoko. I hear that you're devoted to a guy that doesn't appreciate your beauty. Why not come back to the dark side? I can make worth your while, in more ways than one.

RYOKO:   Interesting but...I'd break you like a twig and I don't need a murder wrap. So I'm afraid I'll have to decline. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some bitches to slap around.

JUSTICAR:   He hit on all three. What was the point of that? Anyways, on to the much ballyhooed and contentious Fan Commentary. I see three solid camps out there. Here's what they had to say...


Happy Hobbes writes:

Ryoko's got this in the bag . She'll pick up A-ko and bash her 1000 (times) on SuperGirl's head . Editor's Note - "Ahh, the elegance and beauty of simplicity."

Rockman Flare writes:

Ryoko has to win. She's sneaky, manipulative, she can fly, shoot energy blasts, use a lightsaber, shoot hair needles, teleport, and has a cool spaceship. Now, about her "weaknessess," the only way to actually remove her gems is with the master key of Jurai (Tenchi's sword), and ONLY those of Jurai royal blood can wield it, which means we'd have to keep Tenchi around. Also, she only has two gems right now, the third one is on Tenchi's sword. If she ever gets the third gem, she will be as powerful, if not more powerful, than Tsunami, Jurai's most powerful ship, and the most powerful ship in the universe. That means that she would be able to summon Light Hawk Wings which, if you know Tenchi Muyo, you know are pretty dang useful! She also has one last thing to her advantage: Tenchi. If either Supergirl or A-ko even TOUCH Tenchi, then things are gonna get bloody.

The idiot guy writes:

Hmmm I was just thinking that the "KO" is a project right with A-Ko being like the first experiment and B-Ko being the second experiment. Well that would make the next one C-ko and so on untill you ran out of letters then there would be like AA-Ko. . . Well following this to its logical end eventually you would get to RYO-Ko this would obviously be a radically advance experiment of the "KO" project, easily able to take out the earlier KO's. Er . . . and as far as Supergirl goes I beleive that the yellow sun of the earth simply multiplies the natural stupididy that her blond hair causes.I have to go with Project Ryo-Ko on this one.

Charge Man writes:

Uh-oh. Here comes the hurricane. We all remember the big quarrels that appeared during the Supes versus Thor thing and I predict that this will happen again, with all of the fans of anime and such. Well, I picked Supergirl just because I know her better. She'll kick more ass than an aggravated prospector going down the Grand Canyon.

Corwyn writes:

Ok guys Kara beat the stuffing out of the Anit Monitor Kara is a Kryptonian for Zor's sake Shes fast I mean FAST Shes stronger than just about anyone Invulverable, heat vison...and so on and so forth oh yeah by the way this is PRE CRISIS Krypotonian were talking lets see what can beat her... RET CON thats the only thing that did her In So my vote her is Kara unless of course she Fights John Bryne then my money is in coffin Shares

Chuckg writes:


OK, first off, let me say that this fight is gonna be bloody and short. I mean, Kara Zor-El is a Pre-Crisis Kryptonian. You know, before Crisis on Infinite Earths? That's back when Kryptonians could fly through exploding supernovas, juggle planets, and move ten times faster than the speed of light? "But Ryoko is magic!", you might say. "Kryptonians are vulnerable to magic!". Well, does anyone remember one of the Classic Supergirl's worst arch-enemies? June Moone, aka The Enchantress, aka "Pretty God-Damned Powerful City-Leveling Super-Sorceress?" Ummm, last time I checked the scoreboard it ran something like: Supergirl -- 42 Enchantress -- 0 Magic, schmagic. Kara has strategy. Heck, she was a smarter fighter than her cousin was... you know him, the big guy? So Ryoko goes down in ten minutes after some tricky sticks and moves. Oh, and A-ko? A-ko honey, meet your first cousin once removed. Then meet her fist. Then meet Mr. Sandman. Against the Maid of Might, the only 19-year old girl in history who could punch through moons with her bare hand, A-ko's gonna go down faster than Star Trek can discover a new subatomic particle.

Sterling writes:

Kara Zor-El. Nevermind that she'd look best in the dress. She's also the clear can-o-whoop@ss in the match. First of all, she kicked the Moon out of its orbit once. So she's plenty strong and all that. Second of all, anime characters' eyes are just too darn big and easy to poke out. And they have these tiny little button noses and pointy glass jaws. Their faces are just too easy to break. And check out the fists on Supergirl. The anime characters will get spanked like Jimmy Swaggart's monkey in a hotel room full of prostitutes.

Jeff"T-REX"Hayes writes:

Ryoko is the win to me because lets face it Anime babes are hot. Then there is the Kryptonite factor. If some sneaks any of that to Ryoko or Ako Kara aka Supergirl is toast. Supergirl is a cutiepie but The Girls Of Anime are always cuter. And on that note I bid you as Ned Flanders would say Byedaly dyedaly

Tenchi Masaki writes:

I think Ryoko will win, mainly 'cause she's so freaking powerful. Hell, her ability to split into two beings will enable her to take down A-ko and Kara simultaneously. Plus, if Ryoko's spaceship Ryo-Ohki is there in cabbit form, chances are likely that the others are gonna be too busy going "Awww, isn't it cuuute?" to pay much attention.

Silverzel writes:

Let me make 1 thing clear. Supergirl will win. Why? Because 80% of the voters know nothing about the other two contestants. Supergirl has her own comic in stores across America. To know A-ko or Ryoko you need to watch Japanese animation movies.So in the end, Supergirl will win not because 80% of the voters are Supergirl fans but because that 80% of the voters knew diddly about the other two girls.

Predator writes:

All I know is that if you're related to Superman, YOU'RE GONNA WIN!! (Unless you're facing an Asgardian god of course) Editor's Note - " That eliminates Ryoko, but what about Kara and A-ko?"

Eddie Filth writes:

my bet is going for A-ko,the ass kicking school girl.I'm not familiar with Ramma 1/2 but A-Ko seems the fastes and the witties.Seeing her jump on missels to get to the ship has gotta be the coolest thing I've seen so I'm going for A-ko.

Wolf_Leader writes:

Gotta go with supergirl. All she's gotta do is destroy Ryoko's gems and then she can destroy the competitors with impunity. Without the magic factor, she's invincible.

Skeearmon writes:

Man, you little skamps, have you learned nothing? Your visitors don't know *BLEEP* from shinola about Japanese Manga! Hell, Golgo 13 is a quiet, waste no time killer, but who won the assasination...Deadpool! Why? Because no one knew nothing about Manga! Half your letters asked who he was!!!!! ARRRRGGHHHH!!! Aw hell, I'm just bitter because I didn't recieve credit for my 'death of Leonardo DiCaprio' idea. Waitaminute! I did suggest that! I deserve honor and glory for my duty towards the Ameri...what? Who'd I pick? (need to focus here) Oh, that would be Ryoko. I don't like Supergirl since they took Kara out of her name (sorry, Mae...Linda, uh, whatever) and I don't see A-KO winning this fight. She'll probably be too busy rescuing C-KO as one of the other competitors accidently knock a girder towards that little magnet for disaster....As for Ryoko, well, too be honest I've haven't read No Need for Tenchi....see, your visitors don't know nothin' about manga! Hee hee! However, what I have heard is enough that she takes my pick. Besides I really like how she's almost exotic. Now, I'm gonna' have another mood swing, so you might want to step bac.....ALL YOU SONS OF .....****bzzzzzzttttt****...transmission error...

Reiersen writes:

Being an anime fan I would have to drop Super Girl off my list of choices leaving Ryoko and A-ko to duke it out. My opinion Ryoko has more power and skill than the other two combined. The way I see it Ryoko thinks the dress will help her win Tenchi, its not an important reason but its reason enough for Ryoko to fight the end. If things get to hot Tenchi will jump in with sword in hand(duck for cover)to decide the match. Just one thing it wouldnt be a fight without Ayeka...oh well.

Vanders writes:

A-ko has gotta win this one.

  1. She has far more in reserve - most of her powers have never been seen.
  2. Ryoko uses gems to get powers. A-ko has to wear them to SUPPRESS hers!
  3. With Superman for a dad and Wonder Woman for a mother, she must be at LEAST the equal of Supergirl.
  4. She's the only one not bothered about showing her panties off when she's in action.

Lumpenprole writes:

If it's really the original Earth-1 "Kara Zor-El" Supergirl, then no way the other two could beat her! Earth-1 Kryptonians were virtually the most powerful beings in the universe (equivalent to Daxamites in the current DC timeline). She's almost as strong as her cousin Kal-El, who could move the planet Earth when the need arose! Plus I never liked those freakishly large-eyed anime women anyway. Kara will win faster than you can burn pizza. P.S. Hooray to DC for semi-resurrecting the pre-Infinity Crisis universe in the current Kingdom Come miniseries!

Sunwright writes:

Supergirl. Why? All that pent up sexual energy. The other two have Tenchi and C-ko. Oh, come on. We all know Tenchi does all the girls and we all know C-ko does all the girls. Hmm, can I say that in Khazan? Supergirl has no one! All that budding sexual energy writhing to get released from that fit, lithe body. Oh, please! Just one touch... Urhm... Supergirl. Yeah. Supergirl.

The Cat writes:

Girl Power! This line up ain't half bad. Now we gotta chose the Queen Supreme of these gals? I say supergirl 'cause she's a blond and is the good girl. Look in your notes (Betty vs. Veronica) the magic of peroxide boost any gals fighting prowness. The others (natural hair color) girls don't stand a chance.

Andy the Anarchist writes:

I can't believe Supergirl is in the lead! C'mon, she's vurnerable to magic, and Ryoko has plenty of that, so Supergirl is out (besides, she's just a lame spinoff). I've never seen A-ko, but since she can't fly and isn't quite as tough as the other two, I didn't vote for her. In this super-powered cat fight, the top cat is gonna be Ryoko! Or at least, she should be!

WarpZone writes:

Okay. It's been my experience that A-ko has never lost a fight. Ryoko looses only if she's fighting a good guy. (Which A-ko and Supergirl both are.) And Supergirl... well, I only step in and out (I'm mostly into anime.) I've only seen the shapeshifter version... is that the one we're talking about? Anyway, any weird chemical, ray, or sound seems to cause her to melt helplessly. I think Ryoko's the most powerful but she'll probably make a stupid but humurous mistake, such as accepting food from C-ko. ^_^ That's just the kind of character she is.

Mr. Smiley writes:

As much of a Marvel Buff I am, I gotta say Supergirl. She's the only one that isn't Japanamation, and the only good things Japan sent us was Dragonball Z and Pokemon

Starbolt writes:

Are you serious? C'mon... A-Ko is the daughter of the two mightiest beings on this planet... She'd spank her cousin silly and make that insane space bitch cry like Sailor Moon breaking a nail... I, STARBOLT HAVE DECREED IT... (or something)

Joao Camilo writes:

First off, I don't like A-ko (because of that I almost didn't watch Ranma1/2). I'm a great fan of the Kingdom Come series, we all know that Batman will take care of a Son of Superman and Wonder Woman. So A-ko is crap. Second, I don't like female versions of superheroes, or young partners (I don't know which is worse). So Supergirl is crap too. So Ryoko will win, because I don't know her, so I don't find her a crap. Ok, Justy? Editor's Note - "Sounds good."

Chaos writes:

While Ryoko and Supergirl may have all those crazy special powers, its obvious that A-Ko will win simply because she's got red hair. And red hair beats blue and blonde any day. The other two girls are going to be mesmerized by A-Ko's hair that they'll give up the fight as soon as it starts, and beg to hang out with A-Ko. A-Ko of course will refuse to be seen with them and instead use her control over Ryoko and Supergirl to keep B-Ko occupied while she runs amok.

mina writes:

ako! ako! AKO!!!! God look at the competition, this Ryoko looks like a hedgehog, and by the time ako is done with super girl, shell have punched all the braincells that remain in her head, if ako can take on a super genuis like bko, shell have no problem out smarting the others with out much trouble, besides ako has been in four movies, what have the others accomplished to show up to this?

Robotech Master writes:

A-ko is the love child of Superman and Wonder Woman? I don't know much about A-ko, but from the pictures on your site, she looks like an anime character from Sailor Moon. Anyway I'll give the battle to RYOKO. Although Supergirl is strong, fast and has most of Supermans abilities, Ryokos capability to control matter, phase through matter, etc. will allow Ryoko to do some sneaky tricks. True, Ryoko is easily tricked, but remeber what Live Wire said about Supergirl: "Half the size, half the strength, and apparently, half the brains."

bart writes:

A-ko because she is the toughest. REMEMBER IN "THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN", when doomsday just punched her once and she was taken out of the fight. A-ko has also dealt with the unusual and the phenomenal. (remember when b-ko was possessed)

Karadek writes:

Anyone who's seen the anime knows A-ko's gonna win hands down. This girl doesn't register pain; she just keeps on coming. Talk not to me of speed; A-ko has it all. Mention not the invulnerability of SG; A-ko cannot be hurt. Flying? Who needs it when you can jump miles high and run up missiles and other projectiles? A-ko will take SG out, but not after a hard battle. Ryoko? She's nothing without Mama Washu, Tenchi, and the rest. I work there, and so I feel uniquely qualified to say she's gonna get spanked like a four-year-old at Kmart.

Sailor Xena writes:

This is A-Ko hands down, one doesn't need to fly when one can toss tanks like paper weights. A-Ko is by far stronger and faster then the other two; and she knows how to fight. Ryoko is only a threat as long as she holds those gems; and Super Girl will still have to to close to fight A-Ko.


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

JUSTICAR:   Now lastly taking the scene is Special Guest Referee, Jackie Chan. He will be solely responsible for pinfalls and count outs. I can think of none better to ref this death defying event. OK, Jackie is done explaining the rules.

MAD FOX:   A-ha! the bountiful beauties bounce boisterously into battle.

JUSTICAR:   Ryoko and Supergirl have taken flight high above the dilapitated rooftops of this shanty commercial district. A-ko is pensively watching from below.

MAD FOX:   Capitivating! The catfight careens cometward. Daringly the dogfighters dangerously dodge. Ecstatic... everyone's enthralled. The fantastic flight flashes fatally faster. Umm.. What letter comes after F.

JUSTICAR:   G !! Now just KISS it. Woah! There's action on the ground as A-ko has darted in a blur into a towering skyrise.

MAD FOX:   What is she doing in there? The rent's terrible... Oo! Its eviction time as A-ko's blur has just lept from the rooftop. You should never have signed that lease, the only way out is the suicide clause.

JUSTICAR:   No! Its daring manuever! A-ko has caught Ryoko and Kara totally by surprise. She's clotheslined them both as gravity and inertia play their hand. CRACK-A-BOOM! A-ko's pinned them in the crater! She's going for the quick win!

MAD FOX:   Yes! Body contact at last! Womanly flesh writhe in the dusty streets of downtown, Mr. Jackie C is in rushing for the pin count. 1! 2! ...

JUSTICAR:   No! Ryoko has phased into the ground! A-ko's off balance! Supergirl pushes her off! Lil' Supes is up!

MAD FOX:   A-ko looks REAL mad, REALLY mad. Hoho! She just rushed Supergirl. Oo.. oo...oo more womanly contact. Supes dodges and knees A-ko in the gut!

JUSTICAR:   Supergirl grabs the doubled over A-ko. They're talking. Lets go to the Chan-Cam to listen.

SUPERGIRL:    A-Ko... how is it that we've never met? Kal's never mentioned you, or Wonder Woman. I can't believe that he would two time Lois.

A-KO:   That's funny, he's never mentioned you or Lois. He never mentioned any of this, he has some serious explaining to do.

SUPERGIRL:   How about after this we both track him down for some answers.

[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

JUSTICAR:   Kara is spinning A-ko like a used up rag doll. Wait! There goes A-ko. Kara has just unceremoniusly hurled her into a condemned building... And the building is collapsing! Ow... That gotta hurt! Supergirl flies up to confront the reappeared Ryoko.

MAD FOX:   Wow, its a bonanza of Ryokos, even before the dust settles there's 2, 4 no... 5 separate Ryokos phasing about, taunting Supergirl. Ooo, whatever line that was it sure upset the Girl of Steel. Supergirl rushes with her always famous superspeed at one of the nearest Ryokos only to be slammed in the side by a crimson bolt of energy from another Ryoko as Ryoko Numero Uno phases out of SG's reach. What's in those bolts Justy? You're the walking anime data bank because whatever it was it singed SG's wingtips just a little - oooh! another bait and zap by Ryoko to poor Supergal.

JUSTICAR:   Supergirl's stunned by the blasts! She's reeling sideward. Ryoko has unified and has materialized her energy sword. Ryoko pounces on the opprotunity and thrusts her energy sword into the left leg of Kara.

Energy Sword:   ZZZAAISSSS!

JUSTICAR:   Kara stifles a scream but by the expression on her face she is hurt. To answer your question oh Mad One that's 100% Transdimensional Goddess-Energy.

MAD FOX:   Oh Hallelujah! The dead hath riseth from the stoney grave. A truly pissed off little redheaded demon of doom has just shrugged off a building's worth of rubble. She has proceeded to hurl some of the larger chunks into the sky at the arial slaughter. Ryoko and Supergirl must part company as choice automobiles from the nearby parking lot joins A-ko's barrage.

JUSTICAR:   Ryoko is definitely annoyed at the interuption. Ignoring the airborn flotsam Ryoko appears to be chanting. Woah Nellie! Spirits of the Evil Dead are heeding her call to action, hundreds of them. They're taking shape! They're catching the catapulted items and are redirecting them at A-ko and Supergirl. Its a hurricane! They're rearming themselves with the tailgaters barbecue items. Its a myriad whirlpool of destruction. Wait! Referee Chan has ruled that demon-summoning is clearly outside interference. Quickly lets check in with some sideline commentary. Auto... what's the situation?

AUTOLYCUS:   Let me say right now that we are all winners when women such as these bang each other around for pure entertainment purposes. As for the situation, I've never been fond of the undead... they suck. I'd give my right arm to see them gone.

MAD FOX:   Pop goes the weasel! or rather Ryoko. Phasing in behind A-ko, she scoops her up and uses her, almost cartoonlike, as a club bludgeoning Supergirl. Once, twice, three times. All I can say is ow, ow, ow. A-ko looks dazed. Supergirl zips around A-ko and blindingly rabbit punches Ryoko about 30 times in a blaze of super speed. Lets get the exact count in super-super-slow mo... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....

JUSTICAR:   CRACK! Supergirl just completed that flurry with major, devisating uppercut to Ryoko. The pure power of that knockback sends Ryoko through several crowd containment barriers. The crowd scatters! Supergirl brings the dazed A-ko to the ground. Jackie somersaults into position. He's giving quite a show himself. The count 1-2-3!!! A-KO IS OUT!!

MAD FOX:   34, 35, 38. HEY! Ryoko just burst out of the cheap seats, trying to blindside Supergirl once more, but for all her curves she has got a brain under those guilded locks. Ryoko's behind the back attack hasn't caught SG flat footed. Ryoko is caught in the face by Supergirls blazing heat rays.

JUSTICAR:   Ryoko's seared. She screams and warily phases out. Quickly she re-appears with a blast of her own, point blank!! The radiating beam of power impacts square on the sternum of Supergirl. Supergirl lets out a scream... breaking every pane of glass for blocks around. This time it is Supergirl who is sent flailing back, toppling several small buildings.

MAD FOX:   Supergirl didn't like that. She just took off.... and she's back, flashing by... back, gone.. zooming in and out.


MAD FOX:   Holy! That was a sonic boom. She's racing round gathering speed. Ryoko is trying to draw a bead. I've lost track. So has Ryoko! Wait! Slam! Body contact on a massive scale! Supergirl has just blindsided Ryoko from the front hitting her even before her image arrived, Justy has Supergirl come in FTL?

JUSTICAR:   Apparently so! That's Kryptonian Power!! Wait! Something's going on with Ryoko. She in a trance in the air, just sitting there. I think she's KO'd but she's still floating. Chan's waiting for a clarification of this before he starts counting. Supergirl, err that streak of energy is going in for the kill. There's an aura around Ryoko!! Here comes Kara... EXPLOSION! SHOCKWAVE! DESTRUCTION! Kara is down! Ryoko was playing possum. She used the Light Hawk Wings as a shield. She's going in for the pin! NO! CHAN IS DOWN TOO!

MAD FOX:   Well Justy, Supergirl may be down, but without Chan there's no count and Ryoko knows this! Ryoko has commanded several spirits to rouse Jackie! Boy, he'll get a shock when he wakes to those pretty mugs.

JUSTICAR:   There's good ol' JC, he gives the Chan-Cam the thumbs up!! Woah, quick recovery for Supergirl too! Ryoko can't believe it, she's insane with anger. Supergirl takes the initiative to lay another massive blow on Ryoko, Ryoko is dazed again. She is definitely hurt. THUD! A quick kick sends Ryoko into the side commentators box! QUICK GET THE DAMN ARIAL FEED!! Autolycus appears from the rubble and helps Ryoko to her feet and dusts her off.

AUTOLYCUS:   There ya go Ryoko, now go out there and win one for Momma.

MAD FOX:   Well, without pause Supergirl has rushed off. Our cameras are tracking her with some difficulty. It seems that she is gathering old satellites from orbit. She's hauling them down at Ryoko. Those babies are hot, really hot, too hot from just re-entry, Supergirl is throwing her heat beams into the mix and she is following them in for the kill.

JUSTICAR:   Ryoko staggers out and flies up. She doesn't look good. Something is definitely amiss. Her battle aura is diminished. Its too late to act, she's just noticing the fiery balls of molten metal arriving. She trying to re-power the Light Hawk Wings to no effect. Some realization has hit her face as do the exploding balls of plasma, supergirl behind shoving the exploding mess into a nearby power transformer. CRACK - SNAPPLE -POP AND KAAA-BANG! [ Pic ] [ Pic ]


'Nuff Said!


Super Girl: 416

Ryoko: 279

A-Ko: 189


MADFOX:   Mr Chan is struggling in on hands and knees to perform the count. That's one dedicated ref to go into that burning disaster, but there it is. A ten count in full, hah! Jackie is being lifted out by Supergirl. He hands her the package and he gives the crowd his classic thumbs up!

JUSTICAR:   **The background music of Patton is heard as the camera pans across the smoldering horizon** As I look across this barren wastleland of what was the Lower West Side of Khazan, I am pleased. The crowds have been satitiated for another week. A battle was waged, a war was fought. I now bid you all farewell, for MadFox and Autolycus - where the hell is he, anyways -

MAD FOX:   Oh, Autolycus. Oh, he skipped out just after her palmed those jewels of power off of Ryoko when he helped her up - Didn't you notice? You've got to be crazy not to have noticed...

JUSTICAR:   I should have known, but how? Without... he couldn't have. *sigh* Never question the King of Thieves. Auto is paste once Ryoko finds him. Anyway, I'm Justicar, signing off. Goodnight everybody. Pictures for this weeks big fight came from:

Ryoko's Realm.

Graviton City: The Project A-ko Website.

Earth Angel: The Legend of Supergirl.


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