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RYU and KEN En Garde! SCORP-n-SUBS



The Arena of Khazan in proud to present the Martial Arts match-up of the year: the worlds foremost Streetfighters vs. two of the worlds most dangerous Mortal Kombatants.

Spills and Chills abound as the Arena itself becomes part of the show, sporting traps and tricks which could easily ensnare the unwary adversary... Or perhaps even be used to a clever fighter's advantage.

And remember to bring the kids because Friday is Big Plastic Cup night at the Arena! That's right, children 12 and under get a Big Plastic Cup with any medium soft drink purchase. So come on down, stuff your face with those great Arena-Dogs and enjoy the blood sport you've all become jaded and de-sensitized to! It'll be a hoot!

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

With Two You Get Eggroll

This fight was suggested by Akuma Daimyo.


PAT:  LIVE! From the Inter-Dimensionally Famous Arena of Khazan, we have quite a match-up for you today! Hello and Welcome... I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:  And I'm Jay Peoples. Today we have a martial arts match-up that promises to be quite a spectacle. The Arena Engineers have really gone overboard on this one.

PAT:  Indeed. Look at that set-up, folks. It looks like the contest floor from American Gladiators remodeled by Clive Barker.

JAY:   Traps and obstacles of every variety abound out there. I guess it wasn't just enough our contestants today fight each other... they had to be dodging and leaping for their lives at every turn as well.

PAT:  Jay, speaking of our contestant... I think the question on everyone's mind is "Scorpion and Sub-Zero... can they pull off the teamwork?"

JAY:   Pat, I think this is a very fragile thing we have going here... as I understand it Sub-Zero and Scorpion did manage to patch up their differences ...

PAT:   Indeed they did, Jay. They did patch-up their differences. However, what we have before us is a Sub-Zero and a Scorpion picked up from earlier in the time-stream... Mortal Kombat 1, to be exact.

JAY:  Yes, and we have a Ryu and Ken picked from earlier in the time stream as well... Street Fighter 1. But, to get back to the original question... Why are these early incarnations of Scorpion and Sub-Zero working together.

PAT:   Well, rumor has it Shao Khan owed the Arena's judge Callisto a favor, and he managed to pull a couple of strings... We don't have all the details. Suffice it to say they gave their word they would refrain from killing each other.

JAY:   And I guess that's good enough. And look at that crowd... not an empty seat for this sold out stadium event. Now let's get in among the people for some response on this week's match...


Favorite letter of the Week

Mordenflagg writes:

Oh come ON. "Big Trouble in Little Khazan"? And there's no Jack Burton?

Burton would come in and whip-up on these four jackasses thanks to a little something special slipped into his coffee at a truckstop just outside town. He took down Raiden under Little China, so I figure he could walk all over the Mortal Kombat posers, and he'd just -shoot- Ryu and Ken.

Editors Note: Yea Verily we say unto you... All Hail Jack Burton! The most Ass-Kicking Truck driver in the 50 states

The Sandman writes:

Ryu and Ken will kick Scorpion and Subzero's asses. Ken and Ryu have trained together and know each other's moves and what they think. Subzero and Scorpion, according to the first MK game, are enemies wouldn't be able to work together if they were the last two warriors in the world. I see Ken and Ryu winning. Scorpion and Subzero will probably turn on each other.

SoniCrash writes:

Ryu & Ken should win because of one word. teamwork. They're best friends. the others are are always trying to kill each other. Ryu & Ken are always together which will lead to their victory. Also, they're probably still ticked that Chin-Li lost to Sonya & Orchid so they want revenge! Ryu &Ken all the way!!!

Jeff"T-REX"Hayes writes:

Ryu and Ken are da bomb baby. Nobody, I repeat Nobody, holds a candle to them except maybe Ash (of The Evil Dead movies) or maybe Rambo!

Slob Zero or Scorppy can not beat my boys Ryu and Ken. No way pal. Or, as My man Ash would say, they're in charge of only two things: Jack And Crap... and Jack just left town. 'NUFF SAID!

Moogle writes:

This is gonna be tricky. Although I think all four fighters are capable of handing out some major damage in their own right, Ryu & Ken form a partnership (ref: SF The Anime) whereas the original Sub Zero and Scorpion are "deadliest of enemies", forced to work together.

As for powers and skills, both the MK boys have the facility to paralyze their opponents from a distance, but the SF crew have the non-inconsiderable ability to kick heads in at the drop of a hat with all sorts of ridicu-moves like fireballs and whirlwind kicks, and even dragon punch-type tomfoolery.

The big disadvantage facing the MK ninjas is the fact that not only are they A) enemies, but they're also B) bad guys, and as we know, bad guys never get around to killing the good guys (which Ryu and Ken arguably are), preferring instead to gloat, strut, fight amongst themselves, boast, reveal their Secret Master Plan or a combination of the above.

While they're doing this, I think Ryu and Ken could just sneak a victory from the jaws of defeat. Good guys aren't concerned with being interesting, just winning. Feh.

XXUTAK the Unconquerable, Lord on high of all Werkon writes:

The battle goes to Scorpion and Sub-Zero, definitely. I mean, what can Ken and Ryu do??? I admit, I like Mortal Kombat more than Street Fighter, but even on terms of sheer POWER (Fatalities and freezing moves come to mind], it has to go to the Kombatants.

Fire-Pig writes:

The main problem here is going to be each team trying to get along with each other. Ryu and Ken have known each other for the best part of their lives and will always have arguments but I don't think they actually HATE each other. Scorpion and Sub-Zero on the other hand now they hate each other. For a start Sub-zero killed his team-mate when he was mortal. On top of this they have had numerous encounters in the Mortal Kombat tournament. However when each respective party does manage to get along the effects are devastating.

As witnessed in the utterly poor Street-Fighter movie and the not quite as poor Anime, Ken and Ryu have an almost telepathic understanding of each others styles this is probably due to them being trained together from infancy, they pull off nice combos and are great at double-teaming. The MK pair are individually hard as frag but it is hard to tell how they operate together they didn't do too good a job in the film against an altogether weaker opposition.

If it is a question of fire-power then I have to go with the MK pairing their special moves are far more effective and designed to kill outright. The SF boys are only for show and would be of much use if they were on fire or frozen to the spot. I can't pick really so I'll put it down to the computer games. SF is undoubtedly a better game but it doesn't have the gore and fatalities. But it went too far with the animalities etc.....ARRRRRGGHHHHHH I CAN'T DECIDE!!!! scorpion and sub-zero???

Celeste writes:

Ken and Ryu all the way!!! I mean, Scorpion was creamed in the first Mortal Kombat Movie by Johnny Cage!! Not to mention that Runt Liu Kang kicked Sub Zero's A$$!! Ryu and Ken have, and never will as far as I'm concerned will always be number one. And not to mention that Sub Zero and Scorpion get points knocked for being in such a bad game as Mortal Combat. Ryu and Ken forever!!!!!

Superfan writes:

This is a tough one to call, but I've gotta go with Ken and Ryu for a couple of semi-obvious reasons:

First and foremost is teamwork. Ken and Ryu may have taken different routes to becoming World Hero's, (Any ninja's lurking in the shadows claiming that title, please raise your hand. Uh huh. That's what I thought.) but team haduken not only went through basic training together, but nicely teamed up to deal with Vega (Superfan is very insistent that you use the true and original name of the head of Shadaloo.) The only time I've seen Subbers and the Dead Guy(tm) work together was when they were being controlled by Shang-Tsung. With that one exception, they've been pretty consistently trying to disembowel each other since they first met.

Second, the entire point of being a ninja is to sneak up on an opponent, preferably when he is asleep, and strike when his victim isn't watching. Looking at the resumes of the two ninjas in question, they've always ended up in a prolonged, flashy, fistfight, which is the domain and province of team Streetfighter. This paints the masked pair as misfits and failures in fields they claim to 'master'. Ken and Ryu obviously know the fight is going down, and will see the ninjas coming. Kiss the stealth and shadow approach byedy-bye, ninja boys.

Third, the Fatalities prove nothing about the ability of ninjas, it just shows they have a nasty little sadistic streak. Anybody can kick a guy when he's down. A ninja ripping somebody's spine out when he's already beaten has all the challenge of tying a blind quadruple amputee to a wheelchair and pushing him off a cliff. Bad taste, dudes, bad taste.

Lastly, and most importantly, Ken and Ryu get to associate with Chun-li, the Queen of all Cute Chicks, Mistress of the Spinning Bird Kick, she who has the best and bounciest pixels in all video-gamedom. Ken and Ryu will swat away the ninjas just to secure their right to watch the strongest woman in the world do that cute little victory hop we all know and love.

Break out the bodybags, Sub-Zero and Scorpion are going to be torn to pieces. Again.

A.o.D. writes:

One the one hand, you have two ninjas endowed with supernatural abilities. One is undead and wields a wicked spear, the other is a master of ice. Both possess the ability to sprint quickly, produce a blistering sequence of (albeit static) attacks, have a mean uppercut.

On the other hand, you have two fighters that have been in more games than most rednecks can count, they have super moves which beat other moves and do a -lot- of damage, and can parry the MKers moves for no damage and gain super meter from doing so. In addition, SFers combo from just about anywhere, being able to chain from normal moves to special moves, with the possibility of tacking on a super at the end. Painful, to say the least.

Frankly, the only way I see Scorp and Sub winning is if Ryu and Ken start beating them up -too- severely and Akuma makes an appearance and opens up a can of major Whoop-ass on everyone present.

Atomic Skull writes:

Ryu and Ken have the advantage in that there are moth Anime characters, and operate at Anime power levels.

Scorpion and Sub Zero are nothing more than an actor (same guy for both characters) in a cheesy costume.. I mean, I've seen better costumes at science fiction conventions!

Grifter writes:

Both Ken and Ryu can only throw fireballs and do a couple of lame ass moves while Sub-Zero can freeze whatever he wants and them breaks then in two and Scorpion is an undead dude that keeps coming and coming and coming. Plus Scorpion is from Hell, so fire shouldn't be a problem. Plus Sub and Scorpion and both ninjas compared to Ryu and Ken...

The Bunyip writes:

There won't BE a fight between these groups. Ken and Ryu are relatively friendly towards each other, while Scorpion and Sub-Zero are mortal enemies! Ken and Ryu will show up late for the fight (Ken was getting a tan), only to find that their opponents have forfeited because they'd rather kill each other....

Time-Lost Girl writes:

I don't like video games much, especially the fighting one, but I'm putting my quarters on Ryu and Ken for two reasons.

  1. It's gotta be really difficult for the Mortal Kombat guys to fight with gas masks on.
  2. That blonde guy's kinda cute. Yum!

Gavok writes:

Fact 1: In Street Fighter 3, Ryu and Ken's biggest threat is Gil, a tall, muscular, blond, Russian guy who isn't wearing much.

Fact 2: Rocky Balboa defeated a tall, muscular, blond, Russian guy who wasn't wearing much.

Fact 3: Scorpion and Sub-Zero each can easily kick Rocky's ass.

Conclusion: Ninjas win due to odd logic. :)

Sailor Xena writes:

I'll agree that the duo of Scorpion/Subzero are stronger than Ken/Ryu; but there is one factor that will give them the win, team work. Ken and Ryu are friends and have trained under the same teacher. On the other hand Scorpion and Subzero, being from opposing clans, hate each others guts. Expect the tandem of Scorpion/Subzero to turn on each other at the earliest convenience.

Shao Khan writes:

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! There is no way in hell that a pair of pajama wearing boyfriends are going to beat two of the most powerful fighters in The Mortal Kombat Tournament. I mean, what do ken and Ryu have that kan kompare the powers of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Fireballs? Sub will put them out, and Scorp has fire balls of his own. Besides, in that sissy little street fighter tournament, you fight to knockout. In My Mortal Kombat Tournament we fight to the death. My boys will rip the heads off your little Nancy boys. They have the speed, the strength, the agility, and the killer instinct to surpass anything those little girls throw at them Lastly Ken and Ryu are studyers of that sissy little karate. S&S are Lin Kuei ninjas, they study one of the deadliest arts in the world, they are trained assassins. No contest.

General George S. Patton writes:

It's true, Scorpion and SubZero are just punching bags to rip through on your way to the top. Ken and Ryu ARE the top!

Ding! Round one...FIGHT!! BAMBAMBAM! Smack! Ouch! Hey! Leggo! Wham! Crunch! YAaah!! What are you doing with that chicken?!?! EEEK! Boom! Thud! Crunch!

Fight over, thirty seconds into first round. Ken and Ryu are wondering whether to order a pizza or just get burgers.

Scorpion is trying to find his jaw, and SubZero is trying to figure out how to remove the chicken without doing any permanent damage to himself.


I like both teams of combatants, but I think Sub-Zero and Scorpion will win. Sub-Zero and Scorpion ARE NOT stepping stones. They are assassins who are not afraid to KILL the opposition Sub Zero and Scorpion have actually been the key to winning some of the tournaments or at least had a hand in bringing down the bad guys. (You will know this if you beat the game with them.)

Ken and Ryu are cool and I like them, but Scorpion and Sub-Zero will kill them both D-E-A-D. Maybe if they fight well they will be spared.

Concerning teamwork: Good ol Sub-Zero and Scorpion have settled their differences. The original Sub-Zero is dead and now Scorpion protects the original Sub-Zero's little brother. In any case Sub-Zero AND scorpion have worked together too. (See their endings for MK4 supposedly they team up to kill Quan-Chi.)

Ares Wannabe writes:

Here's my take on the fight:

Ken comes out ahead of Ryu, and the Death twins follow. Ken struts around like a peacock while Ryu is stuck meditating somewhere.

Ken tries to take them both on, (due to his extreme ego) and gets in quite a few blows before Sub Zero and Scorpion take him out (unconscious of course). Subby and Scorp think they win 'cause Ryu was a no show, but he comes out with his Sinkuu Hadoken and Zero's defrosted. Scorpion, is, unfortunately still "alive" and those two duke it out. Ken miraculously wakes up, and in a tag team super, and Scorpion's a little stain on the stadium floor. But Ken and Ryu suddenly get in a fight, and Ken tries to take all the glory so he challenges the all powerful Ryu. Then, there is not only Scorpion and Sub Zero goo on the carpet, but Ken's as well.

And the whole stadium crowd bows. "Hail RYU!"

kolemsai writes:

First of all, which Sub-Zero?

Actually, it doesn't matter, because Ryu and Ken will win. Why you ask? Well, let me explain.

First, Sub-Zero and Scorpion are bitter enemies, and they will be fighting among themselves more then they will be fighting Ryu & Ken.

Second, Scorpion and Subbie are always being defeated by Liu Kang or Johnny Cage (one of the crappiest characters of all) how are they gonna take 2 of the strongest fighters in the world.

Third, Subbie and Scorpion have no "team" experience, they are always fighting by themselves, and they can't function together unlike Ryu & Ken who have grown up and fought together.

And lastly, Ryu is the greatest fighter in all of existence, nobody has defeated him, and Ken has only lost once, to RYU!!! I think that says enough.

acelin writes:

Power levels and attacks notwithstanding, most martial arts video battles are matters of style over substance. With Ryu and Ken, you get the style that only years of tradition can bring. With Scorp and get lookalike spandex clones. And besides... SF = Great Anime! While MK = cheesy live action movies with people like Christopher Lambert. Choke.

Pyromaniagirl writes:

Subbie and Scorps have gotta win. They've been up against more brutal competition than Ken and Ryu could ever dream of. I'd love to see the two Street Fighters try and take out Shao Kahn, or Rayden, or Liu Kang. Ha, they'd be dogmeat. And Ryu and Ken aren't brutal enough-Scorps doesn't even have a soul, he's not gonna make any qualms about ripping their heads off, or frying their asses to hell. He's also got that neat little spear hook that will get them a one way ticket to Uppercut City. Sub-Zero has the power of ice, so all this bad boy needs is one clear shot and there's a nice ice ball in their face. He can ice the floor, too, and I personally will laugh my ass off when Ryu comes sliding right into Sub's uppercut. What have Ryu and Ken got, compared to this, the puny mortals?

Achin' Dave writes:

Street Fighter 1, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Hyperfight, Street Fighter 2 Championship, X-men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Street Fighter, Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter 3 Second Impact, Street Fighter the Movie, Street Fighter the T-shirt, Street Fighter the luchbox AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! I'm sick of em. Guile, Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Bison, the whole lot of them can just go AWAY! (Plus I thought Mortal Kombat was a much sillier movie, right up until the end of Street Fighter, where they all strike that contrived game pose.)

Bring on the Fatalities. I wanna see Sub-Zero rip Ken's head from his shoulders and beat Ryu to death with it!

Hydra writes:

Despite the Cool looking outfits, I give this one to Ken and Ryu. If you've seen the ANIMATED movie(shame on you if you haven't!) you'd realize that that this team can take a hell of a lot of punishment. Of course if I had my way JAGO and FULGORE show up unexpectedly and kick both their a$$e$.

Tevor the Third writes:

No contest, it comes down to a couple of street punks, versus ninja masters with supernatural powers. As soon as Sub-Zero turns his freezing powers loose it's a gameover, with only a couple of Ryu and Ken Ice sculptures waiting to be shattered, or just melted by Scorpions lethal breath.

After wards Scorpion will be signing autographs, and Sub-Zero will filling those big plastic cups with ice for the crowd.

Winners:- Sub-Zero, Scorpion 26 seconds.

Daki Warrior writes:

This is a tough one. But I have to go with Ken and Ryu. They simply have more techniques at their disposal. Ken and Ryu both have mastery of the Fireball technique. That alone negates the Ice Blast of Sub Zero and Scorpion's Grappling hook. Scorpion has his Warp technique...but so did Bison and Ryu was able to defeat him. Granted, Scorpion and Sub-Zero are more brutal in their attacks, but that point is moot since their attacks are focused around a general idea. Ryu and Ken are both well-rounded fighters who have faced nearly all styles of fighting. they can adapt to the situation they are placed in. It will be a close match, but skill and technique will win out.

Shylock writes:

I played the games, watched both the movies, and seen the cartoon movies (sad huh?) and in the end, Street Fighter is far superior, except for that X-men crap. Mortal Kombat is overrated, it's like a suped-up Pitt Fighter and the fourth one is the biggest piece of shit in the world. Ryu and Ken have style while Scorpion and Subzero are just cheap. We all know, its all about style.

Doc Holliday writes:

Lets look at the backgrounds of the combatants first: Ryu, best of the SF'ers, and perennial champ. Ken is virtually his equally, a little weaker, but much faster. On the other side you have Scorpion and Sub Zero. They're not even the best fighters in their own game.

Now the 2 Ninjas can shoot a spear and ice. But remember SF's can block ANYTHING simply by tapping back on the joystick. Ryu and Ken have taken the mighty blow of Hulk, the head crush of Juggernaut, the firepower of Apocalypse, and the onslaught of Onslaught. (see Marvel vs. Capcom) Sure, the MK's have fatalities, but lets not forget they have to WIN first before they can use the. The SF's have Super Hyper combos which would blow away the unsuspecting Mk Ninjas. Ryu and Ken in a landslide. Bring on Liu Kang and Johnny Cage.

George Stark writes:

Ryu and Ken's Big Move is grunting unintelligibly and doing a fruity kick that looks as if it was borrowed from a Rockettes routine. Scorpion's Big Move is spearing his adversary through the throat and dragging the hapless sap over for further punishment. Ryu and Ken celebrate victory by pumping their fists in the air. Scorpion and Sub-Zero celebrate by eviscerating their opponents. Do I even need to say it?

sinsecticide writes:

Well this is the way I see it... both teams have devastating fireball type moves, so I'd say that the regular spear/ice ball/hadouken moves will have little or no effect in this battle because both are familiar with them. Unfortunately for scorps and sub zero, Ryu and ken have their supers (ryu's is a 10 - 12' high beam of energy that can hit an opponent 25 times or more in a few seconds.) The MK pair has never seen such an attack and therefore will be unprepared. The teamwork factor is also a big issue... In MK, scorps and sub zero were mortal enemies, while Ken and Ryu actually teamed up in the past three SF crossover games. They have more teamwork experience. This isn't gonna be too fair, Ryu VS Subby - Ken VS Scorps that's how I see this fight breaking down...with subby dead first leaving Ryu and Ken to finish the undead dude off in a blazing double super combo finish.

Lurch writes:

Ryu and Ken are rivals, but good friends who can team up when trouble comes knocking. Sub-Zero and Scorpion are mortal enemies. Sub-Zero killed Scorpion before the first MK. Sub-Zero would fight Scorpion to the death whilst Ryu and Ken just scratched there heads. when the fight was done, the street fighters simply hurl energy bolts at the survivor till he drops.


JAY:   Pat, our contestants are staring at each other from either side of the Arena... Callisto, strides out onto the Judges Balcony and motions for the games to begin...

PAT:   Sub-Zero and Scorpion immediately break either right or left, moving into the trap filled interior of the arena...

JAY:   Ken and Ryu see the split ... but choose not to follow suit! They move as a team towards Sub-Zero... perhaps believing him to be the most dangerous.

PAT:   Sub-Zero, in range, tries to put the freeze on Ken...

JAY:  WAIT!! With the first pulse of combat, the Arena's trap laden interior comes to life! Buzzsaws, distracting flashing lights, uneven moving ground areas... the whole bit!

PAT:   Ken moves into a classic block... dissipating the Ice...

JAY:   Ryu and Ken return fire with energy balls... Sub-Zero leaps to the side...

PAT:   Into the path of several onrushing sword blades... He dives...

JAY:   ..Teleporting in behind Ken & Ryu.. look!

PAT:   Scorpion releases his hook rope, nabbing Ken right in the back!

SCORPION:   Get Over Here!

JAY:   Ken is drawn into upper cut distance... stunned...

PAT:  Leaping over Ken's blond head... it's Ryu! Leg extended...Foot out... Solid jump kick right into Scorpion's Yellow mask!

JAY:   Scorpion Rolls... Ryu Rolls....

PAT:  Ken turns to get in on the action...and...

JAY:  ...and turns blue? Wait, it's Sub-Zero whose pulled off the Freeze.... sporting several nice gashes from the sword trap earlier...

PAT:  Scorpion and Ryu come up off the ground... Ryu is marginally faster...


JAY:   What a blow! Scorpion catches air... flying right into...

PAT:   The path of an oncoming buzzsaw, Jay. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

JAY:   Well Pat, Scorpion may be un-killable, but without any legs he's not very useful.

PAT:   Sub-Zero rushes in to get a blow on Ken before he unfreezes...

JAY:   Sub-zero starts to fall! The ground is giving way to a pit!

PAT:  Sub-Zero's reflexes are way to fast! He immediately leaps into a high air summersault...

JAY:  Giving Ken the opportunity to unfreeze...

PAT:  Sub-Zero touches ground into a crouch right in front of Ken...

JAY:  Ken is going to try and pull off the Whirlwind Kick!!

PAT:  Jay, the move requires too much set-up... Sub-Zero easily counters with a leg sweep... Ken hits ground...

JAY:   Giving Ryu a clear shot to drop an energy ball into Sub-Zero's face...

PAT:   Ken, fast rebound from the sweep, now has the split second to pull off the kick...


'Nuff Said!


Scorpion & Sub-Zero: 305

Ken and Ryu: 306


PAT:   Sub-Zero is knocked flying back...

JAY:   Right into Ryu who has a big ol' Hadoken punch waiting for him. This fight is over, folks.

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