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Rooftop Rumble
[ Nightwing ] [En Guarde] [ DareDevil ]
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Nightwing vs. Daredevil
Fight Suggested By: Peter , Beetle Bomb , SoniCrash , Mr. Poopie Pants , Zisteau , KCN , Viper , L. P. III , Sage of Halo and everybody, I think.


The Arena of Khazan presents an evening bout which is sure to delight and thrill. The entire Arena pit has been transformed into a rats maze of scaffolding, raised platforms and dizzying catwalks. Into this environment will walk two of the greatest acrobats and fighters to ever raise a fist against crime.

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. Blinded by an accident involving toxic wastes, trial lawyer Matt Murdock was left with his remaining senses heightened to superhuman levels. Training constantly to be the best martial artist and acrobat in the crime infested cesspool of New York, by night Daredevil brings criminals to jail, and by day he brings them to justice in the courts.

Nightwing: Legacy of the Bat. At some point during his crimefighting career as Robin, Dick Grayson grew-up and became a man. His apprenticeship over, the long-time Robin, now Nightwing, began a solo career of urban renewal in Gotham City and neighboring Bludhaven. Nightwing has perfected his own style of martial arts, along with the height of gymnastic perfection. Complimented by high-tech devices, Dick Grayson has been a one-man war on crime for as long as he can remember.

So, bring the kids and your night-vision goggles, 'cause these two predators only come out at night.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Dueling Swinglines


PAT:   Folks, we have quite a match for you this evening. Two of the most amazing acrobats and fighters ever to raise a blunt object against the ugly face of crime will be in the Arena pit tonight for a spectacular evening exhibition. Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. Well, what can I say that Pat hasn't? We're in store for some amazing moves and fighting technique, tonight. The Khazan bookies don't even know how to call the betting odds on this one, it's so close.

PAT:   Well, without further ado, lets open up the mailbag and get the opinions from the audience at home.


Favorite letter of the Week

The Cat writes:

Spandex, spandex and more Spandex! For the love of Spandex. Now, as much as I love spandex it depends on the guy wearing it. Lets see who are the two most likeliest to be the two spandex wearers. Nightwing- Chris O'Dondnel. Daredevil- Matt Damon (he has expressed interest in being DD). Okay, lets count to ten and think. MATT DAMON. I'm DC fan but the idea of Matt in spandex showing off what he's got just makes me itch to press the button labeled Daredevil. Sorry Nightwing, maybe if you cut your hair a little and stopped being the little sidekick I might rank you higher on the babe-factor but till then hell Darey. How's about a victory celebration?

Den Kirk Jnr writes:

Daredevil has got the edge on Nightwing. Not only is he a better fighter, but he is the one in his prime. You knock DD down, expect him to come striaght back up and at you! Nightwing is young, and yeah yeah, I know he was the first Robin and all, running around rooftops in his little green nickers, but he's going be picking his teeth out of the back of his mouth for a week after this punch-up!! Bludhaven's nothing compared to Hell's Kitchen away - it's just full of two bit losers and queers.

Captain Freedom writes:

Dang! This IS a hard one, isn't it? Neither hero really has a clear-cut edge in terms of athleticism or agility. They both seem to be roughly the same in terms of strength and speed. They were both trained by one of, if not the, most skilled martial artist in the world (well, different worlds in this case). They both have unusual family backgrounds that relate to their athletic prowess (Dick was a circus performer, Matt grew up around professional fighters). They both have a lot of good, solid experience. Nightwing has a slight edge in training. After all, he was the number one protege of the most obssessive crime-fighter in comics. His training was, undoubtedly, much broader in scope that DD's. OTOH, a lot of that training was in non-combat related skills and techniques. DD's training was less intense, but concentrated entirely on combat ans stealth techniques. In a fight, Dick's detective, disguise and computer skills aren't going to be a major factor. DD has the major edge of this fight in terms of his hypersenses (although this could be a problem if Dick is fully prepared). We've seen in the past that, using his senses, DD is able to easily block multiple projectiles and even gunshots with his billy club. Using his senses to analyze an opponents heartrate and body language, he can accurately predict where and how they will strike and easily tell a feint from a genuine attack. Stealth is effectively useless against him. All in all, this should be as close a fight as Superman/Thor or Batman/Captain America. But I'm gonna give it to DD by a thin margin.

Chuckg writes:

Agh! NO! NO! Not again! Not another vote for the accursed !@#%!%^$^!% Marvel Zombies to mindlessly pack! Please, hasn't the cause of Truth And Justice suffered enough? Was it not bad enough that the Generation-X brats were allowed to mob Young Justice? Was it not enough to allow Captain America to defeat Batman? (OK, OK, that one is at least actually plausible...). Above all else, was not the absolute travesty of "X-Men vs. JLA" enough to inflict upon one long-suffering universe? Guess not. So, now it's time for the Mindless Marvel Voting Stampede to inflict fresh tortures anew upon us Wing Nuts, isn't it? AAAGGGGH! Nightwing should, must, and in any rational universe WILL triumph! Sadly, this is not a rational universe. Yet still I nobly continue my battle against the Hordes Of Marvel Zombiedom, armed with Truth and Reason as my mighty weapons. Here's a fresh dose of 'em both. MARTIAL ARTS -- Matt Murdock has Stick's training over a period of some months and intensive training in the non-mystic martial arts and boxing for years on end, but Nightwing has had the Batman's training for practically his entire life. One may safely assume that they both have a very thorough grounding in the basic moves of a dozen different combat forms each (minimum) and intensive training in some of the more exotic disciplines... but Nightwing had the best teacher available to him for lots longer than Daredevil did. So Nightwing should have an edge here. Nobody can give a genuine all-around includes-everything-from-street-fighting-up-through-to-the-Whispering-Hand course of martial arts instruction like the Batman can, except for Lady Shiva Woosan. (who doesn't apply here.)Advantage -- Nightwing. ACROBATIC ABILITY -- Dick Grayson was one of his world's best acrobats (the "Flying Graysons" seemed to be quite preeminent in their field, and Dick was one of the only three people on Earth who could do the quadruple somersault) before he ever went near the Batman. Dick Grayson was a world-leading acrobat when he was only eight. The Bat-editorial office is quite adamant that as far as pure acrobatics go, Dick walks all over Bruce Wayne let alone anyone else. Daredevil, on the other hand, is a skilled gymnast but is not hailed as the acrobat king over there in Marvel. Advantage -- Nightwing. SENSORY CAPACITY -- Nightwing has excellently trained perceptions and starlite lenses in the goggles. Daredevil can hear a human heartbeat a hundred feet away, continuously "radar sense" all solid objects in a 360-sphere and track by scent across city blocks. Advantage -- Daredevil (but see below) EQUIPMENT/WEAPONS -- Daredevil has his billy club, his grappling line, and whatever he can throw. Nightwing has what you could expect from anyone whose home address is or was the Batcave... that is to say, everything but the kitchen sink. Advantage -- Nightwing, by a large margin. COMBAT EXPERIENCE/TACTICAL ABILITY -- both of these guys have fought thousands of opponents in every kind of fistfight situation imaginable, from normal thug to huge hulking goon (Kingpin, Blockbuster) to ultra-juiced cyber-killers to mutated monsters to God knows what. They've fought on rooftops, mountainsides, city streets, alleys, sewer tunnels, you name it. As far as hand-to-hand melee goes, there isn't hardly anything either of these guys hasn't experienced before at least once. But while the stuff listed above is about just the limit of Daredevil's experience, it doesn't even begin to touch Nightwing's range of experience. Nightwing isn't just the Knight of Bludhaven, he is also the leader of the Titans and the former leader of the Teen Titans. He's led major-league superhero teams up against gods, demons, alien invasions, other dimensions, and everything in between. Nightwing's been to more places, seen more weird things, and been The Man With The Plan in more world-class crisis situations than any Marvel martial artist save Captain America himself. Advantage -- Nightwing, by a mile. WILLPOWER -- you want either of these guys to stop coming at you, shoot him. With an artillery barrage. Twice. That's about the only way you're going to do it. Advantage -- even. So my take on the fight is that Daredevil gives Nightwing one of his world-class fights, but Nightwing despite taking early damage) is keeping up the whole way... and then Nightwing figures out that Daredevil is blind. And then he figures that the man has hyper-developed his senses to compensate. (He's Batman's greatest student, he can deduce this. He can out-deduce Sherlock Holmes.) And then Nightwing switches over to sensory overload attacks, re: stink bombs, noisemakers, flash-bangs,etc. And then Daredevil goes down. NIGHT-WING! NIGHT-WING! NIGHT-WING!

Robert writes:

Daredevil's got this one in the bag. He's fought the MU's best martial artists to total standstills (Captain America in Daredevil#43 and Iron Fist in Daredevil#178 just to give a few examples). Anybody who's read a good sum of Daredevil appearences knows that DD is at the very least Dick's equal in acrobatic ability. Daredevil's senses allow him precision pressure point hits as we've seen him utilize a thousand times. And yes Jay, Nightwing is an imitation of the Frank Miller Daredevil. Sure, Dick's been around longer as Robin, but in his current Bludhaven Nightwing incarnation, he's been around for much less, and it's obvious how much his current incarnation is similar to Daredevil.

Megatron writes:

Weeeeeell, I'm going with hornhead on this one. Okay, Nightwing was trained by Batman and has high-tech goodies to help him out, but Daredevil,in my opinion, is the superior fighter. He was trained by Stick and the rest of those mystical guys in white, and his senses will ballance out the technical advantage Nightwing has. By rights I should vote for the DC character after the travesty that was the X-Men beating the Justice League, and Generation X beating Young Justice, but it boils down to the fact that I prefer Daredevil as a character.

Jimmy Delpino writes:

I am sorry, this is the biggest clusterf**k of a match I have seen in a long time. Who in the hell suggested this? Crackbabies? Nightwing doesn't stand a chance. DareDevil has the experience, the stamina, the skill, the style, and the flat out balsiness that comes with not being afraid to die. The man is fearless and brutal. My prediction: This will less like a fight and more like a gang-beating. They will have to call batman over to identify the parts after he puts them back together. And that, as they say, Be That.

KODI writes:

Nightwing...trained by a man JUUUUSST short of being certifiable for 10 years. "Whatever your training was in the circus....triple it......then triple it again..." Batman's words. And we KNOW that it ain't just hyperbole baby. To top it off Grayson was already a professional acrobat. Matt was a guy who had some hard luck and got some sensory abilities. Training??? Mostly self until he met Stick. How many years did he train with him, hmmmmmmm? More likely how many months. Nightwing takes this after a long drawn out fight. Cause even though DD doesn't have the skills NW has he's got a lot of heart. Course that just gets him a more serious beating. Remember how DD was beaten senseless by a fat guy named Kingpin??? I don't care what Marvel says.......Sumos are not all muscle. It's mostly just fat. Nightwing over.

Katrover writes:

Yet another DC/Marvel matchup. Seeing the results of past such matchups, Daredevil may win this one, but I'm with Nightwing and DC another day of the week. All you have to do is sit back, see the battle, and watch indigant DC fanboys beat the crap out of their Marvel counterparts after the bout.

The Colonel writes:

It's been a while since I last saw a match this good (or at least anything good enough to place as a comment), so I'll make it short. Ultimately, the guy who'll still be swinging the rooftops will be Nightwing. He has Daredevil in the agility and acrobatics. Richard Grayson was not taught in vain by his family of circus acrobats - he is one of the best of the best in DC Universe. Matt Murdoch was trained. Grayson is a natural. Guess who dodges who faster. Grayson and Murdoch are practically equals at combat. They are of the finest martial artists of their universes, neither as good as Batman and/or Captain America, but good enough to be able to flatten most opposition they face - punks on the street. However, Nightwing has even more experience as a crimefighter than Daredevil - because he was the original Robin. That gives him extra years of crimefighting experience. Then we have the matter of Nightwing's team - the New Titans, or the Teen Titans as they were called before. Add several experience points for that. Daredevil may have faced tough guys, brutes, super-villains and such, but has he ever faced Darksied? That's what Robin I (currently Nightwing) did as part of being a Titan. Oops. Daredevil's been had again. Which leaves us with one more point; Daredevil is blind (yes, I know that you know). As Robin, Nightwing practically saved the Teen Titan's bacon repeatedly by finding a small flaw in the enemy's defenses. Oh, sure, Daredevil has sonar (or the equivalent), but he has one small but decisive problem; that "extra" sense can be overloaded. Nightwing would (as part of his everday utitily belt - nothing he doesn't usually carry) have razor-tipped boomerangs, flash bombs (or pellets), "shock" bombs to deafen you, etc... Realizing that Daredevil's as blind as a Bat (Whoops! Did I say Bat? I meant bat!), he realises that he must rely on some other sense - and then he'll try to see if he can overload it. When poor Hornhead's head begins to spin from all the "noise" - *BAM*! Nightwing clocks him with one punch. But there is one matter that will have fans flocking to Daredevil's side; Kevin Smith is writing him. Damn fanboys.

AstroCitizen writes:

While I'd love to give this fight up to the original Boy Wonder, Daredevil looks to be the logical winner. Their acrobatic skills are easily on a par with one another, but Daredevil's super-senses give him the edge. It's logical, being second only to Bats as a detective, that Nightwing may be able to figure out that DD's blind early, but unless he can find a AC/DC concert for them to crash and screw up DD's hearing, there's not a whole lot of use he could get out of this knowledge, not without a rematch.

Beetle Bomb writes:

All I gotta say is...I LOVE YOU GUYS! One dream has been achieved. This is the fight I most wanted to see, and I thank Peter, Sonicrash and the rest of you for getting my suggestion on. Now for the fight I go: Nightwing. If Batman died tomorrow, we'd still have Nightwing. He's got DD on acrobatics, c'mon, he's been flipping since he was born. Even Batman admits he's better at that than him. DD's cool, but if not for the toxic gunk, he might not have gotten that agility on his own. Dick's also got the advantage hand to hand. He's been around all that stuff that Batman had to shell out cold hard cash and travel to God knows where to learn. And speaking of cold hard cash, he's got the bucks for the gadgets that Batman has. But to top it all off, Dick's got class. Hell, he'll probably kick DD's @$$ just 'cause he knows Batman could do it, and it wouldn't look good if Bats had to handle Dick's responsibility for him. Weapon-wise, they both use the billy-clubs, but Dick still has a utility belt's worth of tricks, even tho' he doesn't wear them around his waist. I love DD, but Dick's been around longer and has evolved. Go Nightwing. L8er.

Corwyn writes:

Wow...good choice guys! OK Nightwing...Detective first, fighter second. Thats what Bruce and I always told him. Think with your head not your fists. Give him time to think this out, and he will concede any fisticuffs to Daredevil. Daredevil...boy is he violent. But just as smart as Dickie. Im sure Daredevil could sense that Dick is holding back, and ask what was up. And quickly concede the fight. In the event that the two are competeing for something. Id have to give the edge to DD. Why? His Senses. That guy can tell you're a cop by the smell of ployester and gunpoweder. Dick...well...Dick coudnt keep Starfire around. And seems to be hedging between a cripple (ha Im so rude!) and a spoiled rich kid turned crimefighter. DD dates a former whore... aw who cares about dem womens anyway! DD in 99!!

Southern Fist writes:

Nightwing will have this by leaps and bounds (pun unintnended) for more than twice as long as I have been alive he has been busy thrashing criminals. As a boy he relied on brains and agility. As a man he can rely on those and strength. Daredevils senses may be amazingly sharp. But he is missing one whereas nightwaing has them all and technogoodies to boot. I dont even really see this as lasting long enough to bother getting popcorn.

Derrick The Red writes:

It's a tie. This is a fight that's just too damn close to call. Dick Grayson and Matt Murdock are the supreme acrobats of their respective universes. Nightwing was trained by more needsto be said on THAT point. You were trained by THE Batman? You're a serious asskicker in any universe. On the other hand, Daredevil has ninja skills and his heightened senses. Both of them are superb combat tacticians. Both of them have taken out superpowered opponents. They're both thinkers. They plan their attacks. It's just too close. Nightwing has more experience but Daredevil takes a backseat to NOBODY when it comes to sheer GUTS...

The Thunder Ranger writes:

You've got to look at this from a perspective of who's trained better for this. Since, Batman can defeat Daredevil (It's been debated at other forums and in Wizard, although some people don't like Wizard.), it is logical to assume that Nightwing could do the same thing. Grayson has been trained to notice subtle things like "a slight flaring of the nostrils" or a "subtle cock of the head to a sound". Pretty quickly, Nightwing will deduce that Daredevil is blind and therefore has "something" to make up for his lost sense. He'll use the training that Batman gave him and try to overload Daredevil's senses. He'll probably use percussion caps to mess with his hearing, stun or CS gas to interfere with his smell, and toss a couple of Nightarangs to mess with that radar of DD's. While DD is trying to recover from that, Nightwing picks him apart with a powerful combination of his martial art skill and gymnastic ability.

Thanos6 writes:

There is no way DD is going down. I will grant Nightwing the status of competent fighter. However, he has fought most of his battles with Bats to back him up. The biggest menace he's fought on his own are those guys with the big heads. The Man Without Fear, however, has never had a helper. No, he's had to fight Electro, Elektra, Bullseye, Kingpin, and even Spider-Man himself without any help. I don't know why people are voting for Nightwing, he can't win. He's not good enough. Oh, and DD is much cooler. All this leads to DD trouncing Nightwing faster than you can say "Hi-keeba!"

Batman1GC writes:

I agree with all the others. Since Dick was trained by Bruce to be the best,he is now more than a protege,he's an avenger all his own. His skills are the same as Bruce's with the exception of his own respcetive marks on his martial arts and fighting styles. While the Daredevil is powerful indeed,he does rely on just that--power. Also,Nightwing's deductive skills are equal to Batman's. So he can easily deduce that Murdock is blind,and find a way to use that to his advantage. There really is no contest here. While having powers does help,it does not take them to be a hero,a fact many,many people seem to overlook when it comes to mortal vigilantes. Dick is an echo of Bruce. If he can do it(and he can),then we should certainly expect nothing less from Nightwing.

Peregrine writes:

Trained from childhood by the Best of the Best - first, his parents, said by some to have been the greatest acrobats ever. Then by his guardian and mentor, He Whom All Know And Respect. Led one of the best teams of supers to ever band together to fight for the right; by the testimony of perhaps their greatest foe, he was "the most dangerous of them all." Trained, experienced, seasoned: Nightwing carries the day.

jiu-jitsu writes:

i have to go with Daredevil. If you look at each individual in their own universe and ask, "Who has DD and NW beaten?" DD has beaten some of the top martial artist in the marvel universe. He has beaten taskmaster, bullseye, Black Panther, and numerous other fighters. Nightwing is a great fighter but I cannot recall him beating any of the top DC universes fighters. DD is a better martial artist. He would take him out. If you have any doubts, go back and read Frank Millers fun on DD and ask, "Could NW beat this guy?" NO WAY!!!!!!!!

Blue Beetle writes:

First off,again, comic history screws everything up! If we went by the golden/silver/modern age system,Grayson would be more experienced than DD,and would win! Now,considering that batman isn't even in his 40's yet (and i hate that fact!), nightwing couldn't possibly have the experience! And let's not forget DD has POWERS!!! Nightwing,on the other hand, has some stupid gizoms (no,not the gremlin!) Finnaly,DD has a better costume!And that's what really counts! At least it's my only hope of getting back into the JLA...

Valandar writes:

It's been a while since I sent a commentary, but I had to butt in on this one. Without a doubt, Daredevil has this one. Let's compare, shall we?

  1. Acrobatic skill. Nightwing has been trained since his childhood in aerial acrobatics, and further trained by the Bat, himself. On the other hand, Matt Murdock was the son of a prizefighter, and in outstanding physical condition. While this does not lend itself toagility, his reflexes seem to be so tied in to his radar sense, that he can pull off moves Captain America, the pinnacle of human perfection, would be hard-pressed to beat.
    Judgement: Tie
  2. Combat Skill and Precision Nightwing began his hand to hand training under Batman, after his parents had died. He combined that training with his own agility to develop a unique, and highly acrobatic, fighting style. Daredevil, as I mentioned above, was the son of a prizefighter, and had been scrapping since he was a tyke. Add to this his radar sense, which at one point in an issue of Spiderman allowed him to parry a bullet before ol' Webs could begin to dodge from his spider-sense, and I have to give the edge to Hornhead here.
    Judgement: Daredevil
  3. Intelligence While not stupid, Grayson has never been claimed to be anything more than a quick-thinking normal man. Murdock, on the other hand, is a lawyer, and a successful one at that. While lawyers are much reviled, I must admit it takes a certain amount of ntelligence and sheer cunning to survive in such a cutthroat field.
    Judgement: Daredevil
  4. Equipment While Daredevil's expanding and detatchable billy club is cool, Nightwing DID learn from Batman just how useful a fully-stocked utility belt is.
    Judgement: Nightwing.

Overall vote: 2 - 1, in hornhead's favor. I'm going with the red over the blue. ( PS: But, don't forget, at one time or another, both had one of the worst costumes in comic history...anyone remember the black and yellow costume? And how could any self-respecting teenager wear those green shorts, especially since he wore them until he was in his 20's?)

Rurouni KJS writes:

I must admit, I've been a DD fan longer than I've been a NW fan. But I gotta go with Grayson on this one. He's been doing the superhero gig about half his life and he's been an acrobat ALL his life (what with having acrobats for parents). He's been trained by the best. DD, for his part, is similarly nimble, well-trained, stronger, and his senses make him difficult to surprise. However, the longer the battle goes, the more likely Dick will figure out DD's secret and turn it against him. Once that happens, it's over. Nightwing by a club's length.


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

JAY:   Some good readings on the fight there... and now it's showtime!

PAT:   Yes, the Khazan Arena lights have just switched to low... the entire Arena pit is cast into deep shadows. Jay, tell the audience about the battlefield while I get our low-light goggles.

JAY:   Sure Pat. As you can see, the entire fighters pit has been transformed into a rat's warren of scaffolding, catwalks, parallel bars and vertical drops. It's a nightmare of navigation that only an alley cat could admire.

PAT:   Here, Jay; put these on. Okay, and here come the contestants into the contest area! The crowd is standing on their feet, cheering for the spectacle they are sure to witness.

JAY:   The contestants make no reply to the crowd... demonstrate no emotion. They wait, still and determined. You can almost feel the waves of focused energy coming off these two fighters from up here.

PAT:   And there's the signal...

JAY:   Both bolt into the darkness...

PAT:   Let's switch to low-light imaging...

JAY:   Nightwing has already moved upward, scaling the web of metal bars and wooden planks...

PAT:   ...As has Daredevil. I see Nightwing has switched to his own low-light imaging - looking for his target.

JAY:   Daredevil is moving sure and stealthily towards his prey. He knows exactly where Nightwing is.

PAT:   Yes, Jay, Daredevil's heightened senses make hiding from him near impossible. Unfortunately for Nightwing, he does not know his position is already found out!

JAY:   Nightwing moves cautiously... looking... alert to any clue which will give away his opponent...

PAT:   As Daredevil creeps ever forward.... Daredevil has pulled his billy club from holster...

JAY:   As has Nightwing! It's Nightwing's detective training and long familiarity with danger which tells him a trap is being laid. He stops, and crouches...

PAT:   The Arena goes deathly quiet. The entire stadium is holding it's breath... waiting for first contact!

JAY:   Daredevil creeps forward... taking position a body length above and five meters West of 'Wing.

PAT:   Nightwing suddenly cocks his head....

JAY:   Daredevil fires the swing line from his billy club....

PAT:   Nightwing jumps straight up in the air...

JAY:   ... The swing line barely misses wrapping Grayson's ankles!

PAT:   ...Nightwing grabs a parallel bar above... swings forward onto a catwalk...

JAY:   Daredevil has already leapt to intercept. Daredevil ducks low, spins for a leg sweep...

PAT:   Nightwing leaps straight up again... bringing escrima sticks down on DD in the return arc...

JAY:   BLOCKED!!! DD holds Grayson's double fistful of pain at bay with his own club!

PAT:   DD, still crouched low... counters with a kick up to the midriff...

JAY:   'Wing dances back... DD leaps forward! The crowd screams in triumph!

PAT:   'Wing backflips back... DD undershoots him....

JAY:   Daredevil loses balance....

PAT:   No... he's reaching for a steel pole. DD swings around it a full 180 and lands standing on his feet...

JAY:   'Wing has taken refuge on a catwalk 12 feet up... he is crouched totally motionless.

PAT:   Nightwing is simply observing 'Devil intently...

JAY:   Nightwing's heartbeat must be thudding like a bass drum in 'Devil's ears. His scent must give him away... Yes, Daredevil easily detects the 'Wing and flips up the scaffolding to intercept!

PAT:   Jay, I wonder if Nightwing is getting a clue about DD's super senses...

JAY:   Nightwing let's fly 4 Night-a-rangs... but he's still crouching... Not moving... carefully observing...

PAT:   Daredevil hardly misses a beat! Dodges three, strikes one away with club... he's on 'Wing

JAY:   'Wing launces a furious attack, two clubs in hand against DD's one...

PAT:   Doesn't matter! DD defends with aplomb... moves to offense...

JAY:   Can't see! To fast.. they're both too damn fast!

PAT:   This crowd is going wild!

JAY:   Bam! Smoke and flash on the catwalk!

PAT:   'Wing cartwheels back... and leaps up for higher ground... hoping the distraction he dropped will give him time...

JAY:   No time, Pat! No time! DD is totally unaffected...

PAT:   ... And 'Wing notices.. uh-oh!

JAY:   DD's Swing line has nabbed Grayson by left wrist!

PAT:   Wait! Wing brings the edge of a Night-a-rang over it... severs the cord!

JAY:   A Precious second lost, Pat! DD has gained elevation on 'Wing and goes postal!!!

PAT:   Jab! Left! Right! Uppercut! Blood on the field!!!

JAY:   The crowd leaps to their feet! The fans go crazy!

PAT:   'Wing dives onto his hands... kicks up both feet in a double booted lightning smash to the chin!!

JAY:   DD is rocked backwards!

PAT:   as 'Wing comes up with... a spray canister....

JAY:   Grayson saturates the area with ... with ... Cayenne pepper spray!

PAT:   DD winces visibly! Oh man, Jay... for a guy with hyper-senses like that, it must be painful just to have it in the area!

JAY:   Grayson moves backwards now... spraying his costume down with pepper... turning himself into a human irritant...

PAT:   DD rushes forward... determined... DD is determined to jam a fist down Grayson's throat before he can further inflame his senses...

JAY:   'Wing leaps... reaches back... grabs a bar and pulls up...

PAT:   'Devil pulls up on a bar opposite... my god, Jay! Both fighters are now standing on the equivalent of 12 inch diameter monkey bars...

JAY:   And performing combat! This is unreal.

PAT:   Amazing! Swipe! Dodge! multiple blocks...

JAY:   Body blow! Body blow! DD gets in two good hits on Grayson! God, I think the mics picked up the wet pop of a broken rib down there!!

PAT:   Grayson, in pain... he's gonna fall!!!

JAY:   They're at least two stories up folks...

PAT:   Grayson, he... no! He catches the bar he used to be standing on with both hands... uses the momentum to swing up...

Pat and JAY:   KNEE SMASH!!!

PAT:   My god!

JAY:   DD Folds like paper.


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Nightwing: 905

DareDevil: 835


PAT:   DD keeps presence of mind to use his swingline to get saftly to ground level...

JAY:   Still, I gotta say Pat, ol' Hornhead won't be walking under his own power any further this evening. The refs are on the field. This match is history.


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