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Rumble Royale

The X-Men En Garde! The Justice League



The current Justice League: Superman (new "energy" flavor), Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Aztek, Aquaman, The Flash.

The Current X-Men: Magneto (new "Joseph" flavor), Storm, Cyclops, Pheonix, Wolverine, Psylock, Bishop, Iceman, Rogue.

Insert backstory about "Being kidnapped by Cosmicly Powerful(TM) entities and transported to a remote, uninhabited planet which bears a striking resembelance to Earth(TM), dropped off on opposite sides of the world and forced to fight it out... (eg. Secret Wars, eg. Amalgam)"

That taken care of... let the war begin.

Fight suggested by The Nameless One


PAT: LIVE from some nameless planet somewhere in space and time... I'm Pat Summers!

JAY: And I'm Jay Peoples. What a match-up we witnessed today! A vast and titanic battle of wits, power and skill which pressed every member of these two teams to the limit.

PAT: To be quite honest, Jay, I figured going in that the Justice League really had the advantage of raw power and experience to take this match, but the X-Men's intimate teamwork and endurance played a key role.

JAY: I don't know, Pat. I said early on that the power factor may have been more balanced than you believed... but let's see what the audience had to say on the matter.


noctromancer writes:

batman could take the x-men, boba fett, and everyone on this list blind folded. to pit the entire might of the jla against the xmen is like cleaning your room with an atomic bomb. this should be fun... i hope the janitors at the khazan arena are well paid...

Face writes:

JLA all the way. They're a team of powerhouses. Most members could take on the X-Men single-handed.

Joseph's powers would be useless. Superman could counteract anything he did with his powers. The problem for the X-Men is that the Leaguers are more powerful. Flash could dodge anything they throw his way. Wonder Woman (currently) is invulnerable. Superman can become immaterial. The people in danger of physical attack would be the Manhunter (his fear of fire would be a big liability), Aquaman (he's out of his element), Batman (no powers), and maybe Aztek (I am not familiar with him.) The big danger on the X-Men's side would be Phoenix and Rogue. The Martian Manhunter would be able to shield the JLA from Phoenix powers, but Rogue could mess things up if she took out Wonder Woman. However, they can win with out her.

I say JLA in 120 seconds.

Mix Master Edmeister writes:

This would've been a heckuva lot easier to decide had it been the "original" Justice League vs. the "original" X-Men. Oh, well, duddenmattuh, JLA KICKS X!!!


JLA 1, X-MEN 0

BATMAN vs. WOLVERINE: Wolvie may be meaner, but Bats has the most toys. And what have we already learned, class??? He who HAS the most TOYS, wins!

JLA 2, X-MEN 0

WONDER WOMAN vs. ROGUE: Toss-up (but one face-off I'd LOVE to watch...YOU GO, GIRLS!!!!) Ahhh, give 'em both a point!

JLA 3, X-MEN 1

GREEN LANTERN vs. CYCLOPS: If it lasts longer than 24 hrs., Greenie's doomed.

JLA 3, X-MEN 2

BISHOP vs. M.M.: I never could figure out just what what these two ever did that was anywhere NEAR useful. No points here.

JLA 3, X-MEN 2

FLASH vs. ICEMAN: I've seen Flash battle it out with Captain Cold (and win) too many times to think IceCube could do anything to him.

JLA 4, X-MEN 2

AQUAMAN vs. STORM: A couple of lightning bolts in the briny deep and Aquaman becomes filet o'fish.

JLA 4, X-MEN 3

GREEN ARROW vs. PHOENIX: She goes for the mind, he goes straight for the gut. Take a wild guess who gets where first!

JLA 5, X-MEN 3

AZTEK vs. PSYLOCK: Never heard of 'em. No points.

JLA 5, X-MEN 3

X-IT, stage right, folks. JLA rules!

John Turpin writes:

Hands down here kiddies, Gotta go with the X men. The Leauge is simply out classed here. Pheniox alone was enough for an entire Saga in the Marvel universe. Didn't Super man Die once already anyways?

Lord Kthululu writes:

Y'know, I feel sorry for the X-Men. They have their teamwork down pat, but it doesn't compare to the sheer mammoth power that the JLA wields. Expect a major grudge match between the two "Mr. Perfects", Cyclops and the Bat-man. And watch as Magneto and Supes try to outdo each other with their electromagnetic powers.

Shade writes:

The reason the XMEN will beat the justice league is simple. X-men have woverine, and Magneto. I asume Super man shall be no prob, Bishop can absorb him and blast the the rest of the group. The Xmen also have the cool chicks!!!!!!!

Sailor Xena writes:

If this was any other Justice League I would have to say, " stick the fork in them, there done"; but this is different. You have all the power houses- Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. But there still not up to par with the X-Men.

First you have your twin psionic towers of power, Psylock and Phoenix; if it was either or, Martian Manhunter would stand a chance, but its both so its no contest.

Even though Supermans new powers make him prety invunerable, they would still be prey to Bishops power of absorbing and redirecting energy; two down.

Then there's the rematch between Storm and Wonder Woman, the results will be the same; Ororo will use the wind to blow Diana away, then use lighting to cook her goose.

Wolverine will be too much for Batman, sure the Bat has brains but so does Wolverine, topped with a nasty feral instinct.

Rouge would take care of Green Latern, yellow body suit, nuff said( I'm not sure if he is still weak against that color or not; but to go with I know I say yes).

Cyclops will have no problem with either the Aztec or Aquaman, they're both fast, I'll give them that; but Cyke is a sharp shooter with those eye beams.

Then there is MAGNETO( a.k.a. Joseph)! Can you say," no contest"? Can you say," I( Magneto) can open up a can on these guys all by myself"? I mean even if it was just Magneto vs. the JLA... Eric would win; so the Flash and Green Arrow would be no problem. All Mr. Leshner would have to do is stop the flow of blood from going into the Flash's legs and BLAMO, Joseph would watch Flash crash and burn( hopefuly into Green Arrow to spare him the humiliation, but if not he's nothing without his super powered buddies). So there you have it; X-men all the way.

Kes writes:

The teams are well matched up but the X-Men have Magnito and that will take care of every guy the JLA have with any metal like Batman,Marinar,Green Lantern Green Arrow and Wonder Woman

Buster Bunney writes:

the X-men are going to win becuse it would take more than billionare and reporter to stop the X-men.

Mani writes:

No way the X-Men lose . They've got a lot more variety of powers and ( for the most part ) are a lot less " merciful " than the JLA .

In the psi-arena , Phoenix or Psylocke alone would take out Manhunter and the other could start telepathically attacking the rest of the JLA .

As for the new Supes , he'll have to handle Magneto . Remember Mags can disrupt the electro-magnetic field of entire planets . But who knows ? I mean the writers are giving Supes new powers at virtually every issue .

Batman ? Wolvie - after taking a few hard knocks - disembowel him . Batman won't kill a person . Wolvie has no such compunctions .

Green Arrow ? Frankly , he doesnt belong in this match . First casualty .

Bishop , Aztek (who?), Iceman, and Flash are too much the wild cards to predict.

snowdog writes:

For pure elemental power, the x-men are all over it. (b-sides if the x-men started to loose u & i know the prof. wouldn't have that.)

Ace Kendrich writes:

Man, is this a tough battle to call. My heart says the X-men all the way (I never have liked those DC twirps), but my mind knows that logically the Justice League will take it because of superior strength...

Wait-a-minute! This is JLA team without Captain Marvel and that ridiculous new Superman. In that case the X-men will wipe the floor with this rag-tag bunch, even without Longshot or Nightcrawler.

Kevin writes:

Green Lantern is one of the most powerful superheroes of all time, and with Supermans new cosimic powers the JLA are unstopable.

qsolo writes:

Well, looks to me like we got mutants versus tights. Need we say more? Although it does pain me (an admitted FoLC) to ditch Batman and Superman, I'm gonna have to go with the mighty X on this one.

Mousse writes:

Although I like both teams, my vote goes to the JLA because Batman had already taken on the X-men in Access #3 and almost WON. This was facing ALL of them at once in a wide-open area, no subterfuge, ambushes, or psychological warfare. With Superman, Green Lantern, and others in the same team as him, there is no practical way that the X-men can win except by divine intervention, even though they are ahead in the polls.

Ferret writes:

X-men rule: Psylock is a total babe-a-tron.

acid burnt writes:

I'm a big fan of Superman. I think, Superman can beat the X-Men by himself w/o even perspiring. Even pathetic Xavier can't stop Superman from killing those pathetic and filthy X-Men. I think the battle is unmatched. Go search and pick something that could beat Superman without crying to their mama's.

The Computer writes:

It's not a contest. The X-Men are full of people with human-like stamina and single powers, whereas the JLA has Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Aztek, the kings of deus ex machina powers, not to mention the rest.

The Southern Fist writes:

Magneto encases the justice league in a magnetic sphere of force... guess what, there is nothing that anyone can do. Rogue finds some kryptonite (since it has to exist),magneto inserts it into the sphere, superman dies and then he begins to contrict the sphere and then crushes everyone inside to make a uniform mushy paste. He might even do it before he kills superman just for the sheer amount of mental trauma that can be caused. End of story.

The Dark One writes:

The marvel universe won the Amalagam matches, what makes you think this would be any different! The way I see it, Magneto thrashes Superman, and Wolverine, Cyclops and Phoenix thrash everybody else! Half of the "Blue" team could beat the Justice League, and anyone who's ever read a DC comic knows they suck! Pit individual X-men against individual Star Wars characters, and you've got yourself a real battle!

Bond, Allan Bond writes:

This one is just going to be REAL close. It all depends on just WHO has the best writer/animator/illustrator team. The JLA team have a LONG history to their characters, while the X-MEN (who??) are just an arcade game popular with tenagers with little to no imagination. GET SERIOUS, JUSTICE WIL PREVAIL

all mighty council writes:


Nuff said


'Nuff Said!


X-Men: 175

J.L.A: 94


PAT: That's a wrap! Judging from some of the letters, was this a contest of Super Powers or Super Babes, Jay?

JAY: Awww, Pat... I think you are missing the... HEY, it's Jean Grey... Quick, get her autograph!

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