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PIE  in the  SKY
Unicron en Guarde! Galactus
star star
Unicron vs. Galactus

This Fight was suggested by: predator, SYSTEM LORD APOPHOUS, Green Lantern, Rich Stellato, Noel Schornhorst, Wreck Gar, Optimus Omega, jarvis, and Hooper X.


Two of the biggest appetites in the Galaxy, Unicron and Galactus have spent ages living off unfortunate planets.

But when these two eat their way into the same tasty solar system, watch-out! This dinner table isn't set for two.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Are you going to eat that?


PAT:  Live from the bridge of the Starship Leick, we have an exciting match for you today. Unicron vs. Galactus in the same Solar System. Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. Galactus is known to easily face off against fleets of starships like the USS Leick and for Unicron, he could use this Federation battleship for a toothpick. So we're going to keep a safe distance when these two behemoths clash.

PAT:   Yeah. So... uh, Jay? Where's the little clown girl?

JAY:   For this match between these two galactic powerhouses, we needed a commentator quite knowledgeable in this field... So no Quinn for this one. And she had this thing against leaving Earth in a Starship. So our special commentator today is Ambassador Kosh from the Vorlon Empire.

PAT:   Oh, O.K. Well, hello ambassador. What's your feelings about today's match and its contestants?

Kosh:   They are oldest of the old. Destroyers of worlds. Consuming all just to feed their undying hunger.

JAY:   So who will win at the end of this match?

Kosh:   There will be no winners. All will loose in the fullness of time.

PAT:   You don't think neither Unicron or Galactus will win but one of them has to win?

Kosh:   They will exist beyond the end of creation. Alone in the starless void, each with only with themselves. Two consumers of worlds with nothing else to feast upon and a death that will not come...

JAY:   Kosh, you're a cool and mysterious fellow but you're bordering on the depressing side.

PAT:   Uh... ya. Our two planet eaters are just about to enter the solar system. Let's go over the mail before they take notice of each other.


Favorite letter of the Week

Oberoni writes:

Man, I've been waiting to see a fight like this for a long time, and kudos to everyone who suggested it.

Although both Unicron and Galactus are extremely powerful, I have to cast my vote for the Orson Welles-voiced harbinger of worldly destruction, Unicron. Unicron's just as good--if not better--than Galactus in all areas.

Each of our god-awful globe gobblers can empower their servants, but Unicron's warriors are more powerful (check out Transformers: The Movie for a good shot of Galvatron disintegrating Starscream and dismantling Ultra Magnus with that cool cannon of his for proof). Galactus� servants, such as Terrax, are just too easy to thwart.

Next comes the category of speed, which Unicron also takes. He can take down a planet in under two minutes, and he doesn't even need a herald to help him. Galactus, obviously, takes a bit longer (the first battle between him and the Fantastic Four is proof).

Third, and most important, is mere power. Unicron can only be defeated by the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, while Galactus has been repulsed time and again by the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Yes, I know Unicron's only defeat also resulted in his death, but that's simply because the Matrix is perhaps the most powerful source of energy in the universe.

To sum it up, what do you think would happen if Unicron had been met by the Fantastic Four instead of the Autobots? No more planet. Galactus is going to be destroyed -- no, eaten -- faster than a bon-bon on a fat farm.

predator writes:

ALRIGHT! My battle has been chosen. Thanks guys I owe you one.

Okay, now on to business. I'm backing Unicron 100%. First of all, Unicron is WAY bigger than Galactus. He's the size of a planet. Literally! And the only thing that could stop him was the Matrix, and last I checked, Galactus didn't have any shiny crystals from the chest of Optimus Prime in his collection.

Trantor writes:

Well let's see what we've got here now...

On the one side we have a guy in a huge helmet and a pansy-ass looking purple suit who wants to be considered a "force-of-nature" (the closest he's ever come to being a "force" was the time he ate too many chili beans down at Pablo's Big Burrito Hut) whose only redeemable value is the fact that they'll let him into the carnival parade in Rio without a ticket because they think he's the official San Francisco delegation.

And opposing this shameful misuse of red-blue combinations is a true bad-ass! Unicorn is the worst thing to come along since... well forever! Galactus somehow keeps getting his butt kicked by a bunch of superheroes, while it took the essence of a god, Prime, to push Unicorn back into his place.

There is no contest here, just the simple guessing game of how long it will take Unicorn to turn that pansy helmet of the purple guy into a very ornate toothpick.

Dssstrkl writes:

This is really a hard call. Both these guys are really old, big and ugly. They both have their bitchy heralds (Galvatron, silver Surfer, etc) and they're both deathly afraid of little objects (the Autobot Matrix and that universe-destructo-thigie a la Mr. Fantastic). I just voted for Unicron because Galactus looks stupid, I mean, what's with that helmet?

Nine writes:

No contest on this one, yet I am surprised it is so close...he would obliterate Unicron faster than you could say "transform THIS, pal!" Here's why...

1. Galactus came first. His first appearance over the Baxter Building over 30 years ago still stands as one of the most epic cosmic battles in comic book history. Aside from eons of experience and wisdom, that's gotta score some points in the "adolescent sentimentality" department.

2. Scholarly reasons. Galactus represents the Jungian-Melvillian archetype of subconscious repression, illustrated in magnificence by the magical pen of Jack Kirby. Compare that to his opponent, who was designed to move merchandise at Toys R' Us by some budget-conscious animators.

3. Galactus has the motivational edge. This space-traveling behemoth has suffered defeat time and time again, but with such a big head, his ego won't let him lose again!

That being said, I think the real contest would be which one could belch the loudest after downing a few cold ones and watching the Lions play on Thanksgiving. But I digress...

DamieN Brimstone writes:

That floating piece of scrap metal will be flogged like a whale at a cheap Mexican amusement park. Galactus is INVINCIBLE. Entire fleets have failed against him, and he survived a full power blast from Darkseid's Omega Ray. The same Omega Ray that is supposed to erase anything from existence, and Galactus withstood it. Why? because he is a cosmic being, one of the oldest life forms in the universe, and I say again INVINCIBLE. Meanwhile, Unicron was blown up from the inside by a small group of transformers. Now let us compare there respective universe menacing abilities:

Galactus- Drains all the life energy from planet. Has done so since the beginning of time. Has power cosmic and technology beyond comprehension. Damn close to being a god.

Unicron- Transformers into giant trash compactor to break down matter and consume it. Has only technological weapons. Existed since ? Damn close to being a big giant space robot with a mustache. Oh wait, that�s exactly what he is.

my theory, Galactus enjoys a satisfying earth meal after disintegrating some big metal thing in front of his ship that looked like it could pose a serious of providing a moment of annoyance to the Scourge of the Universe.

'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth writes:

Well, if this was an eating contest, Unicron would have it made. With his much larger size, and the fact that he physically eats the planets he ingests (instead of assorting them like Galactus (and without the aid of a machine, no less)), he would have Marvel's king of cosmic badasses beat.

But, this is a fight. Although Unicron has incredible power at his disposal (hell, his severed head was able to bring the dead back to life), Galactus has even more (he GIVES the Power Cosmic out to people, god-like power, and he can GIVE it to people). That is, if we are talking about a Galactus at full strength. What it comes down to is how long it's been since his last meal. If he's just somewhat hungry, he'll still win. But if he's REALLY been going without a well balanced meal of planetary life-force, Unicron takes him down (like the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and Dr. Strange did back in FF #243 (BTW, I had to look that up)).

But by the looks of it, Galactus is just trying to grab lunch. Unicron is gone in a flash of Power Cosmic.

But what I want to know is, are they going to try to eat each other?

BTW: Try to find a longer MIDI for the fight of the week. Thanks.

Editors Note: That Midi is a tradition that's been on that page since the beginning. Of course we just added the code so it would play in Netscape recently...

Azrael writes:

Look, Galactus is a classic, he's big, and he's one of the original marvel villains, but this guy constantly gets his ass handed to him by ambiguous men in spandex. Neither of these big boys are going to win in the long run, so let's see who kicks the cajones of these two:

Galactus: Gets beat by his disturbingly sexless herald, four people who could get beat BY ANY CHARACTER IN THE DC UNIVERSE and even gets beat, in some alternate realities, by a 30 foot tall bald dwarf in a toga!

Unicron: Gets beat by the greatest heroes in Saturday morning cartoons. When it takes the Transformers, the sires of all robot cartoons that followed, to take you down, you are pure evil. And by the way, when Orson Welles died part way in filming, Unicron was voiced by Leonard Nimoy. So Galactus is not only facing Unicron, but Galvatron as well(also Spock-voiced). Two to one, baby!

Esrom writes:

This is a VERY tough one to call. In one corner, we have Galactus, a world-devourer with the power cosmic on his side, who has been deterred from certain planets by the Fantastic Four and some others. In the other corner, we have Unicron, who all the Transformers put together apparently couldn't defeat without the power of the Matrix.

After much deliberating, I've decided that Galactus will under-estimate Unicron, and that will be his undoing. It'll still be a tough battle, one that will probably destroy the solar system they're fighting over anyway, but Galactus will weaken, and Unicron will (using some abilities of his we don't know about) siphon off his 'power cosmic' and devour him. (Of course, there's a chance that 'power cosmic' will be too much for Unicron and he'll overload and explode; in that case, there'd be no winner).

XXUTAK, lord of Werkon writes:

I don't know who Unicron is, but ANYONE can beat Galactus. Anyone!! Even Dazzler (no, really)!

So, that's that, true believers.

Green Lantern writes:

Many thanks for accepting my fight idea. Okay, now my thoughts. It was a tough choice, but I'd have to go with Unicron. Galactus has had his ass kicked by the FF, the Avengers, and others, while Unicron has only ONE weakness. Granted, Rodimus Prime blasted him to pieces, but only the Matrix could do it. Plus, in later episodes, Unicron came damn close to coming back! He's got my vote.

Akuma Daimyo writes:

Unicron? That�s the guy from Transformers the movie right? He was a pretty evil bastard all right. Yeah I think Unicron would beat the snot out of this Galactus wus. I mean Unicron made a great villain! In fact the whole Transformers movie was actually pretty damn good!

LordFish writes:

I find the very idea of this battle to be an insult to the Transformer name. To make the assumption that Galactus is in the same league as Omnicron is to spit on the very fabric of all Transformer society. Besides, the original Transformers movie is second only to Heavy Metal when it comes to American animation. Well, maybe it isn't...I don't remember it that well, but it was still pretty cool, featuring those tiny Australian robots and some great voice-acting.

Of course...the truth is that this battle would probably take so damn long that they'd get bored of each other before anything interesting happened.

sladethesniper writes:

Unicron over Galactus. Galactus is weak, old, tired, used up, got beaten by Fantastic (yeah, right) Four, wears purple, has a stupid hat, can't hire good help, has bad short term memory, and is a lame idea given a shambling sort of unlife as he wanders aimlessly from solar system to solar system (and crossover to crossover) with no rhyme or reason except to serve as some sort "uberterror" from "out there". *Gasp, catch breath* He's about as faggitty (sorry) as the "crystalline entity" on ST:TNG. Geez, is this guy LAME or what?

Then we have Unicron. One big (and pissed off) robot. I remember when that megalomaniacal idiot Megatron (Mega-retard's more like it) somehow, defeated *sob* the beloved RDF. Well, if the Marvel Universe can barely beat that used up purple "dinosaur" Barney, er uh, Galactus, and the RDF can vaporize several million Zentraedi war ships (much less impotent weenies like the FF or Alpha Flight), well....

RDF can beat Marvel, and the RDF got (barely) beaten by the Decepticons (at least they killed Minmei!!!!), and Unicron would turn the Decepticons into, oh I don't know a toaster, it's easy to see that Unicron over Galactus as he ends all life on Earth, and the life of Barney's closest living relative, Gala-crap-us. And his little dog too (Silver Wipeout, I mean Surfer).

Chuckg writes:

GMAB. So Galactus 'lost' to Ghost Rider, and you think that proves anything? Unicron lost to a car called "Hot Rod" for cryin' out loud!

Galactus has never been put down all the way in several hundred billion years. Unicron has had his head ripped off and used as a new satellite of Cybertron.

Unicron eats a planet every ??? Galactus chugs one a month and still feels hungry all the time. Its worse than Chinese food.

Galactus has lived through the Big Bang. Unicron didn't live all the way through one cheesy animated movie.

My take on this match -- Unicron will die in a flaming ruin as the insatiable cosmic appetite that is Galactus chows down like Homer Simpson running amok in a donut factory.

Scrod writes:

"He's been beaten by the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four," says one of the commentators... is this supposed to be an insult? Losing to the FF and one of the most powerful non Forces-of -Nature is an insult like getting wiped by the Avengers is an insult. Losing to Brother Voodoo or the Toad is an insult. Galactus will eat this hunk of machinery after he eats the planet. Mark my words.

Cobra69v writes:

Unicron all the way. With out his heralds Galactus can't even find a planet to eat. Even tough there are millions of them every where. And lets face it evey time Galactus fights someone on his power level or even his own size he gets beat. Come to think of it he's got beaten buy smaller people. Like the Silver Surfer. I know Surfers tough but how the hell do you lose to someone you gave power to like its so hard to take it back or something. Unicron's a badass he doesn�t need any kind of stupid heralds he just rocks the galaxy by himself. He's invulnerable , unbeatable , and as far as Galactus is concerned the supreme force in the galaxy.

The Bunyip writes:

Sweet match-up! Inspired, I must say!

My vote was for Galactus - but only because he can snap his fingers and turn peaceful aliens into guys with the Power Cosmic - and raw power will win this one (Unicron is a tad fragile).

It's sad, though, because Unicron is MUCH cooler. Anyone who turns that flaky, typecast Megatron into a butt kicker like Galvatron (who actually knows how to DESTROY people with his big gun - look what happened to Starscream!). And Being that Unicron is indirectly responsible for destroying Starscream, he gets my vote for coolness.

But letting your enemies get inside you and destroy you from within just shows bad form, you know?

geniepants writes:

Well, gotta go Unicron here. Why? Well, sheer size is in Unicron's favor. He's about the size of our moon. Galactus is the size of a skyscraper. Unicron is smarter in choosing his "herald". Even though Galvatron, Cyclonus and the Sweeps were powerful, they couldn't even scratch their master's exterior. The only thing that can destroy Unicron is the Autobot Matrix. Also, Galactus has to feed off the energy of living planets to survive. Unicron uses hard materials. So while Galactus can get weak looking for a suitable world, Unicron can snack on some asteroids to hold him over. He doesn't absorb energy, he collects and processes fuel. So he can stay strong and easily replenish his energy. Don't get me wrong, Galactus will put up a valiant fight, but in the end there can be only Unicron.

Fedge! writes:

Galactus was taken down by the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four, but taken down isn't quite appropriate. He was given another option other than devouring the Earth by Mr. Fantastic. Unicron, while he was a damn powerful transformer, was obliterated by the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. No "see ya later", no return cameos (nevermind that spirit of Starscream crap, they is dead damn it...), just a new moon orbiting Cybertron that is shaped like a head.

in review...

Power Cosmic or Death Star Scale robot? Flies around absorbing worlds or flies around devouring worlds? Really neat headgear or really lame head?

So one must go with Galactus, because who wants some really lame head....?

The Match Maker writes:

The way I see it, Galactus has this one wrapped up. First off, Unicron is a robot. A really, really, big robot, but still; just a robot. That will be his downfall. In comics robots are notoriously more fragile than organic beings. You put Captain America and the Vision side by side in a battle watch who gets "wounded" first. When Captain America gets hit by an energy beam he gets stunned. When the Vision gets hit by the same beam he gets a hole the size of Mount Rushmore blown though him. Heck, look at how many times the Red Tornado has broken down. And don't even get me stared on Ultron. It's odd how this is the exact opposite of real life. In real life the machines are more durable than the organic beings.

And this is only HALF of why Galactus will win. Even if it was just two planet sized beings going at it toe to toe Unicron would still stand some kind of chance, but that's not the case here. Galactus possesses the undefined Power Cosmic. He can do all sort of Time-Space things; not counting cosmically devastating energy attacks. In essence it's like pitting the Silver Surfer against Iron Man. There are just too many undefined things that can be done with the Power Cosmic to be able to overcome the being wielding it with just large amounts of firepower.

BL00D ANGEL writes:

On my opinion, Unicron will be the winner of this fight. Galactus is nothing. He has been defeated by some old fag, A man who is rubber, a torched kid, and invisible woman and a ROCK. Yeah, I saw the episode on TV. That must be REALLY SAD for a guy who eats planets or whatever the hell he does. Dexter and His robots could probably take out the big Purple turd. Unicron is from an alien race. More advanced than any of the crap we have today, and probably ever will have. He is not even as big as Earth and one little Moon-sized thing, scorched or damn planet already. Hell, The Transformers could probably take on Galactus too. After all, they were the only ones who survived Unicron. But who survived from Galactus? Everyone did! He couldn't do crap!

Rich Stellato writes:

YES!! Thanks for taking one of my suggestions. Now As to the battle, Unicron is going to rip Galactus to shreds. There is only one thing that can stop Unicron, and that is the Autobot Creation Matrix. It can't be opened by anyone who is not an Autobot, which means Galactus has no defenses. It took all of the Transformers and a good bit of luck to beat Unicron. It took, what, 30 or 40 assorted superheroes and villains to take out Galactus?

kontrol the tribunal overseer writes:

I got to say, when I read this one. I thought, "wow I thought about this when Transformers: the movie first came out." But anyway, I got to go with the Big G on this one. True, both of these guys eat planets, but there is one minor battle flaw in Unicron when he goes up against Galactus. He is a planet as well. Both of them will arrive at the planet and Galactus will see Unicron and think, "Hmm, an appetizer." Sorry, Unicron, but the matrix ain't got nothing on the Power Cosmic.

Hooper_X writes:

About TIME you guys put up one of my ideas! Unicron ALL the way.

1: According to the comics, Unicron is a God Of Chaos. That means he's the livin' embodiment of the stuff.

2: According to Unicron *himself,* the only thing that can defeat him is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership/Light/Creation/Plot Device. Yup, that goofy-ass glow in the dark disco ball that belts out "You Got The Touch" when opened. And I *quote* "It is the one thing... the ONLY thing... that can stand in my way!"

3: HERALDS? You want HERALDS? Who does Galactus have? Um... Firelord? Air-Walker? *please.* Unicron made GALVATRON. Mighty Galvatron, who freakin' -OBLITERATED- Starscream with *one* shot. ONE. What good is a chrome surfboard against a badass with the voice of Leo Nimoy, huh? Not much. Also, Galvatron was freakin' harsh enough to survive being buried in *lava* for *years.* Galvatron in the comics took out Fortress Maximus! Remember HIM? The 2 foot tall Autobot?

4: The Hunger: We all know that if Galactus don't eat, he gets all tuckered out and incapable of fighting. Unicron has shown *NO* such weakness. If Uni's lucky, Galactus won't even be at full power. Then, all Unicron has to do is whip out that funky red disintegrator that he used on Megatron, and it's over, Prime.

5: Fashion: Unicron's armor is PHAT. Golden, baby, cause he's the mac daddy planet eater. Galactus wears *purple* What kind of gay crap is THAT? Might as well put a pink triangle on his forehead, and a rainbow on his butt.

6: Arch-Enemies: Unicron survived an attack from the entire contents of the planet Cybertron. Every danged Transformer EVER was summoned out to help fight Unicron (ref. TF comics, issue #75) EVERY LIVING TRANSFORMER. Unicron *almost* won. What beat him? Optimus Prime an' the Matrix of Light. Galactus got his butt stomped by a buncha geeky squishy flesh beings. Hell, Grimlock alone could take the Fantastic Four... And, as *anyone* who's seen TF: The Movie knows: "ME GRIMLOCK KICK BUTT!"

7: The size factor: Galactus eats planets. Unicron *IS* a planet. Galactus would land on Unicron, and try to start chowin' down, when lo and behold, Unicron would transform and munch Galactus like a 100-ton Scooby Snack.

Unicron will spank Galactus like you know what. That's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold said so!

Velociripper writes:

There's absolutely no contest. Unicron isn't just a bit robot, he's also (in the comics) a dark -god-. Not only that, but the Matrix is, quote, 'the one thing, the -only- thing that can stand in my [Unicron's] way.' Galactus may be many things, but the Matrix he ain't. Unicron was able to shrug off energy blasts, internal lacerations, and four Dinobots going postal on his tailpipe. He took no damage whatsoever from the entire Decepticon armada, the most powerful army in the galaxy, and was only inconvenienced by the loss of an optic when the Quintesson shuttle broke through it. Unicron can fire eyebeams and breath out plasma flames, and has power over matter. (See 'Ghost in the Machine' where he gives Starcream's ghost a new body from nothing, when all Unicron's got left is a head and brain, and in the movie where he reforms Megatron, some Seekers, and some Insecticons into Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps.) He's as big as a planet, and can -tran! sform-. When was the last time you've seen a giant, anything-eating planet transform into a just-as-giant robot capable of handing the Decepticons their collective afts? Then, there's the coolness factor. Besides the fact he can transform, how many other characters can claim to be Orson Welles' final voice part? The only drawbacks Unicron has are his weakness to the Matrix (which isn't in this fight, so he's set) and the fact his body was created by a little fish-monkey-thing named Primacron. He gets more points here for rebelling against Primacron and going off to eat his way across the galaxy.

Edward, the Spoony Bard writes:

Okay, let's take a look at the pros and cons each:

Galactus: He possesses the Power Cosmis, an ability that qualifies him as the equivalent of a god in the Marvel universe. His technology is something beyond even the Transformers, who've managed to defeat the laws of physics (like the law of conservation of matter, which would prevent Megatron's drastic size change from robot to gun. But I digress.) Also, he has his heralds, who, with a portion of his Power, become super-beings who could do some damage. The big G's disadvantage is the whole reason he's fighting to begin with; his hunger. If he doesn't eat, and eat well, friggin' Jimmy Olson could probably beat him up. His losses have been because of weakness brought on from inability to eat. And because of the time it takes to travel in space, he often-times ends up at a planet hungry. Not a good condition to start a fight to the bitter end in.

Unicron: Unicron's got his own power, of course; though we've seen less of it than of G's, he created his own variant of the heralds, so it's fairly safe to assume he has other tricks up his sleeve. However, it's doubtful he would have as many tricks as G- otherwise, he would have used them. Also, his troops pale compared with the heralds. After all, one shot can kill them- the Surfer alone can take FAR more punishment- and his energy blasts are easily the equal of a Decepticon blaster. Unicron, therefore, has less power than G by a significant amount. However, he also has fewer weaknesses. He never claims 'hunger'; it seems he eats planets for fun. He has the going power in this fight, and as has already been mentioned, G is probably starting out weak. Also, his own admission states that only the Matrix can kill him. While I could be wrong, I am unaware of G making similar claims. Whether Unicron was aware or merely arrogant is still a matter of conjecture.

Of course, none of the above really matters. There is only one think you should think of when deciding this fight, and it can be summed up in two words: "Orson Welles"

Shylock writes:

What the hell is wrong with Galactus? For someone so old, he sure isn't wise. You would think that in his long existence, he wouldn't be as gullible; but how many times have his "Heralds" alone, betrayed and kicked the crap of him? Even more embarrassing, he's been beaten by the Fantastic Four, a team consisting of a pathetically weak telepath, a stupid rock guy (scary), some flaming jack-ass, and a leader that can't seem to stop talking about his plans. Galactus is just an intergalactic jobber. Unicron will be the dinner that bit back and won.

The Blue Spider writes:

Unicron eats worlds. But he a Transformer as well. Galactus eats worlds. He is the most powerful possessor of the Power Cosmic. But let us put it this way. Unicron transforms into a planet. Galactus EATS planets. So the giant formerly known as Galen will promptly snack on a big, juicy, powerful planet of living robot energy. Not only will he win. But Galactus will be full, too.

{Burp!} But as the Parasite said, electricity's kind of bland, and I think giant transformers probably are too.

iMaJiN-VeX writes:

Galactus or Unicron? It such a tough choice, they both have so much in common. They both are quite huge, feast on planets to survive, have lesser beings as their enemies (and being defeated), and not to mention, have lackeys to do their dirty work. Galactus had Silver Surfer and Unicron had Starscream (to some extent). Now to compare their raw power is somewhat difficult since they both use their powers differently.

1. Galactus has to pull out his planet energy converter thingy, so that is definitely a disadvantage (taking some time to devour a world unlike bite=). 2. Galactus has been defeated many times by lesser beings, while Unicron's only weakness was the matrix that Hot Rod released (and also turned him into Rodimus Prime) and blew him up good. BUT, he still came back, as a head, but a back nonetheless. 3. Unicron was responsible for the (temporary) reincarnation of Starscream. A feat such as that deserves to be rewarded.

So all out, Unicron will take a bit out of Galactus and then pit Starscream vs. Silver Surfer =) i'd like to see that...

Pete writes:

Ya know, very few people realize that Unicron is stuffed with a creamy filling, much like a Twinkie.

He'll go down good.

Galvatron writes:

I say Galactus because I .. arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! ..... I .. BELONG ........ TO ..... NOBODY! .... ARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ... I WILL VOTE FOR YOU UNICRON! *Puff* *pant* *puff* Decepticons to the battle!

Hari Seldon writes:

The Two Best villains ever. Godlike beings with only 1 thought. "Chow Time" Galactus Will win though.

1. Unicron is Planetary size and is teeming with energy. The planet in the system will but serve as an appetizer to Galactus� Main course 2. Galactus has The ability to create heralds, Near-god them selves. Unicron is just a giant robot 3. The only way to stop Galactus is by poisoning an entire planet which he then eats. Unicron gets stopped by the transformers.

In the end the power cosmic will reign supreme.

Varmitlord writes:

By technicality, Unicron WILL win. Why do you ask? It's that simple, Unicron can only be defeated by the Autobot matrix of leadership. Galactus is no Autobot (or transformer for that matter) so Galactus CANNOT win. Furthermore, Galactus� minions are little more than annoying plot devices that get their own comics from time to time. Unicron's minions (Galvatron and the sweeps)

A. are 30 foot tall ass kicking robots, and B. Decepticons.

My Verdict? Unicron puts the smack down on Galactus, who proceeds to get wailed on by the Decepticon army.

And now... from the Social Fau-Paux file...

Kes Drammar writes:

To the one known as SANDMAN Sorry for using your handle. Didn't know you had it.

Editors Note: Proof positive that a good Internet name is hard to find. Ya gotta grab it, hold on to it... and sometimes fight to keep it.


JAY:   We have some action going on now! Galactus' World Ship just cruised into the outer reaches of the solar system. I guess he's looking for prime worlds to feast upon. Unicron is heading towards a massive gas giant on the other side of the solar system.

PAT:   Galactus is kind of a picky eater, Jay. He seems to be speculatively stopping to look over a small planet at the rim... Wait! Unicron has no such dietary compunctions! Boy, look at him go... and what a messy eater, huh?

JAY:   You can say that again Pat. Remember 2010, and what happened to Jupiter? Well, Unicron is using his great maul to suck the gases right out of the planet's atmosphere. The Starship Leick's sensors indicates that Unicron is converting the atmospheric gases to fuel. He's just a big vacuum cleaner!!

PAT:   Jay, these two are doubtless aware of each other at this point. However, as long as neither seems threatening... oh look! Galactus decided to make an appetizer of the little planet after all. With his world ship Ta II hovering so close, he can suck up that energy in no time.

JAY:   As Galactus emerges from his World Ship, giant grapples extend from his massive ship to the planet below. This technology helps Galactus convert the planet into energy for him to feed upon. Galactus could do this on his own but I understand his technology just makes it more efficient. Waste not want not.

PAT:   That's what they say. Well, all these going's on are making me hungry. Jay and I are going to be ordering dinner here in the Starship Leick Observation deck. I'll be having a hot-dog with extra bacon, chili, and canned imitation cheese. It's the Drew Carey special. How about you, Jay?

JAY:   Hmmmm... I'll have a burger with everything... Limited to stuff from Earth! What about you Kosh?

Kosh:   I see two total wastes of a life before me.

JAY:   That sounded like a put down to me Pat.

PAT:   Kosh, you just don't get enough nitrates in your diet, friend. Uh-oh... put dinner on hold. Here comes trouble!

JAY:   Unicron has finished sucking that gas giant dry and is leaving a barren, rocky sphere behind. I think Unicron has now taken an interest on another planet. Sensors show it to be of M type.

PAT:   Yes, Galactus has finished his little appetizer, and both are heading towards the same Class M ball sitting dead center in this solar system. Sensors indicate rich mineral content, rich non-sentient life content and a sweet cream filled juicy center! It's the fun treat that's neat to eat!

JAY:   God this match is making me hungry! It looks like both our contestants will reach it at the same time. Comments ambassador?

Kosh:   Small minds... Big bellies. Conflict is all but inevitable.

PAT:   Yeah, okay... words to grow on there, Kosh. Sheesh, Jay... what did you do with the clown girl, again? Oh yeah, the space travel thing. O.K, well, Galactus and Unicron have stopped a respectable distance apart. It is clear both intend mass consumption of the planet. They are probably warning each other away using their godly communication abilities.

JAY: Pat, I think negotiations just fell through. Unicron's giant maul is glowing... He's firing something!

PAT:   Yeah! He fires a... uh... Well geze, I don't know what the heck that is. Undoubtedly it is some cosmically powerful something beyond my mortal comprehension. Hey Kosh, what is that thing?

Kosh:   It...

PAT:   Yeah, whatever, What do you think, Jay?

JAY:   It was bright, powerful and strong enough to slam Galactus into a small moon orbiting the planet they are fighting over. What else do we need to know?

PAT:   Guess all we need to know is the response! Man, Galactus looks ticked. No, actually, he always looks like that. He's lifting his arms... he's gonna bust out the Power Cosmic!!! Say nighty-night Unicron.

JAY:   Two massive beams of destruction smash into Unicron... but the beams are stopped by a force-field! How?

PAT:   Well, I understand Unicron is pretty tough. A-Ha... but Galactus has control over matter itself! He can tear apart the... uh... Or... well, maybe not....

JAY:   The two planet eaters are just exchanging shots that could instantly vaporize this Starship into atoms. Galactus looks better prepared now, but he can't penetrate Unicron�s defenses.

PAT:   This battle might boil down to endurance. Who can take the most punishment before giving up?

JAY:   Galactus is focusing every ounce of power into trying to batter down Unicron's defense shields. If he can get through, then Unicron will be at his mercy.

PAT:   Galactus is firing a constant stream of energy bolts to pound down Unicron's shield... and they are slowly giving under the strain.

JAY:   Unicron is slowly rotating away from Galactus and fires another deadly beam... Oh MY!

PAT:   A direct hit on Galactus' worldship!

JAY:   And he keeps firing, blasting through the hull and deep inside it!!


PAT:   I don't know what powered Galactus' World Ship but the explosion just engulfed our two combatants and the planet they were fighting over...

JAY:   The blast radius continues to expand, engulfing other planets...

PAT:   And the sun....

JAY:   ....

PAT:   ....

JAY:   It's not stopping...

PAT:   No it's not...

JAY:   This is not good...

PAT:   Ah... Captain? The explosion?

Starship Captain:   Shields up! Hold on!!!

Shockwave:   Whhhooooooossssssshhhhhhhh!!!!!

JAY:   Ow! What happened?

PAT:   The ship rocked, a few consoles exploded and a couple minor characters died but the Leick is still in one piece.

JAY:   Is Kosh still with us?

PAT:   Yes, he's more than a minor character.

JAY:   Damn! What happened to Unicron and Galactus?

PAT:   The explosion is finally clearing... We're getting a picture on the main screen.

JAY:   What's that big purple thing blocking our view?

PAT:   That'll be Galactus... Unconscious?

JAY:   Either he was injured when his worldship exploded or the shock of loosing another ship proved to be too much.

PAT:   Where's Unicron?

JAY:   The over sized Pac-Man? Ahem! He's off our port side, closing fast. You hear that CAPTAIN!!!

Starship Captain:   Helm get us out of here. Maximum warp!


'Nuff Said!


Unicron: 484

Galactus: 450


PAT:   Gee, I never thought warp 9.96 would seem so awfully slow right about now.

JAY:   Well, considering what's chasing us. What did we do to offend him?

Kosh:   Perhaps Unicron overheard one of your broadcasts? Pictures for this weeks big fight came from:
Beldain's Transformers Site.

Silver Surfer Page.


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