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The Cat and the Jester!

contestant En Garde! contestant
Harley Quinn


Two different fight styles here, but equally dangerous opponets! Who will take the Battle Circle here? Find out in a match we like to call....

The Cheshire Cat!


PAT:  Hello and Welcome. It is a clear evening here in Khazan Stadium and the crowd is expectant for a match which has been neck and neck in the voting all week. I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:  And I'm Jay Peoples. This one sure has been hard to pinpoint and there was no quick lead on either side in the voting. It is rumored that Callisto herself may have to pronounce judgements.

PAT:  Yes, this is some fierce competition Jay. We don't see this kind of battling every day. On a more personal level, here's a fan letter from Scott Spacie:

Thundercats ho! Harley Quinn isn't all brains. Most of it is meek wisecracks that warrant a smirk. Cheetarah is a warrior woman. This means that she has more than enough brawn, and like the stereotype army woman, has a sense of what's going on around them (smart to things that can defeat opponent). Any tricks Quinn pulls have a good chance of being seen by this disciplined cat.

JAY:  Well that about sums up what many people are thinking of this match, Pat. What are the proverbial wild cards that Harley can pull out of her bag of tricks?

PAT:  Well, here comes your answers Jay because the contestants are on the sand and it looks like this thing is underway.

JAY:  Harley Quinn has skipped into the stadium and she appears to be licking a gigantic lolli-pop.

PAT:  Cheetarah is taking her applause... and now she is bowing to Lion-O and the other 'Cats here in the audience tonight.

JAY:  Callisto has given the signal... and we are official. It's fight time.

PAT:  Like a flash, there goes Cheetarah. She is moving full speed at Harley....

JAY:  I can barely track her, Pat.... She is whirling her staff.

PAT:  It's too fast... She's hit Harley Quinn in the face....

JAY:  ..No, she's hit the sucker...

PAT:  Quinn is cartwheeling back now....

JAY:  She hit the sucker and there's some kind of gas on the field...

PAT:  What's this... There is a green gas surrounding Cheetarah...

JAY:  Smile-x? The Joker's brand of gas, Pat?

PAT:  Don't know Jay but Cheetarah got a whiff of it. She seems a little off-balance.

JAY:  Quinn has doubled-back. This could be bad....

PAT:  SLAM! A perfect flying high kick. Cheetarah is in the dirt.

JAY:  She's rolling to the side. She's up... Pat, she looks really pissed-off now. Any comment?

PAT:  Cheetarah is not accustomed to getting kicked in the teeth, Jay.

JAY:  Cheetarah is moving fast again...

PAT:  Harley has springs in her shoes! She jumps over the cat woman's head....

JAY:  Doesn't matter, Pat... She's too fast. Here's the back sweep with the staff...

PAT:  And Cheetarah caught Quinn landing, tripping her. She's down. Cheetarah is gonna smash Quinn with that staff...

JAY:  Gun on the field! Harley has drawn a pistol... she's rolling to the side...

PAT:  She still got hit with the staff. And again!

JAY:  Harley's still rolling in the dirt trying to get away. She's dropped something with her free hand.

PAT:  What happened? Cheetarah is in pain.. she's backing-up...

JAY:  Can we get a visual on this...?

PAT:  It's jax! Quinn has scattered super-sharp Jax on the ground.

JAY:  Doesn't matter... Cheetarah is recovered... she's going for the finish...

PAT:  Quinn's on one knee aiming the pistol.

JAY:  This is it, Pat...

PAT:  ...what the?!

JAY:  It's just a dummy gun! A flag which says "Bang" has shot out of it.

PAT:  -WHAM...

JAY:  Cheetarah could've taken Quinn's head off, Pat.

PAT:  She held her blow, Jay, but I but that had to hurt! Cheetarah is standing over Quinn, and Quinn is just lying there curled up in a ball. We got the Ref on the sand.

JAY:  It's over Folks.


'Nuff Said!

Final Vote:

  • Cheetarah: 55
  • Harley Quinn: 53


PAT:  Be here next week when we watch Joxer & Gabrielle take on the Wonder Twins. From Khazan Stadium, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:  And I'm Jay Peoples. Goodnight all.

Thanxs for the pics: Harley Quinn Page, Thundercats Ho!.

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