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Clash  of the  Titans

[Superman] [en Guarde!] [Thor]

Superman VS. Thor

This Fight Suggested By: Quamp Jr. and 'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth


Superman and Thor... two of the mightiest names in the world of comics.

Superman: A surviving son of the dead planet Krypton, Kal-EL fell to Earth and found he had powers and abilities beyond mortal men. With powers nourished by the Earth's yellow sun, Kal-El is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.... you know the rest.

Thor: The immortal son of Odin, Thor travels between Asgard and Earth using his godly powers to battle of the forces of chaos. With the powers of the elements at his command, Thor, the God of Thunder, with his trusty hammer Mjolnir, enjoys the near invincibility of an Asgardian, a mastery of combat skill and a lust for battle.

When these two rumble, the sky and earth will shake.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall


callisto quinn

Camera Man:   No, they are definitely not going to be here.

Callisto:   Well, somebody needs to do the show!

Camera Man:   One minute to air time. Better find somebody quick.

Quinn:   So we can go home, now?

Callisto:   No. Damn. Somebody has to go live on this. It's you and me clown girl.

Quinn:   Uhhh... no... I don't..

Callisto:   Will you get over here!

Quinn:   Owie, owie, owie! No ear pulling... Let go!!

Callisto:   All right... Cry baby!

Quinn:   Geez! Who died and made you a god?

Callisto:   Shut-up and lets get this over with.

Quinn:   I thought Pat and Jay were suppose to do this.

Callisto:   They would be but they're lost in space.

Quinn:   What in the world are they doing hanging with the Robinson family?

Callisto:   No you idiot! Not the show Lost in Space, they are actually missing IN SPACE.

Quinn:   And they thought I was a wimp in not wanting to go with them. Ha! I hope they say hello to Captain Janeway when they find her.

Camera Man:   O.K... here we go. Three - Two - One - you're on the air.

Callisto:   Live from... *hehe*... Death Valley California we have an exciting battle of the titans, Superman VS. Thor. Pat and Jay are unable to be here today so we're filling in for them. I am the Goddess Callisto with... clown girl.

Quinn:   And I'm Clown Girl... Hey! And I'm Harlene Quinzell in the Sports Box with Psycho Barbie here...

Callisto:   Watch it. My use for you ends once this is over.

Quinn:   ...Uh... yeah... well, the floodgates really opened up in the mail room, so let's see what you people said about this battle.


EDITORS NOTE: The mail room flooded this week - Thanks to everyone who wrote in with your opinions. We enjoyed reading them. We had to choose hard for the posts, and we really tried to get all sides of the argument.

Favorite letter of the Week

Chuckg writes (a biggie we had to snip):

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... bleeding Norse god with a hammer shoved up his nose? Give me a break, please. This match is more lopsided than the Tim Drake vs. Jason Todd match-up would be. This isn't even going to be more than moderately hard for Supes... nowhere near as hard as the Doomsday fights.

Whoever made that comment about Thor's "battle cunning" is further off base than the Cluemaster would be in a parenting class. Thor literally fights crime with the "hit it with a hammer until it breaks" approach. And that's about the limit of ingenuity. Thor's tactical mind is nowhere near that possessed by the leader of the Justice League, the man that has been chosen to lead the massed heroes of his planet into battle more than once. Superman. The one and only. He is The Man, period, end of sentence, full stop.

Does Thor have the massed population Marvel Universe looking at the arrival of Ultimate Cosmic Baddie and immediately going "This is a job for Thor?" Does Thor have Darkseid finding excuses to be somewhere else whenever he shows up looking really pissed off? Has Thor ever punched through to the core of a planet with his bare hands? Jumped all the way to the moon? Gone from zero to .9 of lightspeed in 2 seconds or less? Single-handedly saved the planet Earth from an asteroid barrage? Single-handedly saved the planet Earth from being towed out to space and stolen by ultra-powerful alien collectors? Single-handedly saved the Earth from... ah, heck with it, if I listed every time Superman single-handedly saved the Earth from something we'd be here all year. That alone should tell you something.

Besides, Thor is slow. Look at him -- even the Hulk can snap off a punch faster than Thor can. And Superman is *fast*... we're talking warp speed fast. We're talking once around the entire planet and back before the TV commercial is over fast. Thor would be lucky if he even *saw* Superman before he got pounded.

"But the hammer is magic! Superman's vulnerable to magic!", you say. Dream on, O Deluded Marvel Fanboys... as Doomsday has proven, even when Superman is *dead* he'll still get back up and stomp your face in. It wouldn't matter if Thor somehow managed to hit the world's second-fastest moving target despite being slower than a truck... it wouldn't matter if he "magic hammered" Superman into having broken ribs, punctured lungs, and a fractured skull. Superman would still win. Because he's Superman. Because he is one of the two greatest mythic icons in all of comics history, whereas Thor is just one of Marvel's recent sellers.

Get your Blue Cross paid up, Goldilocks... this is a job for Superman.

Justicar writes:

Verily, Justicar sees not this battle having fallen combatant and triumphant victor. Justicar votes for Thor because Justicar sees Thor in a greater light.

Plainly, Thor be skilled greater in the arts of warfare than the Kryptonian outlander. The Son of Jor-El, power being not at issue, could be beaten by Joxer. Thor has fought in battles sung by skalds throughout the ages. The Outlander is but the orphan of a world of science. Fire does not burn in his blood and the glory of battle means little.

Look now upon the styles of warfare. Mighty Thor battles with gifts and lineage of a true Asgardian. The being of which many refer to as 'super' will not go for the kill. His particular style is to cage and contain the beast, to redirect the flow of the river. Thor has not that handicap. Kal-El will attempt to subdue Thor. Thor will try to drive Mjolnir through 'Superman's' cabbage head.

Yet, as fate would have it, 'Superman's' person is nigh invulnerable, as is Thor's. Also, though the Kryptonian's methods may be feeble his punch is powerful. Blows can rain upon each other for a fortnight and little will come of it. Thor won't exploit the Achilles heel of 'Superman' for that would be an act of cowardice.

Yet me must have a winner. Justicar sitting in judgment upon such combat sees Thor the victor. Justicar's justification... points. Justicar sees Thor counting many more coup than 'Superman'. The myriad battles of mind against Loki have taught Thor well. Thor will not defeat 'Superman', but all will know who won.

Runewulf writes:

Powerful though Superman is, he has two major weaknesses: Kryptonite and Magic. Thor happens to be packing an awful lot of the second.

Since John Byrne's revamping, I'd have to say that Supes strength level isn't any greater than Thor's either. His damage resistance might be marginally higher against physical attack, but as I've noted, Thor's got magic at his disposal as well.

As for Superman's other powers, we've seen Thor block all kinds of rays with his hammer, so heat vision doesn't seem to be much of a threat. Thor's had run-ins with super-speed opponents before, and Superman doesn't actually do much fighting at super speed, anyway.

And Superman doesn't really have much skill at combat. His opponents are usually either unskilled themselves or so much less powerful that skill never becomes a factor. Thor's fighting abilities are honed to a razor's edge from fighting extremely powerful and well-trained opponents.

Besides, we have seen Thor fight the Shi'ar Guardian named Gladiator to a stand still, and Gladiator is basically a knock-off of Superman.

Thor prevails after a long, brutal fight.

Dizzy D writes:

Superman may be stronger, faster and may have heat vision, but Thor has THOUSANDS OF YEARS of experience. Also his hammer is able to project magical energy and everybody knows: magic zaps Supes! Also Loki could kick the collective ass of Superman's rogue gallery, so Thor has better opponents. Even if Superman could destroy Thor's body, Thor would just reincarnate again until Supes is just an old weak man.

The only thing Superman has got going for him is the tough little group of fans, that survived the Supermen Red and Blue storylines. (I would have gone for Supes before that stupid plot twist)

Vomit Death writes:

Are you kidding me?!? This battle will be a short contest: Superman in a walk. Even his alter-ego, Clark Kent, could kick Thor's ass... Thor is just a long haired, long-lost Hansen brother, a blond pansy super-hero-wannabe whose brother routinely makes him look like the proverbial monkey in the halls of Asgard. Look at the lousy job he did in the Secret Wars, compared with the others he was exiled with; what a wuss.

Superman, on the other hand, has not only all of the super powers, but is massively sexually frustrated from having to put up with Lois Lane, Lana Lang, et al. for all those years. Seething sexual fury enables him to be an unstoppable dynamo in this fight. After he stuffs the enchanted Uru hammer up Thor's hall of Asgard, Ragnarok begins on the Norse neo-hippy's skull. End of story. Superman burns his initials in Thor's ass with his heat vision, and flies off to the Fortress of Solitude to enjoy late night Cinemax with a six pack of beer and a box of Kleenex.

Captain Freedom writes:

First off, Superman is definitely stronger. Thor is, if I remember correctly, in the 90 - 100 ton range according to marvel. Superman is WAY above that, even the more recent, lower strength version has lifted weights that were greater by a factor of 10.

Second, Superman is a LOT faster than Thor. Faster, to use a choice clich´┐Ż, than a speeding bullet. That means faster than a hurled Mjolnir.

Third, Superman is more resistant to damage. The man has survived the ground-zero detonation of nuclear warheads.

The only real advantage Thor would have is magic. The question with that is whether the manifestations of his powers, i.e. a GREAT big lightning bolt, would be considered magic in and of itself. Even if it is, I think Superman's many advantages would outweigh that one advantage of Thor's. End result: The Man of Steel by knockout.

Cardinal Ximinez writes:

Supes is the man! There is no way that Thor can come anywhere close to Superman on this one. In the Marvel Universe I would take Thor over just about anyone...but against the big "S" he don't stand a chance. All Kal-El has to do is whip out some heat rays and Mjolnir or whatever the hell that glorified hand tool is called is toast! Then you got Thor...who is about as smart as an ox...and while Supes ain't a genius, he does have a brain.

Thor will keep pounded like there is no tomorrow, and Mr. Kent will stand there like nothing is happening. When he finally gets annoyed though, you can say goodbye to Thor. He's gonna be on his way to Valhalla... if you know what I mean, and I think you do. To put it bluntly, Superman is gonna beat into Thor like Ike into Tina.

Editors Note: Yes, the quest for great euphemisms continues...

'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth writes:

Allright! Long standing battle on the request-o-meter over the decades, and we got it right here! Even Wizard can't make up their minds on this one (see issues #39 and #70). What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving then to pit these two powerhouses together? Sometimes, I just love this country.

Anyway, on to the brawl at hand. Now Thor has a big upper hand here do to the fact that most of his tricks and Mjolnir are Mystical in nature (and if you don't know what that means for Supes, you shouldn't be reading this page). But he also has his hindrances. Thor can't maneuver in mid-air like Superman can, and is also rather rash in combat.

Now Superman has one thing in this match that will be a deciding factor in his favor, Superspeed. Yep, once Clark figures it out, he will not stand still during the match. I can see Supes flying and running all around Thor, with quick punches and bursts of heat vision. And once Superman figures out how to get Mjolnir out of Thor's hands, he's going to lay the smack down on his white Asgardan ass.

Although I do wonder if Superman is noble and worthy enough to lift Mjolnir? Hey, if Wonder Woman can, I'm sure the greatest superhero of all time can. Just make sure you have that planet from the Bricks fight on hand.

Dark Force writes:

Thor. Thor will win using one little piece of comic book trivia: Superman is vulnerable to magic. All the comics, cartoons, books, etc. say that no matter how powerful Superman is, he is as weak as OJ Simpson's Defense Team.

    Simple math:
  1. Thor = God

  2. God = Magic

  3. Magic > Superman.

All that adds up to Superman being spanked like a four-year old at Quik-E-Mart.

Hysteria writes:

Well, you guys have picked what may quite possibly be one of the most even matches I have seen. Both are strong, both are indestructible, and both have godlike powers, if not powers of the gods themselves. So, while I do think that Thor is one of the most powerful characters out there, even he falls short of the Kryptonian powerhouse known as Superman. While both are evenly matched in terms of sheer strength, ability to take punishment, and ranged attacks, the advantage goes to Superman. We know that he is super-fast, which gives him an edge on Thor, who has never been shown to be all that quick. Plus, he is more maneuverable than Thor while flying, but the most obvious difference is in their minds. Superman thinks his way out of situations, using his powers to their creative fullest (usually). Thor, on the other hand, kicks butt, takes names, and then goes home to confront his latest identity crisis. The point here is that Supes can out-think Thor, so while Thor is trying to beat the holy heck outta Superman, Superman would be coming up with a plan to take the Thunder God down.

Of course, anybody that wants proof that Superman is superior should remember that Superman took down the Juggernaut all by his lonesome, while Thor needed help from the New Warriors (and yes I do need a life). So, Supes is going to whip Thor like a nazi facing Indiana Jones. Goodnight.

Azrael writes:

Depends on which Superman we're talking about. If DC's involved in this match, Kal's powers are changing on the drop of a hat. The moment that hammer comes anywhere near Supes, he turns into the giant smurf with energy powers, then into two supermen, then into...

an hour into the match, Thor will be so confused that one good punch will put him down.

sladethesniper writes:

Look at the competitors:

Superman (S+M for short) is an alien. Thor is a GOD, (a mighty one thunder, I might add)

S+M's real name is Kal-EL, which is dumb. Thor's real name is THOR MIGHTY GOD OF THUNDER.

S+M shoots crap out his eyes, just like that other idiot Scott "Girlie Man" Summers (who is related to Suzanne Summers, which automatically causes him to suck!!). Thor uses a hammer to crush TITANS!!

Supes, blows on people, wow what a power. THOR, MIGHTY GOD OF THUNDER gets drunk and goes nutty with rage.

Supes wears crappy clothes, both as a superhero (ha!) and in his alter ego, Clark "I'm a wuss, and an annoying reporter" Kent. Thor wears armor in GOD form and cool working clothes as a human. If it really get's down to the wire, (yeah right) look at the allies available. S+M can call on what, Louis Lane (combat monster she is!), and some assorted has-beens. THOR MIGHTY GOD OF THUNDER can call on Dad, ODIN ONE EYE, and all of his family, that are all incidentally...GODS. I think that even FREYA would be able to just squish all the combat power that any of Supes friends could bring to the fight. Oh, and I'm sure that THOR's buddy RAIDEN (also A MIGHTY THUNDER GOD) over in Kurosawa-land, er, Japan would not like to see any THUNDER GOD be defeated by some puny non-godling like S+M Oh, yeah, and Superman gets killed, then brought back. His comics are annoying, and contrived. THOR kills, and he's not scared to do it. p.s.-I know that there are sooooo many more categories where THOR whups supes (lower case for the loser) ass, but really, is it necessary to bring a case of whip ass when a 12oz. can is all that's required? Editors Note: One for the I Hate Superman side.

Carnibavore writes:

Ha! Thor, the name itself rings of a girlie, gay, San Francisco disco-dancer. Throw in that long blonde hair, the muscle shirt, and the cape and you have a Grade-A Bitch. Superman, on the other hand, is no ones bitch. He's the boyscout with a merit-badge in ass kicking. With the addition of super speed and heat vision, Superman cannot loose. Thor will get beat like a penis in a porno. Editors Note: One for the I Hate Thor side

XXUTAK, Lord of Werkon writes:

No contest. Supes is tough, but everybody knows about his vulnerability to magic. Can you say...."enchanted hammer"? I thought so.

The Bunyip writes:

The victory depends on which Superman this is:

if its the 50's Superman - Well, just bury his heart and wounded knees, Thor's gonna kick some.

If it's the 70's/early 80's Superman - the one on Superfriends who casually moved planets, changed the color of suns, and flew several parsecs in a second - Thor's gonna get skunked worse than what Beta Ray Bill did to him.

If its the "new" Superman, I still give it to Thor. At least Thor's been consistent (you don't see "Blue Thor", "Red Thor", "Energy Thor", do you? Supes changes so fast he's forgetting what he's supposed to be able to do!)

Besides, if you can't beat up a weaselly little pimple like Lex Luthor after all these years, what kind of defender of "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" are you? Supes is like the government - has a lot of power, but can't USE it to do something so simple as reign in Corporate America, which is personified in Lex Luthor. I learned that in Lit. classes :>

The Blue Spider writes:

Superman will win! Thor stands a small chance.

First off, Thor is not invulnerable (by his admission); he uses his hammer to block bullets, lasers, and tank shells.

Secondly, Superman's only weakness that can be used against him in this fight is magic. But the only magic Thor has comes from his hammer. His sheer brute strength is not magical in nature.

After determining the nature of the magical threat, Superman will try and take the Hammer from Thor. Not knowing about the Odinspell enabling only those worthy to pick up Mjolnir, Superman can get the hammer anyway; because who's more worthy than Superman? Thus, Thor turn into a mortal form after 60 seconds, and Supes gets the powers of Thor added to his own.

Whether or not he can or will get the hammer, Superman can evade the hammer with Superspeed and pummel Thor with super strength and speed. Heat vision will also help. Also keep in mind that Thor cannot fly without his hammer.

Superman can also keep his cool in situations, unlike Thor. Thor has a temper and sometimes doesn't think straight. Superman is also smarter than the Asgardian.

Mr. Seldon writes:

Look, why even bring out Superman? I mean, he's the MAN!!! But, as usual, I'll break it down for all to see....


  • Xray vision (Never bought a Playboy in his life)
  • The Stongest (The girls like the muscles)
  • Smart (Reporter types always are, girls dig the smart, muscular type)
  • Groovy outfit (The girls love the tights)


  • Wears Fur (Politically Incorrect Animal Fur Clothes)
  • Has a Hammer (I own a hammer, does that make me a superhero?!?)
  • Strong (But not as strong as Superman)

So, in conclusion, The MAN is SUPERMAN, Thor is just trailer trash made good.

X-Pac writes:

Okay, let's compare these two point for point.

Strength: The Superman a decade or two ago might have an advantage in strength. But DC has since toned down the man of steel. In terms of strength and invulnerability I think they are roughly equal.

Speed: Edge to Superman. No question here.

Skill: Huge edge to Thor. He's a warrior god raised for battle who has battled on for thousands if not millions of years as a god. Superman was raised a farmer. He's has his share of fights, but there's no comparison. Plus, in combat Thor's hammer will give him a huge edge.

Firepower: Edge Thor. Superman has heat-ray vision and cold breath. Thor however can summon lightning and storms. The hammer itself is a great projective too.

Miscellaneous: Superman's invulnerability does NOT extend to magic. He's vulnerable to that, and Thor does have access to Asgardian Magic.

It's all in the name. SuperMAN. ThunderGOD.

TheBigGiantHead writes:

Thor wins for one simple reason: Superman's vulnerability to magic. He'd stand there and try to take a blow from Mjolnir, and it's going to hit him like a regular guy being hit with a sledgehammer.

If you've gotten a look at the intended-but-never published "Avengers vs. JLA", that's exactly what happened.

kcn writes:

This is a good one, but while I admire Thor, I have to go with the perennial superhero, the reigning warrior, and the father of them all. This fight belongs to Superman. Thor is probably one of the few warriors to give Supes problems on a Doomsday level. Teleportation is out of the question for Thor against an opponent like this. But why Superman over the Thunder God?

1. Superman has a level head upon his shoulders and possesses an uncanny ability to adapt and overcome any situation he's thrust in. Thor is a warrior prone to blinding rages and that makes him a poor strategist. No matter how many thousands of years he's fought, he can still be overcome because of his temper.

2. It's very hard for me to believe that Thor is stronger or faster than Superman. He simply isn't. Superman is the master of combat speed and flight. He'll run circles around Thor, and upon knowing Thor has a high threshold for punishment, won't worry about holding back. Mjolnir will pose problems for Superman, but he's smart enough to dodge the hammer after a few hits. Superman has moved the moon and held back the power of Heaven manifested in the king-angel Asmodel. Thor's not gonna find him as easy to beat as Hercules.

All in all this fight goes to the Man of Tomorrow as he's faster, stronger, and smarter than Thor.

Mash writes:

Thor wins, He has no real compunction against killing when all the chips are on the line. If he goes into a fight with Superman he goes prepared. I'm talking about powergloves, powerbelt and Moljinor and the Hammer of Red Norvel, and full Asgardian battle armor. He has thousands of years experience at fighting so..he gets himself psyched up for the big fight, Engaging ole Warrior's Madness which heightens all his combat senses and boosts his power tenfold. Superman of the 90's is tough but Thor is just more capable and more willing to lay the killing blow. That in my opinion wins the battle for the God of Thunder, The Mighty Thor.

Esrom writes:

I like Superman better than Thor, but I'm afraid Thor has Superman outclassed here. Thor has the magical hammer Mjolnir, which is one of the most dangerous weapons in classical mythology or comic books. And since it's magical, Superman can be affected by it (aside from Kryptonite and red solar radiation, magic spells and magical items can also harm Superman). Thor also is far more willing to go into an all-out fight; Superman would be well-advised not to get Thor mad, or else the Thunder God will send him on a one-way trip to Valhalla. So, my pick is Thor, because he's been spanking opponents like four-year olds at K-Mart long before there WAS such a thing as K-Mart.

Mani writes:

Yesss!!! Go Odinson!!

Basically it comes down to Thor's millennia long experience, his magical powers (Superman's two weaknesses - Kryptonite and magic, which nullifies, or at least seriously decreases his invulnerability.

While Big Blue has Superspeed and I'm willing to give him a small advantage in strength, he's not the born warrior Thor is. Plus we have Mjolnir, which is made out of magical Uru (so if it hits Supes, he takes heavy damage), it also allows manipulation of storms and lightning. Thor could literally fry Supes before he gets near him.

Just a warning though, this is a battle involving two beings with unimaginable strength and powers. There'll probably be constant sonic booms and Force 10 winds and storms. Don't be too near... another continent should cut it.

sOuL kNiGhT writes:

There is simple one word - Doomsday. The day only reason why Superman wins this bout. A fight he not ready for, or had an advantage. This battle was an all out battle of strength and endurance, which is why Superman shall prevail over Thor.

Thor himself has defeat many powerful foes however as shown in Marvel vs. DC, he was matched up with Captain Marvel and only won the bout via his hammer. This, is Thor's weakness, he is too preoccupied with his hammer, that he loses value on his other powers (strength, guile, etc.) This is how Superman will conquer.

Moreover, Superman defeated the deadly cyborg (and Doomsday a second time with the help of waverider) as a mere mortal. Now if this shows his courage, endurance, skill and stamina - the makings of true hero. Powers or not, he still won.

Thor will give a good fight to Supes (such as the Hulk vs. Superman crossover) however Superman laying it all on the line will pound a finally blow into the Norse God of Thunder, leaving him cold in the dust.

Jay B. - The ArachKid writes:

This is a battle that has been discussed numerous times at the Thor Message Board. With the wide array of powers Thor has, Superman is slightly outmatched. They are about equal in strength, endurance and invulnerability. Superman does have the advantage in the speed department, but he rarely utilizes it to its full potential. Superman wouldn't turn his heat vision upon Thor until late in the battle, because Superman rarely uses his heat vision on living things unless they make him mad or are invulnerable. Even if they are invulnerable he doesn't use it straight out.

Thor, on the other hand, can command the weather itself. He has many powers through Mjolnir, which can be applied up close or at a distance. Mjolnir is also a great bludgeoning tool.

So, unless Thor doesn't use Mjolnir, Thor will win.

Fedje! writes:

Hmmm... last son of Krypton.

A god.

Reporter by day...

A god.

Used to be able to move planets in pre-Crisis DC universe.

Has always been... a god.

No...I'm gonna have to go with the god on this one. Superman will have something in common with Queen, he'll be "waiting for the hammer to fall".

Him writes:

Hmmm... lets see, in Wizard Magazine a while back they picked Thor in this same battle, and I think he would win too for all the same reasons:

A) Experience- He's practically immortal and has centuries of combat experience behind him.

B) Strength- He's easily as strong as Superman, I mean come on, he can fight the Hulk without his hammer anyday.

C) The hammer- I guarantee Superman will feel that 151st lightning bolt and the repeated smackings on the noggin with miljonir.

D) He's a Viking-fighting is a way of life for these guys. Talk about blood thirsty.

The only thing Thor has going against him is the fact that Superman has more fans and they will vote for Supes no matter who he's fighting.

Bowie Hawkins writes:

OK, here's why Superman will win: Thor's hammer is enchanted to prevent anybody who is unworthy from being able to use it. Supes is worthy. So after he takes Thor's hammer away, he'll bludgeon the Blunder God into a thin red paste.

Lemur writes:

Man, this ain't even a fight. I think it's pretty much widely accepted among comics geeks that Superman is about as ridiculously powerful as superheroes get (wacky omnipotent cosmic types notwithstanding). Thor . . . well, Thor's some dorky guy from Norway with wings on his hat. Plenty of power, yeah, but when it all comes down to it, he's just a better than average brick. Sucka doesn't even really fly under his own power....

Uru Guru writes:

Superman is awesome, but he has a known weakness to magic. Thor, on the other hand, is an extremely powerful and magical being. Anyone who remembers the Supes vs. Cap Marvel battle in "Kingdom Come" remembers how fried Supes was from the lightning bolts.

Thor is the god of thunder and lightning. Take Captain Marvel's lightning bolts and multiply them by about 50.

In this battle, Thor would undoubtedly come out on top.

A Concerned Citizen writes:

As powerful as these guys are, this battle's going to come down to weaknesses. Superman's weakness: Kryptonite. Thor's: losing Mjolnir. Since Thor is not likely to have any of the green stuff handy, I will reluctantly go with Superman. I usually favor Marvel over DC, but I'll have to admit Superman gets this one by a hair. Once Superman figures out that Thor needs that hammer (even if he doesn't know secret identity facts, he'll still know to get a weapon that powerful away from his foe), he'll separate it from him somehow.

DC folks might argue that Superman is noble enough to lift the hammer, a-la Wonder Woman and Captain America, but even if he can't, he can still use that super-strength and super-speed to move Thor away from the hammer long enough to put the kibosh on him. And if he can lift the hammer... Ouch.

Lumpenprole writes:

At first I was going to cry foul, for two reasons. Both these guys are such pure, noble defenders of the good and right that how could they ever be against one another?

Upon a few days reflection however, I suppose it would go like this: Loki somehow frames Superman for something he didn't do, and Thor hot-headedly attacks him, forcing Superman to defend himself. For a long while it's as close a fight as they come, but finally Superman pulls a move that Thor is completely unprepared for- he proves his pureness of heart by being able to pick up Mjolnir (sp?) after Thor has thrown it (And bashes Thor over the head with it.) At that point as Thor is sitting on the ground with stars and tweeting birds circling his head, he finally cools off enough to listen to Superman, and discover that Supes was innocent all along. Call it a fight that goes the distance, with Superman the winner on points.

Shylock writes:

Superman is the epitome of a superhero. He's not a crazed vigilante or some blood-lusted god who's job is to battle the forces of chaos, he's a person that made a conscience decision to use his powers for good rather than become the ultimate villain and voyeur. Superman also has super speed and heat vision, he'd simply unleash a couple hundred solar powered punches in a matter of seconds knocking pretty boy out cold. Anyways, I always hated the name Mjolnir.

Ambush Bug writes:

The man of Steel, but barely.

Now, Supes, alongside Wonder Woman, has fought other "Gods" to a standstill (Olympian Pantheon). He's fought New Gods (the original source of the Olympian Gods' powers) to a standstill. He has also fought, and beaten, the universe's most indestructible entity, Doomsday, a force even Darkseid could not stop. Godlike individuals? When hasn't he fought these guys. Hell. Along with the JLA, he fought the forces of GOD with the big G. So the old, well he's fighting a whoop. And far be it from me to dismiss Thor's experience, but all the real tough strategy battles were with the Avengers.

Keep in mind, he put away Captain Marvel, but not easily in my opinion. (Always a good Supes comparison) Tactically, he's no giant. He gets real lucky with brawn...a lot. Unless he's in the Destroyer Armor, wielding that Big Ass Surtur defeating sword, IN Asgard, nowhere NEAR a yellow sun. it's gonna be a bludgeon fest, but Supes will come out on top.

Now if it was Captain America, IN Thor's body...


[ Star Fighter ] [ Wilma ]

Callisto:   Our two combatants stare at each other across this bleak desert wasteland.... Superman on one side and Thor on the other. I hope this fight will be as exciting as everyone has said. If not I just might have to go down there to liven it up.

Quinn:   Yeah, go any place but here...

Callisto:   What?

Quinn:   I said lets get this into gear! Okay, these two goody two shoes really deserve each other! Is there a back story on this fight? Aww... who cares. Let's see some violence!

Callisto:   You bring up a good point... both heroes seems to think the other is the enemy. What could have caused this? As long as both die today, it does not matter.

Quinn:   Thor and Superman are moving in close... couple of jabs... a little foot work... Yes Callisto, it's your typical Goodie-Goodie hero beginning. Gotta test the other guy before you end-up leaving a red smear with the ol' Super Strength.

Callisto:   They lock hands with each other to test one anothers other strength. This should be interesting to see who wins this one...

Quinn:   Ahhh... looks like these muscle boys are getting the picture. They're both super strong. Oh... but only one of them is a super wrestler! Blondie is puttin' the moves on Blue boy.... it's a classic half-nelson and a point for Thor!

Callisto:   At least we now know who the true warrior is between these two. Super Mortal is struggling but Thor has the leverage, this might be a quick fight after all... no... Superman is now spinning like a top to throw off Thor!

Quinn:   Woah! Look at him go! Thor is clinging like static to socks but... Blue Boy starts drilling into the earth! That shook Thor's grip!

Callisto:   Super Mortal is drilling his way into the earth, dragging the Thunder God with him. They're out of sight now... I wonder if they're taking this fight to China?

Quinn:   Hmmm .... No, here comes old Arm and Hammer out of the nice hole, now. Uh-oh... He's busting the hammer out, getting it from his belt. Boy, he looks mad.

Thor:   Verily thou art a worthy foe! Show thyself anon and taste the fury of Asgard!

Callisto:   Here comes Super Mortal popping back up... I guess he finished drilling for oil.

Superman:   Why not surrender now? I do not want to hurt you.

Thor:   AAAAAAARRRGH! Have at thee!!!

Quinn:   Wow! Ol' Arm and Hammer drives his over-sized mallet into Supes gut! Superman doubles up in agony! The man of steel felt that one.

Callisto:   He's turning blue as his tights... and Thor is winding up again.

Quinn:   Supes suddenly stands up-right... delivering a massive upper-cut to Arm and Hammer's chin!

Callisto:   ...And it's up, up and away for Thor.

Quinn:   Superman follows the God of Blonde skyward, flashing up in the twinkling of an eye...

Callisto:   Thor throws his hammer back down upon the rising Superman.... Thor's hammer strikes true! And... and... and they both fall earthwards... Superman is dazed and Thor does not fly naturally. They're going to impact with the ground in seconds... Quinn, not that I care about you, but you might want to get behind me to avoid flying debris.

Quinn:   YIKES!!

The Earth:   KAAA - RAAASH!!!!!

Callisto:   Look, it's raining muscular doo-gooders.

Quinn:   I think Superman is in trouble Cally. Not only is Blondie strong, he has the mallet of mystical goo-goo metal!

Callisto:   That's Uru metal. Don't call me Cally.

Quinn:   Whatever.

Callisto:   You know, hyena skin boots might look great on me.

Quinn:   What?!?

Callisto:   Nothing. Wait, I see movement through the dust cloud... down in the crater. Why can't they die like good boys? Hello... It's Thor flying through the air being propelled by Superman's fist! [ Star Fighter ] [ Wilma ]

Quinn:   Ohhhhh... look at the pretty streak in the sky! Hitting that mountain in the distance might hurt...

Callisto:   Superman is quickly following him.

Quinn:   Gee, they're awfully far away. Should we move closer?

Callisto:   No, they'll be back.

Quinn:   Huh? Oh, yeah. Here comes Superman being knocked back this way already. is it me or is it suddenly getting dark out... wait... Oh No!! Rain!!! My spandex!!!

Callisto:   Thor is calling up some storm clouds but I don't think he's going stop with the rain....

Quinn:   Wow this is exciting stuff. Let's go down on the field now to our own Sideline Commentator Harley Quinn. Hey, that's me! Okay, there's lightning everywhere and Superman is really - really looking pissed off now. Back to you Callisto.

Callisto:   Thank you Sideline Commentator Quinn... Do you take medication? Superman charges to attack Thor but several lightning bolts strikes him from above. Ow! That slowed him down some.

Quinn:   Thor prepares to let fly his hammer once more at Superman... But the guy in blue recovers enough to hit Blondie first with his heat vision! Thor cancels the throw and uses the hammer to block....

Callisto:   The enchanted hammer seems to be absorbing the energy....

Quinn:   ...But it was a feint! Supes moves into Super-Speed Mode...

Callisto:   ...Can't see... Lightning everywhere...

Quinn:   ... Thor's getting knocked around... blocking some... Supes too fast...

Callisto:   ... Wait! Thor is using the lightning bolts from the sky...

Quinn:   ...To herd Superman into...

Callisto:   ...the path of....

Mjolnir:   KARAKA - THOOOM!!!

Quinn:   Ouch.

Callisto:   Massive lightning energy discharge into Super Mortal. That hit of mystic lightning brought Superman out of Super Speed... he is stunned!

Quinn:   Superman's face has just been formally introduced to the California Desert. Say goodnight Gracie. [ Superman ] [ Thor ]


'Nuff Said!


Superman: 1061

Thor: 1082


Callisto:   Well that was fun, watching to Goody-two shoes beat each other senseless.

Quinn:   I'll say. Two bad it couldn't last. The two are out there on the field now, patching up their differences.

Callisto:   It's an age old scenario, Clown Girl. The two talk, discover it was all a big misunderstanding, and then go after the bad guys. It is a scene that will be played out again and again as long as Heroes and Villains exist.

Quinn:   Yeah. So, are Pat and Jay here next week? Do I get paid more for being a full sportscaster? We can fill in....

Callisto:   Like I would want to be caught dead with you for any longer than I have to! No, other replacements will have to be found....

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