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Issue #177 - OCT. 3, 2004


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Professor Xavier
Master Yoda


The Set-UP

Professor X - Leader, founder and godfather of the X-Men. Charles Xavier is often described as the mightiest mind in the merry marvel mutant multi-verse. His psionic powers are legendary, and though his broken body is confined to a wheel chair, has saved the X-Men on numerous occassions. He has trained many young mutants in taming and harnessing their power for the betterment of mankind.

Yoda - Leader and master of the Jedi Knights of the old republic. Yoda is considered the ultimate Jedi whose knowledge and ability with the Force is second to none among the Jedi and who gives even the Sith pause. Though appearing wizend and infirm he strikes dread even in martial combat. He has trained many young Padawans in sharpening and harnessing their power for the betterment of mankind.

Live this week in the Arena of Khazan... Two elders, master trainers and wise fighters enter the hot sands of the Arena of Khazan. Only one will be declared the victor. You be the judge - who takes the battle.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Brain Waves

This fight suggested by: The guys at U.S. Coast Guard Integrated Support Command.


A letter from your friendly neighborhood CBUB editor, serge

Thanks for visiting the Comic Book Universe Battles website. To date we have produced over One Hundred and Seventy Five battles on this website for your entertainment. I don't recieve much in the way of opinion mail, but I would like to hear what you think about the CBUB web site and how it is doing.

Please write serge *at* and let me know what you think.

Sometimes people think the battle we post is too short and are dissapointed. On this battle Yoda vs. Xavier - telling you up front - It is a short battle.

Callisto:    Welcome to another exciting battle here in the Arena of Khazan. I am your fight goddess Callisto - once again here to host a bloody and brutal display for you barbarian savages in the audience who seem to enjoy this so much.

Harley Quinn:    Gooooooo savages! And I am Harleen Quinzelle, your jokestress with the mostess.

Callisto:    Remember, today we have a special prize for someone in the audience here at the Arena of Khazan - one lucky person will win the raffle and I will give that winner the pleasure and honor of licking my boots right here Live on screen.

Harley Quinn:    That's right folks! And the winner will get a free Arena Dog as well! Remember - we're the super-villianesses who care about you!

Callisto:    Let's go down on the field, now, where this match is underway! From either end of the Arena Fighters Pit the heavy steel gates rumble their opening to the roar of the crowd.

Harley Quinn:    Let's see what you had to say about this battle, and we'll be back on the other side for the blow by blow...



What YOU thought about the match:

Psychopathicus Rex Writes:

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... This should be interesting. The greatest telepath of earth VS the most legendary Jedi Master in whatever frikkin' unverse Star Wars is set in. Now, normally when faced with a situation like this, I'd go for the 'Universal' as opposed to the 'Planetary', but there are extenuating circumstances here, yoobetcha.

1: Xavier has been around a lot longer than Yoda. "Foul!" you cry, "Yoda is so obscenely aged that he used trilobites as chewtoys when he was a baby!" This is true, but I speak in REAL WORLD time. The Star Wars films came out in the mid-seventies, or roundabouts. The X-Men came into being in the early sixties. Score one for the dirty rotten muties.

2: Xavier has much more varied experience than Yoda. "Blasphemy!" you shriek. "Yoda is Mr. Jedi Ubermensch! He beats El Baldo hands down in the experience category!" Untrue. Yoda IS the greatest of the great in Jedi terms, yes, but we know next to nothing of his backstory (or, at least, I know nothing of his backstory), and therefore, for comparison purposes, he doesn't count. Xavier's history, on the other hand, is an open book, and oh, yowza, what HASN'T he done? Even before the X-men he had a long and storied career. He fought in the Korean War alongside his brute of a stepbrother. He worked in a hospital for WW2 victims. He faced down evil telepaths in Cairo and creepy aliens in, eh...Tibet, wasn't it? Anyway. Then, of course, we have the X-men! YAAAY! Go X-men! With them, he's fought all over the world, and all OUT of the world, too, against the Brood, the Shi'ar and who knows who else. He's had his legs crushed twice. He's molded other teams, like the New Mutants, Generation X and the Starjammers. He's fallen in love with a beautiful alien queen. He's gone crazy once or twice, which at one point resulted in Onslaught, who cleaned the clocks of most of the Marvel Universe! And, of course, he's somehow managed to conceal the true nature of his school from all his neighbors, despite the fact that it's been BLOWN UP about eleventy-million times. That takes smarts.

Anyway, I certainly think that he can more than take on a wizened little muppet, now matter how great of a Jedi that muppet may be. Xavier will reach inside Yoda's moldery little brain and mix and match until the freaky little goblin thinks he's a Cornish flamingo with rabies. He'll start squawking in a thick accent and foaming at the mouth, and while he's thus distracted, Xavier will zip his little ol' hoverchair right over there, lower it down to the ground and SQUISH! HAIL XAVIER! ALL BOW BEFORE HIS MUTANT MIGHT!

Dustin Prewitt Writes:

While Yoda has the edge in agility and of course in force power... telepathy has never been the force's strong point...

Here's how the fight goes: Reaching some sort of impass, Yoda attempts to crush Xaiver with a massive stone on his head, throws him around a couple of times like a rag doll, until Xaiver eventualy passes out... or so it seems... Yoda then realizes that this "battle" he just fought this whole time has been a telepathic illusion... meant as a distraction while Xaiver completly rewires and fries his brain to a crisp, without even breaking a sweat... I give the odds 70-30 in Xaiver's favor

Daniel Lewis Writes:

If it were almost anyone else, I'd give this fight to Xavier. Unfortunately, he's facing Yoda.

Yoda is adept in the use of the Force, which is, IMO, far superior to sheer self-induced mental ability. The Prof. has nothing to match the telekinetic-like abilities of a jedi, since he is a pure telepath. Besides, Yoda's mental defenses are so formidable that they can withstand Xavier's psychic onslaught.

Yoda, remember, was able to shield himself and the planet he was on from detection by both Darth Vader and the Emperor.

It will be a long fight(as mental fights go), but in the end Professor X will see the power of the Force

Vinnie Writes:

Xavier, a wise man no doubt. His phycic abilities can match that even of the great Yoda. If it was a battle of the minds Xavier would win, but with great diffuculty. Yoda is 900 years old! He has trained Jedi for 800 years! While Xavier is only about 60? And he has trained the X-Men for abot 20 years. Yoda has the most experience, but Xaviers more powerfull. Yoda could hold off Xavier for a great many hours, yet Xavier would triuph! Yoda has to concentrate very hard when using the force. In Episode 2 he had to stop the fight with Dookou in order to save Anikan & Obi Wan. While Xavier has only to think, and the thing happens. Sometimes he has to concentrate, but not so much as Yoda. But Yoda would eventually take out his lightsabre and slash Xavier down to kingdom come. Xavier and Yoda are both powerfull weilders of great powers, this should be a good one.

The Man Who Knows All! Writes:

Here is what will happen in the arena.

Xavier: At last we meet master Yoda. I am afraid you were not quite what I expected.

Yoda: Size matters not! Look at me, judge me by size do you? Hmm? And were yiou should not, for my ally is the Force, and a powerfull ally it is. Life needs it, makeas it grow. Its energy surronds us, and binds us. Luminous beings are we, are power extend beyond our physical abilities.

Xavier: You are right master Yoda. As hard as I will try to succed victory, I will still have the utmost respect for you mater Yoda.

Yoda: As I have you Profesor Xavier. An Hounarable fight this will be.

Xavier: Yes. After the fight, you wanna watch a film at my place?

Yoda: Die Hard it must be!

Xavier: Of course, and Budwiser!

Yoda: The king of beers. Wait I cannot master Xavier.

Xavier: Why not bring your midget freinds along. R2D2, Gollum and Wicket.

Yoda: What about Frodo & Sam?

Xavier: Of course.

Celisasu Writes:

We have a bald man in a wheel chair vs. a bald alien on a crutch. Yoda has the experience advantage. He's a rather old little green monkey.

But who are we kidding? Xavier heads up the X-Men. He's one of the standards that we judge psychics by. He's what someone creating a Psion in even the most twinkified RPG system WISHES they could be.

Yoda's so screwed that only a fanboy could believe he has a chance.

cut the cheese Writes:

professor vs master..hmmmm

on the onset it seems like a missmatch..a cripple versus a puppet (even if that puppet has the talented Frank Oz's hand up it's ass).

I've been a big fan of the x men..yet I've never really seen the professor exert this power in a distructive fashion like Jane Grey in the pheonix it is hard to guage his abilities.

Could the professor really equal the power of a Jedi Master..? I wonder.

It might have been a better fight to see a young luke skywalker vs. the professor..

But Yoda is like ancient( like Jay Leno old) you know he has to be super powerful ( or atleast able to still be funny).

He survived the attack on the Jedi Knights ..when Darth Vader killed his companions.

Professsor x is living it large in that crib in new england..where as yoda is humpin' it in the booney..eatin' twigs and berries and shit...

and nothing pisses a brother off more than eating..twigs and berries..

Yoda..and that is the bottom line..cause I said so

Spetznaz Writes:

In essence the fight would go to the dear Professor due to the following.

Yoda is skilled. He may be one of the greatest Jedi (definitely in the top 3 ever), and he has amazing skills and abilities. However he would fall to Xavier. And here is why.

Prof. X is basically said to the be the most powerful telepath in the Marvel universe. The only people who can match him blow for blow are the Phoenix entity and Galactus (Big G once sent the Astral form of Xavier flying when X confronted him in the Skrull's home planet, trying to prevent Big G from consuming it). Xavier is amazingly powerful, and has consistently shown the ability to do much much more than Yoda ever could.

Infact, if you EVEN look at the MOVIE version X-men 2(which kinda sucked, but not as bad as the first) Xavier once held the president, his aides, and the reporters in a catatonic state. The most Yoda can do is make a SINGLE person yield his will. Xavier can do the same over a wide area toward multitudes.

And if you go into the comic books then Xavier becomes a demi-god in terms of ability. This is the guy who basically made Magneto into a freaking vegetable! Once Xavier goes loco i fear even Galactus might have some problems.

And Yoda would be turned into a Troll!

Xavier wins this easy. Wake me up when you have a fight between Batman Beyond and Batman-Azrael ....or between The Batman and the Black Panther ...because the fight between Xavier and Yoda is exceedingly one-sided.

Even if we were talking about the most powerful Yoda (in the comics) and the weakest Xavier (in the movies), Xavier still has this in the bag. And if we look into the most powerful Xavier (in the comics) then we need people like Ion or Parallax ....not Yoda.

The force is definitely not with Yoda this time.

praxisilver Writes:

Yoda vs. Xavier? Man, this is close. But I have to give it to the nigh-omnipotent green midget.

Yoda has age going for him. Age leads to experience. Experience leads to wisdom. Wisdom leads to being better at using the Can of Whoop-Ass Can Opener (tm).

Yoda has the edge in physical combat, too. Anyone who doubts me should watch Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the clones. That had to be the coolest display of lightsaber prowness I've ever seen.

Xavier does have an edge, though: supreme telepathic mastery. Sure, Yoda has control over the cloud-minded, but Xavier is anything but cloud-minded. Xavier, on the other hand, can use his mind for offense. However, I think that with the wisdom of 8 CENTURIES under his belt, coupled with mastery of the Force, Yoda can erect a top-notch defense.

Also, Yoda's just cool.

Scooter Pie Writes:

Ok, now here's an interesting battle.

Yoda� is a master of The Force�, which allows him mystical powers including precognition, telekinetic lifting ability in excess of 15 tons (an X-wing� fighter), god-like endurance, ultra-cool Jedi�-moves and one would assume that he would also possess a great degree of mental clarity and composure. He can use the Jedi Mind Trick� but that's only useful against the weak-minded. Assets: If he can't slap Professor X around with his walking stick, he can cut him down with his lightsaber�.

Professor X is Earth's mightiest telepath, able to project beams of pure psychic force, connect to the Astral Plane, sense the unique pattern of mutant brainwaves far away from himself and he's even able to control multiple people with the power of his mind. Assets: In light of Yoda's� armament, let's stick Xavier in his hovering wheelchair.

Primary advantage goes to Professor X. His mental powers are stronger and more readily brought to bear because they are innate instead of being generated by an outside force�.

Yoda's� force-based abilities require concentration and focus. Professor X will be pushing those abilities to their limit with psychic trickery.

Can Yoda� bear up against those powers? Well, he's been a Jedi� instructor for 800 years, so he's got experience on his side. But his powers can be blind-sided b other powerful beings, like Darth Sidious� so it will be a struggle for him.

Can a lightsaber� block bolts of psionic energy? It can block Force� generated lightning, so I'd rule that it can probably do the same with psychic energy.

Long-term advantage goes to Yoda. He's got a wider range of abilities. Force�-pushing Xavier around could knock the professor out of his wheelchair and make him more vulnerable, and let's not discount the danger from his lightsaber�. Xavier's got a limited bag of tricks, and no manuverability. Once Yoda closes rank, he can go super-Jedi�-flying-monkey on Xavier's prone body.

Judgment: Yoda beats the tar out of Xavier and then they go off to discuss the finer points of philosophy over a cup of chamomile tea.

Jacen Writes:

X-Men are always having trouble with alien minds...

Come on Warsies, hit the polls!

Forgotten more than I know Writes:

Xavier has great psionic powers, but you have to admit that raising a starfighter from the swamp is not a shappy display of psionic might either.

In martial combat Yoda wins, even against Captian America or Batman, Xavier will get his head shaved closer than ever. He knows were his opponent is without looking, even Luke could sense attacks with a blindfold on.

What is the important unmentioned factor here? The Force! Corny? Yup, but it is out there in Yoda Land so it has to be factored in the fight. Xavier is not only fighting the wizened muppet we all know and love, he is fighting the whole might of The Force. Unless Xavier has a way to tap into the unknown powers of the universe like the little guy, he doesn't stand(or sit) a chance. Does Xavier have this ability? I do not know.

Yoda will not kill Xavier, he will cut the wheels out from under him and judge whether he is fit to join him in the swamp for more training. He is a heck of a nice guy like that!

El Kabong Writes:

I gotta say, this has the potential to be a good fight. The only thing is, only one of these combatants has any skill in hand to hand. That would be Yoda, who proved in the most recent Star Wars movie that he could probably kick anyone else's butt in that movie with ease (and that's at 850 years old!). His command of the Force gives him an even greater advantage in battle, which also showed in AotC versus Dooku (I still feel kind of silly saying that name), using his telekinesis and energy deflection powers to his advantage.

That brings us to Charles Xavier. Let's be honest: the man's in a wheelchair. Unless he's using one of his power armor walker things, or be "healed" like he was for a while there, he's going to be relegated to rolling/hovering around for the duration of the fight. And do you know what the funny thing is? He doesn't really have to walk. Xavier is the most powerful psionic in his universe, perhaps even in the whole multiverse. He can do such interesting things and touch every mind on the planet and use them to fuel a psionic blast, he can pretty much erase someone's entire brain (like he did with Magneto), and he can rewrite it to whatever he sees fit. Remember Onslaught? Xavier gone bad, basically? It took the near-death of pretty much every major hero in the Marvel Universe to stop him, and they WOULD have been dead if Frankie hadn't tossed them into his ball.

But, let's face it. Under most circumstances, Xavier's a bit of a wuss. He's always going to try to find a way to settle things in a nonviolent way (at least, until he sends his X-Men to kick your butt). Yoda can size up the situation and see if violence is warranted or not. After all, we know he is a capable military commander on top of his Force powers. Unfortunately, Xavier is more than a bit too powerful for Yoda once they actually fight. With his vast psychic arsenal at his disposal, he'll be able to turn back the Jedi Master, probably by removing his aggression or something like that. I imagine the fight would go like this:

YODA: Fight you I must, Xavier.

XAVIER: *little squiggly lines coming out of his head* No, you don't.

YODA: Fight you I must not, Xavier.

So, I give the win to the Professor, though the odds of him actually attacking or hurting Yoda are very, very slim.

Darkshifter Writes:

This one was a toughie. On one hand you have a powerful manipulator of a fundamental force (no pun intended) of the universe. On the other hand you have a powerful manipulator of the very thing that gives sentient beings their sentience, the mind itself. Now, obviously in a no holds bar match up, Yoda would wipe the floor with the chair ridden Professor. BUT we've all seen that, though he can kick major booty, Yoda is no spring chicken either, and tends to take a while to get to his opponent. If he has enough space and distance between them, Xavier would simply grab onto Yoda's mind, and it'd be a battle of wills from then on. The psychic plane is where Xavier would take this battle, and though Yoda is powerful in his own right, but Xavier has been dancing and singing in the Astral Plane for far longer. This would not be an easy victory either way, but if Yoda is cut off from the force, which Xavier might be able to do (Mind block anyone?) then the Prof will be able to teach the little green muppet a humility.

Tyler Durden Writes:

Yoda doesn't stand a chance against the awesome power of Professor X.

Did Yoda do anything at all useful at any point in the entire Star Wars trilogy? No, he was completely useless, C-3PO played a bigger part in the Rebel's triumph than this supposedly great Jedi Master did. All Yoda did was hide out in some swamp and send others out to die for him. He didn't even do a good job of training his cannon fodder (Luke learns from Yoda, Luke fights Vader, Luke loses a hand). And based on Phantom Menace, we can determine that Yoda has always pretty much been useless. (I'll stand right by Senator Palpatine but I'm not going to detect that he is an evil mastermindor anything). And as final evidence of Yoda's complete worthlessness, he couldn't even beat R2D2 in a fight.

Also lets face it, when it comes to training intellectually challenged pretty boys, Professor X has definitely got it over Yoda (have you seen any recent pictures of Mark Hamill?).

Yoda was one of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy and he had Samuel L. Jackson as his number two man, and he still managed to get his ass handed to him by a crooked politician and some punk kid. Utterly pathetic.

And on the subject of Luke disobeying him, what kind of great and powerful Jedi Master can't control his own student? Or doesn't help them when they get into trouble after running off?I didn't see Yoda anywhere at Bespin.

Old Man Yoda died of old age in some swamp shack, 500 lightyears away from any bad guys. Yoda was such a coward that even his ghost wasn't willing to show up until after the fighting was done and the Empire was destroyed. With this guy as the main guardian of the Republic its no wonder that the side that was stuck with all the Stormtroopers still managed to win.

Yoda should go find Kermit and the gang and sing a nice rendition of Its Not Easy Being Green, because this one belongs to Professor X.

Evil Eddie Writes:

Man, this is one battle I had to pause and think about a little while. While I am a big fan of both of the franchises, after long deliberation I had to place my vote for Yoda. For one reason is age and experience. Yoda only has about 850 years of practice and experience over Xavier. Another thing is that whenever ol' Chuck tries to probe or tackle a strong, powerful, or disturbish alienish mind, he get's all disoriented -- and they don't come anymore strong, powerful, and disturbing than Master Yoda. The second Charlie tries to tap into Yoda's noggin, *BAM*!!!, Xavier'd be stunned for a few seconds just long enough for Yoda to flip/jump over Charlie's wheelchair and decapitate him with his lightsaber. Charlie might be the world's most powerful telepath but Yoda is the galaxy's most powerful telepath.

Pizza the Hut Writes:

Let's break it down...

This match up reminds me of the blackbolt (loser)/Shazam contest..

Yoda won't be able to use his lightlaber ..for the professor will mind fuck him...vs.

Yoda will be able to carve the professor up like a thankgiving turkey.

This contest boils down to the mind game...who is stronger...? which is a good question because I don't believe we ever really saw either one unleash their true potential.

If the professor was that strong..why didn't he just crush magneto? or other enemies with his mind..why did he need cerberial?

If Yoda was that hardcore with a lightsaber..why was he hideing out in a swamp..when the rest of the rebellion was going to hell in a handbasket. Why did both he and obi-won hide in some deserted world?

I went with choice "C" Ralph Nader

Tenacious Me Writes:

Tough call yet again. Second great match in a row. I have to give this one to Yoda though. Here's why:

Prof. X has an insane amount of telepathy. 10 out of 10

Yoda (jedi master) has a great deal of telepathy. 8 out of 10

Yoda has immense fighting ability. 10 out of 10. he's on par with marvel's best: DD, SnakeEyes, Cap, and would give Batman a tussle

Prof. X has very limited fighting ability. 1.5 out of 10. maybe he could beat Yoda in an arm wrestling contest. One word leverage.

Yoda has the light saber. best weapon outside of GL's power ring and maybe Thor's hammer.

weapon 10 out of 10

Prof. X has a wheel chair. Poor weapon choice. If we go by the toy biz early 90's figure of Prof. X he has laser pistols hidden in the floating chair. If we go by the comics he appears to be a crack shot (shooting Cassandra Nova), but I believe that she was possesing him. at best weapon 4 out of 10.

So here we have Yoda leading 2-1.

Chucky might be able to mind wipe him right from the start, but Yoda is an experienced telepath. Also Prof. X has had trouble in the past dealing with alien minds. (Dark Phoenix saga, Liandra/starjammers saga)

Yoda manages to stave off the initial mental Onslaught (no pun intended)(ok, yes it was) and will manage to defeat Prof. X through physical combat.

If we go for comedy Yoda does the "classic" jedi cut off a limb and slices off Prof. X's leg. Chuck gives him a dirty look as Yoda chuckles to him self. "Feel that not, you did?" Prof. X responses "Yeah, well at least when I die in the comics, I come back in 6 months to a year, you just come back as a blue hologram."

Nick The Critick Writes:

wow; MOST IMPRESSIVE of an idea, i must we have the FLAWLESS power of Professor Charles Xavier..a man who can statistically hold his own against such psychic animosity as Phoenix..a marvel-ite who was so powerful that Marvel made a super ultra being (remember that GIANT plot hole of Onslaught?) who held his psychic powers and STILL won against damn near every hero in marvel, charging at once..with all that, he's still just a brain...if somehow Yoda can get past his psychic barriers and can get the lightsaber, our crippled powerhouse will be in for a world of hurt..sure when he could use his legs, he was ferocious, but guess what...he can't he'd be screwed, you know it, i know it, and Yoda sure as shit knows it...then again, Yoda isn't quite the prize we have the jedi-king...the Sith destroyer...oh how intimiatig it is to face a little frickin green midget whose popular for speaking like a complete jackass..sure he knows how to hold heavy stuff in midair with his whole "force" thing..but has this hairy little oompa loompa ever tried to clear all minds in the world? has he ever taken down a cosmic force? EXACTLY...i'll agree he is a beast in battle, but all he's had to face is an old man and his toys..a bit different then facing hundreds of legendary fighters who were taken down just by focusing...he may have that "mighty mite" thing going for him, but be honest here...Professor X has faced brain power like thisbefore...hell jean gray seems more like a opponent on par with Yoda..but if by some MIRACLE and i emphasize that word upon the point of it being religious...if he can get past the Prof.'s psychic prowess, then it should be my regret to say "PEACE CHARLES"...then again, that's just me

Bartman Writes:

Xavier is from the east..he is rich,well educated, his "kids" go to a private school...ofcourse he will vote for Kerry.

Whereas Yoda lives alone in a swamp...gets kinda lonely..ofcourse he would be for some nice bush..hell he would be into that Bush all night long..he'd be pounding the pavement for BUSH..and if he had any friends..he would share that Bush with them.

Elitest White Male..versus a horney Green Midget..the decision is obvious..

Now get yourself some Bush as well

Amazed Writes:

I'm sorry but this has nothing to do with the current fight. I just had to get this off my chest. I am new to this site and was just browsing through some of your back issues and reading some of the commentary and looking at the results. I agree with most but my jaw dropped to the ground when I read the results for the battle "Blade vs. Buffy vs. Vampire Hunter D". Buffy the winner?!?!?!?! What the #@$%!???? What kind of sick and delusional world are we living in?? What the #%@$ are wrong with you people. I realize Buffy is probably the most popular but that's it. My God, what a sick and twisted world we live in! Once again, I apologize! I just had to get this out of my system or else I would not be able to sleep in peace tonight. I demand a rematch without the popularity factor.

M.O.B. (-Man of Battle-) Writes:

Interesting, The mightiest telepathic Mutant against a Jedi Master!

Well I can clearly say its Yoda who's going to win!

Because Xavier is only a telepath not a telekinetic! He can't move things with his mind or catch lightning bolts in the psalm of his hand.

No, only Yoda can do that! Xavier can only enter people's minds and deceive them. But is too well mannered to be mind controlled.

And Xavier can't use a light sabre! He might be able to fly high in his hover chair but in the end Yoda will defeat him.

I mean heck Yoda has already defeated Magneto, The abomination, Gandalf, the grey and White(-Unconfirmed-), & lastly the immortal Jacob Kell

The odds are against Xavier!

LtNOWIS Writes:

This isn't "Xavier and friends tap all of their resources to try to defeat Yoda and his friends and resources." It's a CBUB arena match. 2 challengers step into the arena, they fight, one wins. If Xavier had Cerebro and all of the X-men, and Yoda had all the wimpy peasant supplies of his swamp hut, than Yoda would get killed. But he doesn't. Yoda knows Xavier's dangerous, and he lightsabers him before he can do apply his psychic powers.

But, force powers and psychic powers are different things. Force defenses aren't optimized for psychic attacks, and vice versa. This should be kept in mind when you think about this.



Callisto:    And we're back. Stepping, now, into the hot sand of the Arena fighting pit... it's Master Yoda!

Harley Quinn:    And, rolling his wheelchair in, it's Professor Xavier!

Callisto:    Both Yoda and Xavier stop just outside of their gates - looking at each other from across the Arena.

Harley Quinn:    ...and...

Callisto:    ... suddenly Master Yoda has a blank look on his face as he drops his walking cane.

Harley Quinn:    ... Yoda looking a little woozy.... Gads! Yoda just slumped unconscious to the ground!

Callisto:    ... as Xavier is turning his wheelchair around and dissappearing back through his gate...

Harley Quinn:    ...

Callisto:    ...

Harley Quinn:    I think this fight is over.




'Nuff Said!


Xavier: 502

Yoda: 490




Callisto:    So... well, good fight.

Harley Quinn:    Alright guys - bring in the boot licker winner.

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Mum-Ra vs. Skeletor
Mr. Mxyzptlk vs. Q

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