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Pure Energy
[ Huntress and Canary ] [En Guarde] [ Sable and Widow ]
star star
Black Canary and Huntress
Black Widow and Silver Sable
This Fight Suggested By: Rimfiztrik, Neurocracker, Blazing Inferno, Sunwright, KCN


Folks, we have a dizzying combat spectacle for you this week as four of the scrappiest female fighters in comicdom tear into each other like a skinny bayou hound into fresh meat. Get ready, get set... pant!

In this corner...

The Huntress: School teacher by day, Gotham City vigilante by night, the Huntress has opted for a tougher brand of justice than that dished out by Gotham's other defender Batman. With a determination matched only by her skill with the crossbow, Huntress goes after the most scum ridden urban centers and cleans house.

Black Canary: A professional adventurer, Black Canary is one of the top ranked martial artists on the planet. Her career has been long and well rounded, slamming evil solo and on super teams. Her skill and experience makes her one tough bird.

And in this corner...

Silver Sable: The leader of a micro-nation which has only one industry: mercenary training and rental. Silver Sable has brought her small country to prosperity by supplying the best protection and muscle money can buy. For all the fighters she has trained, though, it is arguable that she could still easily beat them all.

Black Widow: A former master spy for the Soviet Union, Black Widow combines amazing acrobatics with fighting skills honed from years in government training camps and superheroing. Her arsenal of tricky gadgets and the ever-trusty Widows Bite blast makes her a very dangerous opponent.

This week is ALL about big action and heartstopping excitement. So get your tickets early, because the Arena of Khazan is guaranteed to be standing room only next Saturday.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Femme Fatales


PAT:   LIVE from the interdimensionally famous Arena of Khazan, we have a great match lined up for you today! Hello and Welcome! I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. Our contestants today are a pair of two-fighter teams composed of some of the most viscous fighters in the multiverse. One side we have Black Canary and The Huntress. On the other, Black Widow and Silver Sable.

PAT:   Looking into the Arena Pit, you can see what kind of terrain these women will be facing off on. It's even, sandy ground broken up by low walls, providing a good balance between cover and elbow room. Running over the top of the pit are several reinforced steel girders, which may give some advantage to those who depend on swing lines.

JAY:   The contestants are striding out into the pit now, released from opposite sides by the massive arena gates. The sun is hot, the sand is warm and the crowd is in a good mood.

PAT:   Let's turn now to the mailbag and see what you had to say about today's event.


Favorite letter of the Week

Neurocracker writes:

YES! What a battle royale with cheese! Take that back, a double battle royale with cheese! Whew! Who to vote for?

Silver Sable is THE professional mercenary.
- She leads a whole nation devoted to war-fare.
- Her job title is to kick @$$.

Black Widow is THE spy and assassin.
- Number one graduate of the infamous Red Room, the harshest training grounds known and unknown.
- She has battled unimaginable beings with the Avengers, the premier super-hero group of the Marvel Universe.
- She has in fact lead the Avengers against unimaginable beings.
- Her job title is to kick @$$ and chew bubblegum.

Black Canary is currently a professional adventurer and hero.
- She was raised by the original Black Canary of the JSA.
- She was the founding member of the JLA, the premier super-hero group of the DC Universe. As such, she has battled umimaginable beings.
- Her job title is to kick @$$ and chew bubblegum and she's all out of bubblegum.

The Huntress is a killer.
- She is part of the JLA.
- She battles in 'No Man's Land' Gotham.
- She kicks @$$, wants to chew bubblegum but was never had any so is all that much more frustrated when she goes to kicks @$$.

So who to vote for?!? Oh, wait. Job title. Black Widow and Silver Sable are both professionally and heroically involved in life and death combat. Black Canary used to be a florist. Huntress used to be a teacher. Hmm...Sorry, the time that Black Canary spent trimming flowers and Huntress spent preparing class notes, Black Widow and Silver Sable were training or battling on. When it comes down to this level of expertise and perfection every stomach crunch, every power punch counts! And by my count Black Widow and Silver Sable has those precious few more hours. My vote went to Black Widow and Silver Sable.

The Cat writes:

Okay girls. Here's the thing, I can't vote for either of you. I mean, dark lipstick is so 1995. You all look like runners up for Gothic Spice. I suggest a quick makeover and possibly a shopping spree to the mall. Trust a sister, I know you can do better than that. And being a D-cup does not make you automactilly beautiful. There are some good plastic surgeons in this world. I think they're in the phone book.

Dragongirl writes:

Oook...What the hell is this? A bunch a playboy bunnies out on a rampage? Yeesh. Overhormonal guy alert in advance, 'cause the only thing that's gonna determined this battle is sex appeal. I've begun to notice how most female comic book characters are starting to uh...Be enhanced...And I'm gagging. Can we have some hot guys fighting? 'Cause then I might not be ranting... Puhhhleeease?

At any rate. I have to go with the Huntress, since she seems to be the only one with an edge, and she's compared to Batman.

Marksman writes:

Although I personally think Canary can take down Sable by herself, NO ONE touches the Black Widow when it comes to combat. Natasha will easily put the Huntress to the ground and then we'll have an interesting fight. Canary versus Widow in a match that only one will walk away from. When Canary charges, she'll find herself slammed by the incredible marksmanship of Natasha. Like I said, the Black Widow OWNS fighting. (Yes, I HATE the idea that Marvel is replacing Widow with some blonde bimbo. Let's save the ORIGINAL folks!!)

LVtheman writes:

I've always got a soft spot for Russian surplus, particular when it's in a form fitting costume.

Rimfiztrik writes:

I'm going for Sable and the Widow here, they're way more proficient with lots of big guns, etc. Ranged attacks. Canary and Huntress have to get close to have a real advantage. Even then, Sable and Widow ain't no slouches when it comes to hand to hand. I'd say a slim victory for the two international ladies after a tough fight.

Tim Holtorf writes:

Huntress, although a vigilante fighting for justice, still has connections to the mob. She can battle down and dirty if she wants to. Black Canary is, as stated in the intro, one of the toughest martial artists of all time. Trained by some of the top masters, she also has connections to the JSA, Batman, JLA and several other organizations.

Silver Sable has a massive network of agents that do a lot of her dirty work, but that doesn't mean she doesn't go out and do some of her own. A weapons expert and a fighting expert, she's one that's tough in a crunch. Black Widow may be the only real rival for Black Canary, aside from Lady Shiva (who could more than likely clean all of their clocks). A trained KGB agent, and still a calculated espionage master, her itelligence ops are second to none.

But in this case I'll have to go with Huntress and Black Canary.

Blue Beetle writes:

Whew, tough choice.But i gotta betray my own sponsor (DC) here. The huntress is a relative newbie; mafia/ batman training seems nice on paper, but leads to confusion since the doctorines are so completley adverse one to another.

Black canary,however,will be a tougher adversary.However, someone who was teached by green arrow can�t really compare to our other contestants...

The black widow has had it ALL: KGB, daredevil techniques and the added bonus of having been in the avengers, which makes it only logical to presume that she got teachings from Cap.America, which is much better than green arrow.

Silver sable has not been so fortunate, receiving only mercenary education, in which she is superb. And also, she is the only gal in this lovley foursome that dosen�t seem to be afraid to use dirty tricks. Yep, widow and sable win, and then they all come comemorate at my house...waitaminit, do i have a house? It never got mentioned in the comics. Well, that�s another story.

Zisteau writes:

Black Canary? Black Canary? I mean, cumon', she may be a great martial artist, but with handle like that, she ain't gettin no props from me. Black Canary. Psha. Who came up with that one? Sounds like a Rob Liefield character.

Razorwitt writes:

This is a close one, but I'm going with the Huntress and Black Canary. See, even though Black Widow is facing a Black Canary look-alike in her current mini-series, and Batman just faced a Black Widow look-alike in one of his books, I gotta side with the team with the Huntress, who is currently surviving in Gotham, closed off from the outside world, and that shows pure survival instincts. Add to that team membership: if you consider the Avengers and the JLA to be the supreme defnese teams of their respective universes, then both Black Canary and the Huntress have worked with the JLA, while only Black Widow has served with the Avengers. Also, Huntress has told off Batman, which most folks don't do, and the Canary has her new "sonic bombs" whihc would wreck an opponents ear drums, or even their equillibrium. Gotta go for the DC women.

JJ Fusion writes:

Holy cow ! Huntress vs. Silver Sable... I've seen SS kick Spider-Man Buttoks to the stars and Huntress the most good she can do is DIE !!!!!! Black Canary vs. Black Widow this fight is worthy of a fanboys attenion but my money's on Black Widow she could just faze Canary and turn her into a blood pulp and she sexier than your Wonder Woman.

Messenger writes:

Canary and Huntress are going to die faster then a 'Ken Starr fan club'.

'nuff said.

coyraven writes:


Lets look at this...

I am unfamiliar with Black Canary, but Huntress is one of the Gotham tarts who rarely has to fight someone with actual ability or powers(unless you count gun umbrella's and smiling fish).

Black Widow- An avenger who has sparred with both Cap and Wolvie. She has dealt with the total scale of villians from chumps with guns to people with actual powers.

Silver Sable- She has fought down Daredevil, Punisher, and Deadpool. She even defeated Doom's doppleganger (during the Infinity War). Her determination not to lose will be the strongest factor in this fight. Sable is not going to lose to someone named "Canary".

The one threat I see is that both these women are leaders. There might lie a little conflict, but neither has let such problems stop them from crushing opposition in the past. Make Mine Marvel

Packrat writes:

Ooooh...excellent fight!

I had to give the nod to the Sable-Widow duo, cause while Black Canary is good, Sable is better. We're talking about a woman who can handle Daredevil AND Spidey (Can't remember which issue...) and while the Huntress might be good at skulking in the shadows, the Black Widow's been doing it a LOT longer than she has, and has had official russian training to boot!

I expect to see Sable taking them both on while Widow lurks in the darkness waiting for a chance to strike, then POW!

Skunk writes:

Huntress and that other chick take it. Huntress fragged up a Predator. What the hell did those other people do?

Lord of the Pie writes:

  1. Could we have not found a better pic for Silver Sable?
  2. A Question: Last time Marvel and DC faced off here, everybody griped to the tune of "Those Marvel Zombies'll stuff!!!" and I got the feeling Nightwing was getting votes out of SPITE. That's not the intent of the CBUB, folks. Hehehe that's for the FPL:)
  3. Now my opinion: Sable has trained the best operatives in the world almost....trained herself. She goes up against like 20 of the for practice and in traditional Action Hero style lays 'em all out, FAST. Black Widow hangs with the Avengers, beats up on about eight dozen HYDRA agents w/o mussing her hair, and has that nasty Widow's Bite.

NOW had it been the OLD Canary...the one with BUTTLOADS of experience and her sonics power...I'd say her. GA Canary takes the title for DC home every time. But the other version, the one shown here...nuh-uh. And Huntress is a non-factor by the way. Surely someone better coulda been found.

Phantom writes:

Dang, this is a tough call. Canary and Huntress would win this match, IF it stays to two pairs of one-on-one matchups. Canary is one of DC's top fighters, grew up around superheroes, received training from many of the finest fighters in the world, including Wildcat, and survived against forces much more formidable than she is. Meanwhile, Huntress has managed to thrive in Gotham City! One of the most violent places-to-live in the wide world of comics! Widow herself has admitted that she's not so much a superhero as she is a spy, and Sable has been out of direct combat lately.

On the other hand, this is a two-on-two match, so this swings the odds into Widow and Sable's favor. Huntress is going to be a liability in this match. She is simply not much of a team player. Meanwhile, both Sable and Widow have tons of team experience, giving them a sizable edge in this match.

I may just have to vote for both.

The Match Maker writes:

The way I see it, the Huntress is the "weak link" in the whole thing. She's the least experienced of all 4. She's the least "stable" of all 4. She's the least skilled martial arts wise of all 4. And of the three people "packing heat", she's carrying the least dangerous weapon. This is much like tag-team wrestling. And in tag-team wrestling you can ALWAYS pick out which partner is going to get "pinned". In this case the Huntress looses it for both her and Carney. Because even Black Canary can't take 2 on 1 odds. And add to that the fact that of the two, BOTH are packing firepower. Black Carney isn't. Now if she had partnered up with Lady Shiva...

Red Knight writes:

I hate to be like this, but the key here is in the hair. I don't know if you guys know like I do, but Black Widow is a natural red, and Sable has that cool silver hair. In Comic-Land, hot chicks with crazy hair always win. Think about it - Most of the X-Babes have crazy hair - Phoenix, Storm, Rogue, the one with the green hair. How about the ones with the plain hair? Jubilee? Boom-Boom? Gimmie a break. The two super-death spies got dat RAGE(tm) and a sissy schoolteacher with a crossbow and the sidekick of Green Arrow aren't half a match. I want my money back.

S. Todd writes:

I don't care who the opponents are or who her partner is but Silver Sable must LOSE!! Some must pay for her comic and that someone must be her. That steaming pile of shit they called a comic book is a travesty to the known world. All copies should be rounded up and burned. I have personally taken it upon myself to do so. My quest will only end with Sable's life, and I will only rest easy when her head is on a pole to warn other perspective comic hero wannabes what happens when your book sucks ass... My quest for Cage (aka Luke Cage, aka Power Man) continues.

Firestar Artemis writes:

Silver Sable supports an entire nation with her merc activities. Huntress is one more random person running around Gotham in tights that hasn't even come close to solving the problem.

Think about it.

The InterKnight writes:

Know this, Marvel Zombies! I, The InterKnight, hereby announce myself as a member of the DC resistance! DC fans, make yourselves heard! Anyway, Huntress-Tough girl, cool weapon, and the reincarnation of the Golden Age Batman's daughter. Canary- used to working with an archer, so she has a strategy for this. Silver Sable- total wimp. Black Widow- Look, I know the Russians are on our side now, but I just don't trust her. She'll probably stab SS in the back. LONG LIVE DC!

Sunwright writes:

Do you know who wins this fight? We do. Yes, the audience of CBUB win in this fight as some of the most babelicious amazons battle it out. Pat, Jay, the fights in a mud pit, right. Right?

Mild Mannered Reporter writes:

I don't know much about any of these characters, but I do know a few teachers, and after a long day of some of what they've got to deal with they'd welcome the chance to get medieval on someone. And if Gotham Central just had its parent conferences, Canary can just sit back and have a cold one.

Daki writes:

Huntress is a babe! Black Canary was married Oliver Quinn in the Kingdom Come storyline. Quinn helped take down Superman. Any woman who would marry a man like that is ok in my book.

Did I mention Huntress was a babe?!?


JAY:   Some excellent opinions there. Looking down on the field, now, let's give our contestants the once over.

PAT:   Silver Sable is packing some mean heat. An assault rifle sits easily on her hip while an array of other weapons sit in holsters around her costume. Black Widow is sleek as always, her assortment of miniature explosives and the energy blasters on both wrists, the "Widow's Bite", makes her dangerous indeed.

JAY:   Turning our attention to the other team, Black Canary is flexing her iron muscles, ready for action. Huntress is surveying the area, planning how best to make use of her gadget crossbow.

PAT:   Ok! The Arena Judge Callisto has signaled the start of the match.

JAY:   Black Canary and Huntress immediately split right and left, diving for cover as 'Sable opens fire from across the Arena.

PAT:   That assault rifle has the best distance on the field, but it's just chatter fire. Useless. 'Sable brings the weapon in and starts a running crouch towards a low wall...

JAY:   Pat, Black Widow is going to make use of those girder beams running over the pit. She swing lines up to one, taking to the air.

PAT:   'Canary and Huntress are skulking right and left around the perimeter of the Arena pit. Dangerous move, splitting up. What do you make of it, Jay?

JAY:   Pat, its in 'Canary's interest to get close to the competition. I think Huntress is...

PAT:   'Widow has spotted Huntress! 'Widow has Huntress moving fast through the sand now as she dogs her heels with Widow's Bites from on high...

JAY:   'Sable is prarie doggin' now, bobbing her head in and out of cover - looking for the shot on Huntress.

PAT:   Wait! 'Canary has spotted a flash of white hair not far away - she scoots fast to intercept...

JAY:   Huntress makes some cover which gives her a rest from 'Widow... and into 'Sable's cross-hairs! 'Sable whips the assault rifle into position...

PAT:   TAKE DOWN! TAKE DOWN! 'Canary on the scene with a flying tackle to 'Sable's waist! The silver haired merc never saw her coming.

JAY:   'Widow moves quickly to another girder, and another. She lost Huntress but doesn't want to leave herself open to a retaliatory crossbow strike.

PAT:   Jay, we've got big action down in the sand. The Arena view screens have zeroed in on the melee between Black Canary and Silver Sable. The crowd is going nuts!

JAY:   An early fury of blows between the two has given way to a cautious lull. Wait! 'Canary launches a full martial assault...

PAT:   'Sable's defense holds - No! She's rocked - rocked again!

JAY:   'Sable ducks to avoid a high kick - comes up with a knife!

PAT:   A wicked silver blade, she slashes up, leaves a trail of blood on 'Canary's thigh...

JAY:   Pat, I hate to break from this...

PAT:   Yes, but we've got a deadly game of cat and mouse brewing on the steel girders running over the pit.

JAY:   Huntress has swung up following 'Widow and the two are trading shots over the pit...

PAT:   BLAM! Area Effect explosive tip leaves 'Widow flying through the air from the concussion!

JAY:   Back to the melee - 'Canary has since removed 'Sable of her weapon. 'Sable is hurt and is trying to get out of the exchange... get some distance... but 'Canary isn't taking off the heat!

PAT:   'Widow snaps out a swing line - saving herself - and sees the combat below. A Widow's Bite to Black Canary drops the martial artist to her knees!

JAY:   And gives the bloodied and bruised 'Sable the time to dance back and draw out a range attack weapon. Man, Pat, she looks pissed off.

PAT:   'Sable takes aim for the head shot - NO!

JAY:   Huntress sinks a razor sharp crossbow bolt into 'Sable's shoulder. 'Sable drops the hand cannon from fingers gone rigid with pain.

PAT:   'Canary - recovered - runs forward and lays out 'Sable flat on the ground. Sharp snap with flat of palm to base of chin leaves the silver haired merc unconscious.

JAY:   'Widow, on the girders now, throws out an explosive after Huntress.

PAT:   She's gotta wrap this up quick... it's two on one.

JAY:   Huntress dives for dear life...

PAT:   Shooting a crossbow bolt at the top of her arc...

JAY:   'Widow easily sidesteps it - the Huntress escapes the blast radius of the grenade. Draw there.

PAT:   Jay! Black Canary has relieved the unconscious Silver Sable of her assault rifle. She takes careful aim at 'Widow. 'Canary has her dead to rights.

JAY:   As Huntress has also leveled aim at the former Russian spy.


'Nuff Said!


Widow and Sable: 590

Canary and Huntress: 621


PAT:   The Black Widow has graciously accepted her delimma. The white towel is thrown.

JAY:   A med team is rushing in to get a look at 'Sable. What a fight.


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