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Rockin' Robins
[ Robin ] [Robin] [ Robin] [ Robin]
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Dick Grayson vs. Carrie Kelly vs. Jason Todd vs. Tim Drake
This week's Fight Production By: Match Maker


Thanks to several Plot DevicesTM, and various temporal adjustments, the four greatest Robin's though out Hypertime have been drawn together to combat one another. Each believes the others have gone rouge, and as such must be subdued. Now, after a week of cat and mouse games, it all comes to ahead upon the skyline high above downtown Khazan. This is the final showdown. Now and for all time, the once and future Robin shall be decided.

Dick Grayson: Member of the acrobatic circus trio "The Flying Graysons", Dick Grayson was orphaned at a young age when his parents plunged to their death due to tampering of their equipment. Adopted by Bruce Wayne, Dick went on to become the first person to bear the mantle of "Robin". Already one of the greatest gymnasts on the planet by age 9, Dick Grayson is considered to be the most agile of all the "Robin's". That, coupled with a "devil may care" attitude has earned him the nickname of the "Laughing Boy Daredevil".

Jason Todd: A street rat, Jason Todd first encountered Batman while trying to steal the wheels off of the Batmobile. Living on the streets, his father killed by Two-Face, and his mother presumed dead, he was adopted by Bruce Wayne. But Jason was a troubled young man. Rebellious and headstrong. Which led to his eventual fate. Jason is acknowledged to have been the most brutal of the "Robin's". Having nearly beaten a thug to death, and suspected of throwing another off the top of a building.

Tim Drake: Having been at the circus that fateful day Dick Grayson's parents died, Tim was able to years later crack Batman and Robin's secret ID's after seeing Robin perform an acrobatic move that only 3 people in all the world knew, and of which Dick Grayson was the only one alive. Later, after seeking out Batman's help to free his kidnaped parents, of which Batman was only able to save the father, Bruce Wayne yielded to allow Tim to become the new "Robin". Tim is known for his level headedness and a seriousness of "the job" that is second only to that of the Batman himself. Tim has had the most rigorous training of all the "Robin's" to date, and is considered the to be the best hand to hand combatant.

Carrie Kelly: Daughter of neglectful parents, Carrie Kelly became inspired by and sought to become the sidekick to Batman after he came out of retirement. Having donned a replica of the "Robin" costume, Carrie set out to find and help the Batman. Carrie is mostly self trained due to the fact that she's been with Batman for only a short while. And as such she is the least experienced of all the "Robin's". Though she does have the singular distinction of having Batman share his emotions more openly around her than with any other Robin.

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Round Robin


Editor's Note: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank both Chuckg and Peregrine for their invaluable help. If it were not for all their help and general plot outlines this project would have been much, MUCH, harder. Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Let's give it up for Chuckg and Peregrine, two CBUB fans extraordinare!

JIM:   We're Rod and Mies, the fill-in guys! I'm Jim Mies!

ROD:   And I'm Rod Friendly. We are reporting to you LIVE from the rooftops of Khazan, where tonight we will find out once and for all who is the best "Robin".

JIM:   All week long these four have been in an intense cat and mouse game. Neither one ever able to catch any of the others. Nothing decisive.

ROD:   There's been skirmishes, but something has always intervened. But tonight there will be no interference. A victor will be decided.

JIM:   Through a series of clues each "Robin" has been led to this building top under the assumption that the others will be here. And here they will be!

ROD:   The stage has been set. The actors are on the way. But before the curtain goes up on this little play, let's see what the viewers at home had to say this week.


Disgruntled Letter of the Week

The Silverdeath writes:

Hi human and non human folks, i am a newbie! and about the fight,well,it�s a "battle of moronic proportions" (and like today�s DC continuity is getting beaten in a manner not seen since the crisis days, it�s perfectly possible) C�mon, a bashing between 4 lame sidekicks, each one more idiotic than the other???
For mercy, get the Bane and put those kids in eternal sleep. but if i need to chose one, my bets is on Carrie. at least she is a chick.

Marksman writes:

YES! I VOTED JASON TODD!!! Err, but here's my reasoning. Everybody hates him right? So all the other Robins will figure him to be a non factor since all the voters hate him. ;) So while Carrie and Tim take out the favorite Robin in Dick, Jason can just sit around and sneer while the Tim whallops Carrie soon after. Yes, and Jason Todd will then take out an uzi and spray the whole area with bullets!! Muahahaha!!! Umm yeah, that and I wanted to be different. Today is my vote for the major loser day. :) GARY COLEMAN ROCKS!!!

Sailor Xena writes:

The battle of the side-kicks eh? Hmmmmm, first one who will definatly be out is Todd; he is too headstrong and reckless and will be no match for the cooler heads like Grayson or Drake. As for the girl, her best strategy would be to sit back and get her punches in when the oppertunity presents itself. The fight between the other two will be spectacular; other than keeping an eye out for Kelly, the two will use evry trick they know to get the better of the other. With both being skilled acrobcts I can see Bat-a-rangs flying all over the place countered by tumbling rutines that would make Olympic class gymnists enviouse. While this is going on poor Carrie will be hard pressed to even stay in the fight, but some how she will. Eventualy , the would be NightWing will best Tim and that would leave only his female counter part. Seeing that she will not be that much of a threat, and being the gentleman Bruce taught him to be, Dick will probably just use some nerve pinch on Kelly to harmlessly take her out of the fight.

The Sandman writes:

Jason Todd will kick some serious ass! He will climb out of his grave, shake off the dirt, and immediately go after Tim Drake. After beating Drake within an inch of his life, he will go after the girl and toss her off a bridge. Todd will then face down Grayson. This will be a tough fight, but Todd will win because of his wild side. After he is done, he will hunt down Joker, kill him, and piss on his corpse. Todd will then go back to his grave and Rest In Peace.

Charge Man writes:

Instead of voicing my opinion on why Tim Drake would win, I'm voicing my opinion on why Jason Todd wouldn't win. I mean, really. There's only one word for people who get physically pummeled by the Joker without all of his gimmicks: "weak-ass".

'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth writes:

Tim, without a doubt. He has more training, hand to hand and otherwise, then the rest of the bunch. And he carries more equipment and weapons. And hell, the kid carries on a solo act as well, and under the Robin name. And don't forget, Tim WANTED the job. No recrutement acts here.
So Tim's got the skill edge over Jason and Carrie (plus he's not the impulseive little turd that Jason was), and the dedication edge over Dick (not to mention better armed as well).
And hey, Jason Todd has his fate sealed by readers once again. Good job!

Robin Zombie writes:

Dick Grayson was good as Robin, and even better as Nightwing. But, Tim Drake is the better Robin. Tim Drake got his own car. Dick Grayson didn't. That should tell you who's 'da Robin.

Jeff "T-REX" Hayes writes:

As far as I'm concerned there is only one Robin and that is Dick Grayson. Those Individuals are Robin wannabes never mess with success. Dick would take all the others and make mince meat out of them. Those phoneys would disapear faster than a bagel on Rosie O Donnell's desk! Why? Cause T-REX SAID SO!

Beetle Bomb writes:

I despise the fact that Tim was called Batman Jr. C'mon, he's just plain Robin. I see the fight coming down as so:
1. Carrie is no competition. Her greatest advantages are her slingshot (!), and her quick learning and reacting capability. All of which are nil in a slugfest. She gets "politely" taken out with a Batarang to the noggin.
2. Jason Todd CAN whip Tim. I know Tim is way more popular, but it's the truth. Todd was a street punk with attitude since he was little, he had a killer desire to soak in all the fighting skills Batman could give him and plus, this is what makes him dangerous, he used those skills with brutal attitude while still keeping a pretty decent sense of awareness around him. (Except that Joker incident of course.) Any Batman fan knows Jason kinda got a raw deal. I myself blame the writers at the time.
Lastly, Grayson is THE Robin. His acrobatics alone, which are better than Batman's, save his ass time and again. The man is the legacy. The heir apparent. The head cheese. Numero Uno Honcho.

Windlion writes:

Hmmm... This one's going to be pretty close, I think, 'tween Grayson and Drake, but I have to hand it to Drake.If it were Nightwing, it'd be a different story, but... I say that Todd and Kelly will be the first to go down, then all Drake has to do is entangle Grayson so his agility isn't a factor, then down he goes.... I admit, getting Grayson entangled won't be easy... I mean, Grayson is the original Robin (would you have the guts to go up to Batman and get him to accept you as his first partner?), so he's definetly one of the best. But Drake's had a very similar challenge, harder in some ways, even while he didn't have to break Batman in to having a partner. *shrugs* Drake's smart, the better fighter, and level-headed. I think he'll pull through to win this fight.
Oh, btw, I've been watching these for awhile, and I have to say they're really really good :) not to mention amusing... Still, it's my first time commenting, so please don't be bugged if this is bad or really long ;)

Editor's Note: Welcome aboard Windlion! We're always glad to have new folks drop by. Especially now that the good 'ol CBUB has entered its "Silver Age". Don't be a stranger!

Noel Schornnhorst writes:

So... lemmee get this straight, all the Robins all think the other Robins have gone rouge? Does that mean they look like they're blushing 24/7? ;) I know, a misprint... Anyhoo, if it were the walking undead corpse of Jason Todd, I'd give it to him. Tim is the one who succeeds here. He's just the most serious and the most heavily trained. If I may say so, he's also the smartest. Dick Grayson is still a little, well, light. He's more cavalier-ish about it. Tim is deadly serious in battle and would figger out a way to take out the other Robins until the situation can be cleared up.

Editor's Note: The evil Typo-Man! The one villain even I can't defeat!!!

LoneWolf writes:

Dick may have been the original, but Tim has since become the best. He has trained himself further then any other Robin before him, and takes his duties far more seriously. He has a much more active social life (At one time, he was hovering between two girlfriends), and, within Young Justice, serves about the same role Batman serves in the JLA: The intelligent problem solver.

He will use his intelligence to solve this problem: He'll use a knockout gas grenade on Carrie first, 'cause she's an unknown. Pretty much the same thing for Jason. As for Dick, he has the edge: He's trained under Nightwing, Dick's adult version. He knows all his moves and knows how he thinks. Dick will go down faster then a star's popularity ratings!

That, and Tim doesn't wear those damn pantyhose...

Goldenbane writes:

I know old Dick will win, but I still voted for Tim. Most will say that Dick is the oldest, and how he's Nightwing now, or how he's in movies and cartoons than the others but I see it like this: Dick is NOT Nightwing, He's NOT the oldest, he's back to an inexperienced kid again and I don't think he's got what it takes to put Tim away. Carrie? She won't win. Todd? Oh the Robin that everyone voted to kill? That's right I forgot about him, he'll be a real factor...heehee! Basically this will come down to Tim and Dick as Robins. Well Tim is the better fighter, and his costume is better armored, and he has a better weapon(Staff vs. bare hands: baterangs don't count, everyone's got them!) That's why I think Tim should win.

The Saint writes:

While Grayson does indeed have the agility, we've seen time and time again that brains can really nab the situation. So whereas Todd's headstrong attitude would automatically result in his elimination early on at the hands of the others so as to remove the lose cannon in the fight, and Kelly's lack of training would make her easy prey for any of the other three, Grayson would provide a classic, but would ultimately go down at the sheer brainpower and planning of the most recent Boy Wonder. Besides, he's the only one with the decency not to wear short pants.

Xanthos writes:

Tim, Carrie, Dick or Grayson the Robin Corps. Although there are many things to look at we must first consider from which time in traing did each Robin come from. If each robin is taken from a point were they are the same age the fight goes to Tim. I really Love Dick Grayson but Tim is the uber-Robin for his age. Once again Jason and Carrie are out of it except for the lustful glance from Dick that gives Carrie a free shot.

But Tim pulls the staff and it's over in five or so minutes after dick gets exhausted.

hellmouth writes:

Dick Grayson is the man! He was the first and the best Robin. He is not an alternate future Robin, a dead Robin or an inexperienced Robin ( although I like Tim's style).With the exception of the Batman and Captain America, he is the finest combatant on comics and would easily take these guys to school.

Urza writes:

I have been carefully analyzing the options and i go with Dick Grayson, the first robin and only robin, and he got so good he became nightwing and night wing rocks. Besides he has the most experience and the most babes and the most agility and the most flexibility, and he is famous even when he wasn't robin. He got bat girl and batgirl is hot.

Daddy Doma writes:

It would happen like this: The four Robins would face each other and jump into battle. Carrie, used to dealing with the emotional and tormented Batman, would try to console Jason Todd about his barely repressed rage. Jason would overreact and beat her to death with a batarang. One Down.

Jason would then get clocked at the same time by Tim and Dick, both seeing him as a more immediate danger than each other. Two Down.

It's then Dick versus Tim. Now, Tim's good, but you can't beat what you can't catch. And no-one can match Dick Grayson for athletic ability. Ever. Tim might get off a couple of suprise hits, but Dick's too high-energy for him in the end. Winnah and Still Champion!!

ThunderRangerX writes:

Why I chose Tim to defeat them all is because of hand-to-hand combat readiness, his overall costume readiness, and seriousness. Now, don't get me wrong, I think that Dick will always be the best Robin, but Tim has had to train under the same masters that Bruce had PLUS train under Bruce himself. Not to mention that this Robin costume is chocked full of nifty gadgets that none of the other Robin's have...(Did you know that Tim Drake's costume can produce a one-time 50,000 volt charge if he gets caught in a situation where he needs to be free? It's true. Look it up on some of the awesome Robin pages out there.)

I'm going to say that Tim will eliminate the girl. Yeah, it may not be fair but he's an equal-opportunity @$$-kicker.

He'd team up with Dick to take down Jason (Damn I hated him!) before slipping a rebreather on, dusting the area with a cayenne pepper bomb, wrapping a batline around Dick, and taking the Laughing Boy Daredevil down with a nice thrust kick to the chin!

If you think Tim Drake is the best Robin, give me a Hell, yeah!

fluffy, the rabid killer poodle writes:

hmmmmmmmm.... 4 zit faced teenagers duking it out.... IS THIS A GREAT COUNTRY OR WHAT???? well, this is the way i see it. Drake's got it all rolled up. Newer, cooler gadgets, that sharp ass R on his suit, the attitude, and more importantly, the guts to actually GO SOLO!!!! I mean, all the other robins were in batman's shadow 24/7. it was BATMAN and robin. drake struck out by himself after a while. granted, his predecessor became nightwing and went out on his own, but as robin, he still clung to batman's cape like a little, scared four year old girl.

Katrover writes:

Are you kidding me?!?!? Carrie, since she was featured in a non-cannon comic, is out of the question. The very fact that Jason Todd was killed yet no one cared proves he won't win. It'll be down to Dick vs. Tim. Dick may be the first robin, but Tim is the current Robin. Hmmm....1st vs. Current.....I'll go with Tim, since he takes his job more seriously than Dick, deserving the title of "Robin" the most.

Barima writes:

Dick: the greatest acrobat of the DCU. The others can't touch him there. Fastest. The first and most archetypal of all sidekicks, let alone Robins. He's got my vote because he is THE Robin.

Jason: the less said the better...okay, the kid is a brat and a loser. At least Dick only got shot by the Joker. Tim caught him. Jason was beaten to death by him. His brutality won't cover his lack of skills and being the most unpopular will seriously hamper him. He will be spanked like a little kid in the nexus of all supermarkets. And then he'll be spanked again.

Tim: as all the Robins have been turned against each other,Tim's psychological crutches(partial inferiority complex around Dick and fear of becoming Dead-Robin no.2) won't be brought into play. He's the most realistic winner because he knows Dick's moves almost as well as he does and has had him, Batman and Shiva Woosan for mentors. He's also packing far more weapons. Besides, he won't ever be called 'short-pants' by his Young Justice teammates :-).

Carrie: no matter how harsh her world was she won't have a prayer. Jason will go medieval on her before she can adjust those stupid goggles. Her redeemable factors are being a Miller creation and being cooler than Sparrow(the Jubilee/Robin Amalgam character who should have been put in for the laughs).

If Dick's gonna win,he'll have to do it by the skin of his teeth.Otherwise Tim will dominate.

FreakyFreaky writes:

Dick Grayson, Carrie Kelly, and Tim Drake are all law abiding Robins, so they will always go for the high ground to win. Jason Todd is a punk from the streets who will go for the win by any means, kick in the nuts, dirt in the eyes, and the classic girly scream about his kidneys. Being that the other three will let him be if he is hurt. He'll probably show up with a gun and finish off the last Robin standing of the three.

Dizzy D writes:

Grayson is winning at the moment, but I back Tim Drake. I think that most people chose Grayson based on his Nightwing-persona, but here he is still Robin, so he doesn't have all that experience . Tim Drake's equipment is a few years ahead of everyone's (except Kelly, but she didn't have any weapons except for that slingshot (unless she uses the Bat-tank, in which case the other three are doomed).
Tim is the most intelligent, he waits and observes his opponents before rushing into battle.
Dick Grayson always made the mistake of attacking too soon and without thinking. Todd is no player in this game: he was killed while the others survived.
Kelly is the big X in this fight, we only saw her once and her strengths and weaknesses aren't that clear.

Derrick The Red writes:

While Dick Grayson may have been the original, he is most certainly not the best. Dick was steered into the superhero game by Batman, who played on Dick's emotional vulnarability followig his parents death. No doubt that Dick has grown into a respected and feared crimefighter, but somehow he doesn't have that edge...
Tim Drake on the other hand, has proven his keen deductive reasoning powers by figuring out who Batman and Robin REALLY were when he was a kid. Tim always WANTED to be Robin and unlike Dick, went about establishing Robin as a crimefighter to be reckonened with on his own. No longer is Robin considered ineffectual without Batman at his side. Tim has taken down several major players by himself and has teamed with the heavyweights of the DCU who treat him with a professionalism and respect Dick Grayson never got until he became Nightwing.
Carrie's potential is there, but we never got to see it and Jason Todd was nothing more than a bloodthirsty punk. Tim Drake takes it...

Stormfire writes:

Well this battle should go to Drake. He is the current Robin and considers himself batman's second not a sidekick. He also is seen alone more often. He is stronger than two of them and has a noble sense of fair play. He might not be the original but he takes the principles of being Robin to heart.

Hysteria writes:

Well, it does come down to a fight between Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. However, if we go by the stories told when each of them were Robin, Tim Drake has to take it. I don't doubt that Dick Grayson has the athletic ability to be a major contender, but Tim Drake has, in my opinion, the best chance of winning. After all, he has the bo staff and the slingshot, in addition to his throwing "R"'s, and he has taken on people like King Snake and KGBeast, and held his own, if not won flat out. Grayson, on the other hand, having held his own against several of the Batman rogues, has always seemed to be portrayed in a less serious light. Only when he became Nightwing did he seem to really knuckle down and become the protege to Batman that we currently see today.

Dave writes:

Drake is a stragist. He'll wait for Todd to use his anger and take out Grayson. The one guy he thinks will be the biggest problem. Drake'll swat Kelly aside and wait for the out come of the Grayson/Todd match and kick the snot out of the battle weary contender with out breaking a sweat.

The Interknight. writes:

Tim Drake. My reason: he wears pants! Keep those legs covered, pally boy, and you'll go far. Grayson and Todd have me worried. As for Carrie Kelly, I've never read TDKR and thusly don't know much about her. Thank You

The Cat writes:

Tim has the nicest bod, for all that Dick tries to show off his legs. But I wouldn't mind seeing any of the three boys win, provided they come over to my house afterwards, for a little... training.


JIM:   Pretty opinionated bunch! Seems that the original Robin is being slightly favored. I guess there is something to say for retro!

ROD:   But we can't count out Jason Todd. Rage does have its uses from time to time.

JIM:   Speaking of time, it looks like it's time for this fight to start! Let's turn to our cameras!

ROD:   Dick and Tim, viva Bat-Lines, are approaching the rooftop. From different directions no less.

JIM:   Shouldn't be long till they spo--

Dick Grayson (Robin I):   Fancy meeting you here!

Tim Drake (Robin III):   I don't like having to do this Dick.

Dick Grayson (Robin I):   Me either. But a 'Sidekick's gotta do what a sidekick's gotta do.'

ROD:   Grayson takes the initiative! He dodges to the side hitting the ground with a shoulder roll!

JIM:   But not before letting off a Bat-Line toward Tim's legs!

ROD:   Too fast! Tim couldn't react in time! He's tangled! It's bought Dick the seconds he needs to crossover to--

Dick Grayson (Robin I):   Here, let me give you a hand!

JIM:   Of the clenched variety! Dick connects with a solid left to Tim's jaw!

ROD:   Tim's stunned!

JIM:   Grayson plants another into Tim's stomach! Tim crashes down to the rooftop.

Dick Grayson (Robin I):   Well then. That wasn't too har-Oomph!

ROD:   Tim's freed his legs and has sweeped Grayson's feet out from under him, causing him to touch down hard!

Tim Drake (Robin III):   'Never underestimate the enemy.' That's one of the first things Bruce teaches.

Dick Grayson (Robin I): I must of skipped class that day!

JIM:   Grayson uses his legs to grab Tim around the waist in a scissors hold!

ROD:   Causing Tim to rejoin him down on the rooftop!

JIM:   Grayson throws a stiff right--

ROD:   Drake bobs his head and returns a punch of his own!

JIM:   Which Grayson dodges in turn.

ROD:   Each grabs the other's arms, looking for some leverage.

JIM:   I don't know how--

ROD:   Tim head butts Grayson! Grayson is feeling that!

JIM:   Which gives Tim the opportunity to disengage himself from Dick.

ROD:   Who is already starting to regain his feet as well. These two--

JIM:   Tim lets fly a hand full of pellets!

Pellets exploding:   Poooooof!

ROD:   Smoke bombs! The area is totally blacked out! We can't--

JIM:   Switching over to infra red cameras.

ROD:   Ah. There's Tim, who has activated the infrared red lenses in his mask as well!

JIM:   Grayson never had that kind of tech. And it's showing! He can't see anything!

Dick Grayson (Robin I):   Hey! Who turned out the ligh--Ugh!

ROD:   Tim lands a kick!

JIM:   Followed up by a series of more kicks and some punches!

ROD:   Grayson can't take much more of this! Tim goes for a throw!

JIM:   He grabs Grayson--

ROD:   Grayson does a back flip, bringing his legs up to meet Tim's chin!

JIM:   Tim wasn't expecting that! He's faltering back--

ROD:   Just as the smoke's cleared. Grayson's sort of beat up, but he's still in this thing!

Dick Grayson (Robin I) (Inner Monologue):   Man! I get in close with that kid and I'm lunchmeat! Have to keep my distance from now on!

Tim Drake (Robin III) (Inner Monologue):   I can't loose control of this situation here. This is Dick I'm fighting. If I give him half a chance he'll dance circles around me all night long! I have to keep this fight up close.

JIM:   They're now circling one another. Looking for an opening!

ROD:   The thoughts that must be running through their--

JIM:   Sorry to cut you off Rod, but it looks like in all the excitement we failed to notice that Jason Todd has arrived. He's been watching from the shadows while Tim and Dick have been duking it out.

ROD:   That's three accounted for, but where's--

Carrie Kelly (Robin IV?):   Pretty intense, huh?

JIM:   Jason whirls around startled! He didn't hear her coming!

Carrie Kelly (Robin IV?):   But why're you hiding here in the shadows?

Jason Todd (Robin II):   I wasn't hiding!

Carrie Kelly (Robin IV?):   Oh. Well, it looked that way. You all hunched in the shadows like that--

Jason Todd (Robin II):   I told you I wasn't hiding, you dumb bitc*!

JIM:   Woah! Jason's got some anger management problems there!

ROD:   And he's now hot under the collar. He's already taken a swing at Carrie!

JIM:   Which she barely gets out of the way from!

ROD:   Jason aims another punch at her--

JIM:   Which Carrie ducks. She dodges left--

ROD:   She gets in under Jason's swing--

JIM:   Carrie tags him!

Sound of fist meeting nose:   Crunch!!

ROD:   She's bloodied his nose!

JIM:   And she lands another to his chin! Jason's livid!

Carrie Kelly (Robin IV?):   Are you new to this too?

Jason Todd (Robin II):   Why you no good dirty little tramp! I'll kill you, you son of a rat basta--

ROD:   Hey now! This is a family show!

Jason Todd (Robin II):   I'll *bleep* *bleep* you up good! Little *bleep* *bleep* of a *bleep* *bleep*!

JIM:   So far the only thing Jason's hit is air! But how long can--

ROD:   Jason connects one! Carrie's phased! She's--

JIM:   Jason slams one into her chops! Is that a tooth?!?

ROD:   And another across the nose!

JIM:   And another--

ROD:   And another--

JIM:   And another--

ROD:   There's blood flying everywhere!

Jason Todd (Robin II):   Not so funny now, are you?!?! Where's your big mouth now? Huh?!?!

JIM:   And a kick to Carrie's stomach.

ROD:   And another kick--

JIM:   And another--

ROD:   And another--

JIM:   Jason's manhandling her! Kicks, punches, he's just overwhelming her crumpled form! She can't even cover up! All she can do is sob and whimper! This can't go on! Someone's got to--

ROD:   What's that sickening wet sound!

Sound of ribs being broken:   Crack!!!

Carrie Kelly (Robin IV?):   Arghhhhhhhhhhh! *sob* *sob*

JIM:   And Carrie cries out in pain! Her face is a blood and tear streaked mess.

ROD:   Tim and Dick's heads snap around at the sound. They've just caught sight of Jason for the first time. But their gaze seems more drawn to--

JIM:   The bloody heap that is being beat upon by fist after unrelenting fist.

ROD:   Jason's unaware he's been spotted.

Jason Todd (Robin II):   Like that? Huh?!?! You think you're so funny now?!? Well, do ya?!?! Let's have some more laughs!

ROD:   Jason lifts his hand once more--




JIM:   Tim detached the razor sharp R from his costume and threw it!

ROD:   Which has pinned Jason's hand to the nearby wall!

Jason Todd (Robin II):   Arghhh! Damn you! *Bleeping* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* !!!!

JIM:   Jason pulls the R free.

Jason Todd (Robin II):   You think you're 'All That', don't you?!? Little 'Teacher's Pet'. All right, you want to play with the big boys? Come on! Come on 'Teacher's Pet', it's time you got schooled!!!

ROD:   It's deathly quiet up here all of the sudden. The silence punctured only by the low moans of Carrie.

JIM:   Tim and Dick are glancing at Jason...

ROD:   Now they're looking at Carrie, huddled in the corner, her face so swollen as to not even be recognizable...

JIM:   And finally they look at one another...

ROD:   And they both slowly advance on Jason Todd! Together! Their own dispute forgotten for the moment!

Jason Todd (Robin II):   You both want some?!? Well bring it on! Bring it all on!!!!

JIM:   Tim and Dick are breaking off, circling around Jason. Outflanking him.

ROD:   And Jason makes a lunge at Tim!

JIM:   Tim moves deftly to the side and applies a Judo chop to the back of the neck!

ROD:   Jason doubles over--

JIM:   Only to receive a kick to the side of the head!

ROD:   Sending him reeling--

JIM:   Right into Dick's fist!

ROD:   Tim and Dick are taking him apart like a cheap watch!

JIM:   They're working together like a well-oiled machine. Crisp precise moves.

ROD:   Pressure points, nerve endings, the whole nine yards. Jason is feeling each and every blow.

JIM:   Dick with a left hook--

ROD:   And now Jason is a heap upon the rooftop, right next to Carrie Kelly. Looks like Dream Street for him.

JIM:   But wait! Tim and Dick are walking off a little ways...

Dick Grayson (Robin I):   Now that the chores are out of the way, I suppose it's time to get back to our little 'game'?

Tim Drake (Robin III):   This girl needs medical attention. How about a truce for the time being?

Dick Grayson (Robin I):   I--

Jason Todd (Robin II):   You should of listened you your own advice 'Teacher's Pet'! 'Never underestimate the enemy'!!!!

ROD:   Jason Todd is one tough customer! He has to be in a world of pain just to stand after the beating he took! How he's back on his feet is beyond me!

JIM:   What's he doing? He's making some sort of move--

ROD:   He's just lifted Carrie's limp body up over his head!

Jason Todd (Robin II):   You two like being lap dogs? Go fetch!!!

JIM:   Jumping jellybeans! He just threw her off the roof!

ROD:   Tim and Dick are floored! They're rooted in place!

JIM:   But only for a fraction of a moment! Both have leaped off to try and catch her!

ROD:   Do you have any idea how high up we are?!?! If she hits the ground...

JIM:   Both Dick and Tim have dispatched Bat-Lines, and are swinging into position!

ROD:   But it looks like Tim is going to get to her first!

JIM:   He makes the save! Tim's coming around the corner of the building with Carrie in tow. He's--

ROD:   Hey, where'd Jason go?!?

JIM:   There he is! Over at the corner of the building. Right where Tim's line is anchored.

ROD:   But what's that in his hand? It's gleaming...

JIM:   It's the R from Tim's suit! The one he used to pin Jason's hand to the wall earlier!

ROD:   He's cut Tim's line with it! I can't believe this!

JIM:   Oh the irony!!!

ROD:   They're in free fall! Tim's frantically trying to position himself underneath Carrie so as to take the brunt of the impact when they hit down! What a hero!

JIM:   Dick's just swung back to the roof! He doesn't know what's happened!!

ROD:   He's tapping Jason on the shoulder--

JIM:   Tim can't hook another line--

ROD:   Jason's turning around, Dick's fist is cocked--

JIM:   All those parked cars--



'Nuff Said!


Dick Grayson: 378

Tim Drake: 265

Carrie Kelly: 85

Jason Todd: 38 (killed by voters yet again)

Number of people who wrote in saying they hated Jason: 6


JIM:   --Two concussions, 7 broken ribs, a fractured collarbone, and three sprained ankles. Tim and Carrie will be okay, but they'll be out of commission for a while!!

ROD:   But it's a lucky thing for them that there were all those parked cars on the street. While the car is totaled, it's the only thing that saved their life. If it hadn't broken their fall...

JIM:   But they aren't the only ones being carried off on a stretcher. That last punch really cleaned Jason Todd's clock. He won't be coming to for a few hours at best.

ROD:   It looks like our winner, and the last Robin standing, is Dick Grayson! The original "Boy Wonder"!!

JIM:   This is Rod and Mies, the fill-in guys signing off. Be sure to tune in next time for another telecast of the CBUB. We'll be seeing you!

ROD:   Good night from the city of Khazan.

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