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Mecha Massacre

Decepticons En Garde! Robotech


In a strange alternate universe, The Decepticons land on Earth... but not accompanied by their hated enemies The Autobots. They find a lush planet perfect for conquest... or so they think.

Enter The Robotech Defense Force. Having already received Robotech Technology... though the intergalactic war it was prepared for had never come to pass... the Human pilots could offer challenge to the Decepticon threat.

Now, it is the likes of Megatron, Starscream, and the Decepticons vs. Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker and Skull Squadron with Earth itself as the prize.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Ghosts in the Machine This fight was suggested by many including
Madhu V. Kolachina, The Bunyip, the Ninja Master, The Klaw and Pedneau.


PAT:  We are back, Live from planet Earth where we are continuing our coverage of the Final Battle this amazing match up. Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:  And I'm Jay Peoples. Pat, you have to love these alternate Earth dimensions: you can just sit back and watch the carnage without getting your hands dirty.

PAT:  And dirty is the word here, Jay. This has been a grim Earth Siege which has lasted two months now, and we've been showing high-lights of some of the major battles all morning. Both teams have had their share of problems.

JAY:   That's right Pat... on the Robotech side, we're having some real romance conflict between the crew of the SDF-1 which has left their personal lives in turmoil.

PAT:   And, on the Decepticon side, they repeatedly face the problem of turmoil within their own ranks. The Autobots are gone... perhaps destroyed in this alternate dimension. Without that common hatred holding them together, they're falling apart at the seams in squabbles and power-plays.

JAY:  Pat, let's see what the viewers at home are saying about this one.


Favorite letter of the Week

Chris Sawler writes:

I used to watch transformers every day when I was little. I saw how good those Decepticons could aim. They would fire about 1,000,000,000 shot every episode, and only one would hit. It was pathetic. I saw Robotech a few times, and those guys just DONT MISS! I say the Decepticons will just get wasted before they even hit the Robotech team.

Predator writes:

The Decepticons will pound these Robotech goons. Why? Because the Decepticons will want to win. And when they want to win, they will be brutal and vicious. The weakling humans will provide little challenge.

Dssstrkl writes:

The Decepticons always lose, the RDF always wins. The Decepticons keep getting beaten by about 14-15 Autobots, while the RDF faced of two zentradi armadas, the Robotech masters, and the invid, and came out on top. Obviously , the RDF will win.

warrl writes:

Two Words: Rick Hunter. The Decepticons do not have a chance against him and skull squadron. they are going to take these chumps to school.

Nowhere Man writes:

I used to watch both the Transformers and Robotech back in the 1980's and I would have to say that Robotech would have the edge in any war with the Decepticons. Let's face it, the Robotech gang were a pretty cohesive force that worked well together whereas the Decepticons sometimes fought amongst themselves when it came to their fighting policy. I seem to remember that Starscream, the Decepticons' second in command tended not to follow Megatron's orders so this would end up dooming them in the end. Now if they were fighting the Go-Bots, then this wouldn't be a factor at all but against Robotech, then I'd have to say Robotech takes it.

Dougan writes:

One thing was neglected in the original commentary: Familiarity. The Robotech fighters just got their tech together and know how to fight in them and show off a little. The Deceps _live_ in their various forms, and were doing so for years, or centuries before coming to earth. Also, forget the cartoon, go with raw stats and they'll coat the field with human bodies!

Atomic Skull writes:

We're talking the RDF here, the guys who beat the Zentradi, a genetically engineered race created specifically for war, a race that could obliterate _ENTIRE_ worlds in a few seconds if they so desired, we're talking _billions_ of ships miles long here.. Do you seriously think that the Decepticons are going to give them any trouble after all that? I don't think so!

The Sandman writes:

Of course Robotech will beat the Decepticons because they are smarter. The Decepticons are so stupid, it takes all of them to equal one computer brain.

'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth writes:

Oh come on! This is a mismatch if I've ever seen one. Let's look at several reasons why the RDF would come out on top:

  1. Massive numbers. Squads after squads of fighters vs. around 40 robots that really don't work well as a team.
  2. Officers. Roy Fokker, Max Steling, Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Henry Gloval, asskickers all of 'em. Who are you more willing to die for, these guys, or Megatron?
  3. The biggest fucking guns around. The SDF-1's reflex cannon, the Grand Cannon, when these things fire, Obi-Wan gets a headache.
  4. NOTHING phases the RDF. They took on the ENTIRE FUCKING ZENTRAEDI FLEET for God's sake! Nearly FIVE MILLON WARSHIPS. You think around 40 pissy robots that are always bitching among themselves stand a chance against people who have the nuts to take on nearly 5,000,000 WARSHIPS? I didn't think so.
  5. The RDF have scored more victories then the Decepticons could dream about. Those robots got there metallic asses handed to them almost every time they took on the Autobots. The RDF did loose a few, but they always came out on top.

You might as well have the RDF go up against wind-up toys.

Megatron writes:

The Deceps will have this wrapped up in minutes. As was said in the commentary, the 'Cons move as soon as they think, the Robotech people have that split second delay as they activate the machines. Okay, here is a scenario; the 'cons land, are attacked by these puny humans, then this happens; Devastator is formed by the Constructicons, his size and strength can destroy anything. Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker lead the aerial attack, but here is the moment of genius; the insecticons transform, and as Kickback and Shrapnel chew vital metal components of the Robotech robots, Bombshell sneaks in and implants his controller pod things, so he can start to control the humans. Combine this with Megatron's raw power, enough to level a small town with a single shot is what is written on his box I believe, then the Deceptions win without breaking into a sweat.

Flynn writes:

The response time disadvantage that Pat mentions is not an issue. The new Robotech mecha are powered with Protoculture which somehow makes their mecha act faster with human response times. This was the chief advantage the new mecha had over the rest of the human's military. It's why the Zendradi swept aside the UN SPACEY space force easily but the Robotech mecha completely outmaneuvered them. Now, the Deceptions are not great at working together, while the Robotech pilots are legendary for their teamwork. Plus the transformer's weapons didn't seem to have the same destructive power. Certainly they didn't use missiles very much. The Robotech Defense Force routinely fought hundreds or thousands of alien mecha. A few underpowered alien robots won't give them much of a challenge.

The Southern Fist writes:

We all know that Skyfire/Jetfire was based on the Robotech defense force. He was the MOST badass transformer ever made. Now the Robotech squad is mostly these machines, piloted by smart rugged humans defending their home. Second, when humans get killed, they can make more Valkries, and pilot them and paste more Decepticons. When deceptions die, who will help them? Unicron isn't around to morph them so they are all sol. Earth will claim this victory in three standard earth days.

Invidwarrior writes:

Well, the Robotech gang is good, and the Decepticons are evil. According to the laws of kiddie cartoons, good MUST triumph over evil. That's why I'm voting for Robotech.

Mr. Silverback writes:

Take a few moments to sit back and imagine the Decepticons trying to hold off the Zentraedi fleet. One word: Splat. But the RDF did it for years. Robotech in a hideous flaming route that looks like a cavalry charge against a tank division.

Dark Queen writes:

The Decepticons have got to win. I use to watch that show all the time. Even though the always lost they would never give up! So they will fight till the last bot is standing.

Pedneau writes:

that the Deceptions might win but not without a good beating though. The SDF1 might be able to blow up a whole fleet but lets not forget that unlike the Zentarti, Decepticons aren't affected distracted by Protoculture. Not to mention that if Mimmei started singing she'd be blown to a crisp which is something I always wanted to happen cuz she drives me mad.

Chuckg writes:

First off, let me say that I consider this match about as one-sided as "General Lee vs. Kitt". Why I think so breaks down into several categories: LEADERSHIP/BRAINS -- This is the most important category of all. Megatron is very clever, but is also very overconfident and short-sighted. Plus, his ability to cope with unexpected adversity is about as well-developed as the average stereotypical cartoon megalomaniac's... in other words, it's absolutely pathetic. Rick Hunter is barely half the genius that Megatron is, but the half of a brain he has, he *actually uses*. (Unlike Megatron.) He never goes all stereotypically megalomaniacal and shoots himself in the foot at the climax. Furthermore, Hunter has the advantage that even if he does make a mistake, all of his subordinates actually have brains too and the initiative to use them effectively. But besides Megatron, none of the Decepticons have enough smarts to figure out which way is up on an escalator.
Advantage -- RDF. NUMBERS -- An entire planetary army of RDF. (Or if you're just counting the SDF-1, that's still four or five carrier air wings of RDF.) There are only about two or three dozen Decepticons.
Advantage -- RDF.

FIREPOWER -- Decepticons have lasers, blasters, missiles, etc, that blow large chunks out of normal-scale targets (houses, trees, tanks, etc.) RDF mecha have lasers, blasters, missiles, etc. -- that blow large chunks out of entire *starships*. With shields. And that's just the Veritech mecha -- if you let the SDF-1 and its main battery into this fight, it's *Game Over!*
Advantage -- RDF. SPECIAL WEAPONS -- The Decepticons have their "combined-mecha", like Devastator. Or if the rules of the fight forbid, they have their living city, Tripticon. But if the Decepticons are allowed to use Tripticon, then the RDF has GOT to be allowed to use the SDF-1. Excuse me, but do we remember what happens when the SDF-1's main battery cuts loose? It gives the Death Star an inferiority complex!!! (And let's not even MENTION the Grand Cannon...)
Advantage -- RDF. (notice a pattern here?) Somebody -- ANYBODY -- tell me what the Decepticons got that can possibly make up for everything they don't got, as listed above. Because the way I see it, they have no chance.

Justicar writes:

Mecha Massacre is right. I can't even envision these two forces in the same league. Double "A" Decepticons vs. the MLB All-Star RDF. Its going to be a slaughter. How many invasions has the RDF fought off. Granted they get pounded, but there battling in a David vs. Goliath matchups. The Zentradi, the Invid, etc. They are battle hardened veterans. Now the Decepticons, they can't even defeat the Autobots. They have no concept of loyalty and brilliance in combat. They are a mob of individuals that will be swarmed upon and defeated one by one. The RDF is defending their home planet. That's a major boost to adrenaline, guts, constitution. They will win because there is no surrender. That kind of zeal can't be trod upon by a bunch of bumbling moronic robots.

Sailor Xena writes:

This will be close; but the RDF will pull ahead. Rick Hunter and Roy Fokker will lead Skull Squadron and take out Starscream and the other flyers. The ground mecha will out-gun the Constructicons, Autocons, and Combatocons. And one name, Maxwell Sterling; he and his wife Myria are the two top pilots to don a RDF uniform. Megatron won't know what hit him. Take it from someone who has read the books, watched the series, and play the game; this is no contest.

The Great Freaker writes:

My the Gods have pity on the Robotech forces because the Decepticons are going to kick the living s#$@ out of them. First of all the Decepticons are individuals, and that gives them an edge over a piloted vehicle. Second, the Decepticons are more aggressive, mean, and evil. Finally, even if the rest of the Decepticons are defeated, Megatron (with his new armor and rail gun that Cobra gave him) could take on the whole Robotech army.

Player writes:

Well this fight will no doubt be a long and hard one. However one factor will easily defeat the Decepticons. The annoying Songs of Lynn Minmei can defeat anyone.

Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips writes:

The Decepticons.

The Insecticons eat metal, and Bombshell can take over machinery. Skywarp teleports and Thudercracker disappears. Headmasters. Triplechangers. Megatron and the Fusion Cannon that took out entire mountains. The Constructicons merge to form Devastator; the Stunticons merge to form Menacor; the Combaticons merge to form Brutucus; the Predacons merge to form Predacus; and the Terrorcons merge to form Abominus--all of whom were skyscraper size high. Tripticon, Scorponox--city size. And about fifty other robots. Add that all up together and you have a force powerful enough to ravage the planet, let alone a group of human controlled transforming planes.

Jimmy Delpino writes:

Decepticons are in the bag baby. They've got the strength, size, speed, intelligence and fighting experience, cause remember , ] the humans just received Robotech technology, whereas the Decepticons, have been fighting the Autobots, for millennia. No way could they lose.

RobF writes:

I used to love the Transformers, but up until a couple of weeks ago I had never seen Robotech. Back then, I would've said that Megatron ALONE could beat them, but I would've been sadly mistaken. The Decepticons, the Predicons, the Autobots, AND the Maximolds couldn't beat Robotech. Robotech rules!

Akuma Daimyo writes:

I have watched Robotech a little. They suck. They have all these big vehicles and as far as I can tell their opponents vehicles suck rocks! The Decepticons had to fight the likes of Optimus Prime, a very charismatic, intelligent and great fighter, who had some of the most kick ass robots on his side, like the Dinobots. The Decepticons will kick Robotech's assess, hands down!

Buster bunny writes:

The RDF would because the Decepticons would get over confident when they have fight humans we have sucky weapons and the fact SDF 1 has more than the main gun and shoot them down with its rail guns and its reflex laser cannons its auto cannons and its missile which are for more accurate than the main gun. Plus Starscream being the loser he is would be shot down first by Max Sterling and all the other jets to.

Shark writes:

Unless Min-Mei's horrid singing voice annoys the evil transformers to death, I'd have to give this one to the Decepticons.

Sailor DrizzCat writes:

Robotech have survived the Invid The Transformers would not survive them. Robotech RULES!!!!!!!

Rodimus Prime writes:

Okay, the Decepticons in the TV show were a cowardly lot, great at deception and espionage, but pretty weak when it came to fighting the Autobots over energon cubes. But let's say we are talking about the Decepticons from the Transformers Movie. Those guys kicked ass in that flick! Remember when they blasted into an Autobot cargo ship and just started mowing them down like so much tinfoil to heavy metal music? And when Megatron, who was a whole lot more vicious that time around just blew Ratchet (or was it Ironsides) to smithereens and simply said "Pathetic heroism." That was serious evilness. Later, when they became Galvatron and co. they were even more badass! Plus, they fragged that Starscream loser with extreme prejudice. The RDF never had to take on anything that malevolent. The Zentraedi would have turned tail and run because the Decepticons are bigger even than they. RDF doesn't have a chance against the Gen 1 Movie Megatron/Galvatron Kill Squad!

The Klaw writes:

Finally! Something close to one of the fights I suggested! Well, when you get right down to it there is no way the Decepticons can lose. So what if Robotech can reach deep down into the heart of humanity, the Decepticons outclass them in size, strength, sheer numbers, technology....I could go on and on. Besides, with teams like the constructicons, predicons, etc., that form one huge robot, Robotech won't have a ghost of a chance. Let's not forget that the Decepticons are craftier than any of Robotech's previous opponents and won't hesitate to just destroy Earth if they can't conquer it!

caraig writes:

The RDF simply has to win, it's in their contract, while the Decepticon's contract says They Must Loose.

Even so, you're gonna find that the RDF has greater numbers, greater firepower, and greater motivation. The Decepticons break at the drop of a hat, hissing a 'We'll beat you next time!' It's gonna have to be a lot of next times.

Achin' Dave writes:

Being a long time Transformers Fan (Sad, isn't it?) my vote had to go with the Decepticons. Why?

  1. Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker. These three jets can and will take out just about anything. Have the Robotech forces even heard of Null Rays?
  2. Soundwave and his lackeys. Is that a Jaguar in your tape deck or are you just happy to see me?
  3. Constructicons. I've yet to see Robotech forces combine into a superlarge robot. Maybe if they invited Voltron???
  4. Finally Megatron. What more needs to be said? You can throw in Galvatron and Shockwave for extra gun-power as well, if you like, but ultimately it was Megatron who took out THE Optimus Prime. And he probably would have been okay, if Starscream hadn't thrown him out like the garbage he is.

The only possible problem I can see for the Con's is that Starscream may just take the opportunity to try and kill Megatron... Again. As for the Beast Bores... Well, that's just marketing run rampant. We don't need no stinkin' Beast Wars.

AIM1227 writes:

Unity is the key. Unity! That's what Robotech is about.

The RDF are vets of a global civil war that nearly destroyed our world. They know that they must stand together or hang separately. In the first Robotech War they won by dividing their foes and whipping them up.

The Con's are also vets of a world shattering civil war but they have failed to learn the vital lesson on unity. Frankly, I think they have a death-wish. The `Cons can't even have breakfast without the Insecticons or Starscream launching a revolt.

The RDF will hang back wait for the split and then nuke them from orbit with the SDF1's main gun. No contest.

Technology should also be taken into account. The Decepticons have third-rate Saturday morning TV ray guns. In their entire history they never managed to kill anyone (except Optimus Prime the bastards). The RDF massacred Zentrati by the millions with their bleeding edge anime-tech. Hell, in the Robotech RPG some of their guns don't even have a damage statistic. They simply destroy anything within X million miles.

I expect this to be short and ugly.

junior birdman writes:

Here's my thought on Robotech: the pilots are excellent, well trained with good communication skills. Best of humanity and so forth, BUT their robots are limited; very few of them are suitable for taking on a mostly ground-oriented team of robots able to not only fight as robojocks, but travel 'incognito' (funny the way no-one spots them, huh?) as ordinary cars. About the Decepticons: The name says it all, 'deception' and 'con artist'. They are skilled at quickly invading and conquering fortified locations. (remember how long it took the autobots to win back that spacestation thingy with the Energon stuff?) Don't forget that their leader is capable of crippling virtually any target with that big gun of his, and that injured Decepticons are still able to combine into huge robots despite apparent weakness. Also, Decepticons are virtually impossible to kill, they take a beating and, with a little Technicolor Energon, are ready to rumble in the next episode! Also, each member of the team is capable of multifarious tasks besides simple destruction (ever see a Robotech warrior eat a rock and spit it out as a guided missile?) Conclusion: Decepticons win, taking heavy losses of the same people over and over. Robotech creams them overall in the battlefield due to superior communication and higher numbers, but the Decepticons are able to storm the facilities with relative ease and shut them down. Once the communications are cut, the Decepticons will have little trouble sneaking around and chipping away bit by bit until Robotech has no more supplies.

WhereWolf writes:

RDF, all the Way! Max Sterling can take on any 10 Decrepit-ons.... all at Once! He's jus' that good! :) An' if his wife's included, those Tonka Toys don't stand a chance.... I mean, hell.... their leader is a big Walther P-38! You don't really 'spect us ta' take this fight SERIOUSLY, do ya'?! Don't make me laugh. :)

Matthew W Rossi III writes:

That I am a pathetic, wasted loser of a human being even for contemplating it. I have managed to degrade myself so totally that there's no way out: I'm a bloated wood-tick of a fanboy, a hideous, misshapen lump of geekdom, hopelessly dedicated to the most inane pursuits in the history of the entire universe. Oh, and there's no way a group led by a P-38 that turns into a robot could beat those psychotic, city destroying Robotech guys. They scare me.

Lurch writes:

The Decepticons have the edge in Fire power. Megatron and Shockwave are honkin' huge guns remember. And when used by the likes of Devastator, Menasor and Bruticus, They'd lay waste to a lot of little robots... That and the fact that half of then are psychotic, they're a threat that no human can face!

Ali writes:

The transformers are not as maneuverable as any of the Valkyries. Because of Protoculture the humans might as well be machines. I doubt anything the transformers have can compare to the sdf-1. The Robotech mecha just plain look cooler. By the time we get to the new generation, the cyclones offer as much protection to the pilot as the original vfs.


JAY:   Okay, so it looks like we have the end of the road here, Pat. This is definitely the big one: The Final Battle.

PAT:   Jay, the Decepticons have remained highly mobile for the last couple of months of the conflict, and have used their transforming ability to greatly confuse the RDF... but today we bear witness their "Tet Offensive".

JAY:   Yes, the dissent in his own ranks forced Megatron to make a full frontal assault...wishing to dispose of the annoying RDF quickly so as to turn his full attention to his own errant forces.

PAT:   I question how many "forces" he will have left. Look at the carnage... Blitzwing, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Ransack, Scourge, Windsweeper, Shockwave and a dozen different Cassette Tape 'Cons reduced to slag....

JAY:   ...Along with half of Red Squadron, all of Brown Squadron and a good portion of Macross City. The RDF Veritechs have taken a real beating.

PAT:   Wait look... lumbering into view... My God...

JAY:   The Decepticons have really pulled out all the stops. Here come the big boys.

PAT:   The Terrorcons have merged into Abominus. The Stunticons are formed into Menasor. The Constructicons are coming on as Devastator. The Combaticons have merged into Bruticus. The Seacons have formed into Piranacon and... Holy... Trypticon the freakin' City Size transformer is in on the play... Holding Megatron himself in Gun Form.

JAY:   It is in awe inspiring sight, Pat... but the RDF is dogged and relentless. Falling like screaming hellions from the sky it's Roy Fokker, Rick Hunter, Max Sterling and Skull Squadron...

PAT:   ...The RDF Veritechs come in strong, launching a blistering first missile salvo into the lumbering 'Con hulksters...

JAY:   Aside from some minor damage, most of the Heavy 'Cons look barely fazed. Look!!

PAT:   Yes! The smaller Decepticons are heartened by the awesome power of the Big-Guns. They're moving in a wave, bringing up the rear behind the gigantic, lumbering Mega 'Cons. Macross city is truly, truly doomed.

JAY:   The RDF ground forces are laying down a massive salvo of artillery, and direct fire into the Decepticon wave. Several more smaller 'cons are fragged...

PAT:   Devastator, Abominus, Bruticus and the rest stop and return fire for fire. The RDF Ground units are swept aside... disintegrated.

JAY:   The complete compliment of Veritech Squadrons from SDF-1 are now back on the scene... dropping wave upon wave of missile and direct fire into the 'Con lines...

PAT:   Return fire from big and small 'Cons alike take a toll on several of the RDF fighters...

JAY:   A toll is taken on both sides, but the fact remains that the largest Mega 'Cons are still standing and still moving towards Macross City.

PAT:   ...No Jay, look!! That shadow moving across the earth... It's the SDF-1 itself, arriving on the scene from orbit!

JAY:   The RDF squadrons are reversing... pulling back... giving the SDF-1 a wide open field....

PAT:   Jay, This report that's just been handed to me... the Robotech Defense Force have improvised a daring plan to deal with the 'Con's. It appears they have hooked a singer called Lynn MinMei into a forward facing sonic cannon and they are going to sing the Decepticons to death.

JAY:   Oh, I like that, Pat. It's less harmful to the environment than just opening up the main battery on them..... Oh god! Wait! That voice... grating! Burning my mind! a cat being run through a lawnmower!!

PAT:   The noise! The noise! Intolerable!

JAY:   And we're just getting the fallout here. Look, the Decepticons are being torn apart by the direct physical blast manifestation of MinMei's singing.

PAT:   The Decepticons are enraged, berserk... driven insane by the intense voice and the vibrations it is causing over their steel frames. The Deceptions launch themselves like meteors, full thrust at the SDF-1! Their steel hands trembling with the anticipation of getting a hold of Min-Mei and crushing the life from her.

JAY:   They fly right into the teeth of the beast... Reflex missiles are Go! Rail Guns light up the sky! The SDF-1's perimeter defense goes on-line, full-tilt!!!

PAT:   Decepticons, big and small get smoked by the onslaught... and still they come... determined to silence the hideous song!

JAY:   Holy, Look! Trypticon, wielding Megatron, blasts a path through the storm... laying waste to gun emplacements... Trypticon punches a hole into the SDF-1... giant steel hand closing around the delicate Min -Mei and pulling her out from the SDF-1!!

PAT:   Admiral Gloval orders a cease fire on the SDF-1, for fear of hurting MinMei.

JAY:   Trypticon, stops... holding the delicate, beautiful little MinMei in the palm of his hand.

PAT:   The rest of the surviving Decepticons gather around to look at the fragile little MinMei. The SDF-1 has fallen into silence as the crew holds their breath...

JAY:   So delicate, so darling, the little MinMei. The Decepticons seem enchanted with her as Trypticon carefully holds her out for the other 'Cons to see.

PAT:   The enchantments over, Jay. Trypticon rudely throws MinMei to the deck and the Decepticons stomp her bloody carcass into paste.

JAY:   The RDF is driven over the edge by the loss of their cultural icon! Defensive fire opens up afresh on the Decepticons as the Veritechs rain fresh death from the sky. Reflex missiles and laser fire burns the air.

PAT:   But the Decepticons bolt into the hole Trypticon made! They're storming the interior of the SDF-1!!!


'Nuff Said!

Oh, so close!

Decepticons: 266

Robotech: 264


PAT:   Megatron is taking over the SDF-1!

JAY:   So, Pat... how do you think humanity will enjoy their time as slaves?

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