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[ GREEN ARROW ] [En Guarde] [ HAWKEYE ]
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Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye
This Fight Suggested By: Hector the Horrible, Matt Rossi, Jorge Martinez, Blazing Inferno, GammaRat, Mike Rehor, SmithFan1977, Omega Red, By-Tor, and WhereWolf


This week in the Arena of Khazan... an amazing match of courage, skill and marksmanship as those legendary archers Green Arrow and Hawkeye go head to head in battle. Folks, what needs be said that you don't already know? These two guys, both normal humans, have saved the world from aliens, monsters and street thugs countless times with just their wits and a finely crafted piece of wood. But when these two enter the hot sand of the arena, Saturday afternoon - watch-out... 'cause this time they are sure to be facing their most treacherous foe... each other.

So bring the kids and get tickets early, because this battle of the bowmen is one event you will not want to miss!

Join us at the Arena of Khazan in a battle we had to call...



Harley Quinn:   ... Oh yeah, she's ticked. You guys are in deep... oh no... here she comes...

Callisto:   Well, Pat and Jay. My little long lost sheep. I thought I wouldn't see you again...

PAT:   er....

Harley Quinn:   I'm outta here...

Callisto:   Well, what to do, what to do? Feed you to jackals? Have your eyes removed by crows?

JAY:   Let us go?

Callisto:   Hmmm... no.

LIGHTNING BOLT:   Zzaaaapppp!!

JAY:   ARGH!!!

PAT:   Boy, you're going to be feeling that one in the morning, Jay.

LIGHTNING BOLT:   Zzaaaapppp!!


Callisto:   Shut-Up, you. I have not decided if you'll live... but in the meantime I have something planned. Enjoy the torment of guessing what it might be. I have business... I will deal with you later.

JAY:   ....

PAT:   ....

JAY:   Is it me, Pat, or is she going soft?

PAT:   How do you figure THAT!?!

JAY:   She might just torment us.

PAT:   Uh... I don't want to be tormented. Are we on yet?

CAMERA MAN:   3 seconds.. two... one... cue..

PAT:   LIVE from the Arena of Khazan, we have an Amazing match for you today. Two masters of the bow test their skill upon one another for Ultimate Victory. Hello and Welcome... I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. Our match today will be that incredible archer Clint Barton, otherwise known as Hawkeye, up against Oliver Queen... The Green Arrow. A true test of marksmanship and skill to be seen here today.

PAT:   Yeah... or not. Seems our Arena Judge Callisto is in a rare mood. Lets go down on the field with our own Sideline Commentator Harlene Quinzelle to see what these fighters have in store...

Harley Quinn:   Hi gang! On the surface we have what looks like a normal white sand arena battle set-up for our two bow shooters to fight it out. OH, but what's beneath the surface? To make it more interesting, our two contestants have to avoid some hidden hazards while duking it out... Hehehe... Controlled by little old me!

JAY:   You? Why are you in charge of death traps?

Harley Quinn:   Me an Cally... we bonded.

PAT:   Great. My day just keeps getting better. Well, let's see what the peanut gallery has to say....

JAY:   Peanut Gallery?


Favorite letter of the Week

Chuckg writes:

Oliver Queen vs. Clint Barton? OH YEAH! Hawkeye needs a bargeload of trick arrows to take down the foe. Ollie does it 'au naturale'. He hasn't used trick arrows for years and hasn't needed 'em. Hawkeye can shoot an apple off a guy's head a quarter-mile away.
Ollie can shoot through a six-inch tunnel in the side of a mountain to hit a two-inch bullseye half a mile away. Hawkeye's Cap's best friend and buddy and pal. He's a very good "hero's best friend". Ollie took no shit from no one. He's told Batman where to shove what and how, and repeatedly confronted Superman to his face and made the Man Of Steel back down. Hawkeye's defeated... ummm, what is the biggest cosmic villain Hawkeye's defeated anyway? Ollie made the kill shot on Parallax.
Hawkeye had a wife who was a good martial artist (Mockingbird), who eventually died. Ollie had a common-law wife who was one of her world's top five martial artists (Black Canary), who to this day is still alive. AAMOF, she outlived him. Ollie sacrificed himself to save the city of Metropolis from death by weapons of mass destruction. (Note -- Superman was there, but Ollie saved the city!)
Hawkeye/Giant Man has had and given up super-powers so often that he's practically installed a revolving door in his DNA. Ollie never needed any super-crutches to face the job. Just him and his own skills.
Hawkeye and Captain America walks into a bar. Cap has to beat the girls off with a stick. Hawkeye goes home lonely.
Ollie and anyone, even up to and including Superman... walk into a bar. Ollie The Grand Champion Babe Magnet goes home with a girl on each arm and the other guy is busy drowning his sorrows.
Oliver Queen has been around for decades.
Hawkeye's been around for...?
Oliver Queen has a sidekick who is currently enjoying a career as Arsenal.
Captain America can't keep a sidekick alive in Marvel, what chance would Hawkeye have? Hawkeye? Arsenal could make this a fair fight. Ollie could send his ex-sidekick in to help make it more fair.

Packrat writes:

Oliver Queen...what can I say? He's too noble for his own good. Hawkeye? He's the clown, the loose cannon, the wild spirit who has stood side by side with the Avengers and now leads the Thunderbolts. If Hawkeye was just going to stand there, I'd give the nod to Green Arrow, but Hawkeye isn't going to give him a chance. Hawkeye will be launching sonic arrows, grenade arrows, glue arrows, and lots of others while Ollie is trying to aim. Getting in close won't help, because Hawkeye's been trained by Captain America. Paint the bullseye on Ollie, cause Hawkeye's aim is true. And then, they'll both go get drunk and score with chicks.

TheBigGiantHead writes:

*Little Known Fact* Though most writers seem to forget it, Hawkeye still has his Goliath powers. That is, he can grow to enormous sizes and possess immense superhuman strength. Also, he possesses a great deal more common sense. He's tried going back to a basic bow and arrow. He was still able to do his job damn well. (Read the current series, "Avengers Forever", to see what I'm talking about.) But the guy was smart enough that he realized that, hey, if I can stop criminals with regular arrows, imagine what I can do with exploding one, nets, sonics, tear gas, and every other thing Batman puts in his utility belt. Not that this is easy by any means. Ollie is one of my favorite DC characters, and he is one tricky bastard. But I just don't see him pulling this one out - the odds are a bit too stacked against him.

LVtheman writes:

I vote Hawkeye, because I think everyone needs trick arrows. Ever play Thief: the dark project? Exactly.

Beetle Bomb writes:

Gosh. I love Hawkeye almost as much as he loves his arrows. He's quick, witty, and tells awesome one-liners. I'd call this a draw in skill, but in battle I chose G.A. Here why:

  1. I like self taught guys. Hawk was trained, but G.A. got nasty all by himself. At one time, if Greenie missed, he didn't eat. He's a survivalist.
  2. So what if he doesn't use gimmick arrows anymore. He'll be wise to any tricks his opponent might use ahead of time. Hawkeye gets cocky then has to compensate.
  3. I've never seen Hawkeye kill. G.A. put an arrow in Hal's chest cavity in Zero Hour. If he can off his best buddy, he won't think twice about Hawkeye.
Man you guys make it rough on a Joe sometimes! G.A. all the way!

Scott the Arrowhead writes:

Ollie Queen... Here is a man that is the Modern Day Robin Hood. His spirit, determination, and drive alone, even if it was combined at his natural skills at archery, outmatches the Purple Impersonator every time. He is one of the most well rounded and developed characters in comics. When it comes to the bow, Oliver Queen DOESN'T miss his target. He is Comic Book History's legendary archer. After Kevin Smith starts writing the new series later this year, when this immortal battle creeps up in future discussions and the question is asked again who is better, fans are going to reply "Hawkeye who???".

Valandar writes:

Let's just compare the quality of works they appeared in....

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters. A beautiful work, actually painted instead of drawn, with a storyline that enthralls and captivates.
Hawkeye: The Hawkeye Limited Series. Gee. He faces a cheesy bad guy with a mind-control device, and deafens himself with a sonic arrow. Mediocre art, by the way.

Now, let's compare their styles:

Green Arrow: A stealthy hunter that, borrowing a page from Batman, strikes fear by launching actual arrows, with full broadheads, at his targets. If he really wanted to, he could go pull the trick arrows from his bag, but he doesn't need to.
Hawkeye: Purple and blue - how stealthy. So deaf, even Shazam could sneak up on him with a thunderbolt. Oh, did I mention Thunderbolts, his new team ? Sorry. Anyway, his lack of confidence in his abilities is evident in his reliance on trick arrowheads built for him, I might add, by Tony Stark.

Guys, guys, guys, it's Green Arrow all the way.

Corwyn writes:

Ok Ollie Wins this one...Why? Shear guts no bow Ollie will win due to the 'bad-ass' factor Ollie is one mean motha Clint...well...his name is Clint...nuff said Oh yeah Pat and Jay...the movies you rented are waaaaaay over due Callisto is going to be sent to collect anyways who would rent 'Hellga She Beast of the SS' you guys are so wacky

Timmy the Kaye writes:

Oliver queen has the experience and marksmanship to hurt Hawkeye. Oliver has no fear....remember in the Poison Tomorrow Oliver says to Batman... "So we gonna make like John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart? Beat each other senseless? Male bonding through mayhem? Look if that�s how it has to be, I'm up for it, because I'm taking parsons back to Seattle with me, not even a terse and scary dark knight's gonna stop me..." Oliver was always Batman's first pick for a right hand man. notice on the Dark Knight returns who Batman calls and in the last scene who is down training the troops in the Kingdom Come it was Oliver Batman trusted above everyone and was his messenger.... Now if the most dangerous man in the world trusts him with his life.... It seems to me that his confidence would give him the edge here.... Not to mention the fact that Oliver queen is my favorite character of all time. My thoughts... Timmy the Kaye [email protected]

Lemur writes:

I hate to go with Hawkeye, because Green Arrow really is the marginally cooler of these two dorks. But, seeing as their skills -do- seem to be equal, it's only reasonable that Hawkeye's arsenal of trick arrows will give him a serious edge.

SuperSlayer writes:

First off, you're using the dead Green Arrow rather than the new one, a big mistake. Secondly, just 'cause Arrow doesn't need the trick arrows, that doesn't mean he can survive without them. In a battle between the best of the best, they'll need each advantage they can get. There is one major advantage that he has though, and that is that he was trained in the martial arts, the slight edge he needs to take out the nearly equally powerful opponent of his. They will evade each other to the point in which they are forced into close-quartered, hand-to-hand combat, thus Green Arrow will win an EXTREMELY hard fought battle.

The Cat writes:

No comment on the guy who dresses in purple, 'kay?

WhereWolf writes:

OH YEAH!!! A TOUGH FIGHT TA' CALL!!! After weighing the facts on each, I finally left it to the two items I have at hand to form my opinion. *looks at his 8" Green Arrow action figure from '74... then at his West Coast Avengers comic from '85... then back at the action figure* Sorry, but Green Arrow's got the vote this time. He's got this really cool Robin Hood look... Hawkeye looks like.... well.... a dork. :)

Fire-Pig writes:

I've gotta go with Green Arrow on this battle. Although admittedly I don't know a lot about either I'm picking him because he looks better and his name isn't too cheesy. Apart from this there isn't much I'm basing my vote on. Ah-well, FT-OOIINNGG! Green Arrow

Marksman writes:

Although I'd love to see Bullseye come in and give them both a shot to the head, I'd have to give this one to Hawkeye. Nothing against Green Arrow, of course, but Hawkeye has any arrowhead imaginable. I think he has a rubber-chicken arrow for birthday parties if I'm not mistaken. He's also been a circus freak...err performer! You have to be tough as nails to live with bearded women and munchkins! Hawkeye will come in with a nuke arrow and suddenly the tie button will look a little more nice to have around. Plain and simple. The freak in purple beats the green Sean Connery wannabe in a few seconds.

Phil Candella writes:

Skill and experience is why Green Arrow will be the better man in this contest. No longer needing to use trick arrows is a testament that Green Arrows skill is the best there will ever be. It would not be a problem for the guy that invented trick arrows to defend himself from them. Remember this guy hung around Batman and had to learn a little something about being a non powered superhero and kicking the but of someone with powers. Trick arrows will be a breeze!!!

Das Uberbot writes:

Green Arrow of course. Who needs faggoty trick arrows when old Ollie can put a shaft right through Hawkeye's head? And he will do that. He's also gone through all kinds of shitty things like being tortured and being called a traitor so he's real tough now unlike that hotheaded wuss of Hawkeye. Also, Hawkeye came after Green Arrow was invented so he is just a cheap imitation! Hawkeye fires and thunk! Suddenly, we have an arrow protruding out of his head! Green Arrow wins!

Lady Alhana Brightblade writes:

Well, this was really, super hard! I think both Hawkeye and Green Arrow are evenly matched. But my decision was finally made, through completely irrelevant means. I chose Hawkeye because the graphic I saw on the voting page was cool. What else can I say?

Johnny5 writes:

First of all, there is no contest. Green Arrow wins hands down. Why you ask? I'll tell you why because Ollie is a hunter--a longbow hunter. He has been trained to kill and to do more damage than any other human being, other than Shado herself, with a longbow. Hawkeye is tough, I'll give him that, but all he is a gimmick guy. I'm sure you're saying, 'Yeah, but he has heart.' That's true, but that just makes an easy target for Green Arrow!

Revenant writes:

This was a hard one. I *really* wanted to vote Ollie #1 - after all, he's the original. But the truth is, Green Arrow left the Justice League because he couldn't cut it. Hawkeye is not only still an active Avenger, but recently held off the entire Thunderbolts team by himself! It's gotta be Clint.

X-Pac writes:

Hawkeye should win this fight, he really has the edge in most categories. Skill with the bow should be roughly even between the two. Hawkeye however, simply has better hardware. Hawkeye has better arrows, giving him a huge edge in the fight. Gas, sonics, etc, Green Arrow is simply outgunned. As far as hand-to-hand skill goes, I'd also have to give it to Hawkeye. He was trained by Captain America himself, and should have an edge if it comes down to fisticuffs. Overall, I just don't see any advantages Green Arrow has over Hawkeye, so he should come out on the short end of the stick.

Skeearmon writes:

Dude! As of this moment, the score is just one measly point over Hawkeye! Ha! This is so cool! Anyway, I voted for Green Arrow, he has more style than the Hawkster. Plus, he can walk the walk as well as talk the talk with the ladies. OK, that's not important for this fight, but its still true he has about a half dozen illegitimate kids he dumped willing to fight in his name! Now that's charisma!

Hector the Horrible writes:

Wow My Match got on....cooooool. This Match has to go with the guy in Green. He's tough & he's more experienced than Hawkeye. Besides he's got that inner killer we've all come to know and love. No chance Hawkeye. The Green is gonna stake you out in the sun for the ants to nip at your toes in the arena. Nuff Said.......that's horrible.

Wolf Leader writes:

I'm baaaaaack! Anyway, I have to say Hawkeye. Accessories make the man. Green Arrow will get pummeled like a stormtrooper on Endor.

S.Todd writes:

The winner of this has to be Green Arrow for one simple reason. That being that he was big enough to move away from the trick arrow genre that, last I heard, Hawkeye was still clinging to. Maybe at the end of the fight Green Arrow can clue Hawkeye into what everyone is laughing about when his back is turned.

SmithFan1977 writes:

For this fight I gotta go with Green Arrow. I mean think about it, Green Arrow is a descendant of Robin Hood and that gives him an edge. Not to mention he has more experience in fighting then Hawkeye. Also, Hawkeye is just a rip-off of Green Arrow anyways, so I gotta go with the original archer here.

Gaijin D writes:

Green Arrow, man. He goes way back, and you have to respect the no mask thing. Plus, that's a boss beard. And yeah, I feel confident going with personal preference 'cause this is a close match.

Yugadesrial writes:

GA: HA! I will ensnare you with my handcuff arrow!
HE: Ummmm...The first thing you learn as an Avenger is escape artistry. Whatcha got next?
GA: Try my boxing glove arrow on for size!
HE: Not bad, if it didn't have the wind resistance of a piece of paper. I'm 20 feet away here.
GA: Curse you! My smoke grenade arrow will subdue you!
HE: And fan will easily disperse of your smoke! Yeah, that's the ticket.
GA: All right! Now I'm ticked! Time to break out the rubber chicken arrow!
HE: I'm not even touching that one. Here, let me use my patented arrow arrow. Twang!
GA: ARRRRgghhhh...
ANd the moral of the story kiddies? Stick to the basics.

Peregrine writes:

Like last week, I have to go with the experience factor. Also, Oliver Queen (prior to his *ahem* untimely demise) had transcended Western archery and had mastered the Japanese art of kyujutsu. He could literally outshoot Hawkeye with his eyes closed....

Shylock writes:

Green Arrow will tear Hawkeye an new one. He's proficient enough to not use any cheap, trick arrows. Anyways, Hawkeye might as well have a shoot me sign so wearing something so conspicuous.

Carnibavore writes:

Green Arrow will not lose to someone who gets his suit tailored by the same person that does Galactus's space threads. Green Arrow is confident enough to use the genuine article while Hawkeye needs his custom built toys provided by Stark. G.A. is going pull back, aim, and send half a dozen quivers through Hawkeye before he even spots what kabobed him.

The Grim Ghost writes:

So Hawkeye's got trick arrows--big deal! Let's take a look at the track record of the OTMA (One True Modern Archer)...

Ollie once detonated a LAW rocket heading at him with a Golf Ball Arrow! (Long story on that one, trust me...) Say goodbye to those trick arrow advantages...

  1. Let's check some opponents Ollie's dropped recently--Parallax (standard arrow), Superman (The Dark Knight Returns, with a kryptonite-headed arrow), Darkseid (JLA: Rock of Ages, by catapulting the Atom inside Darhseid's brain with a Flare Arrow), the Alan Scott Green Lantern (Kingdom Come, again with regular razor-arrows). Who did Hawkeye defeat again?

  2. Let's assume this comes to hand-to-hand. "But Clint's got training from Captain America!", they'll say. Well, Ollie didn't walk into all those temples and martial-arts circles saying, "Skip the hand-to-hand stuff, I just want the archery." Not only that, this boy's been hanging around with Batman almost as long as he did with Hal Jordan, you can bet Bruce gave him a few 'unique' tips.

  3. Ollie not only gave up goofball trick arrows, he never even bothered with any funky superpowers in the first place. Clint tried all the Pym-particle gigs, and look where it got him...

  4. In every alternate reality, Oliver has a hand in the forces of good (see #2); why do they keep throwing him in there of he's supposed to be dead? Because Ollie's the MAN, that's why!

Oliver Queen is going to crown Clint the Purple Pincushion with his own quiver, after showing him where the first target of the golf ball arrow was...(guys can cringe in sympathy pain now).

The Colonel writes:

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That's true - for the Green Arrow. I'm not saying that either of those two is a rip-off. What I'm talking about is the sidekicks. Yes, Green Arrow has, how many again, 3 sidekicks/"followers". That's right, three: the second Green Arrow, Speedy (now known as Arsenal), and Arrowette. How many has Hawkeye got? Zero, zilch, nada, nein, etc... Need I say this aloud? Okay, I'll say it anyway: Hawkeye is just another twit who has little significance in the Avengers that he doesn't have a sidekick. So most Avengers don't have sidekicks? What about Bucky, War Machine, etc... And what is Hawkeye now? He's leader of the Thunderbolts, a bunch of no-goodniks turned heroes because they originally wanted to take over the world. Sheesh. Talk about your failures! They're not even devoted villains! And they had their asses handed to them by the Avengers. Need I say more? In the end, Hawkeye will wind up with so many arrows in his gut that he'll look like a fountain every time he takes a drink!!

Jeff"T-REX" Hayes writes:

Green Arrow should win.

  1. He has been around longer than Hawkeye.
  2. He has arrows for every purpose.
Both are good archers but my money if I were a betting man would be on Green Arrow.

'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth writes:

Ollie, man, Ollie. He's got more skill and a cooler head then Hawkeye will ever have. And he's also got that "cut the crap and don't take any" attitude that's going to translate into Arrow playing it quick and dirty. Hell, Arrow is *willing* to impale his foes with his arrows where Hawkeye resorts to trick shots and all that crap. Clint's going to look like a pin cushion after this match. Plus, Ollie is the only character at DC that Kevin Smith wants to write (and he will, thank the Lord). If that don't spell cool and bad, i don't know what does.

Zisteau writes:

Oooohh, this is a tough one, but I gotta give it to Hawkeye because of three distinct things:

  • Heat seeking Arrows,
  • Grenade Arrows,
  • and the ever popular Bowling ball Arrows


[ pic ] [ pic ]

JAY:   Well, our two warrior archers takes to the field. This match is still anyone's call and it might boil down to who can survive Quinn's and Callisto's deathtraps.

PAT:   Indeed. Hawkeye and Green Arrow are staring at each other across the hot, white sand of the Arena. Hawkeye waves to the cheering crowd... always a bit of a showman. Green Arrow simply knocks his first arrow...

JAY:   And let's it fly! But Hawkeye was already ducking and rolling to the side... too fast! An arrow of his own on the way!

PAT:   ...And it's Green Arrows turn to roll as... oh no... Net Arrow! Green Arrow might be ... wait... huh?

JAY:   The ground between them is erupting! Something is breaking through...

PAT:   What the hell... a mini volcano? It doesn't matter... Hawkeye's net arrow gets blocked... as Oliver Queen loses another razor sharp broadhead... Hawkeye is rolling again.. To Late! It scrapes a nice gash into Hawkeye's left thigh...

JAY:   wait! ... one... two return arrows from Hawkeye... Green arrow dives for cover behind the expanding volcano! Hawkeye's shot hits close, but still a miss. Green Arrow is moving, now, reaching for another arrow in his quiver... Torrid streams of hot lava are now pouring out of the volcano!

PAT:   Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, leaps over a burning creek of lava... BAM!!! Explosive arrow to the left! The emerging volcano mountain caught the brunt of the blast... but Green arrow is tumbled!

JAY:   Hawkeye senses victory and he rounds the volcano, rushing between the crazy mountain and the Arena pit wall... moving in... He sees Green Arrow... he... Wow! Wow! Razor sharp spikes have jetted out of the ground in front of Hawkeye! Hawkeye stumbles back, avoiding a close shave!

PAT:   .... here's some more close shave coming in! Wham! Wham! Wham! Three razor heads with Hawkeye's name all over 'em!!

JAY:   Hawkeye contorts.. Ow! The arrows leave him scratched and bleeding... pinning his clothes and quiver to the arena wall! Nothing vital is hit. Green Arrow sees Hawkeye's plight. He loads an arrow and takes a slow and deliberate aim...

PAT:   Hawkeye painfully unpins himself in time to knock an arrow of his own.... they fire!! And knock again and fire! and knock again and... oh my god! They're blasting each others arrows out if the sky!!!

JAY:   Its not possible! But then these are the worlds greatest archers... The spikes which kept Hawkeye from moving forward have suddenly dropped... I guess Quinn and Callisto got bored.

PAT:   And in that moment, Hawkeye breaks the cycle of dueling arrow heads and rolls for cover... Jay, this is big excitement and the crowd is going crazy! Let's go down on the field now with our own Harlene Quinzelle for this update...

Harley Quinn:   Open the acid pit! Open the acid pit!

CAMERAMAN:   Quinn! You're on.

Harley Quinn:   Oh... Hi everybody. So far Hawkeye and Green Arrow are nearly spending as much time fighting the traps as each other. By don't worry, we'll get them soon... I mean we'll get a winner soon. Back to you, Pat.

PAT:   Thank you Quinn for that impartial report. What do you have now, Jay?

JAY:   Surprise! Surprise! A pit of acid opens beneath Green Arrow. Green Arrow falls! Hawkeye rushes forward.. leaping over lava trails....

PAT:   Yeah?

JAY:   Incredible save by Green Arrow! He used his bow to hook the end of a boulder near the edge of the acid pit and is now hanging on to the other end for dear life!

PAT:   And as Hawkeye approaches for the coup de grace.. wait! No! Green Arrow does an amazing swing-out from the pit... giving old Hawkeye a generous taste of green shoe leather! The crowd goes wild as Hawkeye comes back with a roundhouse...

JAY:   Forget the damn bows, this now a street brawl. Physical strength and skill in good old fisticuffs. Hawkeye's punch connects with shocking impact!

PAT:   Green Arrow is rocked back.. no! It's a feint! Leg sweep brings Hawkeye goes down hard!

JAY:   But he's still got a bow... he falls... reaching into his quiver...

PAT:   ... As Green Arrow reaches into his quiver...

JAY:   But, Green Arrow doesn't have a bow.

PAT:   Hawkeye shoots... connects! A meaty thunk leaves Green Arrow with a shaft right through his shoulder...

JAY:   ... But he hand-throws his arrow... and spears right through Hawk�s right hand! Hawkeye drops his bow in shock and pain!

PAT:   Jay, I think G.A. had mentally prepared to take an arrowhead, but I don't think Hawkeye saw that one coming....

JAY:   Green Arrow smashes his boot down hard on Hawkeye's kneecap! What punishment!

PAT:   The crowd goes wild! Hawkeye rolls to the side trying to get some distance...

JAY:   He's rolling blind... my god! That Lava Flow! He'll roll in!


[ Pic ] [ pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Hawkeye: 757

Green Arrow: 782

Number of people who wrote in to say that Hawkeye was the best surgeon in the 4077th M.A.S.H.: 5


PAT:   'Arrow leaps out... pinning Hawkeye down just inches from certain doom.

JAY:   Neither man is moving... as Hawkeye comes to appreciate how close he came to the molten rock. Ah, now they are both slowly getting up... Folks, I think this fight is over.

PAT:   Well, why do you suppose he saved him?

JAY:   Well, Pat... I guess having the opponent killed out by a death trap doesn't give you many bragging rights.

PAT:   You got a point. Well folks, we're not here next week... But if we survive whatever Callisto has in store for us we will see you later.

JAY:   Pray for us. Until then, this has been the Pat and Jay show.

PAT:   Good Day, all. Pictures for this weeks big fight came from:

Avengers Assemble! (cool page).

Unofficial Green Arrow Compendium (A TRULY amazing piece of work).


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