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[ BAT ] [En Guarde] [ CAP ]
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Batman vs. Captain America

Fight Suggested By: Runewulf, Jasonite, GrimmSoup, Sage of Halo, ???????, SamTucker, Max, Packrat and all who debated it upon the message board.

This CBUB fight inspired by and dedicated to ChuckG and TheBigGiantHead.


The Annual Arena of Khazan Goodwill Gauntlet: Battles for Charity. We've seen some doozies today already as heroes from across the nexus of reality have contested in the name of charitable donations to worthy causes. Tonight, however, we bring to you the topper. A traditional white sand, no holds barred and deathtrap-free arena battle between legends.

In this corner... representing jointly the March of Dimes and the International Foundation for Traumatic Spinal Injury, Gotham City's own Batman. What needs be said that isn't already known? Besides being perhaps the worlds greatest detective, The Batman is a master of several martial arts disciplines, an unparalleled acrobat and an amazing gadgeteer.

And in this corner... representing jointly the International Red Cross and the Disabled Veterans Foundation, the star-spangled avenger Captain America. What can we add to his credentials? Besides being a master battle tactician, The Captain is a master of several martial arts disciplines, at the peak of human strength and agility and carries the shield which has become the symbol of freedom.

Get your tickets for this event now and you will be entered to win in the in the Great Goodwill Give-away! Yes, that's right. Some lucky fight fan is taking home an autographed replica of the good Captains shield, and in the second drawing the Arena will hand out an autographed Bata-rang. Oooooooh! Once in a lifetime souvenirs to take home from a once in a lifetime fight!

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

The Bat in The Cap


PAT:   Live from the Arena of Khazan, we have an amazing spectacle for you tonight. Two legendary fighters going hand-to-hand, skill-for-skill out in the white sand of the Arena pit. Hello and welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. The crowd is going wild as the two heroes approach each other for a friendly handshake. Yes, it's all for charity, and there need be no animosity at the outset.

PAT:   This is going to be one heck of a brawl, Jay. Tickets have been sold out for weeks. Let's turn now to our very special guest sideline commentators who are set-up in the stands near the pit wall... please welcome Robin and Bucky Barnes.

Robin:   Thanks for having us.

Bucky:   Yeah. Thanks.

PAT:   Robin, what is your take on the battle today?

Robin:   Well, Pat, Captain America is a true soldier. His skill on the battlefield and his mind for tactics are legendary! But I think that Batman's unorthodox martial arts styles, eclectic choice of weaponry and experience will give him the edge.

Bucky:   Hah, that's just a lot o' shop talk. Lemme tell you somethin' buster, Caps gonna get out there and give that pointy-eared vigilante freak what for. Bat wouldn't last two seconds on a real battlefield!

Robin:   Hey...

JAY:   Bucky, you seem rather unimpressed with Batman.

Bucky:   Take him outta the alleys and shadows and you got just another two-bit hoodlum packin' tinker-toys.

Robin:   Wait a minute, now...

PAT:   Thank you both. Now lets see what the fight fans are saying while Captain America and Batman ceremoniously sign the replica shield and bat-a-rang the Arena will be giving out later.


Favorite letter of the Week

Mockingbird writes:

Who would YOU rather marry, a former soldier or a millionaire? Batman, for the win.

Chuckg writes:

Batman. Just hearing the word is enough. The mental image it conjures in your mind is a legend over 50 years in the making. The Dark Knight himself, Bruce Wayne, the guy who has four Martian scalps hangin' over the damn fireplace, the only unsuperpowered human to kill Superman twice in various alternate realities... Batman. Captain America is perhaps the toughest fight the Batman will ever have. But he is Batman, and what he does is win. Whatever way he has to win, he will win. He has one of the keenest minds in his or any other universe, willpower that makes even Cap's adamantium dedication seem downright frivolous, and he has absolutely no scruples about what he will do to win. Low blows, dirty tricks, you name it, he will do it. But unlike most hit-below-the-belters, he does not resort to such tactics because he doesn't have the stuff to fight straight-up. He is a legend on his own world, a martial artist that all but one other fear and that even one has her own doubts late at night... The shadow of the Bat will fall upon you now, Captain...

Peter writes:

No offense meant to Captain America, but how can the one and only Batman not win? Batman rocks. He's been around since the 1930's, he's got a great costume, the utility belt alone could beat ol' Cap and the vehicles! Man, I want me one of those Batwings. Not to mention, Batman has fought the most diabolical fiendish minds on planet Earth, and a few beyond that if I'm not mistaken, and still kicked butt. I mean, Batman's walloped Joker, one of the most evil, psychotic and deranged villains ever, how many times? He's even had his spine snapped, but he came back fightin'. Now that's a hero. And for another thing, Batman is the second most popular comic book hero ever. Say what you like, but the fact remains that Batman is known by everyone, right up there with good old Supes. You ask a couple of people on the street who Capt America is, and they'll reply with a blank look, and the word "Who?" So, despite the fact that they both truly are legends, it's Batman, the greatest of all heroes, by a long shot.

Parallax writes:

This is definitely a close one. Damn close. This one could go on for days close. BUT I have to hand it to Batman. Why? well, its a lot more devious than Cap and he has a lot of tricks that Cap just won't be able to block with his shield. I'd also say that Batman is also more dexterious than the shield bearer. In straight toe to toe combat I would give it to Captain America but Bats is too smart for that, he will study, learn and then defeat Steve Rogers.

Kator writes:

Hi! I'm a lurker here, and usually don't comment, but this is a battle that needs to be settled here and now. The question of whether Bats or Cap would win in a fight has been asked many a time on the message boards that I frequent, and finally we(fanboys) will have some closure. Enough ranting, I belive that the fight goes to Captain America. The reason I pick Cap is because he is the epitomy of what the human body can be. Even after taking the S.S. serum, he trained hard, and is a terrific fighter. Bats on the other hand is a great fighter, but his strength lies in his deductive skills. He has been beaten before by people more talented than him, and when facing someone who is the living testiment of what the human body can become, Bats doesn't have a chance. If you were to drop Bats and Cap into a desert(without his utility belt & without the shield) who do you think would win? My moneys on Cap, unless Bat's brings along a ton of Bat-sleep pellets...

Eddie Filth writes:

oooh great fight,should of been saved for fight 100. Anyway,I'm rooting for Batman here.I'll have to use the point system to judge this up. Skill in combat:Batman and Captain both display skill in combat so the both get 1.

  • Physical prowess: While Batman is in great condition the supersoldier makes Captain America one step above even the most powerful athlete. Batman:1,Captain:2
  • Weapons: Captain has a shield that blocks bullets and can be thrown to take care of guys at a distance but thats it.Batman's utility belts got ropes,batarangs,throwing stars,cuba masks,tranquil guns.Everything but the kitchen sink.
    So it's even with Batman:2,Captain:2
  • Wits: One of the most decisive factors in a fight.We all know that Batman has been trained for years and most of his battles are run cause of his brain.Sorry Cap but Bat has you incredible outclassed. So it's Batman:3,Captain:2.
Batman wins but not without a good fight.

Packrat writes:

I've been waiting for this battle forever! Thank you! Now, as much as I agree that Batman can beat just about anyone this side of Galactus, I gotta give the nod to Captain America. Lets look at the stats: Batman: Detective, Strategist, Analyst, All around tough cookie to beat Captain America: Super Soldier, Worlds Greatest Fighting Machine, Hero of WW2 Hmmm...lets look at their strategies: Batman will use gimmicks, rig the auditorium, and attempt to exploit a weakness. Cap, on the other hand, has had all that done already and came out on top. Cap knows to make any battlefield his own battlefield, and to take advantage where he has none. Its that resourcefulness thats going to pull Cap ahead at the last second and lets him knock Batman for a loop.

Ajota writes:

Now, normally I'd gp with the bat, but the terrain makes the battle on this one. Out in the open, Batman loses much of his potency. He won't be able to dive for cover or leap from objects; he won't be able to use the shadows or lay a trap. Cap, on the other hand, will be right in his element: straight forward fighting. As great a fighter as the bat is, Cap is better. His body is at the absolute pinacle of human performance. He is a superb hand to hand combatant and is a master of combat with his shield. It will be a long, hard battle, but, in the end, Cap will prevail.

LVtheman writes:

Man, close battle. I think Batman would win, seeing as how he did finnaly take down Bane. The whole super soldier thing isn't new to him. Cap is a tough cookie, but his charecter's been redone in a feeble atempt to "modernize" him. Both charecters have fought Nazis, but Batman is just plain cooler.

Firestar Artemis writes:

I almost feel like a traitor, but I had to give it to Batman. I mean think about it-Captain America has never truly been alone. When he doesn't have the Avengers around, he's got the love and adoration of millions and HE KNOWS IT!!! Batman does what he does out of the need for it to be done, as well as runs a multi-billion dollar corporation. Cap is gonna get in a lot of good hits, but when it comes to Heroing, Batman wrote the book.

SuperFreak writes:

Batman's cool and smart. But even as good of a fighter as he is, Cap's been doing the same thing since before Bats was born. Anything Bat-man throws at Cap, he's already been threw and a hell of a lot more. As much as I like Bat-man I've got to give this one to the WWII vet. I think if anyone gave it real thought they'd come to the same conclusion. Experience and wisdom will always prevale over a lesser threat. It would be one hell of a fight, and Cap wouldn't come out of it un-scathed, but he would win. The only reason Bat-man would win this is because he's more popular so people are more likly to vote for him.

Azrael writes:

I mean, look at it. Sure, Cap's mastered some martial arts, and he's a damned good fighter and an inspiring leader, but he's gonna get his red white and black'an'blue ass handed to him by Batman.

  1. Cap is an accomplished martial artist, but Batman is one of the top twelve martial artists in the world. Prometheus, when he was beating the entire JLA like a red-headed stepchild, had to DOWNLOAD BATMAN'S MARTIAL ART SKILLS to even have a CHANCE of beating him.
  2. He's the world's smartest detective. Give him a few seconds, and he'll find the opening he needs. WHAM. That's Cap's jaw breaking.
  3. Batman's sidekicks have a better survival rate.
  4. Dark Knight Returns. Does Cap have a graphic novel like that? Can Cap, when he turns completely psychotic, beat the living breathing and solar energy absobin' crap out of Superman? I think not.

Andy the Anarchist writes:

I gotta go with Jay on this one. Captain America is gonna be creamed like so much corn when Batman gets through with him. I mean, Batman takes on maniacs like the Joker and Poison Ivy and comes out on top. Who does Captain America fight? Ooh, the Red Skull, some totally lameo and sterotyped commie mutant traitor villan from the Cold War, one of the most unpleasant periods in American history, and one I wish I had never learned about in history class. Batsy will clobber the good Captain for driving Joe Mcarthy to start pointing fingers, and then maul Red Skull like Cap should have done in the first place.

Tuff writes:

As good as Batman is, he really isn't as good a fighter as Captain America. All his extra gadgets wouldn't do much either, if Cap can avoid bullets, he can avoid a battarang. DC themselves addmitted to this when the first DC/Marvel crossover took place. If you think of this in terms of if this were a real fight, and not on who you like better, then you'd see Cap winning. Batman might win the vote on being more popular, but Captain america could beat him in a fight whether Batman fans like it or not.

The Brain writes:

Judging from what I know of both these combatants, I really have to go with Batman on this one. As a matter of fact, I'd go with Batman on pretty much any battle. Not taking anything away from Cap, but Batman has defeated every foe he's been put up against - even Superman (Dark Knight Returns). Any mortal man who can defeat Supes is a pretty bad mother...*shutchyomouf* and has my vote any day.

The Omniscient One writes:

This is probably the most even fight there can be. Both are superior fighters in each of their universes, but I give this one to Captain America. While Batman posseses the greatest thinking mind, in an all out battle no one tops Cap. He was train to be a super soldier who could overcome anyone in battle. All of Batman's little gadgets would be deflected by Cap's stronger than adamantium sheild. I meas Cap was the last hero to stand up to a godlike Thanos who possesed the Infinity Gauntlet. If these two where playing chess I would pick Batman but in a fight Cap breaks the Bat...again.

Carrot Cadet writes:

It'll come down to a fist-fight. Cap will block nearly every little gadget Bats has with his shield, and most likely Bats will dodge Cap's shield (most of the time, anyway). The analyzing your oponent doesn't work here. They're from different universes so there aren't any files on Cap in the D.C.U. Even if there were, don't you think Cap would be doing the same thing? Cap would hear about all of Bats gadgets, and even if he didn't know them all he'd be suspicious of Bat's yellow belt. So it'll go down to a fist-fight. And Cap will beat the holy bejeezus oughtta Batman. Captain America is the undisputed champion of everything about kicking ass. Batman is the undisputed any universe's best detective. If it were a battle against time, trying to figure out who dunnit, it's the Batman. But this is a slug fest and Cap knows nearly every style of fighting known to man. The Dark Knight falls.

Predator writes:

Cap has this one in the bag. I mean let's face it, he's been in the biz a lot longer than Batman. Heck he was out saving the world when Bats was in diapers. Mark my words, Batman will fall before the Red, White, and Blue slinging shield of Captain America.

KCN writes:

While I give Captain America the respect he deserves, I won't give him this fight. Why? Because as long as I've been exposed to Batman, I've seen so many different sides to the character. Captain America is portrayed as only a patriotic fighter and leader. Batman is far more well-rounded. He's a lover, a fighter, a father, an orphan, a mentor, a leader, a detective, a socialite, a scientist, an inventor, a crimefighter, and an avenger. While Captain America is at peak human strength with the help of a formula, Batman achieved perfect physical conditions and a razor-sharp mind all on his own and through his own resources. He's made it his specialty to bring down those more powerful than he is. If he's been allowed to study an opponent (a very dangerous advantage) then there's no way he can't win. He brings to the playing field tons of tricks and gadgets (shurikens, batarangs, gas pellets, flare pellets, "Dr. Midnite" cloaking pellets) to throw the Captain off and his varied martial arts attacks outweigh those of Captain America. In the end, it'll be the Bat who rules the night and the fight.

Marksman writes:

Ok, this all comes down to two things. Strategy and Endurance. The Dark Knight will keep Cap on his toes for quite a long time, but after some time that Super Soldier serum will give Cap'n the ability to put a US of A type smack on the bat. I personally don't see this as much of a contest. A man that is barely human against a man that is very much human. Perhaps this one all comes down to popularity and we all know the clean cut superheroes are out of style at the moment.

Beetle Bomb writes:

This one's bad for me. I love both these guys and buy both of their books faithfully. Hard to say who'll win but I broke it down the best I could.

  1. LEADERSHIP: Almost dead even. Cap can command thousands and is the ultimate tough guy. The Avengers look to him as much as the JLA does to Bats. Cap has to worry in battle about telling his team what to do every second while he's fighting. Bats tells the plan ONCE and the team executes. I give this to Bats because he's handled more badasses, cosmic and mortal, and BAD philosophical situations with style. Plus, he usually has a couple of backup plans and a fail safe. Bats ain't afraid to sucker the enemy, get in good with 'em, then screw 'em in the aftermath.
  2. FIGHTING STYLE: Equal. Cap's bad. Pretty awesome in fact. But I haveta go with Bats again. Y'know the man spent plenty of time in creepy dark temples studying under assassins and masters of the way. Bats knows kill moves if necessary, but he actually enjoys the pain inflicted by holds or pressure point shots.
  3. STRENGTH: Cap's serum gave him his stuff automatically. That's fine, but Bats had to EARN his. He spends as much time in the gym as Cap and remember: when it comes down to it, Bats IS more or less at the peak of human conditioning too.
  4. SMARTS AND SAVVY: Cap's bad. He's no dummy. But I just gotta give the edge to Bats on this one too. I've seen too many instances of him outsmarting his opponents. Darkseid, A martian gang, Superman himself. When Bats goes down, the JLA says a collective, "Ohh, SHIT!" The man's survived by his brains. It's is ultimate edge. He gets the job done first and then still doesn't pose to smile to the kiddies at home, rather he walks off complaining.
  5. GADGETS AND WEAPONS: Cap's got a shield and chain-link armor. Bats has got all kinds of toys. In hand to hand he's definitely got an edge. He'll duck Cap's shield, actually watch for the rebound of it since he's pulled that trick on his own with batarangs, then exhaust his belt. Look for gases amok. Hey, it worked on the Hulk.

Preston writes:

What's Gatorade's new slogan? Is it in you? Gotta ask Batman that! Captain America: Super Soldier Serum = Enhanced Physical Abilities Batman: NO Super Soldier Serum = Athletic Physical Abilities Only Since both combatants are trained in various fighting styles, weapons, stealth, covert operations, gymnastics, have been whooping up on baddies for years and years and so'll be the super soldier serum that gives Cap the extra edge. Don't tell me that "Batman beat Superman". That was in an alternate future reality (Dark Knight Returns). Don't tell me that he's in the Justice League. Don't tell me he has the nastiest villians. Captain America's got in Thano's face! He's an Avenger! He's taken on the Red Skull, Hydra, AIM, Loki, Zemo...OK, he's taken on just about everyone! Just like Batman. The difference is the supersoldier serum. Is it in you? Well, Batboy? (Also, I've personally gotta go with Cap--he's a soldier just like me.)

Talon writes:

Lets see...Bats and Cap are both world class fighters in hand to hand combat but... Bats has a cape, Cap has a shield Bats has a batarang...Cap has a shield Bats has a detective background, Cap is a soldier. And finally, 3 words: Super Soldier Serum Cap wins. Much as I'm a Batman fan, Captain America would come out on top.

sladethesniper writes:

Ah what is there to say. Welcome back Pat and Jay. It's been a while since I've been in print. Seems your stand in's were a bit too sissified to handle my comments on their lame battles. Back to the point at hand. Captain America wins by bashing Batman's head in with the adamantium sheild. Why? Because Captain America is a brawler and he has repeatedly proven that he will never stop fighting. Brand him a traitor, strip him of his honor and weapons, hell just freeze him for a few decades, Cap just comes out with a big case of the whoop-ass. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charlie Bronson and Captain America are real men. They get the job done. Captain America is the man. He fights for the right reasons, not some psychological problem 'cuz his mommy and daddy bit the big one getting robbed by some two bit hood. No siree bob. Let's examine fighting skills. Batman's a ninja which is admirable, but face it. Ninjas don't fight stand up fights, because they use stealth and surprise to maximal advantage. Stripped of that, a ninja is not any better than your average 2nd degree black belt. Cap on the other hand is a stand up brawler who fights hard and hits harder. Batman uses lot's of little tricks. Cap has one trick, beat it senseless after tracking it down. Also, Cap's sheild is just cooler than any queer batarang. Captain America is also a Marvel staple, and Marvel just kicks DC's butt in every department. Sorry. it was hard, but Captain America (and his buddy Colonel Nick Fury) take Bat to town in three seconds (Fury has to reload after all!)

Valandar writes:

Perhaps Cap has the shield...perhaps he wears chain mail...and perhaps he has the Super Soldier Serum. But the one thing that will make the most difference in this combat is the fact that Batman's intelligence is so far beyond the Star-Spangled Kid's that he will be able to interpret every move Cap makes, and already have three counters prepared. Sorry, Cap, but I'd vote for intelligence, hard work, and dedication over some radiation-enhanced steroids any day.

The Road Dogg writes:

This fight is Cap all the way. In a city streets match, Bat's would win, but this is a match in a wide open arend in broad daylight. Batman's main advantage is his stealth and stalking abilities. In this wide open arena, he needs to take Cap out right away with a gadget, or else Cap can close in and use his enhanced abilities to their greatest advantages. Cap also has his shield, which is a formidable defense/weapon in its own right. This match is Cap all the way

Yugadesrial writes:

This is a major tough one. I think Cap will pull it off but only if strikes quick and hard with a proper strategy to compensate for Batman's massive martial arts knowledge. Batman would win if he were given time to properly analyze Cap's style. All he would have to do is find one weakness and exploit it and even the Star-Spangled Avenger would go down. However, Cap is at least 10 times as strong as Bats and almost as well versed in the Martial Arts. He also has an uncanny ability to never ever give up no matter how beat he may be. Throw in his indestructible shield and Cap takes it quickly.

PoisonPen writes:

Batman -- obsessed crusader, dark angel of the rooftops and alleys, carrying with him psychotic rage against the injustice of his parents' death. Captain America -- stout-hearted righter of wrongs and defender of liberty, noble warrior in the eternal battle against the forces of fascism and darkness. No contest. Captain America's shield will join the Joker's giant penny and the robot dinosaur in the Batcave as a trifling souvenier. In the dystopian aftermath of the death of the American Dream, Captain America is simply not a strong enough archetype to challenge Batman, the symbol of a new and meaner America. Cap might have stood a chance fifty years ago when the nastiest thing the Batman encountered was the Riddler with a giant typewriter, but against the post-"Dark Knight" Batman? Don't make me laugh. Mr. Stars and Stripes is going down.

Lumpenprole writes:

Even though I am a confirmed DC Fanboy, I voted for Captain America. Why? Because Captain America is a good guy, whereas Batman is better described as an "anti-evil" guy. Light must ultimately triumph over dark. Captain America is basicly who Superman would be if he didn't have any super powers. He's Truth, Justice, and The American Way. He's an example of what we should be, rather than a grim reminder of our dark side.

Darkshifter writes:

Okay, I know the whole Marvel Vs. DC shpeil made it seem like Batman won over Cap. But before a certain little mishap, they were going at it for hours, one giving as good as the other. But Cap definatly has the edge.Cap is at the peak of human perfection. Thanks to that super-soldier serum, and years, nay, DECADES of experience, Cap will hand Bats' batrope back to him faster than you can say DIE JASON TODD! Cap can block any bat-gadget of Batman with his "might shield." And once Batman makes a mistake, and he will 'cause he's only human, Cap will take the opening and use it fully to his advantage. Cap will then sing the Star Spangled Banner, in honor of the fallen hero, the Dark Knight.

Derrick The Red writes:

Disregard that bogus DC vs. Marvel debacle. Anybody with even a passing knowledge of the two characters will agree that Cap takes this one. Why? First off, Batman is highly trained and a superb martial artist, yes, but Cap has the SuperSoldier serum enhancing him to the ultimate in physical development. Cap could win this one just on the fact that he doesn't tire as quickly as a normal man. He'd outlast Bats in anyreal fight. Then we've got the experience factor. Cap's fought in WAR, my people. Cap has battled against ruthless enemies long before Batman was even thought of. I'll just say this for Batman. He has proven that he's not above being sneaky in taking down a superior foe, but he'll only get one shot so he better make it money's on Cap in any case...

xX-EtRiGaN-Xx writes:

What a battel this will be. The Bat-Man, dark defender of Gotham, versus Captain America, American Icon and protector. As good as Bats is, I's have to say that Cap will win this one. First off, Cap has been chemically and genetically altered to give hium faster reflexes, more strength, more speed, more agility, and the capability to get up even after the Hulk clocked him. Second, Cap has the Adamantium shield. The second he brings that sucker down on Bats's head, the match is over. Third, Cap is still unscathed by over marketing and too many movie sequels. Granted, he did a couple of movies, but not four of them... NNow I know that there are few of you saying, "what about Bats's martial arts skills, his awsome toys, and Robin?" fact of the matter is that cap has military, MILITARY martial arts training, plus he has, oh, i don't know, FIFTY years fightin experience on Bats. As for the gadgets, well, he has to get the time from Cap's relentless attacks to grab one. And as for Robin, what is some, skinny, little, zit-faced college kid gonna do to the Original Super Soldier? "Cap is getting old!" Several are screaming in denial, well you know something? Cap ages at about 1 fourth the rate of us, besides, he has been totally bad since he returned from the fight with Onslaught. So look out Bats, Cap's gonna open up a can of Whoop Ass on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ashcrow writes:

In terms of fisticuffs, it doth be a most even match. For in each match, there must exist a winner, I thereby choose the Captain America. There is several reasons, but I find that since Batman has heen so busy lately, rebuilding his city, fighting every comic book character in history from Spawn, to Jughead, to Betty Boop, to Fritz the Cat, I cannot fathom how he even managed to get enough strength to shag Ra's daughter. This one goes to the Captain, simply because he stays where he belongs, and because he's drawn by a Kubert.

SCRawl writes:

In a "come as you are" slugfest, you might want to take Captain America. He's probably a little stronger, a little faster and just a smidge more experienced. Give Bats a chance to survey his enemy -- to find a weak point and exploit it -- and it's no contest. We're talking about the guy who took down Superman. It took him ten years and millions of dollars to plan for it, but he did it. The Darknight detective all the way.

Neron writes:

Captain America is an enhanced human fighting machine due to the super soldier serum. Batman is merely a highly trained schizphrenic. Although I identify with a disturbed individual in a black cape it is clear that Captain America is the superior hero. He will win the fight by ramming that sheild up the bat's anus and twisting it. Now that's patriotism!

The_Big_Bad_W0lf writes:

A toughie at first to pick. After all, Captain America is supposed to be at the pinnacle of human physical development due to the Super-Soldier Serum´┐Ż, with training in a multitude of martial arts, while Bats as we all know has trained pretty much from the time he was old enough to develop pubic hair. Both are icons of their respective companies. But here's the tale of the tape, _MY_ way: Sidekicks Cap - Bucky, the Falcon Bats - Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, butloses on past sidekicks Batmite and the Batdog Cap: 1, Bats: 0 Origins Bats: Parents killed, trained fanatically Cap: Took (essentially) great steroids, trained diligently Cap: 1 - Bats: 1 Equipment Caps: shield that can absorb almost any impact/damage, body armour, cycle Bats: Too many to list Cap: 1 - Bats: 2 Intimidation Factor Cap: Sentinel of Liberty. Star Spangled Hero. All round good guy. Looks like a giant flag. Bats: The Dark Knight. Known to dangle bad guys out of windows. Appears without notice. Looks like a giant bat. Cap: 1 - Bats: 3 Media Cap: Comic book. Movie too atrocious to even make it to the big screen. Short lived cartoon. Bats: More comic books than Wolverine. Three movies (all to the big screen). Several cartoons and a campy 60's live action show. Cap: 1 - Bats: 4 Ingenuity Bats: Built a suit that allowed him to go toe-to-toe with Superman Cap: 1 - Bats: off the scale Gotta go with the Dark Knight Detective here (who relies as much on deduction, research and planning as he does on his fighting ability, where as Cap (a master tactician) tends to plan AS he fights.

Kramer writes:

Batman vs. Cap. This is a battle royal. Captain America will absolutly win. Lets talk skills... Batman is an extremely skilled fighter that has no doubt been trained extensivly by himself and others in the forms of Judo, Karate, and many others. He kicks ass and everyone knows it. Captain America is the ultimate ass kicker. Hes got judo, karate, kung fu, and several others. Its obvious this fight will come down to whos got the battle sense. Batman is an extremely talented detective. Captain America is the ultimate military tactitioner. He rocks. Everyone and their mom goes to Cap when they want to learn to fight, hell hes trained half the damn Marvel universe at one time or another. Hes taught everyone. Batman has taught all the Robins and probably some other very talented allies. But pound for pound hour for hour, hit for hit, with or without weapons Cap will take this fight.

The one and almighty bunghooole writes:

Cap win all the way. I think most people seem to forget that Cap was fighting Nazis in WW2 way before 'ol bat breath ever started whinning about how he was going to take revenge on the punks who killed his parents. And although I fear Cap may lose due to Batmans increasing popularity, I still say that in an actual fight Batman would get spanked like a four-year old at K-mart

G3A3 writes:

Cap has licked the whole WWII Japanese Army, the whole WWII German Army, the North Korean & Red Chinese Armies in the Korean War and regularly slaughtered the militaries of several Communist nations during the 1960s... Batman is toast.

The Cat writes:

Its the Car, chicks dig the car. (It had to be said, sorry. Also I'm a chick and I DIG the car!)

Mark R writes:

This is an exciting battle ... probably with the best potential of any in the Marvel vs. DC crossover. It has the potential to go either way. Batman nuts will spew "facts" such as "Captain America only trained for a couple of years" or "Cap is just a dumb soldier". Throw them out. Captain America is, by definition, "The World's Greatest Hand To Hand Combatant" in the Marvel Universe. This has been stated again and again by Marvel and their editors. Cap has lost a few fights in his career, but what hero hasn't had an off day? Regarding his "amount of training time", isn't it obvious that Cap just has a natural knack for fighting? For crying out loud, look at all the stronger foes he's defeated. In the previous battle, Bat-Man, for all of his many years of training, couldn't outfight Cap. Add to that that Captain America is enhanced by the Super soldier formula. He's stronger than Bat-Man. He's faster than Bat-Man. He's just as agile. And, *KEY POINT* he has more endurance. Bat-Man is a genius and knows how to fight dirty. This is an advantage for him. On the other hand, does anyone really think that no one has pulled a dirty trick on Captain America? I'm sure the Red Skull is such a clean fighter! :-)Captain America isn't stupid either. He's a master strategist and this has been demonstrated many times in his battles with stronger foes. And while Bats has his gadgets, Cap has his shield (which managed to take out the guy who broke Bat-Man's back) and has dealt with people who use "gadgets" before. Moot point. ditto Bat-Man's "willpower". Captain America has demonstrated many times that he has it as well. The end: Captain America will take it. It won't be an easy fight ... Bat-Man will be brutal and Cap will be hurting. In the end, however, Bat-Man's inferior endurance will be what does him in.


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JAY:   OK, some good opinions there... and... LET'S GET READY TO RUUUUMBLE!!!!!

PAT:   Both fighters are starting this at a distance of about 50 yards...

JAY:   ... Cap digs his powerful muscles into the sand and leaps forward... sprinting....

PAT:   Batman is in motion... dropping multiple smoke bombs into Caps path... Batman might only have a short amount of time to use ranged attacks....

JAY:   ...Batman drops low and swings one... no, two! Two bolas into the smoke, going for a tangle on Caps feet! Sneaky attack below shield level....

PAT:   ...But Batman can't see Cap, he has to guess a trajectory... ...Jay! Look!....

JAY:   Speaking of guessing trajectories, Caps mighty shield leaps out of the smoke... rebounding off the pit wall... does Bats see it?!?!

PAT:   Sure does... he dodges and rolls...

JAY:   ...but the momentary distraction let Cap clear the smoke wall... God he's fast... Look! A bola tangled around his left leg.

PAT:   Just hitting one leg doesn't do much goo...oh! Bat has launches two trademark bat-a-rangs while Cap is momentarily without the shield....

JAY:   Correction: Grapple Line Bat-a-rangs. Cap catches the shield, doing a forward double flip... avoiding the tangle lines...

PAT:   ...No, the areo-dynamics on those things is all weird! Wait! Moving forward like that... Cap actually put himself in perfect position to get nailed!

JAY:   Crazy! They wrap around Cap once... Batman jerks the lines tight...

PAT:   Captain America slips! Feet jerked right out from under him.,...

JAY:   Immediately Batman is on the case, launching a wide area net! Could this be it....?

PAT:   ...But Captain America is already rolling... Wow! He squeaks out... a hair-breadth outside the net perimeter...

JAY:   Cap grabs the tangle lines and puts total strength of legs and arms into destroying the menace... the lines snap like brittle vines!

PAT:   And he's up already!! Batman and Captain America circling now... Circling like predators.

JAY:   A minute into the fight, and whatta fight! The crowd is going crazy!!!

PAT:   Let's get an update from Robin and Bucky!

Robin:   I won't be provoked by a close-minded zealot like you.

Bucky:   Sez you. Better change your name to chicken, bird-boy.

Robin:   Ohh!! You want a piece of me? You want a piece of me? I'll hit you so hard I kill your whole family!

PAT:   Uhh, OK... what's going on now, Jay?

JAY:   Some initial jabs, they're looking for an opening... Wait! Cap makes a play!

PAT:   Cap makes his opening gambit using the Jujitsu art form, going for a grapple... strength, speed and skill...

JAY:   ...all apparently useless as Batman blocks the attacks and goes on offense! Fast maneuvers, lightning hand play... Eskrima?

PAT:   Hard to say. Eskrima usually involves the use of a fighting stick... Oh My!!!

JAY:   Batman rocks Captain America back as base of palm meets classic square jaw!

PAT:   Bats steps back and unleashes a flurry of shuriken from the darkness of his cape...

JAY:   A flurry of shuriken Cap brings his shield up to protect against...

PAT:   ...Leaving Batman free to leg sweep the Captain for a takedown...

JAY:   ...except Cap has jumped up.. aiming a solid kick to Bats head!

PAT:   ...Bats' head snaps to the side ... the red boot misses contact with a whoosh of air!

JAY:   Batman is up again... poetry in motion... heavily on offense now, pressing an attack... Tae kwon do, maybe?

PAT:   I think so. We have yet to see either of these fighters pull out their trademark styles. Captain America takes a couple of hits... moving back... Oh! A seamless double block gives him the opening to initiate an offense!

JAY:   Now that is definitely classic Judo that Cap has opted for. Is it just me or is he determined to get his mitts on the Bat?

PAT:   Well, Jay, I think if Captain America can reduce the combat to mere wrestling, then it's all Cap's power advantage. He has the strength... Bat wouldn't break free of his grip.

JAY:   Batman is slippery though.... as Batman does repeated backflips to get some room... and.. wait... he's got a breathing mask on his face, now ...

PAT:   A cloud of gas seems to erupt in the area... but Captain America has thrown his shield again!!!

JAY:   Batman snaps to one side... deftly throws a Bat-a-Rang after the shield... and charges into the gas zone!

PAT:   Batman launches into a frenzied offense! This is it, in for the kill. Now this is the awesome fighting style of the Bat...

JAY:   Pat! That Bat-a-rang flew... and knocked the shield off course! The trajectory is screwed... it's never returning now!

PAT:   ... lightning strikes and weaves.. impossible grace... All in the gas zone! How is Cap keeping up? What gas is it?

JAY:   More pellets hit the sand... is Cap holding his breath? How much endurance does the Super Soldier Serum give him?

PAT:   Cap takes a hit... takes a hit... takes another hit! The crowd is on it's feet screaming... WAIT!!

JAY:   Never saw it... Cap has ripped the mask from the Bat...

PAT:   Look at Cap's face swell! Must be some godawful mixture of tear and cayenne pepper gas out there...

JAY:   Bats is unprotected now. Hope his last breath was a good one. They can't leave... they're locked in combat...

PAT:   Intense martial play... I... I can't keep up.

JAY:   ... uh...uh...

PAT:   Cap is starting slow down! Looks woozy?

JAY:   Bats, too... what? Sleeping gas pellets too? Batman must have thrown a concoction out there which would have doped an elephant. Their reflexes are suffering, whatever it is...

PAT:   Now it's Bat's turn to take a hit... and another hit... they both look punch drunk... Their faces are red as beets... tears streaming out of their eyes...

JAY:   Batman feints... weaves... the gas is clearing...

PAT:   but are their heads? No! Cap lashes out with surprising force... he has laid hands on the Bat!!

JAY:   Bat counters, contorts, goes for the throw... Cap has none of it... counter-counter move...

PAT:   ...drawing the Bat deeper into the tangled web of Caps meaty pythons! Muscles thick as tree stumps tighten around Batman.

JAY:   Cap drops them both to the sand....

PAT:   The ref is out in the pit, slapping his hand on the sand. No knockout today, but how about a 10 count pin?

JAY:   I think we may have a winner.


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Captain America: 1093

Batman: 1090


PAT:   Oh man, I'm shaking all over.

JAY:   Whoa. Pictures for this weeks big fight came from:

Star Spangled Website - Die Batman Seiten (German?)


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