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Mum-Ra vs. Skeletor



Who are the most frightening supernatural villains of them all? The quiet and creeping monsters of the black & white era? The quip-spewing slasher kings of modern times? Here at CBUB, WE SAY THEE NAY! The true titans of terror are those fiends that plagued the 2-dimensional havens of our youth with their vile machinations of pure malevolence. And on this night, two of their accursed number shall walk the hallowed grounds of the Arena to do battle.

Mumm-Ra: The Ever Living devil priest of Third Earth. The sound of maniacal laugh emenating from his dreaded Black Pyramid makes the blood run cold of any man, woman, or feline.

Skeletor: Mighty Warlock of Eternia. To see his ghastly image watching from the gates of Snake Mountain is to feel a chill wind blow over your grave.

Join Us Now In a special Halloween Match-up we had to call...

It Came From The 80's!

This fight suggested by hordeprime




Bats:   ...what have you been smoking, buddy? That Vail chick was way hotter than Summer Gleason. she's got better dimensions. Know what I mean? Heh heh...

Tick:   That cowl of yours must be squeezed on yer head too tight. Its Summer any day. HOLY FLURKING SCHNIT! On air light!... (a-hem) Hello everyone and welcome to another mayhem inspired extravaganza! Today its Mumm-raa battling Skeletor.

Bats:   And what a crowd we've got here for this one. The whole east wing of the stands looks like an ocean of mullets and ripped T-shirts, as thousands of metal heads were just riled up by rousing rendition of the National Anthem performed by Spinal Tap. Morevoer, it seems a great many of our denziens have spilled over from the special 48 hour showing of the Rocky Horror Picture show over at the Khazan Multiplex. And of course, some personal friends employees of the combants are here, safely tucked away in the sky boxes. There'll be none of the shennanigans we saw during the Thanos/Darkseid fight today.

Tick:   What you lucky fans at home are seeing right now is a replay of the installation of an actual bottomless pit, just for this match. I've never seen one before and boy its just nutty.

Bats:   Hey, didn't that guy working at the snack truck look like Steve Gutenberg? Anyway, we're back to the LIVE shot once again, as the Mumm-ra, already in his bulked up battle form, hovers down the ramp and into the arena, accompanied by the ominous beats of Walk Like an Egyptian.

Tick:   Skeletor's having none of that pop schlok. He just summoned Eddie from Iron Maiden to belt out Aces High for his entrance. He's making a statement with that choice.

Bats:   I've heard that Maiden is still really big in Enternia. Now then *cough*, hey, I think that the backstage crew overdid the special effects here. All the fireworks, laser lights, and mist machines going off are obscuring our view of the arena! How are we suppossed to have a match when we can't see what's going on?!

Tick:   By the plumes of smoke previously seen eminating from the Spinal Tap roadies' trailors I would say they had a hand in this.

Bats:   Those fiends! When this is over, I'm personally going to go over there and deliver some Gotham-sized ass whuppings. But in the meantime, let's see what the boys and ghouls and home had to say about this fight.




hordeprime writes:

I am incredibly honored to have had my fight suggestion chosen as the latest battle. Now how about looking over the other 20 or 30 I submitted! Come on, do Dargo vs. Worf!

Anywho, here's my run down on who has the edge in what category:

Animation: Mumsy definitely has the edge here. Filmation's cel recycling may have been cost effective, but it made MOTU look like Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Thundercats on the other hand, was a higher quality anime-type product.

Marketing: Nod goes to Skeletor here. While both toy lines are legendary in the world of collectibles, MOTU was the more diverse, more ground breaking, & probably more successful in the long run. Skeletor is probably a more recognizable figure.

Black Magic: Difficult call on this one. Mum-Ra calls on the power of dark gods for massive amounts of energy & is effectively immortal. Skeletor is more of a self-made, catch-as-catch-can type of sorcerer, having to draw on whatever resources available & make use of his cunning. Both magicians are highly creative, but Skeletor usually just ends up trying to blast you in the end. Grudging nod to Mum-Ra here for style & consistency.

Track Record: Win for Skeletor. Both sorcerers have had to put up with the meddling of a muscle-bound boy-scout with a magical sword & his motley crew of super side-kicks. Both never win. Who has been made more of a bitch by his nemeses? Probably Mum-Ra. Skeletor has to deal w/ He-Man, the Sorceress, the Royal Guard, occasional incursions by the Evil Horde, & is still always one step away from ruling the universe. Mum-Ra has all that magic & fury, & he still runs away from his own reflection.

Henchmen: Both employ a squadron of lackeys to do their dirty work & both are resourceful recruiters. Skeletor's henchmen may win an all out brawl with Mum's due to each of them having an action figure with a unique & marketable gimmick. But the win goes to Mum-Ra for investing in some higher quality patsies like Hachiman, & being a better manipulator.

Technology: Edge to Skeletor for drawing on science & magic together in his schemes with greater fluidity.

Physique: Both magi sport some pretty righteous bods. But Mum-Ra is really just a shriveled up husk without his magic to pump him up. Skeletor looks like he's got one of those bow-flex things. An evil one. And he knows how to use it.

Fear Factor: Gotta hand it to Mum-Ra here. Skeletor ain't pretty, but Mum's a scary, ugly, mean looking mofo. Bigger too. And terror is one of his favorite weapons. Skeletor broke down & rescued those kids in the He-Man Christmas Special. Shame on him. What was he thinking? He looked like an idiot.


Skeletor: 4

Mum-Ra: 4

Well, in the end we're all just gonna vote for who we like better right? Kick his ass Skeletor!

Whyteknight writes:

Mum-ra scared me.

Of all the TV villains of my childhood, throughout the countless cartoons I watched as a kid, Mum-ra was the only bad guy who ever scared me. I mean, honestly, all 80's kids who were not the least bit disturbed by those glowing-eyed statues and the dark crypt he lived in, please raise your hands.

Skeletor, if I recall correctly, had at least one henchman named Stinkor. Stinkor was, you guessed it, a man with a skunk's head and tail. Any villain, no matter how diabolical, cannot be truly scary if one of his employees is a giant skunk. Standing next to a giant skunk, you just won't be taken seriously.

This one's gonna be over quicker than you can say, "Ancient spirits of Evil"

Will writes:

Well, back in the late eighties I used to own lots of plastic toys. Among them were He-Man, Lion-O and two each of Skeletor (Standard and Battle Armoured) and Mum-Ra (Withered Old Mummy and Massive Blue-Green Badass With A Funky Headress Over A Yul Brynner Haircut). I managed - in the manner of seven-year olds - to break both He-Man and Lion-O, losing the Eternian's legs and all four limbs of the Thunderan. Skeletor and Mum-Ra survived very nicely, though, until they vanished when my mother cleared out the attic.

Anyhow, my point was that the Mum-Ra action figure was about one and a half times the size of the Skeletor one, had a much bigger sword, and also had a backup dagger. Skeletor had a Ram's Skull Sceptre, but that was as likely to stay in his hand as Man-At-Arms' mace. Mum-Ra also had light-up red eyes and a lever-operated arm-slashing action.

Therefore, I vote for the guy with the bigger, better action figure.

Darth Phage writes:

Ah! There is nothing like a magician's duel! Kinda of like a Jedi vs Sith duel. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!

Well anyways, both of these magicians are both very powerful any fool can/could see that. However I must cast my vote towards Mum-Ra, because, he is the EVER LIVING and he also draws his greatest strength from the ANCIENT SPIRITS OF EVIL. I seriously dought that even Skeletor with his havoc staff could match that!

So in short


Lord Wolf writes:

lets look at the henchmen for these two villans.

Skeletor; a collection of beefed of evil doers

Mum-ra; a collection of mentally and physically retarted mutants,

Skeletors dumest henchman (beastman) had the same intelect as the Mutants COMBINED. and the muanst often outnumbered the thundercats. while He-Man ond co. had the royal guards to help out.

advantage; SKELETOR

extant writes:

Ok who only ever made it in cartoons and who was a blood chillingly evil nemesis in a full length motion picture? On the cartoon front skeletor should still take it with his minions backing him, but use the ruler of skull mountain from the movie and mum-ra won't make it to the first bell. The ghoul with the grin is the one shouting 'I have the power' in this one!

Razorwitt writes:

You know, I wanted to vote Ma-Ra. He was clearly the only really good villain on the Thundercats show.

Even if most of his plans involved somehow getting all but one of the Thundercats to fight the others.

However, he has one nasty weakness: he can't stand the sight of his own reflection, which I am sure he can see on Skeletor's skinless face if the master of Snake Mountain uses a good Turtle Wax.

Besides, towards the end, Thundercats got kind of lame, and you can't say that about He-Man which was always kinda lame, though you never saw a good, female version of Skeletor, something Mum-Ra can't claim (Mum-Rama, anyone?)

That, and I'd take Skeltor's band of evil henchmen over the Mutants, Lunatacks, Berzerkers, and Mum-Mutt any day of the week.

Zog, the Secret Voice of the Monkey Underground writes:

I was gonna vote Mumm-ra, but then I had a horrific realization (beyond y'all's plethora of typos in the commentary. What the hell is "that'emanating?")

Batman mentioned that Skeletor was a lich. Any of you who have ever played Baldur's Gate II will know the horror of trying to fight those damn things.

Skeletor in a single casting of Time Stop, followed by assorted hideous death and demon summoning spells while Mumm-ra stands frozen and the gamer controlling him swears helplessly.

CM7238 writes:

Skeletor all the way. Both are pretty power with magic, I think they're equal there. Both are equal with henchmen, as both are incompetent. Mumm-ra is immortal, and strugs off attacks from the eye of Thundra like it was a flashlight. But Skeletor...he's just the man. I'd pick him in a fight over anyone...except maybe Cobra Commander...or the original Megatron. Ok, Fight suggestion! Cobra Commander, Megatron and Skeletor, no holds barred!

Two writes:

You have GOT to be fogging kidding me. The most powerful demon in two dimensions who routinely went toe to toe with the most powerful man in the universe versus a guy who's vulnerable to his own REFLECTION? whose opposing forces have CHILDREN they send agains him? Hell, even Orko's more of a danger than Snarf. Mumm-Ra is a poor man's skeletor who has to switch back and forth to recharge energies and stay immortal. Skeletor is a MUNCHA MUNCHA PAC-MAN BADASS! No way he's going down to Mumm-Ra. The fight will go like this: Skeletor comes up to Mumm-Ra's pyramid and just blasts right through. Mumm-Ra comes out of his damn mummy case with his vocal posturing and before he can even begin his long-ass transformation scene Skeletor blasts him into the negative zone or turns him into a flower that Maa-Mutt eats or something. then the Ancient Spirits of Evil recognize who they're dealing with and give the already immortal skeletor SUPER FRIGGIN immortality and he starts to glow like the sun! Skeletor then simply blows up third earth to solve the cat infestation and gets his ass back to Greyskull to see if he can take on the sorceress with his newfound power.

anonymous coward writes:

....Skeletor had no face. Any guy without a face has got to be pretty tough

Bibbity writes:

Mumm-Ra has this one easy. Why? Simple. He has eyes. While Skeletor is bumbling around in the dark Mumm-Ra will just walk up and crush his skull (villains always do that to normal skulls, so why not Skeletor's head?)

Oh yeah, and Mumm-Ra is a mummy. Mummies alway beat Skeletons in the indestructibility ratings.

Deep Sea Dolphin writes:

Well it'd be a close fight. They both use swarms of corny plots and pitiful servants(and have silly names to boot) but in the end I'd have to go with Mum-Ra. He isn't a coward like Skull Face is. He'll actually come out and fight where Skull Face will beg and plead not to be killed. Plus Mum-ra's magic is way stronger than Skull Face's.

Of course in the end Skull Face will win because of the same throthing fandom that made a mess out of the He-Man vs. Callisto fight. *LOL*

That's what next weeks fight should be! We had the scifi fanboy/girl fight. Lets have the toon fanboy/girl fight! He-Man fanboys/girls vs. Thunder Cat fanboy/girls vs. Silver Hawk fans vs. Transformers fans vs. GIJOE fans.

The Rookie writes:

Even though I liked Thundercats more then He-Man, the fact that Skeletor is the buffest skeleteon of all time is just scary. He takes it.

I_hate_the_blind writes:

I'll put my money on Mum-ra based purely on the fact that Skeletor has no eyes. When a blind guy fights a guy who can see you can always count on the man with a sweet set of peepers (yes, yes, unless the blind guy employs some sort of wierd sonar bs)

Cosmic Cannon writes:

wow, the two biggest bad guy's in Saturday morning tv shows. But lets be honest, Mum-Ra is going to kick Skeletors butt back to the graveyard. He has the supreme evil power, Skeletor has erm... that mystic meg wannabe, Evil-Lynn, but guess what... She's not here! wake up the pigs, it's feeding time...

David, Master of Disaster writes:

Hm...To find the answer to this question, you must ask who was on the air longer...Mummm-Ra gets it, for having been on Cartoon Network until 2001!

The Mad Hatter writes:


Because you have to respect a guy that has enough balls to agree to have his face put on the back of Fruit of the Looms.

Poodle-Man writes:

Wow, this is one of the best CBUB's I've seen. Well ok then...

I have to give this to Skeletor. He just has the advantage in EVERY department. In minions, Skeletor has uber-powerful folowers. Look at this. Beast-Man, "THE MASTER OF ALL THE ANIMALS", Cyclops, who can do anything with his computer, Merman, who well... yeah, and tons of others. Mumra has... Mal-Mutt. The undead dog. that's not eveen a factor in this fight. In terms of who the've faced, Mum-ra faced a couple of humanoid big cats. They have ninja skills. And "Sight beyond Sight." And a sword. Skeletor went up against He-Man, and I quote "THE MOST POWERFULL MA IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!ect.." and She-ra, most likely more powerful than He-Man, because she came to boost ratings and you know how these things are. It Doesn't look like it will come down to just Skeletor vs. Mumra 1 on 1, but if it does, Skeletor could whallop Mum-ra with his magic. Mum-r has to stand in front of a pool and recite a whole spell, doesn't he? a I don't recall mum-ra ever punching a uber-powerful being out all by himself.

Anime Andy writes:

Hey, Mum-ra never succumbed to no "holiday spirit". But I remember the He-Man holiday special, where Skeletor was *nice* to those two kids and their annoying dog-like mouse thingy. Can you believe it? Skeletor, the bane of He-Man's existance, pulling an Ebenezer Scrooge out of nowhere! As far as I'm concerened, it shows Skeletor just doesn't have the drive to be a true evil overlord. Mum-ra was never nice to anyone, except maybe his dog Mah-mutt.

Anyway, Skeletor's voice is lame, whereas Mum-ra sounds more like the embodiment of evil than Skeletor could ever hope to be.

In short, Mum-ra is gonna spank Skeletor like Panthro spanking Tigra in a bad Thundercats slash fanfic.

Darkshifter writes:

Okay, both villans come from kick-a$$ cartoons, but on this one I gotta give it to the mummy guy. Not only is Mum-Ra more evil than Skelator (Skelator actually joined forces with his foes a few times, something Mum-Ra would never do) he just looks more vicious. He has "Ancient spirits of Evil" on his side. He has an inpenatrable fortress, his magical pyramid. His magical capabilities have out done anything that Skelator can come up with. And in the end, Lion-O can kick He-man's tail with the best weapon from the 80's, The Sword of Omen. And if Mum-Ra is Lion-O's arch-nemisis, he must be a powerful foe indeed. HOOOOOO!!!!!

The Dweller writes:

I have once been a great fan of the masters of the universe; I collected alot of action figures and vehicals, and more. I even seen the famous animated adventures. Plus I even have the movie of the masters of the universe. So I can say I know more about them than I do of the Thundercats and of course Mum-ra. However I did watch the Thundercats on TV and I must say that they were MOTU's KNOCKOFFS!!! Now grant this, Mum-ra is the ever living however he starts off in a DECAYED FORM!! Now if he fought Skeletor like that! Skeletor would just vaporize him. Now lets say that Mum-Ra did manage to change into his steroid case form. He would be a challenge for Skeletor but not a better challenge. For let us not for get Skeletor has both his havoc staff and the other half of the powersword of Greyskull(-Didn't see that one coming did you?-)

So Skeletor would just pull out his half of the powersword and blow Mum-Ra away thus saving Mum-Ra the need too save money for the need of more bandages.


epicgamesguy writes:

Hey, we're talking the nemesis of HE-MAN here. Now that may not seem so big to those who don't remember He-Man, back back in the 80's, he was the stuff.

Also, I'll note that He-Man managed to fight Callisto to a draw...and that the site owner happens to like Callisto...alot ;)

Skeletor to spank...oh forget it!

Eddie Filth writes:

Get out the hair spray and put in some Poison, it's back to the 80's.

While Mum-Ra might have some more magical fire power,Skelator has him out classed.Skelator has more henchmen and technology.Not only that,Skelator has manage to throw out his old master while Mum-Ra still answers to the Ancient Spirits.So Mum-Ra is going down like a hooker on a twenty.

Vertigo writes:

Looking at the combatants, one clearly sees a two front battle- Hench-work and Personal combat.

Mum-ra had few decent helpers. The Lunatacks(sp?)were the most formidible, but frequently fought amongst themselves, often endangering the missions they were sent on.

Skeletor had seemingly made-to-order henchmen for almost any occasion. Moreover, their bad attitudes toward each other was confined to pre-mission tension breaking. The combination of Triclops, Beast-man, Kobrah Kahn, and Trap-Jaw with Evil-Lynn as team leader would beat any combination of Mutants/Lunatacks(sp?).

In single combat, Mum-ra's only weekness seemed to be a mystical sword which was a conduit for positive energy. However, his magic was derrived form the "Ancient Spirits of Evil", rather than a personal knowlege of the arcane arts. Also, his personal combat abilities had to be requested, via the crypt transformation and, again, the "Ancient Spirits of Evil". Furthermore, his opponents considered him such a non-threat, that they never considered an assault on his pyramid, even after, on several occasions, they drove the Thundertank STRAIGHT INTO IT!! No resistance, no intervantion at all, until they were in his burial chambers. The Thundercats constantly made fun of Mum-ra's personal hygene, speech patterns, and facial features.

Skeletor on the other hand was a competent hand to hand combatant as well as a master strategist, scientific genius, and had nearly unlimited personal magical power. He also has access to a mystical sword that is a conduit for negative energy - equal opposite,in fact, to He-Man's Sword of Power(e.g. He-man's comic book run, "The Masters of the Universe" movie). He-man, in fact tried several times to take Skeletor on his home ground. Always, he stated his reluctance to even enter Snake Mountain. Never would you hear an Eternian say Skeletor's name in a jokular manner.

When you can elicit respect from the people you routinely assault via fear, direct action, or indirect destruction of goods, you are truely great. Thus the saying: A man's worth can be reckoned by looking at the enemies he's made.

By any logical examination of the facts, Mum-ra would be a boot licking lacky in the time it would take for Skeletor to say, "Panthor, it's Mal-mutt for dinner tonight."

Spaceballs writes:

Based on symbolism of masculinity, He-Man is the epitome of manhood. His name is He and Man. He is somehow more male than male. So it only takes a boned guy to take him on. Now look at Mumm-Ra. He's dead. And he has mum in his name. This type of symbolism subconsciously tells little boys who the bigger man is as they are our heroes or enemies. Skeletor is symbolically a beta-male trying to usurp the alpha-male, He-Man, and Mumm-Ra is a gamma-male. Therefore Skeletor wins.

AngelusJC writes:

A mummy vs. a skeleton, why not throw in Bernie from weekend at Bernies too? But seriously, I have to say Skeletor here, he's had to fight He-man, a CBUB alumni winner whereas Mum-ra's only real battle was with obscurity.

Dark Queen writes:

Now just hold on a minute Batman, there has been no proof of the claim that He-Man used steroids to win his battles. So why don't we just forget all that and concern ourselves with what is fact and fiction to determine who of the two is much more scarier than the other.

Now what do we have hear: Mum-Ra, an evil devil Priest who can shoot pink lightning out of his hands. Now you see, we have a problem with this. A devil priest? C'mon, who is afraid of the devil? The devil himself loses in every single battle that he is ever in! What, you think a minion of his is going to do any better than the number one man himself? Pulease! All this devil nonsense aside, look at the guy! In his normal form he is a small, withered up prune of a being and is only threatening when he is in his true form. But wait, his powers come form being a minion to the Almight Dark One whom we have already deemed unable to win a single battle. Don't belive me? Check out the following: Legend, Bless the Child, any movie/book involving the Bible stories or other religious hoo-ha, Bill Gates, etc. Face it, Satan/Devils are just out-classed and out-dated when it comes to the 21st Century.

Now, compare Mum-Ra to Skelator.

The guy has a skull for a face! Where is the guys flesh? I tell you, that ain't normal. He even sits in a chair of bones. Those bones have to come from someone you know. (Perhaps he hires the Predator?) It is a perfectly known fact that a skull, or skull symbol, is used in many rituals representing death and other assortment of freaky mischeif.

To be quite frank, I wouldn't want to meet this guy in a dark alley at night. No skin. That just ain't normal I tell ya!

Snootchie Bootchies and Hapy Halloween!

gumbo writes:

They had alot of the same powers, eldritch blasts, control people, duplicate people; send people to other dimensions/astral planes. Mumm-Ra could free someone trapped in another space-time continioum, Skeletor could travel back in time.

So what are a few of there differences? Skeletor was able to erase Orko's power and He-Man's memories, create a device to turn people to stone and stone to life. Make a staff that could transform one thing into another, I believe thats how he made Fakor(evil He-Man duplicate). Made a Helmet of invisibility, made a device that could shrink people. Skeletor was also able to send Castle Grayskull to another dimension, so far Mumm-ra hasn't even sent the thundercats home base anywhere. Skeletor was able to control a comet(admitably with some magical help from Evil Lyn & Beastman). Was intelligent about stuff like robotics and computers, made his own robots and sent a computer virus to Eternia's royal computers, screwed up every machine they had. Skeletor had a floating island not including his hi-tech flying ships. Beyond his normal thugs Beastman etc.. and occasional one shot-type powers he had robotic minions, who did Mumm-ra have? His flying dog? Skeletor summoned demons.

Mumm-ra was able to Transform his dog into his own likeness in a time of weakness. Was able to both sink and raise the mutants ship from his desert sands. Summoned a samurai to destroy Lion-O. Could fly and didn't need a weapon to shoot his energy blasts.

Okay now one problem skeletor definately has is that he hardly ever seemed to realize having more than just two guys handy at a time might be useful. I can't think of one time he ever sent more than two people to do something. Mumm-ra didn't have that certain problem. Skeletors definately a more proactive guy than Mumm-Ra, Mumm-ra could scheme but skeletor was always making machines or getting devices from thousands of years ago on his own time, if Mumm-Ra ever got something the majority of the time it was from the Evil Spirits.

Yomond writes:

If I remember my after school cartoons correctly Mum-ra can not be destroyed as long as there is evil in the universe right? Skeletor is evil. So Mum-ra is immortal until Skeletor is dead. Means Skel cant kill Mum till after he is dead. right?

Opt207 writes:

Not that Skeletor is weak, but let's face it: he's a skeleton. Physically, he's just a bunch of bones held together by magical energy. And on the undead ladder, that's the low rung.

On the other side, you've got Mumm-Ra. His physiology is a muscle bound badass backed by black magic and the high arts of embalming. That's the power to take a beating, folks. Mumm-Ra will be throwing his weight around while Skeletor ends struggles to hold his old, dry bones together.

Katrover writes:

All I have to say is this...Mumm-Ra's

a mummy!! EEEEK!! Have you read the

AD&D stats on mummies? The other

they get, the nastier they get!

It's been TWENTY YEARS (That's

1/5 of a century, folks!) since the

'80's, expect Mumm-Ra to be scarier

than ever!

Skeletor, on the other hand, reminds

me of a ...skeleton. The easiest to

beat monster in the AD&D undead catagory

+YAWN+ Mumm-Ra's going to make a

pile of ashes of Skeletor.

The Ass of Sauron writes:

Skeletor has it! Not only is he a magician supreme and a techno-wiz. Not only does he have the coolest mountain/castle ever! Not only does he have the best costume since the Nazgul! He also has the best crew. Beast-Man! Mer-Man! Webstor! Evil-Lynn! Two-Bad! Clawful! Those floating robots w/ the spinny thingies! And on and on! What does the other guy have? A raggy costume. A triangular sand pit. A few men, like a half-lizard & a half-doggie. Guys that were beat before you could get out "Thundercats Ho!!". Skeletor doesn't even have to leave his secret lair for this one. He is the master of evil!

DarthVegita writes:

Mumm-ra's got some good moves on him, and he handles that doublebladed sword very well. But Skeletor is king when it comes to those cheesy eighties D&D-parody villians. He's got balls to go nipple to nipple with an oiled up Dolph Lundgren, and doesn't let little things like overacting get in his way of ruling (see the movie). All in all a good fight.

JJSCHM20 writes:

Is this serious?? Skeletor gave He-Man fits, while Mumm Ra always lost to that Puss (no pun intended) Liono. This isn't close... the Skeletal one in a landslide.

Zoelef writes:

In a previous Grudge Match(tm), He-Man won.

The Thundercats lost that Grudge Match.

When He-Man wins, Skeletor loses.

When the Thundercats win, Mumm-Ra tends to lose.

Therfore, when the Thundercats lose, Mumm-Ra tends to win.

Drone 47 writes:

Perhaps those two could have a dating contest for Harley Quinn in this reality. Technically, she hasn't been punished in this reality for what she did to Callisto in the Planet of The Apes/Star Trek battle, since the Doom/Magneto dating contest took place in an alternate reality.

If a dating contest is the setting for this battle, then let me say that Skeletor wins, hands down. How could Harley resist those abs?

the ace of knaves writes:

oh dear. I always dreaded this day. Two of my absolute favorite bad guys pitted against each other. You couldn't have made this one any more difficult for me (unless you would have made it the joker VS mr Sinister) (now please don't get any ideas because that one would just tear me clean in half and I'd wind up retailoring all my clothes Two-face style)

Lets just discuss all the points here then. Both are seriously handicapped in the facial skin departement ( strangely enough the rest of them is quite fleshy) and both have had huge problems with a moron wielding a huge sword and shouting a lot ("thundercats ho! " or "I have the power!") They both have innumerable mutated henchmen to throw into battle and they both live in places that make the Addam's family's mansion seem like the white house. They both have mystical powers and are skilled with magic blades. Damn. I've run down the entire list and I still can't choose. Oh well then. I'll go with Skeletor. Why ? Because he had a catchy tune in the movie. Now see what you've reduced me to.

M.O.B.(-Man Of Battle-) writes:

This match is very much like the Dr.Doom VS Magneto match. Once again you have two leaders with great powers. One has a band of henchmen while the other rules a bunch of ugly mutants. I think Mum-Ra is the coolest because of his famous saying of "Ancient Spirits of evil!" "Transform this decayed form, into Mum-Ra, the ever living!" Now thats what happens when you give a mummy a package of steroid. Well anyways Mum-Ra does possess untold power but he seems too use up alot of it in battle very quickly and then he needs to recharge back at his tomb. And that people is his highest weakness yet aside from seeing himself and shrieking away in terror. Now Skeletor he's not limited by that. And Skeletor has other forms and weapons like for an example; Battle Armored Skeletor to protect him from harm. Dragon blast Skeletor to immobilize his enemies, and lastly Tearor Claw Skeletor with or without the snapdragon head attachment to rip Mum-Ra apart!!

Let there be no question Skeletor will win!

Daki writes:

My name was Daki once. All that changed when I saw two great icons of 80s toons battle. The flashbacks, the memories... they were too great for my mind to handle. Now I sit in this room. There are no windows but the padding is very soft. I sleep like a baby now.

Anyways, I was thinking about who could win this fight. There was Mumm-Ra who is an absolute powerhouse when he transformed. Skeletor is no slouch when it comes to fighting but he isn't on Mumm-Ra's power level. So I thought Mumm-Ra would win. Then I thought about it a while longer and realized these are villians! Skeletor will have no qualms about cheating and he'll bring in his legion of underlings to attack. Mumm-Ra would call his in and the battle will be GLORIOUS! GLORIOUS!

In the end, the battle is decided by a single creature... one who's power trumps all the others.

Yes, the battle will be won by...


Gothamite1 writes:

Y'know, I was gonna say Skeletor at first. Mainly because I watched more He-Man than Thundercats.

But then I remembered that Xmas special I have. The one where Skeletor and Hordak try to destroy Xmas brought to Eternia by two cute kids.

By the end Skeletor saves the kids (and their cute er, dog thing) and learns the true meaning of Xmas.


Mum-Ra would never do that.

Go Mum-ra and save us from sickening cute kids and their weird looking dog things.

Comic Master writes:

Okay now both have striking simularities lets see how they match up.

Henchmen; Mummra Mutants (animal like). Skellitor Diffrent beings (a beast, undersea creature, witch). Edge Skellitor.

Main Nemsis; Mummra- Liono Lord of thundercats. Skellitor Heman Prince of Power.Even.

Media; Mummra- TV, Comic, Toys. Skellitor- TV, Movie, Comic, Toys. Edge Skellitor.

Magic; Mummra must call on the ancient forces of evil. Skellitor natural magician. Edge Skellitor.

Other than normal enimies faced; Mummra other inhabitance of third earth. Skellitor other inhabitance of Eternia + She-ra and her freinds, and in the comics he's even faced Superman. Edge Skellitor.

Creepy factor; Mummra a mummy that comes to life after a spell. Skellitor a skellital being with muscles. Edge Skellitor.

Ghost writes:

Follow the logic, people:

- Skeletor is regarded to be the personification of Evil on Eternia.

- Mum-Ra looks like one of Skeletor's lame henchmen.

- He-Man & Co whups, outsmarts or otherwise defeats Skeletor on a daily basis.

- The Thundercats managed to destroy Mum-Ra. Eventually.

- He-Man & Co "mastered" the Thundercats a while ago over at Grudge Match.

Which ultimately leads us to one conclusion:

Skeletor will spank Mum-Ra el mucho grande!

KurtCobain writes:

Let's face it. Skeletor has survived the ages better. I hear the name of the almighty Skeletor uttered on an almost daily basis. Not to mention bumper stickers and t-shirts.

No one remembers Mum-ra. They're too busy buying plastic Swords of Omen, and the bumper sticker/decal with the Thundercats logo on it. They are both older than taxes, but Mum-ra is going to get stomped like the cockroach at a Mexican hat dance.

Basara7 writes:

I voted for Skeletor because my gut reaction told me to vote for Mumm-Ra and it�s been wrong as of late.

Ivan writes:

Thank you CBUB! Finally, a match I can overanalyze! Man I can�t tell you how good it is to be able to use all the worthless knowledge I�ve accumulated on this very subject! Let the madness begin!

Strength: While both rely far more on magic than on physical strength, in Mum Ra�s transformed state he has the clear edge here.

Weapons: Mum Ra has managed to trick the Lady of the Lake into giving him Excalibur, but Skeletor has also managed to trick He Man into giving him the light half of the Power Sword. Assuming neither character has access to these ultimate weapons, Mum Ra has only the Sword of Plundarr and Skeletor has his half of the Power Sword. Skeletor also carries the Havok Staff, and has been known to wear heavy Battle Armor (as compared to Mum Ra�s bare chest.) Skeletor has also employed the Skull Staff, the Dragon Blaster, the Discs of Doom, the Battle Blades, and the Terror Claws on various occasions.

Combat Skill: Both villains have been able to engage their respective heroes in melee for at least brief periods of time. To this end Skeletor has had slightly more success, but he also possesses a weapon of comparable quality to his opponent (the dark half of the Sword of Power.) Mum Ra�s Sword of Plundarr isn�t quite on par with the Sword of Omens.

Agility: While neither competitor is spectacularly agile, Mum Ra has a definite advantage in having combat experience against the Thundercats, whose feline lineage gives them far greater agility than He Man and his crew.

Durability: Both fighters are known to create magical defenses to augment their natural durability. In his regular form Mum Ra is far more fragile than Skeletor, however, Mum Ra has been shown to withstand a great deal of physical punishment when he is transformed. Unfortunately, Mum Ra�s transformation seems to require a great deal of energy and it is unknown how long he can maintain this form. Skeletor�s battle armor can also withstand a great deal of punishment, and should he be wearing it, he will have the advantage here.

Intelligence: While Mum Ra has a few centuries more experience, he is not the great manipulator that Skeletor is. Mum Ra has managed to control a handful of cringing mutants through brute force alone. Skeletor has managed to rule over the dark hemisphere of Eternia through cunning and treachery. He has managed to subjugate several warlords and their subsequent forces under his rule through sly manipulation. To Mum Ra�s credit, he has certainly shown some degree of deviousness, but not nearly to the level that Skeletor has.

Magic: Mum Ra has shown that he is a capable sorcerer and has much experience battling those of similar power. Skeletor usually prefers to use his powers to bully opponents with little to no magical ability. Mum Ra has been severely beaten by Merlin, and Skeletor has never managed to beat Zodac, so both have acknowledged superiors in this field. Unlike Mum Ra, Skeletor has often shown an aptitude for combining magic and technology. His magical inventions have had abilities far beyond those that Skeletor himself possesses. On the other hand Mum Ra�s magical illusions have generally been far more effective than any of Skeletors, to the point of being able to fool even other skilled magic users.

Opponents: Skeletor not only wars with He Man and the forces of Eternia, he also fights aginst Stratos and his army of flying warriors, the Meteoric refugees Rockon and Stonedar, his former student Hordak and his Horde, and usually manages to keep the Sorceress out of the way. Were it not for the intervention of the Cosmic Enforcer Zodac, Skeletor would have conquered the light hemisphere of Eternia on at least three separate occasions. Aside from the Thundercats, Mum Ra mostly has to deal with infighting and backstabbing among his own henchmen, but he also has defeated two- count em- two of his own antithetical foils (Mum-Ranna and Wiz-Ra, both of whom are equal to him in power) as well as the timeless Thundercat Sorceress Jaguara. He has also managed to triumph in conflict with many powerful denizens of Third Earth, such as the Snow Man of Hook Mountain and Hachiman.

Power Augmentation: Mum Ra can call upon the ancient spirits of evil to transform himself into a far more powerful form. Skeletor usually has no need for such power ups, but has been able to completely absorb the powers of the Dark Cloud (a supposedly impossible task) and become Scare Glow. In his Scare Glow form Skeletor�s power is increased exponentially. The Dark Cloud does have some negative effects on Skeletor, and prolonged transformation would result in it taking complete control of him, and without the Cosmic Key to help him maintain control, Skeletor won�t risk having the Dark Cloud inside him.

Vehicles and Artillery: On Mum Ra�s side we have two Nosedivers, a Catapult, and The Fistpounder. Skeletor, on the other hand, has a whole garage full of various transports, including the Land Shark, Night Stalker, Panthor, Roton, Spydor, and a whole host of deadly weapons.

Henchmen: By sheer numbers, Mum Ra has an obvious disadvantage. Here is how some of the one on one battles would go:

S-s-lythe vs Whiplash: S-s-lythe is almost as strong as Lion-O. Whiplash is equal to He Man in strength, and he has a tail that is strong enough to hold even He Man for up to five minutes. That tail is S-s-lythe�s undoing.

Vultureman vs Trap Jaw: Vultureman is at his best when using technology and his opponents abilities against them. These technological geniuses will use lots of high tech toys and a couple annoying voice filters to conduct their battle, but Vultureman will be victorious.

Monkian vs Beast Man: Both are strong, hairy, and ferocious. Monkian has a shield that shoots cannonballs and energy blasts. Beast Man has either a whip or an axe. Monkian wins (regrettably) due to superior equipment.

Jackalman vs Mer Man: Both are cringing and cowardly, but devastatingly effective in the right circumstances. If there is any water around, Mer Man�s seriously underused hydrokinesis will assure him the victory.

Ratar-O vs Spikor: Spikor�s body is covered in deadly spines, and he wields his deadly trident arm with vicious efficiency. Ratar-O has a bad mustache. Expect to hear some really bad pun about �Splatter-O.�

Ma-Mutt vs Panthor: With Ma-Mutt�s size augmentation ability, Panthor has his work cut out for him.

Tashi vs Evil-Lyn: The majority of Tashi�s powers are ineffective against women. Evil-Lyn in a land slide.

Grune the Destroyer vs Hordak: Both are powerful warlords, but Hordak has an army of his own henchmen and will not be weakened by Grune�s Thundrillium club like Lion-O was.

Queen Tartara vs Tri Clops: Queen Tartara gets majorly bent out of shape if people see her treasure. Tri Clops is, as the packaging clearly states, �evil and sees everything,� So she will quickly use her powers to paralyze him and add him to her collection.

Quick Pick vs Webstor: While Webstor has the advantage in strength, Quick Pick is much faster and a far superior thief and escape artist. Given time Quick Pick can take him out.

Skeletor�s Other Henchmen outnumber the combined Lunatack and Berzerker teams nearly three to one.

Overall I�d say Skeletor has this one in the bag.

Jeff"T-Rex" Hayes writes:

If you want to see Skeletor get his ass kicked by a mummy MumRa is not your man. One word for you if you want to see that. IMHOTEP. MumRa is a wussy compared to him and is going to get a pummeling. MumRa will be taken down faster that a Pumpkin Pie at Kathy Kinney's kitchen

Lawman writes:

Oooo... lookey here? We've got here a pair of old-school villians squaring off against each other here in the CBUB? Yeah, I know which cartoon each of them came from... Skeletor looks like "someone I know of from somewhere else..."

Heh heh, Mumm-Ra's gonna need all those bandages by the time Skeletor's done with him...

Jaegermeister writes:

Bad bones, bad bones... perfect fight for All Hallow's Eve time. Both fighters are evil, undead, skellie type of baddies, but I have to give the edge to Skeletor. His minions have been a mix of both evil sorcery and some high-technology. Evil robots, mucled-dimwitted henchmen, demons, etc, etc, Skeletor will use anything and eveerything to win a battle. Admittedly, the dude's evil genius bad-guy luck is abysmal, but hey, hey doesn't make any bones about it. :) LOL!

Eagle299 writes:

I remember these guys from my child hood. As a kid, I loved both He-man and Thundercats. I really have to stretch back my memory to remember what they're both capable of.

I've got to say, I think Mumm Ra will win this. He seems to pack far more fire power than Skeletor. Plus his power up is kinda cool.

Ted C writes:

What is Bats thinking? "Just one barbarian"? He-Man's behavior is hardly barbaric, and even if it were, he would also be a barbarian who can SHIFT THE ORBITS OF MOONS. Nor is he all by himself, he's got a powerful sorceress, a giant green tiger, a man-at-arms with a high tech arsenal, and an assortment of other allies to assist him. Skeletor had all of that to deal with, and was also burdened with extremely poor henchmen of his own (a problem shared my most megalomaniacs, unfortunately). Between martial competence and substantial sorcerous ability, Skeletor is more than a match for his mummified adversary.

TRUTENOR writes:

I will admit that Mum-Ra is in better shape than Skeletor, but Mum-Ra will still lose for these reasons:

1:Mum-Ra constantly has to sleep to recharge his energy. He's like a battery! If he use up too much power, he starts to get weak and needs to get back in his casket to recharge.

2:Mum-Ra has to call forth his evil power to be able to transform into his more powerful form. Skeletor doesn't.

3:Skeletor knows how to use a sword! Mum-Ra does use a weapon from time to time, but his skills are nowhere as good as Skeletor's.

4:Skeletor's magic is his own! Plus he doesn't have to answer to some stupid swimming pool! For crying out loud, Mum-Ra answers to a swimming pool? Anybody who gets their magic from a pool deserves to lose.

5: But the pool is evil! Oohhh!! I'm so scared that I'm going to get wet!

Now don't get me wrong. I like Mum-Ra. He's one of my favorite villians of all time. But he just doesn't compare to Skeletor. Sure, he can fly, but it just isn't enough to grant him a victory.

Will writes:

I just wanna see Trapjaw - the coolest Henchman there ever was - blow Monkeyan out of the trees.

Dark Inferno writes:

Skeletor!? HAH! Mum-ra can easily

beat this boney whimp! Mum-ra's got

very powerful magic and not to mention, the sword of Plundar! And it's the exact same sword that caused the Thundercats home planet, Thundera, to blow up! And whenever Mum-ra need it, the ancient spirits of Evil that he worships, thransform him into an immortal giant that can easily kill the Thundercats in one shot!

Not only that but, he also has gained possesion of the legendary sword, Excalibur, at some point in time. As well as the golden sphere of Setii that multiplied his own power and strength! I'ts all to clear to me!! Mum-ra is gonna kick

Skeletor's boney @$$!!

The Bunyip writes:

One big reason why Skeletor will win is that he doesn't have to go through a complicated rigamarole to invoke his powers.

Mumm-Ra: "Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform.."

Skeletor: "That's enough."


End of match.

Of course, now He-Man vs. Lion-O, that would be a different story... First one to finish his power-chant wins!

Beaned, Foul! writes:

"The quality of a hero/villain can be defined by his/her/its opposition". Fact #1: The Masters of the Universe defeated The Thundercats in the WWWF. Therefore, Skeletor already has a distinct advantage going inno the fight. Fact #2: The Mummy, whom Mum-ra is a shadow of, lost to Frankenstein on this site. Therefore, Mum-ra has a distinct dis-advantage going into this match. Let's face it, Mum-ra will be beaten on his ass like a red-headed step-child in K-Mart, only instead of crying he'll just crumble into dust.

The Krypt Angel writes:

this was really tough to call, I'm a spawn of the 80's and remember both these plug ugly dead guys well. I went against popular opinion and went with bandage boy. Why you ask? he wasn't called Mumm Ra the EVER living for nothin. one plea to The Ancient Spirits of Evil and the fights in the bag all Skeletor has is a an annoying voice and a gaggle of stupid hench people

Moonrazor writes:

In deciding who was going to win this fight, I first tried to break it up into categories.

Skeletor takes the Buffness Factor category, for being muscular all the time. He also takes the Couldn't Get Decent Help If His Life Depended On It category, for employing such lame cretins as Beast Man and Mer Man.

Mumm-ra, on the other hand, wins the What The? category, for the many unanswered questions surrounding him. Among those questions are such classics as "What is this guy's beef with the Thundercats? Does he plan on world domination, or did they just wake him up in that big pyramid he calls home, and now he's going to make their lives a living hell," or "Why does he go back to being scrawny at all? Why doesn't he just stay big all the time?"

On a personal level, I don't know enough about Mumm-ra's powers to say what he is capable of doing, other than turning into that huge guy and flying around. I do know, however, that he was called "The Ever-Living," or something like that, and he was immortal and couldn't be killed. In fact, I think the only thing that really drove him off was seeing his own reflection.

Skeletor, on the other hand, was fairly wimpy as arch-villains go. He could cast magic blasts, but I don't think he could do much else. Most of his plans were really elaborate, liking damming a water flow to kill plants so the atmosphere would thin out and He-Man would get weaker. And I think at one point Skeletor got ahold of some rock or something that made him as powerful as He-Man, but it didn't last long.

As far as minions go, Skeletor's might have been lame, but he had quite a few. On the other hand, I think Mumm-ra worked with some toad and jackal people at one point, although I don't remember the series well enough to say if they were actually minions.

I do have to give credit to Mumm-ra for his transformation sequence. He would chant something like "Ancient spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form to Mumm-Ra, the ever-living!" and while this would happen, he would pretty much Hulk out. For 80s animation, it was pretty cool to watch.

Deciding upon who would win this fight, however, I finally had to pick it on the basis of their foes. And that's why I think Skeletor should lose. Not necessarily because he's any less powerful than Mumm-ra, but because He-Man is one of the all time stupidest names for a hero ever conceived (although Lion-O isn't much better.) Let's face it - anybody who runs around saying they are He-Man, while wearing that S&M type harness and loincloth that He-Man wears simply doesn't count as a foe.

Paul Soth writes:

Here comes the He-Man nation again...

Really, Skeletor was one of those villans who's plans would fail beacuse he stepped on a rake. Mum-Ra was a long anicent force of pure evil. You remember that episode where he came back after that five-parter and he wasn't turned back by his own reflection anymore? Remember thinking "Now how do they stop him?!?" I do.

Despite his impressive frame, Skeletor was just a damn pussy. Take away his henchmen, break his 'evil-machine-of-the-day,' and he would run away screaming with that voice of his. Now that i think about it, if He-Man and the Eternia empire ever bothered to mobilise, they could of taken out Snake Mountan in a day. Nothing was going to stop them. Really, the slightly smarter henchmen would run away, the dumb ones would get captured, and Skeletor would be dragged away.

Skeletor was attempted evil, Mum-Ra was a force of evil. It should be his... ugh...

superbadger writes:

Well actually I think Skeletor is more powerful but, I am assuming this is a fight to the death. This means that Mumm-Ra the EverLiving will win. Key word here is ever living as in can NOT die. Of course one argument against Mumm-Ra and Skeletor will be they always lost. Well it was mainly the fault of the writers who felt the need for the good guys to win no matter how lame they were. And speaking from a role playing game perspective, no good game master would have allowed in the Sword of Omens. It basically was the ultimate form of God-moding (was there anything it couldn't do, I think it was even a highly respected chef). The sowrd of he-man wasnt to far behind. Anyway enough of my ranting. What really should happen is these 2 are shrewd enough to figure out that they would be nearly invincible if they combined forces. That's right you would now have the combined armies of Mumm-Ra and Skeletor to deal with. Which means the Mutants when they were still cool early on (i'm including the entire crew of there orignal ship in the first episode just for numbers) the Lunatacs, Rataro, even maybe some of his mercenaries in one episodes like the berserkers, and Cpt. Shiner. Let's Skeletor would provide Evillyn, Beast Man and Beast Army, Mer-Man and fish Navy, Tri-Klops, Trap Jaw etc. I think Skeletor even hired some kind of Goblin mercenary army for one episode. Combined these guys could wreck havoc through the universe. Which means bye-bye to he-man and pals and the even more annoying Thundercats. Special note: guys can I kill off the Berbils?

child of the 80's writes:

While Mummra mayhave some buffiness going on, it's always been Skeletor and his to speak, that's gotten my goat. Mmm, and he gets so cute when he's scared. But piss him off, you might as well give it's over. Let me tell you, that Ram staff packs a more ways than one. :) But then, i guess you'd need Mummra's rags to help stop the bleeding?

BigWiggle_501 writes:

I never really saw Mum-Ra do anything except sit on his arse and get other bad guys do his dirty work..not once did I see him throw a punch. But in that He-Man movie Skeltor put up a pritty good fight for a guy with no muscles plus his got magic powers so I think he'd lay the smack down on Mumra. I have spoken!.

Devin writes:

Ah, the villains of my favorite cartoons as a kid. I may have liked the T-Cats better, but Skeletor wins. Why? The Thundercats' frame of animation never changes. Skeletor's does. Whenever Mumm-Ra fires, he'll be shocked to find that Skeletor, unlike the T-Cats, has that neat-o dodging ability. Skeletor will realize that stationary targets are easy to shoot.

Comic Patron Supreme writes:

This is one tough call. I'm familiar with both series (He-Man, and the Thundercats), and although I am partial to the Thundercats, my vote lies with Skeletor, because of the following:

Mum-Ra is a powerful force, and one not to be lightly taken, to be sure. However, his powers are severly limited to simple Super Attributes, Flight, and a certain degree of Disintergration or perhaps Microwave Projection. Also, to make things worse, Mum's power and his very life force are concentrated within his sarcophagus (should my memory serve me correctly). Thus, destroy the coffin, destroy our villain.

Skeletor, then, has several powers besides Super Attributes. Given that he has yet to fly, he does get around by Teleportation, he can focus and direct his thoughts through field telepathy to just about anywhere on a planet, and he can manipulate most elements around him. I.E., he animated to life a solid rock wall in the pilot episode of He-Man (again, should my memory serve me correctly.) Also, his powers have no direct source. Not anything exploitable, at any rate.

No, Skeletor has some definite advantages, all things considered. Still, I haven't indulged in either series since I passed the age of TWELVE, so I may be out of touch. I leave it to the voters...

Besides, their both, Quote "Immortal" Unquote. Regardless of who wins, neither will be destroyed. That is, if the continuities of their respective series are to be upheld!

SniperFox writes:

Both of them have magic spells. This will have some advantages to them. They can destroy things with those. If Snake Mountain is destroyed, will it affect Skeletor? I don't think so. But if the Black Pyramid, it will weaken Mumm-Ra BIG TIME!!!!

And another thing, if Skeletor looks at a mirror, it doesn't do anything to him. Mumm-Ra hates his own image. So that is why Mumm-ra is such a wimp!!!

Noman writes:

1: Anyone who gets beat by cats is truly pathetic beyond pathetic. Getting smacked around by "a steroid popping He-Man" is at least understandable.

2: Whenever Mumm-Ra was doing is super-spell to turn into the GOD OF EVIL or whatever, he sucked just as much as before, if not more.

3: They both suck, but Mumm-Ra does more.

Evil Ash writes:


That's the last thing you'll hear from Skeletor.

Mumm-Ra is by far the best villain of the '80s. He has it all: cool animation (a whole bar ahead of "He-Man"), awesome one-liners ("AS LONG AS EVIL EXISTS...MUMM-RA LIVES!"), great powers and an over-all scary appearance.

Skeletor, hell, he's just a bag of bones. He's smart, I'll give him that, but (as proved in countless episodes of "He-Man") he lacks the muscle and strength to back up his plans.

Mumm-Ra will send his many evil minions, (previously hidden away in the darkest regions of 3rd Earth) out first. This undead army will destroy the wussy, over-worked forces under Skeletor's control. Once this is done, Mumm-Ra will take down the bag-of-bones himself, dismembering him "Evil Dead(TM) style" with the Sword of Plundarr.

Mumm-Ra will destroy all before him!


BRAXXUS writes:

Skeletor has the fight in the bag. I've watched both the Thundercats and He-Man when I was a kid and the Thundercats were so freakin' corny that it made me wanna vomit. With all the power at Mum-Ra's disposal, he couldn't beat, literally, an overgrown punk kid armed only with some pissy little sword that grew when he said: THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDERCATS HOOO!!! God I hated that. Now Skeletor at least had a good excuse for losin' every single time. He-Man has strength that easily puts him in the same category of guys like Superman and The Hulk and could quite easily kick the crap out of all the Thundercats put together, beat Mum-Ra to a bloody pulp inside of 2 minutes, and then go take on Skeletor and all his cronies to get a real workout. Skeletor has this fight, no problem.

The Sane Hatter writes:

Uck...I just read the wrap-up to the battle between Chip 'n' Dale and Yogi and Boo-boo. That has to be the moist disgusting thing I've read in a while. Those chipmuncks are frickin' evil! How's this for a fight suggestion? Chip and Dale vs. Alvin and the chipmunks! Oh yeah, I voted for Skeletor. He was screaming: "You haven't seen the last of me!", long before Mumm-ra.

He Who Can Not Be Named writes:

Ah...those were the days...when villians were TRULY EVIL and Saturdays were worth getting up for...

Both of these guys are extremely powerful, durable, have legions of henchmen, spell casting ability, are seemingly immortal...on the surface it looks fairly even...but only on the surface...

They say you can judge a person by his enemies. In this case Mummy Boy faces of against the ThunderCats. Now these guys are tough and as a group present a challenge...Skelly on the other hand faced of weekly for FOUR (or was it five) YEARS against, and I quote: "The most powerful man in the UNIVERSE"!!! Hello, most poweful guy in the freakin' UNIVERSE!!! Not only that, but Skelly actually gives HE-Man a run for his money on several occassions...

Infact, if you ready "the history of eternia" also known as the HE-MAN BIBLE, the original plan for MOU (can't remember the URL), we all know that Eternia was attacked by the Hord and the young, "L PLATE", however, He-Man was not needed at this time. Flash forward 20 years, Skelly has learned a lot and returns to take the place and the Sorceress realises that Skelator is now two powerful for her to face alone, thus He-Man is born.

They had to actually CREATE someone especially to fight Skelator, where as Mummy Boy just faced off against whoever was there and got whipped.

Plus Skelator just looks cooler and you can't deny that cool (evil) apearance plays a part!!!

Skelator to lay a medevil smack down on Mummy boys roody poo candy ass!!!

NoLimit_Jay writes:

Skeletor wins in a rout. Shall we examine the reasons?

main competition: Skeletor fights He-man, man-of-arms, and a whole bunch of cool warriors. Mum-ra fights pussycats.

+1 Skeletor

color scheme: Skeletor is dressed in purple, a color that he uses to lull his opponents to sleep right before he removes their liver. Mum-ra's light blue makes me think of smurfette.

+1 Skeletor, +1 Mum-ra

rhymes: Skeletor rhymes with whore, which is a cool word. what does Mum-ra rhyme with?

+1 Skeletor

movie: Skeletor's movie debut is possibly the greatest movie of all time. If Mum-ra was in a movie, it probably blew.

+1 Skeletor

Now Skeletor vs. Mr. Rogers, that would be a close fight.

D.Merzel writes:

On one hand Mummy boy faces off against high powered technological tigers.


He never had a movie made where he became Literally GOD.

He's called ever living yet has been killed

I never wanted a mumm-ra Toy when I was a child.

Liches are Inherently more threatening than Liche priests.

Stratos writes:

You must be kidding me, Mum-Ra is going too win and this is how he'll do it; Skeletor fires a bolt of energy from his havoc staff at Mum-Ra. Mum-Ra blocks the shot and then saids the line of power. "Ancient Spirits of Evil!!!" "Transform this decayed form, INTO MUM-RA!!!" "THE EVER LIVING!!" Now Mum-Ra in his stronger form faces Skeletor. Fearing forhis life for the first and last time Skeletor drops his havoc staff and it breaks upon hitting the ground. Skeletor tries to escape by creating a portal back to snake mountain. But Mum-Ra shoots Skeletor in the back and sets Skeletor flying into the portal and exiting the portal on the other side at snake mountain as vaporized dust. Mum-Ra has all the spirits of evil backing him up what does Skeletor have? Answer nothing! Skeletor can't win against that kind of power.

Mum-Ra wins plain and simple

Matt writes:

Well, I don't really remeber much about these 2 bad dudes, but there is one important factor that I do remember, which helped me make my decision. I used to watch ThunderCats (HO!) and He-Man when I was a kid, and of the two main villains - it was Mum-ra that actually scared me. That's right, I was afraid of a cartoon villain. That's why he gets my vote, even though he's got no chance.. no chance in hell of winning the way things are going.

TheAugustKing writes:

Two expert conjurers with small army of warriors behind them. What could tip the scales? Where it comes from. Skullhead's power seems to come from within; Mum-Ra's power comes from four dark gods. A twisted mortal heart or the agent of four 'ancient spirits of evil'? I'm go for the man in the pyramid.

Zoltarak the ( former) Imposter writes:

whaaat!!! Skeletor ahead in the votes! This reeks of Bullshit! I mean look at the pushovers he has as enemies! He-Man, Man-at-Arms....other fact in the first CBUB contest, He-Man cheated! cheated! and Skeletor loses to him! Now the only argument against Mumm-ra that i can think of is that he yells. "Mumm-ra, the everliving!" after every sentence.

But thats neither here nor there.

Jojo, The crazy Mexican writes:

In all aspects of this battle, both are worthy apponents. But then again, you have to look at the facts.

Mum-Rah has to retreate into his weak mummy form to researv energy for the next battle.

Where in Skelators case, he is always muscular & never has to retreate.

Allthough I did vote for mum-rah, I have to say that in this battle, Skelator seems to have the upper hand.

Thor2000 writes:

Skeletor takes it. He always knows to vary his approach and fight on the field with his lackeys while Mumm-Ra more than too often hides behind his and lets them do the hard stuff.

a oompa loompa writes:

down at the choco factory we have fights over which part it better but that is nothing compared to this deranged fighters all we have is migtes singing oompa loompa here we have two warriors beating the crap out of each one anonther anyways even my colloege jojo the crazy mexican may disagre with me or may not, i think that mumra is a better fighter, but we all know who is gonna win skeleator right maybe maybe not it all depends on what we have to say well wonka is calling me back to work gotta go make some more taffy i give yall a holler when one of my fights gets out there

Mr. Silverback writes:

Skeletor looks like Death.

Mumm-Ra looks like Death preceded by several hours of torturous noogies and Atomic Wedgies.

Gotta go with Mumm-ra. Skeletor would finish this match crying like a toddler, if he had tear ducts. We now return you to a match I just had to call...

I Can't Believe I let My Brothers Watch This Crap Every Afternoon

Grizzlor writes:

Skeletor might win this fight if he had a cool power-up saying like this: " Powers to Evil!!" "Empower my Wrath!" "So That I, Skeletor can defeat my enemies victory path!"

But since he doesn't Mum-Ra will win!

Leo Tokarski writes:

I'd go with a point-by-point comparison here, but I don't know enough about the Masters of the Universe to do so.

However, Mumm-Ra's enemies (the Thundercats) had the coolest phallic symbol ever: the Sword of Omens. And Cheetara...mmm...

This goes to Mumm-Ra.

MoonHunter writes:

Skeletor is the classic Evil Mastermind. He had a great cunning and great powers to back them up. He had minion, who were not great, but good evil help is hard to find. If he just could of reigned in his own ego, he could of taken over the unvierse. In a fair fight, written by an impartial writer who did not have to let He-Man win (usually because of some trick or lucky moment), Skeletor would of humbled He-Man. Skeletor's energy abilities, great strength, invunerability, regenerative ability, and both mystic and scientific prowess would allow him to take on many of the Comic bigboys and actually win. Skeletor, with his minion, could easily fight the Thundercats to a stand still, and perhaps take round one (of course he would be defeated or his plot foiled by the end of the episode).

Mum-ra is also an Evil mastermind, but is much more insane after dealing with those dark forces. I mean look at those loser mutants he had as henchmen. I know good help is hard to find, but geeze get a grip. His fixation on the Eye of Thundera became his downfall, limiting him from what he could do. Mum-ra had some low level magiks that most Comic magician's apprentices could do. His battle form was mighty, but could be defeated (on a regular basis) by single combat by a superior athletic warrior with a superior weapon. Mum-ra would be unable to beat He-Man and the Master of the Universe, which Skeletor could at least fight to a stand still.

In short, Mum-ra has nothing on Skeletor. Skeletor would win hands down, then go on to have breakfast.

Darth Doom writes:

Skeletor looks cooler, and has a better cackle. :)

Purple has always struck me as an EVIL colour, while Mum-Ra's rags simply make him look unsophisticated.

Plus, Skeletor took control of Superman once - what has Mum-Ra done comparable to that feat?

Fianlly - who would YOU rather have as your arch-enemy - Lion-O or He-Man?

Yeah, me too! :D

She-ra writes:

After having slept with both of them I know Skelator will win

Shypht writes:

I'm giving ol' Mum-Ra the thumbs down on this one. Skeletor gets my vote. I mean, even if they bring in their boys for some cover Mum-Ra's still screwed. Just look at what he has to work with. Jackalman? Vultureman?? All his henchman are known failures. Skeletor's group of lackeys aren't much better, but I'd still put Beastman or Kobra Khan or WHOEVER up against Mum-Ra's boys any day. Another thing is that Skeletor is easily Mum-Ra's intellectual superior. I never really understood ol' Mum in the first place. He was the cartoon world's equivalent to a posessed homeless guy with down syndrome.....and the most annoying voice since the dawn of time. Anyway, enough rambling. SKELETOR GETS MY VOTE!!!........yeah.

Talon Banewulf writes:

skeletor all the way. reason being: most cartoons would not have been possible without the likes of He-man, Johnny Quest, Bird Man, and Space Ghost. Skeletor was the ORIGINAL evil-doer. His skeletal figure led to many other villians being made. He was able to hold off He-man AND She-ra, along with their complementary host of do-gooders. Mumra only has to fight off the Thundercats. How weak is that?! The Thundercats, as you may recall, were tricked thousands of times by Mumra, and they still whooped him! Mumra only had to use their felineness to his advantage (using cat food and the like). Piece of cake! My final vote is for Skeletor. I will laugh uncontrollably as he turns Mumra into double-ply toilet paper!

KC writes:

Reasons Why Skeletor will Mulch Mum-Ra Into Fertilizer:

1. No big red target on his chest.

2. No silly strips of bandages.

3. No ostentatious head dress.

4. Has that whole pirate flag motif going with those crossed bones on his chest.

5. Skull for a head! Wicked cool.

6. Everyone knows zombies don't have brains.

7. No Mumm-Mutt. He should win on that alone.

8. Um, not a reason. Why isn't it Skeletor vs. the Skeleton Warriors? That seems a tad more appropriate.

Children of the 80's Unite! :) KC

zephyr writes:

Skeletor wins hands down. Why you say? Skeletor is a warlock with unlimited magical power. Mum-Ra's power base is his pyramid. Too much battle damage and he'll be sent back to his creepy crypt bellyaching about "next time". Don't get me wrong, these are two tough baddies, but Skeletor takes this one and even has time enough to let out one of those trademark laughs.

Arazmus writes:

In the contest of losers who were beaten badly by, arguably, the weakest heroes of all time this is a tough call.

Skeletor, bested by He-Man at every turn.

MumRa, defeated time and again by the Thundercats.

If I cannot choose for both to lose and return to the oblivion each so richly deserves, then I have to give the edge

to MumRa. Why? well, his title is "The Everliving" apparently he cannot die. Oh sure he reverts to mummy form every

now and again but after a little rest he is ready to get his ass kicked again.

Ninja-Cat writes:

Maybe Mum-Ra would get the chance to wax Skeletor seeing he had exercise with more than 1 muscled hero, but he can only keep his form for only a short while. If the fight takes too long, Mum-Ra would just wither back to his oldie self, so its just a matter of Skeletor biding his time.

The Insane Shark writes:

Ahh, the classic Skeletor and Mumm-Ra, making their appearances in the CBUB at last. I's hard to root for either of these guys, considering that they've both displayed outright stupidity time and time again when battling against He-Man and the ThunderCats, respectively. Apparently, they can both tap into evil itself and harness its awesome power, and yet when they're pitted against a couple of smarmy do-gooders wielding bad hairdos and toy swords, they go on a laughable losing streak that doesn't end until the series gets cancelled. Oh why must all 80's cartoon villains be so incompetent?

I guess I'll go with Mumm-Ra though, since I was and still am a huge fan of ThunderCats. I like He-Man, too, but ThunderCats rocks! Plus Mumm-Ra just looks cooler than Skeletor.

Jesus writes:

Mum-ra all the way man. He has the little puppy, mutants, and evil gods at his command, not just some wussy sidekicks. Besides, he's got that sword he recovered from Thundera, and a whole host of magical powers. Also, you have to see what they have gone up against. Skeletor, a random assortment of muscle-bound action figures. Mum-ra, the Sword of Omens, possibly the mos tpowerful weapon in the world, and he has survived, and even flourished in some cases. Besides, I'm hoping for some innocent Burble's dieing as well. Damn Burbles.

Allenthailand writes:

Oh please! How can that wimp Skeletor be winning? Now if it was Hordak I could understand, but what did Skeletor ever do really? He ranks as the least challenging villian this side of Gargamel.

Mumm-ra is a severe bad-ass. He actually defeated the Thundercats on a few occasions, and learned from his mistakes when he lost, unlike Skeletor, who never had a plan for what to do about a He-Man atomic punch... Mumm-ra has rreal power- he's the most powerful spirit onThird Earth fer cryin out loud! Skeletor's gonna get that staff of his jammed WAY up the furry underwear...




Tick:   During the mail break Dr. Frankenfurter performed his rendition of Like a Virgin. I don't think that I'll ever be the same. I'll give a definite 'A' for creativity and effort though.

Bats:   Brrrr. And I used to think that watching my parents bleed out before my very eyes was traumatic. Ah, at last, the smoke is clearing, I can see our contestants are staring each other down from oppossite sides of the chasm.

Tick:   With the sound of the bell they are off. Let havoc begin!

Bats:   Mumm-ra takes the initiative with a stream of dark lightning bolts spewing from his hands.

Tick:   With a twirl of his Havoc Staff Skeletor deflects the lightning. The deflected lighting crashes into the stands toasting a poor Columbia groupie.

Bats:   Now Skeletor returns fire with his staff's optic blasts. Mumm-ra flies straight up just in time to avoid the attack. Skeletor fires again, Mumm-ra banks hard to the right and dodges it.

Tick:   After that mid-air dodge Mumm-ra twists around and dives down at Skeletor.

Bats:   Mumm-ra makes a true flying tackle! He and Skeletor go sliding are across the arena floor. The impact jarred the Havoc Staff from Skeletor's clutches.

Tick:   With Skeletor pinned Mumm-ra goes for the vicious double eye poke. To no avail, as he realizes Skeletor hasn't any eyes! Just those little red dots!

Bats:   Well, there goes viewer Bibbity's theory. Oooh, Skeletor just bitch-slapped the suprised Mumm-ra upside the head! Villains sure fought dirty back in the 80s.

Tick:   Oh, its a Trek Combat Music Moment (tm) as Skeletor and Mumm-ra struggle on the ground trying to gain the advantage.

Bats:   They're grappling for control, it looks...hey, why's it so dark in here all of a sudden? Can't see..anything. Hit the Lights! Somebody, anybody!

Tick:   Damn lousy roadies, my super powered sight is failing me. Which villain hired these roadies to be his lackies?

Bats:   *You* hired them, you arachnoid dolt! All the floor mics are out, but let's see if I can patch in my Bat-Listening device, to pick up the sounds of the ongoing battle.

sound effects:   *crackle* bzzzt.*bamf!*

Mumm-Ra:   Ack, where'd you go! Fool, you cannot escape me. Magic Missle!

Journey Groupie:   *zap* AIEEEEEI!

Skeletor:   Fool, I'm behind you. What are you shooting at?

Mumm-Ra:   Errr...I'M ATTACKING THE DARKNESS! Oooph! Unhand me.

Skeletor:   Aha, give it up, decrepit dog. I've got your Sword of Plundarr in hand!

Mumm-Ra:   Um, That's not a sword...


Bats:   Ack! Ok, I'm never ever fighting my enemies under cover of darkness again. Tick, while I go smash my listening device, why don't you talk with our special guest about her...I mean, his performance.

Tick:   Why do I have to do the interview?? Er, hello Dr. Frankenfurter.

Dr. Frankenfurtur:   Did you like the show?

Tick:   Umm... yeah. I try to be socially conscious and all, but that was wierd.

Dr. Frankenfurtur:   We'll this battle so far has just been delectable. Its nice to seethe undead having so much fun.

Tick:   Wait a minute! Dr. FF is not short and squat and you sound nothing like Tim Curry... Ram-Man?!

Dr. Frankenfurtur:   Well hey, had to do sumthin since the show tanked. You've never been to Rocky Show before. Shouldn't you be in your underwear!

Tick:   But, I am, can't you tell? But Bats over there isn't go bug him. Over to you Bats.

Bats:   At last, the power is restored. Mumm-ra has Skeletor locked in a devestating electric noogie! He must play alot of Tekken.

Tick:   From his many sparring matches with Beast-man Skeletor is well-trained to handle a noogie. He grabs a first-full of Mumm-ra's locks and throws him aside.

Bats:   Mumm-ra landed precariously close to pit's edge. He realizes the danger and is now floating a good thirty feet in the air. Skeletor reaches for his Havoc Staff laying before him.

Tick:   Mumm-ra projects some of his wrappings and grabs the Havoc staff from Skeletor's grasp...

Bats:   And into the abyss is flung Skeletor's most potent weapon!

Tick:   Mumm-ra is mumbling in some magical gibberish. Something about Ancient Spirits of Evil, blah blah blah... Can't these magical types speak normally!

Bats:   Skeletor looks to be in trouble here. I bet he wishes he had the dark Sword of Power, or at least an AK-47 right about now. What knows what horrid phantom, what vile menace Mumm-ra could be summoning?

Mumm-Ra Summoning....:   *Bright flash of light*

Tick:   Hey, its Thulsa Doom from Conan! Mumm-ra just summoned him. I loved that movie. I'm gonna cue up that Basil Poledouis soundtrack.

Bats:   Mumm-ra and his rotund ally are slowing like a couple of wary snakes toward their prey. Skeletor seems to have something behind his back...

Tick:   Skeletor just conjured up some sort of mystic shackles. He's shackled together Mumm-ra and James Earl Doom. Mumm-ra seems a bit concerned with this change of events.

Bats:   Now Skeletor raises his other hand to deliver a...Force Shove! Thulsa Jones was just telekinetically send hurtling into the pit!

Tick:   That chain just snapped taught. The girth of the falling Doom has yanked Mumm-ra back towards the pit. Down he goes!




'Nuff Said!


Skeletor: 710

Mumm-Ra: 529




Bats:   Well, it's certainly been one strange night. On behalf of the Tick, Ram-Man, and one soon-to-be-unemployed stage crew, have a pleasant...hey, what's going on down there. I can see some motion from within the pit. Roof cameras, can we get a shot of this?

Tick:   Wait a second this isn't over yet. Mumm-ra is hanging onto a protruding piece of rock. Can he rally back here?

Bats:   With his massive ally still dangling below him, Mumm-ra is clinging for dear unlife. He's chanting to the Ancient Spirts again. Perhaps he knows a spell to escape this predicament.

Tick:   Skeletor is grinning, he's just strolling over to the pit.

Bats:   Skeletor is looking toward the upper decks of the arena. Hey, somebody from the crowd just tossed a laser pistol down to him.

Tick:   Skeletor is whipping up his supporters in the crowd. He leisurely aims at Mumm-ra. He shoots the arm off of him and Mumm-ra falls downward into oblivion.

Bats:   I don't understand, all of Skeletor's henchmen in attendace should have been accounted for. We've got a shot now of Skeletor's accomplice from the nose bleed section. It's Darth Maul! What's going on here?

Tick:   Its no surprise that Maul would make an appearance here. He and Skeletor have been friends for a long time. I believe a young Maul first met Skeletor on the set of the He-Man movie.

Bats:   T'would explain their similar problems with heroes and heights. Now then, as the freaks and fans beging filing out of the arena, once again, this is the Bat, saying Good Night.

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