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White Star

Captain: John Sheridan
Second: Ivanova
Marcus Cole (I know he's dead, but I liked him!)
Michael Garibaldi
Lyta and friends - Telepaths

White Star




Captain: Benjamin Sisko
Second: Commander Worf
Lieutenant Dax
Chief O'Brien
Major Kira
Security Chief Odo (just for numbers)


White Star - Designed by a Vorlon and Minbari collaboration to counter the march of Shadow across the universe. Heavily armed and with a Bio-skin capable of self repair, it is the fastest, most powerful ship designed by the forces of Light.

USS Defiant - Designed to fight the Borg in an attempt to stem the onslaught of a potential attack. Heavily armed and shielded, the Defiant represents the Federation's resolve in the face of assimilation.

These two vessels are keen to claim the crown as Toughest Warship in the Universe.

Watch the stars shake as these two clash in a fight we just had to call...

All Alone In The Fight

This fight was suggested by Nightshade and Nemesis


Bob:  Hi! We are in the Bajor Sector this week, on board the Sovereign-class USS Utopia, to watch the most anticipated space battle in a LONG time : The USS Defiant of Deep Space 9 vs. The White Star of Babylon 5. I'm Bob Panning...

Clare:   And I'm Clare Razor, I'm pretty excited about this one Bob. Well, I can see the Defiant, but any sign of the White Star yet??

Bob:   Nope, I can't see them eith- hold on, Jump Gate forming directly ahead...yup, the White Star has arrived and takes up position opposite the Defiant at a respectable distance.

Clare:   About time too. It's nice to see Ivanova has taken time from her Warlock Class destroyer and that Marcus Cole is out of Cryonics suspension to join Captain, or should I say "President", Sheridan for this catfight in the sky.

Bob:   Kira v Ivanova...there's a thought! Meow! Now before the scratching commences, lets get a response from the viewers :


Nightshade writes:

Thanks for picking my suggestion. All I can say is that there's gonna be one mighty firework display in the heavens when the Defiant goes down... There will be no mercy...just major butt-kicking by the White Star!!!!!

Nemesis writes:

Look, no matter how nice and pretty the White Star looks, it comes down to three things... 1) Sheilds - always handy 2) Cloaking Device 3) Quantum Torpedoes. These things you can't argue with! I mean, ONE hit from Defiant's weapons and it is goodnight for the White Star (which incidentally, has the same name as the owners of the Titanic..come on!)

Go Defiant, go! Whip Sheridan's arse!

Eddie writes:

Resistance is futile... if you're Babylon 5. Defiant wins.

Grifter writes:

The Defiant has a cloaking device, the White Star doesn't. The Defiant is from Star Trek:DS9, the White Star from B5. Anyway you see it, The Defiant will come out on top.

Dssstrkl writes:

While the Defiant is cool and all, The White Star is the product of the three bad boy races in B5. Also, a ship that is designed to take on the Shadows can kick the crap out of any Borg-buster any day of the week!

Wildwills writes:

Although I feel the defiant has good battle capability the whitestar has more advanced weaponry so I feel the Whitestar will win.

P&SC writes:

Since they clearly represent Sisko and Sheridan's respective endowments it is fair to say that they both have little staying power and shoot their load far to quickly for their partner in the engagement to get theirs off.

With that as a given: the WS has a better paint job so it would win

Baal Tocard writes:

I like DS9 and all But I've just gotta Vote for B5 cause it's Cooler. The Defiant might have a cloaking device but that still doesn't put anything up against self-repairing Bioskin! And any ways with a team like John, Susan, Marcus, and Mike who's gonna beat them?

warrl writes:

I am not familiar with the white star but I do know the defiant and that is one tough little ship. I think this would probably be a pretty even match up, but in the end the defiant has Worf. nuf' said.

StarKiller writes:

Given it's ability to harness complex gravimetric fields for propulsion thereby making it very fast and maneuverable, Minbari stealth technology and the capability to repair itself as a living organism, the White Star is a formidable opponent even without a discussion on weaponry. Add a mixture of Minbari / Vorlon weaponry and the fight hardly seems fair - it would be a rout.

Tuxedo Callisto writes:

I think the Defiant will kick the White Stars butt. I mean, the Defiant for one has cloaking technology. Sheridan will never see 'em comin'. And they also have that extra blade armor. Plus they've also tangled with Dominion, and come out on top quite a few times.

Pisstank writes:

Though I don't know that much about the White Star, I have to go with the Defiant. All I'm saying is Cloaking Shield and Quantum torpedoes by the hundreds.

Ace Kendrich writes:

Well, one of the ships looks cool and the other one looks like a turd. I wonder...

Mor-ath writes:

Ok...The White Star has self repair abilities and they both have outstandin firepower...but...Worf is on the Defiant, how can ye think that anyone except maybe Kirk or Picard could out-tactically fight Worf?? My vote goes for the Defiant...of course if any other was Second except Worf I would have to choose the White Star

Oblivion writes:

Oooh tough battle.. Both have much in common.. Both are commanders of space stations. Both have alien love interests. Both have extremely fast ships. But Sheridan is just so damn cooler. He'll do anything to win. Ivanova and Sheridan are top tacticians. They'll out think, out shoot and out fly Sisko easily.

Lightning writes:

Shadow vessels have been destroyed by 600 Megaton bombs. They are tougher than a Whitestar ship. A Photon Torpedo has many times more firepower than this, and the Defiant can take a few hits from them. I like B5 much better than DS9, but in a fight, ST wins.

Raven writes:

The White Star would soon crumble under the Defiant's superior firepower. It takes time to self repair and The White Star wouldn't have enough time.

Cypher writes:

Vorlon technology is beyond the federation, I have to give the Whitestar the edge. The Defiant would make a tough battle of it, but in the end the Whitestar is just too powerful.

Mani writes:

Close match-up , but I say that Defiant wins . it's got a captain with battle experience and a Klingon on it . Also the Defiant has something else that the WS doesn't - transporters . Once the Defiant damages the WS enough , it transports Sheridan and gang into vacuum . Bottom line , ( IMO )White Star has greater firepower ,but Defiant has better battle experience and technology .

shrEd writes:

Let's look at the record. IIRC, the crew of DS9 took their battlewagon on its maiden voyage and were lucky to get back home with whole skins. The White Star ships don't win 'em all, but their opponents know they've been in a fight.

ChaosBurnFlame writes:

Its the Defiant, because its got that special armor, a cloak, god's own shields, pulse phasers, and quantum torpedoes. But, even with all that, I'd say its gonna be a close fight, with the Defiant winning with many wounds. I happen to like B5 as well.

"The One" writes:

When hit, the White Star can repair itself, but the Defiant needs crewmen to fix problems. The White Star has a Ranger crew which was trained in fighting, while the Defiant has Star Fleet crew trained in making peace. Plus the White Star was made with technology from two races (1) has been around forever (the Vorlons--First Ones) and (2) the Minbari who have been out in space for over 1,000 years. The Defiant was made primarily by races which have only been out in space for 300 years.

unknown writes:

Defiant is at least the second most powerful ship in the Federation fleet. We know what she can do alone against much larger enemies, and alone, she was known to be capable of reducing a planet to a "smoking cinder." White Star's very tough but there are no indications that she could bring that sort of firepower to the fight. Defiant's phaser cannons would be too much for WS.

Darius Soluman writes:

I don't know enough to call it either way... but the White Dwarf's picture is a helluva lot cooler then the Defiant's!

Matthew Savill writes:

Put it this way...the White Star looks cool, the Defiant looks like a flying metal tortoise!

Beowulf writes:

the Whitestar's high degree of maneuverability would most likely be the deciding factor. The White Star has flown in one direction and maneuvered the forward section aft and made reward shoots. So far we have not seen the Defiant do this. since both ships firepower is nearly the same as well as protection , maneuverability would be the tie breaker!

Cobra69k writes:

Gotta go with the Defiant. I like both ships but until I see the Borg and the Shadows get it on I'm kinda in the middle. but since I'm more familiar with the Defiant I'll sick with them. I have also seen the White Star in action and do admit it's gonna be a hell of a fight. No matter who wins their ass is still goin to feel like they lost and I'm not even saying what the losers goin to be feelin(but I hear it something like taking a bath in hell)

Christopher Robin writes:

Very tough decision. Defiant has a lot of firepower and has SHIELDS - which are a major plus. BUT the WhiteStar is incredibly maneuverable and those fixed beam mounts could probably overcome even the Defiants shields. In the end, the crew decided it for me.

Travis writes:

I'm going with the white star on this one. It was designed by a far superior race(vorlons and minbari) to fight a superior race(shadows) It's also shown to be quicker and more maneuverable than the defiant. And for the people who say the Defiant would just lock on a few torpedoes and boom!!! Remember the Minbari had technology in the earth/minbari war that prevented the earth ships from locking their weapons. Well the Defiant has a cloaking device!!! So what the white star can open its own jump gates so those two abilities cancel each other out BUT a jump gate can have offensive capabilities if your clever and smart enough to know how to use them.

EvilOne writes:

Hmm, lets see... Oooh Defiant has a cloaking device! Yeah bub, lot thats gonna do against telepaths! Hmmmm.. I can just hear it.. Hey John, I sense minds right there.. *BOOM* White Star has the fire power to take that federation rat trap down and fast.

J. P. Sonicore writes:

Hello all, I have got to say that this is a most impressive match! This will undoubtedly have fans arguing for decades to come! I have had a verry hard decision to make in this I know verry little of the Babylon 5 group thou' what I do know is quite impressive. But in the long run I must say that the Deep Space Nine team will undoubtedly win. Why you ask? Here are my answers:

  • DS9 is not a station created for peace, it was created in the heat of battle, as was the Defiant.
  • DS9's care takers, the Federation, is not the cruel, power-hungry, cold-hearted killers that the B5's Earth is.
  • B5 has known no major enemies other than the Shadows and PsyCor. (and psycor isn't basically an enemy.)
  • B5 has the Vorlons.
  • Sheridan is now President.
  • Susan is gone.
  • Geribaldi went traitor, went Benidict on Earth and went bald.
  • Odo.
  • Dax has over 200 years experience.
  • Quark isn't flying the Defiant.
  • Han Solo (oops!)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has over 20 years of previous experience behind it.
  • Babylon 5 more or less Relies on CGI.
  • did I say Odo?

Sailor Xena writes:

This is going to a close one. Both ships are designed purely for combat; they're both captained buy people who fight to win; and both have capable crews. But I'm going with the Defiant. Even though the White Star has a self regenerating skin, shields are better( less likely for hull breeches and/or internal damage). Plus, the Defiant has a cloaking device and better array of weaponry. Sisko will win using hit and run tactics.

Andriod writes:

This'll be a tough fight, for both sides. Neither side has ever encountered the others technology. Who can say the Defiant's shields will withstand the Whitestar's weaponry. And who can say which leader is better, Sherdian or Sisco. This should be a good fight....

.....But my money is on Sisco.

Tanis writes:

that the defiant will win just because it was made to battle the borg but the white star was made to fight the "shadow " ooh

Archie writes:

The Defiant with its smaller profile will make it difficult for the White Star to target. In addition, the White Star, like other ships in the B5 universe, do not have force field technology, making it that much more difficult for the White Star's weapons to penetrate.

Trantor writes:

Ok, we have a little computer generated ship that looks like it's made out of pink balsa wood against the Defiant, the result of Starfleets greatest effort yet to fight the dominion.... this may just be a hunch, but the defiant is going to do to the White Star what DS9 has done to Babylon 5's ratings! Does the word Cannon Fodder mean anything to anyone?

Lothar writes:

The Defiant hasn't a chance. The Whitestar can easily fly circles around the Defiant and blast it with ease.

Bald Eagle writes:

The Defiant was designed to fight. White Star looks good.


Bob:   That sums up the feeling of this fight Clare. Now...we are waiting for the starting signal.......and......

Clare:   ...both ships are up and running before the signals given and are heading straight for each other! I've got a feeling that playing by the rules isn't going to apply here Bob!

Bob:   Nope, fair play has gone out of the airlock! Defiant fires first with its Phaser Cannons!....

Clare:   ..and it slams into the White Star's forward hull. WHAM! The White Star fires back and directs it's Neutron Cannon beam directly for the Defiant and locks on....Shall I start the count down for hull breach.??...59, 58, 57................

Bob:   The Defiant looks like its shields are fending off the steady beam from the White Star for the moment, but it better-WARP PULSE! The Defiant lurches from its position and arrives out of the White Stars weapons effective range, banking to face it.

Clare:   Ohhh, you could cut the tension which a laser beam!.. The White Star storms forward towards the Defiant and....stops dead ahead.. I think Sheridan is playing Minbari mind games here Bob!

Bob:   Defiant blazes away with its Phaser Cannons 'escorted' by a pair of Quantum Torpedoes. With Worf at Tactical, there is no such thing as playing games!

Clare:   BOOM!!! The Phaser Cannons hit home followed by the Torpedoes.. That'll make more than a graze on the White Stars bio-skin hull - more like a hole! The White Star opens up with all 3 of it's Twin Fusion Cannons.. The Defiant shields are holding but...did I see the Defiant waver there? ?

Bob:   Sure did! The Defiant is taking as much as its shields can handle but I think that the constant battering is beginning to take its toll. It rolls out of the path of the cannons and blasts past the White Star at full impulse....

Clare:   ...faster than a ferret up a trouser leg!!. If a ship could look confused, the White Star would be scratching it's head! I hope that was a tactical move and not a ...hold on a moment ...

Bob:   ....the Defiant cloaks!.......oooo, everyone's palms are sweating with tension.........

Clare:   ..bugger, dropped the mike...WHOA!!! My Delta-wave reading has gone OFF the scale!! Looks like a major "Mind burst" has been let off by Lyta, Bab5's resident telepath...The White Star turns round...seems like Lyta's homed in on the Defiant...and fires a stream from the Neutron Cannon....the words "duck" and "sitting" spring to mind Bob...

Bob:   There is a bloom of fire and the Defiant shudders out of cloak at full impulse...Sisko seems to realize that cloaking devices are pointless against telepaths! The Defiant looks a little battered after that...The navigational deflector grows brighter...a new plan Clare?...

Clare:   Could be... Sisko better think of something pretty damn quick.. The White Star is laying into it big time with it's Twin Fusion Cannons, I don't think the shields cannae take much more of this!!!

Bob:   The Defiant unleashes what seems to be a pulse from the deflector array - the sensors here read it as a graviton pulse.. why?.. oh, I see! The excess particles have stalled the White Star's gravimetric flux who's a sitting duck?....the Defiant nips behind the stranded ship......and lets rip with its own cannons!

Clare:   ...STRAIGHT into the White Stars backside. That looks bad.. we're talking surgery needed for the bio-skin here Bob! .Good thinking by Sisko. The White Star better get it's Stalasha Gravimetric engine back on line soon, like now....ENGINES are back on line and....WAIT...The White Star is opening up a jump gate!!!

Bob:   The Defiant locks onto the White Star with a tractor beam and fires two Tri-cobalt devices into the newly formed Jump Gate...the explosion has disrupted the delicate Jump formation and it collapses with a BANG!

Clare:   There's a sudden burst of energy from the White Star's gravimetric engine and it breaks away from the tractor beam!!! It turns a full 180 degrees and storms towards the Defiant with all 3 twin Fusion Cannons blazing..........

Bob:   The impact of the White Star's weapons has taxed the shields once too pulse leads the way for the others onto the Defiant's bare hull sending bits of armor spiraling into the vacuum of space......Defiant responds by shearing off a wing of the White Star with a quantum torpedo...

Clare:   Reports coming in of heavy casualties on all sides Bob!!! The White Star flips out of control for a moment, it's firing up it's Neutron Cannon and the remaining Fusion weapons and concentrating on the Defiant's right side Warp engine...

Bob:   The Defiant's warp nacelle explodes, causing a chain-reaction across the rest of the ship.....a second quantum torpedo takes out another wing, but is it enou-NO!!!...The Defiant has gone... in a fiery ball of pure light........Viewers...there is a stunned silence on board the Utopia.....StarFleet's finest vessel gone to a unshielded newcomer......

Clare:   Down in a blaze of glory Bob!. Reports indicate that the main White Star crew are still with us. It just goes to prove, you don't mess with the bad boys and gals of Bab5..


'Nuff Said!


Defiant: 267

White Star: 276


Bob:   Ahem...let me just wipe the tears....intercepting a communication from Deep Space 9 to White Star..... "Hey, where can we get these?". Goodbye from me, Bob Panning, until next time...

Clare:   and 'bye from me, Clare Razer. Hope to see you soon.

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