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Martial Mayhem - Round Three!
[ Law ] [ Lui ] [ Taki ]
[ Felicia ] [ Terry ] [ Ryu ]
star star
Forest Law vs. Liu Kang vs. Taki
vs. Felicia vs. Terry Bogard vs. Ryu

This week's Fight Inspired By: Xian Terrel's (and Match Maker's ) martial art's tournament on the CBUB Message Board.


Welcome to the Khazan Olympics. It is the third of three rounds of elimination play. This week, great fighters of the Fight Game scene gather to determine who shall go to the finals. They are:

Forest Law - From the game Tekken. A strong contender in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, Forest is a lightning fast martial artist.

Liu Kang - From the game / motion picture Mortal Kombat. Lui Kang has found the heart and strength to save the earth from the menace of the Out World on a couple of occasions.

Taki - From the game Soul Edge. Taki has faced several mean, bladed foes in her quest to help keep the Soul Edge from falling into the wrong hands.

Felicia - From the game / motion picture Dark Stalkers. Felicia is a were cat who fights with and against the denizens of the underworld.

Terry Bogard - From the game / motion picture Fatal Fury. Terry is one bad SOB lone wolf, laying down the smack his way.

Ryu - From the game / motion picture Street Fighter. Champion street fighter, this wandering adventurer takes all comers and has time left over to trounce a major crime syndicate. (For more information on these fighters, please see the excellent sites we linked to below). This batch of fighters are just plain lethal, so get ready for some wild action in Round Three of the Martial Arts Olympic Tourney.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Pretty Fly for a Samurai


Callisto:   Due to technical difficulties...

Quinn:   ... Read: massive homework, projects and approaching Finals ...

Callisto:   ... technical difficulties whatever they may be, the commentary schedualed to be broadcast in this time slot has been preempted.

Quinn:   But we got many great comments sent in this week. Thanks all for writing.

Callisto:   Perhaps in the future, some person who was at the fight will write the commentary of what happened.

Quinn:   As always, if you are interested in writing the Fight Commentary for a previous fight, contact [email protected]. And now... on to the comments.


Favorite letter of the Week

Pikadition writes:


SilentWatcher writes:

OKAAAY! WHERE EVER YOU GUYS GOT THAT PICTURE OF FELICIA I DON'T WANNA KNOW! There now that I got that little bit out of my system I can get to commenting on the fight. Although I feel that Felicia should win because DarkStalkers is a vastly superior fighting game to StreetFighter I'm afraid that Ryu may have this in the bag all because of those @#%*in' fireballs. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I'VE BEEN DENIED VICTORY BY FIREBALLS! It's no joke I am offically part of the anti-fireballs in fighting games committe. I beleive that because Ryu uses fireballs he should go 'burn' and leave the real fighting to the queen, Felicia! CATS RULE!

Xian Terrel writes:

Yes!!!!! This is the round I've been waiting for since the Martial Arts Olympics began! Since none of these guys knows the other's fighting style enough to coordinate attacks, they probably won't try to team up. In other words, two on two on two.

Ryu VS. Liu Kang - The match these two have been waiting for. They've gone up against each other time after time in unofficial tournaments like mine and Match Maker's, and Ryu ALWAYS wins. But this time, Mr. Wandering fighter with no personality and one unwashed gi takes a Bicycle Kick into next week. An enraged Liu Kang cleans Ryu's clock once and for all. (Darn that felt good...)

Taki VS. Felicia - Catfight! Heh heh heh... I say Taki, mainly because Namco is one of my favorite game companies and Capcom is not.

Forest Law VS. Terry Bogard - "Return of the Flaming Dragon" VS. "Legend of the Hungry Wolf." This is going to be an awesome fight, as Terry's got the raw power, and Law has got the speed. But in the end, Terry goes down, attempting a Burn Knuckle only to eat a Backflipper in the chin.

So now, it comes down to this:

Taki VS. Liu Kang VS. Forest Law, or "The Underground Hunter" VS. "Mortal Kombat Ultimate Champion" VS. "Return of the Flaming Dragon"

I don't think Taki is agile enough to get either of these guys, so she's out first.

Law VS. Liu Kang - Both are Chinese. Both are based on Bruce Lee. Both yell in high pitched voices while fighting. Both are incredibly fast. Agghh, this is close, VERY close...But in the end, I just had to pick Liu. He deserves more respect than he gets.

On to Round 4!

Terry Bogard the Lone Wolf (formerly known as depressionblast87) writes:

You people dare vote for all of these other so called characters. Terry Bogard is the BEST!!! No contest. Terry has fought a god and the rest of these fighters have fought people. Terry will make b!+ch@s out of them all. Here's how the match is gonna go.

Terry will decide to fight Ryu. As I have suggested countless times before with the 'Ken Masters VS Terry' , this should be easy! Ken's fighting abilities are equal to Ryu's. All of Terry's moves will beat Ryu. Here is the comparison.

Hadouken = a measley Power Wave

Shinkuu Hadouken = another Power Wave

Hurricane Kick = Rising Tackle

Dragon Punch = Burn Knuckle.

This is only some of his moves. Ryu is gone for the taking.

Liu Kang and Forest Law. Liu has fought Shao Kahn and Sub(marine sandwich) Zero. Law has fought Ogre and True Ogre. Liu is gonna win easy.

Finally , the cat fight of the century!(And I do mean cat.) Taki is gonna slice and dice Felicia before she can say 'Meow'.

And now we have Terry (CROWD CHEERS), Taki (CROWD BOOS), and Liu (Crowd throws tomatoes). Taki will try to fight but the Lone Wolf won't attack her. Liu has more sense then that and he will kick her @$$! Terry and Liu.

Fireball = Burn Knuckle

Bicycle Kick = Crack Shot

Flying Kick = Rising Tackle

These are about all of his moves. And all of Terry's moves haven't been revealed yet , like the 'Senpuu Ken' (Hurricane Punch) and the almighty POWER GEYSER!

That is all.

XXUTAK, Lord of Werkon writes:

I voted for Ryu, but I don't have much to say as far this fight goes. I..just wanted to try and make amends for the heinous act I've ever committed. Way back when, in the Big Trouble in Little Khazan fight (Ryu and Ken vs. Scorpion and Sub-Zero), I... I voted for Scorpion and SB. I even went so far as to say I liked that gall stone of a game, Mortal Kombat, better than SF2. I didn't mean to hurt anybody..! *sob* I just had to get that off my chest.

HexxJo writes:

Liu Kang.... Forrest Law... get outta here! You're games aren't worthy. Shoo! Shoo! Felicia, you're cute, but you lack the skill and experience to pull it off. Taki, yu have speed, but you don't take physical punishment very well. Terry, Ryu, it comes down to the two of you. Ryu... you've had your glory, its time to share. Match to Terry.

The Saint writes:

YEESSSS! GOOO RYU! I just love smelling Ki-toasted martial wannabes in the morning!

Okay, fanboyism aside, let's get a break-down on the contestants:

Lui Kang: Campion of the MK tournament. Nice Fireballs, gruesome fatalaties. However, his latest game is the least popular. His fighting style is very limited, and lacks the versatility of Ryu or Terry, and is definately no match for Law. I got one word for this guy: LO-SER!

Felicia: she's really cute, which may actually stop the other guys from smacking her around. However, DS for the most part had a rather low AI, which means that she'll have big problems against the veterans as Terry and Law. That, and she's the only one who hasn't had a 3-D game. Law, for example, will merely sidestep her attack, then nail her for 6 of her nine lives. Poor kitty!

Taki's alsoi cool (Soul Blade kicks @$$!), and has great agility and skill, something which will definately aid her against the slower Ryu and Terry, not to mention a mastery of the third dimension. However, she seems to lack a ranged weapon, meaning that she'll have to get up close. That means that the fireball guys just have to use a cheap fireball/uppercut technique to keep her at bay.

Forrest Law: Same as Taki, but with a lot more moves and counterattacks. He's the fastest among them, and is very well acquainted with the third dimension, which means that sidestepping will be a breeze, something which may save him from being toasted by the nastier attacks of the other competitors later on. However, against Ryu and Terry, problems arise. Once agin, Terry and Ryu have the range advantage, and can probably keep him from doing too much damage.

Terry: Possibly on of the cheaper guys in this round in terms of moves. With two uppercut moves, good speed and great firepower, he's pretty much a good "turtling" character, which means that he can rely on his defense. He's fought Geese, Krauser, and several other bad-@$$ mothers, and if you count the animes, he's also beaten the God of War incarnate. However, he might be slightly inclined tomake a flashy power move time and again, which can leave him wide open. Also, unlike Law or Taki, he is not a true 3-D dimensional fighter, as his sidesteps differ in nature than it would in a real fight.

Ryu: My pick for winner. Although he lacks the 3D mastery that Law has and lacks the speed to finish the fight quickly, he more than makes up for it in power and surity. His fireballs and uppercuts make a great defense, and he's had a great track record to boost his title as the finest around. He has fought the ruthless Bison and the demonic Akuma, not to mention regularly winning against someone who can be considered his equal (his friend and rival Ken Masters), and let's not forget Gill, an incredibly powerful boss to say the least. That aside, if we count Terry's animes, then we should also consider Ryu's Marvel vs Capcom crossovers, we see that he has also faced the Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cyclops, War Machine, and a lot of other Marvel heroes, as well as beating Onslaught nad Apocalypse - a most incredible list indeed.

Which brings me to another point; who were the bosses in each fighter's case?

Terry: Geese Howard, Krauser, (Mars)

Law: Heihachi, Kazuya, the Devil, Ogre, and Unknown (Tekken Tag Tournament)

Taki: Cervantes, Nightmare, and Inferno.

Felicia: Pyron (I don't think she even beat him!)

Lui Kang: Shang Tsung, Goro, Shao Khan, and other lame-o's who got whooped because they had a predictable fighting style.

Ryu: Bison, Akuma, Gill, Urien, (Onslaught), (Apocalypse), (Thanos), (Doom?), blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda...

And as we know, NOTHING beats experience. So Ryu kicks everybody's @$$es and goes home(?) to... KICK SOME MORE @$$!

Sailor Xena writes:

Wow, talk about some top competetors in the feild of martial arts. Even with Liu Kang and Taki I'm going with Forest Law (his friends call him.......... Forest Law). All these people are good, but they're only mastered in one form. Forest, like his old man, has mastered several forms of Kung-Fu. His multiple technique's will confuse anyone who stands up to him. Terry will even have more than that against him because he only reches maximum strength if someone close to him is mortaly threatened; I doubt he'll be motivated enough to fight in a little tournement. Remember, when you fight the Law, the Law wins.

The Blue Alien writes:

Wow, what a match up. This is with out a doubt the fight of the millennium. Any one of these fighters could win with out it being a let down. Lets face it they are the best in there own games. So I guess it will break down like this:

Felicia: She is fast, agile, powerfull, and fights monsters for fun. She has a lot to offer and will put up a good fight but lacks the expereince of Lui Kang , Ryu, and Terry.

Terry: A real brawler, no holds bar type of guy who will do what it takes to win. He'll probably be able to take care of Felicia but will be to tired to go on. Perhaps if he had the help of his brothers he might have had a better chance.

Taki: A demon hunter that shows no mercy. She is as deadly as her looks. With the stealth of a ninja, and the power to destroy demons we are looking at a major contender. She is also the only one of the group with weapons which is a plus for her. But alas, after cutting up Terry with her sword, she shall feel the back nap in two as Forest Law hits her with a flying side kick.

That leave it to a fight between Ryu, Lui, and Forest.

Forest Law: His father Marshall Law was a great fighter and Forest moves exactly like him. He'll attack at Lui Kang first tying to focus on one enemy at a time but the Mortal Kobat Champion comes on stong so Law will bring Ryu to try to get help from him.

Ryu: The ultimate fighter. He lives to become a better fighter. He Fights a man who's power is driven by evil forces and win's every time. Ryu will not be fooled into helping Forest out. Recognising Law's form from Fei Long, Ryu will exchange a few hit and then lay the smack down with an air hurican kick. That leaves

Lui Kang: Mortal Kombat Champion. He has fought evil equal to that of Bison, with the earth at stake. He is the only real challenge for Ryu. The two of them will go at it for 15 min. or so until they decide to get serious. Lui Kang will come at Ryu with a bicycle kick but will meet the power of a shryu-ken. Not to be discouraged Lui will hit with his flying kick as Ryu is still landing from his upercut. On the offensive now Lui Kang starts to pulverise Ryu till he can bearly stand on his own. Lui Kang will go to finish of Ryu by turning in to a dragon. Lui Kang is hungry and wants a meal. Just as Lui Kang goes in for the finishing bite, SHINKU-HADOKEN. It's all over, Ryu is victorious, like there was any question of him losing, and walks a way towards the next fight.

JWDavis writes:

It's clear what will happen...Felicia will up walk up, wiggling and giggling, smile and say "Boys, why don't you escort Taki on out of here for lil' o me. I would be soooo grateful.."(at this point she wiggles and bounces just for emphasis) The guys all about fall over themselves to beat up on Taki, who, although a great fighter, is no match for a pack of hormonally unbalanced martial artists. The guys carry her out of the arena..leaving Felicia as the last one standing. "Nuff said.

Katrover writes:

GOOD GREIF!!! You forgot Tifa!! AGAIN!!

Cleo: Katrover no baka!! They are just in their choice of fighters!

Yeah, but.....this week is about video games, right? Final Fantasy VII is a video game!!

Cleo: It's more of an RPG, Katrover. Anyway, I think Felica will win. Her appearance will rend the others into shock and she can pick 'em off at her own leisure.

You spoony bards!! +shakes fist+ (Am I on a roll or what?)

Barima aka Kamaitachi-B writes:

This has been without a doubt,one of the CBUB's All Time Classics.When we discuss the best battles in the months and years to come,all will remeber the name of the Martial Arts Olympics and speak of it with admiration and adoration.

Now,the fight.

Liu Kang:poser,pure and simple.Some people reckon he is like unto a god.I reckon he's a girly-man with no skills to speak of.

Felicia:mmmmm.Bondage gear ;-).Actually,she'll go far in the fight.I gotta get hold of that anime though.

Terry:Another tough guy with some mileage.I don't see him winning,though.


...heheheheh.I like Forest.He's quick,talented but has the misfortune of the family penchant for ridiculous tracksuits.Fashion is always important at the CBUB.That's why Galactus was disrespected,even though I rooted for Unicron.

Taki:one of my favorite Soul Fighters.I love this woman.I voted for her in the end,cause I already know who our winner is...

Ryu:the man.The wanderer.The Shotokan.The video game fighter's fighter.The Winner.And that's my word,yo.

P.S.Ryu promised to sort me out with Chun Li if I voted for him but Taki was making herself more readily available.Pyjama boy gotta be faster if he's bribing :-)

Peace out!

The Heartburn Kid writes:

Much as I'd like to give the battle to Felicia (Mrrow!), I'd have to say Ryu. I mean, Ryu was the first of these guys. He's been wandering around the world, punking out the planet's best fighters, since before most of these guys were suckin' wind past their teeth. Not to mention, most of these guys crib the "Mysterious Warrior" crap from Ryu, and the real thing always beats the imitators.

The Void writes:

This was a tough one. A note before I give my analysis: why Taki and Felicia? I'd have chosen Kilik and maybe L. Raptor.

Terry: Never played Fatal Fury, so I've never heard of this guy. He sounds dumb though. One down, 5 to go.

Taki: She may be really fast, but she's outrun by Felicia and her total lack of range makes her an easy target for Hadoukens and fireballs. Two down, Four to go.

Forest Law: This guy is next, because he's just so cheap in Tekken 3. His infinite bicycle-kick juggle has no place here! >:^( Three down, Three to go.

Lui Kang: The MK veteran goes down next, due to his lack of moves. He has, in total, 10 moves. That's all. His fireball is outclassed by the Hadouken and in close combat he's outclassed by those who have a larger repetoire of and better moves than him. Four down, two to go.

Felicia/Ryu: The Dark Stalker and the Street Fighter face off in the final. After this lengthy battle Felicia will probably be tired due to her low endurance. The fight will fall in a battle-of-attrition type: both sides keeping their distance, while making quick snipes. Unofrtunately this exactly what Felicia doesn't want, due to her lack of range and low endurance. Before she can close to combo range, Ryu unloads with his ultra-eldrich blast from Marvel vs. Capcom, and the catwoman hits the floor.

Round to Ryu, even if he's the least original. :^)

Dougan writes:

I say... give it to the only one smart enough to bring a blade to a fist-fight!

Greebo71 writes:

Taki. Speed, skill and sharp edged weapons. She is gonna take it. I have done extensive research on all these fighters and Taki is the only one I can beat the game with. You might as well send the rest of those chumps home.

Scott G. writes:


I chose Terry Bogart not based upon his appearence in the Fatal Fury series of video games but rather based upon the version of this character depicted in the anime series. Having seen both OAV's and the motion picture, I reached made a few humble conclussions. First, Terry can fight well when drunk or sober. These other fighters, I suspect, are all pretty much worthless when heavily intoxicated. Even more importantly than that, Terry is a thinking fighter who adjusts his tactics and fighting style to match each new opponent. Indeed, half of his supernatural moves seem to have been developed during the heat of battle. Lastly, Terry has more raw firepower as depicted in the climax of the FF motion picture than the rest of these combatants combined. Although Liu Kang has a slight edge in speed and Ryu can take amazing amounts of punishment, Terry Bogart is still the man to beat.

BTW, congrats to whomever arranged this fight. I expect it to be close.

The Rock writes:

Come on. Felicia doesn't even belong in this group. She's nothing but a second-stringer from a game that's never been anything more than a Street Fighter 2 wannabe. She's going to get smacked down so hard that she'll never recover. Then she can go back to that awful animated version of Darkstalkers.

Liu Kang's decent, but Ryu or Terry "The Man" Bogard will wipe the floor with him.

Now in any other situation, Taki and Forest Law would rock, but they have to be in close to do their best work, while Ryu and Bogard can play the range game and keep them away with fireball techniques. So there goes those two, which leads us to the real fight.

Terry Bogard vs. Ryu.

Let's look at the facts.

Both of them are hardened fighting veterans, both of them are highly-skilled warriors that can fight in close or at a distance. They're fast, strong, and seemingly as evenly matched as two people can be.

So why will Terry win? Two words: Power Geyser.

This move is Terry's ultimate technique, capable of leveling most buildings, and he is perfectly willing to use it if he has to. Ryu has no adequate defense against this move (that SFIII parry crap won't cut it here), and if it hits him, he's history.

Sheng Long writes:

I trained Ryu to do little more than walk around kicking ass... THERE IS NO SUPERIOR!

DanTe writes:

This match, I think, is going to come down to the two earliest heroes - Terry Bogard and Ryu. Both have triuphed over great adversity, both were there since the beginning of the fighting game genre, and both have the mad skillz to take any later comers such as Liu Kang to town. With that a given, which of the two will emerge the victor?

On Ryu's side we have several advantages. Ryu has greater range, as Terry Bogard's only projectile attack only crosses half the screen; he has the Rage (TM - property WWWF Grudge Match), due to Dumb Americans (TM) always pronouncing his name wrong (it has ONE syllable ending in an extended 'u' sound, and the 'y' sounds like a short 'i,' dammit!); he also is the quintessential fighting game character.

On the other hand, Terry Bogard has more experience with multiple-person combat through his experience with the King of Fighters tournament, has far more devastating Super techniques, and can *GASP!* sidestep projectiles.

Unfortunately, Bogard has one big problem - if we're using the KoF Terry rather than the Fatal Fury Terry, he can only last one round. Only KoF Terry can use any really powerful techniques, and thus be a big threat; FF Terry is only equivalent to the original SF2 Ryu. Ryu, on the other hand, can be KOed and come right back with full health after a brief dizzy spell! This would, in an actual battle, give him the advantage of one extra life bar, and advantage over Bogard. Ryu wins (at least until Capcom vs. SNK comes out - then we'll see for sure on a level field).

Hysteria writes:

Well, I see that Ryu is currently winning. No surprise there, but I still had to go with Terry. Why, you ask? To be honest, I really don't know why, I just think Terry has a meaner attitude. But of course we need reasons to win, so here they are.

First, Terry has faced off against a greater number of fighters. Sure, Ryu has been in Street Fighter 2, The Game That Came Before Street Fighter 2 (TM), Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, and the infinite Marvel characters vs. Capcom characters, but ever since King of Fighters, Terry has had to go up against a greater number of people with only one bar of life! Ryu always gets to have the "best of three," but if Terry loses, it's over! You have to be tougher to take that kind of punishment.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Terry has some sneakier attacks than Ryu. His "Burning Geyser" attack literally comes up from underneath his opponents with no warning! Ryu lacks such subtlety with his Dragon Punches and Haidokens.

The way I see the match going, Felicia will fall first. She's just not focused enough to really want to win. Forrest Law will probably go down next. He's more intense, but also doesn't appear to be as driven as the rest. Taki will be the next to fall, if for no other reason than the fact that Liu Kang, Terry Bogard, and Ryu are survivors. They are veterans of these one-on-one contests, and they are the "official winners." After that, Terry and Ryu turn on Liu Kang, who goes down faster than a manic depressive on alcohol. After that, Ryu vs. Terry. Ryu realizes he's outmatched when he hits Terry, and in the middle of the punch, Terry looks at Ryu and smiles. After that, it's over, except for the obligatory tossing of the cap.

Rodlyman writes:

As much as I hate to vote for any character in a series that strings more adjectives in the TITLE than combos in the FIGHTS, I'll have to throw in my fireball for Ryu.


'Cause he's the Spiderman(tm) of the arcade circuit. Spidey's always the winner when you consider how well-rounded his abilities are: Spider-sense(tm), Spider-strength(tm), Marvel-dangling-plot-threads(tm), etc. etc.

Ryu's ALWAYS been purposefully programmed to be the most well rounded fighter.

Forest Law? Watchout for dem fire-balls.

Taki? Leap into the air like that again and meet the Dragonpunch.

Liu Kang? Your bicycle-kick(tm) is as unrealistic as Ryu's hurricane-kick(tm) but your games suck. Go free-agent, man.

Terry Bogard? I dated a girl named Terry once. Freaky.

Besides, everyone knows Heihachi will walk out of the shadows when only 2 or 3 fighters are left and kick their asses.

I'll give you five to one odds. Any takers?

LotP writes:

Personally, not knowing much about Taki and Law, I can't comment on them, but I get the gut inclination that they're non-factors.

Terry bogard just kinda has to go down on this one.... he's a botched clone and has to be the first to fall..... the votes almost concur this, 'cept that Taki has the least amount right now, making me less paranoid about my ignorance. This leaves three....Ryu, Kang, and Felecia. The main question here is who wins between Ryu and Kang.... I am able to assume as much that Felecia'd let these guys, whose power level is much more on par with the other's that hers, slug it out and take on the victor. Having developed not only a loss of interest, but also a strong distaste for the MK games in recent times, not to mention the fact that I'm a Capcom Fighter Fanboy, leaves me inclined to pick Ryu.

This is basically what the votes show as well: Kang a close 3rd, with these 2 slugging it out. As HUGE a Darkstalkers fan as I am[tho I never seen the manga/animes], and as much as I never really cared for Ryu, I gotta admit that tho I'd love to see Felecia walk away a victor, She'd hafta be pretty friggin exhausted at the end of the match. My vote went to her not because I think she could neccessarily take Ryu, but because A] I can always use her to greater effectiveness in the games, and B] in a contest like this, relying solely on fighting skill, Ryu's trademark hadoken seems out of place here, if not barred from play.

Starcloud of the Ewoks writes:

That's right Hexxjo: the GI Joe guy won!!!! He will continue to win!!!! If any of you out there think you can beat Snake Eyes, I got five words for ya: Bleed and die!!! Yub! Yub! (For this round though, Felicia all the way!!!)

Mr. Silverback writes:

Here's a write-in vote for Bruce Lee.


Quinn:   Nothing to see here

Callisto:   Move along, citizen...


[ Pic ] [ Pic ]

'Nuff Said!


Taki: 77

Terry: 90

Forest Law: 67

Felicia: 137

Liu Kang: 131

Ryu: 328

Mr. Silverback's write in for Bruce Lee: 1


Resources for this week's big fight came from: (Forest Law) Tekken Central (Lui Kang) Mortal Kombat Information Center (Taki) Soul Calibur (Felicia) Picture Shrines at Ironmouse (Terry Bogard) Den of the Hungry Wolf (Ryu) Chrom Anime Descriptor


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