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Iceman vs. The Human Torch



Two of Earth's bravest heroes are slated to do battle, while you, yes YOU to have a front row seat to all the action. Though they may have fought on the same side many times, our contestants this week have let youthful pride (and a chance to impress the many fine ladies of the omniverse) inspire them to battle for supremacy in our illustrious arena. In this hotly contested match up, one man will walk away the victor, while the other is left with the cold shoulder from the fans. Will the mercury rise or fall? You be the judge. But be warned, the amount of temperature-related puns related in this match may well exceed normal human tolerance levels.

The Human Torch: An accident with cosmic rays granted Johnny storm the superhuman abilty to generate powerful flames from his body. As a founding member of the Fantastic Four, Johnny has spent years turning up the heat on the evil doers of this world and beyond.

Iceman: Thanks to the amazing cryo abilities ingrained in his DNA, Bobby Drake was one of the first members of the X-Men. For years, he has battled to stop mutant malice cold in its tracks.

So join us now for a fight we just had to call...

Freezer Burn



Callisto:   Hello and Welcome to another exciting edition of the CBUB. We have quite a match for you today between the Firey Iceman and the Chilling Human Torch.

Harley Quinn:   Er... that's Firey Human Torch and Chilling Iceman, there Cally.

Callisto:   Look, I get a call this morning that the Tick and Batman can't be found to do the broadcast... I woke up 30 minutes ago... I'm doing the best I can here.

Harley Quinn:   Yah, well, same here... but I am a coffee achiever.

Callisto:   Don't call me Cally. Somebody get me some coffee.

Harley Quinn:   Hey, we're live here.

Callisto:   Hello and Welcome to another...

Harley Quinn:   We did that part.

Callisto:   Oh, shut up. Let's go straight to viewer comments.

Harley Quinn:   We don't have any. Technical malfunction.

Callisto:   OK, somebody gets killed when this is over.

Harley Quinn:   Hey, I'm on your side here. Don't look at me. Damnit would somebody get this angry bitch some coffee!! Di Di Mao! Mao!

Callisto:   ok... so, straight to the battle then.

Harley Quinn:   Looks that way.




Due to a terrible, terrible glitch, all the comments for this fight never were saved on the server. However, here is a great thread on the fight from the forum, which you will want to check out.

Official CBUB Thread... Iceman vs. THe Human Torch




Callisto:   And we're back! For this weeks event we have enclosed the Arena of Khazan Fighters Pit in the God Proof Bubble(tm). He he, wouldn't want the audience getting singed.

Harley Quinn:   And here comes our temperature Gods now... fully iced up and sliding into the ring on his Ice Sled thingy, it's the incredible Iceman! The crowd goes nuts!

Callisto:   And the flaming figure of Jhonny Storm, the Human Torch flies into arena! Half the women in the audience simultaneously wet themselves!

Harley Quinn:   For the love of god people, can we pleeeease get some coffee over here.

Callisto:   The two walk out center ring to shake hands. ... and now they're backing up to fighting distance.

Harley Quinn:   There's the bell! And...

Callisto:   ...and the er...

Harley Quinn:   ...but...

Callisto:   ...and...

Harley Quinn:   God my eyes!

Callisto:   Nova Blast!

Harley Quinn:   I can't see.

Callisto:   Wow. This fight is history, folks.

Harley Quinn:   Who won?

Callisto:   That was quick. Let's go back to the footage from the fight and play it in slow motion to see what happened.

Harley Quinn:   Ah, better. I can see. Oh, and coffee too. Thank you.

Callisto:   OK. Here, the fight begins... and we see that the Human Torch's flame is beginning to die down some...

Harley Quinn:   Right, Iceman is putting the freeze on him.

Callisto:   And, now the Human Torch is concentrating... but.. look! His legs are starting to ice over.

Harley Quinn:   Ah, see the Human Torch is trying to unfreeze himself by building up the temperature.

Callisto:   Yes, it looks like Jhonny is unfreezing... wait... no... he's starting to ice over badly now...

Harley Quinn:   But he keeps on increasing his temperature... ok, he's unfreezing...

Callisto:   ...freezing...

Harley Quinn:   ...unfreezing...

Callisto:   ...freezing...

Harley Quinn:   ...unfreezing...

Callisto:   Totally unfrozen. But his temperature has increased to such a magnitude...

Harley Quinn:   Blammo! Nova Blast.

Callisto:   Ouch... Bobby Drake, the Iceman, is demolished by the firey shockwave! And the Referee calls it... KO.




'Nuff Said!


IceMan: 1096

Human Torch: 1210




Harley Quinn:   Hmmmm... somehow I expected more from my fire and ice brawl.

Callisto:   what, like flying around, throwing iceballs and fireballs. That kinda stuff?

Harley Quinn:   yah, like that.

Callisto:   C'mon Quinn, at this point in their Super Hero career we're dealing with temperature Gods. It's not like when they were feisty young heros. But hey, just for you I'm gonna use my amazing Goddess Power and regress Bobby and Jhonny back to when they first gained their powers and make them fight again.

Harley Quinn:   Wow, really? Cool. Can you do that?

Callisto:   Sure, why not.

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