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Wonder Woman vs. Thor



Callisto:   Welcome to the Arena of Khazan and fight match number One Hundred and Sixty! We have an amazing spectacle for you today - The God of Thunder vs. The Immortal Champion of Amazons. Lets go down on the field now with our own Clown Girl who is with today's contestants.

Harley Quinn:   Thank you Callisto. I'm standing here with Thor who is ready for today's event. Now, Thor, you come from a pantheon of gods worshipped by bloodthirsty, raiding, pillaging Vikings. How do you think that plays into the event today?

Thor:   Verily my Nordic kinsmen doth have a rambunctios side to their past. But let us dwell instead on today. Today the mighty norsemen are a peaceful and advanced people. Hast thou seen our Nokia cellphones?

Harley Quinn:   So you feel that because the once glorious Vikings are now a bunch of marshmallow pansies in some way helps you out.

Thor:   Listen sister: we were lighting the coasts of Europe aflame when the petty, promiscuous greeks were discovering man-boy love. Our philosophy was that of war. Our mathematics developed for the sword and sail. This warrior spirit holds true! Yon Greeks caved to the Romans like the French in World War II. Tell me not about pansies lest I smite thee ignorance with my hammer. Verily.

Harley Quinn:   Right. Wonder Woman, would you have any reply to that?

Wonder Woman:   The Greek people were the philosophers and scientists of the ancient world. And militarily... Alexander the Great. 'Nuff Said. You think the stinking Vikings could have turned Egypt into a province? Thought not. So, they irritated the Saxons a little. Who cares? At best the Vikings were annoying... at worst they were leeches living off the toil of other nations.

Thor:   Say not these things Greecian fool! Your capricious, pandering, self absorbed dieties perfectly reflect the arrogant, empty headed mindset of the people who worship them!

Wonder Woman:   If it wasn't for the Scandinavian Welfare State your people would be living out of the garbage bins of Germany and Britan.

Thor:   Vie! Foul tounged harlot! What hast Greece done for Me lately? Exported olive oil and lived off the subsidies of the E.U. and U.S. since 1945!

Wonder Woman:   How dare you!

Thor:   Verily! And why doest thou dress in hot pants and red hooker boots like a New York whore? Truly thou be a disciple of the promiscuous Aphrodite!

Wonder Woman:   I'll shut that whale blubber eating hole of yours!

Thor:   Bring it on!

Harley Quinn:   Oh CRIPES! Wonder Woman throws a left... Thor blocks with his forearm, swings his hammer... Wondy jumps back avoiding the hit... Oh, man, this is gonna get nasty. I'm outta here.




WolfBrother writes:

I have to give this one to Thor, hands down. Wonder Woman has some great defenses, sure: the gauntlets, the lasso, the invisible jet. However, none of those defenses can match the offensive capabilities of Thor. He has 3 things going for him. 1, a belt that literally doubles his strength. 2, he has the biggest frikin hammer in the known universe: Mjolnir. Nothing can stop the Storm Hammer. 3, divine rank. Wonder Woman is a demi-goddess. Thor is a Greater God. I mean, when you really compare Wonder Woman to Thor, Wonder Woman has the strength and power of a wet house-cat. If all else fails, Thor still has the power to summon a killer storm and fry Wonder Woman like a crispy critter. You can stop wondering, but you can't stop a Storm.

Lemonhead writes:

Norse dieties in general beat out the Greek pantheon. Compare Odin, who tore out his own eye for wisdom, to Zeus, who turned into a bull and tried to rape Europa. No class, that's his problem. And while Wonder Woman may be the best Olympus has to offer, Thor is going to tear through her like Rosie O'Donnel through a box of Waffle Crisps.

D.Merzel writes:

Basically this is Norse vs Greek gods, both their powers are similar yet different 'baggage'.

We remember the greeks as

1) high cultured philosophers and scientists

2) Planaxes that were unwieldy against more flexible opponents, or in any terrain more complex than a flat plain.

3) their gods were often very petty (fail a sacrifice, get a 20 year trip home)

4) softened by a agean climate.

The norse were

1)A prosperous agran society with teutonic roots which actively butchered foreign scientists and philosophers

2)adopted a flexable battle plan

3)Gods were not quite as petty against mortals being concerned with stomping on giants.

4)Hardened by the far north.

The greeks were conquered by romans, the norse weren't.

Dr. J writes:

This is my first time commenting on a battle, even though I've been reading them for a long time.

I'm going with Wonder Woman. She's faster then Thor and almost as strong. But you might say "Oh, he beat Superman, so Diana doesn't have a chance in hell". That's where you're wrong.

Now, if you ask me, the only reason Thor won against Supes was because

1. Superman didn't have the fighting skills Thor did.

2. Mjolnir is magic.

However, WW has none of these weaknesses. She's at least as good as Thor in fighting ability, possibly better, and has no weakness to magic.

So, let's review. Wonder Woman is...

Faster than Thor

Almost as strong as Thor

Thor's equal or better in combat skills

Not weak to magic

The only thing Thor has on Wonder Woman is a slight incrace in strength, but it won't save him.

Knastymike writes:

Gimme a freakin' break, people. Let's look at their divine ranks, first off. Wonder Woman: demi-goddess. That means "not quite a real goddess". Thor: god. Not godling or demi-god or quasi-god or even my-great-uncle-knew-Uller. He's a god.

And he's not just any god. He's the Norse God of Thunder, Storms and Battle. He's the defender of Asgard. He will get to do what tons of comic fanboys have wanted to do since the golden age: spank Wonder Woman.

Opt202 writes:

Y'know, this one kind of got me going in circles.

First I remember that Wonder Woman is really strong and fast, and that she's made of clay imbued with godly magic. That's damn strong, really. And her costume looks GOOD.

Then I remember that Thor is... well, Thor. He's the god of lightning, dammit! I forget what exactly lightning does to magically imbued clay, but it probably isn't anything to laugh at.

And then some other part of my brain asks what the kids would look like.

AngelusJC writes:

Now personally, I woulda gone with Thor on this one, simply because he's not only a norse god, but has a big friggin hammer. However Diana has boobies and a skimpy outfit, and as far as Allakhazam history goes, boobies and skimpy outfits goes farther than muscles and weapons.

Valequez writes:

I say thee nay, WonderWoman!

Thor shall most surely smite thee into the next millenium.

Wonder Woman is just an instrument of the gods.

Thor is a god. In addition to that he is currently the top god in Asgard right now. And let's not forget that Thor has had centuries of combat experience.

I rest my case.

Bosda Di'Chi writes:

Wonder Woman has Hottie Power tm. As Hollywood teaches us, Hottie Power tm overcomes all.

Thor is just another swedish handyman with a tackhammer. Good for hanging pictures, or saying "Yumpin' Yimminy!" but that's it.

Besides, on TV, Wonder Woman was played by the scrumpcious Lynda Carter. EXTRA Hottie Power tm!

Wonder Woman in 4 rounds.

Kevin, Lord of Nonsense writes:

Kevin: Callisto, I'm here at Mount Olympus to see what the other Gods are saying about this battle. Hermes, who do you think.....whoa!

Hermes: What? Is there something wrong with my face? Or is it the sandals? Its the winged sandals, isn't it? I keep on telling that guy Zeus to get rid of em, but he just won't listen! He's nothing more than a big bully, what with the thunder and--

Kevin: Er..sorry, it's just that you look so much like Woody Allen.

Hermes: Jeeze, people always compare me to that puny little mortal. It's sickening! Just because I have big glasses and tend to complain a lot, people go around calling me "Woody." It's undignifying! I deserve more--

Kevin: I'm sorry Hermes, that's all the time we have. (Thank God)

Voice of God: DO NOT USE MY NAME IN VAIN!!!!

Kevin: Er....God, I was just thanking you! For inspiring me that boring conversation with Woody-- er, Hermes!

Voice of God: OH.....YOU'RE WELCOME!

Kevin: Jeeze, this is getting too crazy! Mount Olympus is no place for a mortal like me! I'll just vote for Wonder Woman, 'cuz she has the hots!

Weazelbeater writes:

You haye got to be kidding me..Wizard Magazine talked about this (many many issues ago,true...)in their top ten toughest heroes list,examining what would happen if so-and-so fought whoever else, and who would be left standing in the end. I remember the explanation between these two combatants as being basically that they are both incredibly tough warrior gods, each with vast amounts of battle experience. Buuut, give credit when it is due, because Ol' Goldilocks there has lifetimes more experience than Diana. This should be an unbelievable battle...with Thor requiring traction or something afterwards. But victorious, in the end. Besides, if Thor could whip Superman(which is fairly commonly accepted...I would think), could he not do in Diana as well? Ah well...should go Thor's way..I'm believing.

Son of Light writes:

Now this is a fight between Olympus power and Asgard power.

Now, Olympus Power is much stronger then Asgard. Asgard power is base on a really big tree called Yggdrasill. Olympus is a true plane of heaven.

The Olympians and their and their heros are much stronger more well known then the Asgard Gods.

The Olymians fight the Titans and The Giants and win. The Asgard will fight the Titans and they will loss.

Olymians are immortal, and have truely divine powers.

Asgard Gods are not immortal, although they can live very long. And they are going to be defeated a clown called Loki and a bunch of big ulgy titans.

Olympus will last forever.

Asgard and Yggdrasill will be burn in ashes by Loki when he becomes the God of wild fire.

So we see, The Power of Asgard and Yggdrasill is lousy when compared with that of Olympus.

Now to the champion themself.

Wonderwoman is the 2ed most powerfull being next to superman in the DC universe.

Thor is just another hero in Marvel. Yeah, he is a god, but how many Level characters are there in Marvel.

Thor has a weapon, it's a hammer, but it is not sharp.

Now, Diana is weak against sharp weapons and bullets, but to blunt weapons, her invulnerability is next to Superman.

Diana, unlike superman, is protected against magic by the Olymians. And Thor's thunder or what other rubbish magic he can fire is useless against Diana as Asgard power is junk when compared to Olymians force.

Diana is trained to fight, she is godly martial artist. Thor just fight with his natural divine powers.

Even on raw power and brute strength, Diana is much stronger the Thor. Remember she is just under Superman. And the reason for the power of Kyps are solor energy. And even divine power can't be compare with the nature power of the sun.

Thor's power was inborn.

Diana had to train and fight powerful enemies to become strong. Now, you need more willpower and more inside strength to do that.

Diana is a classic hreoine, one of the few Strong and Powerfull Heroine that actucally has a decent story and is not in the shadow of a stonger male superhero.

Thor is just another strong superhero that we are having too much off.

We need more strong girls and women in the superhero job.

Diana is a woman. Thor is a guy. Diana is a graceful beauty. Thor is a ulgy walking loaf of muscle. Diana has quality, well-train, fit, strong and lean muscle. Thor has big and bulky muscle, a lot more muscle then Diana, but the girl's muscle is a lot stronger pound for pound

I say that the stupid hammer of Thor will just break into pieces the moment it land on Diana's strong body. A stone hammer is just not as strong as a trained girl's body.

And Diana will then beat Thor in a test of raw strength and willpower. She will be exhausted at the end of the fight, but she will win.

Marvelxf4 writes:

Let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of both these characters. But I am very surprised that currently WonderWomen is in the lead. Though she is extremely powerful she just isn't on the same power level as Thor. Honestly I don't even think this is going to be close. Let's look at a comparison

Strenth-Wonderwoman is extremely strong but Thor is stronger(but not by much)

Fighting skill-Once again about the same seeing as Thor has been learing the craft of war since the beginning of time, and Wonder Woman has also been trained from birth the art of combat. So I say it's a tie.

Team-Wonder woman is founder and full time JLAer, Thor is founder and full time Avenger. So tie.

Godly Hood-Wonder Woman is powered by the Greek Gods, Thor IS a norse GOD. When Wonder Woman died she became the goddess of truth, When Thor's father died Thor became KING of the Gods.

Weapons-Thir is where Thor gets the major advantage. Wonder Womans two major weapons are her lasso and braclets(she doesn't have her taira anymore, remeber) Now the lasso would be good offense weapon if she can get Thor tangled in it he might reveal his weakness that he has to hold on to the hammer. Her braclets will be good at blocking Thors physical blows. Unfortunatly both of these conduct electricity. Which brings us to why Thor will win his hammers blow might be able to be blocked but as seen in Marvel vs. DC three bolts of lightning were enough to take out Wonder Woman (Which proved that her lasso conducts electricty) Plus if you read JLA recently when the team went up against a deranged Dr. Polaris we found out that wonder woman had a low tolerance to electric shocks.

Speed: Wonder Woman's only main advantage is her super speed. While Thor can fly fast he ain't that fast. Of course Even super speed has a hard time dodgeing lightning.

so in the end I say 5 to 1 odds in Thors favor. So until Matt Mardock becomes an art critic, Make mine Marvel.

The Great Gumbo writes:

Thor-Strongest thing he ever did that I know of was to destroy a asteroid the size of a planet with one hit.

WW-Strongest thing she ever did was to move 1/3 of the moon.

Strength advantage definately goes to Thor.

Thor-In "Whom The Gods Destroy" was able to fly across one end of the universe to the other in little over one minute

WW-Fastest she's gone is somewhere under lightspeed


Thor & WW both have super-reflexes I'm just not sure at what level.

Warrior Skill-Thor is skilled; but tends to brawl, WW uses her skill somewhat.


Thor-Can do just about anything with his hammer(force-fields, teleport through space or dimensions, open up holes to dimensions, cut people off from their energy source and trap them in a grain of sand, energy blasts, control molecules, absorb and re-direct energy)

WW-Has an unbreakable lasso that forces you to tell the Truth

Variety of power-Thor

Who hits harder? Thor is stronger than WW and he wields a hammer. No question about it, Thor's hits are going to affect WW way more than WW's will Thor.

Thor hits harder and uses a hammer, his travelling speed lives WW in his dust. Has far more variety in the power-department.

The only thing WW has for her advantage is skill, maybe reflexes, and thats just because Thor tends to brawl more than actually uses his untold thousands of years of warrior experience.

Thor's chances of losing this fight are slim.

Paul Soth writes:

Damn... this one's going to be close. We got two fighters who are on more or less equal terms with power to spare, so the big thing here is experance, something Thor has in spades. So after a long, hard, planet-cracking brawl, Thor has it...

That is if he hold on to the hammer. Now this is where things get intresting since it is an *established fact* that Wonder Woman can indeed lift the hammer. Now if she can get Thor to let go of it, she can use her speed advantage over Thor and grab the hammer before he does... we got the Amazon of Thunder showing Thor the meaning of ass-beat right then and there.

But Thor ain't going to let that happen. He's been around for too long, and after all the reboots, tooled orgins, bad writers, costume changes, and whatnot over the past ten or so years... he is not going to even allow himself to go through more crap like that by letting the hammer fall out of his sight. Thor after an incredable fight.

Dark Queen writes:

What a tough decision. Though my ancestory leads back to Norway and vikings I am going to have to vote for Wonder Woman. Why you ask?

Well, when I saw Thor's picture with the Viking hat and such I immediatly thought of the Minnesota Vikings (A pro football team for those who don't watch sports).

Seriously, I did.

And as we know about this bumbling group of players, then start out good and then fizzlie in the playoffs or totally bomb out when they get to the Superbowl. After thinking about that I couldn't bring myself to look at the picture, let alone the little button for Thor. Wonder Woman gets the vote.

MonitorLizard writes:

Thor has a flying hammer. Wonder woman has a rope. So it looks like Thor's got a better chance at first.

However, Wonder Woman is "faster than Mercury." Thor is a muscular male who has obviously bulked for endurance, not necessarily speed. So as soon as he throws that hammer, Wonder Woman will be inside its arc, using her rope like a garrote, and swinging him around as a body shield between herself and that returning hammer.

If that doesn't work? Well, this is a flying hammer and a magical lariat. I see Wonder Woman dodging the hammer at incredible speed. She lassos the hammer and follows it on its return to Thor. All she has to do is turn that momentum into a kick or a punch when Thor grabs for that hammer, and he's KOd by his strength plus hers plus his own hammer's momentum.

In martial arts, fast girls have an advantage over slow guys, and fast fat guys rule all. There are no fast fat guys here. Wonder Woman will whip the whiny warrior.

Will writes:

Ah, now this is more like it. A true, classic, comic book battle. This is what the CBUB is all about.

There are so many factors to consider here, from the relative powers and skills of the contestants to the Grudge Match standbys of Babe Factor (which obviously goes to Wonder Woman) and Mentos Level Coolness (rather tougher to call). However, there are undoubtedly a dozen posts already in place featuring these factors and analyses. Instead, consider this.

Wonder Woman has been around for about fifty years. In that time she has not changed her name, her costume, or her standard equipment. Thor, on the other hand, while remaining consistent in his weaponry, has in the last forty years had at least one change of secret identity, a drastic image shift (read: a shave), changed from turning into Thor by the power of Mjolnir to being Thor trapped in human form, and finally has died at least once (Onslaught). Clearly Wonder Woman found the right formula long ago and has stuck with it, while Thor just can�t settle down. Wonder Woman has more staying power, and will outlast Blonde Boy.

A few points that will probably be made by others, but should be reiterated.

1) Wonder Woman has actually been Thor, albeit briefly. She knows his powers rather better than he knows hers.

2) Wonder Woman is a master (mistress?) of strategy. Thor is about as subtle as the bombing of Dresden.

3) Thor has Mjolnir, but for a fight like this Wonder Woman will probably be in her full set of battle armour complete with impenetrable shield and sword that can cut through anything. Mjolnir was forged - badly - by Swart-Elves in a deal with the God of Mischief. Diana�s equipment was made by Hephaestus, a full-on high-level God, in the fires of a volcano tended by Cyclopes.

4) If Thor lets go of Mjolnir for more than sixty seconds he reverts back to human form. He must have the most unfulfilling sex life in the Marvel Universe. Diana, admittedly, is a very long-term singleton, but at least she has her hands free.

5) Wonder Woman is on a team with Batman, the ultimate obsessive planner. She has undoubtedly been briefed in contingency plans for single combat with rampaging Thunder Gods.

6) Finally, as abovementioned, Thor�s powers come and go with his hammer. Diana knows this. She has an unbreakable lasso that compels obedience. She doesn�t need anything else. The fight will go something like:


�Okay, big boy, drop the hammer and turn round slowly.�


�Now take a nap.�

Oh yeah, and those Lords of Hell wouldn�t have stood a chance against the Crow. Draven came back from the dead as a Mime, for crying out loud. He IS the Ultimate Source of Evil.

BRAXXUS writes:

So far about 900 people think Wonder Woman would beat Thor...must be some good stuff they've been smoking. WW is a Justice Leage second stringer plain and simple and Thor is overall the most powerful guy that's ever been an Avengers member. WW has a little yellow lasso and bracelets made of silver that she uses to deflect bullets, meaning that bullets can probably hurt her so all Thor'd have to do is grab a 10 gauge shotgun and that'd be about it. WW's running speed, agility, and reflexes are probably on par with Thor's but she has a small fraction of his strength, Thor has moved entire islands before, a fraction of his endurance, and nowhere near the durability he has. Thor wouldn't even have to use that hammer to take WW down. If she wants to keep those beautiful looks of hers, she best avoid pissing off ol' Thunderlips.

Zonia writes:

Lets' gave a brief shake down of the fighters

Wonder Woman

Strength: Next to superman. And the only reason why she is below superman is because of todays' male-dominated society. She has a much more reasonable power source and she actucally do trainings to get her powers. She is much stronger than the likes of Hercules.

Speed: Near superman level.

Agility: Better than superman. She is female, and she has been through many combat training.

Endurance:: She is a woman, and a wonderful one. A semi-goddess. I bet she could stand much more pain and damage than the likes of superman and the Hulk and whatsoever. And girls' strength always last longer the men's. Wonderwoman can take straining and exhaustion enough to kill a thousand Thor. Remember, she did went through many extremely intensive, suicidal training and survived them, becomeing stronger each time.

Body: A very strong body, one of the strongest in the universe and is able to break the hammer of Thor just by letting Thor use the hammer to hit her with the hammer and her strong body will shatter the lousy Magic Hammer, leaving Thor tatally defendless.

Looks: Beautiful and athletic. Long and shapely legs, slender and slim arms. A sexy yet fit figure. The perfect combination of grace and power.

Weapons: She has the Golden Lasso of Truth. Not as damaging as Thor's hammer. This is not she most important power.

Divine BG: Demi-Goddess , near full Olympian Level.


Strength: With his hammer, maybe 0.1% of wonder woman's. Without the stupid piece of stone, he is just an overmuscled idiot with bulky quanitfy muscles that are just totally outclassed by Diana's slim, lean quality shapely muscles. Training beats steroids anytime!

Speed: Totally outclasses, never was very fast.

Agility: A 3 yrs old kid could beat him in this.

Endurance: Yeah right.

Body: That of a unimmortal God. strong yes, but far from Wonder Woman Level.

Looks: A musclefreak. Bulk, and size without any grace.

Weapons: Mjollnir, a much more powerful weapond. But Thor is just too reliant on it.

Divine BG: Full God, son of Odin. So what? Asgard losers are nothing compared to Olympians.

Results: Diana will beat the crap out of Thor.

Wonder woman can beat a guy who will die when some mischievous god set fire to a tree anytime.

THE BEAST 666 writes:

I'm not a big fan of either one o' these characters but anybody that thinks that a second string supporting character like Wonder Woman could beat somebody like Thor has gotta be some kinda nut. Thor is a guy that could go toe to toe with Superman, has actually beaten him in a crossover battle before, and was voted the winner against Superman in a fight on this very site. So if Thor can defeat DC's flagship character, then Wonder Woman doesn't have a prayer. I'm gonna break this down. Do a little tale of the tape if you will using Marvel's power ratings since they're the only reliable ones out there:


Height: 6'6''

Weight: 640lbs

Intelligence: Above Normal

Strength: Incalculable

Speed: Superhuman

Flight Speed: Escape Velocity

Stamina: Godlike

Durability: Metahuman

Agility: Superhuman

Reflexes: Superhuman

Fighting Ability: Athlete Level4(Extensive hand to hand combat training)

Wonder Woman

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 135lbs

Intelligence: Above Normal

Strength: Superhuman Class 75

Speed: Superhuman

Flight Speed: Subsonic

Stamina: Superhuman

Durability: Superhuman

Agility: Superhuman

Reflexes: Superhuman

Fighting Ability: Athlete Level4

Thor is capable of lifting well over 100 tons, now most people think this means he can lift only like around 150 tons or so and while he can lift over 100 tons, Marvel never actually says just how much he can lift. The guy has moved entire islands before now this means he is capable of lifting wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond the 100 ton level. Wonder Woman at the very most could lift maybe 70-75 tons now this is a mere fraction, very mere fraction, of Thor's strength so Thor has the strength advantage definitely. Both of them are roughly equal in terms of running speed, around 100 miles an hour, Thor's stamina is at the Godlike level meaning that his body produces so little fatigue toxins that he is capable of performing at peak performance for almost indefinitely. Wonder Woman's is at the Superhuman level meaning she can go at top performance for approximately 24 hours before she gets tired so once again Advantage Thunder God. Thor's resistance to injury is at the Metahuman level meaning he's virtually invulnerable to conventional injury meaning he's resistant to bullets, acid, fire, and penetration wounds from almost every type of metal, other than Uru or Adamantium. Wonder Woman is at the Superhuman level that means she's pretty resistant to injury but large and powerful enough bullets could cause her injury, which is one reason why she uses those bracelets to deflect bullets because they must cause some kind of irritation or injury so I doubt she could take very many shots from Thor or his hammer. Agility and Reflexes are roughly on the same level as are their fighting skills. So just look at this logically people, Thor is a battle hardened fighter and if push came to shove he would take a life if he had to. I don't think Wonder Woman has that in her and even hardcore WW fans would have to at least consider that. If Thor were merciful, he'd hold back quite a bit and just wear Wonder Woman down since she'd get tired long before he would or he could end the fight quickly with a few good powerful shots either using his fists or the hammer. Speakin' o' which, Thor's hammer can fire bolts of energy capable of obliterating entire mountains, Wonder Woman carries a golden lasso....ok..a rope versus a portable nuclear weapon. Do the math people, Thor has this fight in two minutes flat if he wants.

KC writes:

Rope vs. Hammer


Y'know, this applies to my boyfriends, too.




Callisto:   Wonder Woman jumped back! She barely avoided that hammer swing! Landing on the balls of her feet... as the hammer ends it's arc, she presses off again... using her insanely powerful leg muscles to spring forward like an angry tiger right at Thor!

Harley Quinn:   Oh, this bitch is mad, ey Cally? I can't remember when I've seen Wondy with such fury in her eyes!

Callisto:   Wonder Woman hits Thor in a flying tackle like a ton of bricks, itching to get her hands on the golden haired norseman!

Harley Quinn:   The two go down together! Thor hits the Arena sand flat on his back, Wonder Woman on top and astride in the female dominant position...

Callisto:   As it should be, of course.

Harley Quinn:   But no! Fast as lightning the powerful male thunder god whips one powerful arm around her thin, barbie-like waist and rolls her over! Positions reversed!

Callisto:   My, it's getting a bit warm in here.

Harley Quinn:   Thor lifts his hammer high! This could be it!

Thor:   Thou needest a taming, wildcat!

Harley Quinn:   But no! Wonder Woman kicks her long red booted legs up and wraps them around Thor's muscular neck! With a powerful heave she jerks the Thunder God off her and rolls back on top!

Callisto:   Wonder Woman wastes no time pinning Thors arms to the ground, and lays her legs out, ankle to ankle, pinning his legs as well!

Harley Quinn:   It's a precarious position! Neither one has limbs free to strike at the other. You can see the incredible tension in their faces as Thor fights to get release and Wonder Woman bears down to keep him still.

Callisto:   I think Thor has the strength edge here. In a battle of raw strength I believe Wonder Woman will have to give in the end...

Harley Quinn:   But what's this!? Obeying her telepathic commands, the Golden Lasso of Truth strikes like a cobra! Whipping around Thor's pinned arms!

Callisto:   Besides making people tell the truth, the Lasso is also unbreakable! Could be a major advantage for Wonder Woman, here...

Wonder Woman:   Now, golden haired cretin, you will speak the truth from your insulting mouth!

Thor:   Aye! Speak the truth I shall. Verily woman, thou breast size is huge! I wasn't going to speak it, but yon lasso just squeezed the truth right out of me!

Harley Quinn:   Thor throws all his might into shucking Wonder Woman... he succeeds!

Callisto:   Wondy is thrown clear of the Thunder God, does a flip in mid air and lands on her feet...

Harley Quinn:   But Thor is up now, too. His arms are a bit tied up, but he still manages to throw his hammer!

Callisto:   Wonder Woman dodges the flying hammer and launches an assault again!

Harley Quinn:   Using less fury and more tactics this time, Wondy and Goldilocks go sparring toe to toe!

Callisto:   Both are incredible martial masters, but the raging Amazon seems to have the edge here with Thor's arms hampered by the Golden Lasso of Truth.

Harley Quinn:   But wait! What's this? The magic hammer of Thor is speeding back on the return arc! Wonder Woman doesn't seem to see it...

Callisto:   Yes, and it's on a collision course with her turned back! This is gonna be a spine cracker!

Thor:   A worthy foe you may be, Grecian beauty, but prevail thou shall not!

Callisto:   Wait! Spinning like a mongoose around a cobra, Wondy sidestepps and whirls with a flourish! Avoiding the hammer she lays both hands on the handle in mid air!

Harley Quinn:   With perfect timing and applied strength, she directs it just enough to send it crashing into the Thunder God and lets go!

Callisto:   Ouch! that's gotta hurt! Thor hits the sand yet again.

Harley Quinn:   Wondy wastes no time finishing with a classic rodeo hog tie using the Golden Lasso.




'Nuff Said!


Wonder Woman: 1768

Thor: 1745




Callisto:   We got the ref calling the ten count on this pin!

Harley Quinn:   Looks like that's a wrap for this fight. Wonder Woman placed one red booted foot on the stomach of her conquest.

Wonder Woman:   Now you will tell me what I want to know.

Thor:   Aye! perhaps over coffee?

Wonder Woman:   Hmph! .... maybe.

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