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Bounty on a Bat

En Garde!


A Long, Long time ago in a bleak, urban mega-city far, far away...

Joker: Failed.

Riddler: Failed.

Two-Face: Failed.

Scarecrow: Failed.

Enough is enough. The Crime lords of Gotham are done clowning around with the two-bit psychos from Arkham Asylum.

This is war, chum... and this time they've hired the single most fearsome professional in the galaxy to end the long reign of the Dark Knight.

Both will know pain, but only one will walk away in a fight we like to call...

Shadows and Blasters

This weeks fight suggested by Nick Zube


PAT: LIVE from the dark streets of Gotham, we have an amazing face off for you today... the Batman vs. Boba Fett. Hello, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY: And I'm Jay Peoples. There's a full moon shining over this city tonight, but the light adds no warmth to the twisted metal and black, blasted streets...

PAT: Waxing poetic, Jay? And there's the Batman! Standing, back to the moon atop a skyscraper. He is viewing the city arou... oops he disappeared.

JAY: And we have Boba Fett in the area now, Pat. He's doing a lockdown on his weapon systems... checking his gear out... very calm, very professional.

PAT: Well, while we have a moment, let's see what the folks at home said...


Nick Zube writes:

First off, thanks for choosing my idea.

Overall, this promises to be a really juicy fight, IMHO. Fett's got the toys, but Batty has the moves. Plus, Gotham City is Batman's home turf. Even with his modern detection equipment, Fett may not be able to see Batman until it's too late.

However, Boba Fett is unlike any of Batman's ordinary nemeses, with the possible exception of Ra's Al Ghul. He has full command of his brain. He's calm, cool, and professional. And this is business for him, not some sort of vendetta.

Overall, I gotta say on this one that, while I cast my vote for the Bat--he's a bona fide American hero, rather than a cult figure--this one is really too close to call. A man in tights versus a guy who was defeated by a gag from the Three Stooges...Even I'm not calling this one...

Poison Ivy writes:

Well, what can I say.. Who the hell is Boba Fett? As much as I hate to say it....Batman. ::shudders:: It's gotta be Batman

Mandy writes:

I gotta go with Boba Fett. He has faced far more deadly opponents. He has a lot more weapons and he had to face Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, give the guy a break.

HARLEYQUlN writes:

As much as I detest the dumb lug....Kick his tooshy Batsy! I mean..come on! Boba can't even dress! Where did he get that costume? The Salvation Army/Dumpster?

Besides, If Mistah J. can't beat the Bat, then the Tin Man ain't gonna do it!

Bryan Williams writes:

Batman just rules!

Sailor Callisto writes:

BOBA FETT ALL THE WAY! Maybe Han Solo could beat Boba Fett when he was blind, but c'mon here! BATMAN! He's just some guy in vinyl, and Boba Fett has worked for the lord of all crime lords....Jabba the Hutt. Batman works for Gotham. Yay. And besides, Star Wars is better than Batman any ways!

Mark Baker writes:

Boba Fett ?, Boba Fett!??, BOBA FETT!!???. Oh come, Batman can give Superman a run for his money, this small change bounty hunter with the raspy voice is just a girly man, there is no doubt.

Sluggo writes:

No offense, Batman, but you don't have a chance against Boba Fett. Why? you ask. Simple. You may be very rich (in fact, you are) but Boba Fett has the wealth of the Empire supporting him! So, for all the gadgets you can buy, Mr. Wayne, Boba can buy a multitude of defenses.

And offense? Do you even _have_ a blaster?


Batman cannot be taken on his own turf. If you get him out of his element, say on Tatooine, you might have a chance to take him by surprise but in Gotham City he reigns supreme.

In the comics, he's taken out the Predator. He's even taken out Superman. Boba Fett doesn't pose much of a problem. How did he get such a reputation, anyway? The only reason he got Han Solo was because Vader served him up in a neat package.

Monkey Quinn writes:

Like it's even an option! Batman rules! Who cares about some little faggot bounty hunter from Star Wars???

E. McHam writes:

Comments: Gotta go with Bats on this one...he's been around WAY longer than Boba Fett. Plus, when push comes to shove (as a blind Han Solo once did), Boba shows his true color: a clumsy oaf that gets eaten by a hole with teeth. He couldn't even shoot that whining brat, Luke Skywalker.

Bats will take him down.

The Bunyip writes:

Ooo, tough call. - both are incredible bad-asses. I finally had to choose Batman because Boba was beaten by Mark Hamill (as Luke Skywalker) but Batman has trounced Mark Hamill (as the voice of the Joker in The Animated series) many times.

You gotta admit, the guy knows his Mark Hamill

M Tar writes:

Who is Batman? He is some rich guy with a sad past that works out buys toys and beats up on street punks. Who is Boba Fett? Dudes. The man is a professional killer. He works deals. He got Han Solo. He'd find a way to get the Bat.

Sauron writes:

Batman has fought the Predator. Batman has fought Aliens. He's even fought Dracula, for crying out loud! Boba Fett couldn't even catch Han Solo without bringing in Darth Vader and about a thousand stormtroopers. Unless Boba gets some serious help, he doesn't stand a chance!


JAY: Well, some mixed opinions out there. Pat, I notice Boba Fett is just walking straight into this situation without setting up subtle traps. Any comments?

PAT: Jay, I think you gotta see this from Boba Fett's angle. He's on some backwater planet hunting for a guy who runs around in long-johns. He probably figures its an easy mark.

JAY: And Boba is on the move. We are switching into Infra-Red SportsBox Mode(TM) to follow the action.

PAT: Boba undoubtedly has the superior detection capabilities in his helmet tu... WAIT!...

JAY: The Bat has exploded out of a manhole directly as Fett walked over...

PAT: Fett is rolling... Blaster out... we have shots fired, Jay...

JAY: Fett is lighting up the street with fire but I do not see Bat...

PAT: Fett is up and... he is sweeping the area with his scanner...

JAY: Fett Ducks a Batarang, folks.. and... and the Batman uses the distraction to leap into him from above!

PAT: Jay, Batman is obviously trying to see if he has the upper hand in close combat...

JAY: Fett is no slouch in the martial arts Department... plus he's hot that Armour on...

PAT: Big action here, folks. Now let's get an up close view with our own SideLine Commentator Frank Williams...

Batman?? I thought this was a CONTEST! Batman against Boba Fett is like...Joxer against Callisto. Batman will be lucky if he walks away with just a limb or two missing. No contest, baby. Back to you.

PAT: Thanks Frank. What do you have now, Jay?

JAY: Boba's style of fighting has stalled the Bat... probably due to it's unfamiliar nature...

PAT: I think that's the point 'cause Fett has put a couple of paces between 'em and he's drawing heat!!!

JAY: Mini-blaster off the hip!! The Bat is rolling...

PAT: The Bat has flipped out a shurikin... Perfect shot!!! Fett's blaster is disab...

JAY: Fett presses the advantage... firing wrist rockets...

PAT: But the Bat has fired a swing line... he's clearing the area...

JAY: Fett is reaching on his back... he's pulling out... er... Pat, that's one big gun he's got, isn't it?

PAT: Batman releases the line... It's a flying, drop kick at Fett...

JAY: Fett is firing!... Fett is Blasting the Bat...

PAT: I can't see!! I can' see! The Sportsbox IR viewers are blinded!!! What... what...


'Nuff Said!


Boba Fett: 96

Batman: 116


That's a wrap! Looks like Batman is going to need a new cape, Jay. That one's got a couple of holes in it.

Yep, and when Fett wakes up from that kick in the teeth, he will think twice before underestimating the Batman, next time.

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