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The Hulk vs. Doomsday vs. Juggernaut


Live from the Arena of Khazan... the Ultra-Heavyweight World Championship Title match.

The Hulk: The greenskin goliath, powered by gamma radiation and god given temper. The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets... and the Hulk's got a real mad on today.

Doomsday: The bio-engineered alien agent of armeggedon. This bad-boy was just getting warmed up when Killed Superman, the other contenders better watch it.

Juggernaut: Unstoppable engine of destruction. The mystic gem of Cyttorak and raw hatred fuels this living embodiment of Rampage... once he is moving, nothing can stop the Juggernaut.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...


This fight has been a loooong time in coming. Suggested by many, including Endo, the Latverian Ambassador, All Mighty Council, Cobra69k and Slaanesh.


PAT:   I can't believe she wouldn't let us hold the match in Khazan.

JAY:   Pat, take a good look at the contestants and tell me the Arena would have been intact at the end. Callisto was smart.. oh hey, we're on!

PAT:   Live from a small, uninhabited planet in deep space, we have an amazing match for you today! Hello, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. From our observation post in high orbit, we will watch as The Hulk, Juggernaut and Doomsday vie for the Ultra-Heavyweight Title.

PAT:   Yes indeed. Just a few quick specs on the battleground: the planet is a mineral rich but lifeless rock sporting a barely breathable atmosphere due to a shake and bake terraform / mining operation some decades ago.

JAY:   Also, the planet is unstable, and volcanic... but hey, so are the contestants. Now lets see what the viewers had to say...


Favorite letter of the Week

By-Tor writes:

Well, everyone wants to justify Doomsday winning the match by arguing that Superman defeated Hulk in the DC .vs. Marvel Contest and Doomsday fought Superman to a draw (they both died), therefore Doomsday would beat the Hulk. Well, the Hulk/Superman deal was all a popularity contest anyway. I'm a bigger Superman fan than I am a Hulk fan, so I'm being objective about this. I just look at it this way, the Juggernaut is a non-factor. I can see both Doomsday and the Hulk taking care of Juggy rather easily. Doomsday's claim to fame is fighting the 90's Superman, a much less powerful figure than let's say the 70's Superman. Therefore, Doomsday's power rating isn't nearly as high as everyone wants to make it. The Hulk has a built-in power-up mode. The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. Therefore making him potentially the physically strongest being in any universe. Therefore, the Hulk wins.

Noel Schornhorst writes:

Doomsday. No contest. Doomsday took down the Justice League (albeit not the current one) and Superman. Superman beat Doomy using a variety of attacks. All Hulkie and Juggy can do is hit (albeit hard). Doomsday would adapt to anything that could kill him and would come back to kill the others. He's killed PLANETS as well as a slew of Green Lanterns. Doomsday may take a while, but to quote him, RAAARGH! I think he said it all right there, folks. G'night everybody.

LrdChaos writes:

Picking a winner was not easy... I mean, look at the contenders... The Hulk would have been a shoe-in once, but that was a few years back when he was just a mindless mass of muscle and tude.... not the same crusher now... Doomsday? Doomsday crushed sups, you say... yea, but sups also beat him that time, showing that he doesn't have the staying power to handle it.....Jugs, on the other hand, has never.. I mean NEVER been beaten by physical force. there is no limit to the damage he can take and keep coming. (closest we know of him being defeated by brute force would be onslaught, and that may have been some psychic as well). I'm gonna have to go with the big J on this one.......

Pedneau writes:

This was a tough one but I chose Juggernaut.Seeing him taking on the X-Men and X-force all at once shows his incredible power. Not to mention that the only way to get him is to scramble around with his brains which also means you have to get that bolted down helmet off.

Nipsy writes:

Is this a joke? The only true combatants here are Hulk and Doomsday. Doomsday can't be killed the same way twice, and Superman "killed" Doomsday with his strength. Strength is all Hulk has. AKA, Doomsday wins.

The Match Maker writes:

Battles like this is the reason I visit this site!!! This one is so close to call that having the fans decide who wins is about the only way to decide the outcome.... That being said however this is one way I could see this match going down. The Hulk and Doomsday go at it while Juggernaut stands on the sidelines, being the smartest of the three. (Scary? Yes, I know.) When the Hulk gets fired up he breaks off one of those boney protrusions that stick out all over Doomsday and shoves it though Doomsday's brain. And since I'm pretty sure that's a new one on him he'll be out of this match for a while. Then the Hulk and Juggernaut go at it. Thor has already shown that with enough power Juggernaut CAN be pushed back. And the Hulk has no strength limit. The madder the Hulk gets the stronger the Hulk gets. We are talking planet lifting possibilities here!!! So, I think in some undefined way the Hulk takes out Juggernaut too. But what a battle it would be!!!!

The Genius Formerly (and Still) Known as Eddie writes:

Throw in some helpless little kiddies to make friends with the Green Guy, and he reverts back to David Banner, doctor, physician, scientist, dead man.

What little I know about Juggernaut, he turns into a wuss when you rip his mask off.

That leaves Doomsday, who finally did what Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Darkseid, and even Victor Von Doom have only dreamed of doing: kill Superman (who, incidentally, actually did battle it out with the Hulk until Greenie just got plain worn out). And Doomsday didn't even need any Funky Green Rock(tm) to bump the Man of Steel off, either! Doomsday stomps them both out (though admittedly after a somewhat protracted battle).

Nutrini writes:

Doosday killed Superman. The hulk likes Superman comix. (Who doesn't?) The hulk was mad when he found out that Superman was dead. Madder yet when he saw all the facades of his return. When Hulk get mad, Hulk get strong. Doomsday in one shot. The other guy is just a leftover.

Cobra69k writes:

At last a battle to shake the earth and it's one I've waiting for quite sometime. Juggernauts already out of it so its just Doomsday and Hulk. Here's why Hulk:

  1. instantaneous healing
  2. super stamina and endurance
  3. NO STRENGTH LIMIT he can get as strong as he wants


  1. can he be hurt? not that I can tell
  2. only intense energy or very high physical punishment gets to him
  3. adapts to anything.


  1. whipped by onslaught and hulk took down onslaught by himself as far as Doomsday and Hulk to close to call but Juggy is definitely out

Sailor Xena writes:

I have to agree on the title; bricks indeed. There's not enough brain power of the three put together to light a bulb for cryin' out loud. Juggernaut is unstoppable( or that's what his press keeps on sayin'). With the Gem of Cyrax(??) he has the power of an unearthly demon-god thingy. As for the other two, Hulk is strong but only if you pick the right colored incarnation. Doomsday is buff, but can never finish anything( does Superman ring a bell you loser!). And to summarize, Juggernaut can take on gods(Thor and Hercules) one on one; even wannabe's like Thunderstrike. The other two can't even cut it with mortal opponents.

'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth writes:

Let's start by looking at Juggernaut; He can take anything, but he can't dish it out like the other two. His punches do nothing to the other two, their punches do nothing to him. But then Hulk gets annoyed and tosses Juggy for 20 or so miles, until he hits a mountain or a hill, and is buried under several tons of rock. He's out of the match. Now we got Hulk vs. Doomsday.

Now Hulk is one tough bastard, but he can't hold a candle to the destroyer of worlds from Krypton, Doomsday. He beat the living shit out of the JLA with one hand tied behind his back, left a path of destruction stretching over four states, leveled most of Metropolis, kicked Superman's ass good, laid waste to half of Apokolips, withstood the Omega Effect, made Darkseid cry uncle, and could only be killed by the end of time.

Juggernaut is under a mountain, Hulk is paste, and Doomsday is looking for ANOTHER fight. You can't stop natural selection gone mad.

Endo writes:

This would be really hard to call if not for the fact that Superman beat the Hulk with relative ease and Doomsday killed Superman in one of the toughest no holds bar battles in comic history. Also, if it came down to Juggernaut vs. Doomsday, Juggernaut would be impaled in the eye by one of those bone protrusions. Doomsday outclasses both of them combined.

Nine writes:

I would be rooting for the Hulk, but the victor will be Doomsday. Here's why: Doomsday of course took out the big S, and Superman knocked out the Hulk in the Amalgam series. Doomsday doesn't just get stronger during a battle, he learns and evolves to defeat the opponent. The Hulk is just too unstable to know for certain if he can pull this one off. The Hulk series had some very bizarre plot lines over the years that gave too much inconsistency to Hulk's character. In order for Juggernaut to be the spoiler and tip the foray over to the Hulk's side, both would have to team up against Doomsday. The fight calls for a simultaneous three-way battle, and Juggernaut lacks the power the other two have.

Time-Lost Girl writes:

I'm kinda torn on this one, but I'm going with Doomsday! Both the Hulk and Juggernaut are fearsome opponents, but I don't know if they stand much of a chance against someone who beat Superman to a pulp. The Hulk and Juggernaut are stopped all the time (and by nearly anyone) in the Marvel Universe, but only Kal-el could take out Doomsday.(And those bony protrusions have just gotta hurt!)

Chuckg writes:

Definitely Doomsday. He can never be beaten the same way twice, because he adapts to whatever defeated him whenever he reanimates himself. And Superman has *already* beaten Doomsday once using the "big fist" approach, which is the same approach that the Hulk and the Juggernaut use. So nothing they do can faze Doomsday now. Besides, while the Juggernaut's damage resistance is infinite, his *knockback* resistance is not. So I see a TKO on the Juggernaut due to his being knocked out of the ring... WAY out of the ring, kind of like the same way Onslaught blew him all the way from western Canada to upstate New York. And the Hulk... come on, Superman once punched out the Hulk. Doomsday makes Superman's best haymaker look like a lovetap. Yes, Hulk, you're strength has no upper limit -- but only if you have time to work up to it, and against Doomsday you just won't have the time

1373 writes:

Doomsday, come on folks. Of coarse him. He killed Superman, that's not kid gloves. Hey folks Doomsday hurt Darkseid!!! DARKSEID IS A GOD FOLKS!!! Doomsday hurt a God. juggernaut has punched Superman in that crappy DC/Marvel crossover. Superman cleaned his clock, How is ol' helmet head gonna take on Doomsday? answer:CAN'T!!! Hulk came closer to beating up Superman but still, nothing. There would be more sores, bruises cuts than the big S had, and let me tell ya folks, Superman was a big mess before he passed on. If Doomsday can beat both Superman and Darkseid to a literal bloody pulp, he would trash these guys.

Reeper writes:

Hulk is going to cream them! Check out a recent Hulk issue Hulk number 457. Hulk and juggernaut just fought. Guess what happened? After Juggernaut threw Hulk a few hundred miles then Hulk threw a punch at Juggy that not only stopped him in his tracks but knocked him on his sorry ass!. Actually it knocked him on his back and pretty much ko'd. Also Hulk can lift millions of tons! Once he supported 350 billion tons of rock! or he carried an island with mountains on it. Or in 455 or 456 he THREW (very easily) a multi million ton pyramid! he also can throw a punch at super speed. he can punch at mach3! Also don't forget his super fast healing factor you forgot to mention. One time he got 90% (900 pounds) melted off (he was like a skeleton with a little meat) and he grew it back in a matter of seconds! doomsday and Juggernaut can keep pounding on him but he will heal it in a matter of seconds! Some more feats include pulling together a crack in the planet (he nearly pulled the planet together) And breaking Dr. Strange's mystic bands of cyrotak that held the mighty galactus! Once he even destroyed The Eternal Flame Of Life, a weapon that could destroy and stand up to the celestials who are SUPER powerful! And when he cracked Onslaught's armor. None else could do this. Not Thor not the Avengers, not the X-men. no one! I could keep going on and on but I think you guys get the point. Hulk is the mightiest mortal alive!

Starseed writes:

COME ON!!! Nothing can stop the Juggernaut! He has no need for food, water, air, etc. His only weakness is that when his helmet is off, he is vulnerable to psychic attacks, something that neither Doomsday or the Hulk have. Juggernaut wins.

Derrick The Red writes:

In the end, this battle will depend on one thing...endurance...who can outlast his opponents. Doomsday has the edge on this in that it is a bioengineered weapon.. it knows nothing else except to destroy. I'm gonna give this fight to The Hulk though, based on one thing...The Hulk has many different incarnations to draw upon. Now, if we're talking about the Green Hulk with Bruce Banner's intelligence, he not only has the sheer raw power but the intelligence to outthink the Juggernaut and Doomsday at the same time. If we're talking about the Green 'HULK SMASH!!!' he just has raw power, but that's still saying a lot because...let's all say it together.."THE MADDER HULK GETS, THE STRONGER HE GETS!!!" And in any of his incarnations, Hulk has that nifty Healing Factor(better than Wolverine's)that enables him to recover from any serious wounds. It'll be a helluva fight and will probably destroy half the planet, but I think Hulk will take it...JUST BARELY...

Captain Tautimez writes:

The Hulk, definitely. His strength has no limits. Doomsday and Juggernaut's only chance is to get him quick, but if they don't, HULK SMASH!!!

Darkseid writes:

Doomsday went thirteen rounds with Supes, evolved beyond death, and beat Darkseid, a New GOD, within an inch of his life. What else is there to say?

The Bunyip writes:

First off, Juggy's not even a contender. He and the Hulk have already duked it out once in the comics, and the Hulk gave Juggy a pounding he isn't going to forget. So, it's between Doomsday and the Hulk. As to who wins, it depends on WHICH Hulk is fighting. My vote for Hulk was a vote for the Smart Hulk, with big brains to match his unbeaten might (Hulk went toe to toe with Onslaught and held him off, when all the other superheroes in the Marvelverse together could not!) The Smart Hulk could outthink Doomsday (Superman, though a great guy, never was a thinking type).

DrizzCat writes:

Juggernaut Will just start running and MOW the other two Supposed Strong men down and Trample them into the Dirt

Hulk Hogan writes:

I know the power of the hulk, and I say that the Hulkaminia force will overcome the power of the other two so called powerhouses, and for the fools who chose the other two, are idiots and they will feel the power of Hulkamania And if Hulk is ganged up on, I myself will get into the fight and kick their ass', proving that Hulkamania is the strongest force in the universe. Go Hulk!

LordFish writes:

I spent at least 3 minutes pondering the outcome of this brawl, staring blankly at the three gray pop-up buttons... Each of these behemoths has something going for him: The Incredible Hulk is just so incredibly gargantuan and 'meaty' that I almost couldn't bear not picking him. He looks like the Jolly Green Giant for gods sake! How can you not like a guy like that? On the other hand, he's pretty vulnerable compared to the other two. Juggernaut...what can I say, he's virtually indestructible, but...his head looks like a mushroom. You can't respect a guy like that. So obviously I chose Doomsday...he did kill superman after all...and of all three of them, he seems like the one I'd least like to meet in a dark alley...or a well lit spring field for that matter. Doomsday'll end up tearing the filthy skins from the other two before the day is done...

Sizer writes:

Ahem. Excuse me. Which of these fighters are normal humans underneath their mystic gems and gamma radiation-spawned powers, and which one is a precisely engineered killing machine? Let's recap. In Marvel vs. DC (evil sales gimmick though it was), Superman beat the Hulk. Superman was also killed by Doomsday, and later barely battled him to a standstill in "Hunter/Prey." Conclusion: Hulkie's goin' down. Juggernaut is something of a wild card, but if you take the "Marvel Superheroes" arcade game as canon (and I *will*, buddy, I *will*) then the Hulk and Juggernaut have similar power levels (since both are selectable characters). Therefore, the Hulk and Juggernaut are as squished bugs on the freeway before the mighty 18-wheeler that is Doomsday.

Lurch writes:

Juggernaut has the best writers :)


JAY:   Alright, and here we go! The contestants are all approaching each other, moving across a vast broken plane of rock. Huge cracks in the earth criss-cross the area... the whole effect reminds me of a shattered windshield.

PAT:   None of the three is playing hard to get... they're all just gonna jump right on each other and ...

JAY:   Doomsday and Hulk reach each other first... Doomsday pulls back and gives hulk a powerful shot to the midsection!

PAT:   Hulk barely even bent to the impact... and now it's Hulks turn!

JAY:   Hulk smashes Doomsday in the chin with a punch that would have buckled a freight train...

PAT:   Doomsday appears unimpressed with the blow... Wait, Juggernaut is on the scene... he makes for a roundhouse at Doomsday...

JAY:   No! Doomsday with a fast backhand has swatted Jugs back a few feet....

PAT:   Hulk takes advantage with a powerful, solid blow to Doomsday's chest! Doomsday might have felt that one!

JAY:   Hulk follows with a left... No!

PAT:   Doomsday, more agile than he appears, moves right, dodges the punch and executes a perfect elbow lock on the hulks arm!

JAY:   Doomsday, in close on the Hulk... Kidney Punch! Kidney Punch! Kidney Punch! Hulk is lifted repeatedly off the ground!

PAT:   Juggernaut is back in the game. He sees the opportunity to K.O. the Hulk and leave Doomsday for a leftover! Juggy pulls back for the face punch...

JAY:   Hulk Mad! Hulk Smash! Hulk brings his free right around, backhanding Juggy into the air for distance!

PAT:   Hulk, left arm still in a lock, lifts up! Picking Doomsday off the ground!!

JAY:   Doomsday in the air, smashes an elbow down on the hulk! A bony protrusion sinking deep into the Hulks shoulder meat.

PAT:   Blood Sprays. Hulk roars! Hulk Mad!!!

JAY:   Speaking of mad, Pat, here comes the Juggernaut! He looks fit to be tied, and he's gonna rip off both their heads.

PAT:   Hulk drops Doomsday... the two face each other... eyes lock... you can almost see the Hulk physically pumping up with rage as his wound closes, mends and disappears.

JAY:   Juggernaut leaps, arms outstretched to ring both the other guys lousy necks!

PAT:   No! They both wheel at the exact instant... Doomsday and Hulk each hit Juggernaut with a massive haymaker at the same time!

JAY:   Pat, Juggernaut is rocketed into high altitude from the combined force of the blows! Thank you for flying Juggernaut airlines.

PAT:   Hulk and Doomsday immediately grab a hold of each other! They're both trying to squeeze the life right out of one another.

JAY:   My God Pat, look at the Hulk pump-up! He's mad, mad, mad! Hulk Strongest! That squeeze he's putting on Doomsday would crush a block of adamantium!

PAT:   Doomsday, he looks like he's going down... no wait.. he's evolving on the fly... evolving stronger, more durable to compensate for the Hulk.

JAY:   But it just makes Hulk Madder! Doomsday... one of his boney spines was just crushed to powder under the strain!

PAT:   No, Doomsday is evolving quicker! Blood is starting to flow out of Hulks mouth as his intestines are forced upwards...

JAY:   But it just makes Hulk Mad! Hulk snarls! Doubles his strength...

PAT:   ...No! Doomsday evolves... evolves quicker... powers up more!


'Nuff Said!


The Hulk: 203

Doomsday: 225

Juggernaut: 106


PAT:   Doomsday has adapted quicker by a hair! He takes the initiative, breaking the Hulks earth shattering grip, maintaining his own grab... he spins Hulk, lifts Hulk of the ground...

JAY:   Here's the wind-up, and there's the pitch! Hulk is airborne!

PAT:   But it just makes Hulk Mad...

JAY:   Let's not go there again... the ref just called it a TKO win for Doomsday. Hey, did you see where Juggernaut went?

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