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En Garde!


Toughie this week, folks. The purist among you will naturally ask... Bat Girl vs. Catwoman in what context?

Is this the big-budget movies Catwoman and Bat Girl?

The campy 1960's Catwoman vs. Bat Girl?

Is this the actual Batman Comics Cat woman vs. Bat Girl...?

In that case, Bat Girl doesn't even exist. She is paralyzed from the waist down thanks to the Joker, and is now the computer crime fighter "Oracle".

We aren't calling the context, here. Just the essence.

Selena Kyle, The Catwoman, is not particularly violent, but she is a world class thief.

Barbara Gordon, the Bat Girl, is not particularly violent either, but she possesses a keen deductive mind.

In a game of wit and skill, where the prize is the famous Jade Cat on loan from China to Gotham City.... does Bat Girl stop Catwoman from knocking over Gotham City Museum, or does Catwoman get away with the goods?

This weeks fight suggested by Johny Raven


PAT: LIVE from Gotham Museum.... I'm Pat Summers.

JAY: And I'm Jay Peoples. Welcome folks. Big things are already happening.

PAT: Yes indeed! Bat Girl was on the scene moments before Catwoman could nab the priceless Jade Cat from it's display case.

JAY: A well placed Batarang got Catty's attention. The alarms are going berserk now, and the cops'll be here any second.

PAT: Let's cut now to see what some of the home viewers are saying about the match...


Scott Spacie writes:

Catwoman has been in the business longer. She's also had to work without help from someone with a common prefix. She knows things about skill and stealth that Bat girl will never know.

ICE writes:

There is no contest when it comes to Alicia Silverstone.

Spooky writes:

You should have more muscular women fighting it out.

Check out She-Hulk vs. Fairchild

Sky Brother writes:

Very tough...I go with Catwoman on the very shallow reason that she is hot and men often prefer villianous to virtuous on most tiebreakers.

Add in the fact that they are both so similar and it's Selena hands down.

MonkeyQuinn writes:

Catwoman totally kicks butt! Bat girl is some wimpy little tagalong, where as Catwoman is the real thing! Notice how she doesn't keep in the company of two men to protect her! Not only can Catwoman take out Bat girl, she could take out the dynamic duo too, and all at the same time!

Al Tootikian writes:

No contest. Catty would mop the floor with Bat girl. Just check out Catwoman #50 to see her fighting ability.

MEA (a.k.a: Glitch Girl) writes:

Jade Cat, huh? Didn't they already do this one on the Batman animated series? ("Return of Bat girl" to be exact) Didn't Bat girl stop her in the end? I thought so. Barbara wins by past precedent, but Catwoman gets a ton of points for style.

Mikey writes:

Bat girl Rules!!! 'Nuff said.

Nick Zube writes:

First off, Catwoman is an actual Bob Kane creation, so she gets bonus points in that department. Bat girl first appeared on the horrid (well, not so horrid as Batman & Robin, but, hey! What isn't?) '60's TV series, and was THEN adapted into comix format.

Secondly, Catwoman has her own title. Bat girl? She doesn't even exist anymore!

Thirdly, Catwoman works both sides of the fence. She's not afraid to pull a few dirty tricks. That's gonna work in her favor...

Fourthly, you never see Catwoman get her spine severed by a bullet from a mass-murdering psychotic clown.

And, finally, I just gotta say: Michelle Pfeiffer vs. Alicia (*shudder*) Silverstone. 'Nuff said.

Mich writes:

I'm not into comics. Therefore, I have no way of comparing the comic book incarnations of Catwoman and Bat Girl. So I'm looking at this battle purely as Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman vs Alicia Silverstone's Bat Girl. And IMO, Selina Kyle/Catwoman wins hands down!! I really shouldn't even need to explain. :-) Catwoman is sultry, seductive, resourceful, and deadly! Michelle Pfeiffer was superb bringing all this to the big screen. (I'll be charitable, not bothering to mention what Alicia Silverstone brought to the screen.) Catwoman would *toy* with Bat Girl, like a deadly feline toying with a grounded bat, with a broken wing.... :-)

BATTLE on Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto, & Catwoman

Power Angel writes:

I always liked Bat Girl better.

Gylan writes:

Both creatures of the night, the Bat can easily outmaneuver the Cat.

HARLEYQUlN called from Arkham to say:

Catwoman can woop batsy the bimbo any day.

Timothy Shanahan writes:

Catwoman may be sneaky, but Bat Girl stands for justice! And good will always triumph over evil!

They call me...Tim (oh, no that's not it)...Brad writes:

It's these two girls that put the Wonder in Wonder Bra. In fact with that much chest padding they better stick to head shots if they want to cause any damage.

Rock writes:

The two are really very pretty. I wish I...

O.K... Thanks Rock... move along....


JAY: O.K... Catwoman has out her trade-mark whip, and this could get nasty.

PAT: No doubt, Jay. The Bat Girl is at exactly the wrong distance here. She can't use her infighting skills and she can't expect the Batarangs to keep working.

JAY: Pat, Catwoman is looking for options. She's not interested in a duke-out... just an escape.

PAT: Bat Girl seems to realize this. She's grabbing some sort of Ancient Spear from a display.

JAY: Catwoman is making her move. It's a fast dash down the hall.

PAT: Bat Girl is in hot pursuit....

JAY: Sudden spin back by the Cat! She lashes out with the whip...

PAT: A move totally anticipated by Bat Girl! She uses the spear to snag the whip!

JAY: Wait... Cat Woman is sprinting forward...

PAT: Wielding the spear has put Bat Girl in a momentarily awkward position...

JAY: It's Catwoman full forward with a Jujitsu slide, folks!

PAT: Bat Girl is swept off her feet! Big action here, folks. Now lets get the sideline commentary with our own Jack Gibson...

Its the Bat vs. the Cat ladies and gentlemen. I'm Jack Gibson and were live here in the museum as our two combatants go at it. Were going to get to see what each combatant has up her sleeve during this highly charged battle I believe. We'll get to find out just how sharp those cats claws really are or if the bat can wing her way to victory. Now I'm going to get out of the way here so I don't get whacked or clawed. Back to you Pat.

PAT: Thanks Jack. What do you have now, Jay?

JAY: Pat, Catwoman has left Bat Girl on the floor with a bent spear and a mouth full of dust. And... she's heading back towards the display case!

PAT: Jay, Bat Girl is up and she does NOT look pleased. She's racing in hot pursuit.

JAY: Looks like Selena is betting that she has a faster foot speed here...

PAT: Hold on, Jay... we have a connection now with our own Frank Williams who has this special report...

Pat, I'm here beside the Jade Cat display... and... My, my, quite a gem, wouldn't you say? Er... It would be a shame if someone should take it during the fight... don't you think? I guess stealing all those office supplies was good practice, after all... where's my lockpicks... Back to you, Pat!

PAT: Ohhh... Bad move Frank...

JAY: Our own Frank Williams has taken possession of the statue and...

PAT: ...and Catwoman has taken possession of Frank Williams!!

JAY: Massive Head Blow! Frank has crumpled like soggy tissue and Selena is on the run again... holding the statue!

PAT: But Bat Girl has had the time necessary to close the gap!

JAY: This is a straight foot race now, Pat... Selena seems to have the speed edge.

PAT: Jay, Bat Girl realizes it... she's throwing a Hail Mary with the Batarang!

JAY: And Catwoman has dived! Repeat Catwoman has dived! She is gone down the super sneaky hole she drilled to get in.

PAT: We have cops in the building now, but two seconds too late! Bat Girl does not look happy with the turn of this match.


'Nuff Said!


Catwoman: 104

Bat Girl: 81


PAT: That's a wrap! Live from Gotham Museum, this has been Pat Summers.

JAY: And Jay Peoples. Good day, all!

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