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Dr. Doom vs. Magneto



Two of the most fearsome conquerers to ever walk the earth. Their name inspires fear in the staunchest of heroes. Their enemies are legion. Their plots often threaten the very existance of mankind itself.

Victor Von Doom. Though beloved by the people under his rule in Latveria, the rest of the world is not so eager to call him Lord. A brilliant master of technology and an adept of the magikal arts, his craving for power has led him across the stars and dimensions. Often thwarted by his arch-nemesis, the Fantastic Four, his will never wavers and his schemes never cease. In the end, Doom *will* rule all. Believe it, Offendi. In the meantime, his army of Doom-Bot warriors and fearsome reputation at least keep his nation of Latveria tightly within his control.

Erik Lensher. A hero to the island nation of Genosha and it's population of Mutants, the rest of the world considers him a threat to the existance of all humans. An awesomely powerful mutant and brilliant technologist, the Master of Magnetism seeks a new age where Homo-Superior (mutants) replaces Homo-Sapiens (humans) as the dominant life form. Often foiled by the X-Men, he always bounces back - and now, with a country of militant super-powerful mutants at his command, the wold considers him Public Enemy Number One. Very few make a deadlier enemy than Magneto.

It doesn't take much to set these master villians to fighting. Each has what the other wants to improve their own chances for conquest. Magneto has the legions of raw power Doom needs - militant mutants both loyal to their cause and capable of devastating countries. Doom has the technological breakthroughs Magneto needs - devious and nefarious technology which would give Magneto the edge needed to march across the globe. Add in their own egos and agendas and it's clear this fight was a long time coming anyway. Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Nature of the Beast



Callisto:   Hello and welcome to another edition of the Comic Book Universe Battles! Today, down in the fighters pit, we have quite a contest for you today... Dr, Doom vs. Magneto.

Quinn:   That's right folks... big, big action today... so big that Cally isn't even going to torture me for what I did to her back in Issue 145, Planet of the Apes vs. Star Trek Away Team.

Callisto:   Actually, no, that's not true Clown Girl.

Quinn:   It's not? SO you are going to torture me?

Callisto:   No, see, I already Did torture you.

Quinn:   How's that? I don't feel tortured.

Callisto:   Weeeelll, it's like this. In an alternate reality, within the sports cast for this very same fight, I tortured you. HOWEVER, the sports cast was so poorly received that we are here to make it right in this reality. Get it?

Quinn:   Really? Well let me see that alternate dimension sports cast.

Callisto:   Sure: you can read all about it right here. And you were tortured so I'm satisfied.

Quinn:   OK, reading it...

Editor's Note:  Yes, for the first time ever in CBUB history... I've rewritten a sports cast. Reaction was so bad to the Dr. Doom / Magneto On The Dating Game Write Up, I felt compelled to write some standard fight fare, below. Click to see the humorous original.


Callisto:   OK, well, now that that's all settled, let's see what the plebeians at home had to say.




soulgem writes:

you all know doom's armor has been de-magnatized, right? you also know that magneto has no defense against magic, right? doom wrecks magneto.

by the way, did you know people made a website protesting darkseids win over thanos? thats funny. i signed it, but its still funny.

Bibbity writes:

Ok, this one is really difficult, but in the end I had to go for Magneto. Why? Because, barring the incredibly over-powerful mutants like Apocolypse and Franklin Richards (create pocket universes? That's the sort of power I'd expect to see in the DC Universe) , Magneto is generally considered the most powerful mutant on the planet. The only real advantage Doom has is his mastery of the mystical arts; his robots aren't going to be much use against the master of magnetism. But while Doom has an army of robots, Magneto could have an army of mutants very quickly. Not really a competition.

Metaphysician writes:

This fight basically boils down to how much preptime each side has. The more preptime, the more Doom's chances of victory are.

I give this to Magneto, however, for a couple reasons:

-Raw power. Magneto could destroy the planet on his own, without technological aid. He can also control almost anything that Doom tries to use, except magic ( by the way, Doom is NOT a master mage, yet. . . )

-Intelligence. Doom is tops, but Magneto is damned close.

-Tech. Doom has more tech, generally, but Magneto has access to as good of tech, AND has the ability to assemble it with incredible speed, unaided.

-Motivation. Dooms is motivated by powerlust and pride. Magneto is motivated by a cause, in which he fully believes. This belief in something more than himself will give Magneto the edge in this fight.

T-1000 writes:

Oh good lord. Quick, pack your bags. Ready the spaceship. Prepare to launch the escape shuttle, but whatever you do, dear god GET OFF THE PLANET.

Oh well, in the event that evacuation is unavoidable and you actually have the misfortune to be stuck on planet Earth when these two decide to fight it out, we might as well try and determine this one.

Well first off is the area of scientific genuis. First off, the two are both incerdibly talented in this area. Doom has designed multiple time machines, an armor that makes him tougher than most superheroes in the Marvel universe, and the technological resources to drain power from beings such as the Silver Surfer or a Watcher. Magneto has designed both Asteroid M and Avolon, both of which have the fire power to reduce a continent. Therefore their relative scientific skill is pretty equal.

Therefore we must look at followers. Magneto has enlisted hundreds of various mutants to assist him in his goal. However, so has Doom. In times in which super villains must band together, they know that Doom is the obvious choice for leader. Both, through sheer force of personallity can enlist powerful allies to their sides, regardless of the reason.

So, now that that has been put aside, you have to look at raw power. Doom has various magical abilities and technological abilities granted to him by his armor, the full range of these two combined has never been explored. However, Magneto has the power to create an EMP so powerful that it can disable every electrical system on the planet! Heck, he already did it once, and he probably could do the same again.

However, it has already been shown that Doom has a device within his armor that can absord power within the air if it is within a reasonable limit. It is therefore conceivable that Doom could construct an armor that would absord any magnetic energy that Magneto uses against him directly. Unfortunatly for Doom, Magneto knows this, and is likely to have some sort of counter measure ready.

So in conclusion, it is impossible to determine who would win. The only thing that puts Doom slightly ahead of Magneto is the fact that he could conceivably go back in time and preventing Magneto from ever being born.

Whyteknight writes:

Both villans are top notch, awesome characters, but this fight is gonna be over real quick. This is for two reasons.

1)Magneto, the master of magnetism, has absolute control over all things metal

2)Doom wears a suit made of metal

The fight will probably go something like this:

Dr. Doom - Magneto, your presence in the marvel universe can no longer be tolerated. There can be only one supervillan with cool metal headgear!!

Magneto - Fine.

Magneto's Mutant Powers - Zappo!

Doom's Tin Suit - Crunch!

Dr. Doom's Crushed and Battered Form - Ouch.

Magneto squishes the tin man and is back on Genosha with a cold martini by noon.

Demonicuss Krinn writes:

Magneto ripped the adamantium out of Wolverine. That screams "Bad Ass Mofo"

Doom got his ass handed to him by, among others, Squirrel Girl. That screams "God Damn, I Suck"

Anime Andy writes:

I know what you're thinking. Magneto + Guy in metal suit = easy win for Magneto, even if you're not using the Magneto-God who can kill you instantly by ripping the hemoglobin out of your system. But this is Dr. Doom we're talking about. This man plans for *everything*. He has contingency plans to cover his contigency plans! He outthinks Reed Richards, fer cryin' out loud! I bet Doom has something planned in case of a run-in with Magneto. It's not too farfetched, since they live in the same freakin' comic universe! (Though with Marvel, you can never be too sure it's the same timeline)

Doom will bamboozle circles around Magneto before you can say "Havelock Vetinari".

Atomic Horror writes:

Doom. Doom must win ths battle.

First off, Doom never enters a fight unprepared. If he knows he's going against Magneto, then he'll have magnetic shielding on his armor, and who knows what else. Add that to any number of weapons, spells, or robots that Victor is sure to be packing, and you've got an assured victory.

Remember, this is the guy who outwitted Mephisto. This is the guy who removed Silver Surfers powers. Heck, he removed the BEYONDER's powers. Not only will Dr. Doom triumph, he may just come away with a nifty new set of powers.

Paul Soth writes:

Um, no.

You want to simulate this fight? Ok, get on a bicycle go out on the street, a fairly busy one. Yeah, the one that hooks up to your neghborhood will do. Now, get in the middle of the other lane so that you are riding into traffic. Good, now when the first oncoming car comes into view, start pedaling right into it. Yeah, straight into the radator.

In this simulation, you and your bicycle represent Magneto and that Chevy that's about to get a you-shaped indentation in it's hood is Doctor Doom.

Aside from the fact that it's allready happened (Doom won with mind controll), Doom has so many ways to defeat Magneto. Magic, non-ferrious weapons, mutant power nullafication, etc. Magneto can not defeat Doom, period.

And that's presuming we can find Magneto under that big stain that used to be Genoshia...

Azrael writes:

I don't care what the fanboys say, Doom HAS lost. Getting pimped by the Thing? A loss. Getting shot out into space? A loss. Getting friend because Black Bolt SCREAMED through an amplifier AT HIM? It's A LOSS.

Magneto crunches the metal armor into a paperweight.

Peter writes:

Doom, on account of I think they both suck, but the amassed hoards of the CBR message board will feed me to the lions if I vote for anyone else.

Eddie Filth writes:

Two of the greatest scurges of the Marvel Universe clash together in an event of great porpotions.However,it will be the homo superior that will win this battle.

One thing that we learned about Magneto is that anything that is some form of metal can be used against his foes,including their own weapons.Such as the time Magneto his magnetic poweres to reprogram the Sentinals against the humans.

Jaegermeister writes:

I can't beleive Magneto is in the lead right now. When has Magneto come close to doing the things Doom has done? Let's look over a few things here...

Doom: Uses both Magic and Technology. Rules a country, has fought aginst gods and held his own. Stole the Silver Surfer's powers and the Beyonder's powers. Almost had the Infinity Gauntlet in his possession. Has slapped more people like red-headed stepkids in a K-Mart.

Magneto: Is a hero of a country of powerful mutants, but has never fought anyone of intergalactic power or divine strength.

Think about it people. Doom may wear a metal suit, but I'm sure it's more than EMP protected, and he just may know a few sorcerous tricks up his chrome sleeve that will whack Magneto on his ass.

LoneWolf23k writes:

I'm surprised Doom's assumed to actually STRUGGLE in this battle...

Dr Doom has proven himself to be undefeatable, unless when facing characters protected by Character Shields (tm), such as Reed Richards, Spider Man, Iron Man or even Squirrel Girl...

Magneto has no such Character Shield. In fact, when Doom and Magneto first clashed, Mags was required to team up with the Avengers, a team with many Character Shield-enabled heroes.

As for Doom's resources, since Mags gets Genosha, shouldn't Dr Doom be given his updated resources, which include, say...

...His own Planet? And a fleet of inter-planetary starships with Orbital "Hammer of God" striking capability that goes with it?

But even if we limit Doom to Latveria, he's far from helpless.

So Magneto can control metal. Big Whoop. See Doom put on his non-magnetic spare armor, made entirely of super-strong plastics, ceramics and non-ferrous metals. See Doom prepare a few attack spells before leaving into battle, to throw Magneto off. See Doom pull out a hand-held version of his X-Factor deactivation Ray, and turn the Mighty Master of Magnetism into the guy who can't find Magnetic North on a compass...

You don't Mess with Doom.

Pikachu Beeblebrox writes:

This is quite the uneven match. As powerful as Magneto is, Doom surpasses that power with cunning, intelligence, and black magic. Doom will make Magneto his b*tch, and get that sweet, sweet lovin only a mutant freak can give. Magneto's going down baby... and he'll lose this fight, too.

MusclesC writes:

I had to go with Magneto because in my opinion, Doom is overrated. I just have never really seen him do anything. I admit he's a genius, and his tech is beyond anything anyone other than Reed Richards has, but he just seems to overrated. Magneto has taken on the likes of the X-Men, the Avengers, basically everyone in the Marvel Universe. Plus, since Doom's suppose to be the number one villian in any universe according to Wizard Magazine, I voted for the underdog.

Dark Queen writes:

Callisto had it right the first time. For all you MORONS out there who actually voted for Dr. Doom you obviously did not read the finer points of this awsome advirsary.

Magneto controls metal! M-E-T-A-L! And what is Dr. Doom's outfit made of? Duh! He can crunch the man's armor like a tin can! Besides, he is beaten by the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic what? They are even more pathetic than The Green Lantern! Let's face it, Dr. Doom's only hope is to make some weaponry out of plastic to defeat Magneto. If not, then he is pretty much a goner.

This fight will be over in 5 seconds pending on if Magneto kills Doom quickly by crushing him inside his metal suit. 'Nuff said.

Snootchie Bootchie!

Namic writes:

Now this has certainly got to be one of the most anticipated fights. What rabid fanboy wouldn't want to see these two battle each other? But if you look at their track records you'll see who will win this fight.

First off the Doom's metallic armor isn't a factor. If humans can build sentinels that are immune to Magneto's powers than you know Doom has a way of protecting himself from it.

Foes: Magneto's arch nemesis is Professor X. But just look at the guy. Sure he has the strongest mental powers in the world, but what does he do? He sits around in a wheelchair and sends his students to do his dirty work. Sure Magneto can easily take care of a dozen X-Men but if Professor X were actually there with them things would go differently. Now look at Doom, his greatest foe is Mr. Fantastic, someone who is willing to go to the battle lines and fight. That�s why only 4 people are capable of stopping him, because he�s going up against his intellectual equal.

Leadership: Both have lead countries so let�s look at their other efforts at leadership. Magneto has led the Brotherhood of Mutants, a group that got spanked by the X-Men on numerous occasions. Dr. Doom on the other hand has led an entire army of bad guys during the Secret War, where he was Magneto�s superior.

Current Status: Dr. Doom has currently taken control of an alternate Earth that was created during the attack of Onslaught. Magneto on the other hand is buried under the ruble of his mutant nation after a Sentinel attack, one in which is sat there watching barely able to move his own body.

Let�s face it, Magneto may be on of the most evil guys in the Mutant scene, but in the grand scheme of things Dr. Doom is supreme. Therefore Doom shall win this battle for Doom is all-powerful and the will of Doom will be done for Doom commands it.

Guar writes:

This battle is a no contest. Wizard magazine already covered it. Even if Doctor Doom couldn't neutralize mutant powers (which he can), he would still beat Magneto senseless. Doom has already taken over the world, what, 3 times? He's sucked the power out of cosmic entities a few times, too. Magneto is tough but he isn't in Victor's league. He can't even beging to match the Doc's intellect.

Also, Doom has used mind control on Magneto and used him for his own purposes. Ouch!

If Mags wins, it will be because he's more popular.

The Mad Hatter writes:

Let's see. The Master of Magentism .vs. a guy that wears a metal suit. Give me a break. While Dr. Doom is one of my all time favorite villians, he's going to get slapped around like John Rocker's wife.

Just think about it. Magnus would take one look at Dr. Doom, cross his arms, then lift him in the air and crush him like a beer can with no effort put forth what so ever.

What's that? Dr. Doom has helpers? So what. That's nothing the FF haven't handled before and certainly would be no problem for the X-Men's greatest foe.

I'm sorry, but the Doc is out.

Parallax writes:

This is a complete mismatch.

Doom's armour defences make him immune to pretty much anything Magneto can throw forth, while Doom has technology which allows him to shut down forcefields.

Heck, just look at their respective holdings of the moment.

Magneto has one island which no one really wanted anyhow.

Doom has one full planet and can take over Marvel Earth, quite literally, whenever he feels like it.

This is a slaughter and Lensher is playing well out of his league.

The Catwoman writes:

Magneto will start the battle by tearing apart Doom�s suit. Then he will realize to late it is just a Doombot. Then Doom will come from behind in a plastic suit and try to decapitate Magneto with a laser. Meanwhile in the D.C. universe Superman is participating in an experiment which sends him across the dimensional barrier. He senses a great evil and goes to thwart it.

Magneto and Doom have been fighting for about an hour at this point. Then Superman zooms into the battlefield.

Superman: I have come to defeat you in the name of justice!

Magneto and Doom look at each other.

Magneto: Dude your not going to be able to defeat us

Dr. Doom: Yeah just go away, and we will pretend this never happened

Superman not heeding this sage advise rushes them, and collides with Magneto�s force field. Then Doom shoots him with a super powerful laser that slices him in half. Looking upon their dead enemy the two villains decide to put their fight off and become friends.

They fly to Vermont to watch the leaves change, and while they are there they buy a gallon of maple syrup, and then get married. The newly weds then adopt two children, and live happily ever after.

CM7238 writes:

No contest. Doom wins this faster than the Flash goes to the bathroom after drinking the water in Mexico City. The question isn't if Dr. Doom will win, its how and what is he going to do with him after he's wiped Magneto's sorry mutant carcass. Will he try to steal his power a la Beyonder? Will he imprison him in a plastic cell? Will he paralyze him and make him watch as he abuses his daughter Wanda like a hentai anime schoolgirl?

Spaceghost writes:

This fight boils down to one thing. Doom has magic, Magneto doesn't. Doom has found ways of shielding his armour before and there's no reason to beleave he can't shield against magneto's powers. Magneto has no defence against dooms magic. Doom also has superior tech. Force fields and other tech help him alot in this battle. Also there is no reason to beleave that Doom can't steal Magneto's power the way he stole the Silver Surfers. Doom is too formidable for Magneto.

The Joker writes:

Magneto is winning?Ugh.THERE'S NO WAY IN WHICH MAGS COULD TAKE DOWN DOOM!WAKE UP,PEOPLE!Allow me to remind you some facts:

1)Magneto is dead(at least until the X-writers revive him again).Wolverine killed him recently.No corpse can defeat Doom.

2)Doom wears a skirt,and still he is feared by all Marvel heroes.Put Magneto in a skirt and see who respects him.Besides,his ridiculous skirt gives Doom the RAGE(TM).

3)Doom is a master of magic.IS MAGGIE A MASTER OF MAGIC?HMMM?

4)Magneto lost this very same fight in a Wizard Magazine scenario.

5)Harley Quinn says that Magneto will lose.And we all must obey Harley.

Case closed.

Damien K. writes:

To decide the outcome of a battle like this, one most look past the obvious and realize that these two are super geniuses! Do you really think that Doom would fight a battle against the Master of Magnetism wearing his metal suit? No damn way, he's too intelligent. It comes down to smarts. This one is a chess match, and in a pure chess match, Magneto loses his cool (refer to every time he's whippped by Prof. X.) Doom, in the end, will find a way to use Magneto's single mindedness and singular power against him. (Possibly hand to hand in a rubber room. Take the latvian wiht a KO in the third round over the old man.

Shiro Amada writes:

This battle won't last four secords. For three reasons.

1. Magneto has dozens if not hundreds of mutants in his corner. Dr. Doom just has human solders.

2. Magneto can just crush Dr. Doom in his suit with his powers with outeven looking.

3. Dr. Doom has a suit of armor that gives him super strenth. He also knows limited magic and can switch bodies. Magneto on the other hand, has magnet power. He can use the hole stadium if he pleases. He can trash the Doc as soon as he steps down. Doom loses, Magneto wins. Nuff said.

PhunnieBone writes:

As much as I think Magneto might have an advantage in a one on one fight, I'm going to have to go with Dr. Doom. As far as Magneto is concerned he does control metal, but Dr. Doom is far above him in the intellectual department it's not even funny. Doom schemes time and again have been reknowned as some of the most nefarious in comic history, whereas Magneto has always come down to a face to face battle with all the X-men. As much as I don't think Magneto will win, he will. Say hello to the huge fan base that Magneto has as a character in X comics.

Robert Eddleman writes:

Of all the Battles so far, this is one of the hardest ones to call. Do I vote for Dr. Doom, who triumphed over Mags in the Secret Wars? Or Magneto, homo superior, who is so powerful that the entire world once worked together to neutrilize his powers? (In the Fatal Attractions saga.) In the end I have to go with Magnus, 'cause it's long been known that mutants are more powerful than humans, even though Doom is no mere flatscan. Very tough call, though.

Leviathan writes:

Nice match... Both of these figures are knowen to be dangerous to the public..


Doom OWNS Mangeto's ass... In 5 ways too.

1:He owns his own country.. Mangeto a island.

2:He gets away free from his plots.. Mangeto gets beaten and impriosned.. Plus he dies.. Doom never truely dies!

3:Stan Lee's fan villan is Doc Doom.. Stan Lee created Marvel.

4:Mangeto is a Doom ripoff in X Men.. Even their costumes show similarites.

5:Doom is one of the msot powerful figures at this site.. Him,Thanos with IG,Hanna Barba cartoons, Looney Tunes, and Old School Star Trek are CBUB's untouchables.

Another thing, Lex was smarter than Mangeto... and he got beaten!

All Hail Doom!

Z-mage writes:

1. Doom has metal armor. Magneto controls metal.

Let's make that rule #1.

Dr. Doom is a master strategist. All the way. He has done quite a lot with a limited range of powers.

Doom even conquered the world once before.

Now is a good time to look back at rule #1.

I remember a book entitled "Marvel Super Villian Team Up" or some other such rubbish. Frankly I don't know who would be interested in a supervillian team up in the first place. Anyways, this issue was a Doom vs. Magneto one. Despite the title, there was no teaming up.

Look back at Rule #1.

Anyways, this story begins with Dr. Doom bored with having taken over the world.

That's right, the issue began with him having taken over the world. IIRC, Doom LET Magneto try to defeat him.

Why'd he choose Magneto? Let's just say it has nothing to do with Rule #1. IOW, I don't know.

Anyways, when Doom reveals to Magneto that he has taken over the world with an airborn plague that makes people worship Doom as their leader.

So how does Magneto react? Does he say, "So? What do I care? Remember rule #1?"


His reaction can best be summed up as "Holy $#!+! Doom's taken over the world. I need to get the Avengers or someone."

I can hear all of you asking "What about rule #1?" The answer is "Rule #1 DOESN'T MATTER!!!!"

So, anyways, Doom allows Magneto to choose one Avenger. Does Magneto choose the mighty Thor? The natural leader and most trusted man in the world Captain America? Does he choose one of the top industrialists Tony Stark?

No. He chooses the furry blue guy, Beast.

Anyway, to make a long story short, (I know, I know, 'too late!') eventually someone (not Doom) rips open Doom's mask, exposing him to the airborne 'obey Doom' virus, leaving Doom catatonic.

But still overlord of the Earth, mind you.

Which brings me to rule #2: Doom always wins.

BTW, Rule #2 trumps rule #1.

The choice is clear.

The Animator writes:

Actions speak louder than words, so lets see what these two have done as of late.

Doom: Has spent the last several years as Unquestioned ruler of Planet Doom. aka, the counter-Earth left over from Heros Reborn. Let me repeat that. Doom. Conquered. A. Planet.

Magneto: Got impaled by Wolverine. (Twice) Got stuck in a plastic prison during the Movie. And most notably, in X-Men: Evolution, Cyclops looked Magneto straight in the eye and threatened to blow his head off. To repeat, Magnus has been killed, imprisoned, killed again, and then punked by seventeen year old kid.

The smart money says Doom, folks.

epicgamesguy writes:

Sure Magneto looks like he coudl just whomp Dr.Doom at first. Calisto said, he wear metal armor and Magneto...well 'nuff said. But look at anotehr thing that was said, about how Dr.Doom ususally only loses to the Fantastic Four, whereas Magneto has to tackle the many (Too many!) X-Men. Whose the smarter villian? The stuipid guy who manages to makes an enemy of a group so large they span fifthy thousand titles? Ot the villain that generally only has to contend with four people?

Oh and yeah Dr.Doom is just cooler!

One more thing though, and this is in Magneto's favor: Doesn't Latvia have a resiatnce movemnet aginst Dr.Doom? (I saw one in an old Spiderman cartoon)

Onslaught / Lovecraft writes:

It's a non fight. I love Magneto dearly and he is one of my absolute favorite Supervillain/heroes but he just does not stand a chance here. Magneto is a threat on planetary level and can give EVERY hero on earth an run. Hence, the times he made a fool out of the combined avengers and controlled Thor's Uru-hammer.

But Doom, Doom is a UNIVERSAL Threat. Just look at his go record:

-Took over Planet Doom

-Controlled the original earth TWO TIMES but gave it up again.

-Beat Mephisto at his own game

-Beat the Beyonder

-Beat Galactus

-Beat Aron the Rogue Watcher


Doom might have already plans to take out every single superhuman being on Earth.

Hence, every computer tests the Governments did, did show they will loose if Doom decides to go into war with the first earth.

DEATH writes:

"Master of Magnetism" VS "a guy using a metal suit". Death says Magnus will squish Doc. Doom into a nice metal ball and use him for bowling practice

Joedylan writes:

Doctor Doom in his role as ruler of latvia, once made a deal with Henry Kissenger. You dont get get more evil. Doom all the way

The Bunyip writes:

I don't care what Wizard magazine says, this one is simple.

Dr. Doom wears a metal suit.

Magneto controls metal.

Any further questions should be directed to the Marvel Continuity department, that sanctuary for the terminally stupid since 1966.

AJ writes:

These two have actually gone toe to toes at least once before (well its the only comic I own with them actually fighting each other).

And I remember in this particular comic book they were too evenly matched for a winner to be decided.

However I gotta go with Magneto on this one. I mean whenever he goes batshit the whole world quivers with fear.

Lets look at the opponents:

Dr Doom: Lives in Latveria, wears armour that gives him a whole mess of powers plus gives him a small boost in strength. He's also smart , cunning and dangerous.

Magneto: HES THE MASTER OF FRIGGIN MAGNETISM! He can bend metal, reshape it, create electromagnetic fields etc. Whats Dooms armor made of? Metal thats right. He may be able to hold off Magmeto's attacks for a while but Magneto will keep changing his tactics unitil Doom is dead. Thats right DEAD!

Were talking about the guy that ripped the metal out of Wolverines bones and shut down electrical systems on Earth at one time. And he does this in his spare time!

Bottom line: Doom puts up a good fight, but in the end Magneto will lay the smackdown on his ass and use his armor as guttering for his house.

JSpektr writes:

Doom has this in the palm of his iron-clad hand. His force field allows him to ignore Magneto with impunity, and sit down for a cup of tea while he counts the ways he could crush him. Siphon his power the way he did the Surfer? Cancel his powers (if Forge can build a mutant neutralizer, Doom already has)? Magic spells? Ovarian mind swap?

Or he could go for pure embarressment, pick up a wooden baseball bat, and just beat Magneto into unconsciousness.

Jruggg writes:

Let's do an easy comparison between Victor Von Doom and Magneto:

Victor - Relies on brains and the resources of an entire nation to fuel his fiendish technological creations. Hell, with the crap he's pulled off in the comics so far, he can easily create some mutant-power nullifier to take Magnus down! Unfortunately, the idiot's still relying on his metal armour (why not change to kevlar or something?) unless he's using some man-made plastic that just looks like metal (possible indeed...). Victor probably could press gang Latvians into military service and send them (equipped with the latest weaponry) against Magnus - with the added support of his legions of droids, etc. Victor could also easily hire some two-bit super-villains to help him in a campaign against Magnus. I bet his ego would prevent him from hiring a villain of equal stature - think the Red Skull, etc.

Magneto - What the hell does Magnus have then? He's the most powerful mutant in the world - his magnetic powers are legendary. This will be a major advantage against a metal using freak like Doom. He ain't too shoddy in the mental department either. While he's no technological genius, he exhibits enough strategic capabilities and charisma to make a formidable general against the depredation of Doom! Furthermore, he has the advantage of his loyal mutant followers - heck, he already has a whole stable of willing mutants to fight for him! Even if Magnus does go down in a fight, him losing would probably send some psychic signal back to Prof. Charles Xavier. Guess what happens then? The x-men would probably move out and kick Doom's sorry butt! If that isn't enough, Xavier's always got the Shiar empire on call...

The verdict? Magnus wins hands down.

M.O.B. (-Man Of Battle-) writes:

Okay lets get one thing straight here, Magneto is not going too win!

I don't care what kind of powers he has Magneto is just simply no match for Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom is a clear complete super extraordinary genius. While Magneto is just extra smart. Magento seeks to destroy the human race so that he can rule the mutant race. As for Dr. Doom he wish to rule all, mutants included. And finally After all the top super villian charts I've read Dr. Doom is number one in all of them. So Dr.Doom is going to win! To say otherwise is just stupid!!

The ace of knaves writes:

Well , this is going to be one interesting battle ; both men are ruthless killers with incredible ability's and the recources of a small country (latveria/genosha) to support them. However ; I feel that doctor doom is going to win this one. Why ? Because the guy is a genius to put all other geniusses to shame (except maybe mister fantastic , but that's a different story). So do you think that a guy with an IQ of 4 digits is going to face the "master of MAGNETISM" in an Iron suit ? I don't think so. Victor is going to fabricate a non ferrous material that's even stronger than adamantium and make his armor out of it. He will also devise a shield wich neutralises Magnus' effect on the ferrous particles of his body and will even build a palm sized magnetical scrambler to render magneto's power usesless. Then he'll just have to use his molecular expander to create a 10 ton rock on top of Magneto and

that's all folks !!

Bakan writes:

After carefully thinking this over, I've come to my conclusion within less than a picosecond, Dr.Doom. First of all, Magneto just recently was nearly killed by Wolverine, a guy who has a frikin METAL SKELETON!!! Common. Doom, he's litterly stolen the power and abilities of Galatus, one of the most powerful baddies. He's smart, cunning, adaptable. Plus, he has lot's of long-range artillary, most of it easily adapted to affect magneto. Plus, Doom has a WAYYYY cooler costume that actually PROTECTS the wearer, unlike magnetos. Thus, to anyone with a shread of sense in them, it is obvious that Doom will win.

Ghost writes:

Wow! The babes are back! Wooohooo!

Ehm, sorry, got carried away there.

Anyway, as Calisto pointed out, Doom is dressed entirely in a metal armour and is going up against someone who can kill by manipulating the iron in a human's blood. A man who tosses Wolverine around and (after what I heard) actually ripped the adamantium out of his body (or was that Apocalypse?)! Seriously now, what does Doom got on Magneto?


-He's got a cooler name then Magneto.

-He dresses cooler the Magneto.

-He's got style, which is not Magneto's strong side.

-He is way smarter then Magneto.

-Let's face it, Doom only wants to enslave us, not destroy us, like Magneto.

Besides, I've seen them both in the same comic. Doom was bossing Magneto around. Doom struck fear in the heart of Magneto. Doom had the AUTHORITY!

He'll beat Magneto like a bad stepchild.

Prophet924 writes:

The only way Magneto takes DOOM down is by surprise. This is how I see it come down. . .

Magneto gets it in his thick skull that Victor Von Doom will be a larger hurdle in his Homo-Superior dominated world. Thus Erik decides to storm into Latveria and crush DOOM. Erik is no dummy so he plots his ambush carefully. He waits for another "bow before and adore your ruler" event for DOOM to stroke his ego. He sneaks into Latveria without DOOM being aware, decks himself out with "We Love DOOM" paraphinelia, and heads off to the public event. Erik gets closer and closer to the well guarded DOOM. As he approaches, he becomes giddy with the thought of removing one more obsticle to his perfect world.

DOOM in mid-proclaimation feels an odd sensation affecting his armor. Before he can react. CRUNCH! Magneto crushes him inside the very armor which protects him.

VICTORY! Erik reveals himself and begins to trash the retaliating Security-bots. The Latverian citizens watch in amazement to doom that befell DOOM. Some rejoiced in this while others feared what would come next.

Erik confidently gliding above the Latverian skys with crushed and broken security-bots laying all below him is awakened from his euphoric state of conquest with a blinding flash!

Suddenly before him in defiant and rather preterbed manner, hovers the all-powerful and not easily surprised DOOM!

"I do not know what possed such a powerful figure as yourself to launch an assault on DOOM. It is irrelevant for it will be the last molestation you bring upon DOOM and his people! I shall exact the expenses of my reflection you crushed out of your own well being."

The last thing that passes through Erik's mind before receiving DOOM's judgement is "them darn DOOMbots, always showing up when you least expect them."


AngelusJC writes:

Metal body vs. magnetic powers, gee can anyone not see Magneto bouncing Dr. Doom up and down like a basketball? It's Magneto, the most famous villain the X-men ever faced! This guy pimp slaps people like Wolverine around because of the metal in their bodies! He has his own continent full of mutant followers and the movie version of Magneto survived the holocaust, giving him the Rage TM.

Metalcam writes:

Well lets see here since this is my first foray into the critic world of fantasy matchups i want to start out saying this match has been building forever until now! Ok we have Dr. Shroom here who dabbles in magic and plays around with metal objects to make robots. He routinely gets his ass handed to him by the fabulous fantastic four and he still can't get it into his head that he can't win. I mean hes been beaten by so many others uuggghhh i don't want to list them all.

Now make room for Mr. Magnetism himself Magneto. First of all he has the word "neto" in his name that rocks. Lets not forget about this guy who lifted an asteroid and put it in orbit around the earth. lets not forget the efforts against apocolypse. He narrowly gets beaten by a large team of super powered mutants who we all lovingly call the XMEN. This guy plays with metal and turns it inside and out at his whims. Dr. Doom case in point is surrounded in a metal death box of electronics. We have to place him at huge disadvantage here right? of course we do.

Heres the number one reason why Magneto would win here hands down.

Anyone ever heard of an "EMP"

Well heres the low down. Its a Electromagnetic Pulse which in effect destroys all electrical ciruits and renders machines completey inoperable. Dr. Doom dressed in his best electrical doom suit and all his robot buddies to help out become usless. Dr. Doom wouldn't even be able to walk in that ton of armor anyways without electrical help.

Now that the battlefield is covered in scrap its Magneto and his fierce super mutant followers vs Dr. Doom.

Lets see how fast Dr. Doom can run or sell off his technology now eh???

Enough Said!!

Metalcam out!

Mr. Silverback writes:

Sorry Harley...Callisto's arguments hold buckets of water on this one. Ol' Maggie will soon be beating Victor like a big bass brum, which is appropriate, since big bass drums make this noise: Doom! Doom! Doom!

Now, let's return to a match I just had to call:

Whooooa! Clang! Ouch! Whooooa! Clang! Ouch! Whooooa! Clang! Ouch!

XXUTAK writes:

Doom never loses. Ever. At least, he wouldn't if the good guys didn't always have to win in comic books. Doom has hundreds of ways to get around a man with mere magnetic powers. If he has to, he'll create a suit of armor made of a non-magnetic alloy. He has more tricks up his sleeve than Magneto has had outer-space fortresses.

Matt writes:

Okay, people. This is just silly. A man famous for his armor going up against the Master of Magnetism. Good luck.

The only reason the X-men don't have to recruit a whole new roster every time they fight Magneto is because he wants to recruit them. He knocks them down, tries to convince them of the rightness of his cause, they get up. He knocks them down, lectures, they get up. He knocks them down *again*, sermonizes, and when they get up this time, they get lucky.

He has no such compunctions about humans. This is the man who crippled the whole *world* with a magnetic pulse and never even sweated, killing thousands of humans. Every time he fights humans, he swats them like bugs.

Dr. Doom will still be speechifying on how superior he is when Magneto turns his armor into an iron maiden, takes control of the Doombots, and renames Latveria New Genosha. Game, set, match. 2.8 seconds.

Talon Banewulf writes:

Magneto all the way. Let's break down the fight now, shall we? ooook. Dr. Doom first. Let's see, the Fantastic Four is all he has to worry about, along with the occasional appearance of the Silver Surfer. The fantastic four is a bunch of lame-o wimps. one of them can stretch. big deal. another turns invisible. so? a guy with incredible power? so is sabretooth, and magneto has been able to put HIM on HIS side. and finally johnny flame. who cares? Magneto has been plagued by the X-Men. thats a whole crapload of mutants, folks. theres the usual wolverine, cyclops, storm, jean gray/phoenix, prof. x. then youve got the rest of the bunch: gambit, rogue, colossus, archangel, nightcrawler, jubilee, beast, and a whole grip more. who cares if doom has a country in love with him: those are REGULAR homo sapiens! magneto has a whole island filled with MUTANTS! pluuuuus, magneto has to fend off apocalypse and his minions of sentinels as they try to destroy all mutantkind, aaaaand cable and bishop, who dont really like magneto. bottom line: magneto wins.

Darth_Maxx writes:

*Spoken by a metal-clad man with a smiley-face badge that says "Hi My Name Is Doom" pinned to his chest* FOOLS! DOOM WILL DESTROY THE "MASTER" OF MAGNETISM, AND THEN PROCEED TO CRUSH THE STARBUCKS RUN BY THE ACCURSED RICHARDS UP THE ROAD!

The Master of Nomenclature writes:

The vast intelligence difference should be obvious. Dr. Doom has managed to keep the name "Victor Von Doom" for as long as I can remember. Magneto can't decide whether he wants to be called "Magnus," "Erik Lensherr," "Joseph," or even "The White Pilgrim." Heck, Magneto is still trying to decide on his actual ethnicity. My guess is, due to his incredible indecisiveness, Magneto will still be filling out the mandatory paperwork by the time the match is supposed to start! Just think of how much trouble it's going to be for him to list all known relatives. Exactly how many Marvel characters has he claimed to sire? I don't know the exact number, but I sure hope he has a good eraser..

AdamWonder writes:

This war belongs to Dr.Doom.True,Magneto is a powerhouse,but Dr.Doom has far more than advanced technology on his side.He has the ability to switch his mind with another's.Also,he has magical abilities which are second only next to Dr.Strange,Earth's Sorcerer Supreme.And of course,he would have any number of contingencies ready for Magneto(who has also been beaten by the Fantastic Four before).As a last resort,he could always redo the outcome with his time machine or take away Magneto's powers as easily as he did to the Silver Surfer.This is a man who beat the Beyonder.Everything else is gravy.

Moonrazor writes:

Once again, an interesting matchup. Both of these guys are machiavellian, long-standing foes from Marvel's earliest days. However, I feel Dr. Doom should win this match, for a variety of reasons.

I have to admit that the edge in raw power goes to Magneto. His mastery over magnetic forces and Earth's magnetic field enable him to achieve a wide variety of astonishing effects, chief among those being the manipulation of metals. Doom's no slouch in the power department, though, with his technologically advanced armor and robots, as well as his magical abilities.

There will be a number of people out there who whine about Doom's armor being metal, and thus being putty in Magneto's hands. Those people have been reading too many mutant comics, and have not learned about the true intelligence of Dr. Doom! He's far too smart to not have created armor (and robots, machines, etc.) out of advanced polymer plastics or some other synthetic material. For starters, it would be a lot lighter. But Doom is also savvy enough to know that, sooner or later, somebody would come up with a magnetic attack to use against him, so he would be prepared for it.

Doom is also a lot smarter than Magneto. Magneto's no slouch, but come on - Doom's supposed to be as intelligent as Reed Richards, who makes time machines and dimensional portals!

Magneto may have a bunch of mutants hanging around, but that wouldn't worry Doom. I don't know who the mutants are, (I don't read those comics, as I find the number of mutant titles Marvel puts out X-Cessive. But I digress.) but it's a sure bet that Doom would. Doom doesn't recruit superhuman lackeys, like Magneto does. He makes them - Darkoth, Titania and Volcana being just a few I can think of off hand. Doom has the ability to modify normal humans to become pretty powerful superhumans, and if it's going to be a war between minions, Doom has an entire country of normal humans who he could potentially alter.

Doom is also hungrier than Magneto. All Magneto does is want to supplant Homo Sapiens with Homo Superior (I'll bet he had an easy time explaining that one to his Homo Sapiens mother.) Doom wants it more. He's stolen the power cosmic of the Silver Sufer, gone after the Infinity Gauntlet and even had the power of the Beyonder at one point.

The biggest reason why Doom should win, though, is class. Dr. Doom's got a lot more than Magneto. Any idiot can manipulate magnetism if he or she is born with the right genes. Doom's a self-made man. Rising from being a vagabond gypsy, to attending a prestigious university on the sheer brilliance of his intellect to becoming the ruler of a country was all part of growing up for him. The monarch of Latveria has had to work for everything he's gotten, with only his natural genius to help him. Magneto is just a punk with a bad attitude who got lucky in the gene pool. For those who scoff, look at Doom's mystical abilities and how he got them. A demon manages to capture his mother and imprison her in some netherworld, and what does Doom do? He goes out and teaches himself magic in order to rescue her. Maybe he's not on the level of Dr. Strange, but he's certainly comparable to Dr. Druid, Shaman or Talisman. For those of you who only read X-books, Doom's easily as magically adept as Pyetr Rasputin's sister, Magik. All of that, self-taught.

Dr. Doom is better than Magneto. He's smarter, has more resources, more ambitious, and knows what it is like to acheive a goal. He should win.

H. Torrance Griffin writes:

Being a fan of both, I had to be honest about thier relative capabilities in several areas.

Personal Power:

Maggie's power level is such that it is not a question of _if_ he can lay the world waste at will but if he feels like it.

Vic has sorcery and brain-switching in his side, but he just cannot compare here.

Advantage: Magneto


Both are known for Supervillian Tech(tm), but Victor carries his around with him... and it's impressive enough to counter the Personal Power rating Magnus has.

Advantage: Doom



On one hand, Magneto is easily one of the 20 most brilliant men on MU's Earth (remarkable considering that he was entirely self-educated).

On the other, Victor is easily in the top five, and has an even broader field of knowledge.

Game, Set, and Match: Doom.

Dr. Doom Fanboy writes:

This is another no-contest fight that has me baffled...Does anyone remember Dr. Doom using Magneto as his bitch in the Super Villain Team-ups series? Magneto--a guy who is supposed be a grand master of magnetism, has somehow managed to not kill Colosus or Wolverine??? One of Dr. Doom's Doombots has managed at one point to capture and torture the X-men team. Magneto doesn't fight the Fantastic Four becuz he is not nefarious enough to warrant their efforts. Reed Richards is supposed to be the smartest guy on Earth and Dr. Doom A) built a time machine that he couldn't design but was happy to replicate B) thinks of things all the time that catch Reed Richards off guard. Dr. Doom picks fights w/Silver Surfer, Thor, Mephisto, The Beyonder, Galactus and his will could not be bent by any of these jerks (except in instances where he was stealing their power and couldn't quite handle it perfectly). Who thought this fight up? Did i mention that Magneto gets a hard time from a guy who's skeleton is laced w/metal? Von Doom Will *RULE* ALL!

Kevin the Nonsensical writes:

Dr. Doom is THE ultimate bad guy. Have the Fantastic Four ever defeated him ONCE? Nope. What does he have? While I don't know much about him, I know that he has super-advanced technology that renders him nearly invincible. Plus, Magneto might destroy him, only to find out it's a robotic replica....allowing von Doom to blast him from behind! Also, I bet he has invented some device that can counter Magneto's magnetic powers. That's all I have to say. Now if you'll excuse me, I must watch this battle...for once von Doom wins the battle, he will be weak enough for me to destroy him, allowing ME to rule the world! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (cough cough)

SuperFreak writes:

As close of a call as it is. I have to go with Magneto. Doom is covered in metal and just about everything he does has metal components. Magneto has a country of powerful mutants and an army that has kicked the crap out all the x-teams numerous times. Doom has cannon fodder robots that are about as powerful as Shredders foot soldiars. Magneto has smacked around just about everybody in the marvel universe and only been narrowly defeated. Beating Doom is almost initiation into the Marvel universe. Who hasnt beaten him? The guy even lost to Squirrel Girl, Punisher, and Daredevil. He should be above them. Did i mention he lost to Squirrel Girl? As much as i like Doom he gets beaten far to easily by the weakest of foes. Magneto only gets his plans delayed for a while by the most powerful of enemies.

superbadger writes:

I hate the X-Men comics nuff said

But in any case Dr. Doom is pretty intelligent, you don't for one moment think he wont plan ahead and find a way cancel out the magnetism do you, It'll probably be something like Magneto turns on the magnets Dr. Doom thows a pail of knives, nails, swords and other assorted sharp, metal fun stuff which impales Mr magneto like the spiked walls in a bad action movie (you know the ones closing in on the heroes)

But in all when in doubt vote against the bad, horrible suckfest movie, X-Men (why do you think I came to hate the comic so much in the first place.

rubberducky writes:

Magneto,the master of magnetis,has been a thorn in the side of many of the most powerful heroesof the marvel universe.Doom is one of the greatest minds in the marvel universe. Dont think that Doom has not thought of the possibility of crossing swords with ol bucket head. It will certainly be a long all out battle but even if technology fails Doom is still an accomplished sorcerer and that may be the deciding factor. Dont get me wrong. Im a huge Magneto fan, even more than Doom. But you cant discount a man who went up against the beyonder and won. As far as intellect is concerned, while no slouch in the brains department, Maggie's not quit in Vic's league another deciding factor. As far as raw power is concerned it is all Magneto's. But this fight wont be quite so one diminsional. Doom wins by a head.

Chuckg writes:

The deer is dead, man. That big lizard's gonna squish it like a big. This is gonna be a two-hit fight -- the Big Bad's gonna hit the little putz and the little putz is gonna hit the Source Wall...

... wait, you mean this *isn't* the "Bambi vs. Godzilla" match?

*Chuckg rubs his eyes*

Oh. My mistake. Well, it's perfectly understandable.

Guys, there are only two words to describe this duel -- "Mis" and "Match". In the one corner, you have a man... no, an entity... who has repeatedly bitch-slapped and cage-stuffed Heralds of Galactus. Who is one of the very few, perhaps only, supervillain masterminds to *successfully* conquer the entire world. Twice. Doom rules a planet he conquered entirely by the force of his own will, starting from nothing. Doom can inspire and maintain the loyalty of competent, trustworthy subordinates. (Lancer). Doom has a willpower that not even the Beyonder could break, and has been directly slammed on by Galactus and walked away. Right now there are two Heralds of Galactus and one renegade Watcher, beings that can each destroy a planet single-handed practically by farting on it, who are all sitting around crying into their cosmic beers going "Man, I just got so *violated*... I feel so *used*!"

Doom is a man who has made planets tremble with the sound of his voice. The combined forces of the Avengers, SHIELD, and the US military once calculated -- in quadruply-confirmed calculations, one set having been done by Reed Richards -- that they had *ZERO* chance to take down Doom without the aid of Reed and the FF.

The match-up of "Victor Von Doom vs. the Entire World" has already been fought. So far, the score-card is Doom -- 3, Planet Of Heroes -- jack.

Doom is a man who has been countered by only one force... the only other man whose intellect even begins to equal his own, a man backed up by the stalwart aid of three of the most powerful and experienced heroes on the planet. The FF is it, the ultra plus elite of heroism... they've got teamwork that makes the X-Men, to quote a friend of mine, "look like a bunch of drunken bikers fighting over who slept with who's sister." And this force is just *barely* sufficient unto the day to stop Doom's plans, and has never really incarcerated Doom himself.

(Oh yes, and we've also seen that if those three heroes ever stop backing Reed and switch to Doom's team, then Reed gets *punked*.)

When your own arch-nemesis can't take you single-handed, you *know* you're bad.

OTOH, let's look at Magneto's record:

He's a failure. He's a total, repeat failure. Tried to conquer the Earth X zillion times... got munched. Tried to become a good guy... choked. Tried even just to keep half a dozen teenagers in line... total flop-sweat. Even Genosha was just a consolation prize -- nobody else *wanted* that rock. The bluff and bluster with the nuclear attack had its part to play, but if anybody had actually *liked* the idea of hanging onto a small rock full of a genocidal mutant/human civil war and not much else, they'd still be fighting him for it.

OTOH, have we looked at Latveria and Planet Doom recently? Can we say "Order out of chaos?" Can we say "The people love him?" Can we say "Even *his own worst enemies* have had to agree that Doom is the best possible ruler for those lands?"

Oh, and then there's his relations with other villains. Magneto's taken lumps from everybody from the Red Skull on down to his own traitorous Acolytes. Then there's Doom... who no man dares to cross.

I mean, think about it. *Other megalomanaics* aren't crazy enough to want to take on Doom. There are villains are so suicidally overconfident that they'd stand and look at the entire FF and laugh -- but Doom can make them wet their pants with a single look. Unless the menace is incredibly cosmic, Doom doesn't even have to fight anymore -- virtually anything mortal, save the most dedicated heroes, surrenders as soon as it sees him. This man is so intimidating that he makes Batman look like a Care Bear.

Few sane men will cross Magneto. But not even *lunatics* are crazy enough to even think of the future possibility of someday maybe going against Doom's will.

Oh yes, and Magneto vs. Doom's already been done in the comics, twice.

Lemme see -- in the one, Magneto was under Doom's mind control all along and never knew it. And in the other, Doom just pushed one little button and all of Magneto's powers turned right off.

So let's just get this over with. Doom. Stomps Magneto. For Two Hours.

Now hurry up, I look forward to next week's much more thrilling and less lopsided match... "Martian Manhunter vs. Firelord".

Basara7 writes:

Hmmm, Doom vs Magneto�

Well, I�ve grown on tales of both. These are two of the baddest mortals to walk the pages of Marvel Comics. Both are complex characters, with personal histories to justify their actions, and ruthlessness to condemn them as well. Let�s look at each individually:


The self styled savior of mutants. He is the world�s number 1 enemy. He frightens the world�s leaders and has more than once used or threatened the world with nukes. His mastery of magnetic forces grants him tremendous personal power and few can stand against him face to face in terms of sheer raw power. If this were strictly a contest of power, Mags would win this one running. However, it is not.

Dr. Doom:

A scientific genuis on par with none other than Reed Richards himself. Callisto may think that Doom is weak for losing against a group of 4 people (how many times did she lose against Xena, Gabby, Joxer, and Autolycus anyway?), but that foursome always had Richards to lead the charge against his arch rival. Doom has the scientific knowledge to create damn near anything. We�re talking about a man whose lust for power allowed him to come up with ways to steal the powers of cosmic beings such as the Silver Surfer and the Beyonder. Much as I hated the concept of the Beyonder, we are talking about a character with power bordering on God�s. Doom challenged him, defeated him, and stripped him of his power. That�s just with his scientific genuis. Time to add the clincher, Doom also studies the mystical arts and has outsmarted none other than Mephisto himself.

Anyone who can strip God of his powers and cut deals with the Devil in his favor should have no trouble with Magneto, but since this is normally a popularity contest, I see Mags winning. Still, maybe I�ll be surprised.

In any case, Doom should win on one merit alone. He rid the CBUB universe of Britney Spears.

TheAugustKing writes:

Two insanely powerful beings, both of whom control a country, both of whom have battled and defeated incredibly powerful opponents. What's different? Two things: Magneto isn't as out there as Doom. Doom outwitted the Devil and bested the Beyonder. Magneto has beaten...a guy in a wheelchair?

The other thing is that Doom has more to draw from. He's a longstanding world leader whereas Magneto is new to it. He not only has incredible technological savvy he also has that magic that people often forget about. He is second only to Dr. Strange. This fight goes to the man in the iron mask.

But how is he a doctor if he never finished college?

Drone 47 writes:

Magneto has control over metal.

Dr. Doom has control over magic.

Dr. Doom calls up a minor demon to assassinate Magneto.

Magneto tries to control the demon.

The demon is not made of metal.


Magneto's power is just that, _A_ power. Dr.Doom's use of magic allows him access to many different powers and makes Magneto's single ability irrelevant.

BRAXXUS writes:

Now this is a fight worth commenting on!! Two men that have had the entire world panicking on literally dozens of occassions. I know a lotta people would pick Doom because of his seemingly superhuman intellect and endless supply of vast technology at his disposal. However, Magneto is probably the most powerful mutant on the planet, Not only is he the Master of Magnetism, but he can control electricity, various types of radiation, heat, even cold even though most of those abilities haven't been displayed to any real degree. Magneto can lift or levitate objects like battleships, submarines, virtually anything made of metal or simply control it in a variety of ways. Mags can also generate magnetic fields around something in case it isn't made of metal and still be able to manipulate it. I mean Hell, he can generate nearly impenetrable force fields, fly at supersonic speeds, has some of the most powerful psionic shields of anyone on earth, and is a formidable hand to hand fighter. I know Doom is a formindable guy in his own right mostly because of his intelligence but hey, Magneto isn't stupid by any stretch of the imagination and to top things off..Doctor Doom's armor is made of iron..Iron is a metal..Magneto can control metal. Doom is a cool character I think, one of the all time great villains of the comic book world, but in a straight up fight with Magneto Doom has absolutely no chance in Hell of winning. Magneto all the way.

Spaceballs writes:

Aside from the brains, powers, abilities, and resources all of which I think Dr. Doom has over Magneto, Doom just has more drive. Magneto may have survived concentration camps and saw his parents die and whatnot but Doom just has that evil megalomaniac mentality. To me, Magneto is a really angry human (or mutant) being whereas Dr. Doom is more pure comic book villainry.

But, it's all moot after I compare brains. Doom gives Mr. Fantastic a run for his money over "smartest man on the planet". If Magneto's mutant power were to somehow be eliminated, he has no backup.

Darkshifter writes:

Most people would automatically vote for Magneto on this one. I mean, c'mon, Doom's entire armor is made of metal. Or is it? Doom is a smart cookie, one of the smartest in the Marvel Universe. He'd be smart enough not only to make sure that Magneto's powers are ineffective against him, but to also battle him from afar. Dr. Doom is dictator of an entire country, Latveria. He'd use his vast wealth and intellect to weaken Magneto first by sending in massive amounts of DoomBots (also re-wired so Magneto's powers would be useless), using superior weapons on the mutant, and then go in for the kill himself. Doom has created a time machine for pete's sake! Getting rid of a would-be world conquerer will be no match for his glorious Doom-type noggin.

Robert writes:

Dr.Doom and Magneto have fought before and Magneto's powers were useless against his force field and Magneto ran for his life. Lets compare Magneto has been defeated by Sentinels(robots) so Dr. Doom's Robot's could possibly beat him. Magneto can use magnetism as a weapon, modern electronics can be use to control magnetic fields, however Dr. Doom can make devices to control gravity modern science does not know how to do that, he also knows how to control time travel something we haven't been able to do yet, so he's far more advanced than Magneto. Magneto was easily defeated by a guy called the Stranger. The Stranger's not so great even the lowly Toad could steal the Stranger's Technology. Dr. Doom could easily travel into the future and get technology far more advanced than the Stranger. So the Victory should easily go to Dr. Doom.

Mystechs writes:

Setting aside the obvious tactical advantages Magneto enjoys over Dr. Doom (speaking of which, I hope Victor has some Advil around the castle to help him dull the pain after Magneto causes his mask to implode), let's take a moment to talk long-term strategy.

What's Dr. Doom's ultimate goal? To take over the world. Alexander the Great tried it. Napoleon tried it. They all failed miserably. Honestly, taking over the world's a pretty silly objective. Whenever I hear of a villain trying to take over the world, it makes me think of a kid chasing a squirrel or rabbit around the back yard. Obviously, the kid hasn't given the least bit of thought as to what, exactly, he's going to do with the thing should he catch it. Ultimately, it's a pointless chase.

All right, so what's Magneto's goal? To liberate Mutantkind from human oppression. An entirely reasonable goal, if you ask me, considering all the successful civil rights movements of the past century. And sure, Magneto's taking the Malcom X route, but every successful social movement - from labor rights to civil rights to women's lib - has had its militant wing. Whether or not you approve of his means, Magneto's ends do have some merit.

So, in summary, even if Doctor Doom "wins" this match it won't bring him any closer to his ultimate goal, so what's the point? Magneto's work is too important to let some megalomaniacal two-bit, po-dunk, third-world dictator stand in his way.

Victory: MAGNETO! Viva la revolucion!!!

Will writes:

Dr Doom vs. Magneto? Excuse me while I fall off my chair with laughter.

Seriously, the X-Men are dangerous. Two thirds of them have had their own Limited Serieses. Half of them used to be bad guys. Magneto not only beats the crap out of them, he takes on the Avengers single-handed for an encore.

On the other hand, with all due respect to the great Ben Grimm, the rest of the not-so-bloody Fantastic Four are a bunch of useless pantywaists. Doom goes down to these guys. Repeatedly.

Doom died once. He was killed by something called Onslaught, that was originally fifty per cent Magneto.

Oh yeah, and the Doombots? Magneto has his own Robots, Savage Land and Genoshan Mutates, and the Acolytes (including the near-omnipotent Exodus) to back him up, and that's if the X-Men aren't on his side this month. Not to mention that his children are two of the more powerful members the Avengers have had.

Doom's ass is grass. Or iron filings.

Acostus, Devourer of Threads writes:

The main thing one has to remember about a Doom-Magneto battle is that it'll either be initiated by Doom, or Doom will know Magneto is coming. It's highly unlikely Magneto would get the drop on him, what with his advanced sensors, spy satellites, and intelligence gathering capabilities.

Which means that Doom will be prepared to deal with Magneto. I'm sure he would have counter-measures in place to prevent him being directly affected by Magneto's powers. After all, if Iron Man can shield his armor from Magneto, so can Doom.

Doom also has other resources he can use against Magneto besides his armor. He's a scientific genius with a whole aresenal of advanced inventions. He has the resources of an entire planet available to him (Planet Doom), including many super powered denizens, which he can use to counter any mutants Magneto might bring along. He's also a master of the mystic arts, having been trained by the Sorceror Supreme himself (see Triumph and Torment graphic novel).

Finally, if worst comes to worst, he can use the power he got from the alien Ovids and switch bodies with Magneto, thus trapping Magneto in his armor while Doom gains Magneto's awesome power.

So, when all is said in done, Doom emerges triumphant (at least until the Fantastic Four catches up with him).

Inner Fury writes:

Here we have possibly one of the best fights to be formulated in a long while, and I'm talkin' about some very outstanding fights here. But alas, this may turn out to be like the Braveheart/Maximus or HawkeyePierce/BonesMcCoy fights: two big names in a very small fight. Then again, it might turn out like the SpiderMan/Wolverine fight: two big names in an excellent, edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, popcorn-tossing, yelling-at-the-monitor rush of excitement.

Callisto was right to make the obvious mention of Magneto being able to crush Victor like the tin can that he resides within. But there's more to it than just power.

Doom is the leader of a small, back-water, poor European nation. his people follow him on account of the fact that they NEED someone to follow. He is what makes Latveria what it is: nothing. Why? Because he's too busy sitting in his mansion on the cliff, developing new technolgies to rule the world with and thinking up ways to make Reed Richards' underpants constrict yet not stretch. He's got a complex. And he acts it out through determination and superior technology. But he's also hung up on other matters. He can't go after another bad guy! He's got to go after the good guys, and get them out of the way, first!

Magneto, on the other hand, is leader of a coaltion of human-hatin' mutants (who happen to be hated by humans!). His legions follow him because they are determined to make themselves superior, and because much like the Black Panthers, are pretty damn pissed that humans treat them like an inferior race. Magneto's got plans, baby, and he's got the resources available to him to play them out. He's pissed at the Nazis, he's pissed at humanity, and he's pissed at the X-Men. (though he does highly respect Prof. X and does treat him as an equal) What does that mean? He's got intelligent rage on his side, and he WILL use it. The Earth is one big magnet; even if he has to kill himself in the process, Magneto can kick ANYONE'S ass!

I voted for Magneto because he's got the motivation and the means. Doom is bad, sure, but imagine if he wasn't the creation of Marvel Comics? (or he was featured in one of those "Mature Audiences Only" comics Marvel sometimes does) He'd be super-bad! Magneto, however, is always bad to the bone.

When I voted, I tied the votes at 883. Now, it seems Doom is slightly ahead. If this ties, or goes too close to call, creative writing could see Magneto falling to his knees. (he is relatively emotional) But a petition to those who will write the battle: please don't have Magneto crushing dozens of Doom-look-alike Doom Bots before he gets to Doom himself, and please don't make Magneto's force field seem all-powerful until Doom miraculously finds a way to penetrate it. (DO make hordes of Doom Bots get pummeled by an electromagnetic pulse from Magneto's hands!)(just don't let them tire Magneto out to the brink of brain-explosion, as we've seen before...)

The Lucky One writes:

Fact: When Magneto is trying to be a good guy, he will allow Doom to treat him like a little bitch, and not do a thing to stop it. (FF vs. the X-Men)

Fact: Magneto is no longer trying to be a good guy.

Fact: When Magneto is angry, he will rip the metal from the skeleton of a man he once considered a close friend and ally without hesitation. (X-Men #25)

Fact: Magneto possesses enough raw power to disrupt the earth's E-M field, causing worldwide power failures, and enough fine control to lock onto the iron in one's bloodstream and stop its movement. (Also X-Men #25, UXM #304)

Fact: Grant Morrison is a wanker, and he tried to kill Magneto. ("New" X-Men #115)

Fact: Doom debuted wearing bright green pantaloons. Let me repeat: PANTALOONS. (FF #5)

Any questions?


"But tonight, Logan, for you -- perhaps for me -- the curtain drops... and the play is finished."

Wakanda writes:

Sr. Doom has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS had a fatal flaw in most of his supreme plans. If both came head to head, I'd readily give it to Magneto simply because Doom usually needs to plan ahead. In sheer power, I doubt Doom's armor can readily withstand Magneto's onslaught. However, he has a very good chance on beating Mags if he had the chance to fortify his armor...However, as I said in the beginning, most of his master plans normally fail because of some flaw he was too arrogant to account for.

the Economist writes:

Let us look at the tale of the tape.

Dr Doom: With his armor, Doom can liftsome 2 tons, fire energy blasts from his gauntlets and utilize numerous hiddengadgets and weapons. His keen scientific mind has built incredible robots, devastating weapons and a working time machine. Doom is also a capable sorcerer, and knows an alien technique to switch bodies with others.

Magneto: A mutant with the ability to control magnetism. Can lift 30,000 tons, assemble complex machinery in mid-air and erect magnetic force fields around himself. He has refined his mutant abilities to the point where he can control the iron in people's blood.

(info from Wizard Darkbook 98)

People Doom has beaten:

Beyonder (Secert Wars #8)

Galactus (FF:wgcm #10)

Mephisto (Triumph and Torment)

Silver surfer (Infinity Gaunlet #2)

Incredible Hulk (FF 320)

Dr Doom currently rules his own planet.

People Magneto has beaten:


Russian nuclear submarine


Magneto did rule an Genosa, a mutant populated island but it was destroyed.

Doom often fights enemies in a class far above any Magneto fights.

"No one rivals Doom! There is no power on Earth, no intellect in all creation, to equal mine!"

Borneo Jimmy writes:

This is an excellent matchup, but Magneto just isn't enough of a mastermind to take Doom. Doom schemes his way around any adversary he encounters, doing whatever is necessary in the way of self-improvement to win; the most extreme example would be mastering sorcery and very nearly stealing Dr. Strange's power.

I guess it's really a matter of motivation and ambition. Mags has more innate power, but that very fact makes him relatively complacent. And his sights are lower; world domination for the mutants, blah blah. Doom goes after COSMIC power when he can (see The Infinity Gauntlet); he takes shots at entities like Kang the Conqueror, not caring that he may very well BE Kang himself. He'll have files on every mutant in Magneto's stable and a plan to deal with each of them. He's just *like* that, know what I mean?

The Herald of Doom writes:

The biggest thing Magneto has in his arsenal is his power over magnetism. Now, it's awesome, but I doubt he'd be able to employ it directly against Doom due to counter-measures in Doom's armor.

Doom, on the other hand, not only has one of the most advanced examples of power armor on the planet, but also brings to the table sorcery, martial prowess, and nigh-godlike intellect. Not to mention the resources of an entire planet and technological advances which can puzzle even Reed Richards.

So, while it will be an entertaining fight, Doom wins in the end.

Suggestion for the next bout, Doom versus Kang the Conqueror, with Earth as the prize.

Doombot #4312539 writes:

Magneto? Bah! To hell with the mutie!. I mean, he has those nifty magnetic powers, but in the core he is just a superpowered Malcom X. Heck, he even was the leader of the x-men at some time, the very guys that foil every good plan he ever had. I mean, how stupid can you be?. And the fact that his country, Genosha, lies in rubble and ashes right now doesn't talk very good about his leadership. i addmit it, he is a though cookie, but nowhere at the level of Doom.

And good ol' Dr. Doom? He wrote the book about how to be a kick ass villan. Beyond all the gadgets (if you can call a time machine a "gadget"), the Iron Man level nuclear powered armor, and the amgic abilities (second only to Dr. Strange!), lies a man with an unbreakable will to win and never accept defeat. And don't forget that he has contraptions prepared for any contingency, even mutant powers.

Oh! and taxes are a lot better in Latveria than Genenosha! Hail Doom!

King of the Potato People writes:

While Doom may have been planning a way to defeat him for years, Magnus has probably been doing the same. Both are expert strategists with a long history of using their pawns (or Doombots) to their advantage. In a full scale invasion of Latveria by Magnus, it would be VERY tough, but Magnus would still pull off the win. Why? An army of mutants will lay the unholy smackdown on the Doombot army, and use the spare parts for new appliances for the Genoshan economy. As far as a one on one, I give it to Magnus as well. Let's look at the psychological aspect here. Dr Doom still can't get over the fact that he was trounced in Nerd School by that damned Richards. Magnus can't get over the fact that the Nazi's had him in a concentration camp as a child. Hell, Doom gets his ass handed to him by a fucking rock, whereas it takes a worldwide assault to take on Magnus, and even then it just pisses him off. If only it had been the Mego Doom from Twisted Mego Theatre......




Quinn:   Wow. The mailbag sure overflowed this week.

Callisto:   Yep, sure did... and here we are LIVE ready for the rumble!

Quinn:   Magneto steps from the Arena gate East to the cheer of the crowd! He's looking very regal. Very self confident.

Callisto:   And from the West gate, Dr. Doom is in the house! The crowd goes nuts for the green skirted Lord of Latveria.

Quinn:   Now folks, we know these two wield awesome powers, so for the protection of the people in the stands...

Callisto:   ...not to mention the universe at large...

Quinn:   ...not to mention the universe at large, we have encased the Arena in a God-Proof force field. Pretty cool, huh?

Callisto:   And there's the signal to start! This fight is on!

Quinn:   Magneto wastes no time... using his power to lash out at Doom's metal armor.

Callisto:   This could be a quick fight...

Quinn:   ... but... wait...

Callisto:   Doom's just standing there. Arms folded, looking smug.

Quinn:   The first ploy by Magneto seems to have no effect on Doom's armored form! Wait! Now Doom is calmly striding forward across the Arena sand towards Magneto.

Callisto:   Magnus has stopped using his Magnetic power. Now he is walking towards Doom. It's like they're about to talk to each other.

Quinn:   It's OK, Cally, they're just going into exposition mode. All villains do that. Trust me.

Callisto:   I never did. Well, while we have a second, let's go down to our special Sideline Commentator Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, of the Fantastic Four. Reed, can you give some insight into what we just saw?

Reed Richards:   Thank you Callisto. I was monitoring the power output from Magneto. It was very light... almost like a probe. Not an attack. However, being the Master of Magnetism, his power acts like a 6th sense... just like his eyes or his ears. I'm sure he learned of any defenses Doom has erected and if he can effect them. Likewise, I monitored several scans from Doom as well. My sensors tell me Doom has his armor de-magnetized and shielded... but much of it is still made of metal. Knowing Victor Von Doom as I do, I'm sure he came prepared for the Master of Magnetism, today. Magneto is no fool, either. Hard to say what could happen out here today. Back to you Callisto.

Callisto:   Thank you Reed. Well, the two are standing within spitting distance of each other. Let's get a mike down on the field and see what this is all about.

Dr. Doom:   Your feeble powers can not withstand the power of Doom. Leave now, Magnus, and remain unharmed.

Magneto:   My name is Inigo Montoyo. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Dr. Doom:   What is this foolishness?

Magneto:   It's not for you to understand.

Quinn:   Hey, I know that... HOLY SHI*!!!!

The Arena of Khazan:   WHHAAAAMMM!!!!!

Callisto:   AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Quinn:   Massive EMP Pulse! God, it took out the God-Proof Sheild! It took out everything! It's all toast!

Callisto:   My Goddess... LOOK!!!!

Quinn:   All the sand in the Arena... everything metal from the crowd...

Callisto:, buttons, pens, TV's...

Quinn:   All flyin' at supersonic speed at Doom!

Callisto:   The Arena superstructure's going!

Quinn:   Can't hear! A million sonic booms at once!

Callisto:   Magneto is flying high in the air... controlling the swirling chaos of material slamming into Doom's armored form!

Quinn:   I can't see nothin'! It's a blizzard down there!

Callisto:   The crowd is in a blind panic, trying to get outta the stadium!

Quinn:   All that junk hitting Doom, it's breaking into the tiniest of pieces! I think Mags might have done in Doom's Force Field with that shock wave! I think...

Callisto:   No! Don't you see?! Magneto is trying to re-magnetize Doom!

Quinn:   I had trouble getting through physics.

Callisto:   Let's go down to Reed Richards again ... Damnit! All the electronics here are fried!

Quinn:   Don't matter. See, there's Reed over there trying to get spectators to safety.

Callisto:   WAIT! Can it be?

Quinn:   Doom is clawing his way out of the chaos! Rising... He shoots his hand blasters at Magneto!

Callisto:   They bounce harmlessly off Magneto's force field... No, Doom's still firing... what's that?

Quinn:   Some kind'a plastic missiles... MIRV-type! Deploying more plastic missiles! Like, the size of needles! Thousands of needles!

Callisto:   Magneto has some control over the force of gravity. He's trying to drop them... He doesn't get them all...

Quinn:   Many bounce harmlessly of Magneto's force field... Some are getting through!

Callisto:   A couple of needle things make a solid connection with Magneto...

Quinn:   He's goin' freakin' berserk, Cally! Magneto is gone postal!!!

Callisto:   Magneto is pulling cars out of the parking lots now! Slamming them at incredible speeds upon Doom! Pieces of nearby buildings! Anything around the Arena! God, it's a wrecking yard out there!

Quinn:   Pressing at doom with magnetics... pulling Doom with gravity! Can't see Doom anymore. He's buried.

Callisto:   Whoa! Whoa! Wait! It's all coming to an end! Magneto is sweating... slowly floating down. He looks kind of sick.

Quinn:   Wonder what those needle things were that Doom hit him with?

Callisto:   My guess... Mutant Nullifiers. Too late to save Doom, though. Look, there he is! Doom, totally mangled in the incredible rubble. Looks like his armor is cracked.

Quinn:   Wow.

Callisto:   Goddess... we're going to need a new Arena.

Quinn:   Magneto is out there laughing in triumph!

Callisto:   Yeah, but it cost him. I wonder how long he's lost his mutant powers for.

Quinn:   Say... get a load of that, Cally. Some brave hot dog vendor from the Arena is goin' out ta' congratulate Magnus.

Callisto:   Do we have any back-up power to get a microphone down there?

Quinn:   Nope. It's all a big ruined mess. Well, lessee... the Hot Dog guy is shakin' hands with Magneto. And now the Hot Dog guy is makin' Magneto a Chicago Style Dog. Mmmmmm.

Callisto:   ...And now the Hot Dog Guy is pulling out A GUN!

Quinn:   And shooting Magneto! Repeatedly! Blam! Blam! Blam!

Callisto:   Oh, the irony. Magneto downed by a random act of violence from a passing Hot Dog Guy.

Quinn:   No, wait. The Hot Dog Guy is walkin' over to Doom. Now wait! The Hot Dog Guy just passed out. This is too strange.

Callisto:   No, Quinn It all makes perfect sense. See there, Doom is pulling himself out of the rubble. It's the old Ovid mind swap. See, here's what happened.

Quinn:   Tell me oh wizard, oh wise one.

Callisto:   Doom sets his armor on Auto Pilot then mind swaps with a Hot Dog guy in the stadium Knowing Magneto is going to make an EMP pulse his first play and knowing also it will most likely bring down the sheild. Then, freaked out Hot Dog Guy what got mind swapped finds himself stuck in Dooms armor while Doom runs around the stands in the Hot Dog guy's body and finds his contact in the stands.

Quinn:   Ahhhh! Then Doom's auto-pilot armor does the dirty work with one directive - Nullify Magneto. Doom's armor, body and the mind of the Hot Dog guy take a serious beating, but when it's all said and done Doom waltzes up with a Saturday-Night Special and blows poor Magnus away. Mm, Mmmm, Mmmmmmm.




'Nuff Said!


Dr. Doom: 1137

Magneto: 1129




Callisto:   Now, don't you feel better that we covered the fight well in this alternate universe?

Quinn:   Yeah, well, I guess. Magneto sure got off easier in the Sucky Commentary, though.


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