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Black Bolt vs. Captain Marvel


Callisto:    You know Clown Girl... there's just something about this place that keeps pulling me back. I try to move on... but somehow, I keep circling back to Khazan.

Harley Quinn:    Yeah, I knowwhatyamean! I know just how you feel. I seem to have trouble stayin' away, too, yeah. I try to get away, but somethin' allways drags me back. You know what that is?

Callisto:    No. What is it?

Harley Quinn:    You!

Callisto:    Moi? I Drag you back?

Harley Quinn:    Yes. And usually in chains.

Callisto:    Yes, well, chains are a good look on you, Clown Girl.

Harley Quinn:    Really? Ya' think? They're kind'a heavy tho'.

Callisto:    Why yes. Besides, don't you get tired of wasting your life away in Gotham City?

Camera Man:    We're on the air in Five... Four...

Harley Quinn:    What's with you Psycho Barbie... You're like, starting to wax sentimental... or something...

Camera Man:    We're on the air in Two... One... We're Live

Callisto:    Hello people of Khazan and Welcome to another exciting edition of CBUB. We are LIVE at the universally famous Arena of Khazan for today's match: BlackBolt vs. Shazam! I am goddess Callisto and to my left...

Harley Quinn:    wrapped up in chains

Callisto:    ...Wrapped up in chains...

Harley Quinn:    is Clown Girl

Callisto:    is my assistant Harlene Quinnzelle.

Harley Quinn:    Wow. My name. That's a first. Something strange going on with her.

Callisto:    But before we begin, lets go down into the stands with our sideline crew to get your opinions on the fight.



Due to a tragic programming error, all the comments on this fight were erased on the server. However, we found the problem and it won't happen again.



Callisto:    ...And we seem to be having some technical difficulties with the sideline crew...

Harley Quinn:    But look! Out onna hot sand of da' fighter's pit - it's Shazam and BlackBolt. The crowd goes nuts!

Callisto:    And up goes the God-Proof sheilding around the Arena of Khazan. When hosting contenders of this power level the Arena pulls out all the stops to keep the crowd safe from harm.

Harley Quinn:    our two contenders walk towards each other from opposite ends a' da' pit. They shake hands.

Callisto:    And there's the Bell to Begin!

Harley Quinn:    Da' two heroes circle each other, both inna martial stance.

Callisto:    I have it on good authority that BlackBolt uses a style of martial arts trained to him by his fellow Inhumnan Karnak.

Harley Quinn:    And Captain Marvel, we will see, uses an ancient Greko-Roman martial style as kind of a wrapper around more progressive Eastern Kung-Fu. It is a strange fusion... must be all that Greek God influence in his powers.

Callisto:    Shazam takes the lead with some quick jabs... probing the defenses of Black Bolt.

Harley Quinn:    Black Bolt wards them off... but attempts no counter strike. Seems to be studying Shazam...

Callisto:    Shazam makes a solid move... Kidney punch...

Harley Quinn:    ...BLOCKED!... Black Bolt with some fancy footwork...

Callisto:    ... Shazam pulls back... bob and weave ... no move yet from Black Bolt...

Harley Quinn:    HAYMAKER!

Callisto:    Shazam thinks he sees an opening... goes for the HayMaker...

Harley Quinn:    DUCKED!

Callisto:    Black Bolt ducks it... But Shazam spins into a crouch... throws his leg out and tries to trip...

Harley Quinn:    Black Bolt jumps... Shazam's leg passes under him...

Callisto:    ...As Shazam gets his footing and...

Harley Quinn:    ... can't see...

Callisto:    Lightspeed uppercut from Shazam! Caling on his Super Speed he catches the jumping Black Bolt on the chin!

Harley Quinn:    Black Bolt flies... hits the God Proof shield... the crowd goes CRAZY as Shazam takes takes the first blood in this contest!

Callisto:    Shazam runs with super speed...

Harley Quinn:    Shazam dives!

Callisto:    Before Black Bolt can even bounce off the wall and hit the ground Shazam has grabbed him!

Harley Quinn:    Shazam tryin' to put some classic Wrestlemania into this conflict. Gets Black Bolt in a hold...

Callisto:    But no! Black Bolt gets his legs and feet under Shazam... manages to throw him...

Harley Quinn:    Both using super speed now...

Callisto:    We're adjusting the timeflow rate here in the GOD-Proof Sports Box (TM) so we can see this titanic fight ... otherwise they're moving so fast it would just be a blur...

Harley Quinn:    Both fighters are coming up on their feet...

Callisto:    But Black Bolt has the advantage.... So far Black Bolt hasn't even thrown a punch!

Harley Quinn:    But that's all over, baby! Black Bolt sees an opening...

Callisto:    ...It's the Master Blow!

Harley Quinn:    Master Blow! The channeled force of all Black Bolt's power into one Mountain-Shattering(TM) Blow!

Callisto:    And it connects! That has GOT to hurt!

Harley Quinn:    Shazam flies backwards... Hits the opposite sheild wall around the fighters pit. This could be it. Shazam is face down in the sand.

Callisto:    Black Bolt is looking just a little woozy. The Master Blow takes a lot out of him.

Harley Quinn:    We got the ref involved in this now... callin' a ten count on Shazam.

Callisto:    Ten... Nine... Eight...

Harley Quinn:    ...Oh man... Shazam is twitching...

Callisto:    ... Seven... Six... Five... Four...

Harley Quinn:    Waitasecond! Shazam is moving. He's getting up.

Callisto:    The ref has stopped the count.

Harley Quinn:    Shazam dusts himself off. Begins walking determinedly across the fighters pit back to Black Bolt.

Callisto:    Yeah, and Shazam has a heck of a shiner to take away from this. Looks like half his face is a bruise.

Harley Quinn:    YaKnow, the word Shazam stands for the gods Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury and they give him their powers.

Callisto:    Well with the Endurance of Atlas it's no wonder Shazam could take that blow.

Harley Quinn:    Imma thinkin' that Black Bolt is in trouble.

Callisto:    Shazam stomps up to Black Bolt... pulls his fist back...

Harley Quinn:    Black Bolt throws up a Force Field...

Callisto:    Shazam throws a monster punch... breaks right through the Force Field ... barely missing Black Bolt.

Harley Quinn:    Black Bolt's got one trick left... The Voice of Doom!(TM)

Callisto:    Black Bolt looks like he going to say something...

Harley Quinn:    ... But Shazam busts out with the full speed of Mercury!

Callisto:    ... A blur of motion... Shazam closes a meaty hand around Black Bolt's windpipe... and elbows him in the solar-plexes to knock the wind out of him!




'Nuff Said!


BlackBolt: 1358

Shazam: 1505




Callisto:    It's over folks...

Harley Quinn:    Shazam puts Black Bolt down. The ref is countingit down.

Callisto:    For The Arena of Khazan and everyone in the peanut gallery, this has been Callisto and Clown Girl.

Harley Quinn:    Waitasecond! You called me by my name earlier. Call me Harlene somemore.

Callisto:    Oh, did I? *sigh* my mistake.

Harley Quinn:    Naw, you got somethin' on your mind. You been acting kinda mauldlin or somethin'. Come on... time for girl talk. Out with it.

Callisto:    Oh... all right ... (To be continued)

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