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Stars and Garters


So, what are we really looking at here?

A contest of martial arts? A contest of personal chi?

Is it a contest based on a series of incredibly devastating physical and energy attacks which can level entire street blocks?

...Or does it all boil down to who is cuter?

This weeks fight suggested by Marla Morris and Andrea Slate


PAT:  Hello and welcome! We have an exciting match for you today as Ranma takes on Sailor Moon right here in Khazan Arena! LIVE- I'm Pat Summers!

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. These are two tough opponents and looking over Sailor Moon's ability profiles, she just might test the warranty on our beloved new stadium.

PAT:  Now let's see what some of the audience has to say....


Marla Morris and Andrea Slate writes:

Sailor Moon is the "bomb"

Marie E. Antoon (a.k.a. "Glitch Girl) writes:

: your current match, if it's fighting, Ranma's an expert at the Anything-Goes school of martial arts, and Sailor Moon is master of... well, nothing. As for the cuteness factor and the other categories... well, I'd have to give to Ranma again, mostly because I have a low pink tolerance.

Greg writes:

Well, Sailor Moon's got a definite advantage over Ranma. Her uncanny ability to fall out of the way of countless attacks really leaves a distinct luck factor in her favor. This combined with her much more intentional dodging as she grows more experienced leaves Ranma a bit outmatched in the defensive area. Then when you take her devastating attacks into account, everything from her tiara to the silver crystal/ginzuishou, the match really seems one-sided!


JAY:   Okay! Here comes our contestants entering the Arena. Pat, while we have a moment, tell me if I'm I reading this right. Ranma 1/2 is actually a male?!

PAT:  Yes that's correct, Jay. And he usually prefers to fight in that form, too... but as I am watching him enter the Arena I see he is dripping wet and in girl form. Maybe he made Akane mad backstage. He switches to female form when dowsed with cold water.

JAY:   Ohhhh-kaaay, just when I thought I had seen everything. Our two fighters takes their positions as we wait for the judge to start the match...

PAT:  And there's the signal, Folks. The young girl Serena has just begun her metamorphosis into Sailor Moon...

Moon Prism Power!!!

PAT:  ...Jay, and isn't Sailor Moon looking sporty this afternoon? She's dressed to cute... er... kill.

JAY:   A young girl suddenly becoming a woman right before our eyes... that's every father's worst nightmare! O.K... Ranma is charging forward, now! Ranma is going for the quick knock down here today!

PAT:  Sailor Moon is pulling off her head band... throwing it...

Moon-Tiara-Magic Attack!!

JAY:   She throws her weapon and... Ranma breaks into a flip and jumps over it. Such speed and agility. Ranma is almost in arms length of Sailor Moon, someone will be dishing out some serious pain in two seconds!

PAT:  Sailor Moon falls back on her butt in surprise! Who can avoid her tiara!?!?! She throws out a reflex attack...

Magic-Moon-Sugar-Bomb Attack!!

JAY:   A stream of... pink energy hearts shoots from Sailor Moon's hand, striking Ranma. Ranma was too close to dodge them!

PAT:  Ranma rolls back, driven back by the force of the... wait... Ranma digs his feet in... springs.. Ranma is super jumping again at Sailor Moon...

JAY:   FLYING DROP KICK! Ouch, Sailor Moon is moved back about 30 feet without taking a single step. She apparently wasn't expecting such a quick recovery from Ranma.

PAT:  Sailor Moon is busting out her moon shaped wand now...

JAY:   Ranma is charging forward after her. Whatever Sailor Moon is going to do, now would be a good time!

Moon Healing Activation!!!

PAT:  Sailor Moon is spinning in a circle, Jay... But why is she waving her healing wand around?

JAY:   I don't know, Pat... but her time is about to end abruptly! Ranma is going to put the hurt on her!!

Tsunami Jump-Kick Attack!!!

PAT:  Ranma is flying in a jump-kick!

JAY:   Wait, Pat... Ranma is changing shape... changing back to male form...

PAT:  He's losing it, Jay... His aerodynamics are all wrong now...

JAY:   Ranma loses control of the jump-kick and eats sand, folks!

PAT:  OOOF! I think the only thing hurt is his pride, though.

JAY:   He's getting up now and speaking to Sailor Moon... Sound please!!...

Ranma:  I don't know how you changed me back, little girl... but now that I'm back to normal you are really in trouble!
Sailor Moon:  You will always be normal, now! I have lifted the curse.
Ranma:  Wait... You mean I will never be a girl again...?
Sailor Moon:  Yup! That's right.
Ranma:  Woah! Sailor Moon, you can win for all I care! This is great! I am outa here! Thanxs!
Sailor Moon:  See Ya!

PAT:  And there you have it, Folks. Sailor Moon's philosophy... the best way to defeat an enemy is to make a friend out of him.

JAY:   Wow, Pat... What a moment. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


'Nuff Said!


Ranma 1/2: 146

Sailor Moon: 175


PAT:  Live from the Arena of Khazan, this has been Pat Summers.

JAY:   And Jay Peoples! Goodnight all!

Special Thanxs to: Egg's Ranma 1/2 page

Special Thanxs to: Cyber-Dweeb's Sailor Moon Page


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