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Brutal Blizzard

[ Kerrigan ] [ Diablo ]

Kerrigan vs. Diablo



This Edition of CBUB: we go on location to bring all the action home to you Live! From the sleepy town of Tristam, Diablo's world, our fearless camera crews travel to the very heart of danger as Kerrigan's Zerg broods begin their assault on Diablo's hellish minions! Our brave sportscasters will follow all the events as the Zerg and Hellspawn war machines clash for supremacy. Yes, and we will be there when Kerrigan and Diablo finally face off Mano y Mano in the gut-wrenching grand finale. Believe it offendi! Let's get a preview of the contenders:

Kerrigan - The Queen of Blades: once a regular soldier in the terrain armies, she was abducted by the Zerg Overmind for her latent psychic abilities. The Zerg twisted her body and mind, bestowing great power at the cost of her soul. Now, leading the ravenous Zerg to conquest, she is the most hated and feared being in her universe.

Diablo - The Lord of Terror: one of the three great Lords of Hell, Diablo unleashes the forces of darkness wherever he treads, leaving behind only death and corruption.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Brutal Blizzard


Callisto:   Welcome back to day three of this lovely confrontation! We are LIVE on the planet of Sanctuary where Kerrigan's Zerg troops are clashing with Diablo's infernal armies. It's devastation of biblical proportions down here - vast miles of land reduced to smoking scorched earth and bodies everywhere. Goddess it's beautiful.

Quinn:   Speak for yourself, Barbi doll. I'm tired of sleepin' inna tent. Eeeewww... look! I got creep all over my shoes. And the stench! I hate this!

Callisto:   Hey, didn't you used to be a villainess? Quit being such a baby.

Quinn:   Gimme a break. I enjoy wholesale destruction as much as the next girl, but I'd rather view it from the safety of a mineral bath at Spargos, ya' know? I ain't like you. I ain't got no Goddess Powah keepin' me fresh all day.

Callisto:   You want a bath? Is that what this is all about? Two days without deoderant and you're a broken woman?

Quinn:   Cally, please. My legs are gettin' prickly, here. I HATE that! I need shampoo. Everything's always about you. What about my needs?

Callisto:   You're right, Clown Girl. At the moment you're a hygenic disaster. So, I have graciously set up a cleaning area for you.

Quinn:   Really!?

Callisto:   Yes, I'd like to introduce you to our new friend Henri the Hydralisk beautician. He's going to take you to the SPA-wning Pool and take reeeeeal good care of all your problem areas.

Quinn:   Spawning pool! You ain't giving me to that disgusting, blade covered spitting alien bug thing! No way!

Callisto:   Buh-Bye, dear. Got to get you all washed up, now. Take her away, boys.

Quinn:   No! Wait! Lemme go! CAAAAALLLLLLYYY!!!!!!

Callisto:   And while we wait for the results of our makeover, let's see what you folks at home had to say about the battle.



Moonstone Spider writes:

Diablo looks powerful but take a closer look at their weapons. Bows and Arrows? Axes? Swords made of bone? These are supposed to stop the Zerg Swarm? The zerg normally face lasers, psionic storms, grenades, tank fire, explosives of every kind, anti-matter rounds, missiles, heck, every advanced weapon in the universe is aimed at them, and they still keep coming. They won't even notice this archaic junk the armies are carrying. What's a spear going to do against an elephant-sized ultralisk's super-dense armored carapace? And what is Diablo's strictly ground-based army going to do when flocks of Mutalisks and Guardians start raining death on them? They're going to feel about as safe as a vampire in a lumberyard.

Lawman writes:

Okay, I've been playing Blizzard games for quite a while now; with my faves being Diablo, Diablo 2 and Starcraft. Let's see... Queen of Blades versus the Lord of Terror. Here's what I oughta say. Any joker could complete all the missions in Starcraft, once they get hold of those cheat codes like "Power Overwhelming" or *shiver* "There is no cow level" which gives invincibility and instant victory respectively. No such codes for Diablo 1 and 2, so it takes true skill and much luck to beat Diablo. (Apart from those ridiculous trainers and editors which Blizzard greatly frowns upon). Yeah, I've beaten the Zerg in Starcraft so many times I couldn't count, but so far I've only beaten Diablo 6 times to date, and for Diablo 2, only once. The Lord of Terror has always been the Big Bad Boss(tm) in the Diablo series. Yeah, though Kerrigan's dubbed herself as Queen of the Zerg, and by the end of the Brood Wars Zerg campaign she seems pretty much the main villianess, but I doubt she'll hold that position for long, should Starcraft 2 be released. SO SPEAKS THE LORD OF TERROR, AND SO IT IS WRITTEN.

Ghost writes:

I have never played any of the Diablo games. I have, however, played both Starcraft and Brood Wars. Now, I have no idea what Diablo's fighting abilities are, but he IS a Lord of Hell, after all, and Kerrigan is only a telepath who could tear Wolverine to pieces ("only"?). Basically, I voted Diablo because I hate that bitch. She was okay as a human, in fact I liked her, but then she went on and became a murderous, treacherous backstabber. My favourite species were the Protoss, and she whooped their asses! And as if this wasn't enough, she killed my favourite Hero, Praetor Fenix, by cowardly betraying him. Time to teach her a lesson. Besides, Kerrigan looks like an alien vampire while Diablo looks like the personification of pure Evil. Kerrigan could only win this by severe cheating, and somehow I get the feeling that Diablo will be cheating as well.

The Rookie writes:

You call this a blizzard fight?? Where's the one that started it all... WARCRAFT!!!

Cho'Gall calls upon the orchish hordes and lays the medievil smackdown on diablo and kerrigan then kick some elven butt on the way back home.

Dragoon T writes:

THIS is an interesting match, and can actually be looked at in 2 ways: Army vs Army and Mano El Mano. Lets break this down...

Zerg: Pocesses inhuman strength and speed, adaptability greater then even the Borg at their peak, The ability to integrate anything into their Genetic makeup, and enough Ugly to scare even The Grinch.

Unholy Horde: Effectively unlimited troops, as they raise their dead to continue fighting. Single mindedness, Demonic Influence, Magical Aptitude.

In a straight Army vs Army match, I'm gonna give it to the Unholy Horde. Their resurrect whatever losses they sustain as well as whatever Zerg fall, and the Magic they have will overwhelm what little Biowarfare the Zerg's defilers are capable of.

Now..Kerrigan Vs Diablo...

THIS is a close match. REAL Close. Terrors in Hand to Hand, Pummeling distance attacks, and a Personal Bodyguard that's an Army in and Of itself. I'm gonna give it to Diablo after a VERY Close fight. Why? Because Kerrigan, aside from her Impressive Physical Prowess, relys on MENTAL Assaults. I don't think she's gonna be able to Zap the Big D's Head. On the other hand, Diablo's Hell-Magic is gonna utterly decimate Kerrigan.

So, on both fronts, It's a Big Victory for Diablo.

Cruton writes:

Well, let's see here....

Kerrigan is technically mortal.

Diablo is, being a lord of Hell, not a truly physical lifeforce and thus by human standards technically immortal.

Moreover, the zerg are evil. Thus, when they die, they go to Hell. And in Hell, guess who they get their new marching orders from? Diablo can't lose because, statistically, everybody will be on his side in the end, including Kerrigan.

Demonicuss Krinn writes:

This is a freaking slaughter. And it's going to be the Original Big Red Machine that takes this. So what if Kerrigan's a human/Zerg psychic hybrid? Diablo's the Top Dog of Hell! If you had Patton against Satan, who'd you think win? Diablo's dark majicks are overkill compared to Sarah's meek psyonic abilities. Plus the fact that the Infernal Armies of Hell so vastly outnumber the Zerg in terms of numbers and variety (to not even consider the Champions, Rares, Unique Bosses, etc.), it's just not funny. Diablo wins

Captain_Neutron writes:

The Zerg : Badass swarm of generic evil biological killing machines. Has wrestled control of entire planets from armies of technologically advanced troops. Humiliated the Protoss, an equally ancient race with high powered tech and psionic powers by wrecking their homeworld. Warps from target to target en masse. Relentless and single minded under Kerrigan.

Diablos Minions : Hapless collection of generic evil fantasy monsters. Struggled to conquer several continents of Sanctuary. Was cut through like a long sword + 2 through warm kobold by a single modestly powered hero (and their faithful mercenary sidekick.) Failed to do Sanctuary a favour by killing Deckard Cain while they had the chance. (Unless this was a subtle ruse to erode the players sanity, in which case hats off to them.) Incompetant, unorganised and generally confused. Experience points on legs (etc :)

Or to put it another way...

Zerglings vs Fallen

Hydralisks vs Slinger Cats

Mutalisks vs errr... Undead Vultures?

Ultralisks vs Urdars

Guardians vs Oblivion Knights (alright, OKs are evil, but not evil enough.)

Diablo's minions are no simply match for the broods. Once set after Big Red, the Zerg swarms will pour into Hell like biblical plague of insects, and be lounging around sipping cocktails and tanning on the River of Flame in no time. Its all going nicely until the final confrontation.....

Kerrigan steps up through the burning ruins of the Chaos Sanctuary to meet Diablo, woken by over excited zerglings fiddling with his seals, and in a foul temper.

"Not even death can save you from me!" Diablo roars. Again. (clearly hes never figured out softcore mode.)

Kerrigan makes a witty quip and goes to cast Psi Storm, only to find that nothing happens. Looking frantically around her she sees that time appears to have frozen, and she is utterly helpless. For there is not a creature alive that can withstand the awesome might of Diablo's most powerful weapon - the Lag Monster. (Trademark 2001 Blizzard Entertainment.)

Diablo surveys the stationary Kerrigan, raises a curious eyebrow, and promptly LBODs her. Without proper elemental resistance and magic damage reduction gear, the hapless hybrid is flash fried before she resynches and realises what hit her. The Zerg, bored and disillusioned by the anticlimax, pack up their deckchairs and leave for greener pastures.

I voted for Diablo because the game owns me, my house and probably soon my soul. I must do as it tells me or I will suffer.

D.Merzel writes:

Diablo will end up Serving The HIVE. The Zerg Broods have rampaged across millions of worlds. They have overrun entire planets including the capital of the protoss empire and the terran confederacy. Diablo has threatened 1 world tops


Zerg Their Lineage is that of the alien insect hive using BIOTECH Which are the most powerful foes of humanity. Others of their stock are the BUG (starship troopers) Tryanids (W40k) Bugs (enders game) Bugrom (El Hazard) Aliens (Mr Giger) The mantu (Wing commander) and the shadows (B5) and the list goes on.


Kerrigan has been controlled by AI and millions of intelligient aggressive humans and doesn't need cheats to win. Diablo is AI only and required a high stat line to have a chance


Kerrigan has been able to manipulate others to help her. By simply pointing to MR D she will be getting Terran Science vessels, 1 emp wave latter and diablo's magic is down Just in time for the zergling rush.

AngelusJC writes:

On the one hand, Diablo 2 was one of the more harder games Blizzard created. On the other hand Starcraft had the better replay value overall. Still, I gotta go with Kerrigan here. She was a kick ass Ghost, she overthrew the Overmind, controlled Rashagal and Samir, and killed Fenix and Duke(both of whom led vast armies of Protoss and Confederates) and as she put it, became the queen bitch of the universe! And have you fought against zerg rushes? They're worse than starship troopers bugs! Diablo just took over a little boy and the hero who slayed him and destroyed a pitiful backwater little town that used to be the center of a kingdom. Finally, Kerrigan has the PMS factor, a factor that not only grants her the Edge (TM). I see Diablo and his brothers going down like eric cartmans mom.

T-1000 writes:

While I know admitingly little about the two contenders, there is presecendant for reasonable conclusions. First off, Kerrigan is on the offensive here, forcing Diablo into a defensive stance. As someone with a minor amount of experiance in millitary strategy, I can tell you that being on the defensive does allow one the advantage of terrain familliarity. In short, the battle is taking place on Diablo's home turf, so he has a great advantage there.

Also, Diablo is a devil, and if the bible has taught us anything, devils are less known for their raw brute strength than they are for their cunning and treachery. Therefore, it seems likely that Diablo may try to pull a fast one on Kerrigan.

Now it seems that Kerrigan's psychic abilities are what put her in control of her armies. If that is so, then Diablo can take out her warriors by taking her out, so that is one tatic that he might be able to employ.

I guess in the long run, with what evidence I have at my disposal, I will have to go with Diablo.

Bryn writes:

While one has the fires of hell, the other has breasts and cool hair.

I went with the latter.

SAMAS writes:

Let's see here...

Win Record:

Kerrigan -- 2 wins, 0 losses.

Diablo -- 1 half-win, 2 losses.

Now, we see that Kerrigan has a small lead here, with only one game, and one expansion pack, but has not only survived, she has come out smelling like a rose.

Diablo, on the other hand, lost twice, and was only able to come back by posessing the guy who beat him.

But let's look at what each has gone up against:

Diablo -- Single mideval adventurers journey down into his dungeons, kick his ass, then do it again for fun.

Kerrigan -- Entire spacefaring armies, including massive battlecruisers, mile-long carriers, and huge psychic monstrocities with no mouth.

And finally, let's look at their minions:

Diablo -- Demons, Skeletons, trolls, and other assorted gothic nasties. All killed by a guy with a sword.

Kerrigan -- Various bio-engineered monstrocities, capable of ripping tanks apart. Takes several machinegun bursts to bring one down.

Diablo may be a Lord of Hell, but Kerrigan brought Hell to dozens of worlds.

Diablo gets devoured like a choclate cake in a fat farm.

epicgamesguy writes:

Keriigan and the zerg to win on this one. While at first, ione might think a demon lord and his minions would trounce on the mutated aliens (Kerrigan isn't really a human anymore, and most zergs are just mutated from other aliens), there's one thing you have to remember. Diablo was and his ENTIRE army was defeated by ONE man (or woman, depending on the class you chose). Now do you really think one sword/bow/magic weilding human is going to take down the entire zerg population, THEN take down Kerrigan!? I think not. In starcraft, even the toughest of the ground based units would have a hard time taking Kerrigan down. And of course, then there's the fact that the Zerg could probabaly assilimate Diablo minions, possibily even Diablo himself....

Evoll writes:

Hmm. Tough. Two very diffrent games and time periods. Kerrigan has an high advantage on troops. Its forces are much more technologicly advanced, and have better air attack. But, Diablos forces have the power of spells, and Zerq have never faced something so horrible as themselves. In close combat between the Lord of Terror and the Queen of Blades, well, lets just say Kerrigan would be beaten like George W. Bush playing Ms. PAc-Man. My vote goes to Diablo on this one.

Thanos6 writes:

Diablo has this in the bag. It's an ancient demon with loads of mystical power like hellfire. Kerrigan is simply a traitor.

And on the off-chance that Diablo is destroyed, he can just influence Kerrigan into picking up his Soulstone. Voila, new host body!

Daki Warrior writes:

So here I am, going through some old bookmarks and decide to check out the old TCUB when, low and behold, I see new fights. Once again I am allowed to give my thoughts on battles of pure fantasy. Life is good.

On to the fight...

Kerrigan has the legions of Zerg on her side including the Ultralisk. The ULTRAlisk...a creature that can stomp anything into dust. Siege tanks just make these creature VERY angry with their attacks.

Let us not forget that the Zerg have AIR FORCES on their side. Specifically, they have GUARDIANS who can launch their attacks at the Diablo hordes while staying safely out of range.

Seriously, what does Diablo have going for him outside of some axe-wielding cows? This one won't even last a minute as the zerglings feast upon the corpse of Diablo's minions while Kerrigan incorporates Diablo's power into the collective.

Robert writes:

Wasn't Diablo the name of a Character who took on the Fantastic Four? While Kerrigan was an Ice Skater who got a sore leg from a guy named Shane Stant.

TheGuru writes:

Kerrigan. The Zerg.... my flesh crawls at their mention... to choose to face the minions of hell or the Zerg... I would choose to face hell. Even if Kerrigan goes down, the Zerg are still pretty damn terrifying. I don't think demons feed on one another to heal themselves, and very seldom do they use their fellows as egg hatcheries.... I know many may disagree with me, but Kerrigan's psychic abilities added to the hive mind are just frikkin scary.

The Catwoman writes:


'nuff said

Toastrider writes:

Woo hoo! Blizzard rules! :)

Unfortunately, it's brute force versus the supernatural here, and the supernatural has a nasty habit of reaching up and biting folks when they don't expect it. The Zerg hordes will enjoy some early victories... but as they close on Diablo's fortress, the corruptive effects of the Lord of Terror will begin to override Kerrigan's control. Once again, the creatures will be infested -- but infernally this time, rather than biologically. Ultimately, Kerrigan will fall -- but not to death. She'll be cursed to undeath, as Diablo's lieutenant and Lord De Seis's consort. A sad but ironic end for the Queen of Blades.

Deep Sea Dolphin writes:

I can't deny it. Diablo is more powerful. But he's going to lose because Kerrigan is smarter. Look at the Zerg and look at the legions of Hell. The legions of Hell are defeated by a single hero. With an occasional companion. The Zerg sweep away everything. What's going to happen is that Diablo's going to send out the forces of Hell to cause general chaos and mayhem. Meanwhile Kerrigan will lead her armies intelligently. She'll strike at Diablo with everything at her disposal. While her lesser troops keep the small force Diablo has protecting himself at bay, Kerrigan will lead the elites against him. She won't be stupid and fight him alone. She'll have the tarasque and hunter killers and devouring ones(Zerg hero units) backing her up. And if one hero can kill Diablo imagine what a hungry swarm of them can do. And then once the Zerg assimilate the demon DNA into themselves they shall proceed to rule the universe!

HolyGhost writes:

I have to say Kerrigan is the most feared creature in the universe, and has a army of fast multipling aliens with her.

But Diablo has his brothers and the hordes of hell which span more then one universe.

On anohter note, Diablo gets beat by one hero every couple of hours, he is like a red headed step child for that, beat day in and day out.

Kerrigan has to be taken out by a whole army. Point to the alien beat by the ugly stick.

The armys will tear each other apart, killing each other at terrible speeds. But the hells army just keeps growing and teh zerg can die off.

If the Lord of Terror meets toe to toe with Kerrigan he will wip the floor with her like a a foster child caught stealing.

In the end Diablo all the way.

Bob writes:

This is weird. I must say, this is pretty damn hard to say. On one hand, evil hellspawned minions who have given my level 30 Barbarian a tough fight, or a horde of easily destoyed overhyped bugs who can be easily destroyed by some even more wimpy Marines with a small little rifle!

Who is more frightening?

A giant spine shooting bug,


Gosunkugi writes:

Well, take a good look at Kerrigan. Firstly, Kerrigan may look sorta weird, but if you take a good look at her face, you can sorta see this semi-gothic bishoujo factor. Now look at Diablo. YAWN. Why, look, it's another skull guy. Next, take a look at the nicknames. "Kerrigan - The Queen of Blades", totally reeks of awesomeness. Meanwhile, we have "Diablo - The Lord of Terror"... YAWN again. CLI-CHE.

Let me put this in simple terms: Diablo is going down faster than Bruce Willis' career.

Dark Ranger X writes:

Diablo has this one in the bag. You see, Zerglings have like, what..50 hp? Even some of the mid range zerg troops have not that great a deal in terms of Hitpoints. My point here is this: Apocalypse. Diablo only has to keep using this to whittle away the mid range to low lvl troops. This would strip Kerrigan of her ability to mass devour, and put her on the back foot. Then, when there's only Kerrigan and the big Zerg troops, Diablo would only need to use that UltraAnnoyingHappyFunLightningBeam(TM) from Diablo II. Endgame, winner by a landslide, Diablo.

The Devil writes:

First thing.Belial is currently drinking molten lead for not telling my the CBUB had returned. Secondly, who in my house are we kidding here? The Lord of some kind of insect/lizard/care bear/oompa-loompa race is going to defeat one of the Lords of Hell? Right. And maybe Titanic was a classic. Listen here, I know Diablo, I partied with him, I've had lunch with him, I've had sex with his wife (don't tell him). He is an all-around badass. Too easy.


Wake writes:

Figure this: to take out Diablo's army (and Diablo himself), you need is a decent sword or bow, some armor, magic, and portals to a resupply area.

To take out the Zerg broods, you need 12 Battlecruisers packing Yamato cannons (at least).

Hmm, one hero or 12 Battlecruisers? One hero or 12 Battlecruisers?

Well, maybe if the hero was John McClane...

Epitaph writes:

Kerrigan is losing? What?

Lets look at the facts here, people...

1. Track record: Diablo died. Sure, he came back, but he's already on attempt #2--and he got beaten by a moron so stupid, he sticks the Diablo gem in his head after slaying the poor demon-thing (ending of original Diablo).

Kerrigan's taken over a sector over the dead/assimilated bodies of the United Earth Directorate, the Terran Confederacy, the Protoss, and an Overmind. (Starcraft: Brood War)

Hm... the conquering heroine vs. the resurrected... shall we say... clone of Diablo (different body, after all). Hm. This is my first post on the CBUB, but we all know about the Clone Factor.

2. Dialogue. According to Kerrigan herself, you can think of her as "The Bitch Queen of the universe".

3. Number of minions. It doesn't matter if Diablo has more powerful minions than Kerrigan (which he doesn't). The Zerg get to make more. Ever see anything from Diablo gather resources? Mine "gold"? Harvest gas? When Diablo runs out, thats it. When Kerrigan runs short, a buncha larvae morph into Ultralisks, and the fun begins anew.

4. Actual in-game factor. Kerrigan, as we all know, Cloaks. Is Diablo a Detector?

5. Accomplishments. Diablo has killed many townspeople, and some royalty. In the official story, though, he loses to the good guys.

Kerrigan is directly responsible for:

The death of General Edmund Duke (while he was flying a Battlecruiser, no less) He gave her lip when she was still human, and he's dead now.

The death of Fenix (the ultimate career soldier) He was a threat to her plans, and he's dead now.

Kerrigan forced Zeratul to kill the Dark Templar Matriarch, an act he felt was necessary but still regrets deeply. Zeratul called Kerrigan "the concubine of the Zerg", and now, wishes he was dead.

Kerrigan is still going.

She hasn't died yet, either.

Money on the one who has actually won fights in the past.

The Bunyip writes:

Anyone who voted for Diablo hasn't actually played Diablo II.

STARCRAFT is one of the best-written games ever made in terms of stability. I have owned this game for years and it has never, ever crashed. Kerrigan won't have to worry about her minions suddenly freezing in place. However...

DIABLO II, even on my very up-to-date system (950Mhz, 440megs-o-RAM), crashes more than drunken members of the Dale Earnhardt Simulation Society.

How is Diablo going to win when the very world around him frequently freezes, forcing the Evil One to reboot his very reality over and over again?

The D�mon writes:

Yes well having played both on Battlenet I would have too say that Diablo Would kick some major butt.

this is too say because basically both armies are throw aways its gonna come down too Kerrigan and the big D himself.

Kerrigan might have the numbers advantage but Diablo has champions and uniques which have special properties....and some of these baddies are just plain mean.

Kerrigan has a limited amount of psi/magic/mana/whateva so she can only remain phased for about 250 seconds or get off two psi storms.

Diablo on the other hand seems to have a near limitless supply of mana and tend too like using an expanding firewall and his bloodlightning attack on anything that moves and isn't loyal too him.

So Kerrigan is getting chunked if she get anywhere near Big D.

the afrochicken writes:

the brood is gonna snuff out the demons faster than "dubya" in a room of coke

Bri Rob the Caveman writes:

Diablo comes from hell, right? Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Kerrigan is like the queen mother of all women scorned. From the nasty chitnous plating coming through the skin on her face, the tentacles that vaguely remind me of dreadlocks, the blood coming from her mouth, and that vicious look in her eyes, Kerrigan could tear anyone up. protoss, terran, hellspawn, or otherwise. Let's face it, she has the best of all the races. For the sake of arguement, i'll list them for you. Terran cloaking. THIS ALONE is enough to drop Diablo. His only hope would be to splash something on her and hope it sticks. Oh no, Kerrigan got a little mud on her chest. Uh oh, Diablo just got a 3 foot claw through his face. She's also got the protoss psionic storm, which would literally tear the demon's mind apart. Kerrigan also has ensnare and consume from the zerg. If she gets a little low on energy, Kerrigan can always make a little snack of a zergling. I see the one on one fight going something like this. After slaughtering hundreds of hellspawn with minimal damage to herself, Kerrigan makes her way to Diablo and cloaks. Casting ensnare on him, Diablo can move only very slowly. As he tries to move his arm to do something demonic, Kerrigan munches down 2 zerglings, refilling her energy and replenishing her health. Diablo drops to his knees and screams in agony as his mind is torn asunder under the psionic storm. The last thing he sees before he is impaled is a pair of glowing eyes preparing to have him put in a chrysalis for infestation. Infested demons and other hellions? Look for them in Starcraft 2. Game over. 'Nuff said.

Zog, the Secret Voice of the Monkey Underground writes:

The Zerg are a scary, badass hive mind who go around capturing other species and mutating them horribly to be used as cannon fodder for any decent weapon. They are what the Borg could have been, except for the fact that they all seemed to be human and rock-stupid. Having experienced the hell of a Zergling rush seemingly after 15 seconds of game time, the real hell couldn't possibly be worse.

Score this one for the Zerg.

David, Master of Gaming Disaster writes:

hmm, now this is what I call a match! However, I have to side with Kerrigan. Diablo may very well be a lord of hell, but Kerrigan is "Queen B--tch of the universe." She actually said that. Ever read the manual? The Zerg were not going to attack the protoss because the Protoss had the ability to "Alter Reality itself". They had psionic powers beyond anyone's dreams. However, they went to the koprulu sector so that they could get humans that were about to become super-psychics. Kerrigan took on half the Zerg Broods, the U.E.D, the Terran Dominion, The Khala, The Dark Templar, SHE KILLED FENIX AND GENERAL DUKE OF THE ELITE FORCES. SHE TOOK ON JIM RAYNOR FOR GOD SAKES! And to top it all off, she defeated the IRS. (When The Zerg pasted Tarsonis, and when she returned to Tarsonis, what do you think was the first thing she blew up?) I'm sorry, but only Death has ever defeated the IRS. Kerrigan CRUSHES Diablo (insert gratuitus HTML) Like an Ultralisk sitting on the Third Marine Division.

Justy Hakubi writes:

Damn it great to see you back! I just happened to hit the link as a lark. Anyway I had to vote for Diablo. Why? Its simple Diablo is always run by the computer. Kerrigan is unfortunately usually at the mercy of a player. So her soul as you would have it may or may not be up to the challenge. Kerrigan's unpredictabilty of skill will be her undoing. Diablo is always programmed to make your life a living hell. He is powered by a soul-less Pentium 4 /1000.

Unless Kerrigan has become "Diablo saavy" and devoured all the cheats and trainers then she hellbound to be served up as soul food. I say Diablo goes Tonya Harding and busts lead pipe in her kneecap before she can say "why me?".

ThreeDark writes:

What is there to say? What is there Not to say? Diablo has it over Kerrigan with the mere fact that he is a DEMON and she is merely some Genetic Freak of Nature. He is a PRIME Evil. The YOUNGEST of the Three, and what is she? Hmmmm? HAH! FOOLS! You cannot DEFEAT Diablo! HE LIVES ON! If you kill his mortal form... it will be yours that becomes his new shell... I shall stop now. Lest I get ambushed by my Collegues for this Rant. Heh... We Shall See!!!

Lord Dregon writes:

I have already commented but I have just looked at your He-man vs Calliato fight and noticed that you referred to He-man as Prince Aragorn I don't know if you've been pulled up on this but Aragorn was a character in 'Lord of the rings' He-man's alter-ego was prince Adam

sorry to be a geek but I was a Fan of the 'masters



Callisto:   Thank you viewers at home. Now let's turn our attention to the war for Sanctuary. A strange quiet has come over the battle field as both armies have regrouped to consider their strategy.... Ah! And she's back! Don't you just look lovely!

Infested Quinn:   We hunger. Unleash the swarms. I live to die in my Queen's service.

Callisto:   I told you Henri was good. Look how smooth and silky your legs are, now! Ohhh, and they painted your little toes... though I don't think I would have chosen that particular shade of green.

Infested Quinn:   The Zerg will destroy all, as my Queen commands.

Callisto:   Wow! They even cleared up that annoying Brooklyn accent of yours! This is great! Doesn't she look pretty, everyone? Well... except for the tentacles. That seems a bit much - but I guess that's called accessorizing.

Infested Quinn:   ...

Callisto:   Anyways, both sides have ceased attacking for the moment. I think they have come to understand that this battle cannot be won by armies. The hoards of Hell and the Zerg swarms seem limitless. The Hell necromancers raise dead as quickly as the Zerg infest new recruits. This could go on for an eternity.

Infested Quinn:   My Queen ... she speaks in my mind. I hear the call to serve. Must serve.

Callisto:   Ooopsy! Looks like there is some kind of activity happening out there in the middle of the smoking battle field. Could it be? Yes! Both Kerrigan and Diablo have stepped to the head of their respective armies. This is a pivotal moment. Only one-on-one combat can determine a winner here, today.

Infested Quinn:   I Must go ... Must serve ...

Callisto:   Good idea! Let's jump into the God-Proof mobile Sports Box and roll out closer to the action! Hop in Zerg Girl.

Infested Quinn:   Yes. Use me. Sacrifice me.

Callisto:   We'll look into that later, 'K? We're rolling out. Kerrigan and Diablo are stepping towards each other, unescorted. I'm switching on the mobile Sports Box mike ... let's listen in while we move closer.

Diablo:   Who are you to challenge me, puny mortal? Leave now and I will spare your soul.

Kerrigan:   Not likely. I've conquered a hundred worlds and I will have this one. Retreat to your underworld, Demon.

Diablo:   Arrogant fool! I will relish your pain which will last a thousand years!

Kerrigan:   Well, I guess negotiations just fell through. S'ok... was never my strong suit.

Infested Quinn:   My time has come. Must serve.

Callisto:   What? Kerrigan just dissapeared! She's invisible... Hey! HEY! Clown Girl! Get your tentacles off my steering wheel!

Infested Quinn:   Sacrifice...

Callisto:   Oh no you don't! You're not hijacking my God-Proof Mobile Sports Box you psychotic wench! Hey! Watch out! What are you doing? Get your foot off the gas! STOOOOOP!!!

Infested Quinn:   Ready to kill.

Callisto:   She's gonna ram Diablo! AHHHHHHH!!!

Infested Quinn:   AHHHHHHHH!!


Mobile Sports Box ramming into a Lord of Hell:   THROOOOOOM!!!

Callisto:   ...

Infested Quinn:   ...

Diablo:   ...

Kerrigan:   How delicious. Psi-Storm for dessert anyone?

Wide area Psi-Storm Blast:   KKKRRAACK-A-THOOOM!!

Callisto:   ...

Infested Quinn:   Ready to Kill.

Diablo:   *wimper*

Kerrigan:   You know what the really great thing about fighting your minions is, Diablo? They all drop really cool treasure! Take this magic sword, for instance... lifted it off one of your champions. Allow me to return it!

Magic Sword being impaled into a Lord of Hell:   *SPLIKK!*

Kerrigan:   And here's a magic axe we found. *CHOP!* And here's a pike. *SPLAT!* And another sword... *SHANK!* and a spear... *SQUELCH!*

Callisto:   Kerrigan, you sick bitch! You made clown girl crash my Mobile Sports Box!

Kerrigan:   Get off my cloud! You asked for the make-over.

Diablo:   *gasp* You... will *choke* ... pay... dearly...

Callisto:   Shut Up!

Infested Quinn:   Ready to kill.

Callisto:   Kerrigan, you owe me for this!

Diablo:   *wheeze* ... prepare... to...

Callisto and Kerrigan:   SHUT UP!

Infested Quinn:   Ready to kill ... ?

Kerrigan:   You think I just run around the galaxy giving make-overs to needy young women? Huh? Do I look like Avon? One facial. One full body shave. Manicure. Pedicure. A complete gene wash ... These are not resources the hivemind gives out for free. It only cost you one lousy vehicle. What a deal!

Callisto:   Well, you know what? I've decided I don't like the tentacles on clown girl, here. Can you do something about that?

Kerrigan:   Hmmm... well, I guess. You think she'd look better with pretty wings, like mine? Well, tell you what. Let me finish my business here and we'll all go back to the Spa together.

Diablo:   ...Arrogant... Mortals!

Callisto:   OK, I can live with that. Here, let me help. I'll hold the Lord of Terror, here, steady for you...




'Nuff Said!


Kerrigan: 1277

Diablo: 1212




Callisto:   What do you think, Clown Girl? Would you like some nice wings?

Infested Quinn:   Sacrifice Me.

Callisto:   She loves the idea!


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