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Super Mech Showdown

zord En Garde! Voltron

Power Ranger Zord vs. Voltron


No scenario... No story line.

Just two giant hunks of walking metal in the sand and their dedicated crews. Let there be blood for one, victory for the other.

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

This fight has been a long time coming.

Most recently it was suggested by Kolemsai & Timur G.


PAT: LIVE I'm Pat Summers! We are back in the Arena of Khazan for a battle after a string of on location events.... and what a battle, eh Jay?

JAY: Hello, Folks, I'm Jay Peoples. Pat, we have two fully decked out Mechs in the ring today: Power Zord and Voltron. Both will enter already fully transformed into Mech mode, to alleviate lag time between their different methods.

PAT: Indeed! And here they come! The Gates on opposite sides of the Arena have opened, and the giant 'bots are striding onto the sand to the roar of the crowd.

JAY: While we got a second, lets get the crowd response...


Timur G. writes:

Heey cool, someone chose my suggestion! Well anyways, the Power Rangers only got their Zord by going through Voltron's garbage bin. The element of surprise is lost and Voltron wins before you can say Wonderwiggysuperlionpowerzord!

kolemsai writes:

The Power Rangers have trouble protecting that toilet called Angel Grove, but Voltron is the defender of the UNIVERSE!!! and he usually doesn't have many problems.

When it gets down to using the swords, Voltron has the upper hand. When the Pansey Rangers are doin' the "I gotta dance to use the power sword" thing, Voltron will just summon his sword (which takes about half of the time it take the Power rangers to do the dance thing, and slice the puny zord in two.

Revenant writes:

Oh please! Like the Zord has a chance - it's made of cheap plastic while Voltron is made of good old-fashioned anime-ite. And you picked the worse of the two Voltron's for this match - Vehicle Voltron will kick Lion-force Voltron any day of the week...

Meridian writes:

Voltron all the way! I mean these guys defend the universe on a regular basis, and the power rangers can't even manage to keep the same people on the team. Its a clear cut case of top notch fighters vs. teeny-boppers.

Slug writes:

When it comes to poorly written stories and cheesy one-liners, I always take the original over the imitating Johnny-Come-Lately. Even my five years old son, who idolizes the Power Rangers, now prefers Voltron. Besides, the Megazord changes just about every year, Voltron stayed the same for Millennia!

Dark Queen writes:

Voltron all the way!!!!!!!!!! I use to watch that show on USA and it ruled! The Voltron could kick some major but and it didn't have all that jerky movement like that stupid zord. I mean face it, the Power Rangers Zord just plain sucks!!!! That thing practically goes down the minute it is hit. Sorry Zord boy, it is the Voltron all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

Lotor writes:

The Voltron Force has been at their job a decade longer than the Rangers. We're talking seasoned pros here! They should've sued the Rangers' butts for ripping them off!

ChaosBurnFlame writes:

I voted Voltron because the Power Rangers are a cheap copy. Truthfully, I hope they kill each other. Who doesn't?

The Bunyip writes:

How could this even be a contest? Voltron, mighty defender of an entire UNIVERSE, who has defeated hordes of actually DANGEROUS Robeasts, has evaded more traps than you could imagine, and has even been helped by the forces of GOD at one point! He isn't gonna be beaten by a bunch of idiot Nightie Morphine Flower Arrangers! Come on! Who have the Flower Arrangers fought? Rita? That Zed guy? Sheesh, the MICE from the Castle of Lions could take down those wimpy excuses for villains (and if you don't remember, those mice actually did save Voltron once! So I vote for the side with the Mice!)

Face writes:

Voltron kicks ass. The Power Ranger's MegaZord can barely keep its balance.

Singame writes:

It's over in two minutes. How? Just watch any episode of Voltron. No matter what kind of lame ass creature he's up against, he gets his metal tail waxed...until...'Form Blazing Sword!' One cut with that shank and the creature goes down for the count. If The Zord can keep Voltron from forming that damn Blazing Sword, it'll win, but let Voltron whip out with that cosmic switchblade and it's roll credits time!

Mark S. Ogilvie writes:

Goes to the Zord, remember, Voltron can only battle for five minutes before the power pack runs out...

Or at least the space Voltron has only five minutes, I'm not sure about the Lion Voltron

Gregg Landsman writes:

Voltron has the advantage, because he has the rage. The Zords are his bastards, ripped off from his failure. Beware, all!! Voltron shall prevail!

Lord Fish writes:

This just might be the most even match ever conceived.

I have to go with Voltron for a few reasons though... first of all the cast of Power Rangers Changes so often, that they never know who they're gonna be working with next! That's no way to run a team. Also those rangers have nothing to beat on but "Putty's" and the occasional big rubber monster. They're out of shape and spend most of their time dulling their weapons on the minions of a badly dubbed interstellar witch lady.

Baal Tocard writes:

The Cats will win solely based on coolness, and over all power!!! Not to mention the fact that the 'Power Rangers' can't decide on who they are because of all this changing of people and can't decide on which 'Zords' to use!

Kes writes:

Well, I don't know jack about either but I think the NRGizer Bunny would win because the guys didn't use the right battery. I'll go with Voltron because they sound cooler than Power Rangers.

Bugmaster writes:

I don't know who Voltron is, but the Power Rangers deserve to die. Period.

Fluffy writes:

Hey! Those wimpy Power Rangers only have to fight what comes knocking' on their front door step. Voltron's the defender of the galaxy. 'Nuff said!

AuGi writes:

Voltron will win because Power Zord just ripped off Voltron. They also took the idea and made it as corny as #@&*!. I hated Power Rangers when I first saw that #@#!. And I TRIED to like Power Rangers. Now they got Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers Zeo, and all this other disorganized #@%!.

Eldritch writes:

I remember Voltron as an unstoppable anime mech in the wilderness, composed of hunting cats, invincible in it's power, glory, and majesty... yet too different to last...

The Power Zord, on the other hand, is an annoying wannabe voltron/transformer with bad acting and equipment... you don't even have to hit it to knock it down and it even looks ugly.

Mani writes:

HAH ! Those stoooopid teenagers will get their stoooopid Zord trashed by the far more experienced Voltron crew! 'nuff said!

Jennifer (aka S Crystal) writes:

Power Rangers totally SSSSUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Voltron Winsss!!!!!!!!!

William Goddard writes:

All the Mighty Morphing Morons can do is try to figure out how to count and use the color spectrum. The Vortron group is a dedicated military unit that escaped a prison on the homeworld of thier enemies! What did the brats do... get a great perm!?!?! I say the entire contest goes to the vortron team.

Veteran Gamer writes:

I really don't care which one COULD win. I just want to see those Power Rangers get pounded into an alternate universe before my kid gets old enough to want to watch them!

Besides, if the first Voltron gets hammered, there's always the second one...

sinsecticide writes:

Oh PLEASE! The Zord has about as much of a chance of beating Voltron as the Go-Bots have of defeating the Transformers. Why? Simply because everyone knows that the Power Rangers are nothing more than a cheap knockoff of Voltron designed to corrupt today's youth into believing republican propaganda. The Defenders of the Universe will break the wimpy Power Rangers any day. And Princess Allura is TWICE as hot as any of those Power Wusses anyhow! No Contest.

Ryan writes:

You're just doing this for the sheer pleasure of seeing the Power Rangers get their butt kicked aren't you?

Even if through some strange perversion of thought someone believed that the Power Zord could come close to the almighty power of Voltron, Voltron has the major advantage when you add in the "friend factor". The Power Zord has a big floating head and a little neurotic robot backing it up. Voltron has an entire planet of people who all love Voltron, along with an intergalactic Prince and his small fleet of war ships. Voltron will standing over a steaming pile of Power Zord parts within 5 minutes.

We writes:

We know that Voltron will win. Nothing can beat the power of the elements. Nothing can Beat Voltron. Why is this Zord thing even challenging the all mighty Voltron? Voltron can, and will destroy that Mighty Morphin' paperweight.

Flying Fish writes:

I don't know much about these two guys, but I do remember Voltron from my childhood. I have always hated Power Rangers, and I have seen how Zord is so pathetic. So I say Voltron is my hero for this battle.

RtG writes:

Zord, Mega-Zord, Turbo-Zord...Who cares? All I have to say it "FORM BLAZING SWORD!!!!" Besides, the 5 lions will take on any incarnation of those wimpy power rangers.

warrl writes:

Oh pauhleess. First off the Zord is just a cheap Voltron rip off. Second the Voltron force has never had to upgrade Voltron, the Power Rangers have to upgrade like every other week.

The Voter Of All Things That Are Right writes:

I Voted For Voltron Because It Was The Right Thing To Do, And The Voices In My Head Told Me To.

Carlos writes:

As long as its the ORIGINAL Voltron, none of that planes, cars and boats joke it will be a all out SLAUGHTER!!! Power Rangers? What's that? Its left over scraps from a Japanese series that $aban scrapped together to pay some of his bills. And the live action scenes? The "actors" are really small young chinese women with multiple blackbelts, look into that.

Spark writes:

Although I have to admit that Voltron was a lot cooler when I saw it as a kid, I still have to say that the Power Punks are sad replacements. Voltron will pull out their sword and slam! It's over baby.

bugsy writes:

Voltron, cause every time he pulls out the sword, boom!, the other guy gets sliced down the middle. Hey, it worked in the 80's, it'll work for the 90's.

Polar 8 writes:

Come on here!!!! The Power Ranger bot will lose in no time flat. He is inexperienced and just plain cheap. Besides the Lions bot is so much cooler.


JAY: Wow, Pat... looks like there is a great consensus that Voltron should take...

PAT: And there is the whistle! These two mech teams waste NO TIME!! Both...

JAY: Both immediately draw swords...

PAT: Voltron is forming Blazing Sword whilst...

JAY: While Zord draws....

PAT: The Zord seems to be taking an awful long time to draw it's sword...

JAY: And here comes Voltron... Sword in hand.. It.. He...

PAT: He just cut the Zord in to two pieces!!!

JAY: Just like that, huh? But wait!! Here comes

PAT: ...Voltron again and he just cut the Zord into four pieces. Is that blood over there?

JAY: What.. there? On the Zord's Chest area?

PAT: Is that his chest, Jay? I thought.. Oh God!!!

JAY: O.K, Zord is in 8 pieces now. See that there? I'm pretty sure it's blood on that...

PAT: The Referee is signaling for the end of the match now... but Voltron appears to be stomping on the Zord carcass....

PAT: Hey... I think that's a Power Ranger running for the gate!! Get a sound man down there, I want an interview....

JAY: Pat, dead Ranger on the sand. Voltron lasers it to death....

PAT: Jay, what is this fiasco? What the heck?? We got nothing out of the Zord... it just died on the sand???

JAY: Pat... the people have spoken... the Zord is dead.


'Nuff Said!


Voltron: 198

Zord: 50


Well, the crowd cheers as Voltron continues to dissect the Ranger Zord.

Be here next week when we enjoy a new challenge... My God!! Voltron has captured Kimberly the Pink Ranger, and is flying off!! I don't even want to know...

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