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World Destruction



A Deal gone bad leaves two of the most demonically brilliant men on the face of the earth in a blood fued. Only the assassination of the other will assauge lost honor.

Dr. Doom the iornfisted Monarch of Latveria vs. Lex Luthor the cold hearted president of Lex Corp. International. They will use science, sorcerey, henchmen, patsys, thugs, lugs, bombs, androids, and Lord, if it comes down to it, Lex might even put on the ol' Battle Armor. 'Nuff Said!!!

Join us now in a battle we had to call...

Suffering is the Coin of the Realm

This fight was suggested by Demon Knight.


PAT:   I'm Soooo Confused.

JAY:   Pat... I'm lost. I just have no idea anymore....

PAT:   Wait, were live. Hello and Welcome everybody! Were are here Live with our continuing coverage of the Dr. Doom V. Lex Luthor conflict. We've been following this all week, now, and I can honestly say....

JAY:   ... I hope it ends soon.

PAT:   Yeah, well let's run some of the viewer response we've gotten over the last week on this battle...


Demon Knight writes:

Well first I have to say thank you for choosing my fight

Dr. Doom: Fights four powerful enemies by himself, stands up to the likes of the Beyonder, takes on most the of Marvel universe. The number one villian, so much so that over half of the X-Men's villians are just lame rip offs. He is master of the black arts. But he has twisted sense of honor that Luthor doesn't have at all. Doom is as smart as Lex but he doesn't understand people as well.

Lex Luthor: Master robber baron of the D.C. U.. He knocked out the Joker and well....he fights a tougher foe....Superman. If a villian is judged by the weight of enemies than Lex Luthor is a force to be reckoned with. Luthor is craftier.

Its like putting Satan against Satan

WhereWolf writes:

Hey, Lex has class, and he's outlasted Superman. All Doom ever did was wander 'round tryin' to cause trouble for anyone who ever appeared even ONCE in a MARVEL comic book! The guy's a villian wannabe!

Don't get me wrong; I'm no fan of DC Comics! I just know which guy gets results!

Unfortunately, as MARVEL has throngs of hypna'tized mind-numbed following robot zombies at its command, and Mr. Lu-thor only has the dwindling resources behind DC, Doom will probably win. That sucks. 'Cause he's nothin' without that stupid armour! Hell, he's nothin' WITH that stupid armour! DIE, YOU SOLD-OUT MARKETING JERK!! And take what's left of Metallica with ya' (before they put out ANOTHER bad album!)

schultztown usa writes:

I think we can agree that this is as true a contest on intellect as the Ares vs. Khan fight. now, in a battle of brains, let's look at their usual competition. Luthor's standard brawling buddy is Superman. Now I love big blue all to death, but let's be totally honest here: Supes may have "powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men", but he's way to much of a follower to be much for original thought.

To quote Dark Knight returns: "He'd follow anyone with a flag.."

so Lex Luthor isn't usually very challenged in this whole battle-of-the-grey-matter-thing.

Now... Doom's sparing partner? Mr. Fantastic! A man generally held to be the smartest man alive! Doom has GOT to stay on his toes to keep competing with that egg-head. Luthor is very intellegent, but He just isn't ready to deal with someone who is his equal. Doom is. The answer is clear.

Sailor Xena writes:

Finally, a real battle; none of this cutsie crap. Here's how I see it; both Luther and Doom are geniuses with vast resources at there disposal. But Doom has an advavtage, his mystical training. In none of the movies, T.V. shows, or cartoons have I ever seen L.L. use magic; Doom uses both magic and technology in a deadly and efficient mannor. The important thing in this confrontaion are the players themselves. Lex Luthur is not a field general while Doom isn't afraid to get his hands dirty; if push comes to shove Doom won't be bothered one bit to enter the battle and kick some major Luther ass.

Sam writes:

Pretty close one, so far. I voted for Doom, but it's a close call. Doom has the resources of a small country, whereas Luthor has a giant mega corporation. Hard to say who has more at their disposal. Doom does tinker in the dark arts, which gives him an edge. Also, I'd say he's a bigger time villian. Luthor really isn't what a consider a "threat to the entire earth" type of guy.

Noel Schornhorst writes:

Both villains are brilliant and I am a big Superman fan, but I haveta go with the Doc. He stole the power of Silver Surfer and Beyonder and he's faced Superman as well. Both are brilliant strategists, but I say Doom is a bit better. After all, Doom rules a country. Luthor ruled a city, until big blue came along. Now if it were Doom vs. Ra's Al Ghul....

The Genius Formerly (and Still) Known as Eddie writes:

Cool...I've been itching to see DR. DOOM kick somebody's butt -- and butt kicking will he do tonight!

DOOM has battled Superman and nearly won. Luthor, however, smart and resourceful as he may be, is totally helpless without Kryptonite, which we know holds no terror for Doom.

Lex Luthor will fall...SO SWEARS DOOM! (Then after that, Bill Gates and Darth Vader-- BOTH will kneel before DOOM... THIS HE SWEARS!!!!!!)

Latverian Ambassador to the U.S. writes:

DOOM will crush that insolent speck Lex Luthor. How dare you insult our monarch!

DOOM is clearly far more intelligent. The incompetent Lex was even too stupid to detect the carcinogenic effect of his old Kryptonite ring before his original body's demise.

DOOM is opposed regularly by his (almost) intellectual equal, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. That cockroach hungering for DOOM's wrath is regularly dispatched by Superman and his slightly above average IQ. If Lex gets lucky, DOOM will use his Ovoid soul transfer technique to switch bodies with the pretender. DOOM's triumphant victory is assured!

sinsecticide writes:

It was hard to decide, but overall I picked Dr. Doom, just because of one simple fact...

Not that he has taken on the entire Justice League (including Superman) and gotten away scott free.

Not the fact that his armor is near indestructable, and can support his life for nearly a year in the harshest circumstances (the depths of cold space).

Nor the fact that he has built in weapons capable of destroying a good chunk of Metropolis with one fell swoop if he so chose...

I picked Dr. Doom because his name sounds cooler. PLEASE, who would name their kid Lex Luthor??? Long Live Latveria, wherever it is!!!

Nine writes:

Have to give it to Lex Luthor based on their Hollywood apperances. Lex was played by the legendary Gene Hackman on the screen, while the voice of Dr. Doom was supplied by Harvey Korman, who is known for silly Mel Brooks' movies and playing second fiddle to Carol Burnett.

Dath writes:

Although Dr. DOOM is powerful, Lex ALWAYS seems to have some sneaky plan nobody can ever predict.

Pete Milan writes:

comments: Sorry, Lex, but you're just not mean, smart, or crazy enough to best the Doc. Call us when you've had a steel mask welded to your face and then we'll talk.

john writes:

Lex Luthor: devious, evil, brilliant scientist

Dr.Doom: devious, evil, brilliant scientist... and brilliant sorcerer

Doom turns Luthor into frog.... Simple really.

Jeff "T-REX" Hayes writes:

Well Luthor is evil, but he is a lesser evil than Dr Doom. Lex is many things but at least he is a capitalist, while Dr Doom is obviously a product of the Left.

Grant it Lex Luthor is a meglamaniac, but he provides jobs for Women (Miss Tessbacher), The Mentaly challenged (Otis), Teenagers(Lex's Nephew Lenny) And Aliens (Gen Zod, Ursa, Non and Nuclear Man).

So who is the better meglamaniac? Lex of Course!!! Yeah and besides he's played by Gene Hackman, and who could ever hate Gene Hackman?!?!?!?

TheBigGiantHead writes:

Well, Luthor is smart, but he isn't Dr. Doom smart. Plus, when it comes to assassination, Doom has a big advantage. Time travel. He can kill Luthor's parents Before they have any kids.

Artemis writes:

Okay, Doom has a lot more expirience with this whole world domination thing, and he has more viscious enemies. If I were a supervillian, I'd really prefer to be fighting Superman so I could trust in his pathetic morality to not be killed. Try to pull that with Wolverine, the Hulk or Psylocke, and WATCH how fast you get shredded, pounded, or have your mind erased. On top of that, Doom has managed to survive at least till the year 2099, while Luthor hasn't. VICTOR VON DOOM FOREVER!

PurelyCoincidental writes:

No contest! Doom's powerful and brilliant, but his ego's far too big for his own good; he never considers that he might fail, so he rarely has backup plans. Luthor is the KING of failsafes; his schemes tend to be near-flawless, and unlike Doom, he never gets caught. Lex would find a way, even if he were killed before it could go into effect.

Fluffy da' Bunny writes:

Doom is just more obsessed and intelligent. C'mon, Luthor can't even outwit Supes, while Doom and Reed are both geniuses.

MoonLemming writes:

Sorry Lex, Doom don't care about Kryptonite. Unless of course it stands in his way. At which point it is eliminated like all things that stand in the way of DOOM!!!!

Azrael writes:

C'mon! This is Dr. Doom we're talking about, the second smartest man in the Marvel universe. Luthor's a rich person with a few tricks up his sleave, and Bill Gates proved those types of people to be evil, but Doom has been around. He knows sorcery, science, robots, you name, it he has it. He has a WORKING TIME TRAVEL DEVICE! Luthor regularly(at least used to) lossed to a man in blue tights. Luthor loses to Reed Richards, Iron Man, least he loses to respectable people.

Grifter writes:

DR. Doom is the clear victor in this battle. Lex may have money and power but lacks the brains it takes to become a true ruler. I bet Doom can even find a way to kill Superman... Something Lex was never able to do...

TJ Burns writes:

Kids, How can Doom lose? He's a master of Sorcery, Science, and the mind tricks he learned from the Ovoid race. If this was a corporate matchup, I'd give Luthor a chance, but Luthor doesn't even use his own weapons! He stands no chance! None!

Xena's Boyfriend writes:

Luthor has the upperhand on Doom after all, Luthor has the connections to find what he needs to destroy Doom. Speaking of Doom he has nothing in the area for connections which is exactly why Dr. Doom is gonna go down!

toocool writes:

Luthor is doomed. Let's face it Doom is at least defeated by a truely brilliant man most of the time (reed richards) on the other hand Luthor can't even beat old Clark, I love superman but he is not a clever guy and if luthor can't beat Superman then he doesn't stand a chance against the evil mastermind Von Doom. Not only is Doom far more intelligent and cunning, he is twice as ugly. If it comes down to it he'll just take of his mask and that sissy Luthor will wet his pants!!! It was a good match in theory, and Luthor wil put up a good fight but make mine marvel.

Caine, the betrayer writes:

Oh, come on! Doom's got that no-count Luthor beat hands down! Doctor Doom has been bustin' heads forever with no major character changes to help his image. He doesn't need 'em. How many incarnations of Lex Luthor have there been? Plus, Doctor D's got Doombots, gadgets out the wazoo, that funky armor, and a lineage of sorcery. Lex won't even get close enough to touch the Doc, battle armor or no battle armor.

The Southern Fist writes:

Doom all the way. Fisrt, the guy has doom for a name. That just oozes badassness. Second, luther only pissed off superman, doom has screwed over dozens of heroes. Third, doom has his own country therefore he is the home town favorite. Fourth, he has a big ugly bionic suit. What does luther have... oh... only a bald head. Doom will crush the life from lex (what type of name is lex anyway?) luther with minimal effort.

Superboy writes:

Lex plans way ahead for these things and he always has like 20-some odd back-up plans. Lex by a mile! Well maybe half-a-mile, but he'll still win IN THE END!

The Bunyip writes:

Lex vs. Doctor Doom? Please. Lex's handles his arch-foe, Superman, with resources, lackeys and Krypronite. Doom has just as many resources (he runs an entire country...), BUILDS his own lackeys (Doombots) and is Immune to Kryptonite. So it's going to come down to mano-y-mano. Luthor doesn't have a fully-equipped battlesuit, so... Goodby Lexcorp, Hello Latveria Enterprises, Inc., and the world!

'Lord' Rev. Dr. Paul Soth writes:

Victory shall be Doom's! Compared to Luthor, Doom's track record is unsurpassed! He's taken over worlds and at times possesed the powers equal of that of a god. 'Cides, Luthor has his plubic image to worry about, such things are below Doom!

In his own words: "No one rivals Doom! NO ONE! There is no power on Earth, no intellect in all creation, to equal mine!"

Doom removes Luthor, and takes LexCorp for himself and renames it DoomCorp. With Luthor's advanced technogy and trillons backing him up, Doom creates legions of the most advanced DoomBots ever and takes over BOTH Earths!

Trekker3 writes:

it's gonna be close but i gotta go with lex because he fought superman numerous times to a close battle and if you can go toe to toe with the man of steel i think you could take out old chrome dome!!!!

Justicar writes:

I can see why people would vote for Doom however we must judge these opponents by their enemies because the mentally about equal. Doom battles the F4 , who all are pushovers except for Reed. Now Reed aint no Superman. Its not that Superman is smarter than Richards, its that Superman is the whole package. Superman has connections, raw power, and some intellect. Luthor has had to constantly battle all that Superman can muster. Luthor I belive has access to more money, more science and more toadees than Doom. Mind you, I love Doom, he's a hardass character, but I think Lex edges him out.

COOLAID writes:

Lex is a true THUG, he knows his sh#t. He could duplicate a thousand Dr. dooms if he wanted and then smoke a piece with his boy with the S on his chest.

Ace Kendrich writes:

Okay, let's think about this, who has Lex Luthor spent most of his days trying to outsmart. Ol' musclebound superman that's who. Who has Dr. Doom outsmarted? Mr. Fantastic, a bona fide super genius. and sides, Doom had that mask welded to his face, so he's got the toughness too.

Sailor Love writes:

Lex Luthor will definitely win .....Think - billionaire with a brilliant strategic mind, a 1/4 century's worth of super-sperific advanced technology, and , er, around 3000 bodyguards? 'Nuff said.

Badger writes:

Doom wins hands down. Luthor may be cunning and devious, but he always has to hire people to do his dirty work. Luthor is a killer in the boardroom, but wouldn't have the iron clad cahones to take on someone like the Beyonder like Doom did (no he didn't win; but he was fighting a being with ultimate cosmic power, cut the guy some slack.) Their cronies, goons, and mooks will cancel each other out, so it comes down to a one on one between our two antagonists. Doom wears armor. Armor shoots energy blasts. Energy blasts atomize Luthor. Poor little Lexie.

The Match Maker writes:

This is not the first time this battle has been proposed. In fact, just such a battle was looked into in WIZARD magazine, issue #39. While both Lex and Doc Doom are "smart", to say the least, WIZARD had this match being a tie, on the grounds that while Doctor Doom would make the first "kill" Lex would have somesort of "beyond the grave" backup plan that would get Doom in the end. In this I disagree. How would Lex be able to know if his "backup plan" killed Doc Doom or just one of this MANY "Doom-bots"? Heck, it wouldn't even have to be the REAL Doom fighting. The whole time it could be one of his "Doom-bots" fighting Lex while the REAL Doctor Doom is basking in the warm Hawaiian sun. This one goes to the man in the cape. (As it always does where Lex is concerned. *snicker*, *snicker*.)

Hysteria writes:

Sorry, Luthor, you may be the richest man on the planet, and be able to get just about anything you want due to Lexcorp, but you come up way short against the not-so-good Doctor!. See, Doc Doom has not only high technology working for him, he also has magic (he is a frighteningly proficient sorcerer), and his personal fighting style is not too shabby either! Plus, let's face it, Doctor Doom has all the bases covered. Lex may be a good planner, but as an example, when Lex was dying, he decided to destroy Metropolis, 'cause if he couldn't have it, no one could. When Doom's servants thought he was dead, they took a six-year old boy, and overwrote HIS thoughts with Doom's! Ingenious or what? In addition, Doom has those funky doombots that look and act just like Doom! You NEVER KNOW IF YOU'RE FIGHTING DOOM OR NOT! Sorry Lex, prepare to become a minor employee of Doomcorp!

Bleys writes:

Doom all the way! Not only is he THE evil genius, but he has such great fasion sense. Truely an unbeatable combo.

Ninshiki writes:

Oh come on!!! Let's see. Sure Lex Luther is a millionaire, but he can't even take over a single town (Metropolis). Then you have Victor Von Doom. Marvels greatest super villian. The man is one of the smartest on the planet, has doombots gallore, his OWN COUNTRY(Latveria), his armor, knowledge of magic and I won't even mention his android doubles. Doom even has time traveling devices. He once held the cosmic cube (sort of a genie lamp). Now what is an old fart like Lex gonna do about that? Hire some 'thugs' to take out DOOM?? I dont think so. Whether this is a fight of resources or just mano el mano, Doom shall reign supreme.

Smiling Jack writes:

Well, I'd like to say that Lex wins... But he just doesn't have the Superior Technology, the Sorcery that Doom can draw upon. I mean, Doom has a Fricken Time-Machine! He has this little things that he puts on his fingers that shoots Boulders out of nowhere!

The thing Lex has Going for him is that he's devious and underhanded, and as advanced as Doom is, he does have some code of ethics...

The One writes:

Lex will out-think Doom. Lex is more apt to plan out his attack, where Doom would just improvize. While trying to deal with Luthor's pre-planned traps, Doom wouldn't have time to attack.


JAY:   Pat, we constantly turn to the issue of Power vs. Planning on this one.

PAT:   I agree, but I'm so confused now about who's where doing what, I'm just riding it out, Jay.

JAY:   We have been led to believe on at least three occassions that Luthor was deceased... and Doom we also thought was dead a couple times, too... have witnessed mass bloodshed and vast collateral damage as their prospective thugs have clashed...

PAT:   It's been a mess, folks. Wait! One of our spotters says Lex is in his penthouse at the Lex Corp building... We go there Live...

JAY:   Lex is onscreen... he's picking up his Cel Phone


PAT:   HOLY....!

JAY:   My God! The Entire top floor of Lex Corp is a fireball...!

PAT:   Taking Lex with it.

JAY:   We know Doom has been at the Latverian Embassy in France all morning... lets go live for a reaction...


PAT:   Hey....

JAY:   Sweet Christmas! The Embassy has been engulfed in a vast explosion...

PAT:   Wait! One of the spotters says Doom is in Latveria!

JAY:   No, he was at the Embassy....

PAT:   We're going Live to Latveria now...

JAY:   I don't get it...

PAT:   Yes, that is in fact Dr. Doom. We're getting a transmission from the lower depths of his dungeon... his chamber of sorcery...

JAY:   He appears to be involking a spell...

PAT:   I'll Be! Is this for real?!? Lex Luthor is stepping out of the shadows! They're together in the same room!

JAY:   We got live sound comming in... I have GOT to hear this...

Lex:  So... We meet at last Dr. Doom. You've been quite challenging.

Doom:  You have been crafty, Luthor... but like a fox who outwits himself you have rallied against my technology and stand naked before my sorcerery.

Lex:  Lex Luthor forgets nothing. That dweomer you are completing calls for a pinch of vibranium.. doesn't it? Guess what. That vial your holding has common silver in it. You dare not use the wrong ingredient to complete the spell, and the act of leaving that circle to get what you need breaks the magic. The spell you have been undertaking for three days is wrecked.

Doom:  Never! Doom knew of your little game to reprogram one of my loyal android servants to switch the ingrediants in this vial. He was double failsafed to make you THINK your pathetic con had worked.

Lex:  HA! But it was a set-up to make you believe the situation was under control, when in fact the actual switch was made by an hyper intelligent species of your own common Latverian rat, Hybridized at Lex Corp. Patent Pending.

Doom:  I knew of your little "Rat" scheme six months ago, Luthor, through my spies in your company. The rats were surreptitiously being given subliminal commands to never stand against Doom all along.

Lex:  So you may have believed, but...

Doom:  BAH! Doom tires of this prattle. Even now one of my Doombots has traveled back in time to see you dead as a child.

Lex:  Really? Too bad the child he is after is a genetic clone I myself placed there when I had access to a time machine several years ago. The real me as a child is unfindable.

Doom:  Then I shall simply blast you where you stand.

Lex:  You can't blast me, I'm a hologram. Besides, it doesn't change the fact that your vial contains common silver instead of vibranium and your spell is wrecked.

Doom:  The vials contents are intact. I tell you, you have failed and will die now.

Lex:  Do you really want to try and raise that demon on the hope that you're right? Huh? Vic? See ya 'round, buddy. You and you're new dance partner are going to just Love each other.

PAT:   The Luthor hologram is fading and Doom is left holding the vial.

JAY:   What's he going to do? What's he going to do?

PAT:   Does Doom have enough faith that the vials contents are correct? Dare he complete the spell.


'Nuff Said!


Dr. Doom: 272

Lex Luthor: 199


JAY:   I can't believe he did it. He called Luthor's bluff and completed the spell.

PAT:   Doom was not to be swayed by Luthor's tricky words... and now Lex will have hell to pay.

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