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Mushrooms and Rings



SINCE the early 1980's, when kids first started popping quarters into a little game called Donkey Kong, Mario has easily stood the test of time as a gaming legend. He stood toe to toe with the once almighty Pac-Man. Shook a fist at the likes of Galaga and Dig-Dug. He outlived Atari, Intellivision, Coleco-vision and even Duran-Duran. Today, Mario is Nintendo... a once little company that made a little game very big.

ENTER 1990. The battle has moved out of the Arcades and into the living rooms of the world. Sega Corp, a little company which once specialized in quarter operated snack machines, hits a home run with a speedy little guy called Sonic the Hedge Hog. Sonic left Turbo-Grafix, Atari's Jaguar, 3DO and Neo-Geo in the dust... only to find that Mario was there waiting for him at the end of the run... And Mario did not look happy.

Power-ups, Specials, spills and chills abound in this weeks viscous, knock-down, drag out. There can only be one.

Join us now as these two Super Game Heros duke it out in a fight that we had to call

Spikes, Speed, Spaghetti, and Super Mushrooms
This fight was suggested by Zelena, Kes, Doctor Fate, and Black Claw.


WE:   We are We

DROY:   And we.. I mean I am Droy Summers, welcome to the Khazan arena.

WE:   Today Droy and We will be your hosts for the fight of the Millennium, Mario Vs Sonic the Hedgehog!

DROY:   This should be good! My vote goes for Sonic.

WE:   We went with Mario. Let us see what the fans are saying. . .


ChaosBurnFlame writes:

Mario would definitely win! He's gone through over ten games with victory, handled many difficult situations, and has multiple kinds of attacks, ranging from fireballs to the infamous star ram! What does Sonic have, a jump? Oh, and I do have a pet hedgehog and they are not fast, and in fact, REAL hedgehogs can fight, blue ones can't.

Thundercat Tabbirra writes:

Okay, if you ask me, I think Koopa and Robotnick would get together and just blow up the ring. But I digress. Hit it with the Hedgehog, he cuter than a ferret (even an electric one).

Raven writes:

Sonic is just to fast for Mario. He could run circles around that little sewer worker without breaking a sweat.

LordFish writes:

This is kinda tough...Mario is a surly overweight plumber from Brooklyn with a very bad attitude (Just watch his cartoons). Sonic....well he's a fastish blue thing that appeals to some people because of some sort of alleged Pseudo-coolness. But lets look at the facts, Sonic may be fast, but he's a weakling. Mario spends his days stomping Goombas and it shows he'll just make a hop, skip and a jump and Sonic will be flat on his back...literally.

Caine, the betrayer writes:

Guess I gotta go with the pasta lovin' plumber on this one. Sure, Sonic can move, and that counts for something, but Mario's squared off against two giant apes, an overgrown fire-breathing lizard, a huge toad from dream land, and countless mushrooms, turtles, and little bomb guys. And he still holds down a full-time job. What does sonic do? He runs around like a freakin' maniac and fights a fat robot-guy with awful taste in fashion. On top of all this, there's the issue of motivation: Mario fights for his beloved Princess Toadstool and her entire kingdom while Sonic is just trying to set loose wild animals so he can have more of his forest friends over on the weekends. Pasta Power!!!

Ego writes:

This is a tough one, I gotta admit. Sonic vs. Mario. Lightning speed and athleticism vs. raw toughness. Can you imagine breaking bricks with your head? Ouch! But, I gotta say Sonic will be just too fast for Big, Bad, Mario to catch. Gotta be Sonic.

Sierra writes:

I say with Sonic's speed he can run rings around Mario, and of course when sonic gets hit ,all that happens is he looses some rings, but when Mario gets hit he shrinks ,so sonic can just step on him. also when Mario tries to use his patented head jump he'll be impaled on sonic's nice hair do.

Snowball writes:

Sonic the Hedgehog is far far superior to Mario. Mario is immoral, a symbol of evil. Sonic the video game was better than Mario, the cartoon was better than Mario, and well, the merchandise is too.

The Southern Fist writes:

People are actually deliberating on this one? Lets look at the facts. One stupid plumber vs. a hedgehog. One thing to say... quills. Yup. They hurt when you stomp on them. This is sadly mario's basic form of attack. Lets see what he has to say when he jumps on top of sonic. He will mutter a string of expletives unsuitable to younger viewers. At times, they can both be invincible, but when sonic gets all of the gems, he is invisible, moves real fast and flies along the ground. What does Mario do... oh, I see... nothing. This is a battle that would last all of 3 seconds, as sonic turns into a little ball of spikes, revs up and impales Mario with

Lurch writes:

Who are you going to pick? A guy who has enough sense to dodge Donkey Kong's feet or one that just stands there daring the big ape to stomp him?

Astro Creep 2000 writes:

Mario Vs Sonic.... A good battle, but I think that Mario has got the advantage. I think the fight would start with little Mario fighting Sonic with his plunger, but when sonic finds himself getting his butt kicked, he would call in Tails and Knuckles to help him out. Being ganged up on is nothing Mario can't handle though. All he would do is eat a "magic mushroom" to increase his size, speed and stamina. He would pound those little animals into the ground, and then finish them off by eating a flower and shooting a fireball at them. Mario has conquered and Sega has lost three mascots, all they'd have to do the job is "Alex Kidd" and he's a little jerk. Mario would triumph and Sonic would die being the little cute prettyboy that he is. GO MARIO !!!!!!

Chris Sawler writes:

Mario should win this one, just because he can actually kill of a bad guy. I played Sonic for 20 minutes, and never figured out how to kill anyone. Jump on their heads, nothing. Do the super spiny thingy, nothing. So Mario should just put on his Fire Flower, and turn Sonic into a Hedgehogkabob.

BlueDog writes:

Mario the overweight plumber vs. Sonic the sleek super speed ball of the not so silver screen. You've got to be kidding. It's no contest. Sonic wins paws down. With his sonic spin attack and superior speed sonic will cut Mario down to size.

J. P. Sonicore writes:

Did You know that Nintendo was not even in the computer business when it started, it was in entertainment tough. Nintendo started out as a playing card company in Japan. Now it is the worlds longest lasted entertainment Corporation, what's the hedgehog got?

The One writes:

Sonic all the way. Sonic has the speed advantage over Mario and his rolling attack is much better than Mario's jump attack. I gotta go with Sonic as long as Mario doesn't cheat and use fireballs.

Slug writes:

I guess it had to happen... Okay, it's Mario because he stumbles along blindly, kinda like me, and eventually finds his way through everything. Oh, and, mushrooms are cool, slugs like 'em!

PurelyCoincidental writes:

quick fight; Sonic runs at Mario at about Mach 6 and gets into his spin. Mario pulls out a star and makes himself invincible. Sonic smashes right into Mario, taking himself out. Mario cleans up the mess.


DROY:   The current is strong against Sonic, too bad!

WE:   Each contestant was given a lode of 'Power-ups.'

DROY:   Sonic got a bag of rings and all the Chaos... Here they come!

WE:   And they are off! Sonic taking the upper hand with a spin-dash towards Mario!

DROY:   Ouch!! He didn't see that coming!

WE:   Mario is down and looks dazed, it looks like the dash did no damage.

DROY:   Sonic looks like he's laughing at Mario, waiting for him to get up.

WE:   Mario is getting up and he is... Mario pulls out a Fire flower! Mario is now spraying the arena with fireballs!!!

DROY:   And Sonic is dodging every one of them! He looks pretty ticked! OH, Sonic is going for the heavy artillery! Sonic is going GOLD!

WE:   Mario is still shooting but the fireballs are just glancing off sonic now...

DROY:   Sonic is going for a ram... and... POW! Mario has lost the flower! Sonic looks like he's going for another ram.

WE:   Mario... is pulling out his 'Invisi-cap!'

DROY:   Sonic flies right through the now invisible Mario! Sonic hit's the wall and... Sonic is dazed!

WE:   Mario is putting on his 'Metal-cap' and he jumps. Mario is going to Stomp the Hedgehog.

DROY:   Whump! That's it folk... Wait! Mario is running around like a madman! "Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow!"

WE:   The plumber has blue spikes in his derriļæ½re!

DROY:   Sonic is still dazed from hitting the wall...

WE:   Mario has regained control and... He has pulled out a 'Super-Star!'

DROY:   Mario is running up to Sonic... OUCHIE! The plumber is pummeling the hedgehog!

WE:   Mario has no mercy!

DROY:   Sonic will not survive this, and if he does he's gonna regret it!

WE:   Mario steps back and... WHAM! The Hedgehog has left the arena!


'Nuff Said!


SONIC: 294

MARIO: 319


WE:   Thank you for joining us, We are We...

DROY:   And I'm Droy, join us next time for a fight to remember; Emperor Palpatine Vs Thunder God Rayden.

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