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The Ultimate Strategy....

En Garde!
Khan vs. Ares


These two square off, complete with armies in a major confrontation where only one will survive!!!

Is this Risk Board big enough for the both of them?

THANXS to Kym for the fight suggestion. Kym (and the Ares mailing list) wanted to see Braveheart Lion in the bout, too, so we tried to get him in there...


PAT:  Hello and Welcome to the beautiful Khazan Convention Center for today's Match. We are expecting some big action today as Ares, God of War takes on Khan the Ultimate Warlord in a game of Risk. Today's match will be refereed by Braveheart Lion of the Care Bears. Hello, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:  And I'm Jay Peoples. We got two very masterful generals here, Ares is schooled in the art of ancient warfare and being a god helps while Khan is fully versed in 21st century tactics. It all boils down to who's the better strategist... And as for Braveheart Lion being the referee... this might be a LONG day.

PAT:  Yes indeed, and while the Care Bears' Braveheart Lion is putting the official shuffle on the Risk cards, lets take a look at some of the comments we've gotten on this weeks match:


Christian Irish writes:

Khan should win. Ares is cool, but he's not good enough at being sneaky (Herc always figures out what he's up to, and he's no mental giant). The only reason Khan lost to Kirk & Co. is because he's used two dimensional thinking, which would work perfectly in Risk. I mean, he already conquered the Earth for real in the Eugenics Wars, how hard would doing it in a board game be?

PG writes:

True, Ares is the god of war but he has no chance. Risk is a game of WORLD conquest. Ares is divine but he still hasn't been able to subdue GREECE. Khan, on the other hand, knows not only about about WORLD wars but also about GALACTIC conquest from his experience with Kirk. If he's lucky, Ares might be able to conquer Southeast Europe by the time Khan has declared himself Emperor of the Galaxy.

Nancy Hutchins writes:

Of course Ares should win! He's a god!!! Besides, he has better hair, better pecs, more cool clothes, and better dialogue! Last time I checked, Khan was a mere mortal-- with a stupid wig, a worse outfit, and idiotic dialogue to boot. And I don't think he ever *stepped* in a gym... didn't he have PLASTIC muscles??? What a loser!


PAT:  Some very interesting thoughts from today's crowd. O.K. Braveheart is shuffling out the cards. 14 to Ares, 14 to Khan and 14 for the neutral Infantry for the two player rules. They're studying their cards...

JAY:  Khan has his poker face on, while Ares appears more emotional about his choices. Hmmm... The set-up looks like Ares will field more forces in Africa and North America while Khan is definitely looking at a conquest of Europe and Aulstrailia. Asia is highly contested and South America is up for grabs too.

PAT:  With all their men in place, Khan and Ares' roll one die to determine who goes first.... Khan wins and he wastes no time... he immediately launches an all out assault to irradicate Ares' token forces in Australia.

JAY:  Some tough Dice rolls there, and Khan is definitely going to take Australia. Ares is growling about it and the referee has something to say:

Braveheart Lion:  Awww, come on Ares, don't be grumpy... you're doing GRRRREAT!

JAY:  Whoa... that made Ares' hand twitch towards his sword. Braveheart better watch it, that's the god of war not love. Khan has captured all of Australia and he's moving his attention to Europe...

PAT:  ...And it Looks like Khan's offensive is bogging down in Europe. Khan is going to cut the power-play short and maintain his Armies. He looks awfully smug drawing that new card, Jay.

JAY:  It's Ares turn now and he's scowling at Khan. He mobilizes his forces in North America and Africa. With some very aggressive and risky actions, Ares has routed most of Khan's men!

PAT:  Khan does not appear pleased with this turn of events, and the Referee has something to say about the play...


Braveheart Lion:  Awww, Khan... Turn that frown upside down! You're gonna do Grrreat!

JAY:  Well it looks like Khan just grinded one of the dice into powder in his bare hands. The referee immediately replaces it. Ares has just finished his move and collects his card. With daring strategy, most of North America, Africa and South America belongs to him now... But he lost more men in the process!

PAT:  And this exposes the difference between these men, Jay. Ares' bloodlust and thirst for war led him to attack all out but now his forces are thin. Khan is more cagy, and now it is his play.

JAY:  Khan begins to push out from Australia into Asia and is trying to capture the rest of Europe. He seems focusing on those areas to build a power base.

PAT:  With Austrailia already under his thumb, Khan gets extra armies to put on the board.... His push through Asia does not last long. However, his tactical skill pay off in Europe. He takes everything except Iceland!

JAY:  Khan decides to end his turn by taking his risk card. Now Ares finishes capturing South America and increases his hold on North America and is massing some men along Greenland probably to hold off Khan if he takes Iceland. Currently Ares is holding more territory than Khan, mainly because of his aggressive playing.

PAT:  It's true, Jay. Khan is far from beaten but he looks annoyed with Ares. And the Referee Braveheart Lion has something to say...

Braveheart Lion:  Don't Worry Khan, I think you're doing Grrreat!

JAY:  Whoa! It was a matter of time. Khan has grabbed Braveheart by the neck and has pulled him close to his face... Khan is saying something to the Care Bear Lion guy.

Khan:  I am always 'Grrreat' little creature, now be silent. You're beginning to try my PATIENCE!!

Braveheart Lion:  Oh, you guys just need something sunny that's warm and funny...

PAT:  Oh, no, Jay... I think he's gonna sing...!

Braveheart Lion:  When you down and kind of blue...AAACK!!!!

JAY:  Thank goodness! Khan is now choking him.... Boy! Braveheart's eyes are just a popping out those sockets Pat! Wait! I think Ares is trying to stop Khan.

PAT:  No, Jay, I think he may be attempting to get in on it. They are speaking...

JAY:  ...Lady's and Gentleman... an amazing turn of events!

PAT:  Yes. Khan is carelessly brushing the Risk game off the table. It seems the men have decided to play a new game which requires stuffing Braveheart Lion into plastic Risk army-man holder box.

JAY:  Indeed. Khan is straining his muscles, giving it his best shot. Oh, but there's still some Braveheart sticking out of the box.

PAT:  Yes Jay. Now Ares is going to give it a go. Here's where that God power advantage is really going to come in... Yes... Yes... Ares has stuffed Braveheart in the plastic box! The crowd is going nuts! Amazing.

JAY:  Well, there you have it. Khan lost, but he seems to be smiling and not unhappy about it. Oh, what's this? Ares is presenting Khan the plastic box as a keepsake. Well, that'll make a handy paperweight.


'Nuff Said!


KHAN: 71

ARES: 168


PAT:  Well, that about wraps this one up. From the Khazan Convention Center, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:  And I'm Jay Peoples. Good Day.

Special Thanxs to MacGyvers "Wrath of Khan" for pics used in this weeks bout.

Special Thanxs to Kym's Ares God of War for pics used in this weeks bout.

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The Part of Pat written by Serge - Electric Ferret Studios

The Part of Jay written by Shawn - Callisto Tales

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