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Scooby Cenobites

Scooby Doo Gang
Hellraiser Cenobites


Velma:   Jinkies Gang! Look at this creepy puzzle box.

Freddy:   That could be a clue to the mystery Velma!

Shaggy:   Puzzle box? Like, lemme see that thing, Velma.

Velma:   Shaggy, don't play with it...

Shaggy:    Like, I don't have too. It's turning on it's own. It's haunted!!

Daphne:   Say, what's that weird glow? What's going on?

Shaggy:   Zoiks!!! Get a look at those things!!!

Pin Head:   Hello Children. You have summoned us. Time to play. We have so much to show you...

Freddy:   Beat it gang!! Run!!

Pin Head:   (Click to hear the final word)

Lament Cube

Join us now for a battle we had to call...

Hot Tiles and Tenterhooks


PAT:  Jay, I don't think the Cenobite crew has ever seen prospective prey scram that fast before!

JAY:   Well Pat, I also think it has something to do with that cheesy 70's music coming out of thin air! It has momentarily confused the Hellraiser bunch. Where is that music coming from?

PAT:   I think it just travels with the Scoob Gang, Jay. Folks, we are Live in a spooky old mansion where the Gang has just the Gang, I guess. Fleeing in all directions amid a cloud of dust it's the Scooby-Doobie-Doos! And anticipating fresh victims, it's Hell's own Cenobites. Shaggy is pulling the defiant little Scrappy-Doo along by the collar while Velma clutches tightly to the box which may spell their doom. The race is on! Hello and Welcome, I'm Pat Summers.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. This could be one Mystery that will prove too much for the gang. The Scooby gang has the right idea Pat: run fast and run far. Any living soul that crosses paths with the Cenobites usually won't survive the encounter.

PAT:   That's right, Jay. The Scooby Gang is here today investigating reports that this mansion may be haunted and may contain a hidden valuable artifact.

JAY:   Yes, but what they don't know is that the guy putting on the bed sheet and scaring people already found the treasure... That puzzle box. The previous "ghost" is now in hell enjoying his reward.

PAT:   Indeed. Now let's see what the viewers at home are saying about this one. The floodgates sure opened up in the mailroom this week. Though we have a fixed number of letters we print each battle to keep the page at an acceptable size, we want to thank everybody who wrote in!


Favorite letter of the Week

Casca writes:

All this is really is a race against time, and who can beat the odds better than the Scooby Doo Gang? Really now, if Pinhead and his Cenobites can be taken down by an annoying buxom air-headed bitch, then Daphne ALONE has this one in the bag. The way I see it, Scrappy Doo, in all of his intelligence, will try to take on all of the Cenobites himself with his "Puppy Power". He gets slaughtered (HOORAY!), and the rest of the Gang will do what comes naturally: RUN! As always, there will be a silly chase scene, the Cenobites fall into one of Freddy�s traps (provided Shaggy and Scooby don't set it off first), and the Gang will reclaim the box. Velma will then use her superb puzzle-solving skills and punt Pinhead and his flesh-and-hair deprived Cenobites all the way back to Hell. And all the while, Daphne just stands there looking pretty. After the dust clears and everything is all said and done, the Gang will toss the damn box into a cement mixer before jumping in the Mystery Machine to celebrate at the local Pizza Parlor, where Shaggy and Scooby will undoubtedly cause trouble and get everyone kicked out of the place.

Justicar writes:

Oh My Goddess! What hate do you have for Hanna-Barbara? What evil do you wish upon the Mystery Gang?? My friends they will die... freakin' zoinks... die. I SALUTE YOU!!!!

Where do we begin? The pile of mounting evidence against them is staggering and I have just started to think on this matter. Naivet�, is where I shall begin. Not one episode goes by where they aren't totally freaked out. Just once would I like to see Freddy say, "Hey guys, maybe its just some pissed off hick in a mask". Their learning curve is NIL! So they gain no wisdom for all the shit that they have been through.

So that means that all of the Cenobite tricks will be fresh and completely new by the Gang. Also, Scooby Doo having been written under the auspices of the network censors and probably the Comics Code does not incorporate blood. Cenobites like blood, lots of blood and pain and freaky S & M techniques. Again, we come to naivet�. The Scooby Gang having no exposure to actual blood... let alone damn actual extra-dimensional creatures... are going to totally LOSE IT!!!! I don't mean cheesy running in motion with canned sound effects. I mean, blood curdling screams of pure adolescent terror. Shaggy will be doing so much pot to offset the effects of their first encounter he's going to be totally useless.

Lets see, what else... ahh sexual angst. Another strong emotion for the Cenobites to feed on. Daphne and Fred, if in real life or a modern movie would be making that van rock every night. They may want to, but its just not scripted. The Cenobites get to deal with not only terror stricken teens, but virgins also. The kids minds are going to be so twisted, the whips and spikes and barbed wire are only going to be a nuisance.

OK, now what can the gang do to save their eternal souls. Hmmm... look for clues and set up a goofy trap. Clues they may find as their very sanity is wrended in the process. Pinhead, may fall into a trap. What in the hell are they going to do once the mask don't come off, but scream, babble and pray for divine intervention. And since, Hanna-Barbara is devil spawn to begin with, I don't see God bailing out their sorry MFed minds.

Esrom writes:

I think the Scooby Doo gang are out of their league on this one. All the Scooby snacks in the world won't give Scooby and Shaggy enough courage to take on genuine demonic creatures!

Velma is fairly clever, but she has two weaknesses.

  1. Her arrogant skepticism, and more importantly,
  2. Her glasses.

All Pinhead has to do is take them and crush them, and she'll be lost. Fred and Daphne weren't even around most of the time Scooby and Shaggy met real ghosts (as opposed to the typical villain who would have got away with it if not for those meddling kids), so they'll be scared out of their wits. The Cenobites will show the gang from the Mystery Machine the true meaning of fear.

Yugadesrial writes:

Pinhead: "Curses! I was going to rip their intestinal tracts form them and have my pretties eat their spleens! I was gonna open a gate to the darkest pits of hell and reign eternal torment and pain on all humanity! And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for these kids and...and...that dog!

Shaggy: Yep, that's our...

Scooby:Scooby-doobie dooooooooo!

Demon Knight writes:

Zoinks!!!! This has to be the oddest battle of all time and with me I'm going with the underdog team here. The Scooby Gang has gone up against demons before(see Scooby Doo and the 13 Ghosts) so they'll use the Demon Chest to beat the cenobites like the bunch over dressed s&m howdy's that they are! Plus if you pull in the handy ties Shaggy made while teaching at the Ghoul School(I'm a Scoob fact machine) they can call in Dracula, Frankenstein, and other much cooler monsters to take care of them. But over all I think Pin Head is really old guy in a mask. Scooby snack anyone?

LordFish writes:

Okay...One of you guys really must have some kind of serious sadistic hatred of scooby and the gang cause they're really gonna get hurt here. I mean...sure I love the whole gang (Not including Scrappy of course, he was never accepted as 'one of the gang') but really they're sort of outclassed here. I mean really these guys are pretty much used to running away from very tall carnival owners wearing costumes whilst classic 70's music plays in the background until they can lure him into a cement mixer.

Now, I have no respect for Pinhead's little troop, but I'm not going to underestimate them. Sure they aren't the brightest hellspawn, but their neat chains definitely make up for it. In the end Scooby and the gang are sadly doomed.

Oh yeah... They'll smoke Scoob like a black and mild.

monkman writes:

Wow. We may actually get to what color Hanna Barbara blood is, and entrails, bone fragments... Maybe shag and scoob will turn the cenobites into tokers and everything will be all happy and crescent fresh. Until the munchies kick in and our favorite denizens of Hell begin to eye that cartoon flesh again. The end of the fight would look something like this; For some reason Pinhead would be tied to a chair or something and they would try to remove his "mask". Like, hey man, I think these nails are real!" Que flying hooked chains and spikes ultimately being coated with animated gore.

RobF writes:

It depends on how many of the Cenobites there are. The Gang MIGHT manage to escape with their lives if it is just Pinhead, Butterball, Chatterer, and the Female Cenobite. If they add CD, JP, the Chatterer Beast, the Twins, Angelique, Camerahead, Barbie, Tiffany, and Dr. Channard, they won't stand a chance. Heck, if just Dr. Channard is added they'll get killed. Who am I kidding? This is a joke! Mulder and Scully or Buffy would be an even match for them, but SCOOBY??? They are all going to die, and then there will be a Scrappy Cenobite, and it will all be your fault. THE HORROR!

Mr. Silverback writes:

I have just voted and I am disgusted with you people. How can this be a close vote? Gather around and be enlightened, mes enfants.

1. As any high school science teacher will tell you, Cenobites died out many moons ago and are now only known from fossil evidence. Oh, wait, that's Trilobites. Sorry, but the similarity is instructive, no?

2. The Scooby Doo kids always win, the Cenobites always lose. Duh.

3. Clive Barker is a wiener. He dreams of carrying Stephen King's jock strap in the same way that pimply teenage boys dream of having Claudia Schiffer as their love slave. Even Dean Koontz could use Clive as his prison floozy, because as laughable as Koontz's work is, at least there's a plot somewhere in there. How embarrassing is that? Bottom line? Scooby Doo = The Shakespeare of Hanna-Barbara Clive Barker = The dog feces of modern horror, Cenobite torturer to any reader or moviegoer with a functional forebrain.

4. The Scooby Doo Crew are CBUB champs. Shaggy won the recent eating contest. Granted, they lost to the X-Files in the Grudge Match, but by a mere 7%, and could the X-Files beat the Cenobites? Yep, so the loss is irrelevant.

5. The Scooby Doo Crew is one of the flagship shows on Cartoon Network, which means they can bring some serious help, including numerous CBUB and/or WWWF winners. If these guys want to stay out of the unemployment line, they'll kick some 'bite butt.

The final outcome? Daphne yells "Hey Rube!" and every Cartoon Network character from Gary Coleman and the Smurfs to Voltron, The Zentraedi, The SDF-1and Darkseid descend on the Cenobites in one of those cartoon fight dustclouds. After the Cenobites are subdued, Fred tries to rip their faces off and causes considerable pain and suffering. "I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that meddling Ted Turner!", says Pinhead, as a previously absent Deputy Sheriff hauls the 'bites away. Don't drop the soap, guys.

Fedje! writes:

You have got to be kidding me. The Dudes from Hellrazer vs. The Punks From Cartoon Network.

In a complete reversal of last weeks Match-up, The Gang from Hellrazer will rip the Scooby-Doo-ers to little bite sized chunks of flesh in approximately...oops...already happened... MAYBE if they had Batman and Robin and the Harlem Globetrotters to Help them, The gang from Scooby Doo could have a chance. 'course, it would be the politically correct for 1970-80s Batman and Robin...bunch o wussies...

I hope Scrappy gets his "Puppy Power" ripped off...

Runewulf writes:

Puh-leeeze! Scooby and the gang against the Cenobites? They'll be slaughtered! They're success record is based entirely upon the fact that all of the "ghosts" they've faced in the various mysteries they've solved have been frauds. They don't stand a chance against REAL supernatural entities! My, my, my, what will they be turned into?

  • Thelma develops an oversized cranium and an atrophied body. She acquires an intellectual fetish, seeking to find what thoughts cause others the most pleasure and pain.
  • Shaggy becomes an ultimate glutton, ever hungry but unable to satisfy the craving with any type or amount of food.
  • Fred becomes a sado-masochistic satyr who longs to satisfy his lust on multiple females.
  • Daphne becomes a sadistic nymphomaniac who strangles her mates with hair scarves.
  • Scooby further mutates into a grotesque were-dog seeking to sodomize all humanity.

The Southern Fist writes:

People open you eyes, there is no way the cenobites could lose on this one. Anyone who tries to even twitch towards that puzzlebox will have a chain and a hook though the body part of their choice and hoisted to the ceiling. The antics of a band of early 80's rejects against the prince of hell and his legions is comical. You're right, no one will escape them. The cenobites will return to whence they came after afflicting an appropriate amount of suffering to whomever needs a dose of s and m. Pinhead will stride through the gate wearing a new fur cape while the others have skins draped around their shoulders. They will be the height of fashion for the year.

General George S. Patton writes:

Much as I admire and respect the mystery solving abilities of Scooby and the gang, in this case I have to believe that the Cenobites have the upper hand, and will send Fred, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Scooby to a section of hell where getting pins stuck in every last square inch of your head is considered to be an act of extreme kindness, relatively speaking, that is. That's because Scooby and co. are experts at solving mysteries, and this isn't a mystery, it's a fight. Bloody, messy, brutal, and NO MASKS to pull off. This isn't a whacked-out shopkeeper with a costume they're fighting, these are CENOBITES! Scooby and the gang will be spanked like five four-year-olds at K-mart, only this time it's not going to be an ordinary spanking, it's going to be felony child abuse/shaken baby syndrome kind of spanking. Broken ribs and skulls are likely.

This is not a popularity contest, this is war. In this battle, only the Cenobites are prepared and equipped to make war. Unfortunately for a Great Dane, a pothead, a nerd girl, a jock, and a bimbo, likable as they are.

Hooper_X writes:

The Scooby team will win by one thing: Frank Welker. Frank Welker, the voice of Freddy, has over 140 credits to his name at the IMDB. Among his dark minions are HALF the dang' Transformers, a buncha GI Joes, Godzilla, some of the Gremlins, and a bunch'a other cool crap. Rat-a-tat-tat like that. Never hesitate to put a Pin Head on his back. Dinobot has spoken! My rigid grill structure!

Trantor writes:

Well let's see what we have here now...

A group of otherworldly freakshows that couldn't even figure out how to cover there own entrails, and that seek nothing more than the torture and pain of the living to fulfill their own sadistic dead spirit pleasures (kinda like the people that came up with the teletubbies) who are bound to a stupid little sub-Rubiks cube in brain power required box from the seventh level of hell (who designed such a worthless little toy anyway? Guess the admissions process for hell must be like jury duty, only the idiots can't figure a way out of it or something....)

Against a group of cartoon drug addicts (like there's any other explanation for Shaggy constantly having a case of the munchies and the fact that you could never find "Scooby Snacks" at your local supermarket!) whose only redeemable value is running like hell everytime danger rears it's ugly face (and that is an understatement in this case) and divert the evildoers just long enough so that the fat little chick that no one likes (I tell you the reason Daphne didn't show up in later seasons is because the short freak knocked her off.... jealously is a terrible thing) can solve the weekly mystery and they can all share some really bad joke in the back of the Mystery Mobile (and I don't want to have to go into the reasonings behind that name....)

All in all, it's gonna be a good chase scene, and I can see Fred biting the big one (that scarf around his neck will be his undoing, I'm ready to put money on it) But in the end the fat chick will solve it and then they'll all get an "inexplicable" case of the Munchies after receiving a small gift from the cops in the form of ceased illegal substances.

They just don't make cartoons like they used to.

Dodger writes:

Well you know, anyone else vs. the Cenobites I woulda picked the 'bites everytime. There's just one thing standing between them and victory. A victory which they would have won handily if not for this one thing - those meddling kids.

Lumpenprole writes:

This was a tough call. It's pretty much a case of apples vs. oranges (no, that's not a suggestion for a battle). Which vision of reality prevails: the cheerful Saturday morning cartoon world of Scooby Doo, or the "innocent souls dragged into Hell" nightmare universe of the Cenobites? I would have to go with the Cenobites, because the mere fact that Scooby and the gang could MEET the Cenobites suggests that they have fallen into the deepest doo-doo imaginable. Daphne in the hands of S&M demons? MU-HAH-HAH! I think the very fabric of the Hanna-Barbara

Atomic Skull writes:

Is this for real? It's already been proven that these guys can't handle the real thing numerous times. They're gonna be thinking that Pinhead is just a guy in a latex mask, right up till the hooks start flying. (and by then it'll be too late).

I gotta go with Pinhead & company, besides, I *really* wanna see him get his hooks pun intended) into Daphne (ok, so I'm a sick bastard..)

[email protected] writes:

Looks are deceiving. The Cenobites look dreadfully dangerous and yet the Scooby Gang has historically always won despite their clean cut and politically correct image. In a food fight the Scooby Gang has all the weapons. In a battle of wits the Scooby Gang wins hands down. The Scooby Gang has Scooby Do. The Cenobites are composed of eternal losers. Their boss is Pinhead. They don't call him "Pinhead" because he is smart, now do they? This is the "Comic Book Universe" isn't it? The Scooby Gang wins again!

The Supreme Klingon Phsyciatrist writes:

....Well, we found our Emperor Kahless in a very strange condition, he kept laughing and saying things like "heehee scrappy dead!! YES!!!!!!!!!" I was at first most confused, but I saw on the computer this site and the match. R-rated vs. G-rated, I think he went insane at the thought of how much he'd like to see most of the scooby doo team dead. We will fix our emperor�s constantly fluctuating mental health, don't worry. Oh, Kahless does say to kill Daphne, Velma and Freddy, and ESPECIALLY scrappy, but you can let scooby and shaggy live if you want.

Mars Attacks writes:

This is how it will go down - The cenobites will kill Scrappy when he goes into puppy power mode leaving the Scooby Gang speechless. The Scooby Gang will then run while groovy music plays confusing the cenobites on where it comes from. Thelma will then contact Vincent Van Ghoul(none is cooler than Vinnie Price) from Scooby Doo in the 13 Ghosts who will tell them about how they can use the Demon Chest as weapon. Freddy will want to use Shaggy and Scoob as bait, they don't want to do it, but Daphne offers them a scooby snack leaving them helpless against there stomachs. After they unless the trap they pull off Pinhead's mask and at that point Thelma says "Jinkies its well known horror writer Clive Barker!" Clive replays" Yes and would have filled the universe with unspeakable pain if it wasn't for you kids and that dog!" End Credits roll and a gothic version of the Scooby Doo theme plays

The Klaw writes:

All right, first off I don't quite think these guys are on a level playing field. But since that really doesn't seem to matter :) I'll tell you the obvious: Scooby and co. will win! Why you ask? It's simple. First off, these Cenobites may be powerful, but they have to catch the Scooby gang in order to use their powers. Never happen. Also, if there is any one group who can solve a puzzle, it's the Scooby Doo Gang! Here's what will happen: The Cenobites come out all arrogant because they are facing puny humans. First mistake. Then they realize what they are really up against, and get mad. Scrappy beats up a couple (yeah right) but they eventually kill him. Second mistake. As Scooby holds his dying nephew in his arms, all the insane, rabid Scooby Doo fans run in and tear the Cenobites apart. I mean, lets face it: who has the bigger fan base, Scooby or Hellraiser. Ris rattle ris ro rontest, Rhaggy!

Milk&Cheese writes:

No contest Cenobites all the way. If for no other reason than Scoob and the gang never dealt with any sort of real monsters...just old man Witherspoon (etc.) and his offbeat plots for world domination (etc.). And to pit them against some of the foulest entities from the land of the damned makes it a one sided match...Pinhead alone could take on every Hanna-Barbara creation in existence...except for maybe Gazoo.

Skeearmon writes:

I think everyone has forgotten that there are lots of people out there to help out Mystery, Inc. There is Sonny & Cher, the Globetrotters, uh...Don Knots, and er...Batman & Robin, too! Though I don't know if those are the real dudes, I mean, they keep smilin'! *AHEM* So, my point is American Horror is lame, the bad guys always there is no reason to be scared...even they beat the crap out of Shaggy, just spray some water and Pinhead will probably scream "I'm melting! I'm melt..AUUUGGGHHHH!!

Matt Rossi writes:

Can I have whatever it is you guys have been injecting into your bodies? Because whatever it is, it'd kill Terrance McKenna in three seconds. Is it Keith Richards' blood? Timothy Leary's ashes? The fungus that grows under the hanging trees in a Guatemalan Insane Asylum?

Oh, and the Cenobites would win, but only because Velma would be seduced to their side. C'mon. We all know her sexual repression is begging to erupt...

Tzimisce writes:

The lords of pain shall force the sweet shrieks of torment from the lips of the Scooby gang. Their suffering shall be eternal and the tortures that await them would make Christ weep. Ahh the sweet ecstasy of pain. Note that the correct application of pain can make a moment seem like eternity, and that an eternity of eternity's is a long time to suffer. They will be shown the way, virtue comes through anguish.

Maskim Xuul writes:

Scooby and the gang (God bless'em) are very good at tripping up fake ghosts, mechanical sea monsters, would-be vampires (and other goths), etc. Their basic tactic against anything which appears to be truly supernatural is...RUN!!!

You can't run from the Cenobites. "Time to play."

The one hope the gang has is that, dumpy, myopic Velma...manages to solve the Lament Configuration and send the Angels home. Better hope her glasses don't get knocked off...

By that time, of course, Daphne will be screaming for blessed death and Fred's mind will have snapped when he saw how far his intestines could stretch out. Shaggy will be halfway to Georgia in the Mystery Machine (who knew it would do 115mph if it had to? No matter, his time will come.). Perhaps Scooby will be overlooked as a mere animal. Perhaps he won't.

The gang should've stuck to exploring spooky old skating rinks.

The Blue Spider writes:

Scooby Doo and all his friends have survived too much and too many criminals, zombies, aliens, and otherwise to be lain low by some really crappy heckish villains who have had three chances to cause heck on Earth and have failed with them all. And these were movies. If they can't win within three generations of one bloodline, well, they stink.

They haven't even had a movie within two years. That tells how much they stink. They haven't returned to Earth in all that time? Wimps.

Care for a Scooby Snack?


JAY:   Welcome back folks. The Scooby gang is putting some good distant between themselves and the Cenobites, but Scrappy-Doo has managed to slip away from Shaggy! He is confronting Pinhead!

Scrappy-Doo:   Let me at 'em!! I'll SPLAT you goonie spooks! Pu-Pu-Pu-Puppy Powerrr - eerk!!!!

PAT:   Oh my, that's not pretty.

JAY:   Hooks on chains lash out of every dark corner of the room, sinking deep into Scrappy's furry hide! They're pulling him apart!! Eeeewwwwww!!!!

PAT:   Strangely satisfying, but I just can't watch. The rest of the Cenobites are hot on the trail of the others. Butterball is stalking Fred and Daphne up a flight of stairs while the Chatterer is moving after Shag and Scooby. Hey, where's Velma?

JAY:   Wait! The female Cenobite is inspecting a wooden barrel. Does she expects something? Okay, the wooden barrel has sprouted little legs and is running. I think we found Velma.

PAT:   And the female Cenobite is giving chase just as quickly as all those self inflicted instruments of torture she enjoys will permit her. I tell you, Jay... Team Scooby has the speed edge hear today....

JAY:   Uh-Oh... except when they find a kitchen. Only with Shaggy and Scooby's love of food comes between them and cowardice. They're raiding the fridge to make a super sandwich. Oops, here comes the Chatterer. They hear the teeth clicking and jump into the kitchen counter to hide!

PAT:   The Chatterer senses their presence... he opens the counter... Wait! They're not there!

JAY:   What the? Just a few feet down, Shag and Scooby's heads peek out from a kitchen drawer! The Cenobite spots them and they quickly close up the drawer again!

PAT:   Chatterer grabs... rips open the drawer... It's empty!!! Whoa, Shag and Scoob explode out of a nearby pantry and beat it down the hall, sandwich in hand!!!

JAY:   Look here Pat. Fred and Daphne are laying a trap for Butterball. I wonder if they are setting one that will actually work for once?

Freddy:   Hey spooky! Over Here!

PAT:   Butterball lumbers down the hall... Jay, I think this is going to be a classic Trap-Door-under-the-rug!

JAY:   Butterball lumbers towards Fred but stops short of the hidden trap door... he is not moving onto the rug. I think he smells a set-up, Pat.

Daphne:   Hey big gruesome! Why don't you come on over here and give me a piece of that...

PAT:   That did it. Butterball rushes forward...

JAY:   And down goes Butterball! The Scooby gang are doing well but Daphne should work on her name calling skills.

PAT:   Ouch! Yeah. O.K, Velma has the mystical Rubiks cube, but is having a hard time getting a chance to... Wham! Hey Jay; Shaggy and Scooby just ran right into Velma!

Shaggy:   Velma, are we glad to see you!

Velma:   My glasses! I just dropped them! I was getting close to figuring out this weird cube.

JAY:   Oh no. Velma lost her glasses in the collision Pat. It could be real bad news, here.

PAT:   And here comes the Female Cenobite from one end of the dark hallway... And the Chatterer from the other! This is deep, deep kimche for the Scoobers, Jay.

JAY:   Velma gropes on the ground... finds her glasses... puts them on, and spots the Cenobites.

Velma:   Well, I didn't need to see them!

Shaggy:   Like, what are we going to do? We're doomed!

Scooby-Doo:   Raundry rhute!!

PAT:   Yes! A laundry chute! The three take a running dive just as the Chatterer and the Female try to start working up some torture devices to hook them with! Close one!

JAY:   Ya, but where will that raundry rhute... I mean laundry chute will take them?

PAT:   It's a slippery slope down, Jay and it looks like.... It looks like they are back where the began this thing! Right near the huge welcoming hall into the mansion.

JAY:   And look who's feet they landed right next to. Old Mr. Pin cushion himself.

PAT:   And there's Fred and Daphne hitting the brakes as they also re-enter the opening chamber. Looks like Pinhead has done some redecorating in here...

JAY:   Yes, all the chains, blood and torturing devices do wonders for any room... ugh!

Pin Head:   I have been waiting for all of you. I have so much to show you.

Shaggy:   Zoiks! It's the head freaky himself!!!

Daphne:   You don't scare us you kooky spook! We know you're just after the deed to this estate!

Pin Head:   Your suffering will be most elegant, my dear. You will soon enjoy my estate.

Fred:   Your outfit looks convincing but we know you're really...

Velma:   Fred, I think this guy is for real.

PAT:   Velma is working feverishly to solve the puzzle cube as Fred walks up and pulls on Pinhead's... Well Pins.

JAY:   Freddy has tugged... and... Freddy is starting to back up real slowly.....

Pin Head:   And now you understand children. Behold your friend: Scrappy Doo.

PAT:   Holy... They turned Scrappy into a freakin' Cenobite! Oh the horror!!

Scrappy-Doo:   Pu-Pu-Pu-Pu- Pain Power!!!!

JAY:   Double eeeeewwwww! The Scrappy-Bite is now a disgusting, dripping little hellbeast thick with black latex and barbed wire. Somebody kill it!!!

Scooby-Doo:   Rrappy!!!

Scrappy-Doo:   Prepare to get splatted Uncle Scooby.

PAT:   The other Cenobites have shown up. They are blocking all the exits. The Scooby team's running feet are not going to pull them out this time....

JAY:   Velma is working... spinning the box.... Wait, Pin Head seems to understand suddenly Velma is holding the box....

PAT:   Pin Head busts a move... He won't be taken down again...

Pin Head:   You! Give me that bo....... ooooooooxxxxx!!!!!!!!


'Nuff Said!


Scooby Gang: 436

Cenobites: 372


PAT:   The Cenobites are suddenly sucked back to their own dimension! Velma makes the save!

JAY:   And they take their new Scrappy Beast with them! Let us rejoice a full victory for those meddlesome kids and future T.V. viewers alike! Pictures for this weeks big fight came from:

The Hellbound Web. - Major cool Hellraiser site.

Scooby Doo: Where are You?. - Great commentary on the history of Scooby Doo.


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