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This week's fight suggested by Shane Hamilton


PAT:   Hello and welcome to sunny Khazan arena where we have a great match-up for you today. Right here in the center ring, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. four rather hungry velociraptors fresh from the clone lab. Broadcasting Live, I'm Pat Summers!

JAY:   And Jay Peoples. Yes Pat, the Arena officials are unlocking the chains on the Ninja Turtles as we speak. Hmmm... the Turtles don't look too happy about being forcibly dragged to Khazan for this match. All well... Look here comes the dinosaurs!!

PAT:   They are snarling and scratching in their cages just waiting to get their hands on a couple of Hero's served in Half-Shells. But now, before the gate goes up, let's see some responses from the audience.


Shane Hamilton writes:

The Velociraptors should win because, you know... they kind of jump around and they eat stuff... you know, 'cause they're like dinosaurs and stuff... The turtles are OLD, maaaan. Whatever.

John Cholewa writes:

About the Turtles/Velociraptors battle: If you had made this challenge three years ago, my answer would have been Turtle Soup, but the Velociraptors haven't been the same lately. I guess it's the lysene deficiency, but all they do these days is pratfalls. The Turtles have never been defeated by little kids.


JAY:   I never get tired hearing from the folks in the crowd, Pat. Okay, we got the signal to start the match! The door to the velociraptor cage flies open and dinner time is on!!!

PAT:   The Turtles can only ready their weapons and brace for impact, Jay. This is going to be fast and mean!

JAY:   Uh? The velociraptors stop short! They're studying the turtles, snarling and hissing at them and to each other. I think they're planning something Pat! They be might hungry but they're not dumb.

PAT:   The turtles don't give 'em time to think. They jump at 'em, depending on their shells to protect them!

JAY:   Donatello swings his staff down on one and the Velociraptor catches it with his claws while biting into it, chewing it in half!

PAT:   Donatello takes the two halves and jams 'em both into the 'raptors eyes!! Ouch!

JAY:   Leonardo leaps at another trying to bring his sword down on it. The 'raptor spins about whipping his tail at him!

PAT:   Leonardo goes flying into another 'raptor, who's been harrassing Raphael. Slam!!

JAY:   There's trouble now! That 'raptor is now going after Michelangelo who's already in combat. He's about to get double teamed!!

PAT:   Michelangelo bobs and weaves, letting the 'raptors bite and claw at his shell.

JAY:   We just lost a dinosaur Pat. Together Leonardo and Raphael slice one up and they're moving to help Michelangelo.

PAT:   Jay, we've got a turtle down, too! Donatello has had his staff eaten and been K-O'ed by a 'raptor. The 'raptor is responding to the pack and joining his fellows now for more combat.

JAY:   Michelangelo is down now! The double teaming 'raptors are piling on while he counts on his shell for protection. Leonardo and Raphael are racing there to help but so is the other 'raptor!

PAT:   Raphael throws one of his Sais... It catches a raptor at the base of the skull... A Clean Knock Out!!! Two 'raptors down!

JAY:   Yes but while he was focusing on his throw, the other approaching 'raptor leaps and knocks Raphael down. It's going for his throat!

PAT:   Raphael jams his sai into the beasts mouth... holding the 'raptor at bay as it continues to thrash and claw uselessly at the shell. It's a draw for the moment... neither can go anywhere.

JAY:   Leonardo races to Michelangelo's aid and brings his sword down on the raptors neck. Ugh! Very messy!

PAT:   That leaves one dinosaur and three turtles, Jay. Pretty poor odds. And the turtle that's left can't even bite! It's got a sai stuck in it's jaw!

JAY:   Michelangelo and Leonardo closes in to help Raphael. Michelangelo raises his nun-chucks and knocks the raptor out cold! I can't believe it's over! Hmmmm... Hey Pat, do you think we can throw a T-rex in, now?

PAT:   Jay, the 'raptors were judged and found lacking!


'Nuff Said!

Final Vote Score:

Turtles: 53

'Raptors: 45


PAT:   From Khazan Arena, I'm Pat Summers wishing you well.

JAY:   And I'm Jay Peoples. Good Day.

Special Thanxs to: Brandons Jurassic Park

Special Thanxs to: Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Page

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The Part of Pat written by Serge - Electric Ferret Studios

The Part of Jay written by Shawn - Callisto Tales

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