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This fight presented by special guest hosts ChaosBurnFlame and ATAD

Super Car Rumble

Duke Boys in the General Lee
Knight Rider in KITT


General Lee: Highly modified 1969 Dodge Charger. A car designed for racing the back roads of Hazzard County, held together by spit, grit and the ingenuity of the Duke boys.

KITT: This sleek machine was born of a Pontiac Firebird, upgraded with super speed, hi-tech amenities and a streetwise 'tude.

BOTH are fast racing machines and they have taken the challenge of a race cross-country from Portland to Miami. Join us now as we dodge cops and burn rubber in a battle that we had to call:

White Line Fever

This fight was suggested by St�phane Dumas, konlee, Lone Eagle, PurelyCoincidental and The Southern Fist.


ChaosBurnFlame:   Welcome, everyone, to Portland! Such a Beautiful day for a race!

ATAD:   I agree, CBF, but who thinks its a good day depends on who wins.

ChaosBurnFlame:   Lets just hope everyone else has your winner's atitude.

ATAD:   Well, at least we both agree on who's gonna win.

ChaosBurnFlame:   Now, lets not spoil it for our viewers, ATAD. Lets see what the polls said!


alpha-delta-227529 writes:

With KITT's molecular bonded shell, super-pursuit mode, passive laser restraint systems, automatic collision avoidance system, turbo boost, etc. there was never any doubt as to the outcome of this pathetically one-sided match.

Nine writes:

The only thing going for the General Lee is the engine and the paintjob. Kitt is the car with everything technological and amazingly fast. You might as well race Kitt against Jed Clampett's truck.

The Southern Fist writes:

Should this really even be a contest? K.I.T.T. all the way. He is artificial intelligence, he is indestructable and has turbo-boost which will thwart anything that the backwards, backwoods duke boys can think of throwing at kitt. kitt also has super-pursuit mode.Any car that can break the sound barrier will make short work of a dodge charger. Last reason,the south lost once, they will naturally loose again. Down with the stars and bars and up with the flag of F.L.A.G.

Scrod writes:

What? Two hicks in a gummed together Dodge are supposed to be a match to a suped up computerized firebird? Kitt will wreck them. Think about it boys...Hasselhoff's still working.

Ratt writes:

Well what can you say, if K.I.T.T. and the General Lee went on a head on collision, the General will be visiting the Junk yard and K.I.T.T. will be ready to face his next battle. GOLOITH

TRANTOR writes:

KITT! Let's face it all the small town country bumkin smarts in the world is not going to outsmart a car with it's own brain, global tracking system and laser beams (despite the fact that David Hasselhof is behind the wheel). Now admitedly, neither of them could make a come back (Knight Rider 2000 flopped as well as the Dukes reunion show) But if these two went head to head, KITT would have some funny ass stories to tell down at the lube shop later on.

Phranque (formerly PurelyCoincidental) writes:

YES!!! You used my suggestion! Anyway, as cool as the Duke boys are, they don't stand a chance in this one. KITT's just too well equipped. Unless you don't allow any of KITT's extra features to be used, THEN it'd be close...


ATAD:   Wow, alot of General Lee intolerant people here.

ChaosBurnFlame:   I bet some General Lee fans wish that alot of them voted quietly.

ATAD:   And the Checkered flag has been dropped, but what's this?

ChaosBurnFlame:   KITT is just sitting there, letting the General Lee get a head start. Something's up, ATAD.

ATAD:   Oh my god! KITT just jumped through the air, looks like its going to fly straight over the General Lee!

ChaosBurnFlame:   Nope, just right no top the General Lee's Engine, smashing it to cinder. KITT is going off to Miami, undamaged.

ATAD:   It'll tkae months to repair that kinda damage to the General Lee.

ChaosBurnFlame:   I'm looking in the Rulesbook to see if that's legal.

ATAD:   In either case, we're ChaosBurnFlame and ATAD, hoping you'd visit the Battle Circle again next week!

ChaosBurnFlame:   This is ChaosBurnFlame, Signing off.


'Nuff Said!


KITT: 366

General Lee: 192


ChaosBurnFlame:   I found the rulebook, or should I call it the rulepage? It says 'There are no rules'.

ATAD:   Figures.

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