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Issue #180 - NOV. 13, 2004


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The Fantastic Four
The Incredibles

Family Ties

Outside the Sports Box...

Callisto:    Clown Girl... Clown Girl!!

Harley Quinn:    *mutters* Geez, must be onna rag again... What is it Cally?

Callisto:    Where's that oversized Norseman and the Amazon with the lasso? Aren't they supposed to be commenting on the match this week?

Harley Quinn:    Oyy... They went out for some coffee and haven't come back...

Callisto:    Dammit! It's been weeks! I suppose we'll have to do it...

Harley Quinn:    Hey, whadda 'bout these guys? I found 'em stuffed in a box inna back.

Callisto:    What? Oh, sure, whatever. Just leave me alone alright?

Harley Quinn:    Geez... and I thought mortals had it bad... so, are you guys up for this?

Pat:    Are we ever! Do you know how long Callisto's had us stuffed back there?

Jay:    We've had nothing to pass the time back there except this pack of playing cards and previous battle recordings...

Harley Quinn:    Playing cards? So that's what happened to those... well, if you're ready, here's da rap sheet on this week's fight. We're on... right now! Ack!

Pat:    Alright... charity event... Fantastic Four... Incredibles... We've got it covered, Harley!

And with those words, a couple of long-lost commentators stepped back into the GodProof SportsBox...



Pat:    Good afternoon folks, we are LIVE at the Khazan Arena. Today's matchup looks to be one of the closest we've had in a while. What a battle to come back to, am I right? Hello and welcome... I'm Pat Summers.

Jay:    And I'm Jay Peoples. Right you are, Pat! Whoever comes out on top today, it's the audience who wins! Not to mention the Khazan Young Heroes Orphanarium; all proceeds from ticket sales for this match will go to help orphaned superpowered kids find loving superheroic parents. In fact, several of them are in the audience today!


Pat:    Hey, looks like spiked hair is in style this year. Anyway, here comes our contestants! First into the arena are the Fantastic Four, decked out in classic blue style!

Jay:    On the opposite side of the arena, here comes the "red" team, The Incredibles!

Pat:    And the fans are on their feet! To make things interesting, both teams were kept in the dark about the identity of their opponents until now, so they'll have to figure out a strategy on-the-fly, so to speak. But before things get too hectic, let's take a break and cut to our viewer comments!



What YOU thought about the match:

SimbasGuard Writes:

I Voted for The Fantastic Four. All the members of that team are experienced. Where as Violet And Dash are new to the hero game

Tommy Gun Writes:

Let's break this battle down:

Invisible Girl vs. Violet

Sue Storm takes this one. The nature of Violet's powers are never really explained, but Invisible Girl's are. She manipulates ambient cosmic energy so that the light just goes on past her. This extends to force fields, like Violet's, but it also extends to flight and to a crude form of telekinesis. Another thing is that Sue's been around the block a few times and Violet is just a teenage girl. Sue has faced Galactus, Dr. Doom, and even *snicker* Mole Man, but Violet only has one villain to her credit. So Invisible Girl has more power, more combat experience, and, in the same department, has more control over her powers, unlike Violet who still struggles with them, as seen when the missile was closing in on the jet.

Elasti-Girl vs. Reed Richards

Elasti-Girl is basically just Invisible Girl with Reed Richard's powers. She's a strong woman, quick on her feet, and very inventive, doing things like using her arms to swing from building to building, becoming flat as paper to fit through small cracks, shaping herself like a boat, and even transforming her body into a parachute for her children. Reed Richards has done some cool stuff as well, but he doesn't have time to engineer the bells and whistles that can do all of this warping time and reality and what-not. If he did, this would be no contest. But he doesn't have that time. And Elasti-Girl's "don't push me around I'm an intelligent, strong-willed woman" attitude just trounces Mr. Fantastic's "Hmm, let me ponder a scientific solution to this for awhile" attitude. Reed ain't meant for combat the way that Elasti-Girl is. She takes this one.

Dash vs. Human Torch

That's right, he's dash, and he's going to- run away from you. But he's going to do it really fast, which means- oh, forget it. Human Torch will be chasing Dash for some time, but he has the skies to look for him in, and come on- what's Dash going to do, run around and block that fireball? I'm thinking that he still doesn't have the capabilities to do some cool super-speedster thing like make a whirlwind to hurl the fireball back at his foe, and it's not like he can touch Mr. Human Oily Rag. Bottom line: Dash is a fast little kid, Human Torch is a teenager that controls fire. Human Torch after forty-five minutes of running.

Thing vs. Mr. Incredible

This is a solid match. But as with all of these battles, it will involve a little brain as well as brawn. While the Thing might be a little stronger than his foe, Mr. Incredible is smarter, and can use his strength for a better assault. While The Thing is more the kind of guy to hit you, Mr. Incredible is the kind of guy to use his powers more creatively, like his wife and children. Powers have side effects and can be used in many different ways, and Mr. Incredible has had just as much time as that big, surly, always-angry dumb pile of rocks to find them out, but he's actually been using that time. Plus, he's got the gadget factor going on, what with that transforming jet car and all, he's bound to have a little something something up his sleeve. And, like all the members of his family, his uniform is almost indestructible, unlike Ben "Nope, Just My Underwear" Grimm. I mean, look at Mr. Incredible's ingenuity: Fake his own death by escaping a bomb and hiding behind the bones of his old friend when a recon droid floats in, look for clues and find perfect point-of-view angle to see the password carved into the wall, stealthily enter supervillain's facility undetected, use password, find secret files. He would have made it out, too, had it not been for his meddling family. He hands The Thing's rocky rear end to him in five minutes flat.

So now it's two for two. What can break the tie? Why, the tiny telepath vs. the tiny terror- the two youngeons of the groups, the guys that don't go out on missions yet but will someday. Jack-Jack seems to have three big powers: Flame (allowing him to aid his brother against the Human Torch and possibly let him win, changing the outcome to three for one), Metal (turning into a hard alloy), and becoming a sharp-toothed, superstrong monster. So imagine if he became a sharp-toothed, superstrong metal monster that can throw fireballs. That could probably give Violet what she needs to beat Invisible Girl. But he won't make it that long. He'll be in a pocket universe before his mutie foe gives him the chance to blink. In fact, the chances are good that all the Incredibles will be. And that's why I voted for the Incredibles, because the Fantastic Four is boring, their adventures are all quite similar, and Franklin Richards is just too powerful for me to like him. Death to the four, long live the incredible ones!

Sir Exal Writes:

There's so many different versions of the Fantastic Four that I'm willing to vote against them for the fact that afterwards, there won't be a Fantastic Four...but wait...the elimination of the Fantastic Four will create a Fantastic Four made out of four COMPLETELY NEW people, causing even more confusion for me... DAMMIT!

Comix rule Writes:

The Fantastic Four have taken down Galactus...'nuff said!!!

Strega Writes:

This one's pretty obvious, since The Incredibles *are* the Fantastic Four -- three of the five have virtually identical powers to the Four. I'm amazed that Marvel didn't sue.

So, to the fight -- the FF just has too much experience. Violent and Dash are non-factors, inexperienced and facing foes who've seen their powers a hundred times. Jak-Jak won't even be in the fight -- who would risk their baby even in a friendly fight? That leaves Elastigirl vs. Mr. Fantastic, which the Mr. will win easily, and the one match that may go to he Incredibles -- Mr. Incredible may well take the Thing. But he won't take the whole Four. Fantastic Four in straight sets.

BranMan Writes:

I think I'm going to go with The Incredibles, even though I know they are going to lose on account of experience issues. This is how I can see the battle drawn out, while the rest of the Incredibles (Mr. Incredible, Dash, and Elasti-girl) slug it out with the Fantastic Four, Violet comes out from behind Torch, the eccentric member of FF, and crushes him with a forcefield attack, then while the other members are distracted, the Incredibles rushes them, with Mr. Incredible leadign the way. In the end, our new favorite all-American family rallies for the victory, even though they won't, but in a few years, watch out! (Man this was pointless.)

TheFighting Minstrel Writes:

I though the Incerdibles was a good movie but they have no chance against The Fantastic Four the Thing could best Mr. Incredible with strength and Mr. Richards can definitly stretch farther and is stronger the ElastiGirl and the Human Torch can beat Dash for sure and blah blah blah but that little baby is very very cool its like Martian Man-Hunter as a baby so i think The Four have it won!

Starcloud of the Ewoks Writes:

Souveneir cups?


So when is the arena giving away bobblehead dolls of Pat and Jay?

El Kabong Writes:

OK, I have to admit, I don't a lot about the Incredibles. I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet (damn my broke college life!), but I DO know a lot about the Fantastic Four (in fact, I've suggested several fights with them in it in the past). The FF is Marvel's first family. Earth's last line of defense against the worst threats that that realm has to offer. If THEY can't win, then Earth, indeed, the universe, is utterly screwed.

The FF are, simply put, the best organized, most powerful, tightest knit superhero group in existence. Only the JLA can compare. Let's go through the members:

MR. FANTASTIC: Smartest man in the Marvel Universe. He makes stuff that would make Batman green with envy on a weekday morning. Combine that with his stretching powers: while they might seem a little weak in comparison to the rest of the team, he IS a genius, and he can use his improvisation to use them for a number of offensive and defensive purposes.

THE THING: The ever lovin', blue eyed idol of millions. The Thing can probably take these wannabes by themselves. As far as strength goes, Ben Grimm is number two in the Marvel Universe after the big green guy. But that isn't what makes him so tough in a fight. If you rile Ben into a fight, you'd better be prepared to be in it for the long haul. Benjamin Jacob Grimm simply will. Not. Give. Up. He will fight until he has absolutely no strength left in his body, even and especially against impossible odds. Along with Spider-Man and Captain America, he best represents the concept of a "hero" in the Marvel Universe.

THE HUMAN TORCH: He can create fire, control it, fly, and he has all manner of heat related powers. While still one of the most powerful heroes in the MU, he's still the weak link of their chain, thanks to his pride and impulsive nature. As the team's "blaster", though, he's the best air support and long distance fighter cosmic radiation can buy.

THE INVISIBLE WOMAN: Saved the best for last. In my humble opinion, Sue is the most powerful member of the team. The key here is versatility: Those force fields can be adapted to nearly any shape, weapons, slides to fly on, battering rams, you name it. They can keep any of the other team from laying a finger on her. Oh, yeah. Did I also mention she can turn herself and anyone else on the team invisible? She can do that, too.

I'll be honest. I have nothing against the Incredibles. It really wouldn't have mattered who was on the other side, I'd would have voted on the FF anyway: The X-Men, the Avengers, the JLA, the Teen Titans, all of them don't stand a chance against the Fantastic Four in my book.

Mike Writes:

The problem is that The Incredibles just opened like two weeks ago. Not everyone has seen it. While I think the Fantastic Four would win regardless, especially on this site, the fight would be a lot closed if we held it off for a little while.

Dr.Doom 2099 Writes:

The Fan Four should win.

Reed is a genius and Sue can control her powers alot better than violet... i mean... it just makes more sense... Th incredibles have a sports car... the Fan four have the pogo plane, the fantasticar, the sonic gun, and reed is so damn smart he can prolly find a way to nullify the Incredibles powers.

Tyler Durden Writes:

The Incredibles should win,because they are Disney characters.

That means:

1-They have the entire site on their side.

2-They have MILLIONS of fanboys voting for them.

3-They have the Disney Good Guy Clause(tm)that states that Disney good guys can't die.

Bad Samaritan Writes:

I had to go with the FF on this one. My reasoning is simple.

The number 1 FF comic book is worth what, 15 grand now? The Incredibles can be seen for 6.50 at the local theatre, and will be on sale for 19.95+tax in six months.

The FF have been around for decades, while The Incredibles will last maybe a year, with one lousy video game propelling them into mediocrity.

FF for teh win!

Vortex Writes:

The Fantastic Four are the most powerful superhero family in the entire planet. Those Incredibles are a mere joke compared to the Fantastic 4.

Terrax The Tamer Writes:

Even without resorting to gadget cheese, The FF take this.

They're so feared that they are recognised in other dimensions and realities.

Agent D Writes:

The Fantastic Four is the original superhero team. The Incredibles are just a cheap imitation. Fantastic Four all the way.

Spetznaz Writes:

The Fantastic Four will win this EASY!!!!!! And for a myriad reasons.

1) They simply have far more experience than the Incredibles do. And the caliber of villains they deal with are in a power-range that is far beyond anything the Incredibles would even come across. Think about bad guys like Dr. Doom and Galactus. Anyone who can tango toe to toe with Doom or Big G is someone worthy of respect. The greatest threat the Incredibles had to deal with was a sociopath nerd with a chip on his shoulder. The greatest threat the FF have dealt with was Galactus: a consumer of worlds and bane of galaxies!!!!!

2) Let's have a look at the members.

a) Mr Fantastic vs Elastigirl: Mr Fantastic is one of the smartest (if not the smartest, though Doc Doom would disagree) characters in his universe. Super smart. Smart enough to stop the rampage of a god-level character (Galactus). He also has prodigious stretch capabilities and knows how to use them in a tactical manner (though his main weapon is his mind).

Elastigirl is a brawler. A super-elastic brawler. She is not a member of Mensa, and i doubt she would even make it through a 6th grade math class! But she can fight. Basically at almost a Robin (of Batman fame) level.

Thus the winner here would be Elastigirl if it is a straight out tactical fight (she is a better brawler), but if Mr F knows a fight is coming up then Elastigirl would have no chance.

Thus: A draw.

b) Dash vs Flame: Dash is fast ....but not that fast. He is basically at normal Quicksilver speed , meaning around 200MPH or thereabouts (before he got blessed by the high Evolutionary and could go at light speed). Dash is no Flash. He is essentially moving at Ferrari speeds.

Johnny boy can turn into flame, and do all sorts of flame projectiles and the like.

Flame would win. Why? Dash is just not fast enough. And he has no offensive capabilities (unlike QuickSilver who can do anything from a whirlwind to a superstrong punch, or Flash who is basically a god-of-speed-run-amok). And Dash is just not fast enough.

Winner: Flame.

c) The Thing vs Mr Incredible. This is an interesting fight. Knowing Pixar they probably gave Mr I Superman level strength. The Thing is not THAT strong (he is potent, but superman he isn't). Thus in an arm-wrestling match Mr I would win. But this is a fight. Both have experience fighting, and both know how to use their strengths.

Winner: I love Grimm, but Mr. I would win this by a whisker (before collapsing out of exhaustion).

d) Violet vs the Invisible Woman.

This is a simple one. The Fantastic Four's Invisible woman would win .....easy. She has far greater experience with her powers, is not an introvert like Violet, and can do all sorts of things with them (unlike Violet who, as of now, can only create protective bubbles and turn invisible). The Invisible woman on the other hand can fly, turn invisible, turns others invisible, create forcefields (that are invisible ....unlike Violet's blue ones ......which makes me think of Dash running full speed into an invisible wall), and create weapons and the like.

Winner: The Invisible Woman.

3) However there is one factor that would determine this battle from the onset. THE BABIES!!!!

The Incredibles have Jack-Jack, who seems able to turn into living flame (ala johnny), high-density metal (ala Collosus), and into a snarling hell beast from the bottomless pits! He may probably be the strongest incredible. And he can affect the fight. The sad thing is he is a non-issue .....due to one major factor as shown below.

HOWEVER the Fantastic Four have a kid of their own! FRANKLIN RICHARDS.

Now, that is the reason why the Fantastic Four will win. And they will win without even having to throw a single punch.

Franklin Richards is easily the strongest mutant in the whole Marvel Universe. The strongest bar none. The only people who would even bother messing with him are probably Nate Grey (aka X-Man, who is also pretty potent), the Phoenix Entity, and maybe on a good day the Onslaught amalgamation (the mix of Charles Xavier and Magneto). And even then Franklin Richards would probably beat all of them ......COMBINED!

He could technically face off against all the heroes AND villains from both the DC and Marvel universes, COMBINED, and win!


Well, he has the ability to create pocket universes!

Think of it this way. The fight starts, and the Incredibles charge towards the FF. Suddenly lil' Frankling waves a pinkie and poof! The Incredibles are whisked into an alternate dimension. Or into the midst of an immense black hole (although an infinitesimal black hole would work just as well). Or at the heart of an exploding super-nova!

And there is absolutely nothing that any of the Incredibles could do. Again, the only person i know with a chance against Franklin Richards is Nate Grey at his peak,and even then he would have to strike faster than the Flash can move.

Hence, the Fantastic Four would win. Even without Franklin Richards they would still win easy (though Mr Fantastic and The Thing would be beat up, but the Torch and the Invisible Woman would carry the day anyways for them).

But add the kid (Franklin) and the Fantastic Four not only win this but alter the whole darn universe at the same time. Just for kicks.

Conclusion: The Fantastic Four win, and Franklin Richards sends the Incredibles into a pocket universe that is comprised entirely of fiery plasma and crushing gravities. TKO!

NiceGuyNj Writes:

Fantasic Four will win this battle hands down.Veterns always win.

Superdude Writes:

I really think the incredibles will win. Why? Because the incredibles are disney cartoon characters from disney! As my knowledge of movies, sitcoms and cartoons go, Heroic characters always win. Like how Aladdin beated Jafar or how Hercules beated Hades. That goes just to show you that disney characters always prevail!

Flawless P Writes:

The F.F. will take it on this one because if time has taught us anything it's that: as long as their are enough comic purests in the world the originals will win.

Rogue 9 Writes:

Probably a bad time for this one, since The Incredibles hasn't been out long and many people are therefore unaware of their powers, but here goes anyway.

It's close, but the Incredibles take it. They fight in an environment that is /exceedingly/ hostile to them and their kind, and would take them out if it could. The very fact of their survival puts them a cut above, before we even get into powers.

As for getting into powers, I have class in ten minutes. :p So, shake me! *Clicks the button.*

Shadow the slayer Writes:

First of all, I'd like to welcome back Pat and Jay, secondly I'd just like to point out the Violet, dash, Rolling superbal combo TM,

thirdly, what about Jack jack, he took out syndrom, a man with gagets on par with dr. Doom, in what, 10 seconds? less?

The Dweller Writes:

Truly this is a worthy match up! And very difficult to answer!

But there is no beating the originals!

Go Fantastic Four!

Darkshifter Writes:

Is this even a fight? I mean, jebus, I LOVED the incredibles, but pitting Violet against the Invisible Women (argubaly one of the most powerful people in the Marvel U) is just plain mean! Thing and Mr. Incredible MIGHT be matched up in terms of stregth, but Ben Grim's Rocky hide is neigh invulnerable! I don't think Mr. Incredible is. Elastigirl Vs. Mr. Fantastic? Reed will whip up some amazing strategy at the speed of thought, while doing calculations on what his next invention will be, all the while twisting and turning Elastigirl tighter than a stretched out rubber band. As for Dash Vs. Johnny Storm...well, HE'S JUST A KID! Johnny wouldn't have the heart to fricase Dash, which is the only way he'd take the kid down. That is, if he can HIT him first.

AniX Writes:

Fantastic Four. The ace in the hole is Mr. Fantastic's genius ability. The incredibles may match the FF on powers, but brains easily overpower brawns. Invisible Woman can easily shield up the Incredibles long enough for Reed to build a shrink ray out of a soggy cheeseburger wrapper and a hammer.

Besides, FF can hold their own against Dr. Doom, abeit barely. The Incredible's greatest threat was a literal red-headed stepchild of the Incredibles, certainly not a powerhouse compared to Moleman, not to mention a God-beating guy like Doom.

GeekParallax Writes:

I like the Incredibles, and they'll put up a good fight.(I wonder why you don't count frozone)

But the FF are gonna win- they coordinate without any thought given to it.

Congo The Bush-Man Writes:

I must say, i thought the incredibles was an Incredible movie (pun intented) although i think i like FF much Better. I think the Thing could slaughter Mr. Incredible. And Mr. Fantastic could out-stretch Elasti-Girl any day of the year, but i think with expierence The Incredibles will be a mighty foe.

praxsilver Writes:

I haven't seen the movie, but I must say this:

Where the heck is Frozo, or whatever that frezing guy's name is?! He's cool!

Disclaimer: No Pun Intended

Vinnie Writes:

The Incredibles and the Fantastic Four. This will be a close call.

Iam not sure the Incredibles will take this one away, we know so little about them. But that is their advantage. They will have spent hours reading marvel comics, learning their powers over a generation of entertainment.

Yet the fantastic four are more loved. They have been around for a long time, and they will have a great number of fans cheering them on in the arena. This will boost their confidence, and their performance.

The final factor is that the Incredibles are a Disney creation. They cannot be too violent or they wont be Disney. The Fantastic four will unleash their violence, and the Incredibles will fall.

So, this match belongs to the Fantastic Four!

Hex Writes:

The Thing will drive Mr. Incredible into the ground. Reed Richards (having more experience) will probably be able to take on Mrs. Incredible. If the Incredibles do manage to take the fight it is because they have the speedster on their side. I think Sue will be able to incapacitate him w/ a sneak attack though (due to her invisibility.) Reed being the genius he is probably has a way to take down the other girl's force fields. FF also has the air advantage due to the Human Torch.

Jacen Writes:

Oh my... This is the mismatch to end all mismatches. Absolutely pathetic. We're talking save the world/universe/backyard every weekend vs. a comedy routine. If a single FF member falls I will eat broccoli.

But it's good to see Pat and Jay again. Welcome back guys!

thewildeman Writes:

Wow, this looks to be an enjoyable match and theres bound to be a big turnout on whatever charities are involved. My vote went straight for the FF though. Why? Well as you look at them you realize that Thing is going straight after the biggest guy on the battle field, Mr Incredible. They are going to wind up really evenly matched, but Mr I does get a slight advantage in the fact that his strength will actually increase with focus. Grimm just gets mad. Right away Violet and Sue go invisible. Violet uses her forcefields to block fire bursts from the torch and force him towards the ground where Dash can run around him and put his fire out. Unfortunately he gets a friendly clothesline from Sue and gets put right out of the fight. This is where the real decision gets made on this fight, Sue. So to be fair, Torch is out and Dash is out, next: Mrs. Incredible is moving in for some kung fu whoopin on Mr Fantastic. Now it starts to come down to experience. Granted she lands lots of kung fu punches and kicks, but those are practically useless against Reed. He just flexes with each blow and stretches around and around the battle field. Reed has stretched clear into orbit before and I don't think Mrs. Incredible has tested her limits like that yet so she likely gets outstretched, but she isn't down yet. Thing is trading blows with Mr I that shake the stadium but Incredible is starting to out power him. Here comes Violet again to start tripping up Grimm by protecting Dad with forcefields. This allows Mr. Incredible to put out enough concentration to increase his strength and knock Grimm all the way out of the ballpark. Sue has to agree that such a move is a good one, so she returns the favor by erecting an invisible column from under Incredible's feet, propelling him high into the air. That's followed by an invisible giant baseball bat to help him follow Grimm out of the stadium. Now it's two on two. Now Sue gets down to business to finish the whole fight at once. She creates long invisible poles (several of them) that extend from her like a giant turnstile and spins them as hard as she can. Violet doesn't even know what hit here. Since they were invisible she was hit and knocked right out. Then the two plastic people get wound up like spaghetti noodles and turned into a massive knot. Yeah, she knew she would take out Reed by default, but the Invisible Woman is still the last one standing.

The victors: Fantastic Four

Evil Eddie Writes:

Oh Puh-leeeze!!! The Incredibles better stay on the porch cause they can't run with these big dogs. The F.F. have faced down villains that read like a grocery list including Doctor Doom, Galactus, Blastaar, Diablo, Annihilus, The Mole Man, The Inhumans, The Frightful Four, Psycho-man, Dragon-man, and the list goes on and on. They've got the experience, the know-how, and they never go into a fight without a battle-plan. Hell, the Thing alone could probably handle them. I mean, The Thing has knocked out Galactus for Chirst's sake (F.F.#243 for you non-believers) and even handed the Hulk's ass to him (again F.F.#320). He's an unstoppable tank in battle that absolutly will not go down especially when it comes to the rest of the F.F. being in danger. The F.F. have always been in my opinion, the perfect team. They have all the essentials a super-team needs. The brains (Reed), the muscle(Ben), flight(Johnny), and stealth(Sue). Also, not only are they a super-team, they're a family that will always be there for one another, no matter what. Maybe if this was The Incredibles vs. Power Pack I could vote for The Incredibles, but The Incredibles better get ready for a whoopin' cause "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!!!"

Doc Doom Writes:

Wellthe Incredibles are cartoony, but at the same time as realistic as the Fan four... very close match but the Fan Four is marvel's first family... they cant lose Reed is too smart.

izryal Writes:

Let me start by saying I thought The Incredibles was a great movie. Now let me say that the FF will destroy them. Sorry. Lets pair people up as best possible.

Mr. Incredible vs Thing

Both very strong, but I never saw Mr. Incredible go toe to toe with anyone near the strength level of the Hulk or THE CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

Winner: Thing

Elastigirl vs Mr. Fantastic

This one's hard to call. Reed often depends on his brains more than his stretching, but he still stretches quite well. In The Incredibles, Elastigirl got caught in a dorrway, something Reed would easily stretch out of, but still they are about equal.

Winner: Toss Up

Invisible Woman vs Violet

Easy. Same powers, but Sue has years more experience.

Winner: Invisible Woman

Human Torch vs Dash

Dash has speed, wich is always good in a fight, but he can't hold a candle (pun QUITE intended) to the Human Torch. Dash could hit Johnny very quickly, but he would burn his hands. Or, Johnny could fly 5 ft off the ground and Dash couldn't even touch him. Then, HT could surround Dash with a ring of fire, leaving him to cry for his mommy.

Winner: Human Torch

M.O.B. (-Man of Battle-) Writes:

Okay I've finally seen the movie and I now feel I can make a true judgement with my analydical system.

First of all their individual powers are closely similiar. And I can't help but wonder if these guys are interdimensional duplicates?

Oh well on with my analyzation and remember it's true!

Mr. Incredible and The Thing are alikely match because of their individual super strengths. The Thing possesses a "Titanic" level of Super Strength, no where near the Hulk's by the way, However to my surprise of visual observation Mr.Incredible has a "Unearthly" Level of Super Strength! WOW, that puts him in league with the Hulk or even Superman! So the Thing had better not fight Mr. Incredible on a Sunday because I bet his Sunday Punch won't work. Now however if the The Thing was in his "Spiky Rock" form I bet the odds would be different.

Mr.Fantastic has more experience and superior intelligence over Elasti-Girl.

The Invisible Woman and Violet could go either way because their powers are too close to determine.

Dasher and the Human Torch would end with Dasher putting the Torch's flames out by throwing a gust of wind at him at super speed. Because too much wind can effect the Human Torch.

So there you all have it, the truth

Will Writes:

It's perfectly simple. The Fantastic Four are about to have a live-action movie. The Incredibles are from an animated movie.

[i]Who Framed Roger Rabbit[/i] taught us that cartoon characters are much harder to hurt, much less kill, than live-action characters.

A simple comparison of the X-Men movies with the cartoon series makes it clear that live-action can bleed and cartoons can't.

Power levels don't matter. The Fantastic Four can be hurt or killed in ways the Incredibles can't.

Cleric of Hell's Brigade Writes:

The Incredibles should win but favoritism and fanboys will let

the FF win.

1. Mr. Incredible is smarter than

The Thing.

2. Elastagirl and Mr. Fantastic K.O. eachother.

3.Sue has to see Dash to be able to take him out.Gotta love super speed.

4.Jonny will never see Violet.All

she has to do is put a field around him and he is out.

P.S. Jack-Jack beats them all!

Vortex Writes:

The Incredibles don't stand a chance against the long-time veterens, the Fantasic Four.

Torint Writes:

Seriously... what kind of match is this! Half of the Incredibles are F4 ripoffs. Some superheroes dreamed up by a suit in Pixar can't possibly compete with War Machine, let alone the original super "Family."

Victor VonDoom, Lord of Latveria Writes:

Now here me all you simpleton fools. It is I, Victor VonDoom, your future lord and master who now speaks to you. I have battled the accursed Fantastic Four many times in the past and every time they have barely managed to thwart my schemes for world domination. As much as I despise Richards and the rest of his pitiful family, I would have to give the battle to him; for the simple reason that he has battled me to a standstill, never a victory. Any man on the planet that can manage such a feat, surely would be victorious over these pathetic, shameful, and foolish imposters. Now on the other hand, if it were I battling these bafoons, they would surely feel the crushing wraith of the armored fist of Doom. I would defeat them and then mentally control them to become my personal servants and slaves. I would then use their combined might with my own to finally destroy Richards and the rest of his dispicable Fantastic Four. Doom has spoken!!!

cartmanRULES Writes:

YAY! Glad to see that Pat and Jay are back in the booth after so long. Anyway, as much as the Fantastic Four are legendary, i'm going with the Incredibles. For once, Disney & Pixar have come up with characters that are action-packed and superpowerful, nothing like Finding Nemo. And the money coming in over opening-day weekend proves it. Anyway, while Mr.Fantastic are staring at Elasti-Girl's figure, Mr.Incredible will come up from behind and mangle him into a limp, strechy body. The rest will follow. Yes, this will be a bloddy, gory battle, and none of them won't let a charity stand in the way from keeping this battle from being horrid and deadly. Besides, that's what the fans want anyhow, right?

NukeA6 Writes:

They may be evenly matched but the Fantastic Four faced enemies more powerful than anything the Incredibles will ever face (Galactus for example).

The Fantastic Four take the win for this match.

The Invisible Voice of Mortal Kombat Writes:

Mr. Incredible smashes The Thing no matter if he's in smoove or spikey rock form!

The Thing is fatalitied!

Mr. Fantastic has more experience in shape-stretching than Elasti-girl! So she's down!

Elasti-girl is fatalitied!

The same can be said with the Invisible Woman against Violet!

Violet is fatalitied!

Lastly The Human Torch against Dasher! Torch can fire on Dasher from the air and Dasher can dodge the shots from the ground at super speed! However once Torch increase into Nova form, I would bet that it didn't matter on how fast Dasher would run because he would be cook! Like a fast turkey in a microwave oven.

Dasher is Flamalitied!

Nephilim Writes:

The deciding factor in this battle will be the presense of children on the incredibles team. While the familiy nature of the group means that they can funtion together as a team instintively, it is also a liability. The inexperienced children are likely to make a mistake, and as soon as the parents see one of the children in danger they will completly lose their composure.

The FF benefit from the same closeness but they are experienced enough not to lose cohesion under any circumstances.

Nemicles Writes:

Gotta go old school on this one the originaters of whoopin bad guy ass will be victorius. Now I dont know much about the incredibles but from the intro i got here at cbub the only difference between the two teams is Torch and Dash.

Lets see flight and flame vs realy fast. Just no comparison even if Torch and Dash arent squareing off in this rumble the flight and fire will dominate the others while good ol mr fantastic and ground crew will easily handle that speedy gonzalas wannabe (yipa yipa undale undale the true master of speed). Also another factor is invisable girl, shes got force fields and invisability, but (as i said before im baseing all my theorys on what info from cbub i have not actually seen the incredibles yet) violet only has force fields. The battle hasnt even begun yet and the incredibles dont even have a prayer of surviveing. Even tho Fantastic Four might not have time to run home and get a few gadgets i guarentee mr. fantastic has some with him and with his genius he could prolly make a few on the spot while fighting elasti girl and whoever else who gets to close.

No contest The Incredibles are way outclassed here, its like throughing the Apollo shuttle against the Death Star.

Fantastic Four Win!!

Mr. Pitt Writes:

The Incredibles don't stand a chance in hell against the all mighty F.F.

Tenacious Me Writes:

Gotta go with the family that's been doing it for decades. Experience always wins. Thats why Mr.Myagui was able to beat up all the Cobra Ki kids in the Karate Kid.

Here's how it goes down:

Sue puts up a force field for the team so the speedy boy can't attack. Reed draws up some plans in the sand, Sue lowers the force field and the Four play to their strengths (get it? fourplay? ehhh, nevermind). Mr.Fantastic wraps up the Incredible's Invisible girl, Invisible Woman contains the Incredible's Mrs.Fantasitc. the fast kid gets a closeline from the ever lovin' blue eyed Thing (who according to comics now can beat the Hulk on occasion). and Johnny Storm occupies the strong guy long enough until the Thing can come over and beat him like the proverbial red headed step-child at K-Mart. It truely is Clobberin' Time.

The Incredibles are just lucky Doom doesn't want to take a shot at the Fantastic 4 rip offs. Bah, Doom has more important things to do.

Tenacious Me Writes:

This is my second part, read the one below it first to get my feeling just had to put something else out their.

The Incredible fans are arguing about adding members to the team such as Jack-Jack and the afro guy, well then how about we add the FF's other members? Medusa, Luke Cage, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Kristoff(a slightly less powerful Doom), H.E.R.B.I.E., mmm maybe not H.E.R.B.I.E, or the new FF: Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider. It's 4 on 4, the way God intended. Wait, what? that last part didn't make sense. oh well God works in mysterious ways. Wait what?

Trickster Priest Writes:

Not having seen the incredibles, I can't properly judge them. But to pit them against the fantastic 4? Come on, the 4 have beaten Doom, Silver Surfer, Ego the living planet, Super Skrull, Spidey, and even the all powerful Galactus. Mr. incredible has the power, but Ben Grim is nearly indestructible. He's survived more villains than almost any other Marvel hero. Reed wins because he is a genius, the only guy who can beat Reed in that is Victor Von Doom, who went to school with him. Sue's fields can hold a city, so that other girl's fields can't be that good. Johnny's flames make him untouchable by Dash, speed or not. Plus, Reed always pulls out some crazy plan, and you didn't even cover if his son Franklin Richards was in this. He's a near god with his reality warping powers. The 4 take this easy.

Gandalf the old coot Writes:

I just gotta say... The incredibles will get their arse handed to them. Seriously! You think campyness and kid friendly heroes can stand up to the fantastic four. I mean, come on! When somebody says superhero family do you think "ooh the incredibles! No offense to pixar but here is how the stats are measured.

Mr. Incredible vs. The thing (Super strenght)

I seriously think that he is no match for the thing. Why? you ask, well let us look at the facts with the magic of comic books. The thing has fought the Hulk (granted the thing got his butt handed to him and the savage version of the hulk has the IQ of a hairpin) and also I just don't think that Mr. Incredible has that superstrenght ability. I'd list him in Class C+ superstrenght maybe but no higher.

Also there's the experience factor. Do you think Mr. Incredible has faced villains from over the galaxy, battled cosmic beings and all that stuff... I truly beg to differ.

I'm not a fantastic four fan or anything like that but I just don't see a way the incredibles could win. As a wise man once said would say this battle will be over faster than a "session" with a new york hooker.



Mr. Fantastic vs. Mrs. Incredible:

Ah yes... the stretchy guys.There is the martial influence to Mrs. I's style but i'll say that by intelligence (as well as the help of the others) Mr. F could have the advantage. If the other incredibles managed to keep the others busy. I'd say that Mrs. Incredible wins. That is most likely to happen.



Violet vs. Invisible Girl:

The wise man once said the strong baboon is nothing compared to the weak skilled baboon who will make chop sooey of the others ass, steal his girlfriend and crash his ferrari as well as thrashing his house. In other words Violet is far outclassed in experience and in (i think) power. IG wins... Nuff said!

Dash vs. The human torch:

I'll make this short...



Cons-can't dish out damage and will be too busy arguing with Violet to actually do anything.

Human Torch:

Pros-Cool flame powers, could make one hell of a smore. Much smarter and experienced than dash. Has the aerial advantage

Cons-Will have a hard time keeping up with dash.


A man with and unlimited budget vs. the likes of (plays imperial march) DR. DOOM! hahahahahahahahahahahah (continues laughing for some time)


Ahem... As I was saying in the end the incredibles will lose. The battle will go something like you've seen. Mr. Incredible will soon realize he can't compete with The Thing in matter of strenght. He will lose. Violet will get knocked. Dash will get a sugar rush and go to Burger King to get some fries to wash it down. The Fantastic Four will gang up on Mrs. Fantastic and well...


Epilogue: Being dragged away. "NO you shut me up at roswell but you won't do it again.

Redneck guy in a mickey mouse suit, "President Bush and the disney corporation want to have a talk with you..." (laughs maniacally) "NO! you rednecks can't do it! (sobs)get your damn dirty redneck hands off of me. Curse you Texas! RN in MS, "We were planning to shut down Khazan anyhow..."


Will Quinn illegal spice trade be discovered? Will Khazan survive? Tune in Next time to Gandakf the coot!

YOU CAN't handle the truth!

Aleph Sage, Jedi Knight Writes:

Oh Please, The Fantastic Four are the originals!

The Incredibles are just a disfunctional family!

And I am sick of everybody saying that Mr. Incredible is Stronger than the Thing!

Well Picture this!!!!!

Mr. Incredible and The Thing fight, went suddenly a freak cosmic ray lightning storm hits the Thing and changes him to his Spikey form!!!!

The balance of power has shifted!!!

The Thing now has Greater Strength and Greater Endurance! But most importantly sharper rock body spikes and Mr. Incredible gets the ever famous clobbing time!

The Fantastic Four wins!

The Force is with them!

Solarice Writes:

I'm going for the Incredibles with this one.

Why? Well to be perfectly honest, I don't really know that much about either teams. However, in general, I just think the Incredibles are much cooler, in both costume and overall design. Also two of their number are children, and despite their youth and relative inexperience, you should never underestimate a kid.

Speaking of kids, I notice you didn't include Franklin Richardsn in this melee. I suppose if he were in this fight, the FF would clinch the fight easily, given his powers. But he's not, so...

The Incredibles all the way!

Bartman Writes:

Gee I thought the "Incredibles" were the Fantastic Four...

The father is Ben Grimm

The mother is Reed Richards

The daughter is Sue Richards

The son is..well..he ain't the human sue me..he's the flash.

The FF have the experience edge over the Incredibles..yet the incredibles look better in thier costumes...and have funner punchlines.

I'm going with the Incredibles cause..Ben Grimm is always getting his ass whipped by someone weaker than him ( name it).

Steve Bird Writes:

The Fantastic Four gotta get this one. I mean, the Incredibles are well, incredible and everything, but they have KIDS on their team! Not that I think that any of the FF would dare hit a kid, or anything, I just think that having kids make up half of your superhero team kind of limits your possibilities. Brainiac Reed would find a way to take them out of the game without bruising any one of them, leaving the ff to deal with the remaining two adults. I will say this though. Kids have a way of surprising you, so I kind of doubt that they would REMAIN out of the game. So look for the Incredible sibblings to pull a surprise attack on the ff. Still, with Mr. Fantastics intelect, I think that the FF will come out with a victory. Go FF!!!!!!!!!!!

Coltrane Writes:

Mr. Incredible has nothing to touch The Thing. Sue is just too much for Violet. Dash will be burned by Torch. Richards is a geanius and arch enemy of Dr. Doom. Elasti Girl? Please.

WakeUpPeople Writes:

The super strength guys, force field folk, and stretchy people battle it one on one- but super speed wins easy over Mr.Flame On! Super Speed is one of those non-appreciated powers that can be used in sooo many different ways people tend to over look it I think. Superspeed wins easy over Flamer Boy then he goes and helps everyone else on his team 2v1 victory, a numbers game at this point. I like the Fantastic Four better, but the Incredibles win this. Super Speed is an awesome, under appreciated power.

ajs_pet Writes:

Fantastic four will slaughter the NonIncredibles!!! There is nothing incredible about a bunch of rip offs! This is not even a match, The FF could tear those losers up even if they were sleepwalking!

The Ace of Knaves Writes:

Come on guys !

Are you serious about this one?

It's not because they're the latest cutesy-wootesy pixar creation that they are going to defeat a team who take on Galactus for breakfast...

I've been longing to say this:

"It's clobbering time !!!"

WereWolf Writes:

The main thing tipping the battle in the FF's favor is experiance. The Fantastic Four have been in the game quite a while, while half of the Incredibles just started crime fighting. Im not saying the movie wasn't funny, but the FF will own them.

WereWolf Writes:

I didn't read all of the other posts, just the first few, but in response to the post that says Franklin Richards would win the fight for the FF(one of the first posts), Franklin doesn't have his powers anymore. He used them up saving the universe.

Mechazoid Writes:

Hmmm... lets see a team of relative newcomers vs ONE OF THE MOST CELEBRATED SUPERTEAMS OF ALL TIME!


The fantastic four have defeated a world devouring behemoth, a metal masked evil genius and a green skinned gamma radiated giant!

I mean they've got...

1) the brains (Mr Fantastic)

2) the firepower (Torch)

3) the defense (Ms Invisible)

4) the muscle (Yer ever lovin' blue eyed Thing!)

The Fantastic four will end this with a slap, a shrug and a hearty "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!"

Dark Queen Writes:

HELL NO to The Incredibles. There is no way that I am letting a by-product of Disney winning in the superhero catagory when that belongs to Marvel, Dark Horse,DC, etc. My foot is going down on this one.

Besides, Fantastic Four has a movie coming out soon enough (July 1, 2005). Not only will they wipe the floor with these animated wanna-bes, but they will kick major arse on the big screen.

The oldies never die, that is why they are golden.

AnnoyedBastard Writes:

The first family of heros vs The flavor of the month.........

I wonder who wins....

Lemmy Von Motorhead Writes:

I assume that most people whould put the members of each team against their counterparts(Mr. Incredible vs Thing, Sue vs Violet, etc.). With Reed's intelligence, he would have his team fight with their strenghts, not to a standstill. He would have Sue use her forcefield to stop the little speedster, taking him out of the battle. I'm sure that The Thing could take out the strechy Incredible, and Reed could take out Violet. That leaves the whole team to take out Mr. Incredible, who was kept busy by The Torch. Game, set, match.

Terminator Writes:

Ya...those damn incredibles are Disney...Ya i said DISNEY---disney makes Mickey Mouse...YA I SAID MICKEY MOUSE!!!I really dont understand how you think these fools can win...once again...THEY ARE DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Sriad Writes:

I posted this on a board where the same question came up:

"The matchups (I'm not saying they'll fight this way, just comparing powers and roles):

Strong Guy:

The Thing and Mr. Incredible.

I see little difference between their abilities superhuman abilites, except that Thing seems to be a bit more durable. OTOH, Mr. I represents more in terms of his team's leadership/creative side than Thing does.

Stretchy One:

Mr. Fantastic and Elastigirl.

Elastigirl is tremendously creative with her stretching; my favorite instance in the movie was when she threw the manhole cover. Mr. F tends to be more straightforward. OTOH, Mr. F is his team's lateral thinker/leader, and he's got gadgets. On the Gripping hand, Mr. F seems to be strechier than EG. We saw close to the limits of her flexibility in the movie, and even though she uses it very well, Mr. F can go further.

Force Fields/Invisibility:

Invisible Woman vs Violett.

IW is vastly stronger. Not only can she make non-spherical shapes, but her force fields can be much larger too. Also she can use them to fly and stuff. Violett might get to that level with a lot more experience, but she hasn't had it and IG has.


Human Torch vs. Dash.

This is where direct comparison breaks down, definately in favor of the FF. Speed is important, but there's no one Dash can really attack on the FF. IG has force fields, and against anyone else Dash would be hurting himself more than them. Also, Human Torch can fly; the Incredibles have no flyers.

I think in terms of the actual brawl that would be the deciding factor; the FF has two people who can fly, and Sue can levitate the entire team. If the Incredibles had, say, five more years experience it might be a different story."

ODB is death Writes:

yo players.. the incredibles are off the hoook....

Friar F*ck Writes:

Fantastic 4. No need for explinations.

strong bad Writes:

I don't know who should win but um .......... invisible woman is hot and um...........elasta-girl isn't well she can grow but um............thats all um,................................

yeah go four

AraDylan Writes:

I can't believe anyone thinks that the Incredibles even have a slight chance of survival. Come on!!!!!!!!!!! This is the Fantastic Four they're up against!!

Thing vs. Mr. Incredible:

Thing charges up to Mr. Incredible... Who punches him in the chest... and breaks his hand on Thing's rocky torso!!!!!! THen, in a flurry of punches, Thing blows him outta the ring!!!!!!

Mr. Fantastic vs. Elastigirl

Mr. Fantastic shoots out his arms towards Elastigirl's neck, who, with a counter attack... grabs his hands... and sends him crashing into the opposite wall!! She then jumps into the pile of rubble and pulls out the unconcious Mr. Fantastic about to deliver a haymayker...

" Can't... hurt... a... woman..."utters Mr. Fantastic.

"But I can!"yells someone from behind Elastigirl...

Sue Storm!

Ol' Sue picks up Elastigirl, and pummels her into the floor! Then, turning her and Elstigirl invisible... Sue begins the attack!Awestruck... mister Fantastic waits for his wife to finally show up, visible, again. Suddenly, Sue appears.. all of her clothes ripped and torn into shreads!

Then, the kids attack.

Violet takes to Sue... While the Speedy one charges at Mister Fantastic. Violet bounces up in her force- field, while Sue turns ivisible. The flaming torch fires up Violet's force- field... battering the girl's concentration. Sue appears with her own force field, and yells"more heat, Johnny!"

Flaming torch adds more fire to Violet's shield, while Sue amplifies the power of her's. Then... in an astounding explosion... both force fields explode, sending Violet into nowhere'sville. Sue falls to the ground... her suit completely desintigrated. Mr. F unleashed his extended leg... and trips the little boy ito the ground... and out of submission.

'Nuff said.

H. Torrance Griffin Writes:

The elder Parrs have been retired for at least as long as the FF have been in action.

Violet and Dash are kids with little real training or practice.

The baby is a wild card, but if he can play... then so can Franklin

Game. Set. Match.


Number1 player Writes:

I find it ironic how everyone is saying Ben Grimm is the weakest link of the fantastic four???

That somehow everyonelse in the group will easily overpower their "Incredible" counterpart.

Yet you all make it seem like

"the thing" will be happy just to get out of this one alive??

If the thing can't be Mr. Incredible..then he ought to hang up his jock for good.

The Jester Writes:

"I'll take 'Fights that are going to be decided solely on the companies that own the characters' for a thousand, Alex."

Justy Writes:

My guess here is the FF4 have it on Accursed Richards' smarts. The only thing that really needs to happen for me to feel that charity money wasn't wasted is to see Ben Grimm get pulverized by Mr. Incredible. I hate The Thing and I've always hated The Thing. I can't really say why, he just been the stupid, dumb looking one. I mean, "Its clobberin' time." makes me want to retch bile in unrelenting dry-heaves. You know, when I was a kid in school. I had this lunchbox with The Thing on it. My parents gave it to me then they dressed me up in green corduroys and a red flannel lumberjack shirt and sent me to school. I had to wear that stuff because it was autumn and it was gettin cold. So there I was at lunch recess and these kids started talking about me and they were ragging on me about my Thing lunchbox. I had real cool Evel Knievel lunchbox, but I lost it. Then there was this play at school. It was about the Fantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom. I thought that it was going to real cool and I wanted to be Doctor Doom, but some other kid beat me to it. Then that kid said "He's dumb looking, just like The Thing". The teacher laughed with everyone else. Then someone grabbed my Thing lunchbox and said, "Its clobbering time!" and threw it at me. I started having the nightmares after that. I'd see the Thing in the mirror, at parties, driving along the highway late at night. He was there on the side of the road; hitchhiking. It really was him! I just screamed and drove away as fast as I could. Oh the horror... the horror.

Shotgun-Sam Writes:

To Justy:

Sorry about what happend to you, I mean gettin bullied by people who don`t understand, I should know, I get bullied at school 24/7. I know your pain, and That you think the incredibles would win.

Darth Nader Writes:

I gotta go with the Fab... I mean, Fantastic Four. Let's face it, they've been around for years; and rank right up there with Spiderman and the X-Men in terms of being icons.

The Incredibles will be spanked like a fat balding guy wearing a diaper.

Doc Doom 2099 Writes:

The Fantastic Four are great.

The Incredibles are great.

But i gve my vote to the Fan Four.

Reed is incredibly smart..second smartestmn on earth...second only to doom... speaking of Doom... The incredibles villain is horrible... He is no where near the challenge of Dr.Doom...The incredibles struggle with a little man who has bad hair... But doom has taken on gods and the entire marvel universe.

Ranma Fan Writes:

well in this batlle four is a special number.

4 ways for the incredibles to die

the 4 remaining seconds of the incredibles existance once the fight starts

and 4 reasons the incredibles should call in sick

the human torch can handle them by himself in munutes, the other 3 might as well call out for pizza and drinks for the show

if the others do get bord and decide to fight it will probobly end up like this

thing crushes the strong guy -

remember the thing can lift around 85 tons

human torch rosts the fast kid -

speed will do him no favors when hes burnt like my mom's cooking

invisible woman invisibly lays an invisible world of pain the invisible girl - key word experience the girl is a teenager the woman is an adult wit more combat experience

Mr. fantastic snaps the streching woman - well not much so say about this its just a matter of experience once again and once again the f4 member has more

well if the invisible girl and the streching woman survive they can look forward for a posible lawsuit from the fantastic four just to add insult to injury (and what horrible injuries they will be)

Ps: the very idea that the team of ripoff losers known as the incredibles could even hurt the fantastic four is a joke and to quote Galvetron (i think) "this is bad comedy"

mightydragon2000 Writes:

With all the powers considered, it basically comes down to the Human Torch vs. Dash... C'mon, flying flame man or a little boy who runs fast? Dash will pee his pants and run away. What good can he do? If I had a letter to send, I would give it to Dash though because the Human Torch would burn it if I handed it to him.

Jayce, leader of the monkey army of DOOM Writes:

FF all the way, the Incredibles biggest advantage is a what, 8 year old kid? anyone remember what it was like being that old? the kid'll spaz out over some damn card game with a cartoon and he'll be gone.

greg hines Writes:

ok to know who wins read the following issuses of this site first : Storm Siblings vs. Maximoff Siblings vs. Beaubier Siblings sue storm beats them all

next thing vs colossus thing beats colossus and colosus can lift 100 tons and finally read issue

157 human torch vs. iceman torch wins nuff said and read them people

piratebob Writes:

As I see it, the Incredibles have exactly one chance to make this go in their favor. Mr. I can battle the Thing to a standstill, Elastigirl and Mr. F are evenly matched, and Violet can combat the Torch fairly well, but none of the Incredibles can hold a candle to Invisible Girl.

The only way the Incredibles can take it is if Violet and Dash get the drop on Invisible Woman, taking her out of the fight early. The we have a Violet/Torch matchup, Mr. F vs. Elastigirl, and Mr. I vs. Thing, with Dash running around performing the occaisional attack of opportunity. Mr. F will probably go down first, as a crucial distraction by Dash lets Elastigirl tie him up; Thing is next, triple-teamed by everyone but Violet, and the Torch finally loses to the combined might of the Incredibles after playing blast-the-forcefield with Violet.

Any other way, the Fantastic Four have it in the bag. If Invisible Woman has half a brain, the first thing she'll do is protect herself with the nigh-unbreachable barriers. Dash is practically worthless in one-on-one combat (he got smacked by immobilized henchmen on _two_ occaisions!). Invisible Woman will take on any of the Incredibles with ease, especially the adults; Thing and Torch doubleteam Violet for an easy knockout; the remaining adult is unable to handle the full force assault of the Fantastic Four, and Dash can't do a thing to help.

I hate to say it, but the Incredibles don't stand much of a chance.

BlaqChaos Writes:

I absolutely LOVE the Incredibles... but they are SO going to get their @$$es kicked. The FF has the has teamwork and experience in spades. Marvel's first family has been doing this for so long, they would know what to do if they had to quit. Dash and Violet lack experience, and the whole family is still trying to get used to the whole teamwork thing.


You guys are funny...Hey, I got an idea..while your at about the Fantastic Four vs. The kids from Saved by the Bell! Or, how about the Fantastic Four vs. The Seinfeld gang...they're going to be about as much competition...The guys crack me up...!!!

The Great Me Writes:

The Great Me: You guys forgot about the baby, which can...


Pixar Enforcer: No giving away secrets in the movie before it comes out on DVD!

The Great Me: Sorry... Jack-Jack's a shape-shifter and can do things like burst into flame, turn to steel, and become an evil demon baby!

Pixar Enforcer: Why you!

*Chases the Great Me off into the horizon*

Steve Writes:

This fight is in the bag for Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four : 666

EEK!666 votes for the Fantastic Four!

That means that the FF are the incarnation of EVIL!

As sworn enemies of all that is evil,The Incredibles should win!

Kezmar Writes:

Certainly an even match, but the clincher(no pun intended) wil be the Diaper Bearing Mini Member of the Incredibles: Jack-Jack, who Mr Incredible is clearly holding. nothing like a demented, mutating toddler to devastate the oposition. After Mr Incredible Throws the cute little Crap-Factory at Sue Storm, and while the Invisible Woman is coo-ing the little Tyke, Jack-Jack Wolf's out and disables 1 quarter of the opposition. The only problem the I-team will be the Ever-Lovin-Blue-Eyed Thing, but then again, he's always the real problem. Even still, with Dash and Elastigirl playing decoy, Viloet and Mr I should be able to subdue The Thing.

The Great Gazoo Writes:

The fantastic four may take on villians like Dr. Doom or the dreaded Scrulls...

Yet that is nothing compared to the evil bastards at Disney that the Incredibles had to battle..

How could Dr. Doom ever compare to the stoned faced Michael Eisner?

Make mine Pixair

marveldragon Writes:


DarthVegita Writes:

I gotta go the original fantastic four, the... uh... Fantastic Four.

udude Writes:

ff hands down. this fight is a mockery to marvel comics.

Celisasu Writes:

The Incredibles take it easily. The Fantastic Four have to be ANCIENT now. They're probably wandering around walkers and dealing with Alzheimers. Meanwhile the Incredibles are young new heroes ready to take up the torch. Besides, just one member of the Incredibles has more wit than all the Fantastic Four combined have dreamed of having.

Go Incredibles!

The Fat Man Writes:

Since it is Thanksgiving, and this battle is still going on........

The Torch roasts those turkeys.

Thank you for your time.

*Has a heart attack and dies*

LordTimmah Writes:

The fact that anyone believes that this won't end up as an Incredibles family is alarming. At first sight of an argument, the FF will surely destroy the Incredibles.

'Nuff said

Colonel Joshua Chambers Writes:

I have written my opinions on this fight on various occasions. They, since I am the biggest fan of Marvel comics, always sensibly end up where the crap gets beaten out of the incredibles.However... in a parallel universe where pigs fly... the Incredibles would win like this:

Mr.I vs. Thing

Thing throws a haymaker to Mr. I's chest. Mr. I sidesteps, graps thing's foot and trips him into a sleeper hold.Thing passes out, completely defenseless.

Mr. F vs. Elastigirl

Mr. F extends his arm forward... hoping to trip Elastigirl. Elastigirl sees it coming, and forms into a sphere. She glides along his arm... reforms... kicks him in the face... and pile- drives him into the opposite wall- all in one arial attack. But Mr. F recovers, and pushes into her torso so hard... she stops breathing.

Violett vs. Mrs. F

catfight. Mrs. F emerges from the smoke... all of her clothes ripped off.Violett is... well... dead.

Dash vs. Johnny Storm

Dash... dashes off... Johnny in hot persuit. Dash trips on a rock... flies into the air... and is burned like a turkey.

The Fantastic Three... and one almost entirely unclothed Sue Storm... encircle Mr I. They attack all at once. Mr. F is shot out of the swarm... followed by the Thing. Finally... Johnny desintegrates Mr I... ending the battle... or does it?

Elastigirl shoots up... and attacks. Johnny blows up her suit... leaving 2 unarmed and ununiformed ladies. Johnny it shot out of the air... and dies.

Without Suit Sue vs. Wthout Suit Elastigirl... U Decide!

Colonel Joshua Chambers Writes:

FF should win. They, since I am the biggest fan of Marvel comics, always sensibly end up where the crap gets beaten out of the incredibles.However... in a parallel universe where pigs fly... the Incredibles would win like this:

Mr.I vs. Thing

Thing throws a haymaker to Mr. I's chest. Mr. I sidesteps, graps thing's foot and trips him into a sleeper hold.Thing passes out, completely defenseless.

Mr. F vs. Elastigirl

Mr. F extends his arm forward... hoping to trip Elastigirl. Elastigirl sees it coming, and forms into a sphere. She glides along his arm... reforms... kicks him in the face... and pile- drives him into the opposite wall- all in one arial attack. But Mr. F recovers, and pushes into her torso so hard... she stops breathing.

Violett vs. Mrs. F

catfight. Mrs. F emerges from the smoke... all of her clothes ripped off.Violett is... well... dead.

Dash vs. Johnny Storm

Dash... dashes off... Johnny in hot persuit. Dash trips on a rock... flies into the air... and is burned like a turkey.

The Fantastic Three... and one almost entirely unclothed Sue Storm... encircle Mr I. They attack all at once. Mr. F is shot out of the swarm... followed by the Thing. Finally... Johnny desintegrates Mr I... ending the battle... or does it?

Elastigirl shoots up... and attacks. Johnny blows up her suit... leaving 2 unarmed and ununiformed ladies. Johnny it shot out of the air... and dies.

Without Suit Sue vs. Wthout Suit Elastigirl... U Decide!

TheRedFear Writes:

Hey serge? Why even bother concocting scenarios? Nobody ever pays attention to the conditions of the fight.

It's a Non-Lethal fight. And Jack-Jack is not in the fight.

If he were, why not toss in the sinlge most powerful character in comics, Franklin Richards too?

Not that it makes a differance either way. FF have too much experience and superior intellect.

Han Solo's Clone Writes:

Comedy characters verses action characters? The action characters win it.

Dark_angel Writes:

the incredibles should win there's 5 of them!!! that should make a difference

The Spacegoblyn Writes:

Even if this battle were tactically even, I would have had to go with the Fantastic Four based on the Super-Power plagiarism perpetrated by the Incrudibles.

The FF have had stretchy powers and super strength a lot longer than the In-dead-ibles; therefore, their command of their abilities should be far more adroit.

Also, the FF are an adult family, whereas the Ineptibles have the youth factor as a major distraction (tell me you wouldn't lose your concentration if you had to watch your son run around on fire at high speed!)

I see the FF outwitting and outlasting the Injuribles in a one-sided rout!

The Incredible Legible One Writes:

The Incredibles are going to have a hard time pulling off a win with this one. Syndrome may have been a tough opponant, but compared to Dr. Doom, he's about as threatening as Jughead with a popgun. As for that monstrous robot, as bad as it was, the FF have taken on, and defeated, Galactus,

The Incredible Legible One Writes:

The Incredibles are going to have a hard time pulling off a win with this one. Syndrome may have been a tough opponant, but compared to Dr. Doom, he's about as threatening as Jughead with a popgun. As for that monstrous robot, as bad as it was, the FF have taken on, and defeated, universal threats that would make the Incredibles quake in thier animated boots.

As for one-on-one, this is how I see it going down:

Thing Vs. Mr. Incredible- The Thing has gone toe to toe with the Hulk and survived; dealing with Mr. Incredible will be a cakewalk after the big, green meanie.

Invisible Girl Vs. Violet

Absolutley no contest here. Sue is far more experienced in using her powers than Violet. Sue can manipulate her force bubbles in ways that Violet hasn't even dreamed of.

Human Torch Vs. Dash

This one is a bit tougher. Dash can move increadibly fast, but unlike some of the more famous speedsters, he doesn't yet know how to take full advantage of that speed. Johnny, on the other hand, knows fully well how to use his powers, and with his ability to fly, he has a better chance of winning this one.

Mr. Fantastic Vs. Elastigirl

This fight here would probably be the toughest. Both are capable fighters, and know full well the extent of thier abilities. With Reeds superior intelligence, though, I see him taking this one.

In the end, the Fantastic Four is just the better and more experienced team. The F. F. has got this hands down.

Dr. Obvious Writes:

I wanted to vote for the new guys 'cause their movie is so darn fun, while the FF's movie is off in the Negative Zone or some such place.

But when we see so near a matchup in power, we know experience is going to make all the difference. The Incredibles have two members coming out of a 15 year retirement, and two raw youngsters. The Fantastic Four have been beating down baddies since, what, 1964?

The Incredibles will put up a good fight, but the FF will put them all in headlocks by the end of round three.

TheRazor Writes:

I guess it might be close in a battle of super powers, but with Read Richards on their side the Fan. 4 would take the day. There isn't anybody in the incredibles as smart (or as ellastic) as he is, so he gives a clear tactical advantage to his familly.



Comic Master Writes:

Even though I haven't seen nor plan to see the Incredibles movie I do know how strong they are based on the commercials. The Fantastic Four have this one in a bag Mr Fantastic has had a lot of leadership experience and the team has beaten back villians ranging from Dr. Doom to Galactus. The Fantastic Four have also beaten a tema od Doublegangers from an Alternate universe so there more than capable of taking on the Incredibles whick are just a Disney Knock off.I'd also say that just becaus this is for charity don't expect the Fantastic Four to go easy on them.

Frosted Muffins Writes:

Weeeeell, I'm going to have to go with the Incredibles. Not only are each one of them capable of kicking ass pretty much anywhere, they survived Syndrome's hunt for supers, even after it wiped out all the rest. And one crucial factor, they're family. Now I'm not sure if the Fantastic Four are family are not, but the Incredibles will fight all the harder if their family is in danger.

My decision is also swayed by the facts that, a), The Incredibles was a kickass movie, and b), I don't know much on the Fantastic Four.

Afgncaap5 Writes:

Well, ordinarily I'd be tempted to do a power vs. power match up:

In the Strength/Strength fight, I'm going to believe that The Fantastic Four has it. For as strong as Mr. Incredible is, he's been out of shape for a while. At his peak he could probably stand up to The Thing, but....I'm not one to work with hypotheticals. (HA!)

In the battle of the invisible girls, this also goes to The Fantastic Four, as little Violet's just not experienced in battle conditions yet. Did you see her choke on that plane? DID YOU? I mean, give her two or three years and then you'd have a fight. But not yet.

Next, we've got Stretchy vs. stretchy. Believe it or not, this one goes to The Incredibles. Mrs. Incredible seems to be a bit more quick at adapting to the situation at hand. I mean sure, in a race to shut down the nuclear reactor was the competition then Mrs. Incredible wouldn't stand a chance. But as it is, she does, so she wins.

Finally, we get to fire vs. speed. Or, as anyone who's read The Flash frequently can tell you, fire vs. wind. Just as soon as Dash figures out how to make a tornado, Mr. Human Torch is out like a candle.

So we're down to The Thing and The Invisible Woman vs. Dash and Mrs. Incredible. And let's just make this simple: Thing is too slow to catch Elasti-Girl if the way that she could zip around her husband is any indication, and I saw nothing to indicate that she could take down someone as strong as The Thing (or her own husband, for that matter). So, I see Mrs. Incredible tying up The Thing in a knot from which she can't realistically budge, thus having those two cancel each other out.

Dash vs. The Invisible Woman is a tricky one. Here, Dash is basically going up against someone with the powers of his sister at roughly the age of his mom. With no threat of revoked TV priviledges, Dash won't hold back, that's for sure. So it all comes down to whether or not Dash is fast enough to evade The Invisible Woman's force fields. So we have a statistical tie from those two.

The final score is that you've lost 4 Incredibles to 4 Fantastic Fours.

So with Jack-Jack still standing, The Incredibles win.

Spetznaz Writes:

To. Afgncaap5

You said that it was a tie between the FF and the Incredibles, and that once you borught Jack-Jack into the mix he would push it over to the Incredibles.

I disagree.


Well, if you want to bring kids then bring in the baby of the Fantastic Four. Franklin Richards.

Franklin Richards is the most powerful mutant (he is a true mutant unlike his parents) in the comic multiverse. The most powerful bar none.

Probably more powerful than the Phoenix Entity and Nate Grey rolled into one.

And he has the ability to create pocket universes and just shunt everyone there. Franklin Richards probably has the ability to beat all the heroes,and villains, in the comic multi-verse COMBINED!

Thus, if you bring Jacj-Jack in then bring Franklin Richards as well. And know that if you do then the FF will win without even moving a muscle.

After all, Franklin will merely wish all of the Incredibles into a pocket universe ....and then collapse it into a black hole.

Let's see Jack-Jack deal with that!

And anyways, even without Franklin the FF have this in the bag. Look at the villains the FF wage war against! People like Dr.Doom (an intellect like none other, a sorcerer, and an inventor that would make Bruce Wayne have wet dreams. Oh, and he rules his own nation), Galactus (a god-level entity that consumes entire planets) etc etc ec.

What do the Incredibles have when it comes to enemies? Some nerd reject who had a bad childhood!

Comeon! You can tell a lot about a person by their friends ....and their enemies.

As for the battles:


The Thing has gone toe to toe with the Hulk and walked out with his dignity. And the Thing is made of living rock!

Mr Incredible is strong, but he is not invulnerable. He can be cut (unlike superman). So, he may be of Superman level strength but he is still of normal human level resistance. Thus, he may be able to lift a truck .....but hit him with a normal hammer and he will feel it.

The Thing on the other hand is basically moving rock. He can dish out punches ....just as Mr Incredible can. But the Thing can take them too (as well as gunshots, artillery shells etc) while Mr Incredible cannot.

The Thing wins.


This is simple. Sue wins. For one her forcefields are invisible while Violet's can be seen (blue hue). Two Sue can manipulate her fields into tools, weapons, and the like with great dexterity. Violet can onyl create orbs of blue hue. And Sue has years of experience while Violet is a recovering introvert.

Winner: Sue.


If Dash was the Flash (and able to run at light speed) then he would win. But sadly he can onyl run at basic Ferrari speed. More over his strength level is still that of a child (unlike the Flash who basically becomes stronger the faster he runs as his mass approaches infinity). It was seen in the movie that Dash's punch was totally ineffective.

The Torch on the other hand is living flame, obliterating all he touches. And when he goes to 'nova' form he becomes even hotter.

Dash is fast, but he is not Flash fast (or even QuickSilver fast). Maybe when he is grown he will be faster, but for now he is only fast-fried.

Winner: The Torch.


Mr Fantastic may be a genius but in a fight i think Elasti Girl would win since she is more of a brawler than Reed is. Thus this is the only match-up that the Incredibles win.

Winner: Elasti-girl.

OVERALL WINNER: The Fantastic Four. (And if anything happens otherwise Fraklin Richards waddles over and deposits the incredibles, including Jack-Jack, in the heart of a blackhole in a pocket universe in less than 0.0001 of a semi-second.

The Fantastic Four win.

Superman Writes:

The FF will win this battle without breaking a sweat. The human torch would be so offended by the mere sight of these cheap knock offs that he would just go nova. And the what once was known as The Incredibles would be known as the BBQ'S.

Bizarro Writes:

Me thinks that once the Thing says,"It's clobberin time," it's goodnight and happy trails to the Incredibles.

The Watcher Writes:

This battle is of little interest to me. As the FF will surely win this match in the littlest of time and effort. I would rather watch the FF vs. the FF that would fill in for them. Consisting of Ghost Rider, Spiderman, Hulk and Wolverine. Now that would be a match in hell.

Kilt man Writes:

Hey,the Incredibles are owned by the evil rodent empire. You think that they will lose to comic book heros?

Afgncaap5 Writes:

To Spetznaz,

yeah, you're right about the kids. I really should've thought that one through.

Unless the Fantastic kid (who I know little about) is old enough to go without a which case it's more probable for Jack Jack to be there with the family.

But as this is a battle involving super heroes, that type of logic is ill-founded on my part.

I still say that the rest of the family would cancel each other out, though. Dang, where's that "Tie" button...

the comic book know-it-all Writes:

To "The Watcher"

Hey, if you or anyone want to see the old classic FF battle the new FF consisting of Spidey, Hulk, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider check out Fantastic Four (vol.1) #374. It's one of the greatest comic battles I've ever had the pleasure of reading. You won't be disappointed I promise...!!!Just thought all you fellow comic junkies might want to know...!!

the comic book know-it-all Writes:

Oh, I almost forgot to comment on the CURRENT battle...just think of the F.F. as a family of starving lions and the Incredibles as a family of antelope. It ain't going to be pretty!!! The comic book know-it-all has spoken...!

Al Writes:

Dude, the FF have fought every thing under the sun on more planets and dimensions than you can think of. The Incredibles maybe near their power level but that doesn't make them equals. The Fantastic four have took down people far far beyond their power levels.

Let's take a look at their two biggest enemies; Dr. Doom and Galactus. Super villians don't come much tougher than these tow, yet the FF fights them and beats them on a regular basis.

Reed and the gang will have this fight in the bag with plenty of time to spare to stop the next interdiminsional alein invasion.

Up ur arsenal Writes:

Incredibles - Fast guy ,strechy woman , invisi woman,and strong guy....FF-fire guy,strechy guy,invisi woman FF got dis biotch

spikeyhairedguy Writes:

Hmmmmmmmmmm.This is gonna be tough.....the incredibles will win...YOU HEAR ME THE INCREDIBLES ARE GONNA WIN, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Shadow2K Writes:

The Incredibles have all of the powers of the Fantastic Four(invisibility, super strength, fire-skin, elasticity), plus super speed and force fields going for them. Besides, I have no more respect for the Fantastic Four after the Venture Brothers made fun of them is "Ice Station: Impossible". You may hate me for this, but that's my reasoning.

Shadow2K Writes:

Well, since everyone is putting analysis, I'll put up mine:

First things first, have Violet put a force field around Thing and Human Torch. That field stood up to a nuclear blast, so those two shouldn't have a prayer. Then she turns invisible while everyone else has it out. Dash could run rings around Mr. Fantastic, and the mini-speedster and his dad could tie Mr. Fantastic into a giant pretzel. Invisible Girl would pose a challenge, but it would now be a three-or-four-to-one, and she would eventually be worn down.

Doc Doom 2099 Writes:

Look,... if the Fantastic Four dont win... Doom will get pissed and kill the Incredibles by himself b/c they destroyed his Arch Rival.

Foursome Writes:

The Four. I'd like to see the Incredibles TRY to take Dr. Doom down. He'd laugh them right out of his country.

Xian art Man Writes:

Wow. Okay I've been wondering if the rumors of resentment were true. So the Fantastic will try to take on the Incredibles. I usually don't go through the numbers one on one, but these are pretty close:

Fantastic Four: there are four of them with Powers of Elasticity, Invisibility with force shields, Brute strength and relative invulnerability, and a fast flying flaming younger brother.

Incredibles: there are four and a half of them (Jack Jack does have powers, but he is an infant), with Powers of Elasticity, Invisibility with force shields, Brute strength and relative invulnerability, and a super fast younger brother with an unknown factor of a baby/gremlin.

I can defiantly see Mr. Fantastic having trouble bending beyond the VERY skilled Elastigirl (aka Mrs. Incredible), the Thing will have his work cut out for him trying to fight Mr. Incredible who is as skilled with fisticuffs, Invisible girl (aka Mrs. Fantastic) may have an edge on Violet, but Violet may keep her on her toes or at the very least occupied so she can't help too much, while Dash and Jack Jack may be a duo that would give the head strong and impulsive Jonny Storm a little trouble with his flames.

There is truly only one factor this comes down to... experience. Both teams have fought super villains. The leaders of the team have a lot of experience with various villains. However there are some marked differences: Dash and Violet, though powerful and adaptive are still relatively new and not too used to working as a team with their families... yet. The FF on the other hand have been fighting villains like Doc Doom, Galactus and creatures from the macro., micro., and multiverse for several years. I'm afraid for as much as the lovable Incredibles are a great family and made a superb and wonderful movie... this red vs. blue setup will leave red looking for backup that isn't coming.

Game, Set, Match...

cause it's "Clobberin' time"

Pixar Clearly Writes:

I've been noticing mainly two misconceptions in many posts so far. One is whether Jack Jack is a part of the team as he appears to be and the other has to do with who actually made the movie incredibles.

One Jack Jack is a part of the incredibles as I note he was wearing his own mask by the end of them movie where as to my knowledge dear most powerful Franklin Richards did not make the Fantastic FIVE till he was much older due to his parents not wishing to bring him to a battle he wasn't ready for. Therefore strictly speaking Jack Jack can appear without having to face Frank.

Two Pixar is NOT the evil mouse companies! Pixar is an independent company that agreed to make a number of movies for Disney to make money from. Incredibles is Pixar's idea from start to finish. Do not push the rodent companies troubles onto the promising new animation company... that's just mean.

Renegade Paladin Writes:

Mr. Incredible is stronger than Ben. Those freight cars he was exercing with are very very heavy (freight cars can weigh over a hundred tons empty) and Mr. Incredible was lifting smaller tank cars (each weighing many dozens of tons) one handed and while out of his old shape. I'm pretty sure this beats Ben's limit of 80 tons max.

The Incredible's costumes are fireproof, as shown in Edna's demonstration. Won't help if Torch goes for the face, but it should slow him down a bit.

Doomsday Writes:

Brute strength alone can not win this battle. Expertise and cunningness shall prevail. Invisible woman could create a "force ram" one of her somewhat newest abilities and knock Violet out of the arena. It is unclear exactly how fast Dash can actually run. But given the fact that the Human Torch can fly up to 150 m.p.h. he should be able to do a pretty good job of keeping up with Dash.And the fact that Dash runs out of breath frequently.Elasti Girl can form her body into many shapes. But it is rather doubtful that she can stretch her body 1500 feet like Reed. Reed could wrap her up so tight she couldn't breath! With Violet knocked out, Dash out of breath, Elasti Girl passed out. Looks like it's a Four on one. Guess who won't be coming to dinner?

Shadow2K Writes:

A lot of people say that experience is a key factor in this battle. While I agree, I must point out one thing: People are basing the experience of the Incredibles off of the movie. I've seen enough about how they would fall to someone like Dr. Doom. We don't know that! Just because we didn't see them take on people like that in the movie doesn't mean that they didn't have to fight someone like that at some point in their career. And besides, the Omnidroid more than makes up for no Doom.

Peter Writes:

C'mon here people, "The Incredibles" doesn't open in Australia until the day after Christmas. How am I supposed to call this one?

joykiller Writes:

The incredibles by in large just seem to be fantastic four. yeah the incredibles have good powers but they are basically the same as the ff and the ff appear to be both more powerful and show more variety . if it came down to it human torch could just nova blast (which took out ultron in the secret war so no one is getting up after that) and take out most of the incredibles . even without that the ff just have more class and have fought just about every kind of threat so an inferior version of themselves won't cause them to much trouble. as for anykind of advantage dash's speed would give them it wouldn't be that much because dash is nowhere near as fast as the silver surfer who the ff are used to dealing with dash would just end up plowing into the thing or an invisible force field and knocking himself out

Acecool Writes:

I haven't seen a mismatch like this since voltron vs. the megazord. Fantastic four in a cake walk all though i think that dash my end up a little hard to catch and Mr. incredible might take a little bit of punishment before he goes down.

Vaders' shoeshine boy Writes:

Since The Incredibles are Disney property,then this is a Disney-sponsered match and you know what that means-No Human Torch! Sorry I guess that means all the "Four" get is Herbie the Robot! Good luck,Richards,your are SO going to need it!

Saka6767 Writes:

The Incredibles!!The Fantastic Four are freaky 4 v.s.5 Incredibles win!!!

p.s. i never seen the movie before

PJ Writes:

sorry kiddies, lets face it, doesnt matter how you try to make this fight look fair it just isnt. the incredibles got themselves a lovely little copy cat thing goin on but can you HONESTLY say that stand a chance?

im gonna say even ONE of the fantastic 4 could win this one(maybe an over statement) and im not a big FF4 fan. lets hope ben grimm does some REAL damage

Violet Writes:

the Incredibles got to win and for Petes sake I'll wanna never see fantastic four in my life!!! and i wanna see the INCREDIBLES!!!

Oxymoron Writes:

Who is Mr. Incredible? Craig T. Nelson, that's who! And you just know that Torch and Thing spent some less-busy nights watching Coach back in the day. No way they'd be 100% going into battle against such a beloved icon.

And that's another point. You just know a softie like Sue Storm isn't going to be giving her all against a team that mostly consists of children either. That leaves Reed to carry the fight, but he's a smart guy and should know how the tide of the battle is going, and bow out. If he causes a stink, Jack-Jack could turn into Galactus and eat him, after all.

'Sides, Pixar could make a movie about somebody peeing into a can, and it'd not only gross millions, but it'd be ten times better than half the movies out there. The FF movie was so bad it wasn't even worthy for release at all! (They only made the movie to keep the copyright)

Back once again is the Incredible!


Once again I have found one worthy of consuming. And Oxymoron lives up to his name. There is no way the Incredibles could ever beat a seasoned veteran team such as the FF. Score one more for The Devourer.

Fantastic four sucks Writes:

repeat after me,

Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks. Fantastic four sucks.

catchy huh?

ZZ Writes:

Violet's cute.

Doc Doom 2099 Writes:

To Shadow2k....

You are a complete and total moron... Dr.Doom.. has taken on the marvel universe... has defeated

Galactus, The Beyonder, Was the leader of the enemy's secret wars..., Has survived Mephistos inferno... Conqured the entire Universe, and built a utopia out of the world, And last but not least... He led the entire marvel universe(well most of it anyway) agaisnt onslaught in "Memorys of onslaught". They all looked to Doom, themost hated villain... for leadership...

The omnidroid... Well Doom would scan it down... Find a weak poitn or some computer system... exploit it and override it and it now Serves... DOOM.

" No one rivals Doom! There is no power on Earth, no intellect in all creation, to equal mine!" - from Fantastic Four vol. 1., # 258."

saburo Writes:

fantastic four all the way why they have been around for years, more fights, the incredibles they have one movie thats nothing they hav no super powerfull friends like the ff have spiderman hulk just to name a few hands down the fantastic four

Shelly long ODed and I don't feel good m Writes:

The FF are sorta like the Advengers and some of the other groups in comics..they have never really gotten their assses handed to them..sure they lost a battle now and then..but never a war.

whereas the xmen's loses had ramifications..deaths and breakup of the group.

Saying this..the FF have taken on some heavy hitters..Dr. Doom, the Skrulls etc..and still remain intact and unchanged...

Not bad for a bunch of mere human who took a lil space cruise and were bombarded by space radiation.

And let's face it..thier powers aren't that overwhelming

..stretching indeed..invisibilty and forcefield( how 1950s),brute stength and fire.

Even so..they could easily defeat the incredibles.

AtomicKitKat Writes:

The Fan 4 have the slight advantages of being better known(actually, this one would be a major advantage, due to the sheer swarm-like presence of Marvel fan-boys), and experience. The X-factor(pardon the pun) in this match-up though, will be Jack-jack, the Incredibles' baby. From what is known in the movie, he seems to have the power of changing his molecular structure on the fly(stoney, fiery, demonic, etc.) That could be the deciding factor, if he decides his family is under threat(that plus you gotta wonder how the FF are gonna bring themselves to smush a baby, if it's a "KO the other team" type contest)

Snot nose Writes:

I am thinking of going with the Fantastic Four because two of them flies and that becomes quite an advantage. However, The Incredibles has jakjak a super skrull type hero. The FF guys has been busting their butts against Super Skrull I think FF will get their asses booted back to the 60's

Paru Nexus Writes:

this is such a *JOKE* putting aside how long the FF have been around and ignore the comics and TV shows you got a movie that while isn't out yet already looks to go far beyond that super power family spoof. While it was an "Incredible" it's no where near as Fantasic as...

read doesn't do all the stretchy stuff as much as Elasti-Girl becuase yea he is busy with science that doesn't mean he can't when he needs to.

The Thing has alto more going for him then just strength or his rocky form.

lets not even compare sue storm to some wannbe. Forget about dying or not worry about what she will do to you if you piss her off. who needs invisability...

ok so there isn't a direct match up with the super speed and someone from FF. but it's not like that has ever prevented the FF from stoping whatever menace.

and if you really want to get into it, Reed and sue have 2 kid's both with super powers.

now the movies: Incredibles a cast of voice actors i don't off hand recongize vs FF with 2 people I recongize and REALLY LIKE! Jessica Alba(sue) and Julian McMahon(DOOM!)

The Incredible Legible One Writes:

All you people who think Jak-Jak would turn the tide of battle for the Incredibles have obviously never heard of Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic's son, Franklin. Franklin is the single most powerful charcter in the Marvel universe. He has defeated the demon, Mephisto, an ultra-powerful lord of the underworld. In addition, in the Earth X series, he BECAME the planet-devourer, Galactus. You tell me who would win in a fight; a baby who can turn into stone or a wee demon, or a boy who can make one of the most powerful villians in the world bow down to him or turn himself into a world munching giant. The way I see it, the Incredibles would be better off leaving Jak-Jak with a babysitter.

The Living Tribunal Writes:

The Fantastic Four will no doubt prove victorious. The Marvel universe by far is home to the world's most powerful beings. Disney is only home to super heros the likes of Buzz Lightyear & Iron Giant. Imagine Iron Man going up against Buzz and War Machine going up against Iron Giant now that would be a batlle. LOL.

AtomicKitKat Writes:

As someone has pointed out, the Richards don't like their kids getting involved in their fights, so no Franklin or whatshername(I genuinely cannot remember)

ballantrae Writes:

Personally, I'd rather the Incredibles win, but look, they have 2 teenagers, the mom is going to be worried about her kids (what mother wouldn't?) so she's not going to be all there in the fight.

Meanwhile the FF is composed of 4 veteran crimefighters.

And that is without putting Ben Franklin into the mix - he's a super-telepath on the Xavier/ Phoenix level, so even as a kid he outclasses people.

Bottom line: FF (sigh.) wins.

The Fat One Writes:

The Fan four really do have this one won IMHO. while the incredibles was one of the best movies ive ever seen, the fantastic four one will be better. and the fan four have more experience and deal with greater villains such as galactus, and onslaught(secret wars of course) etc...

and dooms cooler than syndrome!. cos syndrome is cheap!!

Wild Fire Writes:

First of, I need to say that I am very dissapointed in this battle. I saw the words "Family Matters", and I just couldn't resist clicking, but when the main fight page loaded, I made a shocking discovery: No Urkel!!! (*Gasp*). Any idiot should now that you can't have Family Matters, without having the black uber-geek saying, "Did I do that?", But I am ranting. Back to the main topic.

It is ridiculously obvious that the Fantastic Four take this one by a landslide (maybe even literally, if they battle in the Rocky's). Observe:


FF: Have been the defenders of the planet for many many years. Have been through hell and back, hell and back, hell and back, and a few other places as well.

The Incredibles:

Mr. I: Fought crime when he was young, then was forced to quit, Then began again in his late thirties, mid-forties.

Elastagirl: Ditto.

Dash: Has almost no experience whatsoever.

Violet: Likewise.

Eperience goes to FF.


FF: They have been a team since the very begining, and since they have been aroung so long, that's alot of team work.

Incredibles: With the exceptions of MrI. and Elastagirl, the Incredibles are fairly new to the concept of teamwork.

Teamwork goes to - FF.


|Super Powers|


Mr I. Vs Thing:

Thing can lift about 85 tons, can stand temeratures from -75 to 300 degrees farenheit. Has super accute senses.

Mr I. has Super Strength which enables him to lift a statue that weighs several tons (with difficulty).

Thing > Mr I.

Reed Richards vs. Elastagirl:

To quote the CBUB - "Elasti-Girl is really going to put the kibosh on Mr. Fantastic - she's all about being a fully martial stretchy while Reed is usually in Science Mode."

Reed Richards Violet

Jonny vs Dash:

Dash can run at very high speeds. Jonny can fly, turn his body into flaming doom, and shoot fireballs. Jonny's high temperatures and flight give him the edge.

Jonny > Dash

Therefore, in Powers: FF-3, Incerdibles-1.

and of course, the most important quality of any contestant on the CBUB, Popularity.

Obviously Popularity goes to the FF.

To conclude:

Exp(FF):1, Exp(Incred):0


TW(FF):1, TW(Incred):0

Super Powers -

FF:3, Increds:1


FF:1, Increds:0

Fantastic Four: 6 points

Incredibles: 1 point (or should I say, i point. haha.)

As I said before, Fantastic Four win by a landslide.

Saka Writes:

I Love The Incredibles!!!!

Super Freaky Girl Writes:

the incredables will kick ass! I mean, come on, they totally have better powers, they look better- more up- to- date- and they have 5 persons versus 4/ But, hey, I understand y'all want the fantastic 4 to win- y'all oldish folk who want yer childhood heros to win.

Enjoy! =)

E.M._PuLsE & The_ZeR0_SyGNaL Writes:

First off...Let'slook at the similarities...

Mr. Incredible = The Thing (Ben Grimm)

Elastic Girl = Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)

Violet = the Invisible Girl (Sue Storm/Richards)

So...The only difference is between Dash and The Human Torch (Johnny Storm).

Secondly...Let's talk experience.

Mr. Incredible and Elastic Girl have alot of it, obviously...but the Fantastic four(as a team) have been kicking ass since 1961, where as Dash and Violet just now are learning their powers. Experience alone can be the deciding factor.

Mr. Fantastic's genius can also be a deciding factor as well. The guy is a renowned genius in the Marvel Universe (ex: he invented the Sonic gun that did a numberon Carnage (Cletus Cassidy) in the "Maximum Carnage" Series).

As far as Johhn Vs Dash...Sure, Dash is fast...but Not only does Johnny have his fire....but also got flight. He can literally fly high enough to make Dash's speed useless.

I think it's safe to say that, based on Reed's brains, and all of their experience alone, the Fantastic Four will win this one.


Doc Doom2099 Writes:

arrghh... Fan Four win... if somehow the Incredibles win its b/c everybody who likes them were able to vote... not b/c they are better please move on..

SuperDuperPartyPooper Writes:

Nova blast vs barely there force bubble? FF take it and we still have time to watch reruns of Happy Days.

Tony Dimera Writes:

With more experience as fighting as a team, the Fantastic Four have an advantage over the Incredibles.

Mister Fantastic vs. Elastigirl?

Winner:Mister Fantastic

Invisible Woman vs Violet?

Winner: Invisble Woman

The Thing vs Mister Incredible?

Winner: Tough call, the winner only remains concious for a few seconds afterwards. But that would be Ben Grim yelling "IT's CLOBBERING TIME!"

Human Torch vs Dash and Jak-Jak?

Winner: Tough one again, Torch will at least keep them distracted long enough to have his remaining teammates rain down on them.

The origanl Super family takes the victory.

Judy Writes:

FF, all the way.

Methos Writes:

first of all i gotta say FF has several years of experience, both as heroes and in their teamwork, where on the other hand we have the incredibles two of them are children for crying out loud. and lets look at their fight record. FF has defeated villians like Dr.Doom and Galaktus, where the incredibles only has a cheap doc doom clone and his robot. On fight skill though im afraid i have to give it to the incredibles, both mr.incredible and elasti-girl are more than decent fighters and E-G is used to actually fighting in stretched form. where mr.fantastic isnt really a fighter but a thinker, and Ben Grimm is more a brawler than a fighter. then lets look at their powers on that score their pretty equal except for the fact that FF has Human Torch where the incredibles just has a little guy that runs really fast. this fight i gotta hand to the FF without a doubt.

bobshots Writes:

The Incredibles have no chance whatsoever in this fight. I'm sorry to the incredibles fans but no chance.Let's start out with Mr. Fantastic vs. Elasti-girl.Mr. Fantastic is the smartest human in the Marvel Universe he has outwitted Dr. Doom who's tactical prowess is nearly unequalled Dr. Doom himself has taken on Cosmic entities and won.(see Marvel Secret Wars)Mr. Fantastic has a better control and more strech-ability than EG. She Goes down hard.Next,The Thing vs. Mr. Incredible. Thing has been able to take on the Hulk and hold His own Mr. Incredible has no chance at all. The Hulk has been able to hold a moutain range on his back and make jokes about it If thing can stand up to that then Mr. Incredible eats dirt. Invisible Woman vs. Violet. Violet ,while still learning. just doesn't have the expierience needed to pose any real threat to IW. maybe later on in life but until then she's toast. Human Torch vs. Dash. Human Torch wins this one semi easily. HT and the rest of the four have dealt with speedster before like Quicksilver and others, so he knows how to handle them and if you add in Dash's inexpierience he's out.The only real variable here is Jak Jak. but Sue(Invisible Woman) and Reed's(Mr. Fantastic) son is one of the most powerfu;l mutants in the world, and has shown unimaginable powers at age 10 or so,,,I don'think Jak Jak would faze them.

Ack42 Writes:

On powers alone; the two teams are equal; except the Fantastic Four has Fire and the Incredibles has Speed. I think Fire would beat speed. On experience, all four of the the Fantastic Four has experience, but two of the Incredibles lack experience.

Deven D'Addario Writes:

The Incredibles should win. Sure, they're Disney characters. But they were Pixar's best movie yet. I love that movie and besides, it's 5 Vs. 4 since the Incredibles have their baby, who has transformation powers that managed to kill Syndrome! The Fantastic Four won't stand a chance, nor will the Human Torch. Vote for the Incredibles. They're much tougher than the Fantastic Four.

4fan Writes:

The four, gotta be Marvel's first family

Wildcat Writes:

Gotta go with the originals here... I've heard good things about the Incredibles to be sure, and their movie is likely better than the FF's movie will be (have you seen that awful rubber Thing suit??? sheesh!), but they are obviously a tribute to the original fighting family.

Plus, Reed is likely to pull some riduculous contraption out of his ass to tip the fight for the FF. I can see it now...

"Ben, Sue, Johnny, hold them off! I have an idea!"

*Reed disappears, to return right at the last moment when the rest of the team is on the ropes, bearing a shiny futuristic gun*

"I've discovered that you are all composed entirely of computer digitized pixels... this device will both scramble your inherent programming and insert malware directly into your source code! Your Microsoft-based technology contains nearly unfathomable levels of flaws, glitches, bugs, and vulnerabilities that are simple child's play to exploit! And by the time Tech Support releases a patch, the battle will already have been won and Iwill have plenty of time to upgrade my attack software --what is it Ben?! Can't you see I'm busy giving exposition?"

"Just shut the #$%^# up and shoot them with the bloody thing already! We ain't got all day, ya know."

"Oh! Oh yes, all right. Take this!"

*Incredibles scream as they are engulfed by a glowing stream of ones and zeroes from the gun* Nooooooooo!!!!!!

"My god, Reed, you've turned them into... Spam!" *Sue shudders*

"It had to be done."

"Yeah, whatever. Hey, Flamebait, looka this one! It says you can enlarge your penis! Something good might come outta this fight for you after all, huh?"

"Well at least I HAVE one, you overgrown pile of rocks!"

"Why,I oughta..."

NEXT ISSUE: FF vs FF, or "Does a rock have a hard place?"

The Force Writes:

The Fantastic Four would make the Incredibles wish old Poppa had kept his desk job. Ok, the Incredibles are a good team, I'll give anyone that. Mr.Incredible got the strength, Elastigirl got the flexibility, the daughter has those force fields, and the son moves like the flash. WOOPTY DOO!

The Fantastic Four are gods walking among insects in this one. Mr. Incredible will have his hands, arms, shoulders, back, and ass full with the THING. " It's Clobberin' Time! " Elastigirl wont be able to see the Invisible Woman. The daughter would have to put Human Torch in a force field which she could only hold for about 30 seconds, that makes her a small plate of Steamed Vegetables. And the son would run right into Mr. Fantastic's left arm. I don't care how fast you run, that arm can stretch to about 4 or 5 blocks. He'll wrap around the son and put him on timeout.

FANTASTIC FOUR are galatic heroes. The Incredibles are PIXAR's Finest. COME ON!!

Psycho of School's Writes:

I saw the Incredible's and the only person I think who stands a chance against the F.F. is Jack-Jack. But, let's be reasonable, The Incredible's don't exactly have that much experience as F.F. so while they're all fighting Mr. and Mrs. Incredible will be worrying about their children getting hurt and while being caught off gaurd helping the F.F will definitely not take prisoners and start kicking culo.

Flame On!

Fantastic Floor Writes:

I have to go with the Fantasitc Four.

No particular reason. I just wanted to say "Excelsior!" and "Make Mine Marvel!"

Elwood Writes:

Who is Mr. Incredible's best friend? Samuel L. Jackson! Sam Jackson is an instant win! Oh, sorry, Reed Richards, did I break your concentration?

Incredibles win faster than you can say "Where's my super-suit, woman?"

trozz Writes:

We all know that if when you were a kid and you played with youre parents, if they really wanted too, they would totally crush you in everything you did together, but they didn't, because they wanted you to have fun. CBUB is not about fun, its about survival, and when it comes down to it, the kids can never beat the adults. F4, all the way.

Skye Agony, Guitarist of Doom Writes:

Incredibles. New age, new heroes.

DiscorD Writes:

Old school always beats new school

Strahd Writes:

First thing's first. Let's analyze these two teams shall we? Fantastic Four - 4 EXPERIENCED Super Hero's. Incredibles? Two relatively new super hero's, with two young children who have just begun to master their powers. Advantage Fantastic Four. Next up, let's see their resume's shall we? Fantastic Four - Have battled almost every single villain imaginable and are still alive, not to mention they've been around longer and make great team players. Incredibles - Only the parents have fought few villains, and most of those were not even super-villains, just ordinary thugs. Kid's? Hah! Without mommy and daddy they'd be squashed! Yep, this battle definitely goes to the Fantastic Four

Twilight Wanderer. Writes:

While I prefer the Incredibles the FF4 will take it.

Why? Easy, because they have Sue Storm on there side.

The Matchup is as follows.

Mr.Incredible vs The Thing.

Incredible is way stronger then Grimm is.

Elastigirl vs Mr. Fantastic.

They both get knocked out.

Dash and Violet versus The Human Torch.

By themselves Torch would take this but together they wear him out and knock him unconscious.

Sue storm takes everyone else out proving how badass she is!

FF4 win though I would love to see The Incredibles win.

Sky Lukewalker Writes:

Man the F.F have it all over the Incredibles. All they have to do is seal the torch and up with the 'creds and Flame On! Super family Bar-B-Q, feed them to the Ewoks!

MAS MA I Writes:

Sorry but I've got to say the Fantastic four, however I hand it to the incredibles people who has never seen a fantastic four comic, will go in the theathers (when the movie comes out) and think "they copied from the incredibles"

Dave Writes:

I voted the FF and here's why.

FF has the experience. They have been around for forty years in real time(10 to 15 years in Marvel time)and have fought millions of galactic villans bent on destroying the world. That benifits them in that they are able to work better as individuals and as a unit. Also they are used to taking on these world threats and there is no way The Incredibles match up to their adversares like Dr. Doom.

The Incredibles together have only fought one major threat in that robot that destroyed all the other heroes.(which I think the FF could CURBSTOMP) Thats it. We don't know how well they can work together otherwise. Mr Incredible and Elastigirl may have more expierence but that is still four to two.

The Incredibles I believe are outclassed because they don't have the expierence.

captian kay Writes:

This battle is one I've wanted to see for a long time!

I believe (sorry if I offend) the "Fantastic" Four to be...Horrible. The plot sucked!!! But that was th show so I'm being harsh.

The Incredibles are funny, they got cool looking tech, plus their more realistic, so my vote is with the Fantastic four because they have the most votes.

Singing Blade of Goodwin Ironband Writes:

I gotta vote on the incredilbes in this match. The Incredilbes have better super powers & more people than the Fantastic Four.

Besides, who's newer.

(Note:the sword name is copyright)

Batman Writes:

Gotta say, the FF have teamwork and have been through hell and back...

Doom's Apprentice Writes:

I agree with Doc Doom2099, the Fan Four cant lose...

They Faced Doom!

and that one guy needs to be shot for saying Doom cant beat the omnidroid.... just because it can only penetrate it self doesnt mean anything... EVERYTHING breaks with enough force applied... everything

Sunset Knight Writes:

It all comes down to Franklin Richards.. who is stronger than all of the fantastic four and the incredibles put together. (any reason why he isn't included in the description?) i mean he was powerful enough to create a pocket universe for crying out loud.

Taltos Writes:

The storm sibs could solo them, hell Torch could solo them if he's aallowed to go Nova.

No contest

Grimm >>>> Mr. I

Sue >>>>>>>>>>>> Violet

Johnny >>>>>>>>> Dash

Reed < Elasta girl

FrankieAnnTheConMan Writes:

What can I say. Like stated its an even match up in skill, but this match will be made in experience, and let's face it the Incredibles are relatively new even with the parents back story and plus there was a ban on the Supers so they haven't had that much practice. The Fantastic Four have mountains of experience, what haven't they done. GO FF, Go, Fight, WIN!

Captain Invincible Writes:

Hmmm... Lots of Fanboy nonsense out there - Let's clear up a few things:

The FF does NOT have the experience edge over either of the Adult Incredibles - While he did let himself go to seed, Mr. I continued his deeds of derring-do for FIFTEEN years AFTER the events in the beginning of the movie, with no telling how long he had been active before - And I suspect Helen kept up some kind of workout routine How long the FF has been around (In comic book years, not real time, obviously) is open to speculation...

"The FF beat foes like GALACTICUS & MOLE MAN & THE ONTOLOGICALIST on a weekly basis..." We don't know all the foes The Incredibles faced...

Now, assuming it was one on one (Why this would be is beyond me, as it's a TEAM fight, but still...)

Elasti-Girl VS. Mr. Fantastic - Reed has FAR more elasticity than Helen, as he would not have been stuck in the doors on Nomanisan Island - HOWEVER, this one would have to go to Helen, for sheer strength. As it was pointed out the first time Reed faced the Super Skrull, while Reed could shape his hands into giant mallets, "... they are mere flesh, delivered by normal human strength!" Helen not only held it together to trip up the Omnidroid, she carried an RV on the rocket!

Mr. Incredible VS The Thing - As much as I love the "ever-lovin' blued eyed Thing", this one also goes to the Incredibles. Someone commented that Mr. I doesn't have the invulnerability of Ben, but look @ the pounding he takes throughout the movie, and you'd have to disagree. I'll even grant Ben the same class strength, but Bob has it all over Ben in speed & agility. Poor Ben would never lay a finger on him.

Human Torch VS. Dash - A decisive victory for the FF here. Dash's speed hasn't been accurately calculated - He�s fast enough to NOT be captured on video, yet the bad guys keep up with him in their flying buzz-saw thingies - Although I wonder about that; out in the open, he clearly starts to outdistance them, it's just in the jungle they keep up... Also, the hyper-speed thing might be a sprint-like talent - He can only do it briefly.

People are putting his speed around 200 mph (The soundtrack lists this part of the movie as "The 100 Mile Dash" - whether that's distance or MPH is open to speculation.) But I'll be overly generous and give him 400 MPH. Problem is, the Human Torch can FLY AT THE SPEED OF SOUND! So in an Arena, Dash's agility & reflexes might give him the speed advantage, but out in the open, it's irrelevant. And Dash just doesn't have the experience to do anything with any advantage he'd have.

Invisible Woman VS. Violet (Invisible Girl? The name's available again... :) ) This has been covered time and again, and yes - No contest. Sue Storm, without breaking a sweat.

Jack-jack VS. Well, NO ONE - Franklin Richards is NOT a member of the FF, while the movie clearly shows Jack-Jack suiting up at the end. So in a Team, VS Team charity event, Franklin would not be allowed to play.

So in a one on one match up, The Incredibles win, 5-3

But it's a team thing, and it would all come down to who the WRITER wanted to win:

Scenario 1:

Mr. Incredible throws Elasti-Girl (who's rolled up for aerodynamic purposes) at the flying Human Torch - Johnny casually moves aside, only to watch her unfurl, revealing she's carrying JJ, who she then THROWS @ Johnny! Johnny instinctively flames off the upper half of his body to catch the baby, and Elasti-Girl stretches a fist into a knockout punch - She then catches him and JJ, converts into a parachute, and floats to the ground.

Sue, seething over how easily her brother got beaten (And shook up over the use of the baby!) waits to pelt EG... Violet invisibly walks up behind her, and clocks her.

Dash grabs Reed's arms and ties him into knots.

Ben, in full clobbering mode, charges Mr. Incredible, who lets Ben Steamroll over him, flat on his back & using his legs, propels Ben 6 miles from the arena. Ben emerges from the crater he creates, unscathed, but clearly out of the fight.

Total battle time, 53 seconds

Scenario 2:

Johnny flies high above the stadium, and screams as if in pain- the Incredibles look up, and Johnny does a Nova Blast - Sure, he's out of the fight, but he's done his job, as The Incredibles are now all blind.

Reed uses an arm to clothesline a frantically scrambling Dash

Sue creates two air-tight bubbles around Helen's and Violet's heads, forcing them to pass out, while creating a soft force field under Jack-Jack, rocking him to sleep...

Ben, in full clobbering mode, charges Mr. Incredible, propelling him 6 miles from the arena. Bob emerges from the crater he creates, unscathed, but with his sight just returning, not even knowing which way the arena is.

Total Battle time � 53 seconds

egiptian Writes:

I believe that this battle if it was to happen would have the F4 taking it. For one reason, experience. In the case of the F4 we have proof of what they can do and you have experience, a wider range of more powerful villans and on top of that you have the intellect of Reed. You actually believe that a family with two children could beat these guys? Overall the inexperience of the children itself would hamper them. Also when it comes to a slugout the Thing has taken on the Hulk and other guys and I see nothing that gives me the impression that the strong guy from the Incredibles could take the Thing. We don't have any information to how strong he REALLY is however, I doubt it is nowhere near the thing. So to cut this short overall the F4 would have a more organized attack overall and if anything the children not being able to handle what the F4 would put on them attack wise would cause the demise of the Incredibles. Also you got to understand the psychological factor in this, the two younger members are their children and believe me, if you got two parents in a fight like that with the F4 and their little girl would get hit by the thing and broken up if she didn't have her force field up that alone would make the Incredibles quit just to save the lives of their children. F4 win hands down.

Supreme Knowledge Writes:

Hmmm fanboy nonsense? Let's see experience edge... The FF have gone up against Gods, Demons, Doom some planet devouring giant named Galactus, Onslaught. The incredibles have not gone up against the likes of. Reed can stretch his body up to 1500 ft. That would be thick enough that Invisible girl couldn't break free in time to keep from passing out due to lack of oxygen once Reed wraps himself around her. Sue could envelop Violet in an invisible force field bubble cutting her air off til Violet passes out. Two down three to go correct? Johnny could have Dash running for his life. Once Dash runs out of steam, Johnny goes in with a full intensity blast and knocks Dash out senseless. Ben has been keeping Mr. I busy trading punches. Reed stretches himself out like a sling shot. Sue puts Mr. I in a force field. Reed yells to Ben "finish him". Ben takes off running towards Reed. He then slingshots himself toward Mr. I. all the while hollering, "It's clobberin' time". Sue drops the force shield just in time for Ben to make contact while Johnny gives a full intensity blast. The combined force knocks Mr. I clear out of the arena. The FF win. Oh wait what about JJ? Sue had been mind blasting him the whole battle keeping him from changing in his demonic forms. The feedback overloaded his developing baby brain and made him pass out. FF win in 53 seconds.

Captain Invincible Writes:


Supreme Knowledge Takes umbrage at my use of the term

"Fanboy nonsense", and launches a counter argument of Fanboy nonsense!

"... The FF have gone up against Gods, Demons, Doom some planet devouring giant named Galactus, Onslaught," and the deadly Horde of Sinister Proctologists!

We've only seen ONE battle of the Incredibles - Does that mean they've only had one? When the FF Movie comes out next year, will the clock be reset?

And thank you for proving my point

about the winner being whoever the writer wants - Although I'm not sure why you don't include Elasti-Girl in your fight... :)

Captain Awesome Writes:

Have to go with the Fantastic Four on this one, they simply have more experience, even if the Thing is made of a bunch of stuck-together Werther's Originals.

avenger1000 Writes:

The FF are gonna wipe the floor with these wanabes. The FF are the most experienced, most original,(the Incredibles are just ripping them off! 3 out of 4 of their powers? Come ON!) In the end the FF will win because of the Human Torch. AV OUT

RobinIII Writes:

Okay, I loved the Incredibles. Great movie. But I have to give the nod in this fight to age, experience, and originality.

It goes like this. They pair off. Thing takes Mr. Incredible.

Thing- *singing* "Anything you can do I can do better!" [slugs Mr. Incredible]

Mr. Incredible- *struggling to his feet* "'t..."

Thing- *Grabbing Mr. Incredible Bane Style(tm) over his knee* "Yes I can!"

Mr. Incredible- *panicking* "NO YOU CAN'T!"

Thing- *deep voicedly singing as he brings Mr. Incredibles lower back crashing into his cosmically craggy knee* "YES I CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!"

Reed Richards vs. Elasti-Girl

Reed- "I have calculated that -*hurk*!" Elasti-Girl starts mangling him.


Dash vs. Human Torch

Dash- "Gotta run away, at speeds far slower than those of say, the Flash!"

Human Torch- "Hmm. He's fast. Think I'll float here for a while."

Violet vs. Sue Storm

Violet encases Sue in a force dome

Sue- "That's nice hon, but you do know that I can create invisible force from inside your bubble, right?"

Violet- "Huh?" THWACK!

Sue knocks her out with an invisible force hammer.

Sue then notices that Dash is just circling the battlefield. He hits an invisible wall, then gets trapped in a bubble.

Johnny proceeds to incinerate Elasti-Girl, whom Reed has managed to escape for a moment. (Too bad, I really liked Elasti-Girl.)

'Nuff said.

Kangar Bangar Writes:

This is going to be over so fast, I mean heck the Fantastic Four will spank the Incredibles from here to kingdom come. While I am sure Mr and Ms Incredible can hold there own, those kids will not. They have too little experience, and once Sue and The Human Torch are finished with them, its 4 on 2 as the Incredibles are turned into mushy pulp. Probably the only things the incredibles have got on them is there movie kicked the FF's. FF in 5 minutes and still have room for more.

Jaroslav Writes:

I have to go for Fantastic four...Both of the teams have force fields,unnatural strength and stretchy...So its fire vs. speed.Fire eliminates speed as well as speed eliminates fire,so we have a tie.So we have to go deeper into it-Fantastic four is fresh,ready,battle-hardened.Incredibles are...Out of shape,Mr. Incredible needs a good diet,Mrs. Incredible is cool,but kids are still working on developing their powers,so they cant do much.Fantastic four will kick their butts!

Frynge Writes:

The Incredibles are an excellent team, as well as family, but I think I'm gonna have to put my money on the FF!

Why? they are really evenly matched and all, but there are 3 reasons.

1. The FF have more experience. Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible have seen plenty of battles, but the same can't be said of their progeny.

2. They have Science on their side! this mad scientist ALWAYS goes for that.

3. Fire. 'nuff said. :)

Ghost Writes:

Not too long ago, I came to the conclusion that the coolest superhero-teams of all were those wearing coherent uniforms. This is probably because actual superhero-uniforms will always be slightly less silly then the concept of grown men and women wearing gaudy spandex for whatever personal reasons.

Needless to say, the Fantastic Four is thus one of my favourite super-teams. (Marginally outdoing Power Pack. Their powers were cooler but the way they kept switching back and forth was annoying. Plus, I never cared for those space-horses.)

Anyway, this makes choosing between these contestants a rather daunting task. Because �The Incredibles� is, in my humble opinion, the best damn superhero-movie ever made by human hands.

However, due to dire lack of experience on the part of the kids, I don't see them winning over the FF. Mr Incredible and Elastigirl will put up one hell of a fight, though.

With this is consideration, I gave my vote to the Incredibles. Because, you know, they need all help they can get. :p

Cove Writes:

How can you not vote for the fantastic four? Torch alone would beat the knock-offs.

Hitokiri Batotsai Writes:

The incredibles have it hands down, the variable factor in this is the human torch vs. Dash. Dash cannot fight the human torch however because he is indeed a human torch, even with super speed he can never go on the offensive because he will hurt himself more than he can hurt the human torch. The human torch also has the ability to fly and use his flames as projectiles to eventually box Dash in. The other main factor is mental capacity/experience. The fantastic four has the experience catagory won hands down and with Mr. Fantastic and his Fantastic brilliance he could scientificate (shut up, I know that's not a real word) a way to deprive the incredibles of their powers, whereas no incredibles family member has that ability

The Bad Dude Writes:

that the incredible would win no sweat the incred ibles would get the fantastic four and chew em up and spit them back out

jazz Writes:

the fantastic four would kick the incredibles` butt.

Cheddarhead4 Writes:

There is no way the terribles can come close to the fantastic four. think about this the increddibles are just rip offs of the fantastic four. Mrs. increddible = Mr. fantastic. Mr. increddible = the thing. violet = invisible woman. the only difference is dash. and the human torch could torch his a$$. therefor the human torch who is now free could kill the increddibles who are locked in battle with the people they are cloned from.


deathtothemasses Writes:

fantastic four will whup them i meen the human torch could beat them in an instance with both his arms tied behind his back

vectorbot Writes:

While the Increds. have stand-out versatiltiy and a unique combo of do the F.F. The latter apparently has much more expereince, too. They've been battling legions of foes from all levels of the super villian pantheon since, what, the 60's? Not to knock them, but that's where it looks like the Increds. still are, judging from the retro-look of their, er, world-i-verse. The F.F. has an apparent two-decade lead.

Head-to-head, the Thing should have a power edge over Mr. I, but Mr. I. is quick on his feet for a cusp middle-ager, and pretty resourceful. Could go either way here if pure strength isn't the only factor in the fight.

Mr. Fantastic and Elastic Girl? Again, I think expereince will prove Mr. F. the winner, here. E-Girl has some great moves, but the perception seems to be that Mr. F. just has more...power?

Who're we talkn' next? Invisible Girl and Violet is the next obvious pair-up. They seem pretty even, so it would only serem logical that the trophy would end up in the see-through hands of the more experienced contestant: I-Girl.

This is all assuming the like-powered foes would lock horns. What if hey were mixed-up? Mr. F vs. Mr. I? And so forth?

Dash and Torchy are just such a mis-match. Dash may not be able to touch Torchy, but the reverse could also be true. Could be a draw, but I wouldn't put it past the little guy to come up with a surprise hat trick, or play off Johnny Storm's legendary over-confidence to come up with an upset.

I think the biggest factor is perception, though. The F.F. has much more credibility in the comic world universe than the more recent and relativley unknown Increds, which is sure to sway a lot of opinions...perhaps even mine.

Only blow-by-blow replays will tell the tale. Bob and jay, back to you!

HardRockDragon Writes:

The Fantastic Four hands down! I mean they lack the comedy factor of the incredible family and they also have the un-mentioned wild card of the jack-jack (god knows what use he will be) But The Thing holds the key 2 victory, he unlike most heros (punisher and wolverine aside) has it in him 2 be that litle bit more dark and use the parent child bond to the F.F.'s advantage, If he gets a hold of Violet or Dash its game over as hes the kind of guy that would do anything in a blind rage! Assuming Mr.I and elasti-girl, Can be kept at bay by the 3 other members of the F.F.(highly likely) then it would be like sending an alien into nursery, A bull into a china shop, a.. ahh u get the picture even with there combined powers they cudnt touch him! U know it makes sence EleckyFerrit clear victory this time!

Judge W Writes:

Quite a novelty, here, having the Fantastics facing their shameless copycats (well, close to) Incredibles. I have to go for FF, just for arrival priority and experience (even the Mr. Incredible has barely 20 years at job... 15 of which he was an assurance agent!!.

God Writes:

Wow! Tense family in spandex versus five surplus hormone teens from I know when. Goin' with the teens 'cause they don't have a baby...or do they?

TheSafyreKing Writes:

A bunch of super-powered astronauts vs. the brady bunch on a power trip? Interesting match indeed but I believe the fight will go to the FF and here's why.

1. The Fantastic Four are seasoned professionals that have faced numerous foes and know what to expect. For example, Galactus and Dr.Doom. Also they do have an edge in super abilities over the Incredibles as I am about to go into.

2. Reed Richard's not only stretchier than the Pillsbury Dough Boy but can out think Big Blue and the whole freakin' Pentagon to boot. In otherwords even if the Incredibles happen to pull off a near win he'll have some contigency plan like opening up a rift in space-time and shunting the Incredibles to the Age of Apocalypse. 'Nuf said.

3. The Invisible Woman not only creates force fields but as her name implies, can render herself invisible, making a rather difficult, and surprising target. Nothing quite like Dash running full tilt into an an Invisible Wall(tm).

4. The Human Torch, aka Johnny Storm. Outside of having a firey personality (puns are bad, puns are very bad) has a number of options at his disposal. Plan A: Sweep Elasti-girl of her feet with that famous Torch charm and pyro-technics inciting a cataclysmic split between her and Mr.Incredible inevitably dividing the family in two after a dramatic battle in People's Court and providing an easy win for Richards and the gang.

Plan B: Keeps Violet busy protecting the rest the party from the rain of fire and then signals Invisible Woman to create a another force field underneath the Swiss Family Robinson Gone Wrong trapping them between a certain firey death or being squished between two invisible walls.

5. And then there's Ben Grim... three words... "ITS CLOBBERIN' TIME!!" ... game over.

'Til my next life I remain... The Safyre King.

Protomorph Writes:

While I loved The Incredibles, It comes down to experience.

Let's assume, for the moment that the like-powered people fight each other.

Mr. Fantastic is much more stretchy than Elastigirl, however, she seems more adept in combat. She is used to fighting common crooks, He is used to fighting cosmic level threats. With large guns that he invented. It's too close to call. I don't know how they could stop each other.

The Thing vs Mr. Incredible would be a great fight. I believe Ol' Benjy is the stronger of the two. But Mr. I is faster, and more cunning in battle. Thing is a brawler, not a tactician.

Invisible Woman has it all over Violet, though. Violet's Force Fields can be seen, first of all. And Sue's powers are more developed, and can make the invisible visible again. This and a more complete mastery of the Force Fields, makes Sue the clear winner.

Dash vs Human Torch. I would have to go with Dash, unless Torch is totally ruthless and heats up to a nova blast. Dash runs faster than Torch flies, but Dash doesn't fly. Which leaves him to either throw things at him, which Johnny will melt, or create a vortex beneath him, which Torchie ought to be able to avoid. Johnny might also decide to melt the ground beneath Dash (depending on what it's made of) and grind him to a halt.

However, all this is moot, because the teams will not likely fight their counterparts.

Mr Incredible would attack Mr Fantastic, believing himself to have had enough experience with stretchy people that he could take him on. Also, Mr I would recognize that Mr F is their field tactician, and want to take him down. However, Mr F has taken on and beaten Ben before, and knows a thing or two about restraining and rendering strength useless. Invisible Woman would make so many invisible obstacles that Dash would not be able to run properly, and he'd knock himself out pretty quick. Thing would find himself attacked by Elastigirl, but probably wouldn't bring himself to hit a lady, but if he did, she'd be out. She doesn't have the strength to hurt him. Which leaves Johnny to ferret out Violet by laying down supression fire, forcing her to hide in a bubble, until she passes out from either exhausion, or lack of oxygen.

Alchemy Writes:

This is not only a battle of similar powers, this is a battle of families. Both The Incredibles and Fantasic Four value their family unit over anything else. Though some of the two teams match up (Mr. Fantastic vs. Elastic Woman, The Thing vs. Mr. Incredible), the one advantage the FF have over the Incredibles is experience. The Incredible kids, though talented and powerful, are no match for the abilities and years of experience by the FF. Violet is still learning to use her powers effectively, so advantage to the Invisible Woman. As for Dash, one supernova from the Torch will burn him no matter how fast he runs. Plus, if you want to get technical about it, Franklin Richards is more than a match for Jack-Jack (except for cuteness maybe). Sorry, but this battle is completely one-sided. I think the real test will be to see whose movie grosses more worldwide.

Spirit of the Drunken Monkey Writes:

Well, let me just ask this question. Have these completly new "super heros" called the Incredibles ever faced anything on the danger-scale of Galacticus. I think not.

'Nuff said.

zestydogg Writes:

The INCREDIBLES?!? The INCREDIBLES?!?!? You gotta be friggin kiddin me. An overweight, semi-retired homebody and his wife & kids vs. the big 4? Johnny flame and the thing are going to have a fields day with this one. Fan4 wins hands down.

Totalmoron96 Writes:

O com on guys, lets reveiw the powers.

stretchy: Mr Fantastic and ElastiGirl

Strength: Thing and Mr Incredible

Invisibility and Forse Fields:

Violet and Invisibile... someone

Fire: human torch and Jack-jack

(Jackjack is a shape shifter and he can turn into fire in the movie)

Leftover: Dash.

The fantastic 4 meet their clones + 1 in this match.

pedro Writes:

The fantastic four got a live action movie. the incredibles just got a wimpy cgi movie. live action is way cooler. fantastic four all the way

Stretch Writes:

C'mon! the 4 has the TORCH! That's all that's gotta be said! The incredibles would be cake for the Torch even WITHOUT the the other 3 backing him.

Smarty Writes:

The incredibles are clones of th Fantastic Four the original always wins

deadmanshand Writes:

The Fantastic 4 have the experience factor in this one. They have taken on some of the worst the universe has to offer and have always come out on top. And FYI yes Mr Fantastic is the brains but he can dish it out in a fight when he has too, Dash isnt going anywhere fast with a hot foot. One punch from Thing is all she wrote, and the Invisible Girl force field is the best period. Anyone that can stand up to Galactucus can take care of this bunch of PC wantabes. And if the Incredibles pal wants to get in a cheap shot Silver Surfer will knock him cold. :-)

Blaze Writes:

The incredibles also have Jack-Jack on their side and looking at his powers i'm pretty sure that they will win

DaMAn Writes:

Lets break it down. They both have superstrength, stretch and force field so its a draw on these strengths. I've gotta go with fire over speed and the fan 4 are veteran team. My vote fanatistic 4!

Avengers Writes:

This battle would have to be the fantastic four hands down because the incredibes are cheap copies of the FF

Invisible Woman vs. Violet: Invisible woman would kick her butt in about 3 seconds

Mr.Incrediblevs. the Thing: invulnerability vs. rock hardness Thing would win but only bye a small margin

Mr.Fantastic vs. Elasti-girl: Mr.f has so much more brains than elasti-girl

Human torch vs. Frozone/Jack-Jack/dash :

he could beat them all in about five seconds three fireballs and their down

that's what I think and you should agree also

JCPEREZ04 Writes:

I think theres gonna be a major smackdown,people get Jack Jack out of there

the goblin Writes:

the fantastic four whould mopp the floor with the and the thing would use mr.incredible as a a practice dummy that makes dr.doom look better than mr. incedible and the human torch would fry him and his retard son an goth wannabe daughter back to the trailer park where they came from .And invisible woman would use mr.incredibles wife as a new hovercraft instead of the fantastic car.this is truly a winn for the fantastic four ... like the thing says '' its cloberin time''.or as mr .T says ''i pity the fool ,well ipity the fool whos gonna go against the thing and the rest of the fantastic four.

J Dog Writes:

The Incredibles was a decent movie, but that was a Pixar flik. Pixar is related to Disney, which leads to one thing; If your related to Disney (other than Kingdom Hearts) you are a wimp! The Fantastic Four can withstand some powers from them, & all in all, the 4 has the Not-so-Incredibles on the floor.

talon Writes:

how in the world is some pixar movie character even able to be compared to marvel!? The incredies wouldnt know what hit em!

One whose comments are clearly important Writes:

Looking at this from a type of powers standpoint, (and excluding jack-jack) the only real differences are the Human Torch's flight and fire...ness... and Dash's, well, dashing. As has been stated, that speed will be the first to shape the field, but Dash has been stopped with force fields before. This is an exhibition match, so there will be no deaths. Having said that, however, I must point out that the Living Torch's power is more readily turned to destruction than speed is, so advantage FF. Recall, however, that the Incredibles have had trouble with babysitters before. Jack-Jack will be present, if not participating, and he has any number of powers, those I've seen tied to changing his physical properties and/or shape. If he sees his family being beaten, he will try to intervene as he did at the end of the movie, and turn the tide towards the Incredibles, both in numbers and in powers. This is assuming he's able to get to the area where the fight's taking place and he's not asleep. And the match is not called off if he goes in. Well, there's my two cents' worth. N0w t3h 1ncR3d1B13s R0X UR S0xxorz!!!!!!1! PWn3D!!!27!#! :)

Heather Nikole Writes:

The Fantastic Four is a classic. They will triumph nomatter what.

Hyperbob Writes:

For the last time, if you include that baby (whatshisname, jack or something) you have to include Franklin Richards, who could beat them all easily. Ok, show of hands, how many of you even know who Franklin Richards is?

Black Mage Writes:

Stabbity DEATH!

Well this is how the match will end up being:

Mr. Fantastic vs Elasti Girl

Invisible Girl vs Violet

The Thing vs Mr. Incredible

The Human Torch vs Dash

Mr. Fantastic will win against Elasti Girl because he has more experience.

What happens when two defense people clash? Nothing. But I'm betting Invisible Girl will win.

The Thing vs Mr. Incredible. Come-on, the Thing. Atleast he can get into his super suit.

The Human Torch vs Dash Well, more than likely the Torch will win because of the votes.

Bolt 3 MuthaFugga!

Evil Lincoln Writes:

I'm not sure if anyone reads Wizard, but they did the top ten superteams of all time a while back, and the FF made it all the way to numero cinco (That's Number Five to those who don't habla the espanol). I am a huge fan of the Incredibles, but they lack the overall power to put the kibosh of the First Family of Marvel, and the stars of the 'Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine'. The Thing is probably stronger than Mr. Incredible, who is also past his prime. Elastigirl might have more practical training with her powers, but anyone who reads Fantastic Four knows that Reed is no pushover in this department either. Invisible Woman can definitely take Violet down instantly, and Dash remains the only real glimmer of hope that the Incredibles have, one which could probably not deal with the Human Torch (Who evens up the mobility factor with his high flying 'Flame on'. Overall, The Fab Four can take down the Incredibles, though not without some fuss.

... Writes:

i dont think that the incredibles have any chance of winnings , their powers are almost equal but one thing will end the match , and this thing is one word , exp

Trini Slasher Writes:

I must admit this is a great match up,but come on no one is going to mention Jack Jack. That crazy baby that has powers like the Human Torch Vibrates like a jack Hammer, Turn into lead and to top that off turn himself into one super strong demon. With that said The Incredibles Are the Ones to Put an end to the not so Fantastic Four

The Destroyer of Nations Writes:

Why are The Incredibles fighting the Fantastic 4. I may be wrong, but I think that they are too busy fighting BAD GUYS. I don't think they would have time to waste fighting other good guys. They fight BAD GUYS. Like I said though, I'm just a Destroyer of Nations on the outside looking in.

Doc Doom2099 Writes:

ok ppl im checking on the posts pplhave made and again Dr.Doom beats them all...

Monkeyman Writes:

I just gotta give this one to the Fantastic Four, even though both are very similar in powers. Dont really have much to say, though. Each group has an invisible chick, a super strong dude, and a strecher. The F.F. has a guy who sets himself on fire all the time and The Incredibles have a hyperactive ten-year-old kid who does anything in his power to annoy anyone and everyone. When simply put, neither group sounds so good. But I'm kind of a Pyro myself so I have to give The F.F. the upper hand purely because of the Human Torch. NUFF' SAID! Now, where are those matches.............

Luscioustyme Writes:

The incredibles don't have a chance. They are obviously knock offs of the fantastic four. The fantastic four are stronger, faster, and have been around a whole lot longer.

galactus429 Writes:

Although the Incredibles was an awesome movie, I would have to go with the first family of Marvel on this one. The Incredibles simply have no resistence against the awesome might of H.E.R.B.I.E. The human torch may also have something to do with it, but it is mainly the Herbman. The last thing the Incredibles will hear is "Get ready for your banana!"

Blaze Writes:

This battle may go to the Fantastic 4 because [1]the Thing against Mr.Incredible would have the Thing win because Mr.Incredible would end up throwin' his back out being old.[2]Dash has speed against the Torch and could run and cause friction to kick up dirt or make a tornado around the Torch.[3]Violet would loose against Mrs.Fantastic because of her superior ability.Finally Mr. Fantastic would beat Mrs.Incredible because Mr.Fantastic has more ''fantastic'' offensive ability against Mrs.Incredible.Mrs.Incredible turns into various things like ballons. Mr.Fantastic turns his hands into hammer fist or giant slappin' hands.So 3 out of 4 Incredibles prove to be not so Incredible against the 4!!!

PsiLance Writes:

Having loved the Incredibles Movie but also being a fan of the Fantastic Four, if the fight happened right now, the FF would win.

On a head to head situation, Mr. Fantastic and Elastigirl have similar powers, but Mr. Fantastic can byfar out think Elastigirl. With the Invisible Woman vs. Violet, the powers are again similar, but the Invisible Woman not only has experience with her abilities but she has learned to create more than simple invisible force fields with them. The Thing vs. Mr. Incredible will basically be a boxing match. This leaves the Human Torch and Dash.

Where others have similar powers, Dash and the Human Torch are similar in their personalities, with the Torch slightly more mature. Their contest is a toss up depending on how far the Human Torch is willing to go to win.

In the end, the Fantastic Four wins. And don't try to bring in the little ones because that's a whole other battle in itself.



Jay:    Okay, Pat, looks like they're ready to go!

Pat:    And there's the starting gun, Pat! Right off the bat, young Dash charges towards the Fab Four...

Force Field: *THUNK*

Jay:    Oooh, he didn't see that coming! Dash bounces right off of Sue Storm's invisible force field.

Pat:    Chalk that one up to inexperience, Jay. The kid's in double trouble now, as Johnny Storm flies up and takes a few shots at the speedy youngster.

Jay:    Looks like the other Incredibles are on the move as well to help out Dash. The Incredibles' suits are flame-resistant, but not even the Bobby Drake could handle The Human Torch at full strength.

Pat:    I think Mr. Incredible and Elasti-Girl realize that, Jay. Violet's disappeared...

Jay:    And so has Sue Storm! The Thing charges out to assist Johnny, but it looks like Mr. Fantastic is hanging back for the moment.

Pat:    I'll bet he's working out some kind of strategy. Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible and The Thing square off while Elasti-Girl reaches out to give Dash a hand... literally!

Jay:    Mr. Incredible gets things going with a big punch... Oooh, that's gotta hurt! Ben seems fine though...

Mr. Incredible: *holding hurt hand* Geez, what are you made out of, rocks?
Ben Grimm: Yeah... wanna make somethin' of it?

Pat:    Oh, and Thing follows up with a haymaker of his own! Mr. Incredible's reeling... wait, what's Johnny doing?

Jay:    Looks like he's trying to hit Dash, who's back on his feet and running circles around him.

Johnny: Hold still, darnit...

Pat:    Johnny's lighting up the streets, but Dash is managing to stay one step ahead of him. Meanwhile, The Thing charges in for another attack...

Jay:    But Elasti-Girl's stretching in front of him! She's trying to trip him up...

Pat:    Looks like Mr. Fantastic's figured out his strategy, because now he's making a stretchy barrier behind Ben! The Thing collides into Elasti-Girl and bounces off...

Jay:    Right into Mr. Fantastic, who's really stretching back... he's becoming a massive Thing-slingshot!

Pat:    He's changing the angle slightly... it looks like he's aiming over towards Johnny...

Thing-shot: *WHOOOSH*

Jay:    That is one fast Thing, Pat. Johnny flies out of the way, but Dash doesn't see it in time. Boom! The collision sends the Incredibles' youngest member flying!

Pat:    It looks like Richard's plan will fall short though, as Violet reappears, catching her little brother in a well-timed force field.

Jay:    Or maybe it was part of his plan all along! Sue Storm's back, and she's creating a force field around Violet AND Dash! Two for one!

Pat:    Sue's pushing that force field right out of the arena! If the others don't do something fast, the Incredibles will be out numbered two to one!

Jay:    Ben's still a little dizzy from that launch, though, and he doesn't see Mr. Incredible coming up behind him...

Mr. Incredible: Alley... OOP!

Pat:    Amazing! Mr. Incredible has picked up The Thing! He's throwing her at the Invisible Woman to stop her!

Jay:    Mr. Fantastic can't catch him this time; Elasti-Girl's going toe-to-stretchy-toe with him and it's one heck of a tangled mess. Sue's focused on keeping the two youngsters tied up, she's going to be hit!

Johnny: Sis! Look out!

Pat:    Ouch! It's Johnny Storm, taking one for the team as he takes the hit for the Invisible Woman! He may be a showboat, but he knows what to do when it counts. The collision knocks him senseless, but it gives Sue time to drop both Dash and Violet out of the arena. The referee signals the KOs; the Fantastic Four are up 3-2!

Jay:    That's right Pat, and Ben sure doesn't look happy about being used as a projectile much. He's back on his feet and charging towards Mr. Incredible like a freight train on two legs.

Pat:    Sue goes over to help Mr. Fantastic get himself untangled... now Mr. Incredible's charging towards The Thing! Brace for impact, folks!

Jay:    .... NO! Mr. Incredible knows his own strength, and he knows when he'll need something more than that to win a fight! He jumps over The Thing at the last second and keeps going towards the other contenders!

Pat:    Speaking of the other contenders, Jay, holy cow! Elasti-Girl and Mr. Fantastic are really going at it! Around lampposts and signs, in and out of nearby buildings, each one trying to outstretch the other. It's a mish-mash of blue and red!

Jay:    The Invisible Woman can't separate out Elasti-Girl from the mess, but she can keep Mr. Incredible at bay for the moment; he's really pounding away on that force field with everything he's got!

Pat:    So much so that he's forgotten about The Thing coming up behind him! No time to dodge this one!

The Thing's Fist Connecting with Mr. Incredible's Jaw: *CLOBBER*




'Nuff Said!


Fantastic Four: 3583

The Incredibles: 2208




Jay:    He's gonna feel that one in the morning.

Pat:    Mr. Incredible's not out cold, but The Thing has him in a submission hold. With The Invisible Woman blocking his attempts to escape, he's got little choice but to throw in the towel.

Jay:    Mr. Fantastic and Elasti-Girl are still going at it, but now with Mr. Incredible out of the way, The Thing is free to grab the nearest stretchy band of red and start pulling. Mr. Fantastic pulls a feint and retreats, making it easier for the remaining members of the Fantastic Four to surround and pin down the last of the Incredible family. That'll just about do it for this fight.

Pat:    And what a match it was! Once the referee signals victory, the winning team gives the others a helping hand up to show there's no hard feelings. Warm fuzzies and Souvenir Cups all around.

Jay:    At least until the argument comes up in a few months about whose movie is better.

Pat:    That wraps things up for this week. From the Khazan Arena, this is Pat Summers...

Jay:    And Jay Peoples. See you next week, folks!

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