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West vs. Keaton vs. Clooney vs. Kilmer


Simple question... which one is fit to wear the mask?

Four Batmans enter Gotham tonight. Three will be leaving on a stretcher, one will walk away.

Join us now in a battle that could only be called...

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That... who of these is the Genuine Bat?

This fight was suggested by Lord Fish (originally), Cyberpunk and Skeearmon.


Historical Note: When originally produced, this fight featured no commentary as Pat and Jay were on vacation. Special thanks to Charge Man and White Knight who put up this fight commentary almost a year after the battle....

CHARGE MAN:   Hello, I'm Charge Man.

White Knight:   And I'm White Knight.

CHARGE MAN:   Welcome to the Arena of Khazan-- where we have a little treat.

White Knight:   You betcha, Charge Man. You see, the CBUB keep the fights on file. However, the four fighters of this Bat-Battle requested no crowds. But the CBUB was allowed to put video cameras everywhere to tape the fight.

CHARGE MAN:   BUT, and this is a big but, the "Great Khazan Fire of '98" destroyed the building that held the temporary files of the fight.

White Knight:   But... after the KPD actually searched the charred remains of the place a few months later... we were able to find the tapes... still operational!

CHARGE MAN:   So without further ado...

White Knight:   Here's the Battle of the Batman... never before seen-- even by us, on the Khazan Big Screen.

CHARGE MAN:   Alright-- all four are walking in--

White Knight:   Hold on, Charge. We're being a little premature, aren't we?

CHARGE MAN:   Pardon?

WHITE KNIGHT:   Press "Pause", OK? We forgot the comments from the folks at home.

CHARGE MAN:   Oh, right. Good thing those survived, too. A-Heh.


Skeearmon writes:

Hmmm....I suggested something like this (oh wait, there's my name there), but I also had that dude from the 40's serial and Kevin Conroy included (B:TAS).

Ah, well, I chose West because simply he at least doesn't look alike like the others. But for true acting pleasure, I would have given it to Kev.

LordFish writes:

Yes! You finally used my suggestion! Thank-you thank-you world!

Anyways, This was a tough choice between Keaton and West. Why these two? Well for starters the others aren't even worth mentioning due to their terrible movies. The main brawl doesn't involve these wannabes.

I was about to go with West because, well he was the original and I usually root for the underdog...But using any sort of logic you have to go with Keaton, since West never actually did any 'real' fighting. He generally just climbs up sidewalks using fishing wire and leaves all the dirty work to Robin...who wears no pants might I add...

Curry Powell writes:

Okay West just made a mockery of Batman. Keaton DEFINED Batman for the big screen. Kilmer's was dark, edgy, and brooding while tough but he didn't seem as weathered and experienced as Keaton. Plus Keaton's Bruce Wayne was better. Clooney's was just like West's Batman except with better FX. I gotta give it to Keaton because he DEFINED Batman for the masses.

Deathbringer writes:

Keaton first captured the psycho nature of Batman. Keaton will go medieval on goody-goody West's buttocks with plenty of psychedelic "BAMS"! Clooney and Kilmer are mere stage groupies to Keaton.

Azrael writes:

I've been waiting for this for years! Bring me the head of Joel Schumacher!

It's quite simple: Keaton has armor that works. He's taken bullets, punches, kicks, chains and SAMs without being more than fazed. The other batmen will start beating on him....and then he goes Psycho. With a single swipe, he breaks Clooney's neck, who's rushed off by colleagues to the ER. Kilmer pisses himself and runs like hell. West wanders about, yelling, "I'm Batman!!", before Keaton turns his attention to him, fires the Bat-grapple at his neck, and drops him off a building. Besides, look who they fought: Clooney? Arnold and Uma? Give me a break. West? Julie Newmar. Kilmer? Jim Carrey. If you get beat by Ace Venture, you're pathetic. Who did Keaton go against? Jack. Anyone who can beat Jack Nicholson IS BATMAN.

schultztown USA writes:

I'd like to begin by saying that batman deserves so much better than this. Each and every one of these actors played the character in a far to light manner. Clooney and West played it with humor, which is the anti-thesis of everything batman stands for. Kilmer's batman was a womanizer. Keaton came closest...which is why I voted for him... but he still failed to create a batman that was truly wallowing in anguishing guilt over his parent's murder.

the way I see it, Bruce Wayne is insane, and is creating this character to give his rage form. Wayne has become just as much a false Identity as the Bat, and the true man exists only when we see him in the batcave, out of costume. during these moments I think he should look and act the way Bruce Willis does when he plays drunk. He should look like he no longer has any connection to the outside world, like his pain is eating him up. None of these actors came close to expressing the kind of anguish that is part of the Batman character. But, because Keaton came closest.... he wins.

Nipsy writes:

Keaton just got lucky and got the best scripts of them all. The rest of them may not suck as Batman, but their movies/show sure did compared to the first and second Batman movies.

jak writes:

Easy call

Keaton fit it the best, funny lines, tough guy attitude, and just crazy enough to be our favorite Dark Knight Detective. Besides he killed two villains in his movies (one of which was the Joker!!!), Kilmer only got one, and well then there's Clooney, and West needed word bubbles to show that he was actually fighting anyone. Its Keaton all the way.

Artemis writes:

If everyone else can vote on how hot the characters are (kinda sick for figures like Psylocke, Aeon Flux or Wonder Woman), then I can cast my vote in that direction for this (where at least all of these people are actual human beings). Val Kilmer is beautiful. He should win.

Martin writes:

Be the best, vote with west!!

The ONLY one with any character...the others are just clones of each other!!

Katya: the Lady Wyvern writes:

Okay, the original Batman was decent enough, except for the way he dressed Robin (EW!?). Keaten was a great Bruce Wayne, for a pansy (no offence to any Keaton fans out there). And Clooney: HELLO?, is it just me or was he just a little too old for the part. That movie was a waist of time and money anyways, but still. So that leaves Kilmer, who (though they could have done better) does have the face of Batman when the mask is on, but he's too soft spoken. If anything, I think Alfred (the movie Alfred, not the show) should bust in the middle of the fight and whoop 'em all. But that's just my opinion...

Polar 8 writes:

Adam West is Gay, Clooney sucks as Batman, and Kilmer just doesn't look like one. Kilmer is the only good Batman, so he will rock.

Dark Queen writes:

Hmm, let me see who is worthy...

West: Come on! The man is old!!!! I bet he doesn't even fit in those tights of his anymore!

Clooney: Sorry but we don't need any stinkin' doctors in 'da suit!

Kilmer: Uhhh, no comment! What we want is muscle and smarts not weapons as we saw in his movies!

Keaton: He started the movies but he still has it were it counts. He didn't have as many weapons as the new Batman has but, he still has the brains! Keeping these people in line is too difficult anyway! Once they come out with the 5th everybody will by then have forgotten who's-who anyway! Either way, it does make and interesting fight.

Rouge15 writes:

I voted for Keaton! Let's look at a match-up to see why. Clooney: ER doctor, no fighting experience. Also, he was in the last Batman movie which, being simply a money making scheme, makes him soft. Clooney goes down in two seconds! Next: West. While he was Batman for a long time, and a good one in his own time, he is still stuck in the 70's and doesn't have any new technology. He goes down next. Kilmer: The only other possible Batman. He can fight and looks cool too, but has only had one movie which, like Clooney's, was a money-maker. He's not that soft, but he lacks experience. Finally, Keaton: He's got it all. Cool looks, new technology, and experience. Also, he was in the first two movies which were the only good ones. He wins after a short, but tough, bout with Kilmer.

Dssstrkl writes:

Just look at the movies: Batman Returns sucked, and Batman forever bombed worse than Hiroshima. And West? Forget it! That fatboy couldn't possibly stand up to any of the bat-foes, let alone Boba Fett. It's gotta be Keaton (directed by Burton. No more of that Shoemaker dolt).

Lord_Odin writes:

When I voted, Keaton had more than double the votes as his nearest competitor, and there is a very good reason for that. Batman 1 was the only one of the movies to actually have a decent script, and therefore the only one worth keeping. Batman 2 and three were okay, but four was just plain bad. Come on, Clooney had worse lines than even West's old Bat from the TV series

UsagiPrincess writes:

I'm not really a Batman fan, but Val's the cutest, so I'm gonna hafta go with him.

Hysteria writes:

Sorry, boys, but Keaton has this one nailed! Let's face it, out of all the Batmen, Keaton has what the rest do not: the intensity. He seems like the type of person who would be so nuts as to put on a black rubber batsuit, and fight crime. He is also the only Batman who has gone up against the Joker on the big screen.

As for the others... West is too much of a joke. He would stand around and wisecrack, until the other three got tired of listening to him trying to plug Ziebart products during the fight and ram a Batarang down his throat. Next to fall would be Kilmer, who, while better looking than Keaton, is essentially the George Lazenby of the Batman movies (obscure James Bond reference there). Clooney though, even if he plays Batman in a movie where Batman was as intense as the first two, will forever be remembered as first taking the mantle in Batman and Robin, which has gotta hurt. He can only ever be Roger Moore, to Keaton's Sean Connery. To sum things up:

Keaton = Sean Connery

Kilmer= George Lazenby

Clooney= Roger Moore

West= Max Smart

Nine writes:

Holy multiplicity! This one was really tough!

Although the Batman movies were superb, each of the actors who played the Dark Knight on the big screen were overshadowed by the villains. And let's face it, the only one who is typecast and cannot shake the role of the Caped Crusader is Adam West.

West was the original Batman (if you don't count the B&W serials), spent more hours behind the mask than all the other candidates combined, and rumor has it he still wears his costume to bed. Can you deny such (senile) devotion, old chum?

Predator writes:

Kilmer was, without a doubt, the best Batman. He was dark, moody and a take-charge Batman. Not an over calculating, posturing idiot like the others. Ol' Val is a shoe in.

Smiling Jack writes:

Keaton took the bad guys out and He took them out HARD. They wouldn't get up on their own after messing with him. He killed(YAY!) some of the Bad Guys. He took a bomb and shoved it down the pants of a demented Carnival Crook and let the guy blow up!! The other Batmen would've tried saving the guy from such a fate. Keaton gave batman a nice cold edge. A Cold Edge that he used to hack the Bad Guys into tiny little Crook-Kabobs :)

TRANTOR writes:

What's the controversy about? We have a guy who is no more than 4'8" (i.e. Keaton) vs. two one timers with no acting ability and the "Original Bat!" Now West may have a bit of a gut and a pansy ballerina style outfit, but he's the only one who has cool "sound effects" (Bang! Kabloom!). The others are simply standing in his glory, that and their batmobiles look like warped vibrators.

catslaughing writes:

Keaton is the bat for me. West is funny but that's about it. The other two, are like Azrael pretending to be Batman. They've got no soul, no spirit, no joie de vivre. Keaton's got the right attitude to play Batman. And even though he's not a conventionally handsome man to be Bruce Wayne. He plays the part perfectly. It's a shame that we'll probably be stuck with the duds for who knows how many farcical Batman movies. Keaton will always be the best Batman to me.

Jeff"T-REX"Hayes writes:

Well I like the Batman movies but I grew up watching Adam West play the Batman. I'm what our Kiwi brothers and sisters refer to as a trad bloke. Adam West is to me the original one real deal of a Batman. Sure the show was campy but it beats Schumacher any no offence to Tim Burton but Adam gets my vote. Hey he even went to jail for Johnny Bravo he cant be all that bad

kolemsai writes:

Okay, the other Batmans were really cheezy, but Keaton's the real deal. He is the only Batman that the villains actually had a REASON to pursue him, and he is the only Batman yet to do everything by himself, everyone else had help from Robin and Batgirl.

warrl writes:

great fight! even though I loved the way Kilmer portrayed batman and the sarcastic wit of Clooney I think Keaton Stayed the closest to the original concept of Batman, the dashing playboy by day and the brooding warrior by night. West was okay for the sixties kiddie audience, but he really doesn't stand a chance against these guys.

The Match Maker writes:

Clooney? Clooney?!?! Why doesn't this Dr. Killdare wannabe signup to be the Doc on the new "Love Boat" or something? Heck, Adam West could blow this chump away.

WhereWolf writes:

As much as I like Adam West. . . I gotta' go with Keaton on this one. He had the best lookin' Batmobile. . . no dopey sidekick. . . and Michelle Pfeiffer (both on AND off screen.) Sorry. . . but I just can't look at George Clooney without thinkin' of his classic work in "Return of the Killer Tomatoes". . . he's jus' not Batman to me. And Val Kilmer's outin' as the Dark Knight simply. . . . . um. . . . well. . . . . sucked. And who can forget West's hauntin' rendition of the Batusi? (although, many of us wish we COULD forget. . . . ) Plus, his costume was lame. Keaton's the only one WORTHY ta' wear the cowl of Gotham's dark defender.

Liz writes:

Any Batman who can hold his own on the screen with Jack Nicholson is the Best.

'Nuff Said!

Vic Ratlehead2 writes:

That Keaton is the supreme Batman with Kilmer not too far behind. West will be the first because a short ribbon cape, gray leotards and bat handkerchief can't stand up to body armor and remote controlled batarangs. Clooney sucked with all those smirks and acting like a jackass when he was around Poison Ivy. Kilmer was okay but he talked to much. Keaton was perfect because he gave Batman attitude and was less friendly with the bad guys.

Starchaser writes:

Keaton has the edge, Clooney has the look, and Kilmer has the bod (West? Well I prefer a darker Batman). Who will win? Who cares? Four cute guys in tight rubber suits are having it out! I'm getting my binoculars.

HopSing writes:


The Baroness writes:

Keaton is the man. His version of the Dark Knight is the nearest thing we've seen to the master detective of the comic book. Adam West was just too frumpy, Clooney was too nice, and Kilmer just was Val Kilmer. Keaton made Batman a full, well rounded character. He understood the Batman. All the other 3 looked at the job as playing a one dimensional cartoon character, a cake walk, hand me the money job. Keaton is the Batman for me.

Harleaquin writes:

Funny how everyone complained, before the movie's release, about how awful Keaton would be as the Bat. Now look at him! Those scores say it all. Better look (and he had the better costume, as well... I mean, what's with the newer nipples?)

mokole writes:

OOoooo...a tough one. Gonna have to go with Keaton on this one. Clooney just crumbled under "Shoemocker's direction, giving way to Batgirl and Robin. Kilmer was good, but Bruce Wayne is not a blond *giggle*. And West...have you seen him lately? Someone left the door to the Bat-Fridge open. Keaton was the one who portrayed the Dark Knight as close to his intended role.

Sailor Callisto writes:

West is old. By now he is what, 500? Clooney is wimpy. He only had to fight Uma Thurman (who's acting was scarier than her character). Ahh! Run! The scary plant lady! *yawn* Kilmer looked like a robot in a vinyl suit. Keaton however was Beetlejuice, so he ALREADY has an edge over the other Batmans. He fought the Joker, who is like the ultimate Batman villain, and Catwoman the ultimate Batman villaness. He got more movies than the other 2 and isn't 500 years old. Keaton wins. The end.

Justicar writes:

I am voting for Keaton.

Adam West was a joke as was the whole 60's series. The only good thing to come from it was the various Catwomen.

As for the other two, the spawn of Schumacher should burn in the vats of hell where they were born. Nipples on the batsuit! Arrggh!

Keaton did a decent Bruce Wayne and was far closer to the Dark Knight than any of the others.

Sailor Xena writes:

It was hard for me to think of witch Batman would be the last one standing; but it wasn't hard for me to pick the first. Clooney might make a good doctor( all that medical knowledge will help him after his butt-whoopin'), but he's no Batman. I think it will come down to West and Kilmer. West because of the experience, and Kilmer because he just beats out Keaton in coolness. Kilmer will be victorious because martial arts beats a giant "KA-POW!" sign any day of the week.

Kes writes:

West is original. Kilmer is the best Bruce. Keaton is the best bat. and Clooney sucks the big one ! I think Kilmer would win because he was the original movie bat but I think he would team up with West because West is smart. Kilmer had had the best plane. Keaton had the best car. looney and the worst movie. And West was just cool.

AxeHammer writes:

I think Val just cuz he looked best in the suit. Oh yeah, and he knocked up Nicole Kidman, too. That's gotta count for somethin!

Phranque writes:

While the comic version could nail all of them (hell, ROBIN from the comics could beat all of them at once), gotta go with Keaton. The fight starts; Adam West goes down within seconds. Then, millions of fans suddenly burst into the stadium and execute Kilmer, Clooney, and Joel Schumacher at the same time. Keaton wins without even doing anything.


CHARGE MAN:   OK, now all four are walking into Gotham Square, dressed in their appropriate Bat-Garb.... West walks up to Clooney.

West:   You and your evils will be defeated by the Batman.

Clooney:   Oh, come on, pot-belly. I'll whoop your fat ass.

West:   Oh really? Take this, ER Boy!

Clooney's Jaw:   ****POW!****

CHARGE MAN:   Oh MAN! How embarrassing...! George Clooney has been punched out by Adam West...!

White Knight:   Commissioner Gordon and Detective Bullock quickly pull the limp Clooney out of Gotham Square.

CHARGE MAN:   One down already. West, Kilmer and Keaton ogle each other, waiting for one to make a move.

White Knight:   Kilmer feigns a few moves to keep the rest on their toes.

CHARGE MAN:   But then Val finally moves and tackles Keaton!

White Knight:   However... Keaton takes out his Bat-Hook and wings Kilmer, who goes flying into a building.

CHARGE MAN:   He's not out yet, though. He pulls out the bloody hook and tosses it aside in digust.

White Knight:   West is still moving as quickly as he can while the other two go at it.

CHARGE MAN:   He finally decides what to do and he rams Kilmer.

White Knight:   Oh my... Kilmer is severely wearing down. What is he pulling out...? Some sort of acid compound? A Bat-Gadget?

CHARGE MAN:   No... it's....

White Knight:   It's a McDonald's hamburger with the works! Bacon, cheese, relish...

Kilmer:   I got drive-thru.

CHARGE MAN:   He eats the whole thing in two bites. It seems he fancies it as some sort of energy-inducer.

White Knight:   It gives him an excellent start-- but he grips his stomach and topples over.

CHARGE MAN:   Ouchie. Goes to show you that fast food is no training substitute.

White Knight:   That's for sure.... Ick.

Keaton:   Ow. Well, I may lay off selling McDonald's paraphenalia for a while...

CHARGE MAN:   Now that Kilmer is out of the running, West starts to barrel everything he's worth into Keaton.

White Knight:   Pow-pow-pow-pow-pow-- the zingers just keep on comin' down onto Keaton's chin.

CHARGE MAN:   After an uppercut and a rabbit punch, Keaton is able to shake it off. He's reaching for his utility belt.

White Knight:   He's pulling out a walkie-talkie!

CHARGE MAN:   How do you suppose--?

Keaton:   Go.

White Knight:   What's that skidding I hear?

CHARGE MAN:   It's the Batmobile-- heading straight for West!

White Knight:   WHAM!! Adam hits the bat-bumper and rolls across the hood.

CHARGE MAN:   The Gotham Paramedics put West on a stretcher.... he'll be OK, as we already know, but it shows you who's really worthy of holding the title of Batman.


'Nuff Said!


Clooney: 52

Kilmer: 120

West: 146

Keaton: 338


CHARGE MAN:   Well, that's pretty much the end of the fight.

White Knight:   Wait a sec-- who's that looming above Keaton...? He looks satisfied... and he goes into the darkness, cape flaring. He's coming into the light... it's... it's... Oh, damn! The tape ended!!

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