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The Abomination

CBUB Wins: 9
CBUB Losses: 16
Win Percentage: 36.00%

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The Abomination (Emil Blonsky) is a fictional character, a supervillain that appears in comic book published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Tales to Astonish #90 (April 1967), and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Gil Kane.

Debuting in the Silver Age of Comic Books, the character of the Abomination has featured in other Marvel-endorsed products such as arcade and video game, animated television series, merchandise such as action figure and trading card, and the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk.

Emil Blonsky first appeared in the title Tales to Astonish, and is introduced as a KGB agent and spy who became the Abomination after deliberately exposing himself to a greater quantity of the same gamma radiation that transformed Bruce Banner into his alter ego the Hulk. In his first appearance, Blonsky became a large scaly humanoid with twice the strength of the Hulk. In accordance with Lee's wishes, the character defeated the Hulk in their first battle.

The character has featured in a number of Marvel titles, gradually shifting from unthinking savage brute, to tortured soul, and finally repentant villain and occasional defender of the weak before being killed in battle.

The Abomination The Abomination

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