About the Comic Book Universe Battles

So, what's there to do around here?

Mostly we discuss characters from comics, science fiction, fantasy, anime, etc. We look at their powers, what they can do and who can beat who.

Character Database

There's hundreds of characters indexed in the database along with the CBUB win / loss record and data about the character. Search and enjoy.

The CBUB Character Database

Rumbles and discussion

It's easy enough to post up a thread for discussion or join in the existing ones in the forums. All you need to do is register on the CBUB Forums: Sign-Up Here

Rated Matches

You create a match using the CBUB Match Builder and CBUB Judges rate how good the match is. CBUB match creators are ranked by how well they do.

CBUB Fantasy Teams

Players pick teams of characters (like, make their own "Avengers" team for example) and compete against the other teams to see who wins. It's kind of like a Fantasy Sports game, except with super-heroes (and villains). There's an open draft period and then the teams are locked to compete in a "seasons", typically lasting a couple months.

CBUB Monthly Tournament

The monthly tournament is like the rated matches, except with a monthly "theme" all players have to use. Sometimes there are prizes for doing well in the tournament.

CBUB Back Issues Archive

A weekly match with "sports cast" which gave the play-by-play of titanic fights. The webmaster lasted one hundred and eighty nine issues before calling it quits. It is a lot of work to write that every week. But the issues are still there to be read and enjoyed. Who knows, maybe someday he will go for that magical 200 issues mark.

Brief History of CBUB

The CBUB began in early 1997 as a weekly fight between different comic book, fantasy and sci-fi charcters. The site first appeared as a sub-section of our Callisto web shrine Callisto's Fun Page. For a brief time, this site was called "Callisto's Battle Circle". The sub-section quickly evolved into a site of it's own as interest in it increased.

The concept for the CBUB was influenced by the grand daddy Internet Fight Site WWWF Grudge Match.

The very first CBUB Fight Issue #1: He-Man vs. Callisto has further history on how the site began.

TThe results of the fight featured a section of fiction which described how two sports casters might call the fight.

There have been over 150 titanic conflicts resolved on the site. The final vote and Sportscast are archived in the CBUB Back Issues.

In mid 2006 the CBUB was reborn as an Interactive site. This gives the user community the ability to create their own fights.

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The concept of Khazan

The fights take place often in a mystical city called Khazan which has been borrowed from the adventure writings of Ken St. Andre who described an "Arena of Khazan" where gladiators fought mythical beasts. For more information on Ken St. Andre's Arena of Khazan, see our tribute page to the Khazan Arena

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