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The Spectre

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The Spectre is a fictional mystic entity and superhero who has appeared in numerous comic book published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in a next issue ad in More Fun Comics #51 (January 1940) and received his first story the next month, #52 (February 1940). He was created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily, although several sources attribute creator credit solely to Siegel, limiting Baily to being merely the artist assigned to the feature.

The Spectre's career began in 1940 (More Fun Comics #52, February 1940), when hard-boiled cop Jim Corrigan was murdered. His spirit was refused entry into the afterlife, however, and, in the guise of a grey-skinned humanoid being in green cloak, gloves, trunks and boots was assigned to eliminate all evil from the world by an entity referred to only as "The Voice" (generally conceded to be God).

The Spectre began by seeking bloody vengeance against Corrigan's murderers in a grim, supernatural fashion. The Spectre proved quite popular, and was awarded charter membership in the first ever super-hero team, the Justice Society of America in All Star Comics. Another reward was the resurrection of the body of Jim Corrigan, from which the Spectre's ghostly form could emerge and function independently (seen in More Fun #75, January 1942).

During the mid-1940s, the popularity of superhero comics began to decline, and the Spectre suffered as a result. He was reduced to playing the role of "guardian angel" to a bumbling character called "Percival Popp, the Super Cop" (first appearance, More Fun #74, December 1941). Eventually, Jim Corrigan enlisted in the military to serve in World War II, and on his departure, the Spectre became "permanently" invisible (in More Fun #90, April 1944), becoming a secondary player in his own series. The feature's final installment was in #101 (January–February 1945), and the Spectre made his last JSA appearance at the same time, in All Star Comics #23 (Winter 1944–1945).

CBUB Match Record:

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Win Doctor Strange 66 to 45
Win Anti-Monitor 63 to 32
Win Parallax 53 to 51
Win Calvin and Hobbes 262 to 233
Win The Silver Surfer 80 to 49
Win Dark Phoenix 70 to 55
Win Spawn 59 to 37
Win Lucifer Morningstar 52 to 29
Loss Doctor Doom 45 to 65
Win Jean Grey 77 to 37
Loss Living Tribunal 40 to 86
Win Amazo 61 to 42
Win Celestials 67 to 52
Loss Justice League 73 to 85
Loss Thanos 53 to 82
Win Imperiex Prime 73 to 29
Win Ghost Rider (Blaze) 71 to 41
Win Mephisto 81 to 28
Win Onslaught 52 to 37
Loss Eclipso 60 to 87
Win Kid Buu 48 to 27
Tie Calvin and Hobbes 55 to 55
Loss Thanos 42 to 60
Loss Odin (Marvel) 13 to 16
Loss Living Tribunal 15 to 16
Win Thanos 19 to 15
Win Power Girl 17 to 8
Win Power Girl 17 to 12
Loss Doctor Manhattan 12 to 15
Win Doctor Manhattan 12 to 9
Win Beyonder 15 to 4
Win Dark Phoenix 16 to 7
Win Z Fighters 19 to 12
Win Galactus 14 to 8
Win Cthulhu 20 to 6

Fantasy Teams Season 9 Record:

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Win Son Goku 12 to 1
Win Doctor Strange 9 to 2
Win Malekith the Accursed 5 to 1
Win Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 9 to 0
Loss Anti-Monitor 2 to 6