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The Galactic Empire (Star Wars)

CBUB Wins: 45
CBUB Losses: 15
Win Percentage: 75.00%

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The Galactic Empire is one of the main factions in the fictional universe of Star Wars. It is a galaxy-spanning regime established by the series' lead villain, Palpatine, to replace the Galactic Republic in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The Galactic Empire is introduced in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The Empire also appears in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

The Empire's origins are explained in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, where it replaces the Galactic Republic in the midst of a galactic civil war orchestrated by Palpatine, then the Republic's Supreme Chancellor. In a scene towards the end of the film, Palpatine appoints himself Emperor in the presence of the Galactic Senate, afterward the Imperial Senate. By the time of A New Hope, the Empire has transformed into a merciless totalitarian regime, still struggling with the Rebel Alliance.

The Galactic Empire is born out of the collapsing Old Republic. However, the seeds of change are planted during the Clone Wars, the epic war between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems depicted in Attack of the Clones.

When the extent of the Separatist threat becomes clear in Episode II, the Old Republic Senate, the legislature of the Republic, grants Palpatine extended governmental powers to deal with the crisis. This conflict allows Palpatine to remain in office long after his term as Chancellor officially expires. Palpatine promises to return his powers to the Senate once peace and order is restored to the galaxy. His first order is to create an army of clone trooper. He takes advantage of the conflict to increase the office's power until by Episode III, he is effectively a dictator.

CBUB Match Record:

Result Opponent My Score   Their Score
Loss Galactus 32 to 94
Win Huey and Riley Freeman 56 to 28
Win The Dominion 66 to 17
Win The Covenant (Halo) 50 to 37
Win UNSC (Halo) 52 to 45
Win Mothra 65 to 30
Win The Shrike 61 to 48
Win Global Defence Initiative (G.D.I) 89 to 22
Loss Yuuzhan Vong 50 to 59
Win The Borg 71 to 46
Win Tyranids 53 to 41
Win Terminators 47 to 31
Loss Sinestro Corps. 35 to 57
Win Cobra Organization 74 to 22
Win The Xiliens 88 to 28
Win Combine, The 94 to 31
Loss Darth Vader 32 to 70
Win Apes (Planet of the Apes) 80 to 25
Win The Borg 50 to 31
Win Dark Eldar 67 to 28
Win Rodan 46 to 44
Loss Z Fighters 60 to 108
Win The Covenant (Halo) 64 to 49
Win The Covenant (Halo) 70 to 43
Win The Shi'ar Empire 60 to 46
Loss Thor (Dargo Ktor) 48 to 55
Win Cobra Organization 83 to 22
Win Starfox Team 66 to 49
Win The United Federation of Planets 84 to 47
Loss Frieza / Freeza 53 to 67
Win HK-47 71 to 38
Win Necrons 67 to 51
Win The Flood 68 to 49
Win Bolos (supertanks) 83 to 35
Win The Klingon Empire 78 to 27
Win Justice League (DCAU) 210 to 144
Loss Galactus 40 to 91
Win Imperium Of Man (Warhammer 40,000) 61 to 37
Loss Sadako Yamamura 59 to 72
Win The Daleks 55 to 25
Win The Vorlon Empire 52 to 28
Win The Covenant (Halo) 25 to 16
Win Sheldon Cooper 30 to 8
Win King Bowser 19 to 6
Win Kane 24 to 5
Win The Fire Nation 18 to 9
Win The Zerg Swarm 18 to 5
Win The Daleks 21 to 6
Win The Covenant (Halo) 17 to 7
Win Wraith (Stargate) 15 to 6
Loss Nova Corps 7 to 13
Win The Babylon 5 Crew 10 to 7
Win SDF-1 Macross 7 to 5
Loss Kane 7 to 10
Loss Capcom Universe 5 to 9
Win Serpentera 9 to 3
Loss Thor Odinson 16 to 40
Loss The Marvel Cinematic Universe 17 to 21
Win Masters Of The Universe 11 to 7
Loss Link 7 to 8