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Albert Wesker

CBUB Wins: 12
CBUB Losses: 24
Win Percentage: 33.33%

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is a fictional character in the Resident Evil franchise. Although portrayed as a supporting character in the first game, he was later established as the primary antagonist of the series; he usually manipulated story events behind-the-scenes and had a role in more games than the other main characters.

For Resident Evil 5, when asked about remodeling, production director Yasuhiro Anpo replied, "I tried my best to preserve their image and imagined how they would have changed over the passage of time. Chris trained and got stronger, while Wesker got more wrinkles." Modeler Yosuke Yamagata added, "All the characters are very important for this series, and popular with fans. So we took care not to change their image from past games. It's a simple method, but we made a new design that retained their signature color - green for Chris, blue for Jill - to carry over the same look from the past. The facial structures are mainly based on the visuals of the GameCube version, and we added various details to these in order to develop a realistic structure."

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Albert Wesker Albert Wesker Albert Wesker

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CBUB Match Record:

Result Opponent My Score   Their Score
Loss Jill Valentine 42 to 81
Loss Lucy the Homicidal Diclonius 42 to 43
Win Osmund Saddler 66 to 30
Loss Guile 31 to 77
Loss The Death Star 35 to 67
Loss Master Chief 31 to 73
Tie Nemesis (Resident Evil) 39 to 39
Loss Gray Fox 30 to 45
Loss General M. Bison 17 to 18
Loss Nightwolf 13 to 19
Win Red Skull 18 to 17
Loss Raiden (Metal Gear) 13 to 15
Loss Drax The Destroyer 4 to 21
Loss T-800 (The Terminator) 11 to 16
Loss General M. Bison 10 to 12
Loss General Raam 13 to 15
Loss Ryu 8 to 10
Loss Gabriel Yulaw 11 to 12
Win Lady (Devil May Cry) 20 to 12
Loss Vergil 6 to 11
Loss Batman 9 to 12
Loss Spider-Man 8 to 19
Win Light Yagami 13 to 5
Win Raiden (Metal Gear) 12 to 11
Win Deadpool (Zombie) 10 to 8
Win Akuma 9 to 8
Loss Sosuke Aizen 7 to 12
Loss Wendigo (Marvel) 6 to 10
Loss Solid Snake 3 to 9
Loss Gabriel Yulaw 2 to 6
Win The Joker 12 to 11
Win Raven (Tekken) 12 to 9
Win Heihachi Mishima 13 to 8
Win Johnny Bravo 13 to 8
Loss Inuyasha 7 to 10
Win Mallen 18 to 12
Loss Wolverine 12 to 26