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CBUB Wins: 22
CBUB Losses: 10
Win Percentage: 68.75%

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is a video game character in Capcom's Street Fighter series of fighting games.

Guile made his first appearance in Street Fighter II ( ) as one of the eight selectable characters featured in the first release of the game. A Major in the United States Air Force, he leaves his country and family to enter the World Warrior tournament to avenge the death of his friend Charlie, who was killed by M. Bison, the tournament's sponsor, sometime before the events of the game. In his ending, he defeats Bison, but is dissuaded from killing him by his wife Jane (Julia in the Japanese version) and their daughter Amy (Kris in Japan). Guile spares Bison and returns home to his family. He can do handuffs and the invisible throw which were glitches in the arcade game.

Guile's war buddy Charlie would appear in the later prequel series Street Fighter Alpha, although Guile himself did not appear in this sub-series until the console versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3 ( ). Originally Guile was a hidden character in the initial PlayStation version of the game, though subsequent versions made him part of the initial roster. In his storyline in the game, Guile is an Air Force lieutenant ordered to track down Charlie, who has gone missing. Guile eventually fights Charlie, as well as Bison as his final opponent. In his ending, Guile infiltrates Bison's base with Charlie and sets explosives on the Psycho Drive, only for them to be caught in the act by Bison. Charlie holds off Bison while Guile escapes and the base explodes with Charlie still in it, resulting in his death.

Guile also appears as a playable character in Street Fighter EX ( ) and its two sequels, Street Fighter EX2 ( ) and Street Fighter EX3 ( ). The storyline of the EX series takes place at the same time as Street Fighter II. In addition to tracking down Shadaloo to avenge Charlie, Guile is also hunted by a mercenary named Doctrine Dark (another playable character in this sub-series), who is actually a former subordinate named Holger. His relationship with Ken as brothers-in-law (with their respective wives being sisters) is mentioned for the first time in the games in Ken's ending in the Japanese version of the original EX2.

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CBUB Match Record:

Result Opponent My Score   Their Score
Win Heihachi Mishima 52 to 40
Win Vega 61 to 36
Win Red Skull 67 to 48
Win Storm Shadow 51 to 49
Loss Liu Kang 42 to 52
Win Zartan 65 to 25
Win Albert Wesker 77 to 31
Win Kazuya Mishima 44 to 40
Loss Captain America 31 to 90
Win Destro 59 to 32
Win Johnny Cage 58 to 49
Loss Nuke 35 to 45
Win Paul Phoenix 20 to 9
Win Chameleon 19 to 16
Loss Red Skull 14 to 20
Loss Shocker 6 to 21
Loss Cyber 3 to 18
Loss Sonya Blade 8 to 17
Win Cobra Organization 13 to 11
Win Solid Snake 13 to 12
Loss Black Widow (Yelena Belova) 8 to 15
Win Kim Kaphwan 11 to 6
Win Black Widow 12 to 11
Win Cobra Commander 15 to 11
Loss Winter Soldier 6 to 14
Win Sergei Dragunov 9 to 5
Win Johnny Cage 8 to 7
Win Lei Wulong 4 to 1
Win Marshall Law 5 to 1
Win King (Tekken) 7 to 0
Win Cassandra Alexandra 2 to 1
Loss Michelangelo (Mirage) 3 to 7