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CBUB Wins: 50
CBUB Losses: 9
Win Percentage: 84.75%

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Cyber is a fictional character, a Marvel supervillain and enemy of Wolverine of the X-Men. He was created by Peter David and Sam Kieth and first seen in Marvel Comics Presents #85, September 1991 (though covered by a trench coat). He was first fully seen and named in Marvel Comics Presents #86, September 1991.

Cyber, or "Silas Burr" as he is known, is believed to have been born in Canada. He was an agent for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, and in the spring of 1912, was eventually put on trial in Sioux City, Iowa. He was found guilty on 22 counts of murder and sentenced to death by hanging. Escaping from the courthouse, Cyber arrived at a Western Canadian military base, finding in the Canadian Army a new employer named Frederick Hudson, who took special interest in utilizing his unique ability to push the men under his command beyond their moral and emotional limits. Cyber's earliest known confrontation with Logan seemingly occurred around World War I, where he served as Logan's brutal drill instructor during his early days in the military. Cyber is given instructions to focus his attention on Logan in particular, and eventually receives orders to murder a woman at the base known only as Janet, in whom Logan was interested romantically, to further dehumanize his conditioning. After witnessing her death at Cyber's hands, Logan attacks and is severely beaten as Cyber effortlessly gouges out Logan's left eye. This is Logan's most severe beating and defeat up to this point in his life and the resulting psychological effects result in a deep-seated fear of Cyber. Without any memory of Burr's abuse, Logan again finds himself under the command of Burr while enlisted with the Devil's Brigade during World War II. He introduces Logan to U.S. Army soldier Nick Fury for the clandestine rescue mission of Captain America from German occupied Northern Africa.

Returning from Indochina for nine months in 1959, Burr would train his finest student, Logan's son, Daken, before the boy is secretly ordered to destroy the training camp and everyone associated with it, including its commandant, Hudson. Eviscerated and shot by Daken, Burr is spared from death, as he was chosen by Romulus to be the protoype for the adamantium bonding process and has the metal permanently bonded to his skin.

It has been suggested, by Cyber himself, that he once ran with the notorious Edinburgh killer, William Burke, and took part in the heinous West Port murders of 1828.

CBUB Match Record:

Result Opponent My Score   Their Score
Win Elektra 49 to 44
Win Robin (Tim Drake) 74 to 49
Win The Hand 58 to 32
Loss Lady Deathstrike 33 to 38
Win Ken Masters 72 to 52
Win Azrael 73 to 55
Loss Sabretooth 39 to 49
Loss Colossus 22 to 98
Loss Luke Cage 48 to 71
Win Cassandra Cain 120 to 94
Loss Omega Red 52 to 60
Win Overtkill 58 to 39
Win Cyberdemon 28 to 7
Win Nemesis (Resident Evil) 21 to 10
Win Overtkill 26 to 6
Win Overtkill 21 to 11
Loss Daken 13 to 16
Win The Hand 19 to 9
Win The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 15 to 14
Win Silver Samurai 11 to 10
Win Deathblow 14 to 9
Win Cy-Gor 17 to 8
Win The Foot Clan 18 to 8
Loss Violator 7 to 13
Win Wolfsbane 11 to 8
Win Mighty Joe Young 10 to 6
Win Bronze Tiger 12 to 7
Win The Necromongers 17 to 4
Win Guile 18 to 3
Win Hunters (Resident Evil) 13 to 5
Win Shadowhawk 10 to 5
Win Jason Voorhees 16 to 4
Win Sektor 11 to 5
Win Eyedol 13 to 2
Win Cyrax 20 to 5
Loss Kid Goku 8 to 12
Win Werewolf by Night 17 to 2
Win Fulgore 14 to 4
Win Azrael 12 to 8
Win Putty Patrol 14 to 3
Win HYDRA 17 to 6
Win The Tyrant 11 to 3
Win Constantine Drakon 15 to 4
Win Jason X 9 to 6
Win Anole 15 to 6
Loss Ichigo Kurosaki 6 to 16
Win The Cylons 14 to 6
Win Lickers 12 to 8
Win Cody Travers 17 to 3
Win Guy 17 to 3
Win Mike Haggar 16 to 9
Win Cybersix 14 to 2
Win Lady Deathstrike 9 to 8
Win Azrael 15 to 10
Win Silvermane 22 to 5
Win Bioraptors 9 to 7
Win Lickers 12 to 6