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Ultimate Thor

CBUB Wins: 12
CBUB Losses: 4
Win Percentage: 75.00%

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Ultimate Thor is a superhero in the Ultimate Marvel Universe based on the Marvel Universe version of Thor who is in turn based on the god of the same name of Norse mythology.

Unlike his counterpart in primary Marvel continuity, Ultimate Thor has no human alter ego. The "Ultimate" redesign of the character also reduces the number and diversity of Thor's powers, and reduces the character's reliance upon his hammer, Mjolnir, as a source of power. Perhaps most significantly, the Thunder God's long-established personality is drastically altered, changing him from an eager and willing divine combatant into an ecocentric, arguably unstable, and somewhat reluctant warrior.

Though the series is written in such a way as to leave the reader uncertain about Thor's true divinity, it is finally confirmed in Ultimates Vol. 2, #13.

Ultimate Thor is referred to as once being a psychiatric nurse called Thorlief Golmen, until he suffered a nervous breakdown before his 30th birthday. He spent 18 months institutionalized, during which time he claims to have realized who he is and why he has been sent to Earth. He claimed to be Thor, Norse god of thunder, on a mission to save the planet and to stop the "war to end all wars". His political and social activism, as well as his own self-help books, attracted rebellious hippies and conspiracy theorists. He has spoken against America's military aggression against other world powers and the military-industrial complex. However, the truth behind these statements is questionable, as they came from characters aligned with or later revealed to be Loki, a reality-changing Norse god.

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