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CBUB Wins: 23
CBUB Losses: 3
Win Percentage: 88.46%

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Skaar is a fictional comic book character appearing in books published by Marvel Comics, usually as a supporting character to Hulk. He is the son of the Hulk and the extraterrestrial Caiera, who conceived him during the "Planet Hulk" storyline. Created by writer Greg Pak and artist John Romita, Jr., he first appeared in World War Hulk #5 (January 2008).

Skaar first appeared World War Hulk #5 (January 2008), a miniseries written by Greg Pak, and illustrated by John Romita, Jr. He subsequently starred in his own ongoing series by Pak, Skaar: Son of Hulk, which ran for 12 issues from 2008 to 2009.

Following the "Planet Skaar" story arc, which resulted in Skaar's arrival on Earth, the book's title changed with issue #13 to Son of Hulk, after which new writer Paul Jenkins focused on Hiro-Kala, another son of Bruce Banner. The series ran until issue #17. The story of Hiro-Kala that begins in these issues continue in a mini series that ties into the Realm of Kings event, Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk.

When Greg Pak took over writing chores on The Incredible Hulk with issue #601, Skaar allied himself with a de-powered Bruce Banner.

CBUB Match Record:

Result Opponent My Score   Their Score
Loss Red Hulk 13 to 28
Win Uruk-Hai 28 to 7
Win Hellboy 17 to 13
Loss Ultimate Thor 13 to 14
Loss The Hulk 5 to 25
Win Conan the Barbarian 18 to 5
Win The Thing 13 to 5
Win Darth Revan 6 to 5
Win Starkiller 12 to 10
Win Tiger Shark 21 to 1
Win Savage Dragon 21 to 2
Win Grayven 15 to 4
Win Violator 12 to 6
Win Parasite 15 to 4
Win Fairchild 13 to 6
Win Super Skrull 19 to 7
Win Kalibak 11 to 8
Win Wendigo (Marvel) 12 to 11
Win Brotherhood of Mutants 13 to 6
Win Wildcats 15 to 8
Win Thunderstrike 13 to 2
Win Abominatrix 20 to 1
Win Iron Monger 18 to 3
Win Ghost Rider (2099) 12 to 7
Win Maul 16 to 3
Win Fin Fang Foom 17 to 5