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Warbound of Sakaar

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The Warbound is a group of fictional characters in the Marvel Comics. They first joined forces in The Incredible Hulk vol. 3, #94 as a combination of new and existing characters, the former created by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan.

Arriving on the Planet Sakaar in a weakened state (due to the effects of traversing the 'Great Portal'), Hulk was subsequently implanted with an obedience disk. He was then forced to fight in the Great Arena as a gladiator, where Sakaar's emperor Red King intervened and scarred the Hulk's face (earning his gladiatorial moniker 'Green Scar'). The Hulk did the same to the monarch, gaining an enemy in the person of the Emperor himself. After the initial events in the Arena, the Hulk was put through the gladiator tests of the trainer and former-gladiator Primus Vand, where he met Korg, Miek the Unhived, the Brood, Hiroim the Shamed, Elloe Kaifi and her bodyguard Lavin Skee. This ragtag group of outcasts and undesirables became Warbound early on in their time as enslaved entertainment following the death of Lavin Skee, pledging allegiance only to each other, which Miek called 'friends fighting for friends'.

After the Red King tried to kill them numerous times, the Warbound escaped when the enslaved Silver Surfer was pitted against them in the Great Arena. The Hulk shattered his one-time ally's obedience disk. Once freed, the Silver Surfer used his returning Cosmic Power to destroy the obedience disks of all present at the arena, allowing the Warbound and many slaves to escape into the Twisted Wood of Sakaar before he departed. After a protracted rebellion against the genocidal Red King, the Warbound, the Imperial rebels, and the Natives of Sakaar toppled the regime in Crown City with the death of the Red King, placing an initially unwilling Hulk on the throne as the Green King. Korg had concluded that only the Hulk had the strength to hold the many different peoples of his world together. The Hulk then ascended as Sakaars's benevolent ruler and Caiera, his wife, as their queen. It was also revealed that Caiera was pregnant with Hulk's child.

However, just as everything seemed to be going well, the shuttle which originally brought the Hulk to Sakaar seemingly malfunctioned, causing its warp-core to detonate in a massive nuclear blast. Countless number of Sakaar's inhabitants died almost instantly, leaving Hulk standing, unharmed, among the smoldering ruins of his kingdom and holding the ashes of his wife and their unborn child. Having pledged to stand and fight side-by-side until the end, the Warbound went with Hulk into the Stoneship (once belonging to the Shadow People), heading straight for Earth to take his revenge on the Illuminati who conspired to blast him into space in the first place, all of which leads to the events of World War Hulk.

Warbound of Sakaar Warbound of Sakaar

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