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Nimrod is a fictional character that appears in comic book published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #191 (March 1985), and was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist John Romita, Jr. Hailing from the "Days of Future Past" timeline, Nimrod is a powerful, virtually indestructible descendant of the robot mutant-hunting Sentinels. His name is derived from the Nimrod described in Genesis 10:8-9 as "a mighty hunter before the Lord."

The character appears in The Uncanny X-Men #193-194 (May-June 1985), #197 (September 1985), #208-209 (August-September 1986), #246-247 (July-August 1989), X-Force #35 (June 1994), Cable & Machine Man Annual #1 (Annual 1998), Mutant X #10 (July 1999), Weapon X: Days of Future Now #1 (September 2005), #4 (December 2005), New X-Men #22 (March 2006), #25-31 (June-December 2006), #36 (May 2007), New Warriors #3 (October 2007), X-Factor #23 (November 2007), and X-Force #1-2 (April-May 2008).

Nimrod received an entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #9.

Nimrod is a mutant-hunting Sentinel from an alternate future who was created by the Sentinels who ruled that timeline. When Rachel Summers traveled back in time to the present, he followed her. In the process — due to an altered timeline following Kulan Gath's occupation of New York — he saved the life of construction worker Jaime Rodriguez, who in gratitude offered him a job and a home with his family, not realizing who or what the Sentinel truly was.

Nimrod Nimrod

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