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Agent 47

CBUB Wins: 16
CBUB Losses: 23
Win Percentage: 41.03%

Added by: Kadus

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Agent 47 (often referred to as 47 or Mr. 47) is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the Hitman video-game series. Created by IO Interactive, the character was developed around David Bateson, who also provided the in-game voice. 47 has appeared in all four installments of the Hitman series, in the novel Hitman: Enemy Within, as well as the film adaptation in which he was dramatized by Timothy Olyphant. A genetically-enhanced bald clone trained to assassinate targets, the agent's name is derived from the last two digits of his assigned barcode which is tattoo on the back of his head, reading 640509-040147.

According to Jacob Andersen, lead designer of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Agent 47 went from being "a mean old hairy guy" to having "hi-tech glasses" before getting to his current bald design. More inspiration came from "comic books, Hong Kong movies," and other similar media.

According to Game Director Rasmus Højengaard, the idea of a clone whose future is decided by the people that created him, intrigued the Hitman team. Højengaard felt the idea of creating the "ultimate assassin" by cloning "evolved with the character before the first Hitman game was done".

47 is modeled after David Bateson, the veteran actor who has voiced 47 in every Hitman game.

Agent 47

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Loss Celtic Predator 12 to 15
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Loss The Maxx 8 to 12
Win The Comedian 13 to 12
Win Two-Face 11 to 6
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Win Penguin 15 to 6
Win Poison Ivy 7 to 4
Loss Killer Croc 6 to 12
Win Mr. Freeze 11 to 7

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