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Arabian Knight

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Arabian Knight is a title used by three fictional character appearing in the comic book published by Marvel Comics. All three characters are superhero from Saudi Arabia.

Abdul Qamar, the first Arabian Knight, was a descendant of a legendary Muslim hero who had perished forcing the demons Gog and Magog back into their tomb. When the demons were later freed by an archeologist, Abdul found his ancestor's magical equipment inside the tomb, and became the Arabian Knight, once again sealing away the demons with help from the Hulk. He met Ghost Rider, and allied with him vs. the Water Wizard.

He was also one of the heroes chosen by Death to represent her in the Contest of Champions against the Grandmaster, his teammates being Iron Man and Sabra. He overcame his dislike of the Israel heroine to win their battle against She-Hulk, Captain Britain and Defensor.

Abdul later battled the Demon of the Dunes for the life of his son.

Arabian Knight Arabian Knight

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