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Hades Project Zeorymer, known in Japan as , is a manga by Yoshiki Takaya, written under the pen name Chimi Morio, and published in the adult manga magazine Lemon People from October 1983 to November 1984. A three-part finale was serialized in Monthly Comic Ryū in 2007. A four episode OVA adaptation by AIC tones down the explicit sexual content and deviates entirely from the manga storyline and setting.

In the near future, a secret society, Nematoda, with ambitions of world domination, hired three men, Professor Akitsu, Professor Himuro, and Professor Wakatsuki, to build the ultimate "G-Class" giant robot, Hades Project: Zeorymer. Nearly two decades later, on his deathbed, Professor Akitsu tells his son, Masaki Akitsu, that Zeorymer must not awaken. A short time later, a new student transfers into Masaki's school, named Miku Himuro. She quickly persuades him to meet her adopted father, Professor Himuro, and Masaki is curious to find out what is going on, and what his father meant in his final words. Traveling by a high-speed pod hidden under the city, he meets Professor Himuro in a vast underground facility. Nematoda's General Golshid, aware of the Himuro's appearance in Japan, send a G-Class robot to assault their base and kill them, as they believed they had the only "Joint". Himuro compels Masaki to pilot Zeorymer and save them, as he is the only one that can pilot it. Once he agrees, Himuro and his daughter head to an operating room without Masato's knowledge, and he installs a sphere called a "Dimensional Joint" - a flawed duplicate of the original - into his daughter's womb, and she is teleported to within Zeorymer's "eye". This is necessary to utilise Zeorymer's true abilities - without them, it is simply an outdated G-Class robot. Though Masaki stumbles with the unfamiliar systems, Zeorymer eventually awakens fully, Masaki undergoes a strange and short-lived shift in personality, and with the spherical energy weapon on the back of Zeorymer's hand, and destroys its opponent in a single attack.

Soon, Nematoda sends its three newest and most powerful robots after Zeorymer. Finding its pilots at school, they attempt to apprehend them, but Zeorymer is teleported to their location. Masaki's personality shifts again, and Zeorymer fights the three, despite being in the middle of a city, showing no care for civilian casualties. Zeorymer shows its power, being much faster than the fastest of the three, vastly stronger than the strongest of the three, and takes the many, many missiles of the third without damage. Finally, Zeorymer activates both of the spheres on the back of its hands and taps them together, the shockwave cleaving the final robot and several buildings behind it in two. As a result, the city has undergone immense damage, and many of its citizens are surely killed, including all of their schoolmates.

With Nematoda, General Golshid, seeing the vast power of Zeorymer, elects to pilot the powerful Rose C'est La Vie, a G-Class robot that had crippled test pilots, even at less than full power. Knowing he has little choice Golshid still elects to go, with Rose C'est La Vie at full power. Upon returning to base, Professor Himuro is shown to have collapsed and is dying of an incurable disease, and Masato realised the level of destruction fighting would cause, but strangely didn't care. Suddenly teleported to Zeorymer's cockpit, it's revealed that Masaki is the revived, evil, Professor Wakatsuki, reduced to an embryo and reborn to escape an inevitable death, Miku was Himuro's wife, who had been cheating on her husband with him, had undergone the same process as she had been caught in the same event, and that Himuro was the one to attempt to kill them. Though the three scientists were conspiring against Nematoda while they worked for the organisation, Wakatsuki was planning to betray the others and take Zeorymer for himself. Akitsu and Himuro had stolen the embryos to stop the revival, and Akitsu then took Masaki's embryo and fled from his other colleague as well. However, by activating Zeorymer, the memories and personality of Wakatsuki had been installed into Masaki, though the same was not true of Miku. Following this reveal, Wakatsuki forces himself on Miku, sexually, and uses sex to make her his.


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